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Garlic Mayonnaise


quantity       ingredient       step
6       large eggs (700)       1
1       lemon       1
20 g       garlic       1
      salt       1
      pepper       1
      Sunflower oil       2
      sour cream       2


  1. In a glass or ceramic bowl, put 3 egg yolks (use the whites for something else), the juice of the lemon, the crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

  2. Whisk with a hand mixer until the mixture blends well together and looks a bit creamy. From the edge of the bowl, add a small quantity of oil (about 1 or 2 tbsp), mixing constantly at high speed. Once this is incorporated, add the next lot of oil and mix until incorporated. After a few of these, you can add higher quantities of oil. When the mayonnaise is fairly thick, check for taste and add salt, pepper or lemon juice to taste, if necessary.

    When the mayonnaise is fairly thick, check for taste and add salt, pepper or lemon juice to tast, if necessary. Add 1 or 2 tbsp of sour cream (or greek yoghurt) to make the mayonnaise smooth and add a delicate taste.

    The aioli keeps very well in the fridge up to several weeks, if you put it into a glass jar with lid.

    Some people prefer to use olive oil instead of sunflower oil, but this gives the aioli a pretty strong taste which is not liked by everybody.

Note: If, how it can happen, your mayonnaise curdles (especially in the early stages, if you have added too much oil or didn't stir until it was fully incorporated), you can save it by putting a new egg yolk into another bowl, start whisking with the mixer and adding small amounts of the curdled mayonnaise from the edge (let it slide down the side from a teaspoon). Proceed like above, i.e. whisk in, then add the next lot, gradually increasing the amount of curdled mayonnaise, until all used up.

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