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Salsa roja may not be a Mexican name at all; I'm talking here about the sauce used for enchiladas rojas and extrapolating from the salsa verde used for enchiladas verdes.


quantity       ingredient       step
10 g       dried chile pasilla       1
16 g       dried chile guajillo       1
400 g       canned tomatoes (small can)       2
15 g       garlic       2
40 g       onion       2
3 g       fresh thyme       2
1 g       marjoram       2
200 ml       broth from the chicken, or water from step 1       3
      lard       3
10 g       salt       3

If making this in conjunction with enchiladas rojas, use the chicken broth from cooking the chicken. Otherwise use the water left over from soaking the chilis.


  1. Remove seeds and any easy-to-remove veins from the chiles. Put in hot water and soak for at least 20 minutes.

  2. Chop the remaining ingredients. Drain the chiles and chop together in a blender.

  3. Put some lard into a frying pan. Add the blended mixture, salt and some broth. Cook slowly for about 20 minutes. Adjust consistency to be not too thin, but thin enough to flow between the enchiladas.

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