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This is a work in progress. Yes, I've been cooking rice for over 50 years, and normally I have no trouble, but it's not always the same. So on 21 May 2012 I decided to measure the quantities. I then forgot about the page, and on 19 April 2020 I tried again. Interestingly, I came up with almost identical ratios: in 2011 I had a water to rice ratio of 1.375, and in 2020 it was 1.4. But I think it could do with more. The current ratio dates from August 2023. The table below will (hopefully) grow.

This recipe is suitable for Chinese and Malay food. For cultures further west, you normally need fat or oil and salt as well.


Type       Ratio water:rice       Result       Diary entry
      by weight       proportion
Normal long grain       1.7       95%?       4 July 2021
Basmati       2.0

The “result proportion” is the proportion of the weight of the cooked rice compared to the weight of the ingredients. A ? after the value means that I haven't checked it again after changing the ratio.


Weigh the rice in the saucepan. Wash the rice in water until the water is clear. Top up until the weight of water is correct. Bring to the boil and boil until the water level drops to the level of the rice. Cover and leave for at least 20 minutes.


I freeze portions of cooked rice, typically 180 g. It works very well: there's almost no difference between freshly cooked rice and thawed frozen rice. But filling the containers is much easier if the rice is still warm when put into the container.

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