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Asian food

  • KTmart Korean food
  • Asian Food 4U
  • Asian Food Malaysian pastes
  • My Asian Grocer
  • Indo-Asian (Belmont)
  • YinYam (uninteresting stuff, all East Asia)
  • Minh Phat
  • Savour of Asia (have Richmond Penang Laksa), good selection
  • Not investigated:

  • Asian grocery store
  • Exotic groceries (broken markup)
  • Ettason (broken navigation)
  • The Valley Grocer, inscrutable (Thai?)
  • (!) Filipino/Japanese?
  • Asian Food Grocer (Japanese?)
  • American and Spanish food

  • Spice Bazaar (Spanish)?
  • Cheese


  • Saffron store
  • Smoked and cured, smoking suppliers
  • Mysliceoflife (more smokers)
  • Fireworks foods: Mexican, Sydney
  • Raclette Australia
  • Saucissons
  • Korean appliances (Amazon)
  • Random stuff

  • Spice Bazaar (food or classes?)
  •     From Meetmethere:

        Vic Market — Curds and Whey or Bill\u2019s Farm
        Milawa Cheese Shop  Nicholson St
        Leo'9s Fine food Deli Kew and Heidelberg
        Prahran Market — Pete and Rosie's Deli or The Cheese Shop Deli

        Get the URLs or addresses!

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