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The following recipes have been collected from a number of places. Many are derived from recipes in cookbooks of one kind or another, and I always acknowledge the source. I keep them here mainly for my own convenience. I've usually made a number of changes:

Complete dishes

Works in progress

Not every recipe works first time round. This section may contain some I'm working on. The recipes may be inappropriate or just plain incomplete. Caveat coquus.

Recipes to try

I have received these recipes from multiple sources. I intend to try them out, but I haven't got round to it yet.


Chinese food

I'm including a couple of Vietnamese dishes here so that they don't get lonely.

Indian and Malay food

I do a lot of Indian and Malay cooking, so it's convenient to break out the recipes into a separate section. The Malay cuisine is distinct from the Indian, of course, but the dishes are compatible: it's quite possible to eat a meal with both Malay and Indian food, so I've grouped them together here.

Other recipes, including accompaniments

One-night stands

These are recipes that I have tried once and will probably never make again. I'm keeping them here mainly for reference.

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