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Hamburgers are simple, of course: you buy them in the supermarket, or even pre-cooked at places whose names I choose to forget. This page is indicative of what we do at home.


For 8 hamburgers.

We've established that Greg eats hamburgers 130 g in weight, and Yvonne eats 80 g hamburgers.
quantity       ingredient       step
1 kg       minced beef       1
30 g       garlic paste       1
30 g       garlic chives       1
20 g       parsley       1
10 g       salt       1
2 g       pepper       1
10 g       mild paprika (edelsüß)       1
20 g       tamarind paste       1


Finely chop garlic chives and parsley. Grind pepper if necessary. Mix tamarind paste in as little water as possible to make it less viscous. Mix the ingredients well, form into patties. Barbecue for 1½ minutes per side, or fry for 2½ minutes per side.


       Greg  Yvonne Yana
onion      y y
gherkin      y
salt, pepper       y y
tomato       y y
mayonnaise       y y
cheese       y y
lettuce       y y
cucumber       y

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