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This is how I currently make Penang Laksa based on a paste from Richmond:
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Makes 4 portions

quantity       ingredient       step
40 g       petis udang       1
1 sachet       Richmond Penang Assam Laksa paste       2
25 g       Tamarind paste       2
to 1600 g       Water or chicken broth       2

Per portion

quantity       ingredient       step
2       fish balls       4
1       pork ball       4
65 g       Cooked chicken thigh, in slices       4
1       Dofu puff       5
2       fish dofu slices       5
180 g       laksa noodles       5
5 slices       onion, quartered       6
5 slices       cucumber       6
10       daun laksa (“Vietnamese mint”) leaves       6


  1. Mix the petis udang paste with warm water. It's particularly difficult to mix.
  2. Add the petis udang mixture to the other ingredients and make up to 1.6 kg. Heat and mix evenly.
  3. If making less than 4 portions, remove the others at this point. I freeze them until needed, and it works well.
  4. Add 2 fish balls and one pork ball per portion and bring to the boil. Turn off the heat and add the chicken.
  5. Cut the dofu into slices and arrange over the noodles. Shortly before serving heat in a microwave oven for 30 s per portion.
  6. Garnish with daun laksa, onions and cucumber.

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