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Flàmmeküeche is an Alsatian dish somewhat similar to pizza. Instead of traditional Italian ingredients, it uses onions and cream. Alsace is now part of France, so the name translates as Tarte flambée. In German it's Flammkuchen

This recipe comes from «Cuisines de France : Alsace» (Gründ, 1989), but we used our own pizza dough recipe for the base. There's almost no difference between the one in the recipe and ours, but we know that ours works.


quantity       ingredient       step
25 g       butter       1
300 g       chopped onion       1
400 ml       Crème fraiche       1
100 g       cold-smoked ham, chopped into small strips       1
15 g       salt       1
      pepper to taste       1
      oil       2

The quantity of salt is an estimate that we'll tune later. The original recipe also asked for nutmeg and colza oil. We don't like the former much, and the latter is almost unobtainable; rape oil, called canola in Australia, is pretty much the same.


Chop the onions and fry lightly in the butter. Add the other ingredients and season. Prepare the bases and lightly coat with oil. Pour on the topping and bake as for pizza for about 15 minutes.

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