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October 1964
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Thursday, 1 October 1964 KCT
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Routine has now really set in, and life is once again getting boring.

First period this morning was Deutsch, with Skiv, and discovered that, apart from learning prepositions, we also had a prose to do, so I ended up doing it unprepared, and, although I did not do to well, on the other hand did not do too badly. Will have to buck up, though, if I want to carry on as well as I did last year.

2nd period was Maths, and Jimmy went over yet another method of solving problems, and spent most of the period on that. 'Twas not very interesting, and I spent most of the time trying to tape record him. At the end, it did not come out very well, however.

Divvers next, also in room 24, so we did not have to move. Were joined by quite a few others, however, including Cheung Kin Tak and Cheung Sai Ping. More recording, but owing to the fact that I had the microphone concealed in my clothes, a hell of a lot of rustling came through.

Cheung Kin Tak could be the subject of this article, indicating that he died in June 2013. At least this Kin Tak went to school in England. There are too many false positives to be able to identify Cheung Sai Ping, who was probably a relative.

After break, supposedly had chemistry, but in fact spent our time talking to each other while Clod talked to Grant about rugger. Finally, about 10 minutes before the end, and talked a bit about valency, and told us to get on with the essays, and gave me a book therefor. Study period after that, and spent it reading books on photography in the common room.

After lunch, as of old, wind band, and I have been promoted to solo clarinet, and very pleased about it I am, too. This took until 1330 hrs, and then I condescended to go along to pioneers, and got there shortly before 1400 hrs. There were exactly 4 people there, and all junior to me - yet they pushed me around like nobodys business. I am getting fed up with them, as indeed is Drax, as he mentioned when he came along later. I will also be glad when the conker season is over.

Then back to the common room, after changing, and got my filing system going again, putting quite a few photographic things into it. Then over to tea, and thence to Maths, in which I carried on doing my cash accounts. There is quite a serious discrepancy somewhere, and I cannot make it out - over £1.

Then english, and Boris seemed neither pleased nor displeased to see me back. Saw him after the period about endorsing in [resitting] English lit, and he said it was OK by him, but I would have to do it by myself.

Doing chemistry essay in prep.

Friday, 2 October 1964 KCT
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Straits budget arrived this morning, with the result that I had a cold breakfast. After breakfast, although I had not written up my diary, decided to leave it until 2nd period, which was a study period, and instead decided to make my bed on time, which was indeed a worthwhile occupation.

First period was history, and it seems a) I had not done my prep, and b) we are going to have a hellishly long essay to write about something. Spent most of the period carrying on making notes about the 3rd republic, while Shitters corrected our last essays (done before I got back).

Study period next. First of all wrote up my diary, which did not take too long, and then carried on with the chemistry essays about periodic classification. I thought a 24-page essay would be hell to do, but I few that I am going to overshoot the mark by quite a bit.

Chemistry after that, and Clod went on and on about the 3 kinds of valency, and so on, and asking us to give him things to give the structure of them.

After break, got more chemistry, and it got a bit boring. Everybody else seemed to be taking notes, but there was not much point, and anyway I don't have a notebook.

Then maths, and over last nights prep, and it seems that I made a mistake. However, it is not too much. Then had another go at one with a discrepancy, and got the reason this time.

Then, after lunch, having refound my letter from Sandra (who, after 2 years, has written to me again), wrote a letter back to her, and then off to Pioneers, and would have arrived on time, had my zip [not?] stuck, and spent 15 minutes getting it up again.

The zip fasteners I knew at the time were remarkably unreliable.

Carried on digging trenches, and it was rather tough work, especially as I was doing my section by myself.

However, before long along came Phillips, and did my shovelling for me. After a while, that trench was finished, and Phillips and I found ourselves sitting idle. Not for long, however, and I was soon working with Drax, and talking about the Malay language. It seems that Drax's father is working for BBC in their Indonesian language broadcasts to south-east Asia. Also about Malay 'O' level.

After tea, english, and carried on with Edward 2, which is getting rather dirty - I am in none too pleasant a position, and if it gets any worse I might complain. Got my books wherewithal to endorse in Eng. lit.

Deutsch, and did a bit more singing, and had my tape recorder there as well, but most people thought it pretty crappy, and were not far from the truth.

Saturday, 3 October 1964 KCT
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Another bill from Boots today. Mrs Baudouy said she had already paid. I must investigate. It has been nearly 6 months, and it must have cost them quite a bit just to send off the bills. This is typical of Mrs Baudouy.

After breakfast, did little, and then into assembly, after which we had woodwork. This was a bit of fun, and I decided that I might as well carry out my long intended project of building a renaissance tenor recorder. Accordingly subjected my drawings to Jimmy James, and then got going. Found a block of wood suitable to make the thing, but owing to inadequacies in the apparatus available, had to make the thing in 3 joints. Started on the middle one (left hand) as being the easiest, aiming at a bore of 1⅛", which would be more likely. The wood is thick enough to make the joints without any additional thickening, and it should go quite well.

Then chemistry, and not much to do. Clod gave us more examples of valency.

After break, which I spent not perambulating with Parsifal, had Physics, and Poop made an unholy mess of it all, trying to persuade us that Helium is 1½ times as heavy as air. Period ended before he could sort it out.

Maths, and some new problems entered, with various spurious answers from converting an equation into a quadratic.

After lunch, wrote a letter to Jan, and enclosed it with her birthday card. Then along to pioneers, and, for one of the first times ever, I turned up on time, in fact, before anybody but Brunt, and then came Drax.

Not much to do. After Brunt had brought half a ton of tools up to the place, I did a bit of picking, and left Drax to do the shovelling. In fact, he used a spade, but only because a shovel would be too wide. Then, when all the earth had been removed, levelled it off and knocked off. I was forced to take Brunts 10 cwt of tools back, and was then waylaid by Cox, who showed me an odd bit off telegraphic apparatus, which went across the line and earth at each end, and which Poop thought would be a resistor. I at first thought it a capacitor, but on reflection decided it was a lightening arrestor, and with this agreed Jacob, Callow, Fred Cookson, and many others.

Spent most of the time after Roll Call talking to Gautam about the goings on at Netherton, in particular those concerning Mali and Barry in the easter holidays.

Then, prep, and chapel after that. After supper, along to the wireless club, and there got into a conversation, mainly about photography, with Fred. Showed the photoflood, which is very bright indeed, but we were soon disbanded by Poop, damn him. Carried on with various odd jobs, but I do not have much to do this term.

Sunday, 4 October 1964 KCT
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Thanks to Rosser, my Observer managed to be here for me by today, even though they did spell it wrongly. However, he insisted on reading part of it himself as well.

After breakfast, missed table clearing, which is fatal with me, and I had to do it double at lunch time. Then along to the library, and wrote up for yesterday. Then back to the common room, and put my diary away, and then away again - that place is hell on Sundays.

Chapel as usual, although I had a bit of fun finding a surplice and cassock. Ended up with Cravens, which was not all that hot, and always seemed to me to have a greenish hue when he was wearing it. However, it was all there was, and it was in a reasonable state of togetherness.

Presumably Craven had left school.

Chapel was much the same as it always is, and not much in the way of good hymns except for “Nun Danket alle Gott”, which really had us going.

After chapel, was going along to the wireless club, when Aston grabbed me and offered me 2/6 for my B♭ piccolo, and I told him where to get off, but nevertheless gave him permission to have a go at my C concert flute (my old Boehm), and also gave him a tutor for the thing, to get on with it.

Then along to the wireless club, and before long Windmill arrived, and we considered doing his receiver. However, there was no time then, and, after a quick look at my oscilloscope, off to lunch.

After lunch, finished my whole table of table clearing before anybody else had done ½. Then off to play a tape for Cheung Kin Tak, but spool was too big, with interesting resuts [sic].

Then off very early (about 1245 hrs) with Parsifal for the usual Sunday afternoon occupation, and off to the old pond, which had, however, dried up, and so we stayed on the bank of what was now mud. Parsifal had some tobacco, which I swear was for cigarettes, and in any case was not very good, and then along for a walk, and went to quite a few places where I had never been before, but where Parsifal had been on runs. Finally got back at about 1440.

Into the wireless club, considering places for hiding my pipe, but none were particularly good.

After roll call, along came Windmill, and we considered his power supply, looked at it on the scope, and so on, and the Xformer looked pretty sick, so I lent him my MT2AT, and told him to build another one, while I went off to chapel.

We met again after supper, and he had nearly finished it, and was trying to mend a fuse which he had blown earlier in the day. Mob in with record player to fix. Very interesting. Finally in Photographic Society.

Monday, 5 October 1964 KCT
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Jan's birthday. 14

In assembly this morning, Benjy came out with a letter from a parent in Malaysia [N.B. Not Mum & Dad], who had seen me on TV, and were impressed by my turnout, and were delighted when I said that I came from King's College, Taunton. They were not the only ones who were delighted. Benjy thought that “this is good, good, good”, and I think that privilege has now come closer into my grasp than ever before.

This was school privilege, a recognition of some kind of maturity.

However, he did not know who it was, so somebody will have to tell him. I cannot do it myself, of course, and I don't know who would be prepared to do it for me.

Such were the unwritten rules at school.

Anyway, left it for the time being. Nearly everybody else realised it was me, and, as Grosscurth later put it, I was the “man of the moment”.

First 2 periods were study periods, and I spent them doing some of my chemistry essay. I think I will nicely reach my goal of 24 pages on this one, but I do not know how I will fare with the other 2. In 2nd period, also wrote up for yesterday.

3rd period, physics, and Mr Murfey (new this term) was taking us, and it seems that we had all to do some different thing from everybody else, and it ended up we should have done an electricity experiment, but no ammeters or voltmeters, so we ended up doing something on the S.V.P. of water. Did not get going until after break, and it did not look very accurate.

After lunch, corps, and along to the armoury to get my uniform, and discovered the thing locked, and could not unlock it, and so complained to the orderly room about it. Green looked for a screwdriver, could not find one and lent me a knife. Ended up getting my own screwdriver, and then, after unscrewing it, discovered somebody had punched all my polishing equipment. It seems that we are in 'A' company now, although that is not much of an honour. In the inspection Mansell did not even look at me - just made some adverse comment about me sleeping in my uniform later.

Intervisibility next, and Wreford did not know what the hell he was talking about, and had quite a bit of fun trying to work it out. However, I was right after all.

Then tea. After that, it was raining, but nevertheless we had to do drill. Or at least, the rest of A company did. I think that, to add to getting my privvers [school privilege] this term, I might get my golden beret [dismission from the corps]. Anyway, Mash and I did not have to do any drill, and it all tallies with my not being inspected, etc., etc.

After that farce, choral society. I do this mainly for the mob at St. Audries. 'Tis a pity the way my dealings went there. Liz Hennesy will be all I have eft there next term.

Russian, but turned up against my will.

Tuesday, 6 October 1964 KCT
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After assembly this morning, Clod came up to me and asked me if it was in fact me who had been on Malaysian TV. He seemed to be tickled pink about the idea, and promised to tell Benjy.

Then along to chemistry, but not so Clod. Spent 2 whole periods writing about atomic structure, by which time I had done 7 of the required 24 pages. I think I might even make Clods deadline. However, it is all a bit misty [?], and I do not like the idea. He wants it done within a week from today, and in that time I have write 41 pages if I want to finish my essays. Clod also did a fair amount of talking, and I reckon I should easily do 4 pages in a period if I go flat out.

Then history, and Shitters, who well deserves than [?] name, gave us an history essay to do by Friday. That is all we need on top of the chemistry. People tried all ways of getting out of it, but to no avail. I personally don't give a damn about the 3rd republic.

After break, maths, and not much in it. Jimmy started on a new series of notes - series 2, as I suppose it should be called, all about radians, circular measure, etc. We have done most of this already. All we are doing now is transferring them into our new stiff-covered notebooks.

Then Deutsch, and Herr Schmitt did not turn up. As a result Skiv took us instead, and we went over the prose that we did last week in which I did not do all that badly, although I had not done the prep.

After lunch, got down to writing out my filing system, and ended up with only personal stuff in my big file, and put my russian and so on into my manila file [soft-covered folder]. The small one is empty at the moment, but I might put some photographic stuff in it.

Then a clarinet lesson, and I arrived just about on time, and had a full hour there, thanks to the 40 minute lessons, and had half of Astons period as well.

Then nearly in trouble with the narks, and did a bit of music practice, and then to the tuckshop, but bought nothing.

Thence to tea, talking to Robinson iii, and so on.

Then double physics. Poop gave us a short, 4 question test, which took us exactly 1 hour, and is a classic example of the way he takes his time. Explained the kinetic theory in the next half hour, but did not finish it. Then directly over to Stoneleigh for music, and we are now on to Semele, and not too hot. Other two composers are Bach and Mozart - could not be better. Discovered too late that I was to see Benjy at 1700 hrs, but saw him after chapel. He just congratulated me.

Wednesday, 7 October 1964 KCT
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This morning, in assembly, Benjy thought it “only fair” to me to say to the whole school that it was in fact me who appeared on TV Malaysia. I thought it “only unfair” of him to me that he said they must have brushed me up quite a bit. He has no right to laugh at me, least of all in front of the whole school.

Maths first after assembly, and we were given yet more notes. I think that fairly soon we will come to differentiating and integrating trigonometrical functions. It certainly seems to be leading up to that anyway. Then, however, came the bad news. We had to learn up the whole of the 23 equations which we were given to do in our notebooks, and it promises to be tough.

Along to the common room for double study, and once again I was the only person there, but spent most of my time on the chemy essays. However, had a bit of a laugh when Essex came in to take down my name.

Next period, I was pushed and shoved so that I ended up in Lanes' study place, which is far too open for my liking. Can be seen quite easily.

After break, German, with Herr Schmitt, as he missed it yesterday. Skiv grabbed me immediately afterwards, and asked me if I would like to come to tea with him this afternoon. I wonder if it has anything to do with my T.V. appearances.

Then PE, and just about killed myself playing basketball.

After lunch, choir practice, and that took long enough, and dragged to make it worse.

Then along to do some work on the Junior Common Room's record player. Checked over every single component except the UL84, and I think it must be that. Work was interfered with by such people as Cheung Sai Ping and Dray, etc, and at about 1430 gave up in disgust. Into the common room, and, despite my resolution to shave as little as possible, I decided it would look pretty bad to Skiv & mob if I did not.

This is the first indication that I had always wanted to grow a beard.

Tea was as usual with Skiv - if I can judge by last time I had tea with him, 2 years ago.

This must have been in 1962, in my first term at Kings, and before I started keeping the diary.

Gave us some puzzles, like the one he gave us at the end of last term, to look at, but we could not completely solve any of them. Quite an interesting conversation, but a bit stiff. Skiv has got a C18 [written C with 18 inside, meaning 18th century] piano, and very interesting it looks as well. Interesting sound, but it is not working properly.

Bit of fun with Lloyd in dormitory, owing to his general hard-to-get-on-with-ness. He insisted on putting his dressing gown on my peg, because he had done so before I came. In the end, I put it on my bad, and threw it at him after lights-out.

Thursday, 8 October 1964 KCT
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Deutsch with Skiv to start off the day, and he gave us 3 whole excercises to do, on prepositions alone. However, as we only had to do every 3rd one, it was O.K., and I had quite a bit of time at the end, which I spent doing very little indeed. Skiv did not seem to be able to find too many faults when he looked at it over my shoulder.

Then off to Maths, and Jimmy decided to see how we were getting on with the stuff we were supposed to be doing tomorrow, and just about tested us today, and then went on about various proofs of things, such as various complicated trigonometrical formulae. Threatened to give us the notes this afternoon.

Divvers next. Daddy Death seems to consider himself as not much of a teacher, and as a result he reads to us out of a book of which he is especially fond, and rather interesting it is, but not the way to teach divvers, morality, or any such thing.

After break, which I spent talking with Cookson about photography, had chemistry, and tried to book the darkroom before this. However, it is already booked on Saturday after supper, so we will have to do it from 4.0 pm to 6.0 pm.

Then study period. Must stop leaving my diary to the study period. It is bad for Tuesdays.

After lunch, wind band, and Ruscoe did not turn up, with the result that I was the only fellow on solo clarinet. Perhaps it is a good thing. I probably need to get a bit of confidence in myself, rather than just do what Ruscoe does.

Pioneers, and as we did not have any cement or kerbs or something, we had to help Callow and Rees to the scout hut, and I turned up at about 1345, and Cox was making one hell of a nuisance of himself, and we had to continually check on him to see if he was still working. As a result, we did not get much work done ourselves, and he certainly did more. That fellow is completely immoral.

After tea, we had maths again, and Jimmy gave us a couple of shorter methods of proving the sine and cosine rules, which look interesting, although I have not completely got them yet.

Then English, and at last, thank God, my past is dead, and was was made another fellow, called Lightborn, and a most pleasant fellow he is, too. Spends all his time killing people. At Edward 2 at the moment.

Subscription concert - not too bad.

Friday, 9 October 1964 KCT Images for 9 October 1964
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Letter from Mum this morning, and they have now well and truly settled down into Lorong Perak. Queenie started having kittens on the day they left - just like a cat. She was also in agreement that Bev should not hold her camera the way she does. I wonder what she will think when she finds it will cost £5··9··6 to repair.

How does that compare to today's money? About $275 Australian in 2017. And what did the camera cost? I have no idea, but it must have been considerably cheaper than the MYR 255 that I paid for my Pentax SV the following year. Probably MYR 170 would be a good guess, corresponding to £20 odd. So the repair would have cost over 25% of the purchase price.

History first, and we spent the whole time doing the essay. My pen ran out in the middle, and as a result, because he would not let me wash it out,

I must have been using Fount-India, a kind of Indian ink designed for fountain pens. It was very durable—there is no sign of fade in my diaries—but it requires washing out the pen between refills. On this occasion I could, of course, have made an exception.

I carried on in biro, which made my writing look even worse than it was before. Shitters will be doing well to read it. Then, in study period, wrote up my diary, not without some distraction from Woolacott. He apparently walks in and out as he feels like.

After that, chemistry, and carried on with our essay, and showing Cowan all about valency. He does not understand it very well.

Then after break, carried on, but there was not much to do. I am going to copy most of my valency out of my book, and I have quite a good selection there, of about the correct length.

Then maths, test, and I did not do at all well, with only 12/20 in the first part, and he did not mark the 2nd.

Then, after lunch it was such terrible weather, and as a result the pioneers did nothing, and I decided to write Mum & Dad a letter, as she will not send me any money until she knows what went on in London. This took me quite some time, and then I had to do a thing to Wireless World, and after that Cookson ii RE descended on me like a wolf, and demanded to be shown my electronic flash. Ever willing to oblige, this I did, and flashed it in his face. This he did not like all that much, and he also did not like the fact that it would not fit on his camera. Took a few photos myself, but discovered that something had gone wrong with my film (trust it to happen with Ektachrome), and so up to the darkroom to fix it up,

This appears to have been a film transport issue.

and there met Fred Cookson, who compared exposure meters with me. They corresponded exactly, which rather pleased me, since his is a Weston Master II [and thus much more expensive than mine]. Down again, and did a colour portrait of Cookson, to send to his bird.
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Diary entry for Friday, 9 October 1964 Complete exposure details

This was taken with a 45 mm lens, and it shows considerable unevenness in the lighting. The flash unit was non-adjustable, but it seems that it only covered the central area.

Don't know where he is going to have it printed [since it was a colour slide].

After tea, English, and we had a bit of a go on Edward ii, and finished it off, and I was killed for the 2nd time. Boris then threatened to give us an essay, and gave me an excercise book for the purpose.

Then Deutsch, and had forgotten to do some translation, but Herr Schmitt did not particularly mind, as I had done fairly well in the Diktat. Did a bit of singing, etc, but not much happened.

Spent 1st prep reading Top [French magazine], and rather amusing. 2nd prep was to chapel, for choir practice, and then straight to bath and bed.

Saturday, 10 October 1964 KCT
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Another letter from Sandra today (or should I call her Sandy now?),

Until shortly before she had hated being called Sandy, but was in the process of changing.

and she had quite a few sarky comments about my writing, and did not like the fact that I addressed her letter to Sandra Schädel instead of Sandra Schaedel.

Woodwork first, and carried on with my bit of tenor recorder, and tried to file out the inside. It is a slow and painful job, and I had just about, by the end of the first period, done what I considered to be a good bore, but so it proved not to be. Still, I will leave it go until I have done the lathing. Proceeded to block each end with a lump of wood for shoving on the lathe, and then planed down the corners so as not to ruin the chisel, and by this time discovered the that the lathe was fully occupied, and so cut off some wood for the other two joints, and discovered that I had just enough with some left over.

Then chemistry, and, to a certain extent, carried on with the essays. I must buck up a bit if I want to get it finished by Tuesday. But then, do I want to finishe it by Tuesday.

After that, had Physics, and I discovered that I had forgotten some of my books, but fortunately Poop just droned on about the kinetic theory, and it is all down in our books anyway.

After that, had maths, and did not do to well, but mainly had the half angle theorems.

After lunch, had dozens of things to do. Tried to find Harris to show me how to use the darkroom, but he flatly refused.

Then into the common room, and after writing up my diary, replied to Sandy, and pointed out to her that Schädel or Schaedel is the German word for skull or cranium.

Then off to see Callow about whether pioneers were working today or not, and he told us to turn up, and by the time we got there and had made all arrangements about who was to do what, it had started raining, and so we knocked off. Absolutely nothing to do after that, and waited around for some time doing little, but did manage to finish Sandy's letter off, and then to look for Harris. Then saw Philiippe, who said I was welcome to use the darkroom provided I used all my own stuff.

Accordingly, after roll call, went up to the darkroom, and after a bit of making up of solutions, I loaded the spiral, which went remakably well, and then got moving. Cookson came in almost immediately, and told me Dick, Son & Lewis were shut, and so he could not get my stuff. Did the other film, in club tank. Did curves for Promicrol in prep.

After supper, up to the darkroom, Harris showed us round, and then we got going, and did a few prints, and developed my FP3.

Sunday, 11 October 1964 KCT
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Up as usual at 0715 this morning, but instead of going downstairs to write up for yesterday, as indeed I have not been doing for quite some time, I went into the darkroom to gather up the films, but discovered that Cookson had removed them the night before, and as a result could not do anything except try and rewash my own negatives, which were covered in drying marks. Was then aset [?] by Coookson, and we proceeded to Big School. The fellows giving out the papers lost my Observer colour supplement.

After breakfast, table clearing, and making my bed, went along ot the darkroom yet again, but only had time to hang up my negatives and make a couple of prints before chapel.

After chapel, up yet again, but before long arrived Broadbridge, who had the room, and was most rude in his attempts to kick me out. However, I stayed long enough for him to become slightly more polite, and he said he would be finished by 1115 hrs, so I went along to the common room (for the first time today), got my diary, and proceeded to the library, which was not exactly as silent as it should have been, with Cowan, Kenny, and Cheung Sai Ping arguing their heads off. They were also intrigued by this book [diary], which did not help matters. However, I was just about finished by 1115, and then along to the darkroom, to discover, as I had feared, that Broadbridge wanted to go until lunchtime, so out and to speak with Parsifal about this afternoon.

After lunch, upstairs, got a couple of photos out of the darkroom, and my cigars out of the chest of drawers, and then down to meet Parsifal, who then suggested that we put on our raincoats, and then along to one of our old places, and I gave him one of my cigars, as he had nothing of his own to smoke.

This carried on for some time, and I attempted to show him how to smoke a cigar butt in a pipe, but no good, and then had some pipe tobacco, perambulated a little, and then back for an early tea.

Then a film, “Mr Deeds goes to town”, which, despite its rather odd name, was not too bad. It was about 30 years old, which might explain it, and about a country yokel who inherited $20 000 000.

Ended up with a trial for his sanity, which was very good indeed, and it would appear, from the evidence that they brought against him, that I too am utterly and entirely insane.

After that, up to the darkroom in time to make a couple of prints of myself, one to send to Sandra, and another in hand, but it would appear that the grain on FP3 is pretty lousy. I shall have to stick to Plus X.

After chapel, supper, etc, along and grabbed Forward, and got himto have a go on the music festival stuff. Not too bad.

Monday, 12 October 1964 KCT
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Very large amount of mail this morning - letter from Mash i, enclosing the photographs of my scope, which he took last term. Also quite a bit of news about what he is supposed to be doing at Sheffield Uni. Also, and this rather pleased me, a letter from Linda - most pleasing, but rather odd. Must reflect on her personality.

After assembly, back to the common room, and started writing up for yesterday. I have all but given up doing my diary before breakfast, as my intention was. However, no trouble yet.

Then carried on, on, and on with my chemistry essay, and it is getting a bit closer to completion now. By the time I had done my 2 study periods finished, I had only 10 odd pages left to be done.

Then physics, and that damned fool Morfey [?] objected to my writing numbers, etc. He can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

By this time I was writing numerals the German way. He may have been the first to complain, but he wasn't the only one.

Then did some graphs, as it appeared that we had made one hell of a mess owing to the fact that Lennox had told me that the V.P. of water was in cm, instead of mm.

After break, had a music lesson with Miss Mills over at Stoneleigh, and she decided to get me on to some stuff for the music festival, and so we spent the rest of the time doing that, and it went quite well. Got back to physics, and Lennox and Mr. Hessey were trying in vain to boil some methanol. Gave up in disgust in the end, and we will have another shot next week. Or at least I will, as will be seen later.

In corps, I arrived late, with the (rather fortunate) result that I was not inspected, but ended up with sick parade. Then into the Alfred lower for revision of something, and then drill, in which Masheder and I did not have to participate, as it seems we will not be taking the exam at all. So we will be here next week, and I will be able to do our physics experiment for us. What fun indeed.

Then, tea, and we were allowed to change, and after that I started writing a letter to Linda. I wonder if I will be able to get on with this one, or whether she will be yet aloof. It could be highly dicey.

More revision in the next period, and I then decided to do some more letter-writing, and not to got to choral society. Parsifal and I were persuading all that he had been kicked out, but not very successfully. Finished off to Linda, and then wrote to Jan, from whom I had got a letter at lunch - very unusual occurrence to me. Russian in 2nd prep, but only 2 pages to go in chemistry.

Tuesday, 13 October 1964 KCT
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Letter from Mum this morning, and we are relieved of all suspicions, which I think is indeed big of her.

After breakfast, Cookson once again grabbed me re the Asahi Pentax. It is hardly worth getting it for him, I feel.

Then more chemistry, and it seemed that I was the only person who had not finished his essays. However, I too was finished within 10 minutes. Clod went waffling on and on about the significance of the 3 subjects thereof, and carried on this for over one period, and then carried on to say we needed to know about the kinetic theory to go on, and it was a pity that Poop would not teach us it for quite some time. When he discovered that he had, he was rally delighted, and in the next half hour taught us more than Poop has so far this term - and he did it better.

History was a test, and I did not do at all badly on no prep. After break, when I was once again with Cookson, maths, and a bit of a laugh, but not much actually got done, and all he did was to set a bit of prep, which should take us several hours.

Then german, and once again discovered that I had done no prep. I shall have to produce it sometime this afternoon, or suffer the judgement.

After lunch, in a hell of a hurry to get written up for yesterday. In order to get sufficient sleep, I shall now do it in the middle of the day, and work from the middle of one page to the middle of the next, and get a little more sleep in the morning.

To Big School to robe up for the service of the dedication of the Grenville college crest at 1315, and a bit of a farce it was, and it also meant that I would miss my clarinet lesson.

However, it all went fairly well, except for the rather heavy atmosphere of inscence smoke, which could almost be cut with a knife, and the address by the Bishop of Crediton on, not the new morality, but the new mobility. Rather odd, to say the least.

After that, out, and had all but an hour on my hands, so I gave my scob a long-needed tidying up, and it now looks much better, but it did take me until teatime to do.

After tea, double physics with Poop. He got about halfway through what Clod told us in the last 5 minutes of our chemistry this morning. It is mainly, I think, that he gets off onto too many red herrings about his heroes Max Planck and Albert Einstein (or is it Alfred?).

After that, music. When I got back, it developed that I had handed in a chit for Thursdays instead of Tuesdays, but nothing came of it.

Wednesday, 14 October 1964 KCT
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Pretty average morning, with no highlights, except that, according to my resolution, I did not get up until 0647. Nearly late, but I don't care much. I never do anything in the common room anyway.

After breakfast, did little. Cookson is with me too much, and he is an expert in making a long time go a little way.

Maths first, and more notes, and managed to get my timetable form, pencil, rubber, etc, from Jimmy at the end of the period.

In my study period, owing to some psychology lecturer having an operation, the place was crowded. Most annoying, and I hope he recovers soon.

Next period was even worse, and I spent a good deal of the time doing physics problems for May, chemistry for Rosser, and so on. Also had a go at realigning my slide rule, which was in need of this.

After break, deutsch with Skiv, and we did not do much. He had already given us back our books, but was rather annoyed with the rest of the Science Remove [my class] for not doing their essay, and just about told Lennox to do some other subject.

Then P.E., circuit training, which would have been very exhausting indeed had I done everything on the circuit, but that was beyond me, and a result I was still able to stand up at the end.

After lunch, choir practice, and for some strange reason TDH made us all sit on the decani side, and there we just about managed to fill up all the seats.

After that, up to the darkroom, and expected to find Cookson already there, but such was not the case. I don not know why, but it was fairly obvious that he had not been there at all.

Then made quite a few prints, including some of K.L., but either I am not developing all parts of the paper equally, or I am suffering the effects of the water marks on the negatives. I must use some of Stanleys wetting agent. It should be pretty good.

Then bassoon lesson, and I have been given some new music, and it is nearly all in the tenor clef, which, it appears, I will have to learn. Examined some of the high note fingerings in Baines, and most of them work quite well. Shall have to study same.

Mr Fawcett dropped me into town when he went back, and along to the Camera Centre, bought some film, Amfix, and a book about enlargers. Changed my library books, and bought some bottles for my chemicals. Got back to school, and made up solutions of fixer, etc, and all is now more or less well. Reading about enlargers in prep.

Thursday, 15 October 1964 KCT
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4th Heathkit catalogue (I think) today. Anyway, the one addressed to Netherton. No other mail.

After breakfast, carried on reading about enlargers. If I can find that camera lens that I had in K.L., I should be well on my way to being able to build myself an enlarger.

First period was german, and Skiv found himself at a rather loose end, and so we did some oral questions on one of last weeks preps.

Then maths, and it was pouring with rain, which is not going to help the general election. Anyway, I put on my raincoat, and on the way to room 28 [not connected to the main school building] was stopped by Mansell, and then by a little old lady looking for the polling booth (which was the gym). By the time I had got to maths, I was about 5 minutes late. Maths was pretty easy, but rather time-consuming. However, it was rather fun.

Then divvers with Daddy Death, and it was about capital punishment, which I think is a bit of a waste of time, but it got us through the period.

After break, when it was still pouring, chemistry, but Clod came in very late, and I spent a fair amount of time talking to Atkinson about colour film.

Study period, and Bott made a damn nuisance of himself, which didn't help my diary writing.

After lunch, wind band, and only about half the people who were supposed to turned up. However, we had some fun.

After that, it was still raining like hell, so the pioneers were not working. Labour are bound to win the election. Anyway, as far as I was concerned, I went up to the darkroom, where I found Walker arguing with Hessey, and he had a film to develop, and so I got out my stuff, and offered to help him, as he also wanted to make some prints of his colour negatives. These last did not come out very well, mainly because they were all masked with orange, and as a result the paper was not very sensitive thereto.

These would have been black-and-white prints, and my first experience of colour negatives.

After that, tea, and in a bit of a hurry to finish my tea, get my photographic gear away, and go to maths.

Maths was as average as maths always is, and all he did was to give us a few notes on statistics, etc, which seems to be entirely irrelevant to the subject.

Then english, and we had a bit of a rest from Edward II and Marlowe, and had quite a bit of fun.

In first prep I did some graphs for developing film in Promicrol, etc, and to the Hustings vote in 2nd prep, which was a bit rowdy, but still fun.

Friday, 16 October 1964 KCT
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Letter from Jan today, and she seemed to have been overjoyed to receive my last letter. What a pity she is leaving the country in so short a time. Wishes she could hear from me every day. I shall have to oblige.

Also got “The Beggars Opera” from Concert Hall, on 10 days free trial. I must remember to return it by the 26th, or I will be stuck with it.

History first, and I did not do particularly well: In fact, I only got 4/20 in the essay. I personally do not care what happens in history. It is of absolutely no importance to me.

It is now. I think my disinterest reflects the abilities of the teachers I had.

Then study period, and Pook caught me writing up for yesterday, damn him. I shall have to be more careful in future. However, managed to finish off as far as yesterday night after that.

Then chemistry, and Clod, when he finally came in 20 minutes late, went on with the stuff about the kinetic theory.

Carried on after break, and got into some quite involved maths over the Van der Waals equation, etc. Stayed behind to talk to him about it, and so was late for maths. Then, after maths, discussed it with Jimmy, and was late for lunch lineup.

After lunch, after finishing off my diary, wrote to, or started to write to, Jan, but I did not have enough time to finish it before I had to go and change for pioneers.

Once more are we laying kerbs, and a dicey business is it to say the very least. However, I quite enjoy it - Drax and I were on it by ourselves. Cox had disappeared somewhere, and the rest were working on the mixer. In the whole time that we had we laid something like 2 kerbs, and they were not very well done.

After that, we had some fun with trying to get rid of about half a ton of cement, which Brunt had tried to bring round by himself, and it ended up spilt all over the ground, as he could not control it.

After tea, English, and Boris went on reading various types of story, and got onto a very funny thing by Ernest Hemingway about a thunder box (Pommie word for chemical bog), and how he tried to conceal it, etc, and its eventual destruction.

Then deutsch, and for once I wished I had done my prep, and as a result did the one he gave us almost immediately in prep.

2nd prep, choir practice, and it finished very late.

Saturday, 17 October 1964 KCT
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Letter from Mum this morning, without too much of interest therein. However, she did congratulate me for the way I handled the finances. I shall still have to do something before the end of term if I want to make ends meet.

Woodwork to start off the day, and was not really intending to do much, but I ended up drilling the left hand finger holes, which may have to be much wider - the wood is very thick, and thus I increased the diameter of the holes from 3/16" to about ¾, and they may have to be yet wider.

Then tried to get moving on the bottom joint, and, after quite a bit of trying to get the drill to bite, ended up with a 1" hole more or less down the middle. Will be able to clen it up next week, I hope, and perhaps even get it onto the lathe. Otherwise shall have start on the (dicey) top joint, after I have planed the bottom joint, and drilled the five finger holes (2 for bottom finger to accomodate left-handed players: flûte à neuf trous.

Then chemistry, and it was not much fun. Clod only arrived 10 minutes late this time, but he went away again, and we were distributed with another lot of excercise books in which to do essays on the kinetic theory, Van der Waals equation, and imperfections of gases.

After break, physics and maths, neither of which were particularly interesting, although in maths we were given so applied maths note books, and we went on to vectors, which are more interesting than I thought.

After lunch, etc, off to pioneers, and Drax, who was feeling unwell, wanted to go home to bed and left me in charge of the wall “because he is the tallest”. Give me a sense of responsibility, at any rate. Dray made a hell of a nuisance of himself, and I am almost tempted to think that Cox is more useful than him, if a little more bolshy. However, by 1430 we had nearly finished 4 kerbstones, which is quite good going, if I say so myself.

Then along to the common room, but, as always, I find myself at a loose end at this time of day, which is indeed a bad sign.

Then to tea, and thence to roll call, after which Walker chucked my photographic gear out of his scob, so we ended up tidying up Cooksons scob, and then transferred all the stuff thereinto. Also, while I was at it, tidyed up my own scob, and Cookson and I have now decided to share scobs, although I do not see how he can benefit by it. Then up to the darkroom, and Cheung Kin Tak was trying to make some prints. I helped him, and we got a couple of good ones. Up in the darkroom doing my on prints after supper, and did quite a few good ones.

Sunday, 18 October 1964 KCT
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Sunday again, and rather a wasted day at that. Before breakfast, into the darkroom, and go out all the photographic stuff out of the darkroom, and then downstairs, where I saw Tyson coming out of his bedroom. I really must get a photo of him one day. It should come out beautifully.

After breakfast, missed table clearing, as I seemed doomed to do, unless I improve my memory quite radically.

Then into the library to write up for yesterday, and this took me most of my remaining time before chapel. Discussed taking a photo of Tyson with Hargrave in robing up. He likes the idea, but will have no part of it. Thinks it is too dangerous.

Chapel is getting even more boring than usual, and lasting longer into the bargain. It really is very dull lately, and there is hardly anything good to light it up.

After chapel, discussing with Cookson where I could get a bit of copper wire for my soldering gun. In the end, used an old bicycle spoke, but as it was made of steel it was a) too hard to fashion and b) did not get hot enough.

Then Woolacott, who was in the wireless club, demanded that I show the letter I got from Mash i, and they all had a bit of a laugh thereover.

After lunch, Parsifal told me to come to study 'C' afterwards “to get your 40 lines paper”, and so along. It has just about become a habit lately for us to leave at about 1230 hrs instead of the more usual 1330. It means that we get to our place by 1300 hrs at the latest, and today, after, as usual, kicking off with a cigar each we were finished by 1330. Trying to smoke mine as slowly as does Parsifal, I ended up with a horrible gooey mess of tar and nicotine coming out of the end, and all over my lips. One of the disadvantages of cigar smoking. Then further perambulation, and, as I had my camera with me, I took a few photos, and, after a bit further perambulation, we went back to where we had come from, and had a pipe each. Parsifal had managed to scrape some of the varnish off my pipe, God know how. Would be interesting if I threatened to go to Skiv if he did not buy me a new pipe.

Then back, and after roll call Parsifal wanted to hear the “Beggars opera”, but room 26 was already booked, and so we had a go at playing the music ourselves, but Parsifal soon got sick of it.

After a bit longer, I gave it up, and went to the wireless club, where I did not stay long, and ended up with Rheinholdt, Aston, and somebody else doing an improvisation on “When the Saints go marching in”, but we were disbanded by Patching.

Wrote to María, Mrs Baudouy, and Jan after supper. I hope María's sentiments have not changed.

Monday, 19 October 1964 KCT
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Letter from, of all people, María this morning. She, as I, wanted to know why I had not written for such a long time. It appears that she did write to me, but that I did not get the letter. She does, also, apparently still feel the same way about me.

Also letter from Bev, asking the same question. She is right. I shall have to write a few more letters before this term is much older.

As the Part 2 exam was today, assembly was 5 minutes earlier, in order to facilitate prompt departure. Meant that study periods began 5 minutes earlier as well. In the first period, had little to do, but it took me a hell of a long time to write up for yesterday, as I wanted to be sure that I was not caught this time. Unless I get a study place next term, I think I shall do my study periods in the library, but it is a bit too late to change this term. Second study period was also a bit dangerous - Ruscoe caught me reading a book on photography, and I only just managed to get away.

Then triple physics, and before break just about managed to get the stuff for boiling methylated spirit fixed up, turned it on, and left it over break. When I came back, still nothing had come over, so I turned it up to 6A, and it started coming over pretty quickly. Got, after a long series of readings, a reading of about 217 cal/gm, which looks likely for meths as an entity, being perhaps a little higher than that of alcohol.

After lunch, went straight to the common room, and started to write a letter to María, and carried on until about 1315, writing two pages in the process. She has the same half term as me (just about) and she wants to see me then. I shall do all that is within my power to do so. Then saw Mash, who told me that we were to report to the Q stores at 1330, which we did. After being made to move a table, we went round the armoury and were given sacks to impound any loose corps equipment. After that, went round all the changing rooms, and gather about 5 sackfuls of corps equipment. The Alfred are by far the worst, and the Woodard perhaps the best. Then we were made to fold about 100 corps shirts, and were allowed to go, at only 1440 [?]. Back to the common room, but did little before tea, and after the same returned and wrote letters to Mum, Dad, and Bev. I shall wait for Jan's reply from now on before I write too her. It is too wasteful of stamps otherwise.

Choral society meeting, and we had quite a bit of fun over the Credo of the 2nd mass. As Barret said, “Credo in unum deum - me!”.

Russian in 2nd prep - took my hat with me, and had a bit of a laugh.

This must have been the “Russian” hat that my father bought in Stockholm in February 1962.

Tuesday, 20 October 1964 KCT
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No letters today, which I think is a bit lax of Jan, and I shall have to chide her a little about it next time I write to her.

After breakfast, I was in a most depressed mood - it is, I think, a combination of the fact that a) the weather was also lousy b) No letters c) no study periods.

First two periods were chemistry, and it was bloody cold, and Lewis D.C. made a bit of a nuisance of himself by opening yet more windows, but Clod shut them all himself when he came in.

Carried on talking about the kinetic theory, and spent most of the first period talking about all the latest developments in science, and he reckons they might bring out a “meson microscope” before too long, with which one could “see” individual atoms.

Then history, and Shitters got a bit narked with us for not coming in as soon as the other mob went out. It was, however, so bloody cold, and it was not surprising that we did not go in.

After break, maths, and we started writing notes in our green (applied) maths note books. All about vectors, etc, and quite interesting. This will help me in my radio work.

Then german, and a bit of trouble because I did not do my prep, but I think I will find a way out.

Very musical afternoon. First of all had a choir practice, which was pure, unadulterated Antiphon.

No idea which antiphon.

Am not at all sure that I like it. It is, somehow, very odd, although parts of it are good. Before the end of the practice, had to go for a clarinet lesson, and today we had a go at the “Pezzi” which I got from Mr White last week. Not at all bad, and we quite enjoyed ourselves. He is going to bring his tape recorder next week.

After that, in came Aston, and I out, though at a loose end. Decided to go inside, write up for yesterday, and risk getting caught, and my risks were worthwhile, and I carried on until my pen ran out, at which juncture along to the tuck shop, bought some food, and then to room 26 to wait for Mr Fawcett. He finally arrived at about 1515, and we got going. He reckons I could play the Weißborn “Humoreske” for the music festival, and I think I could probably do it. Had a go, in which I did not do too badly. The crook key and reed helped.

Poop was not too pleased that I arrived 30 minutes late, and complained most bitterly that I never turned up for physics. I wonder why I don't (?).

Then music, and for some reason, finished early - I think TDH wanted to go out and have a booze-up.

Wednesday, 21 October 1964 KCT
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Letter from Linda today. She seems to be, from her letters, highly inscrutable, or just plain trying to avoid anything which would give much of an idea as to what our relationship is supposed to be. I shall have to get the wheels moving, or cut down. At the moment, I am receiving letters regularly from 4 birds, which is as good in numbers as last term, but the selection is better this term.

To the study to see Patching after breakfast, but he just warned me about impertinence, etc, and threatened to “sit on you” if it happened again. I am doing well re punishments this term.

Maths, and more notes, and I discovered I had not brought my book. Then Jimmy discovered that it was almost identical to what we had already done, so perhaps it was just as well.

Study periods. Bott caught me writing this up, but did nothing. Perhaps he sees nothing wrong in my writing it up during study periods. How I agree with him - good for my English, or some such rot.

Immediately after this, Ruscoe caught me reading it, and told me to see him in break, an then gave me 40 lines, which I thought rather unkind of him.

After break, which I spent talking to Cheung iii A.K.T., had German, and Skiv made us do a free composition on a Frühstückstischgespräch. At least I managed to make something of it. In P.T., could not find my stuff, and ended up playing the bassoon with Parsifal accompanying me.

No choir practice after lunch, but a very important meeting of the photographic society about the plugs pinched on Monday.

After that, to the common room, where, after getting my exeat from Lloyd, and polishing up my flute to sell it this afternoon and getting Botts advice on where to go, got Cookson to dictate my 40 lines to me, and did more than half in 10 minutes.

This is an unlikely continuation of the ill-fated preamplifier that I last mentioned nearly three months previously. It appears that by the time I came back from the summer holidays, we had given up on it, possibly because Bott had found an alternative that worked. Bott was understandably pissed off, and we agreed that I'd pay him back his investment with the proceeds from the sale of the (old) flute.

Finished off after a short rest when the bell for the end of rest went, and then to the Wireless club, and decided to have another of my innumerable attempts to realign my receiver, and also decided once and probably for all, that the place for a PCR is not up on a shelf, and for the time being, at any rate, I am going to put it on the bench between me and Windmill, which Philips has now vacated. While I was working on it, the antenna terminal fell off. It is gradually dying, I fear.

In fact I kept it for more than another 10 years before leaving it behind when I moved to Schermbeck in March 1975.

After roll call, to sell my flute, but Bott would have nothing of it. In disgust, down to get the glass put back in my watch, and bought a chain.

Back again, and decided to put a tuning indicator for the PCR, which would also help me align it.

Thursday, 22 October 1964 KCT
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7-page letter from Jan this morning, and it seems that she is in the san with flu, and was hitherto too unwell to write to me. Also from Mum, written in K.B. Promises to send my pocket money, and with any luck, I might even get it before half-term.

First period was Deutsch, and once again Skiv was in a bit of a muddle. Finally he decided to tell us something about concessive clauses, and told us to get out our books, which only half of us had, and none of us had on us. Then we did about ⅓ the amount he wanted us to do.

Then maths with Jimmy, and he got talking about mechanics, etc, and that was a bit of a waste of time. Things were generally going pretty slowly.

Divvers thereafter, and did not do much in that, apart from doing all my accounts, etc, and it would seem that, unless I find about 1/6 more, the discrepancy has increased in the past week. In any case, I am well nigh broke, and unless I find the money, I am broke, thanks to buying 6 doughnuts in break.

After break, chemistry, and Clod spent so much time talking about the kinetic theory that I could not do any writing.

Then a study period, in which I decided to have a go at writing up for yesterday, but it is getting considerably more dangerous of late.

Wind band practice after lunch, and Ruscoe went bolshy and did not want to turn up. It would be fun for me if he left the wind band - success story of a clarinettist from my point of view, or some such thing. Got on to “Annie Get your Gun”, which looks interesting, but Mr Ravenor took them all back at the end of the practice.

Then to pioneers, and we seem to have been going on for a very long time lately, and today we did not knock off until 1435 hrs. This sounds almost as bad as the hours Callow gave me before I actually joined: “2.00 to 4.00, with a chance of going on to 4.15”.

These times were offset by one hour, since I was using GMT even during daylight saving time.

Then to the common room to try and finish writing up for yesterday. I think that I shall have to make a point of writing up after lunch every day - or get Boris' permission to do it during study periods.

In the evening, maths again with Jimmy, and we copied quite a few things out into our green notebooks. He also gave us a prep on some of the notes.

Then English, and I did remarkably well on the essay - only 2 fellows beat me, but the %age was, in fact, lower than usual for last term.

To see the Weed in the evening - no privelige for me this term. May get it next term if I keep tidy.

Friday, 23 October 1964 KCT
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Various documents, free offers, etc, by mail, and it really is getting a bit boring. I shall have to get out of the Concert Hall record club as soon as possible. It is just not worth it.

After breakfast, dirty clothes to the linen room, and it seems that I left my P.T. stuff outside the fort, and they were subsequently impounded. Matron wants 6d, doubled every day. She can go to hell.

First period was history, and we spent the whole time making notes. Timothy George is certainly an odd kettle of fish, and I wish I knew what made him tick.

After that, study period, and I hardly did anytihng. I usually end up in Newman's study place, staring out the window, and leaning all over the radiator. Read a bit about photographic emulsions, but did not learn much.

Then chemistry, and wrote about 5 lines instead of my maximum capability per period of about 5 pages. I shall be steaming ot be finished by Tuesday.

Break was pretty dismal. I shall soon be back to the music rooms, unless some totally unfair law is passed forbidding it.

Then more chemistry, and did a few more pages of stuff, and a diagram, as well as my maths prep. Had a bit of fun in maths, with hail all over the place - weather was being variable indeed.

After lunch, long way behind in my diary, but had not got far before Stroude grabbed me and told me that the orchestra wanted the bassoon and me to play it in room 26. Made a hell of a mess of it, but apparently that is acceptable.

Then changed for pioneers, but was caught in a rainstorm on the way over, and by the time I got there, they were just about ready to knock off. Took my opportunity when I got back, and went to the library, and got my diary right up to date.

Then quickly back to the common room, and hastily scribbled a letter to María, and as a result was very late for tea. Also managed to get myself a new pair of shoes which I had ordered about 2 weeks ago. Also the same type as my old ones with the 6 month guarantee.

English first after tea, and we started on a new play, “Othello”, which is not too bad. Asked Boris if I could do my diary in study periods, but he would not let me.

Then deutsch, and with Skiv. It seems he has changed with Herr Schmitt. We will only get him once a week now.

Choir practice in evening, and had not enough time for all my prep.

Saturday, 24 October 1964 KCT
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No mail again this morning. Not that I could expect it, but it is rather annoying not to get any.

After breakfast, did little, and took a long time doing it. Lately, when I do have spare time, I discover I have nothing to do during it.

Double woodwork after assembly, and I started off plaing the bottom joint of my tenor recorder down to a roughly circular cross-section, but it was a long and tiring job, and I noticed that one of the lathes was not being used, so I got Jimmy to let me smoothen down the middle section of the thing, and had quite a bit of fun doing this. 'Tis fun to watch the wood disappear from the joint, and end up all over ones trousers, and eventually the joint to end up with a cylindrical shape, and to shape the tenons, etc, and polish, smoothen, etc.

Then had a bit of fun in chemistry, trying to do my maths, but, as Clod was not there, I ended up making various odd fumes, etc, as many others were doing, but I did iit par excellence. NH₃ + HCl = NH₄Cl in my drawer.

After break, in which Cheung Kin Tak literally forced me to share his buns with him, physics with Poop, and we corrected our problems, and I did not do too fabulously.

Then maths, and Jimmy gave me an extension of my time to finish off the maths, and all was well concerning that.

After lunch, tried to write up, but in the common room during rest there are too many distractions. Went for pioneers early, and as a result arrived late, and Phillips and Brunt promptly started bossing me around, which I did not like much, but it appears that, in my absence, Drax had appointed them jointly in charge, and I had to submit.

After that, got down to the real business, and, thanks to Brunt being too keen, we left him and Phillips to do the work by themselves, and knocked off at only 1410 hrs.

Down to the wireless club, and carried on with the magic eye tuning indicator, got it finished, discovered it was the wrong way round, finally put it together the right way round, and it worked quite well.

Then roll call, and I had a bit of fun after that going down to Mountfields to post the Beggars opera back to the record club. Then back to the wireless club, and aligned the L.F. and I.F. sections, but could not be fagged to do it for M.F. and H.F.

Macrae was there, doing some work on a record player. Had quite an interesting conversation with him.

After supper, back to the wireless club, and did a bit more aligning. Jacob seems to be leaving tomorrow, but I think Woolacott is trying to fool me.

Sunday, 25 October 1964 KCT
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B.S.T. ends 0100 hrs [GMT] today. GMT begins 0100 hrs today.

As a result of the change in national time, I did not get up until 0815 hrs today, giving me a total of 11½ hours in bed - I was, as they say in german, ganzausgeschlafen, and so got up at the earliest opportunity thereof.

Downstairs, but did not manage to do much before breakfast - this time on a Sunday would probably best be spent fast asleep, or taking photos of Tyson, although this might be rather dangerous if he is in a bad mood.

After breakfast, to the library to write up for yesterday, and this took me just about until chapel. O for a place to write up my diary without distraction.

Chapel was perhaps less boring than usual, mainly because a butterfly got in, and settled on various places in the sun, which included my cassock, and also (later) Mr Sykes', Hurrel's and Aston's. Skiv Bentley was laughing his head off for a start.

After chapel, along to the wireless club, and intended just to sit round doing nothing in particular, but we were soon joined by Cheungs 3 and 4, and the former took a photo of me, Woolacott, and Cheung 4, using my electronic flash. Then enter Cookson, to tell me that the darkroom was again in bounds, and so we up there, and had a go at developing Pooks film. Was rather a rush job, and as a result, spent 20 minutes giving it non-stop agitation, and it came out quite well.

After lunch, left Cookson to wet it and dry it, and went out, as usual, for a walk with Parsifal, and along to the old pond, which is probably our best bet yet - it is about the only place where we have never been in any danger, although some time I must borrow a bike and both of us can get some distance away from the school. Started, unusually, on a pipe each, and then had a go at a cigar each, as there was still plenty of time, and we are now quite short of tobacco, as we are with cigars - less than 10 left.

Then back, had tea, and to the film - The long ships. Very good indeed, although I heard a rather unpleasant comment from Little ii as I passed him - “Cor, what a smell of tobacco”. It sounds dangerous. I shall have to moderate, obviously.

The film itself was probably the best combination possible for a school - sex, fighting, and not without a touch of humour. Finished at 1730, and then I went to the wireless club to see what was wrong with the regeneration I tried to put into the PCR. Had to go before I had completely fixed it, but had a pretty good shot at it.

Wrote an urgent letter to Mrs Baudouy for money after supper, and then back to fix up the PCR.

Monday, 26 October 1964 KCT
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Up late again this morning - I am indeed getting a lot of sleep. It is King Alfreds day, and all very holy, etc. Nor was María's letter distracting from this idea. She tells me that Sister Josephine, the Mother superior of the Convent of Notre Dame, wants to meet me before I take María out over half term. To this, Parsifal quoted a limerick: “There was a young man of Siberia, whose morals were highly inferior: He did to a nun, What none should have done, And now she's a mother superior”. Relevant.

As a result of the immediately ensuing service, we missed both of our study periods, which will not help me finish my chemistry essay by tomorrow. The choice of hymns was not bad, and I observed Green sitting at the back, looking over at me and grinning.

After that, along to room 16 for another thrilling experiment, and we had a bit of fun, after finally having our thing corrected, in fixing up an imitation of Searles apparatus for finding the specific heat of copper. It is a most odd looking apparatus - something out of the 19th century, obviously. We more or less set it up before break, and left the lab rather apprehensively.

When we got back nothing had blown up, and all we had to do was stop everything, put in a steam trap, put the constant head thing right, and get going. This took us most of the time, but we did, nevertheless, get some answers, although I doubt they will be very good.

Mansell grabbed me after lunch, and told me that now was the time to face my fortune in the corps, and it boiled down to the fact that I am now out of the manpower side, and into the Q stores. If Chivers needs me, I might be transferred to C.O.'s clerk, but Parsifal reckons that the chance is slight, although he will do what he can. Then to room 26, and had a go at the records of Bach which I got this morning.

Spent the afternoon, not in the Q stores, but in the orderly room, helping Green try to stamp numbers on the new combination locks which he has finally got. It was a bit of a job, though, for he could not find a suitable thing to put the lock in while he was trying to stamp it.

As a result, we did not really get moving until 1530, and I now realize how dead slack the admin side of the corps is. Should be a bit of a laugh.

After tea, back to the orderly room, and we tore through quite a few more locks, and as a result filled up four boxes of 10.

Then to choral society, and we just about have got through the whole of the Haydn mass.

Finished off chemistry essays in prep - thank God.

Tuesday, 27 October 1964 KCT
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No mail this morning, and I will need to a bit of letter-writing myself if I want to get any more within the next day or two. After breakfast, nothing in particular to do. The atmosphere in the common room is really unbearable at this time, though not as bad as Sunday nights.

Following Botts electrocution by his guitar last night, Clod gave a warning to all electric guitar players this morning, and as a result came in very late to chemistry. Many complained that they had not yet finished, so I spent the remainder of the period reading about organic chemistry - I hope we get going on it fairly soon.

In the second period, we had a test on our first trilogy, and it was rather fun, though perhaps just a little difficult. Clod saw me finished, and deliberately gave me some stinkes [sic; probably “stinkers”]. Something to sink my teeth into.

Then history with Shitters, and he spent the period showing us what happened in central Europe in the middle of the last century. I asked him a couple of questions, but he knew not the answer. Very inefficient.

After break, went to maths, and handed in last Fridays prep at this [?], and Jimmy did not object too violently.

Then Deutsch, spent doing a translation, which was Clrens [?; illegible] last prep.

After lunch, had much to do, and did not feel like doing it. Eventually went to the library to write up - it is quieter there - but nevertheless finished it not. I am perpetually behind.

Then clarinet lesson with Mr White, and on with the Pezzi which we started a couple of weeks back, and had quite a bit of fun, but it does become either too difficult or too monotonous, and I may have a go at changing it some time after half term. After my clarinet lesson, was supposed to have a haircut, but there was one hell of a queue in the place, and only one fellow cutting, so I had a go at hopping it and took some photos of the school, although I am not too sure that it was now the best time to do it. In any case, I finished off the roll, and in fact got 37 exposures out of it. Depends on what happened around frame 20.

Then, after tea, double physics, and no hope even of music thereafter. It was really most deathly boring - Poop spent 45 minutes on a problem before he managed to get the right answer, and even then he was not sure, so I do not consider that my method is too bad - 5 minutes, and no doubt.

In prep, read a book which Parsifal had given me last night - Russian love story, “Liza”. Forget the author.

Wednesday, 28 October 1964 KCT
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Letter from Mrs Baudouy this morning, admitting that my case was indeed an emergency, and enclosing a cheque for £3. Then, no letter from María, which was a bit of a waste of time. I shall have to make a phone call unless something happens tomorrow, which seems unlikely.

After breakfast, not much happened, but Clod had a monologue during assembly about watching rugger matches, with the result that we started maths 5 minutes late. Carried on with friction, which was just as well, because most people have not yet caught on. No prep again - we made quite sure that we got no work over half term.

After that, a rather wasted double study period, at least from the point of view of school work, but I read a lot more of “Liza” in the first period, and, feeling in a musical mood, I got the book on form in music out of the library, and wrote an as-yet-undedicated menuet, which may not be all that bad.

In break, hardly left the new building. Had house bank in the Junior Common room, and got my cheque changed, although Jimmy was hereto reluctant, and get an exeat for this afternoon.

Then deutsch with Skiv in the same room, and he came in, said he wanted to correct our things, and as a result, we spent most of the period doing little, but did a little at the end.

Very exhausting game of basketball during P.E., which I almost enjoyed, especially as we wond both games by quite a margin.

After lunch, choir practice, and spent a good bit of time going over “This is the record of John”, and such old stuff, which was not all that bad, and then they left it to the male voice choir to do the Daniel Jazz, and I to the darkroom, where I first of all (not very successfully), contact printed Pooks negatives. I shall definitely have to reduce the over-exposed ones, and then i might be able to get something right. Then on to Allens enlargements, which came out considerably better, and I can see no ground for complaint. Followed these up by 6 detailed enlargements for Cookson, and called it a day.

Then down for a bassoon lesson, and both of us were in a hurry, knocked off quite early, and in fact, as Mr Fawcett gave me a lift, I got into town before most people did. To Grays camera shop first, and there bought another Ektachrome-X, and also a book on processing colour film, some wetting agent, and some film clips, which should come in handy. Then to the library, handed in my books, and back to the school, where I got 40 lines for not putting my name in the Exeat book.

Both preps spent reading “Liza”.

Thursday, 29 October 1964 KCT → Bristol → Tockington Images for 29 October 1964
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Up at 0630 hrs this morning, and it seems considerably earlier that it did, say, a week ago. Hell of a hustle and bustle, and then down to the Common room, met Parsifal outside, got my pipe, and into breakfast. Met again later, and walked down to the station. Wrote up for yesterday in the train, but one cannot write very will in such a moving vehicle. Got to Bristol, and I bought some Escudo flake, and then to a coffee shop (Essex was also with us), and had a couple of cups of coffee each. After that, to the bus terminal, and had a cigar with Essex on the way, which finished me off for matches. When we got to Tockington, down to Pete's house

Pete and Parsifal are the same person, Peter W.K. Chivers.

and there found a note from his mother, and a birthday present to him from his sister. Sat down and had coffee, and the sewing machine man arrived while we were there. After fixing the sewing machine, all three of us went over to Essex's house, which was about 2 miles away, and there met his mother, and had yet another cup of coffee. They seem to live on the stuff in this place - everywhere we go, we are filled with the stuff. Still, 'twas good coffee.

Then Pete and I back to his house, and there started doing some recorder playing, but almost immediately his mother returned, and prepared lunch for us, which was very good.

After lunch, Pete wanted to take me over to meet his grandparents, who lived about a mile away, and so over the fields, although it was rather damp. Got over there, removed our shoes, and got speaking with Pete's grandfather about Kuala Lumpur when he was there—in 1922, when the Dog was called the Spotted Dog, and he actually found accommodation there.

Then back again, as Pete had arranged to meet Vern

Vern is Vern Essex.

back at his house at 1600 hrs, and we got back only a little therebefore, and Vern was already waiting. After playing some more music, not very much to Vern's taste, we went out, and to their “den”, which they had nearby. Lit up a pipe, rather than accept one of their fags, and just about filled the thing up. Then down to town to buy some matches, and then back to the house, which was deserted. It had been arranged for us to go to see “Goldfinger” tonight, with Parsifals sister and as a result we could not really go away then, and I had a go at cleaning out my pipe, and then arrived Mrs Chivers home, and prepared tea. Shortly after that, Elizabeth or “Bun” Chivers arrived back, and had oodles of prep to do, and as a result of going to the film, we had to do it for her. Did a french translation in record time, and then down to the bus stop, and there to town, to see the flicks. A few people commented on my russian hat, and Vern was of the impression that I should have removed it, but I refused.

Film itself was very good indeed - could see it again and again, but Bond did the wrap tactical more [spelling?] at times.

Back again, and not to bed until 2430 hrs.

Friday, 30 October 1964 Tockington
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Woken up this morning by Mr Chivers entering with a mugful of hot ribena, which was rather unexpected, but not at all bad. After a bit of hesitation, up, and dressed, and then down for breakfast, which was very good, although, as yet the whole family and I have not yet had a meal together - of course, I have yet to meet Adam, the youngest.

After breakfast, Pete apparently usually takes the opportunity of getting the dog moving, to prevent complete stagnation thereof, and left me to write up my diary after that. Then I had a bit of a wait in store - he going quite some way. However, he was not too long away, and came back to suggest that we did some music practice, but we did not do any, but instead went for a walk, as Pete wanted to show me his 6-mile course around this part of the world, and this he did, and it took up most of the morning. We left at 0930, and arrived back at about 1040, which was pretty good going - only 4 minutes off Petes record, and we were not pushing it any of the way. However, little happens on such a walk and one is left to fall into deep meditation, and this I did, thinking about 3D TV, which would be more than the usual stuff which happens on such things as Cinerama.

Got back, and then did some music practice, after I had recovered. Carried on then until lunchtime, and had a very good lunch, after which did a bit more music practice until Pete entered with some records of his and a record player, and we listened to these for some time, and watched the cat twitch to the last movement of Haydns 101st symphony. I don't suppose it has any musical significance.

After that, Pete thought it a fit time of to go and visit Vern again, as we had not yet done so, and, as our shoes were already very wet, we first of all filled them up with shoe polish, and went the long way by the road anyway. Got there, and Vern was listening to Jazz Sebastian Bach by the Swingle Singers, but it was not all that marvellous. Went downstairs, Vern had a drink, and then off for a walk, during which I had pipe and the others fags. Wandered about a bit, and considered a few mad photos. Then back to Verns, and had some coffee, and back to Petes place for tea.

Directly after that, to the bus stop, and thence to the Vienna Boys Choir, which was in Coldeston [sic] Hall. Met Pete Taylor there, who was astounded to see me - God knows why. Choir was very good, and we had 2 encores at the end. I wish the audience had been as good. Hell of a row.

Late supper, and after that upstairs, and took a couple of photos of Parsifal and me dressed zanily.

Saturday, 31 October 1964 Tockington
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As we once again had a very late night last night, I feel that it was small wonder that we did not get up until quite late today. When we did, however, the sun was finally shining, and a joy for all to see.

Downstairs, and had breakfast and then once again to my diary, sitting in the warmth of the lounge, although 'twas not much colder outside. The whole family were at home today, and I was not alone in the lounge.

Pete arrived back before I had finished, and then we did a bit of music practice, until we were interrupted by Vern, and then Pete suggested that we quitted the house, and went out somewhere, and that we did, and down to what was once a mill, where they tend to hang out. A large notice was painted on one of the walls thereof: “Private. Do not enter. Trespassers will be prosecuted”. I got a photo of Pete leaning against the wall, and Vern looking around from behind it. Should come out well. Then further along, and before long discovered that we were being followed by some birds. Sat down on a stile, and before long they were daring enough to come and ask us for a match. Pity they weren't much to look at. Then further along to look at some road works, and ended up in a tunnel, singing our heads off, and listening the resonance thereof. Came out quite well.

Then, finally, back again to the house, and there Vern was invited to lunch, which proved rather a crush, but nevertheless, the table conversation was very lively, even if it was not fitting to the occasion. However, after that into the lounge room, where the TV was on with, as is usual in this country, sport - a complete afternoon thereof.

Watched it for some considerable time, without paying too much attention, and then started thinking about what I was going to do tomorrow. Only one train really worth catching, and that leave at 0700 hrs, which will necessitate my getting up at about 0530 tomorrow morning.

Then out for a smoke, and had a bit of fun dressing up as a russian spy, as Pete put it. Then back again, and rang up sister Josephine of Notre Dame to tell her that I would be arriving in Teignmouth at 0958 tomorrow morning. She asked me if María was worth the trouble. What an insult to María indeed.

Then, tea, and after that 4 of us (Pete, Adam, maternal and I) along to town to see “The fall of the roman empire”, and arrived in good time for the start. The Odeon is a massive place - I don't like it at all. Then, after the film, which was not bad, though I have seen better, we missed the bus, and had to go on another, which landed us further away.

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