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November 1964
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Sunday, 1 November 1964 Tockington → Bristol → Teignmounth → Exeter → Netherton
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Alarm clock went at 0510 hrs this morning, and up and out of bed, downstairs, and while I had a cup of strong black coffee, Pete made quite sure that I could not use the bike. Then suggested to me that I walked, and tried to hitchhike, and so I set out, but nobody dared to let me in. Perhaps they thought I was a russian spy with my sheepskin hat on. Finally managed to beg a lift, but by the time I got to Bristol Temple Meads, I was ¼ hour late, and had to wait for another 4½ hours for the next train.

This I spend in a very cold waiting room between platforms 4 and 5 of Temple Meads station - most boring place possible, just about. In any case, it was not very pleasant, and I had quite a bit of doubt as to whether it was worth it or not. However, I decided that María was worth anything, and so carried on with it, and bought a photographic magazine, which I spent the rest of the time perusing. Finally, the train arrived, however on the wrong platform, and I onto it. Owing to the fact, however, that some other train was late, we were delayed quite some time, and after ascertaining that I was on the right train, I made up for my lost sleep this morning.

Woke up just before we arrived at Taunton, where we changed, and then had lunch, which was not too bad, on the Cornish Riviera express, which, according to the Menu, has been going since 1904, and used to do it in an hour less time than it now does.

Arrived in Teignmouth just before 1500 hrs, and immediately tried to find the convent of Notre Dame. Finally got there at about 1520, and met Sister Josephine, who got somebody to look for María.

Eventually she turned up, an then I was introduced to about a dozen people, and finally, after a bit of joking from Sister Josephine, along to the railway station, were we got a couple of tickets to Exeter, and then had a long talk about what had come to pass since we last saw each other, and before we knew it, we were at Exeter St. Davids, and walked into town. Contrary to Sister Josephine's expectation, I outwalked María, and we ended up in the cathedral close, and then I took some photos. Discovered that the “7th Dawn” was on at the Odeon, but timing was a bit dicey. However, we decided that, as this was a special occasion, we would just have to bring her back late.

Then looking for a chinese restaurant, and finally found one which was not too bad, and there ate, fairly frugally, as I was not too flush, and then along to see the film. María did not seem to be very interested in the film, but nevertheless was loth to leave the theater [sic] for other reasons.

Arrived back (by taxi) an hour late. They were not too late, and could not even apologise to Sr. Josephine. Then on the Netherton to get £2 for taxi, rang up Parsifal, and arranged for him to bring my clothes down for me tomorrow.

Monday, 2 November 1964 Netherton - KCT
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I had intended to get up early this morning, but I woke up several times, and then promptly back to sleep again in a half dream about María, who was haunting me for most of the morning. Bev came in and tried to wake me up, but I resisted, and finally did not get up until about 1000hrs, and almost immediately after venturing out of my room, I walked into Elfriede, who, for some reason or another, insisted on getting me breakfast, despite the normal rule to the contrary. I wonder what this reason might be.

In any case, had breakfast, and then strolled into the playroom, where were, amongst others, Barry and Gautam, and the three of us got into some kind of conversation, and Gautam wanted to know why I had not written to Mary Lee or Latifah Rahman before now. He has a very good point, and, to find their addresses, I went first to find Mrs Baudouy (in the laundry), and also discovered that I had been given the remainder of my clothes, which were in the well room, and put on another heavy pullover.

Eventually, more or less got the addresses I wanted, and was also given various assorted cassettes of film, etc, to develop, but ended up with a roll of Fujicolor 2, whatever that is.

Fuji films were unknown in England at the time. This one must have been purchased in Asia.

Probably will have to be sent back to Japan. In again to the room, but nobody there, and so down to the village with Bev, to post a parcel, and then up again, and on with the conversation until lunch, which one of Mrs Littlewoods curries - tastes like nothing on earth, and had only rice and salad.

After lunch, decided to go early into town, and buy some stuff while I was there, and so waited around until about 1400 hrs for Mrs Baudouy, and got £1 off her, and then squeezed 10 of us into the Peugeot, which really was a squeeze. Then to Boots, where they promisd to have a go at the Fujicolor, and let me if they could not. Bought some chemicals for reversal prints - KMnO₄ and K₂S₂O₅, and then up to the station with Bev, to discover I had narrowly mised the train, and waited ¾ hour for the next one. Then finally off, and, after Exeter St. Davids, who should I meet but Cynthia Beatt? She has matured considerably since last I saw her - which was only about 6 months ago.

Finally arrived in Taunton, and Parsifal was there with my clothes to change into, and I discovered I had lost my chemicals. Got off the bus to try and get some more, but to no avail. Then up to the school - nobody there for quite a while, and before supper we ended up in the music rooms, and took 5 photos of various mad get ups. Rosser gave me 3 127's to do - 2 VP, and 1 Kodacolor.

After supper, developed 2 films - Cooksons FX-135/36, and Rossers VP127. Makes 7 so far this term, and made up some more Promicrol. Cookson has about 20 more to develop - will use club developer.

Tuesday, 3 November 1964 KCT
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Up with the bell this morning, and into the darkroom, and got all my things out of it, and then down with a couple of films, which looked rather amusing to all who looked on.

Then, after breakfast, did little, as we only had 10 minutes - result of getting up 15 minutes late.

Double chemistry first, and Clod was up to his old tricks. I had thought of bringing my letter from María (dated 28/X/64), and I could have replied to it during the time that Clod was away, but I was too scared, and besides, he did come in, and gave an inpromptu lecture on osmosis, which was rather funny, but had a rather odd concept, and might be a little difficult to grasp. Not too bad, and then along to Stoneleigh with my flute to have a flute lesson - they certainly make one wait. After about ¼ hour, Miss Mills acknowledged that I was there, and ¼ hour later than that, I got moving. As a result, we did not finish until 1145 hrs, by which time I had missed half of the following maths lesson, as well as the history lesson before break. I shall have to time it better next time.

Then Deutsch, and we had a dictation, and were given a stinking prep into the bargain.

After lunch, along to the library with various writing materials, and wrote up my diary, and then wrote a rather impassioned letter to María, and then along for a clarinet lesson, and had quite a bit of fun on the Pezzi, and got on to some Haydn and Mozart, which I find very beautiful. Carried on until 1515, and then out to write an answer to Ahmad, from whom I had had a letter this morning, and apologised for various failures on my part, and then along to the tuck shop, after I had posted the letter, and bought a bit of marmite, and other such necessities, which I was out of after having the half term.

Then tea, and after that double physics, and Poop was quite late, but we managed to survive his bad mood that came with it - Cookson bore the brunt of it, and Poop apparently put him off. Then had a lot of shouting, and a bit of fun when Poop apologised to Cookson for shouting at him, and thus put him off. Anyway, it finished soon enough.

Then music, and we are now on to Bach, and quite intersting, and we also got his Italian Concerto. Knocked off early, and had about 5 minutes of prep, in which I read Mozarts 39th symphony. Looking at colour negs later.

Wednesday, 4 November 1964 KCT
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Another letter from María in breakfast today, dealing with her reconciliation with Sister Josephine, and saying that she was still violently in love with me. Thank God for that, anyway.

After breakfast, looking for some mob that would sell me some 6-nitrobenzimidazole nitrate, but to no avail. This means that I will probably have a go at the universal colour negative developer. At any rate it is a damnside more versatile.

Maths first period, after a lecture by Benjy about the wisdom of going to the music club concert on Saturday night. I would not be going myself, were I not playing in it. Maths itself was quite a bit of a waste of time, and we did very little indeed, except for a few more questions on friction, etc.

Then double study, which was, for some reason, not as crowded as it has been since the philosophy lectures finished. Did very little at all in either of the periods, and was being shoved about all over the place. Wrote a little about osmosis, and had a go at the physics, after I had consulted Cooksons book.

Then, after break, had a look at our outstanding German things. It seems that mine was outstanding in both senses of the word - Skiv was highly delighted with it.

Then P.E., and Skiv Bentley took us for Basketball.

After lunch, choir practice, and then I discovered there was none, and spent my time telling Cookson about Netherton. He seemed highly interested in the events of last easter holidays.

Then up to the darkroom to develop a couple of films - Rossers 127, and a 616 of Freds, about 10 years old, and the backing paper had stuck to it, which made it very difficult to load. Had a go at it with Unitol, and did not take too long.

This might have meant that I did it in a dish in total darkness.

By about 1530, half the school were in the darkroom, and Fred gave me the go-ahead to do all his films for him - 3 35 mm, 7 127's, and a 120, not to mention a colour neg film.

Then a bassoon lesson, and Mr Fawcett brought his old 13 Keyed clarinet along - most wonderful instrument, and still works quite well, and we played quite a few tunes on it.

After roll call (which I did not attend), went up to the darkroom, got Freds tank, and had a go at developing various films of Freds, and finished very late - 1818, with prep starting at 1820.

Did little in prep, but got on with the physics.

Thursday, 5 November 1964 KCT Images for 5 November 1964
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Only a bill from Boots in Newton Abbot today, and I felt rather depressed anyway, so it was not a very good start.

After breakfast, up to the darkroom, and got all of our stuff out of the place, and down to the common room.

Aston had apparently noticed Mr Fawcett's clarinet, and, not surprisingly, it intrigued him. Nevertheless, the fellow is a bit of a nuisance.

First period was Deutsch, and Skiv kept walking in and out and all over the place, and gave us a fair amount of prep to do, which I did not think much of, apart from the sentences, which were rather bastards.

Then maths, and went over any difficulties with friction, and then Jimmy got talking about the problem of forces as applied to rigid bodies, and such things as couples (always makes me think of marriage, try as I might not to.)

Examined some photographic pamphlets in divvers, while Daddy Death read out some article from the Observer about the authorship of St Lukes epistles. He wondered why many were uninterested. What does it matter who wrote the epistle to the Hebrews?

After break, chemistry, in which I got on a bit with the osmosis essay. Carried on in the study period after that, and then had a go at improving my knowledge of Jawi. I am getting on, anyway.

After lunch, wind band practice, and Aston wanted me to bring Mr Facwetts clarinet. When I got there, one of the pads had fallen out, and so I had to go back and get the other clarinet. Solo seems to be too much for Ruscoe. he is now playing the lower line when we divide. In effect, that makes me the leader of the wind band, although Ruscoe would not admit it.

After that, turned up for pioneers, but did hardly any work, and then knocked off early, and to write up my diary. Found it in Cooksons scob, and various pages had small slips of paper in them, round the easter holidays. I wrote a few comments on them, wrote up for yesterday, and replaced it in Cooksons scob. Was not as amusing as I thought when he discovered it, however. Also had a quick go at doing Evans 40Lines, and got just less than half way.

Then on with more maths, and I was expecting Jimmy to give us a note on the whatever it was that we did this morning, but we have already done it about 18 months ago in physics, and so he left it to us to work out.

English, and Boris was in a predicament with only one lot of lights in the room working, but we got by.

Finished Evans 40 lines at 2115 - close shave, if ever there was one.

Friday, 6 November 1964 KCT
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Not much of interest happened today - once again we settle into the sludge that is school routine, and I wish to God I could get out of it - Cookson does not help. He is always hanging about, and never doing anything. As a result, he wastes not only his own time, but also mine. Today had a go at Mr Fawcetts clarinet before assembly, which is getting on quite well. However, it is very difficult over the break. Must be made for the narrower fingers of people 150 years ago.

History again with Timothy George - I reckon all this balls about him being a good history teacher is a load of bullshit. He seems to be absolutely useless. Told us to read chap. 5 or revise 3 and it. Ever game, I went on. Now into Russia.

Revised a bit more Jawi script in my study period. One of these days I might even be able to write it.

Then chemistry, and Clod seemed disappointed that I had not yet finished my essay, for he wanted me to mess around with some Cu₂Fe(CN)₆, but I did finish in the middle of the period, and spent rest of the time reading colour photography.

After break, got on with the Cu₂Fe(CN)₆ stuff, and a bit of fun it was too, watching the precipitates going up and down, and eventually becoming isotonic and staying where they were put.

Then maths, and did not much, but on with the forces in rigid bodies, and so on.

Then, after lunch, orchestra practice, and had quite a bit of fun, as it was more or less a dress rehearsal. I do not seem to be too popular yet - I wonder how it will develop. However, as it was we went on for a very long time, and did not finish until well after 1510 hrs, and, as I had observed that Drax was not turning up this afternoon, nor did I, but went to the common room, and wrote up for yesterday. I really must get more up to date.

After that, wrote a quick note to Mum and Dad, to tell them that I was still alive after their (fairly desperate) request to know what was going on received yesterday at lunch.

Then again at the clarinet. My lips are in shreds, but I carry on regardless.

After tea, which I did not attend, had English, and the lights are now back on again, and carried on with Othello, but 'tis not very interesting.

Then Deutsch, and I am getting a bit fed up with our friend Herrn Schmitt. He gave us quite a stinker of a prep, which I may not do.

Choir practice tends to completely disrupt prep.

Saturday, 7 November 1964 KCT
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Recorder and Music Magazine arrived today, but as yet have not had enough time to read it.

After breakfast, thanks to Cookson, once again did little. It really demands some type of change. Perhaps I should change my company.

As, for some reason, Jimmy James has recently had an operation, we did not have woodwork, but had to join up with TDH and his music, and ended up sitting next to Cookson, chewing peppermints and listening to Le Nozze de Figaro, Act 3, and I did not remember it very wel, although such things as “Dove Sono” are unforgettable.

Then chemistry, and had a bit more fun with our beakerfuls of Cu₂Fe(CN)₆. However, there were too many people at it, and it was a bit crowded. Gave up, and read colour photography. Negatives seem to be dead easy from the description in the book.

After break, had physics, and it seems that 2 fellows managed to get the one about air friction out, damn their eyes. Poop spent the whole period going over the prep, and it accordingly did not last too long.

Was not the only fellow who found the maths prep a stinker - nearly everybody did, so my reputation was saved.

After lunch, did little before being a good pioneer, and going to change. Arrived early, and after 5 minutes of waiting, went in, looked at the board, and discovered that we should have been watching the match. Changed, went back to the school, bought some food, down to the rugger pitch, and Gautam promptly got at me and asked why I had been spreading all this scandal about Mali etc, and seemed quite upset about it, although I think that, had Mali heard how his reputation was spreading, he would have been quite pleased. Nevertheless promised not to say any more to anybody about the subject.

I no longer recall what this was about, but it may have been related to the Easter holidays 1964.

Match finished quite late, and as a result once again did not go to tea, but got my photographic gear out for after roll call, when I went up to the darkroom, where Hallett was already waiting, and got down to loading my tank, but got into a hell of a mess with Fred's tank, and ended up doing it in my own, with the result that Hallett's FP3 had to wait. Then Cookson arrived, not with a cassette of 20 Isopan IFF, but with 1,8 metres of Pan F, which I then had to load into a cassette, at great cost to personal relations, but finally managed.

Music club concert after supper, and did rather better than at the 1800hrs rehearsal. My reeds cooperated for once. Bassoon attracted quite a bit of attention. Male voice choir very popular - first ever encore I have witnessed in this school.

Sunday, 8 November 1964 KCT
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Very welcome sleep-in this morning, but up finally, and into the darkroom, shortly to be joined by Cookson, who helped me, or supposedly so, to get the place into some semblance of order after last night. Before long, however, the bell went, and we down to the dining room.

Up again after breakfast, and were joined by a couple of other fellows, notably Harris, who cancelled the booking of the room after chapel, and let me have it, on the condition that I did a film for him. Also said he would give me some fixer, as Cookson had thrown the last lot out last night, although not my Amfix.

Thus 'twas arranged, and then out to make my bed, and back in and had time to make a couple of prints before chapel, although we used Unitol and Universal in the ratio of 2,5:1,5 as developer, and pure hypo (on the shelf) for fixer.

Then chapel, which, as it was a remembrance service, started 15 minutes earlier than usual, and was a bit of a bind. However, gives us a chance to sing a few hymns we knew well, notably the Russian Contakion for the departed and also the National Anthem, to which Cookson said later, and before, that he objected violently.

This was anti-British sentiment to which I agreed up to a point, but after all, we were in England.

Then various things in the War Memorial Quadrangle, and up to the darkroom, and by this time Jacob had also got some stuff for me to do for him, so I had 2 films to do. Bray was also there, but used his own tank (an old Johnsons affair), so that caused no trouble. Ended up by developing, between us, about 5 films - over this weekend the darkroom got progressively messier and messier, and my stuff was up there all the time.

After lunch, up again for a short time, but had to go for a walk and got a couple of shots of a lesbian cow.

Back again, too late for tea, and then a film, “Byebye Birdie”, which was optional after the first reel, and so I walked out at this point - it was not much good anyway - and also came out Cookson, and we did some of my prints up in the darkroom, and got going quite fast, were it not for the time that Cookson usually takes to do all his stuff. However, I did all I wanted to do, and then he had a go at some of his bird - she really is a bit of a bag, but he was most insulted when I told him so.

Then, after supper and chapel, along to room 24 to fix up Tysons loudspeaker for him, and he had not left out an adapter for me. Finally did it, and then up to the darkroom, where I developed some more prints for Cookson.

Monday, 9 November 1964 KCT
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Quite a few letters this morning - from Mum, Pithya, and María, the last of whose affections seem to have cooled off somewhat. However, it may be, and probably is, my imagination.

Up to the darkroom after lunch [sic] to get all my stuff out, and people were complaining about my wetting agent. Had another go on Harris' film, and left it to drop without squeegeeing it. I think that is the secret. Also made up a stock solution for washing films in.

Then, after assembly, double study period, in which I tried to persuade Lennox that he had got his calculations wrapped round his balls, though I was not as successful as I would have liked to have been. Then on to malay script, and I think I am gradually getting the better of it - I can now make out the odd word here and there.

Then physics, and Vodden did not criticise me too badly, and then put us on to the friction belt experiment - “You could do with some excercise”. Made a complete balls up of it before break, and had to repair the apparatus with Messy's soldering iron - ponderous instrument.

My own soldering iron of the day was a monster. Hessey's must have been enormous.

Then the thing was in the sun, so the temperature was going up anyway. Finally got it more or less right, but we are miles out. Argument on how close we should fiddle it.

After lunch, to the library to write up for yesterday, and spent most of rest in it and got up to date.

Then back to the common room, put away my diary, and went down in the general direction of the Q Stores, and was waylaid on the way by Sarge, who told me that Norman was still in the san, and could I help Green with his locks, and so once again I did not turn up at the Q stores. I think that Tebbot is getting a bit fed up with me not turning up. In any case, when he himself turned up, he told Green to make sure I worked hard, but a top priority job came up a little later, and we had to surrender the stamper and numbers to the Q stores.

Then tried to work out some way of fiddling it so that we had Chivers looking for some non-existent pamphlet. Knocked off for tea before we got the stamper back. Saw Clod during tea, and arranged about getting photographic chemicals from the school.

Then back to the orderly room, and did no work at all, but did get Green to write a few names down for the new locks, and actually issued one.

Then wrote a couple of letters, and had a bit of a laugh in the library. Tried to give up Russian, but Tyson would not let me.

Tuesday, 10 November 1964 KCT
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No mail this morning, and just wasted my time hoping. My paper becomes an invaluable companion at such times.

Then, after breakfast, had once again no time for anything. Cheung was still in bed when we came up. The fact that we have to make our beds is a bit of a nuisance, as it wastes just sufficient time to leave to little time to do anything before assembly, and yet too much time to do nothing.

Double chemistry first, and Clod came in jubilant, and hoping that we now knew enough about osmosis to be able to do some maths on the subject, and some maths we did do, and I had quite a bit of fun with it, and finished long before we had any time to do anything else, and waited most of the remainder of the period reading an organic chemistry book.

History test, and it took up the whole period. For once, Shitters seemed to be satisfied with the standard of the work - even I did well, without having done any prep.

After break, maths, and got some work back, with a comment about my decimal points. He can't do that to me. I will do it if I feel like it, and when I feel like it.

Round about this time I started writing decimal numbers with commas instead of points: 3,14 instead of 3·14.

Then deutsch, and Herr Schmitt had a bit to say about the standard of our work, and also some threats.

Wrote up my diary after lunch, and then along to a clarinet lesson, and took only Mr Fawcetts ancient model 13 Keyed along. As I expected, Mr White was surprised, but nevertheless interested, so I had no need to go and get my other one, and we spent the whole period messing around with that one, and a bit of a mess it was, too, for one does find it decidedly difficult to play, especially when the question of sliding the little fingers comes in.

Then off to a haircut, and the fellow did not too bad a job in record time - at a guess, I would say not more than 5 minutes. Far cry from the ¾ hour at Robinsons in K.L., but they did a better job.

Then in, and did little of interest before tea, an then into tea, and after that Physics, and Poop was almost on time. Had already replaced Chivers “Liza” in the library, and got out “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostievsky, which might be good reading were it not 800 pages over long.

Physics was not much cop, and we did move on, but at a painfully slow rate, and got onto work done by yaces [?], etc, by the end. Then to music, took a few notes, and then had some more aural tests, at which I did not excel.

Wednesday, 11 November 1964 KCT
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Letters from Phithya and Boots this morning - the former to modify my plans to suit his requirements, and the latter to send me a roll of Fujicolor, which no firm in this country will process. Shall have to shove it through Ektachrome chemicals.

Had a go at tidying up my scob after breakfast, an attempt that was not completely unsuccessful, though I have not finished yet, but at least a deluge of books does not fall out every time I open the door, and the door shuts without being held there by an armchair.

Maths first, and it seems I forgot to do my prep, but got away by doing it in the lesson while Jimmy was going over it.

Then double study, the first half of which I again had to myself, and spent it reading photographic magazines. As usual, the only person to enter was Vern, who went as far as to say “Good morning”.

Then in 2nd study period was shoved all round the place - I shall have to watch out where to go at this point next week. Spent most of it trying to read “The Brothers Karamazov”, but could not concentrate.

Deutsch after break, and Skiv gave us an oral vocab test, which did not go at all badly, and then gave us a lousy prep.

P.E. was team circuit training. Was with Cookson, Robinson, and Lennox. Small wonder we came last.

After lunch, choir practice, and at last we have been given some music for the carol service, even if it is only a little. Still, we should know most of it.

Then up to the darkroom and started developing a couple of films, but before I could get them finished, Miss Crockett came in with some visitors, and then Messey wanted the room, as always, which is a bit of a nuisance.

In fact it was his room, adjacent to the physics labs.

Nevertheless, got on, and managed to develop my film and then left them in the care of their owners, and went for a bassoon lesson.

Bassoon lesson was a bit of a farce, and spent a good deal of time on my chinese flute, and Mr Fawcett gave me a bit of goldbeaters skin to put over the hole to give it the tone quality. It sounds quite good now.

Then down to the dentists, and got an appointment in 2½ weeks time, on a Monday, which will not help much. However, let it be. Checked on the price of Promicrol - 4/6 a tin, and could not quite afford it. Bought some KMnO₄ and H₂CrO₄, and then up to the darkroom, and had a go at a reversal print. Lousy print, but it came out.

Thursday, 12 November 1964 KCT
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If I expect to get any more letters this term, it is about time I wrote a few letters myself. I hate to think what Jan and Linda are thinking about me by now. Whatever it is, I doubt it is very nice.

After breakfast, did not immediately go up to the darkroom, but eventually did. Cheung was not too pleased with the fact that I got up at 0700 hrs this morning to write up my diary, and threatened to punish me next time I did thus.

Deutsch first, with Skiv, and did little constructive work - just went over the sentences we had the other day, and I did not do too badly, although I could have done better.

Then maths, and for one horrible moment Kenney had me thinking that I had once again missed a prep, but in fact we had had none to do, and all was well.

In divvers, for some reason, Daddy Death did not turn up, and I spent my time talking to Cheung iii about Malay and Chinese culture.

By some fiddle or another, managed to squeeze a pie out of Cheung iv in break. Bought 7 in all - Mrs Smith was no little bit suspicious.

After that chemistry, and then study, and did not do much in either period.

After lunch, did very little in wind band - we are making an almost pleasant noise now, and are just brushing up.

Turned up for pioneers relatively early, and they were laying flagstones, and the job had its complications as well.

However, eventually Drax got tired of Cox talking about his relays, and we all knocked off. Into the common room, but had very little to do, and loitered around generally.

Then to tea, and there did little, and back to the common room, and thence to maths again, and took some notes, which occupied most of the period, without really meaning much. I am tired of mechanics, and wish I could get back into pure maths again. It is much more fun, and, in my opinion, easier.

Got our essays back in English, and then on with Othello.

In prep, ran out of ink, and Leigh would not let me fill my pen. Sat there tapping on a pad, and worked out Fairweathers prep in my head. Must have tapped 8000 times by the end of prep, but eventually got my penfilled, and sat all through 2nd prep reading “Teach yourself Malay”, and trying out my Jawi script.

Clean sheets, wasted all time in dormitory.

Friday, 13 November 1964 KCT
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Not a particularly unlucky day, despite the date. No mail, as usual, and did very little after breakfast, which time is utterly wasted lately.

First period was history, but Benjy had got me to write down for him a list of all the people, what [sic] weren't going to see their parents in the Christmas holidays. As a result, I came in quite late, and Shitters was not there, and stayed away quite a time, which is unusual for him. He is usually there all the time, and this was, by contrast, quite a relief. He did, eventually, come in, and gave us a title for notes, which had to be done by Tuesday.

Then a study period, and did not do much, but carried on with my Jawi learning, and this seems to be getting a lot better, but I still think that Rumi is more logical for the malay language.

In particular, Malay uses many vowels, while Jawi only has three.

Then chemistry, and the SciLVI seemed to have been having a whale of a time, and Weller was being treated by Clod for some neck injury or another. However, none of this for us, and we had to carry on with about 5 more equations in elevation of the boiling point, depression of the freezing points, etc, and did not get them finished until after break, when Clod turned up the latest he has ever yet done - after the bell [for end of class] had gone! Set us a prep, and then to maths, where Jimmy went on with problems about 2 rigid bodies. O, to get back to good old pure maths again!

After lunch, for some reason best known to TDH, there was no orchestra practice, but then some of us were called along to room 26 to supply music for the play - “12th night”, and it seems that we are going to be lowered down into the orchestra pit. At various points I will be playing clarinet, bassoon and recorder, if I can get the bassoon into tune. Then had a practice at some stuff for the music festival with Parsifal, and we decided on an movement by Hotteterre for the ensemble class.

Then into the common room, and finally got round to getting some very long overdue letters off to Jan and Linda, and apologised profusely therefor.

After tea, english, and on with Othello, which is now becoming highly lewd, etc, and in truth, rather interesting. The bell went at the end of an act, and the next one seems even lewder than the last, if the beginning is any guide.

Then deutsch, with Herrn Schmitt, and, fortunately, he did not examine our notebooks, but just gave a Diktat. I did not do as well as usual.

No choir practice. Prep was dead boring.

Saturday, 14 November 1964 KCT
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Letter from Ahmad this morning, enclosing photos taken at his place last holidays, with various pertinent comments written on the back.

Then, after breakfast, looked about desperately for TDH to get permission to spend the double music period doing some music practice, and did not find him until after assembly. However, the fact that we had a general argument with Cookson last night made him kick me out of his scob and I had a couple of offers of storage room, and eventually decided to put it into Green's scob, and tried to do this in first period, but Bott objected violently, and I had to leave it on the table. Then found Parsifal, and we did some practice for the music festival, and then Parsifal along to next lesson. I back to the common room, and was told by Pook to get all my stuff off the table, so that simplified that. Polished up my flute, which has been sadly in need thereof, and then carried on practicing by myself.

3rd period was chemistry, and did very little there, and all I did was to get one thing out to Clods assumed delight.

Physics after break, and we got on even further into the structure of the molecule, and it is becoming quite interesting, although I feel it would help if I read up a bit on it.

Maths, and a test, in which I did not do too well.

After lunch, into the library, and to write up for yesterday, and then got into a conversation thereover with Wallis, with the result that I was rather late for pioneers, but yet the earliest for a long time, and it looked most strenuous work - making flagstones lie flat, and it was absolute murder in this cold weather, but I managed to get about one approximately right, and Drax reckoned I was doing an excellent job. I strongly disagreed.

Eventually gave up in utter disgust, and left it to Brunt to carry on with. Knocked off quite late for a Saturday, and then it started pouring with rain.

After roll call, as I had arranged with Cheung Kin Tak, I went up to the darkroom, with the intention of developing a film of Russels, but did not get round to it. However, we made some quite good prints from some of Cheungs negatives. Had another couple of goes to make a decent reversal print, but once again came out spotty and soft. Will obviously have to develop for a much longer time next time.

After supper, no darkroom booking, and I was entirely at a loose end. Went to the wireless club, and then to the music rooms, and did some music practice there.

Sunday, 15 November 1964 KCT
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Owing to some unusual vigour that has once again got hold of me, I was up with the bell this morning, and thence downstairs to the common room, and was, as of old, the first down there. Weather was wonderful, the sort of day that makes one feel glad to be alive, and all seemed well.

After breakfast, having discovered something wrong with our methods in Ektachrome, as far as darkroom bookings went, I went along and tried to persuade Harris to let me have his booking, and was at least partially successful, although I could have been more so. Then into see Macrae, and got 15ft of film from him, and was about to label the cassettes accordingly (FP3 series 2), when Skiv came in about my report, and amongst other things, told me that I had accosted Cox ii RDG on the Stoke road some time this term. 'Twas the first I had heard of it. Nearly late for robing up, as a result of my talking-to. Chapel itself was not bad, but it is a bit tough for people on Cantoris at this time of the year, with the sun shining through the opposite window, and one can hardly see ones hymnal.

After chapel, up to the darkroom, and loaded 20ft of film into cassettes, together with a great deal more cursing and swearing, but I think I have perfected the method now, All that is required is application of the same. Developed 2 films - 1 for Rollinson, which turned out to have some naked women on it, and one for Tim [?], not quite so interesting.

After lunch, hung round school, and took a couple of photos of various parts thereof, and then along for a walk, without Parsifal, and then took a few more photos, and met up with Morley and Clarke on the way back.

Did a bit of clarinet practice at popular request, and then in to tea, after which back to the common room, and started reading a newspaper with something about under-25 morality in it. Rather depressing.

After roll call, Green came up to me, and told him that Cookson was bribing him to kick me out of his scob. Bit of a laugh.

After that, at a loose end, and wandered all over the place, and ended up in the darkroom. Persuaded Walker to let me make a print of one of Rollinsons birds, which did not come out too badly.

Cookson paid back his debts after supper, and I bought some more paper. Finished off Ektachrome in dormitory.

Monday, 16 November 1964 KCT
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Letter from Jan this morning, and she tells me that she will be coming to KCT for the music festival tomorrow, exactly an hour before I am on with my bassoon. Should be fun. Also a note from her sister to Howard, which I told him after assembly - something about the fact that she would be playing the clarinet in the sonata class tomorrow, and that she hoped he would be able to see her then.

This is the first mention of Sue Peters, with whom I later became quite friendly.

After assembly, etc, back to the common room, and discovered I had absolutely no work to do, and so got into a conversation with Green about whether he would accept Cooksons bribe, but before too long Bott shut us up, and I spent the rest of the period reading German poetry.

Went to the fort between study periods, and Bott did not believe me when I came back. That fellow is getting too big for his boots, apart from being a damned nuisance at times.

After that, and, although I turned up very early, we did not get started until quite late, and I hardly feel it is worth turning up early, as a result.

After break, carried on, and I took a few photos of the apparatus, and then discovered my camera was not winding properly. Rewound the film into the casette, and did not get a chance to get it out, so had to do it in my coat sleeve - don't think I fogged it.

After lunch, to the library, and there met Rollinson, and got into a conversation about taking photos of the carol service, and he is going to see the Weed about it tonight - wants to use HS Ektachrome type B, and I am prepared to develop it up to 250 ASA for him, although I was wondering if it would not do better developed as a negative.

High Speed Ektachrome had a rating of 160 ASA (23° DIN), but when processed with the C-22 chemicals, there were claims of speeds of up to 1,250 ASA/32° DIN.

Then down to the Q stores, and was made to do all the hard work, which was not really hard, but the others just sat around and did nothing. I am not too sure of Tebbots fairness. However, he did let me out at 1545, and I did not have to come back after tea, so it was not really all that bad.

After tea, I went into one of the music rooms, and discovered that Parsifal had pinched one of my things of music, and I could not find the fellow - he was in conference with Mansell, and this was the reason. As a result, went back and did some bassoon practice until 5·45 1715, and then along to a special choir practice, which lasted about ½ an hour, and then I discovered what Parsifal had done with the music, and spent the time until the wind band practice, which did not go too badly.

Then had an orchestra practice, and this took up all prep. 2nd prep found me practicing bassoon in room 26.

Tuesday, 17 November 1964 KCT
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Once again, the music festival is really with us. I always find it a useful diversion towards the end of November - or in the middle thereof, as it is this year.

After breakfast, decided that my time would not be wasted doing some music practice, and this I did.

After assembly, discovered that I had to go in for 20 minutes of chemistry, and had to go and get my books. Clod turned up on time, too. However, was out fairly soon, and tuning up for the wind band and then along came the Adjudicator, Dr. Sidney Northcote, whom TDH had described last night as being “about 90 years old”. In point of fact, he is probably about 55.

In fact, Sidney Northcote would have been about 80, but he had also been dead for 14 years. The adjudicator was doubtless Sydney Northcote, who was about 67 at the time, and one of the few people I know of who had the term “adjudicator” in their CV.

Wind band came 2nd to Queens, and thus bottom, as we were the only 2 competitors.

Jan entered about ½ an hour later, and I recognized her immediately, although she is even smaller than I had expected her to be. However I felt that I had known her for quite some time, and it was hardly a first meeting.

She did not do too well on her violin solo - came bottom in her class, but I did the same on the bassoon, and got a considerably lower mark - did not even get a certificate of merit.

After lunch, back into Big School, and there prepared for the orchestra class. I personally thought we did very well, but once again Queens beat us. However, we had Minehead Grammar to set us a good bottom place.

Then in for a clarinet lesson, only about 10 minutes late. Mr White has still not seen Mr Lawton about my flute - the fellow never seems to be there any more.

Then back to the music festival, and got down to writing up for yesterday, and then concentrated on the music until about 1600 hrs, and then gradually into tea.

After tea, did not have much to do, and actually turned up for physics early, but spent some time talking about Ektachrome, etc, and about getting the Weeds permission to miss the film. May well get it.

Physics was deathly boring - why we cannot have 2 single periods, I do not know, but a double period really is too much.

After physics, along with my flute to room 26 to go over my piece with TDH, whose comment was “Almost as good as Peyton-Jones”. Not too encouraging.

Spent most of the rest of 1st prep in the inside music room talking to Hugo about the festival.

Wednesday, 18 November 1964 KCT
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No mail again this morning. And, for once, it is not my fault. They are obviously giving me the treatment to see how I like it.

Before assembly, along to room 26 to see TDH about what we were doing this morning, and then with Fred Gundry to the front hall, where we met quite a few unusual types, coming with requests to convey their music to Corfield hall for them. Eventually, TDH came with his car, we piled in, and were soon at Corfield Hall, which is a bit of a dump, and got out all the stuff from the boot of the car. The first class was nearly all from KCT, and I did not do at all well. Met Susan Peters, who is quite a nice bird, and closer to my age than Jan, and had a bit of a talk with her. She got 84, I only got 79, so still no certificate.

Then on with the Blockflöten stuff, and we did not do at all badly, and got 85 for it. The adjudicators remarks, I thought, showed up his poor knowledge of the instruments, and had he played it, I feel we would have got a much higher mark.

Not much happened after that - said goodbye to Sue, who had been in the St. Audries Trio in the same class, and went back to school, and promptly settled down in the music room, and played my recorder bit for tomorrow, and wondered if I would get done for not getting an exeat this morning.

Choir practice after lunch, and did a bit of work on the thing for Friday, and then on with the Christmas carols, and carried on for quite some time.

Then got my photographic equipment out, and up to the darkroom, and got going onto May's film, and did it in the Club tank, which leaks distressingly. I hope it does not do too badly with the Ektachrome on Sunday. I think it should do all right, though.

Bassoon lesson, although I did not feel much like it after yesterdays flop with the same instrument. However, out of common courtesy, turned up, and then along down to town with him in his car, and along to Grays, who said that they could not send parcels, and so Ahmad will have to wait - or I will ask Dad to get it for him.

No idea what this is about. There's nothing in his last letter that relates.

Got some literature on the Pentax.

Then to the library, got some books, and out again, and back to the school, and there sat until prep reading about all the advantages of the Pentax.

First prep was pretty deadly, and spent most of my time trying to do the lousy prep that Poop set us.

Did a lot more recorder practice in 2nd prep.

Thursday, 19 November 1964 KCT
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2 letters this morning - one each from Mum & Dad, and both pretty full of information. This really is a treat. Mum is seriously considering the purchase of a place near Bath at Castle Cary, called South Cary House.

In fact, Castle Cary is over 40 km from Bath.

About as large as Netherton, but only 2 acres of grounds. She wants me to go up there some time and look it over, and take some photos of it to show her what it is like. She suggests a Saturday, but a Sunday would, I feel, be a better day, and that will not be possible until 6/XII/1964.

After breakfast, assembly, etc, had Deutsch, and it seems that while I had been at the music festival, they had a go at the passive voice, in which they did not do particularly well. Made me do some of it.

Maths, and I feel that I have not missed much - one lesson hardly seems to matter, yet 2 or 3 could be absolutely impossible to catch up on.

Divvers, and more to do with the Pauline epistles. I read again my literature on the Asahi Pentax.

After break, chemistry, and Clod decided that we should get on to the next chapter, and finally it is getting a little easier, although he says it is getting harder.

Study period, which I spent practicing for the music festival. After lunch, decided, against my better judgement, to walk to Corfield hall with Parsifal, and for once he did not move much too fast.

The actual performance was not too bad - I quite enjoyed myself, and got 85%, and Parsifal got 87. However, he does not understand the instrument, I am sure, or we would have got higher marks.

“He” here must refer to the adjudicator.

Listened to a couple of recorder groups, none of which were particularly good, and then a couple of birds [girls] choirs, and then back to school, and wrote up for yesterday.

After tea, english, and quite interesting work it was too. Othello becomes more bloody, gory, sexy, and thereto interesting. However I think it is just about all over now.

Also maths, and much the same as this morning. I would be happy with a few more examples of this sort of thing.

Prep, and for the first time for quite some time, I did the whole time in the JCR [Junior Common Room]. Wrote a letter to Mum & Dad in Deutsch, so that I would not get caught.

Friday, 20 November 1964 KCT
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Another letter from Jan today, and she wants to know whether I am going to go and hear the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. I suppose I shall have to after all. I could hardly turn up a chance like that. In any case, after breakfast I went along to the music notice board and once again appended my name on the list of those desirous thereof.

In history, I had not done my history notes, and as a result had a heated argument with Shitters on whether I should go into returned work or choir practice after lunch today.

In study period tried desperately to find out from various sources how to do the physics, and Atkinson was rather helpful, but it took up all the study period anyway, and I did not finish.

Then chemistry, and did not do at all much there. Clod always intends us to read, I think, but something always goes wrong, and he ends up talking - when he does come in.

In maths, warning of a test from Jimmy. I hope I know it - won't have any time to revise.

After lunch, TDH was quite adamant that I should go to the choir practice, and so I decided that I might, especially as he promised to tell Shitters off for me.

After that, went to get a block exeat, and over to Gatcombe to get Skiv to sign it, and as a result turned up for pioneers quite late - I think Drax is getting a bit annoyed therewith.

After knocking off from pioneers, back to the common room and wrote up for yesterday. I am, as usual, too far behind.

English after tea, and we finished off “Othello”, and I felt that the end was a bit of an anticlimax. However, thus it is. Deutsch after that - just a Diktat.

Left prep after 5 minutes for makan, and after chapel along to the Bishop Fox place, and there met Sue Peters again. I know her better by sight than I do Jan. Told me what Jan told me in this mornings letter. Choir got 90 (top). Madrigals 87 and 90, and Male voice choir 89 and 92 for Daniel Jazz!

Saturday, 21 November 1964 KCT
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Today started off rather usually, without any main, and would have, but for the music festival, carried on rather thus.

After assembly, checked with TDH that music was, in fact, in Big School, and then went in, and saw Cynthia who, with her lot, seated herself in front of me. Cookson is now friends with me again, and, at Cynthias request, I asked him to go and get some photos of her, and this he did. As usual, Cynthia did not think much of them at first, but when I asked her later, she was delighted.

She did not do all that magnificently at her piano duet (Playing 1a), but I managed to get 3 more photos of her while she was at it. God knows they are difficult enough to get.

Then chemistry, as a sort of anticlimax, and Clod got a bit annoyed with me for talking to Hallet. However, he did not do much about it, and was soon, after a couple of warnings, out again, and this time we were silent.

After break, physics, and Poop was in such a hurry to get on with it that he forgot our problems. Thank God.

Maths was a test, in which, perhaps not surprisingly, I did lousily. I shall have to review my statics some time.

After lunch, wrote up for yesterday and got the block exeat for tonight, and then went and changed for pioneers. I will obviously have to look more carefully at the board in future, for there was nobody else, and Drax suggested that we watched the match. Changed, and into Big School to watch the music festival.

Left at 1545 hrs and along to the wireless club to do something about the head porters radio.

... which apparently had been out of action for nearly 6 months.

After roll call, along to Mountfields, and then back again, and demonstrated to Gautam on a film of Kennys how to develop the same. Cookson soon entered with a tin of Promicrol, and the stuff is different from the stuff I got in Malaysia, but it is a change for the better. Made it up, and then to supper.

At Bishop Fox's, saw Sue Peters yet again, and then got quite a few photos of some of the better acts, with available light - quite a bit of the same - 1/50 at f/3.5 for most scenes.

I wonder why. I could have sworn that the camera had a 45 mm f/2.8 lens.

Male Voice choir was quite a hit. She asked me for my scarf - have I another in the bag? Callow, according to bet, pinned a rubber johnny [condom] on one of the notice boards.

Sunday, 22 November 1964 KCT Images for 22 November 1964
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Up with the bell this morning, and into the darkroom, where I found Tim making a print. Got a few things up, and then out again.

After breakfast, went up, with Pond, and discovered Walker had assumed the bookings, and so got the Ektachrome chemicals, and mixed them in the main physics labs [next door], and noted various characteristics, such as flourescent colour developer, etc.

After chapel up, and after kicking various people out, loaded a film into my tank, and tried, more or less in vain, to make up the first developer at the right temperature, and eventually got it done.

We had intended to develop 2 films at a time, but for the first one we found one film at a time quite enough, what with the iniquities of water baths, etc.

The issue was almost certainly temperature control. From memory it had to be 75°F (23.89°C) within very tight controls. Room temperature would have been significantly below 20°.

Then the film came out of the spiral, and I in my characteristic pessimistic way, thought it the end of the world, especially as the spiral would not reload. However, we got it done, and it came out very well indeed, and thus my mood changed entirely in about an hour. Was I delighted!

After lunch, table cleared, and up there straight again, and loaded the American Ektachrome, having borrowed a bottle-opener from Chopping.

This must have been to open the cassette. The cassettes we got in England were re-usable, but others, presumably including this one, were so tightly closed that the ends had to be destroyed to open them.

Then got down to it, and this time did get 2 films done at a time, using my method of starting one after the other had been going for 15 minutes, and it worked out quite well. Also, being less worried about the precision, we managed to observe the effect of each stage, and how the bleach turned the whole thing blue. Apart from a bit of camera trouble, my 2nd one also came out perfectly.

Having obtained the Weed's permission to miss the film, up and did the Fujicolor, and also Brays Ektachrome, but the latter either did not have the right dye couplers, or none at all, but at any rate, it was a bit of a flop.

The “latter” was almost certainly the former, the Fujicolor. From my recollection it was completely blank after bleaching. The “none at all” were a consideration that maybe it was like Kodachrome. I never found out what it was, and there's no relevant reference on the web, but I don't understand why the owner didn't send it to Japan for processing.

Then set to mounting the 35mm ones (mine) [in slide mounts] and mounted a total of 62, and it was not nearly so difficult as I had expected.

Cleaned up afterwards, much to the disappointment of the people who were there. Gawd! What a mess!

Monday, 23 November 1964 KCT - Weſton ſuper Mare - KCT Images for 23 November 1964
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Letter from Jan this morning, as I had expected, and she has heard that Sue asked me for my scarf, and she wants my tie. I suppose she thinks I have privelige, and wants one of the blue and white type. I shall obviously have to buy one.

After breakfast, into the darkroom to get some of my stuff out, and discovered that the mob who were in last night did not put their stuff away. I left it as it was. Also a bit of water still on the floor, but left that, as there was not much.

As usual in Monday morning study periods, I did very little work. At least this year Mondays are not too bad, with only 3 periods. I must work out some way to get away with writing diary, letters, etc, in study periods. Going to the library might help.

Up to physics, and discovered that Lennox was in the san, and had to do my experiment by myself. It is taking longer every day to get out things corrected [or connected?] - not until after the bell went today.

Optical lever is a hell of an experiment, especially to do my oneself, and I got all sorts of trouble - about half a gallon of water blocking up the tube. The whole apparatus reminds me rather of a hookah.

After lunch, wrote a letter to María, and asked of her why I had not had a letter from her for such a period of time, and told her that the photos had come out, etc. Then down to the Q stores, and, much to my surprise, found that all were very busy tidying up the Q stores, as Shitters was shortly to inspect the place. I shall have to see Mansell about getting out of the Q stores on grounds of health - allergy to dust, etc.

Shitters was in, as promised, on the dot of 1530 hrs, and spent exactly 15 minutes inspecting, and then out again, and we knocked off for the rest of the day.

After tea, I had meant to write a letter, but had no stamps, and as a result spent it instead looking of at photos of me and María through Green's viewer. Not too hot as photos but they will do I suppose.

Hobbies prep I spent preparing for the expedition to Weſton, and we left before 1800 hrs.

Got there, and the town hall looked a hell of a dump. However, the food was good, even if they did not like the Daniel Jazz. Got to bed at about 2330.

Tuesday, 24 November 1964 KCT
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Get birthday card for María

This dearth of letters is getting me down. I shall have to write a couple of letters demanding explanation fairly soon. However, as it was, I was far too tired to worry after that very late night last night.

Grabbed Mansell after assembly, and asked for my 'O' level marks. He told me to go to his office at about 1620 this evening.

Chemistry was pretty boring. Since Cloddies blowing us up and telling us how irresponsible we are, the whole form has been so quiet that it is hardly there - I wish it were not, in fact.

After a bit of talking to, and consolation, he was out again, and I was forced to try and keep awake, and do a bit of reading.

In history, Shitters gave me a 1 hr detention for not doing my history notes over the weekend, damn him. Argued like hell, but to no avail.

Presumably I could have done them in the 2 study periods on the previous day.

After break, maths, and, true to his word, Jimmy got back to calculus, which I find very easy. Thank God for small blessings.

Then Deutsch, and it seems that I had not done a 50 [?] page essay on Annette von Droste-Hulshoff. Schmitt gave me the notes, and left me to it.

Wrote up my diary after lunch, but ran out of ink half-way. As a result, had an hell of an argument with Cressy about washing out my pen.

After that, to my clarinet lesson, and discovered my long-lost Otto Langey [tutor] for clarinet, and we spent the whole of the afternoon doing that, although it is, in the main, pretty boring stuff.

Then back, finished off for yesterday, and wrote a letter to Jan about arrangements for the B.S.O

Then to buy a school tie, and to tea, after which down to Mansells office, but he was nowhere to be found, and I went back to look for him. Finally got my results. Did very badly in chemistry - must have detracted for my writing. Did nearly as well in latin as in chem, and did better in odd maths and physics.

Double physics - 1½ hours, and Poop spent the whole time going over our questions, and did not finish them then. It really is a bit slow.

In music, we were all of the same mind - tired. As TDH says, it is OK for one night, but not for 5.

Wednesday, 25 November 1964 KCT
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Get birthday card for María

Still no mail. I must be getting paid back for my own indiscretions of a few weeks back.

Nothing much happened in the monring - I am still as tired as I was yesterday.

Maths first, and on with calculus. I hope we get some way before we change to something else - so far I have not learnt any new calculus. Got onto the formula for differentiation, and left it there.

2nd period, and I was not alone this time. Somehow or another, Priestly had managed to escape from philosophy, and was spending his time doing his Deutsch prep - some piece about Beckett by Carl Meyer, and made heavy weather of it. I spent my time writing up for yesterday, and then read about photography.

3rd period I did little - did not get a chance, with deputies [deputy prefects] all over the place.

After break, deutsch, and Skiv did not come in for a very long time, and when he finally did, we did not do much - got on reading some story or another.

P.E., and yet again we had basketball. It becomes rather monotonous.

Darkroom is out of bounds “owing to persistent misuse” by such people as Griffths.

After lunch, no choir practice. Various speculations on who will be in the shooting team. As I did quite well in the range today and yesterday, they reckon I will get into the junior team.

Then to the darkroom with special permission during games, and tried to make some passport photos for Perryman, and had a hell of a job with the silly easel they have in there. Ended up by getting developer into my fixer, which helped not at all.

Then wrote to various places about film, etc, to see what information I could get about the chemicals, and also increase in speed, etc, with various films.

After roll call, or should I say bassoon lesson, 1 hr detention, and, after a couple of notes on history, did quite a bit about doing things in Promicrol, and discovered I would need some more graph paper to do it justice.

Then back to the common room, where Aston had got me a passable birthday card for María. Good for him.

Read “Der Hund der Baskerville” in prep.

Thursday, 26 November 1964 KCT
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Send birthday card for María

Letter from Jan again this morning, asking a few more questions about what I was doing on Sunday, etc. Also from Grandma Herbert, from whom I have not heard (literally) in years. Enclosed a cheque for £1 sterling for a christmas gift. Very nice of her. And from Ahmad, who somehow had managed to get hold of a typewriter, and sent a couple of songs, and words to “Chinta Pandang Pertama”, and also a thing out of the Malay mail - words for the new National song, “Berjaya”, which is not bad. It seems that Ahmad was one of the thousands at the “Berjaya” rally at Stadium Merdeka, and he seems to have enjoyed it. Thank God so many Malaysians are as loyal as he is.

First period was Deutsch, and we had to do a translation, with the result that Skiv took in my book, and I could not do my thing for Herr Schmitt. Perhaps a blessing in disguise.

Maths, and on with the Calculus, and not much new yet. Just solid plodding.

Divvers, and once again something out of a newspaper. About religion in Russia, which I did not find particularly interesting.

Chemistry after break. Clod apologised to me for the pace at which we are going. Owing to all the 5C [lowest stream in form 5] types, he said.

Wind band after lunch, and on with Oklahoma!, and had quite a bit of fun. It is more or less beginning to make sense. I hope we do it for speech day - it would do well, I feel, especially if we keep at it for that long.

Then turned up for the pioneers. I thought I would be shooting today, but discovered it is tomorrow. I am, however, definitely in the team.

Stanley was helping in the pioneers, and rather an interesting conversation ensued, in which I discovered that Drax's mother started the Kelantan Silverware place. Very interesting. I must tell Mum that.

Back to the common room, etc, and after tea, etc, was supposed to have maths, but instead to hear Dr Matthews 2nd lecture, and quite interesting it was. Did not learn much, but what I did learn is very good and useful. It is all a bit discouraging.

These were sexual education lectures, I think. I can't remember any details.

After that, spent 1st prep practicing for the Shakesperean music, and quite a bit of fun thereto.

In second prep, did little, but after that there was an organized search for the £2 which was stolen from Chaun earlier today. Very late to bed.

Friday, 27 November 1964 KCT
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Send birthday card for María

Letter from Mrs Baudouy this morning, and she enclosed 10/- so that “my creditors would not fall upon me with one accord, and so tear me apart that I would not be able to do any work for the holidays”. I will be able to cancel the debt after my money from Grandma Herbert yesterday.

History first, and Shitters did not even bother to check whether I had done my work in detention or not. However, it was not worth the risk. He started reading a couple of speeches, or extracts therefrom, of Stalin and Khrushchev, to show the difference in thought of the two fellows.

Study period followed, in which I did little, and borrowed a book of Greek myths from Green thereto.

Chemistry was a bit of a balls-up, as Clod had to invigilate in a practical, and so we got a couple of questions to do, and retired thereafter to the Common rooms.

House meeting in Break, no exeats as a result of Chauns loss, and also a blowing up about hooliganism in the Common room.

Flute lesson after a blowing up by matron, and did not have too much fun, and discovered that I had lost my Händel.

Maths, and we are getting to function of functions.

After lunch, another flute lesson, which I spent looking for my Händel, but found it too soon to miss all the lesson.

Then down to the range, and waited a full ¼ hour before the mob before me got out. Then I made an absolute ballsup of my stuff, and made absolutely sure that the house lost the Junior shooting competition.

This appears to be the only sport in which I was ever good enough to represent the house, unfortunately not well.

Then into room 26, and had a bit of practice on the Shakespearean music, and I made just as much of a balls up of that as I did with the shooting. Today was not my lucky day. This carried on until 1600 hrs, and had to miss tea to write up my diary. Then wrote to Jan, but did not have time to say much.

English we spent reading some baroque poetry, which is not bad - appeals to me a baroquer, I suppose. However, the period did tend to drag.

Then Deutsch, and Herr Schmitt blew me up for not doing the Annette essay, and I managed ot make a pretty plausible excuse. Deutsch also dragged.

After supper, choir practice. I think I will make a habit of not going back into prep after Friday choir practice.

Saturday, 28 November 1964 KCT
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No mail worth speaking of this morning, but I hardly felt like it, as I was, as I have been all this week, dead tired. Stuff from Agfa, though.

After breakfast, had a look at the stuff from Agfa. No information about Isopan IFF, which was my main interest.

That lack of information continues. I can't find anything about it on the web. From memory: this would have been Agfa Leverkusen (West Germany), so the marginal markings would have been L IFF. It was a 13° DIN/16 ASA ultra fine grain film, and thus one of the slowest films still on the market. Agfa Wolfen (later ORWO) in East Germany also had a product with the same name, marked W IFF. I've found a reference to it in Google, but it's not very informative.

Definition seems to be very high, etc, but I have not seen comparative figures for Kodak and Ilford films. Did not give prices, either, so I really cannot decide.

Double woodwork first, and as one of the lathes was free, I got the bottom joint into the correct shape, or approximately so. This all took a great length of time, and when I finally removed it from the lathe, it was still too large for the middle joint, so back again, and had a go at tapering it a bit to the top while I was at it, and was not too bad.

After that, chemistry, and we did very little - as usual Clod came in late, and it seems that Jimmy James was after my blood for leaving early. Somehow, Hargrave was not missed. Shows, I suppose, what a valuable fellow I am. However, that made chemistry no more interesting.

After break, physics, and Poop again went over the questions we did about a week ago. Took most of the period. Then on to radiation. Then maths, and Jimmy had corrected the statics test. As I feared, I did lousily.

After lunch, once again the pioneers were to watch the match, and so I got time to write up during rest, and then out and down to the bottom fields, but found it too cold, and so up and did some music practice, and spent most of the outside period thus. Played a lot of the stuff that Ahmad sent me the other day, as I could not get my stuff from the inside music room - the music scholarships were going on.

Then back to the common room, and up to the art room to get my pen from Stanley, and then got down to working out more stuff for Promicrol. I hardly feel it is worth all the trouble, though, when I will probably never use most of the graphs. I shall have to make more practical a thing for calculating.

Then borrowed some school rules, and wrote out Cresseys 40 lines in record time - 20 minutes - on a record amount of paper - 2½ sides.

In the evening, torn between 2 fires, or some such thing, but in the end went to the photographic society film in room 27, and was not too bad.

Sunday, 29 November 1964 KCT
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Advent Sunday

María's birthday   15

Oh! how the hours fly, and especially when, with the advent of not only the season of that name, but also of the cold weather, Green starts having attacks of asthma again in the small hours of the morning, and wakes us up in the process. How can one get sufficient sleep?

After breakfast, there was an immediate orchestra practice, and I was sworn at hundreds of times by TDH for losing the time, etc. However, I found it deathly boring, and had second thoughts about whether it was worthwhile, especially as he will not let me play the recorder in the stuff from the Mulliner book, and it was sometime before I could persuade myself that it was worthwhile.

Carried on then until 1000 hrs, and then chapel, after which we were to return straight to Big School. Chapel was hardly a relief.

To the linen room after to get a decent pair of socks, and then back to big School, where we went over the rest of the stuff to do, and then tried to get me to do my stuff right. Then had a couple of minutes of grace before the dress rehearsal, which I siezed to do my diary - it is rather difficult to find time at times.

The dress rehearsal started at 1230 hrs, and very well it went, with the thing beginning with Parſifal and Power playing, and Bott saying “If music be the food of love, play on”, etc.

After lunch, carried on writing up for yesterday. and also tried to get an exeat for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, and Skiv was not too pleased when I finally found him. However, he did not do much. Down to the BSO almost immediately, and then inside and watched the St. Auds. types pour in. Jan could not, for some reason, see me until the interval. Saw Cynthia also - looking for Peyton-Jones to give him a message.

First half was not bad, but not too hot. Then to see Jan, but she was not very talkative. Before long got on talking to Cynthia, who wants to come to the Carol service, and then to come back to Netherton with us. Should make the homeward journey more interesting, anyway. I was thinking it might be rather boring.

7th Symphony was very good - much better than the first half. Beethoven really showed his personality in that performance.

Looking for enlarging lenses in various magazines after supper - will build one these holidays, I hope.

Monday, 30 November 1964 KCT
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And again no letter from María. Has she then forsaken me, not to care again about me? Truly, she must be of odd passions indeed, that she should so quickly love hotly and then not even bother to answer my letters. Why should it be thus? Perhaps, I hope, it was because she was too busy on her birthday to write. I shall definitely want a reason next week. Perhaps Sister Josephine has been meddling, but that seems unlikely.

Service in honour of St. Andrew, joint patron of the Chapel, after breakfast. These early morning services really are a bit of a farce. However, it effectively got us out of 1st study period. I was at first a very little worried that I might not have time in 2nd period to do my physics, but such proved not to be the case, and we got a very good answer - too good, in fact, for my liking.

Vodden sensed this, but did not say anything to us about it. I shall have to increase the experimental error a little more for next week, on the experiment to find the mechanical equivalent of heat - we ought to have 4,182 × 10⁷ firmly impressed in some part of our minds by now, after all the experiments we have done on it. This time pumped 2A at 3,75 V through a coil for a while, and were finished at ½ time.

In the afternoon, supposedly to corps, but in actual fact the play took precedence thereover, and we spent rest in the pit practicing for the performance this evening. TDH was still not too pleased with me.

Then to Donald, and got an exeat from him for going to the dentist, and then down, and first to the library, where I changed my books for something a little more profitable, and then down and waited for quite a while before I was seen to, and read more about processing Ektachrome. Eventually I was seen to, and once again nothing was supposed to be wrong. I told him of Chiems opinion (23/VIII/1964), but he said that there were no cavities.

Then back, and wrote up for yesterday - every day it is later therein - and then along, where I discovered that we were supposed to be changed into our orchestra uniform. One of these days I shall have to learn to tie a bow tie. At the moment it is beyond me.

Play went off very well indeed - I took 29 exposures, but very long exposures they were, and I expect it will be blurred. To bed at 2300 hrs - Damn these late nights at school I am getting too much/little sleep to get used to it.

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