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This is a modification of a German Weißkrautsalat, literally “white cabbage salad”. It's made from what is called green cabbage in English (not the same as Grünkohl, which is called Kale in English), and is somewhat related to English coleslaw. Compared to coleslaw, it is chopped much more finely.


quantity       ingredient       step
500g       Raw green cabbage       1
about 20 g       fine salt       1
2.5 g       caraway seed       2
50 ml       olive oil       3
30 ml       lemon juice       3
70 g       raw onion       3
200 g       apple       3
20 g       chives       3


  1. Chop the cabbage into fine strips, preferably with a mandolin. Spread the salt over it and leave for an hour. Rinse and centrifuge.

  2. If the caraway seed is whole, grind it finely.

  3. Mix oil, lemon juice and caraway and blend to an emulsion. Add onion and apple and blend to a paste. Pour over the cabbage. Add chopped chives.

The original recipe wants to add smoked doufu. That's definitely a breach of style, and I can't imagine what it would taste like. As the German saying goes, “‘It's all a matter of taste’, said the monkey, and bit into the soap”.

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