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This recipe comes from Time-Life's German-language “Die K├╝che in Italien”, originally published in 1968. The horrible US cups and spoons measurements drive me mad, and in any case, they appear to be wrong even if you're prepared to put up with them.

quantity       ingredient       step
180 g       Plain flour
60 g (1)       Egg      
40 g (1)       Egg white      
20 ml       Olive oil      
5 g       Salt      

These quantities are correct for eggs that weigh 100 g together, as shown. Adjust the flour to the real weight of the eggs: it's critical.


Start at least 90 minutes before serving. The pasta benefits from being left a while after kneading.

Add all ingredients to a kitchen mixer and knead until uniform. The pasta should be slightly moist, but not sticky. If not, adjust quantities (more flour if it's sticky, or a little water if, after several minutes, it's still too dry). If you're using the quantities mentioned here, and they don't work for you, please let me know.

Leave the pasta for at least 20 minutes, preferably an hour, then process with a noodle machine. What you do next depends on the recipe:

In each case, put into in plenty of boiling water and cook until the water comes back to the boil (a matter of seconds). Rinse.

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