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This is a work in progress. I have never made this dish, but this is what I'm planning. The initial recipe is based on Maangchi's recipe.


For four servings

quantity       ingredient       step
640 g       cooked short-grain rice       1
340 g       soy bean sprouts, washed and drained       1
240 g       spinach blanched and washed with the excess water squeezed out by hand       1
1 large       carrot       1
1 large       red bell pepper       1
1 large       zucchini       1
1       English cucumber       1
3 to 4       spring onions, chopped       1
225 g       fresh lean cut of beef (fillet mignon, flank steak)       1
110 g       fernbrake (gosari), fresh or soaked from ½ ounce dried gosari (details below)       1
30 g       dried bellflower roots (doraji), soaked in cold water for 18 to 24 hours.       1
4       eggs       1
      vegetable oil       1
      toasted sesame oil       1
      toasted sesame seeds       1
      garlic       1
      soy sauce       1
      honey (or sugar)       1
      Korean hot pepper paste (gochujang)       1



These quantities seem enormous! A lot depends on how to convert from archaic units like “5 cups rice”. Based on this page it could be between 125 g and 200 g. But a whole cucumber. And is fernbrake really the bracken that grows in our house forest?

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