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There are many recipes for barbecued chicken wings, but the ones I know are Chinese, and usually they're really fried, not barbecued.

The problem I have with the recipes is getting the wings cooked to perfection all the way through. They should fall off the bone, but usually they're still a little bit raw inside. Cook them more and they just get burnt on the outside. I've been working on this issue for a while, and this page describes one approach. I've since developed another recipe, which gives a more intense flavour. My wife likes this one too, so I'm leaving it here as an alternative. This approach first steams the wings and then fries, deep fries or barbecues them to get the correct outside texture.


quantity       ingredient       step
1 kg       chicken wings       1
15 g       ginger       2
20 g       garlic       2
40 g       sherry       2
40 ml       light soya sauce       2
30 ml       dark soya sauce       2
1 g       five spice powder       2


  1. Chop the chicken wings into three pieces:

    Image Image

  2. Blend the other ingredients in a blender, then pour over the wings and marinate for 2 hours:


  3. Steam for 45 minutes.
  4. Fry, deep fry or barbecue.

The wings should keep well after steaming, so you can make a big batch, freeze them and perform the final step at a later date.

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