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July 1964
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Wednesday, 1 July 1964 KCT
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Letter from Liz Hennessy this morning, enclosing a photo which was not all that wonderful, but she explained that her brother took it, which probably explains it.

Her brother went to my school, and I mentioned him from time to time. I remember both of them for their bright red hair.

After that, little time before we had to get into assembly, and after the assembly, Mansell gave us a few exhortations, warning, threats, etc, and kept us in for 10 minutes.

Then English, which was supposedly a revision period, and in which I decided that the only way I could really know the Prologue properly would be to memorise it, and this I proceeded to do, and in 10 minutes had memorised 15 lines of it, which I considered not bad going.

Then latin - and with it more exhortations from Mansell not to be bloody fools and cheat, or anything like that, and also to tell everybody else to bring their own ink.

Maths, and Jimmy was away. Skiv took in, and I finished my book, and spent the rest of the time revising.

Post mortem on the chemistry exams in chemistry, and it seems that I did fail to observe all the happenings that took place. Did not do too badly, though. Deutsch, and more revision, although I should have had a flute lesson.

After lunch, no choir practice, as TDH was away, and instead had a recorder practice in the music rooms, but the mob next door were making a hell of a nuisance of themselves, and I could not practice for the noise.

Then, at 1530, into the common room, and wrote a letter to Liz, follewed up by one to Kirsten, and these, between them, took up nearly all the time that I had. Then along to the wireless club, but could not be fagged to stay in there, and went to tea, which was strangely deserted, for some reason or another.

After roll call, met up with Chivers, and decided to do some recorder practice, and this we did, stopping at irregular intervals for food, etc.

Changed over to the inside music room after a while, and tried to play some Händel Sonaten, but I soon gave up in disgust, and we did a few perambulations round the school, in which time I picked up 4/- from the head porter to get a new switch for his radio.

Learnt up to line 100 of the Prologue in prep.

Thursday, 2 July 1964 KCT
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Only letter I got this morning was one from Boots at Newton Abbot asking me to pay for the photographs. Damn Mrs Baudouy. I asked her to pay for the things a month (or more) ago, and she still has not done it.

Physics practical in the morning, and it was pretty easy. Poop, for about the first time I have ever seen him with his coat off.

The actual experiments were dead easy. First off of all, I did an experiment with a wheatstone bridge, which, as I soon realised, required a lot of readings. In the end, I took 40, and got an average value of resistance of the bridge wire of 0,99 Ω. I suppose it was really supposed to be 1Ω, but that was the nearest that I could get it.

The other question (the compulsory one) was about the easiest experiment that I have ever done. First of all, we had to measure the diameter of a given bit of wire by using a micrometer, and then by winding round a a glass rod (in fact, a glass capillary tube) and then by finding the volume and length of the aforsaid, and so working out the diameter. Quite fun, but we used the displacement method, and while I was trying to find the specific gravity of the wireless club key, I spilt oil all over the balance, bench, and even got a drop on my paper, but I don't think they will mind. After that, had an interesting conversation after the break by the swimming bath.

After lunch, wind band practice, and we were given “5 minutes with Jerome Kern” (with Cole Porter on the other side) and had to had in our other things.

2 study periods in the afternoon, in which I had intended to learn some more Chaucer, but instead read Edgar Hunt and so on..

Then, the pioneers were supposed to do some work on the tennis court wall, but nobody was sure exactly where it was going to go, and so we all sat there, slack as hell.

As last night, all people going to Gatcombe and Stoneleigh were waylaid by a band of birds looking for Sex. Looks highly dangerous.

Sounds highly improbable.

Friday, 3 July 1964 KCT
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No letters this morning, but Akhavan got one from the birds who have been hanging about lately of an evening, and they apparently want to meet him, and the rest of the mob, and it seems that some interesting things happened in the window of Stoneleigh the night before last - the Swedish fellow doing a striptease act, and they apparently want more. Akhavan says however, that he would not keep the rendezvous - 1400 hrs on Sunday in some lane or another.

French first, and we first of all managed to do quite a bit of correction, and then decided to do a bit of revision, which meant that Skiv did all the talking.

Then PE, and we were supposed to go in for a 10 minutes swim, which however was rather impossible owing to the temperature, and Broadbridge and I hung around the side, trying to accustom myself (Broadbridge didn't) to the summer [?].

Then latin, and Mansell was hardly there at all.

After break, maths, and went over the test we did, in which I did not do all that well - only 18/30. I must buck my ideas up.

Then chemistry. Clod is confident that I will get 98% in 'O' level.

After lunch, looking all over the place to find somewhere to do some recorder trios, with the aid of Wadland and Chivers, and ended up in the modern languages lab.

At 1430, along to a flute lesson, and effectively missed Deutsch, but became highly irritated by Miss Mills. It must be just the fussiness of women in general.

Then in for about ½ hour of english, in which we had a competition on the set books, and despite Boris cheating desperately on the other sides behalf, we won 80-30.

Then a bassoon lesson, and Mr Fawcett brought another heckel system Bassoon, apart from the other school buffet, which is also falling to bits as the result of its transit. Will have to put a new pad on the thing.

By the time I turned up for Pioneers, everybody was knocking off, so I followed suit.

Choir practice in evening.

Saturday, 4 July 1964 KCT
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Letter from Jan this morning, nothing much of importance, but it seems that when she goes to Canada in December, she will not be coming back. Damn.

Latin first, and Mansell was not there for long. When he did come in, he told us the names of all the latin poets, and then told us more about the arrangements for the exams, etc, which took us nearly all the time.

Then french, and we did an oral prose, with Gilks acting as the scribe, which job he performed remarkably inefficiently, and one could see Skiv becoming more and more irate, and eventually he clobbered him one. We just about managed to finish the prose by the end of the period.

Then physics, and Poop attempted to teach us all about coplanar forces, etc, but was not very successful, as it is really too much for him to teach in one lesson. Spent all of break waiting for Clod to give me some chemistry papers.

In music, Beethoven's 9th symphony, and very good it was as well, although it did last the whole 2 periods. The last movement was most inspiring/inspired.

This must have been the first time I heard it. I didn't recall the fact the next time round, about 6 years later.

After lunch, started on a letter to Jan, but did not have enough time to finish it, and went off for pioneers, and spent all my time digging a hell of a large pit in front of the tennis courts, presumably to catch the visiting team in when they come out. However, the mixer obligingly gave up the ghost, so we could not do much more. Drax wants to lay bricks on Tuesday.

Got changed, and did some recorder practice. On then along to the common room, and finished off the letter to Jan, and also ordered a switch for Mr. Grenvilles radio from C.W. Smith.

Got back from Mountlands and looking for Chivers, but could not find him, and so started looking at the better of the school bassoons, and pinched a pad for the key from the other. Soon joined by Chivers, and carried on until prep.

Then in 2nd prep, baroque (mainly) music in chapel. Writing some music after lights out. “Chevrier, que tes chèvres ne mangent pas la haie (‘Chivers’ is derived from ‘Chevrier’)

Sunday, 5 July 1964 KCT
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Nothing of interest happened today, and was rather boring.

After breakfast, Chivers was doing a mile walk, so he could not try out the stuff I composed last night. I hung around looking for somewhere to do a bit of bassoon practice, and all the places were full up.

Chivers told me that it had taken him 9 minutes to do the mile - walking - which works out at just over 6 mph. However, he reckons he could do it faster.

Chapel was pretty average, and all proceeded normally, but once again we had 535 to 393 at the end.

In other words, hymn 535 (“Praise the Lord, ye heavens, adore him”) to the tune of hymn 393 (“Glorious things of thee are spoken”), once again the Kaiserhymne.

I wonder why he likes it so much. I suppose that it does at last mean that we get a rousing last hymn - 'twould be better to have it at the beginning, however.

After chapel, along came Green to hear the stuff that I composed last night, and with him Barrett. Also came Aston. Green thought it was pretty ordinary, Barrett admitted that it was “good, solid stuff”, and Aston asked if it was finished, but appeared to like it. Chivers also thought it quite good, if not Baroque. Carried on for a while, then I went to the library to write some more, and wrote a gavotte (which, by a mistake, ended up as a Bourrée,) and a rondo.

In the afternoon, Chivers and I to the music rooms again to play this, and also Guiseppe Barrett, who thought it quite good, and then decided that I should help him with a vertical TV aerial, and invited Chivers along as well. Stayed there until 1330, and then decided to try out Chivers new tin of tobacco, and this we did, first getting in a decent open country space. 'Twas not at all bad stuff, and we stayed there until 1450 hrs, and only just got back in time for tea, during which meal Weeks was no little bit peeved that I should not have gone for a walk with him. I asked him to smell my breath. That shut him up.

After roll call, Chivers showed me his collection of various coins, and they included a Straits Settlements (not Malaya or Malaysia) dollar and 5¢ piece. Recorded the diameter of the latter: 0,6193" [15.73 mm], and 'twas a 1919 5¢ piece. Then did some more recorder practice until chapel, which was late again this week.

After supper, borrowed Barrets funny glasses, and attempted to play my stuff to Rees, who, however, fooled about all the time. Composed menuet in dormitory.

Monday, 6 July 1964 KCT
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Brace of letters this morning, but oddly enough, none from Maria. Doesn't she love me any more? It seems that Liz Hennessy plays the piano and flute. I wonder how good she is. Little of interest from Sue, and also letter from Mum.

After breakfast, which was at 0645, I sought out Chivers, and we went to play the Menuet which I wrote last night. Chivers quite liked it.

Then to settle down for triple study periods, which is about as boring as possible. Managed to get Stanley to sign a chit so say that I could use his study place when he or Green were not using it, and while I was there I wrote, on a little bit of paper: ERST WENN DEUSTSCLAND WIDER EIN LAND WIRD, SOLL EVROPA FREIHEIT KENNEN, and placed it above other things such as Green's “Germany must never be united”, in which Stanley had crossed out the ‘never’.

It's not clear whether the misspellings were deliberate or not. I should have known how to spell better.

Also composed a courante in some study period which Chivers (or Parsifal, as he prefers being called at the moment) tried out in break.

Then an early lunch at 1100 hrs, in which I showed Parsifal the Gigue which I had written after break.

Then english lang ['O' level exam], and it was rather odd - 2nd question was taken directly from Joseph Konrad's “Typhoon”.

The 3rd question was highly dodgy, and it appears that I got the defendant and accuser the wrong way round, in a law case about grease seals in puros [?].

However, when I got out, all the music rooms were full up, and so I tried to write a Suite, but was soon kicked out by Tarr, and into the one remaining music room. Soon I discovered that Parsifal was next door, and got him, and we started playing some music.

After a while, got fed up, and did a few perambulations until tea time, by which time we were in the music rooms again, with Ducky, making an unearthly row with a couple of bassoons.

After tea, decided to renew my attempts to write a Suite, and succeeded, although I used a couple of previous pieces, and I would not have had enough time otherwise. Met Parsifal at about 1635, and tried it out - not too bad. Then along to the wireless club, which has been looking desolate since Speech Day.

Composed Gavotte and musette after lights out.

Tuesday, 7 July 1964 KCT
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Today started off not too badly, got a letter from Jean, complete with about 4/6 in stamps attached on the top, which I had forgotten about.

After breakfast, once again with Chivers to the outside music room, and tried out the Gavotte. Also not too bad.

Then settled down after assembly in the Common room, and 5 study periods in which I had hardly anything to do.

Spent the first reading a bout about Bach, which Newman (in whose study place I was sitting) had borrowed from the Library. When I moved into Ruscoes study place, I had, of course, to replace it, and did a bit more reading about music, etc, and passing notes in German to Stanley 2, whose study place is next to Ruscoes. Carried on much like this until break, and then out to meet Parsifal and play his March for 3 feet (in ¾ time) which he had just composed. Underneath: Malheuresement je n'ai que deux bottes. Et toi, Gaston? To which I replied: “J'en ai cinq”.

Study periods after - reading more about music.

After lunch, more music practice, but ended up playing stuff by Chédeville l'aîné, and had to put up with Wadland making a damn nuisance of himself, and telling us what he thought of Esprit Phillipe Chédeville.

Then, after a bit of bassoon practice, along to the inside music room to fix it up with Mr Whites stuff, and wasted most of the period like that, but at least did get the crook key [on the bassoon] working again.

After that, hung around until 1500 hrs, and then had tea, and thence to big school to wait for the exam to begin.

When it finally did begin, it was a lousy paper, and I made a hell of a mess of it. I don't think I could have got more than 60% all told. At least, however, I did all my quote of 7 questions, which was more than most people did. Still, 'tis quality, not quantity that counts.

After that, did little. Nearly went to sleep in 2nd prep was I so tired.

Too dark for anything after lights-out.

Wednesday, 8 July 1964 KCT
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Letter from Jan this morning, very nice indeed, and quite long. Must reply to all these outstanding letters soon.

Directly after assembly, we had french unprepared translation, which was really one of the easiest things I have ever come across. I had finished the whole thing in about 46 minutes, and did little in the ensuing 65 except think out interesting types of suite etc.

Those are the times that I wrote. They imply a total time for the paper (we weren't allowed out early) of 111 minutes, which is clearly unlikely.

Got out of french at 0945 hrs, and pretty promptly into the music room, and started to play some of Chivers music, carrying on until break.

After having milk, I was beset upon by Parsifal himself, and he had with him some cake, which we proceeded to devour. Then played some more of his music, until the end of break. Ducky was there, and highly amused by the march for 3 feet.

After that, I decided that the common room would be too much for me, and went to the library, with various writing implements, etc, and wrote a letter to Jan, followed by a suite pour violon, which, after trying out on the clarinet, I enclosed in the same letter, and posted it just before lunch. Noticed a picture of the Houses of Parliament in KL on the front of a magazine in the front hall. Most intriguing.

These had been designed by Ivor Shipley, a colleague of my father's. I don't think I had seen them at this stage.

After lunch, choir practice, and were given a brace of new music to sing - Magnificat, Anthem, and even new Psalters, set to Gregorian tones. Most interesting.

After that, did a bit of recorder practice, with Guiseppe accompanying, and then along to the common room and wrote a letter to Sue, whose letter I got on Monday. Even then, 'twas not a very long letter.

After that, got the bassoon out, and down to room 26. Pleased to note that the crook key does have some effect on the notes - must do something about middle C, which is almost impossible on this instrument.

When Mr Fawcett came, he had his oboe with him, and did condescend to show it to me - very good oboe indeed - he has removed the “banana key” - it gets in the way, so he says. Reckons I can get a reconditioned heckel bassoon from Booseys for about £50. I wonder about Germany.

Did little in prep - Aston wants me to show him how to use a micrometer.

Thursday, 9 July 1964 KCT
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Little happened this morning, and the exams seem to be getting me down.

5 study periods in the morning are the height of boredom. In the first, I ended up at Brewers Study Place reading some extracurricular book or another. Even that, however, failed to relieve the boredom. I must plan my study periods more carefully. Spent most of 2nd study period writing up what I did yesterday, and then reading about the flight from La Couëre (20/21/IV/1964). Most interesting. Now that I look back on it, methinks that was quite a bit of fun. Those were the days before I had such things as exams to worry me.

In 3rd period, decided that I might as well do some study, and revised most of optics, and a bit of hydrostatics and mechanics, which took me most of the time until break, when, as of old, Parsifal and I perambulated around the buildings.

After break, carried on with the boredom, and did more reading, and also a bit of talking. As Green was around, Lloyd made a hell of a lot of noise, to prevent him working.

After lunch, wind band practice, and we went through the Jerome Kern stuff, and, at about 1330, TDH decided that we might as well carry on until 1400, and this we did with the result that I was only just on time for tea (which was at 1430), after getting all my stuff ready for the Physics exam, and buying some jam (Tuck shop is out of Marmite), and then hanging round outside the Gym until about 1500 before we were allowed in.

It was one of the easiest physics papers that I have ever seen - it did take me quite some time, 'tis true, but at least it had me in no wise worried. I finished with about ½ hour to spare, and spent the rest of the time checking over. My confidence in myself is restored (or almost so).

Did some flute and Bassoon practice in first prep. Forgot table clearing at supper, as at breakfast and lunch, and for that I got 6 days table clearing and 40 lines.

Friday, 10 July 1964 KCT
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Little happened this morning - couple of Heathkit catalogues, Straits budget, stuff from the concert hall record club, and letter from Dad (carbon copy). He did not have much to say, either, except that Mum is down with the flu.

After breakfast, little to do, and could not even find Parsifal. In the study periods before break, did very little indeed, apart from writing up what happened yesterday, watching Mott making an endless paper chain, etc.

The paper chain lark was rather fun, in fact - after trying one, to see what would happen, he tore along the middle of the resultant chain, got 2 wrapped round each other, and tore each of them again, got 4, removed 3 of them, and did the 4th, and got 2. It seems that it is only endless the first time.

In break, it seems that Guiseppe has become “Gilbert, le grand Chevalier de Barretière”. I shall have to become something more than just plain Gaston le Hey in a while. Parsifal is now also Parsifal-Kaspar le Chevrier der Parcôté, which is long enough.

Early lunch before ad maths at 1115 hrs, and then over to the Gym.

The ad maths paper was, probably fortunately, much easier than the last one, and I am confident that I got at least 85, and perhaps 90. This I must, however, check up upon.

After that, got out, went back to the common room, and started telling them how to revise for chemistry.

'Twas not long before we went in for an early tea, and then along for chemistry.

As all of them are, it was a dead easy paper, but I did make the odd stupid blunder. I was in one of those odd “don't-care” moods, which I so often get, and after looking at the thing for half an hour after I had finished it, began to wonder how much longer I will be staying at this place.

This was probably when I started wondering what the distant future, say the year 2000, would bring.

Did some bassoon practice after that - I feel that I am getting a bit better.

Got some music from TDH just before chapel. All is well, but could not meet Chivers afterwards to play it. Choir practice - TDH got a bit annoyed.

Saturday, 11 July 1964 KCT
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Letter from Sue this morning, and she was apparently rather dissappointed that my last letter (written Wednesday) was only 1 page. All very apologetic, the kind of thing that nearly makes one burst into tears for not having written her 15 pages.

Over to the san after breakfast, and had another row with sister.

Then Scripture I - St. Matthew, which was a deathly boring exam, and I spent most of my time staring at Mr. Sykes and seeing who could last out the longest.

Did the quota of 6 questions, which is more than some people did, and then sat there looking at it, and thinking about the letter that I was going to write to Sue.

Got out, and got writing materials, etc, and decided to go to the library, as the common room has such a heavy, unpleasant atmosphere.

Wrote solidly from 0930 to 1010, and then back, and walked round by myself, as Parsifal was having some Roman History outlines exam, and ended up with Cookson 2 after a while.

Then back to the common room, and finished off the letter to Sue (6 pages) and posted it just before 1100 hrs.

Then early lunch at 1115, and hung about until 1130, and then into the Gym for English Lit. I did not think much of the paper, and don't know how I did on it.

After that, Hatts had already decided that we would not turn up for Pioneers, and discovered that Chivers had decided to do some recorder practice, and tried to, but soon gave up, and tried to play the German national anthem on Bassoon and tenor voice, and 'twas rather amusing. Then playing the bass part of hymn tunes on the bassoon.

After tea and roll call, decided to do a bit of work on the head porters radio, and changed the switch. Turned the thing on, and nothing happened. Must investigate. More perambulations and then after supper did some recorder duets, trios, and muchs about, with Duckys help. Really hilarious - we must have appeared complete & utter fools.

Sunday, 12 July 1964 KCT
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Little of interest happened today. At breakfast discovered that there was a postmans strike on, which will probably be rather a nuisance, as I will not be likely to get any letters tomorrow.

After breakfast, had very little to do, and after doing all the necessary, along to the wireless club, and was soon joined by Wragg and Masheder, who were trying to get a CRT going. At any rate, it was rather funny, if nothing else, and Mash told me about his EHT supply at home, which gave anything between 2000 and 20 000 V at will.

Little happened in chapel, and after that I went along to the Wireless Club again, and started trying to tidy up my bench, which attempt was not completely unsuccessful. Mash came in as well, and told us all about the great raid on the Wireless club 2 years ago.

Then a photographic society film, and 'twas all about the life of Lenin. Most amusing, and almost had us converted to communism.

After that, back to the club, but did little more before lunch.

After lunch, Green gave out the “unpickable” combination locks that he had been thinking about for a long time. Then along to the wireless club, and worked out a way to pick them, which was highly successful. Poor old Green!

After a walk with Chivers for a smoke, back again, and doing some experiments on electromagnetic induction, which were most amusing - bit of wire vibrating into a coil connected up into the scope.

Then to tea, and discovered that Mansell was sending all the locks back. What a laugh on Green!

Then did some music practice with Parsifal, and did little more than that, although we carried on for ½ hour. Then along to the wireless club, and Mash was shutter happy, and with a 1 - dioptre lens, got a photo of the scope (we hope!).

After supper, did very little, and went down to the armoury, picking all the locks to remove them. Discovered a new term for my eyesight - neopia.

Maybe at the time. In 2017, neopia is a virtual pet web site.

Monday, 13 July 1964 KCT
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Little of interest happened today - no mail at all, and we had to have an examination - or rather the reading out of the French composition paper - at 0740 hrs, and as a result had little time for anything. It is becoming difficult to find time to keep this Diary up.

The french composition was a pretty average thing in which I think I did fairly well - about this fellow who grazed a boy, and thought he had killed him, and was blackmailed by a fellow at 0300 (or is it 0200) hrs the next morning.

The translation was considerably more difficult than the unseen last Wednesday, and there were quite a few words that I did not know.

However, this is probably all in the boards nasty plan, and I suppose that I did quite well notwithstanding. After that, along to the music rooms, and did some music practice, shortly to be joined by Parsifal.

After break, had little time to do anything before the French Dictation, and spent it doing some Sopraninschnabelflöte practice, and carried on after a pretty average Dictée.

After lunch, was called over to the San by sister to tell me that I should have turned up this morning for a jab - although I had an exam at 0740 - and that it was now useless. Then threatened to call in the headmaster for coming back.

Deutsch dictation was pretty easy - made about 2 mistakes. Then back to the San to tell sister what she would not let say before. There were some birds [girls] in the tennis courts. I wonder where from.

Then into room 25, where Donald read us the Nacherzählung, after tea - during which I had successfully embedded Wrights cricket ball in the teacup, and he had a hell of a time getting it out - and it was a pretty average one, as all has been today. Then into the Gym, and wrote the thing out. The translation was rather difficult, but I think, and most sincerely hope, that I did not do too badly.

After that, tried to learn some new recorder fingerings from a book of Duckys, but I new them all already, although Ducky did not.

Tuesday, 14 July 1964 KCT
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Nice long letter from Sue before breakfast - 9 sheets, even though she did only write on one side of the page. I thought it was a good attempt, anyway.

Left breakfast early in order to go for the english lit exam, and not at all a bad paper was it. Got both of the context questions, but the essay questions were rather more difficult to ascertain right or wrong, and rather odd ones they were to boot.

When we got out, it was only 0900 hrs, as we had started at 0730, and then came the shock - it was only a 1½ hours exam, and as a result, we had to carry on with our study when we finished.

In disgust, I went to the library, and started writing a letter which would do justice to Sues letter, and carried on until break, despite lewd comments from varous types, and had written about 4 pages by then.

After break, had a clarinet lesson, and that carried on until about 1110. Then back to the library, and wrote another 3 pages, which brought the total up to 7, which was, I considered, enough.

After lunch, had little to do, and decided to do some music practice, and had a bit of difficulty with Chivers and Essex, but eventually managed to get down to it.

Carried on until 1330, and then along to the tuck shop to buy some soap, and in my enthusiasm decided to buy 2 bars, in order to keep in supply.

Then back to my practice, and after a while enter Gundry and complained that a recorder was primitive. He can talk, playing the trumpet as he does.

Then along for a bassoon lesson, and while I was waiting, along came the Weed, and insisted that I give a demonstration. How embarrassing.

Then, had tea quickly, and along to the Physics 2 exam, and it ws quite a good exam, and there were some interesting questions. 2 of them I knew how to do from maths, not physics. Also one from the earths field being cut by a train, thus giving a PD across the rails.

Finished at 1730, and went into prep to write up yesterdays events.

Scratching on duty at Gatcombe - Let me have a shower.

Wednesday, 15 July 1964 KCT
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Letter from Jan at last, and pretty average it was, but at least it was a letter.

5 Study periods, and deathly boring it can be, but today I decided to go to the library. By the time I got there, all seats were taken, and I had to move about a dozen things out of the way, and ended up hiding behind the bookcases - highly useful thing, and spent most of the time before break a) writing a letter to Jan (only 3 pages, but: ) and 9 pages on atomic theory, which she wanted me to tell her about. However, I am not too sure that she will understand. I did it in too much of a hurry to do justice unto it.

Then wrote about yesterday in the next period, which completed the time before break, and did not do any music practice in break - Chivers was just preparing to do his 'A' level music harmony exam, and spent a bit of time talking about the subjects.

Then I back to the library, and was joined by Rossiter, who is also fed up with the common room. Spent all the time reading books about Germany.

After lunch, Hennessy asked me if I knew his sister. I wonder how he found out about it.

No choir practice, mainly for Chivers benefit, as it would be unfair on him during the harmony exam.

Decided to do some work on Botts amplifier in the afternoon, but the tempter came in the form of Callow, and I went down with him and started talking about Neuclear physics. He intends to stay here another 3 years - 2 years in the Sc. U. VI., during which time he wants to do quite a bit of neuclear physics, including the building of some kind of particle accelerator. Spent all the time talking about it until tea.

This is puzzling. Sc. U. VI (Science Upper Sixth) was the form where people prepared for university scholarships after passing GCE 'A' Level in the Lower Sixth. I can't see any reason to stay there longer than necessary. But he did.

After that, latin exam, and I had very little to do, and finished the whole thing just over half time, and spent the rest of the time thinking about linear accelerators in general.. 42 KW at 100 mc/s, and we should do quite well with it - if we can get a valve that will give the requirements. Reading until chapel, and finished off notes on the quantum theory in 2nd prep.

Thursday, 16 July 1964 KCT
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No letters this morning, as there was a strike for the first time in about 80 years. Damn nuisance, anyway.

After that, over to the san, and one hell of a blowing up from Sister for not turning up yesterday, and told me to come back on Saturday.

Then, in assembly, Benjy blew up on the subject of writings on the fort walls, and threatened to use every method to track down the culprit. I shall have to watch out.

This was my doing. The fort (“Fort George", named because the overflow pipes stuck out of slits in the wall like guns out of a fort) was the toilet block. I had written on the wall of one of the cubicles something like “Diane Smith is now working as a prostitute and will be available behind the barbers shop on Friday evenings from 7 to 9”. Silly thing that boys do, of course, but the fact was that “Diane Smith” was the name (not that one; I forget what she was really called) of a pretty young thing in the linen room. Doubly stupid in my case, since my handwriting is so easy to identify. Fortunately nothing came of it, but expulsion was certainly on the cards.

After that, english lang II, which consisted of 4 choices of an essay, about whatever one might like. I chose one about the school, and the other about a town or district which I liked or hated. I chose to write about KL, but I could not really do justice to it in 400 words.

After that, out and did little until break, and then met up with Parsifal, and decided to perambulate. At 1030, he decided that we could do a little music practice. Soon joined by Ducky.

Then was called to the [prefect's] study by Mott. Thought it was about the fort, and was rather worried for a while, but it turned out to be a complaint from Rister [?] about not turning up 4 times in a row, which got Mott so confused that I got away with it, and that was that.

After lunch, wind band practice, and I decided not to turn up, and did little except mess around with various things of Lloyds.

Then went for swimming standards, and made a hell of a mess-up of it, and I didn't even get freestyle.

Then gave up in disgust, and went back, and did a bit of talking with Callow, and then along to the library, and wrote up what happened yesterday.

Then started reading some Grimms fairy tales (in German) and carried on until 1700 hrs.

No prep, or so the Weeds board said, and so I went along to the Wireless club, and finished off Botts preamp.

Friday, 17 July 1964 KCT
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Although post is restored now, I did not get any main today, either. Most annoying.

In the morning, had latin II in the Gym, and rather a stinker of a paper it was, too. I managed to get the unseen just about out, but the verse was completely beyond me. In the 'C' section, I decided to do some stuff about Roman dates, and some Roman authors.

That lasted 2 hours, and I was quite pleased to get out by the end, but it seems that most people did not do much better on it.

Then bought some dura-glit, and got it onto my flute, but before I had done much polishing, the bell went for break, and I got into the common room just as my name was called, bolted my milk, and then back to the music room, and polished up the rest of the flute.

Then perambulated with Chivers, and at 1030 he had a music lesson. At 1100, we went down to the bottom fields to do some smoking, and had quite an interesting conversation, and arrived back just about in time for lunch, and that was about that.

After lunch, I decided that I would turn up for pioneers rather than trying for swimming standards.

This I did, although I did turn up late, and decided to help Mr. Baker rather than help with the cement.

Bu the end of the day we had managed to fill up another long trench with concrete, and laying bricks will start on Tuesday.

Then, after tea, divvers ii (acts), which was deathly boring, and I finished off in 40 minutes, and wrote all sorts of latin inscripts over my question paper, and tried to compose plain chants for various tunes, etc. Still, I don't think that this religious sucking up will help me get Divvers 'O' level.

Mott on duty in dormitory - annoyed him no end.

Saturday, 18 July 1964 KCT
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Long letter (10 pages this time) from Sue this morning, and quite interesting 'twas too.

After breakfast, over to the san to have a TABC (ii) injection. When I told sister that I had an exam at 0800 hrs, she took me into the surgery and did it herself - not too bad, I suppose.

The german itself was pretty average, and I had the thing finished in 40 minutes. Then rewrote it in 35 minutes - must mean that it only takes me 5 minutes to do the translation proper. Not bad, eh?

Finished at 0945, and was told that we would have to go into lessons, which was all that I needed to make my day.

First of all, however, spent the time until break talking about the exam. It seems that Donald did not like the first passage - it did, admittedly, have the odd difficult word in it - I wonder how well I will do.

In music, TDH invited the mob over to Stoneleigh to listen to Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. I however, away to do some recorder practice.

After lunch, down to room 26, and listened to a record by the New York Pro Musica, playing some Elizabethan music - most interesting indeed, and carried on until the end of rest.

Then Parsifal went swimming, and I to watch the match - Poop was out for a duck, but Jimmy James managed, but the end of the day, to score exactly 100 - lasted completely through the innings. Spoke a bit to Windmill about joining the wireless club. He is comparatively confident, but not as much as is Rees V C.S.

Then did little until after Roll call, when I started examining the preamp, and it seems to be operating quite satisfactorilary.

Then along came Parsifal, and, with money, to the tuck shop, and then off for a smoke, to the same place as yesterday.

Got back just in time for Prep - allowed to read. In 2nd prep, had a more detailed look at the preamp. Seems to be very good.

Sunday, 19 July 1964 KCT
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Rather a wasted day today, and didn't do much. After coming over from Gatcombe, into the wireless club and had another look at the preamp. It all seems to be going well - I hope Bott will like it.

After breakfast, did little for some time, and then, after looking for Parsifal, decided to go and do a few more tests on the preamp.

This took me until chapel, and this was pretty average - the odd lusty hymn, and that was about the lot.

After that, decided with Parsifal that we would not do any music practice in the morning, and accordingly I went to the Wireless club to see what I could find to do.

After putting the preamp out of the way I decided to tidy up my bench, and that took me quite some time. Also listening to the general opinion on the elections. Anything could happen, and there are now 2 places, as Shaw is resigning. The whole population of the club seems to be changing.

After lunch, had intended to write some letters, but Tyson had some jobs which he wanted me to do, including fixing up the e on his typewriter.

After that, did a little bit of looking round for Parsifal, and then off for a smoke, earlier than usual, but we went further than usual to a place where one might not be found - ended up on the edge of a small lake (or a large puddle). The tobacco seems to be getting rather dry, and got several mouthfuls of stuff which was mainly ashes. Parsifal says that it needs a drop or 2 of water.

After that, did a bit of music practice until tea time, and then into the aforesaid meal.

After roll call, helping to mend Skiv Bentley's electric kettle. In the end, decided to stick it up with Araldite.

“Skiv” here means “menial worker”, and has nothing to do with Peter Harvey, whom we nicknamed “Skiv”.

Then enter Bott to try out the amplifier, and he did not like it much - wants me to fix it up - reckons there is something wrong with it.

Music practice with Parsifal after supper.

Monday, 20 July 1964 KCT
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No mail at all today. I really do need to get a letter from Mum soon - I still have not the foggiest notion of what I am going to do at the end of term.

Life seems much gayer now that the exams are over and we are more or less back to normal.

In french, Skiv walks in “Maintenant j'vais faire une petite dictée. ah.. non” and goes on reading Maupassant. Although we had been doing it before, I feel that the risk is less now of getting a detention.

In physics, Poop decided to give us a treat, and showed us all about H.T. discharge & tubes, and 'twas quite interesting, but he managed to waste time sufficiently to not be able to show us any of the gas discharge tubes. Lent him my wire-stripping screwdriver, with which he was most impressed, as was Atkinson.

After break, finished reading “Le Trou”, which finished off rather amusingly. However, we have not translated it all yet.

After that, divvers was in room 16 - this morning we have been alternating between rooms 16 and 17. Spent the whole time reading poetry.

After lunch, wrote an urgent letter to Mum requesting details of what we are doing.

Then went and changed into corps stuff, and as I still had plenty of time to spare, I went and wrote a request for money to Mrs. Baudouy.

Paraded on the bottom fields, and were taught how to teach. Hallett went bolshy, and before he knew where he was, he was given a defaulter [?] by Hennessy.

Then lecturettes, and were rather dead boring, except for the first one by Howlett, which was about ancient siege methods. Also a very good one about fossils by Lennox.

After tea carried on with the lecturettes, which were, almost without exception, very dull. However, I was one of the few people who escaped having to tell one.

Wrote a letter to Sue in hobbies prep, and about time too. However, this did not please Bott much.

Reading neuclear physics in prep.

Tuesday, 21 July 1964 KCT
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Once again no mail. I only hope I know what I am going to do by the 29th.

Over to the an after breakfast - spent a hell of a long time waiting, after I had been sent over to the linen room to get some needles. However, it was hardly worth talking about when I actually had it.

Arrived half an hour late in english, and Boris was collecting in all the books. This took him most of the time, and then he issued some stuff by some modern poet.

Then divvers. Mr Sykes collected in the divvers book, and then read a few limericks. First time I have ever heard him say “merde”.

After that, to maths, and as usual had mathematical Pie, which is rather boring, when one comes to think of it. However, some of the things were quite interesting. Tying handkerchieves around fingers.

After that, and break, was called by Skiv about my reduction certificates, and so on, and I told him that I did not know what was going on, and he is going to write to BOAC.

I no longer have any idea what a reduction certificate is.

Then latin - Mansell lecturing on Pompei, and more Pie with Jimmy.

After lunch, over to the san, and got my health certificate, and then up to the physics lab, but it seems that the thing was put off until tomorrow, as Poop could not turn up till 1300, and the rest of the Wireless club were going to the flicks then.

Then down to town, and, after a considerable bit of searching, finally found the place where I was to get my health certificate signed. Bird there same the “Ke..” of the Kelantan stamp, and promptly said “What part of Kenya?”. I was rather surprised.

When I got back, did some clt. practice, but soon in with Mr White, and doing, with Parsifal, stuff for 2 tenors and guitar. Most fun.

Then had tea, and off to the bushy top area to have a smoke with Parsifal. Couple of little kids made nuisances of themselves.

Did very little - in fact no - work on Botts amplifier, and really must do so tomorrow.

Did 40 lines in prep, and read paper.

Wednesday, 22 July 1964 KCT
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Letter from Mum at last, and she says that I am flying from Exeter, but I know not where I am going to get my ticket from. Presumably Mrs Baudouy will get it from somewhere.

After that, english first period, and reading more of that poet, whatever his name is - I can never remember it. Be that as it may, it was rather boring, and ful blithe and gay was I when it finished.

Then latin, and we did not much, and instead collected in all our books, which was rather a long job, with Mansell on it. He did, however, have some time to read us a bit of the 3c exam, just for laughs.

After that, maths, and Jimmy had to go somewhere, and Drax looked after us instead. Had an interesting thing about slices of cake, and how to fiddle it so that one fellow got twice as much as the others.

After break, chemistry, and the whole labs were full of apparatus for the preparation of aniline from benzene, and Clod explained the lot.

After that, Deutsch, and after collecting in our books we had some records of Lieder.

After lunch, no choir practice, and handed Hill an airletter from to hand in to Mansell for early results.

In other words, my exam results were to be sent to me with the form.

Then up to the Wireless club, and had a meeting which resulted in Windmill and Pond being admitted to the club, which was rather good going, I thought.

After that along to the wireless club, and had a look at Botts amplifier. Seemed to go rather well until the volume went out. First of all parasitic oscillations and then hopeless flattening. Made a hell of a row, all in the middle of swimming standards. I then gave up, went to the fort, and hung around looking for Windmill. At little past 1500 hrs he turned up, and we managed to clear a place for him, out of all the rubble.

After roll call, along with Parsifal for a smoke, as is now our wont on half days, and a most enjoyable custom it is, too.

Came back little before 1700 hrs, and that was just about in time for Bott to catch me and ask me to get on with it, for Gods sake.

Given the proximity of the end of term, that was understandable. I'm surprised that I hadn't noticed the issues earlier.

Did some reading in prep.

Thursday, 23 July 1964 KCT
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Still no money from Mrs Baudouy. If I don't get any tomorrow, I shall have to write an urgent request for the same - I am quite desperate now.

Did a bit of Recorder practice with Parsifal, as of old, after breakfast, and back on the Volkslieder.

Double chemistry, and the apparatus for aniline was still up for some reason, and so Clod moved us into the junior chemistry lab. The atmosphere in there is horrible - hardly seems to be a lab at all. He spent the whole double period talking and giving a post-mortem on the exam - broke his watch. “And it was guaranteed for 15 years ..... I've had it for 15 years”.

Then physics, and did little but collect in the books, which was quite some hell of a task when the number of books is taken into consideration.

After break, hung around waiting to go off to Cerne Abbas, and, while we were waiting, along came Benjy and started inspecting everybodys clothes. Parsifal quickly upstairs and out of his Chelseas.

Finally got going, about 20 minutes later, and spent a long time travelling. Some time after we had arrived in Dorset, we got out, and had a rather worse than usual packet lunch.

The on, and with a bit of difficulty finally got there. Completely different from what I expected it to be. Most of the Friars were in quite normal clothes, and even the fellow who came to show us round had to go and change into a habit.

Quite an interesting place, nevertheless. Founded about 40 years ago, and didn't become a friary until about 25 years ago. After we had been shewn around, we were told that we might, if we liked, go to the swimming pool and have a swim in our underpants. Several people went, but Parsifal and I declined.

Did a bit of looking round, bought a few things, and discussed with Parsifal whether 'twould be worth staying here for a while.

Got back just in time for chapel, and rather depressing it was.

Coulson asked me to write something for the “Aluredian”, and so this I did - a poem, in 2nd prep.

Friday, 24 July 1964 KCT
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Finally - a letter from Mrs Baudouy containing £ 3··10··0, and also one from María, dated 16/VII/1964, and written in Paris. She seems to be having a whale of a time. I cannot ascertain when it was posted, for it had no postmark, but she reckons to be back in Mexico by tomorrow. I must write to her then.

Saw Skiv before assembly, as I was supposed to fly from Exeter, and collect my ticket thereto in London. Discussed it with him again after french, and he decided to let me do some phoning up in the afternoon.

Did not do P.E., as I had hardly got over the smallpox jab - spent most of the time in the library, writing about yesterday. Must get more regular with this diary.

Latin was in room 27, with a Mansell film show about Pompei. Very interesting indeed, complete with one of a brothel - door inside, giving prices, etc. Now shocked! [?]

After break, chemistry, and when Clod turned up he started giving all sorts of advice on university entrance. He is of the opinion that American Unis are only good for post-grad courses. Also asked him about Berlin, Paris, etc. Doesn't know much about undergrad, but postgrad excellent.

After lunch there was some fellow who had set up a boostall [sic; presumably “book stall”] in the front hall, and quite a good collection he had. After deciding that I would need some money anyway for telephoning, I went over, and pestered Skiv to give me £1, and bought 2 books on Quantum theory, relativity, etc.

Then telephoned Mrs Baudouy, who said that I will be getting a separate ticket for Exeter - London - Exeter. Also said that Bev would be coming down on Monday, and that she had a list of clothes (much as what I had: But Mum wants me to wear my Tyrolean hat with my suit!)

Managed to get out of games, which was convenient. Then, in tea, suddenly saw Mr Fawcett appear, and go up to the high table. Despite my attempts to hide, he saw me, and I had a bassoon lesson at 1530 hrs. This effectively got me out of our last Deutsch period of term. English was boring.

1st prep read quantum theory, and choir practice in 2nd. Came in very late.

Saturday, 25 July 1964 KCT
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3 letters this morning - 1 from Mum, 1 from Dad, and one from Sue. Nothing much that I didn't know already in any of them. I shall have to do some correspondence.

After breakfast, vowed to keep out of the Common room in order that Stanley might not catch me and double my 40 lines (due in yesterday). Did a bit of music practice with Parsifal, and then assembly, after which we had a double period to fill in record forms.

'Twas really rather amusing, but it did take up time, and even so we finished first. Decided by Weed to carry on until break, and then most of our mob went for a swim. I however decided to salvage my old record form, and filled it up with all sorts of odd details, which was rather amusing.

After break, music, and TDH decided to play a Mozart requiem, and then a Britten one to compare it with. Halfway through, however, a fuse or something went, and as a result we could not hear the rest. After doing a bit of looking around, I was sent to the Bursars office, where Diana Small was wearing a very low necklined dress. After doing a bit of subversive staring, told the Bursar, and could not do anything before lunch.

After lunch, hanging about in the Common room to get house photographs signed, and this carried on until we went to the swimming sports. Was sitting on the wall, and 'twas rather dangerous to stand up.

The sports went very well indeed - about 5 school records were broken, and the Carpenter got 2 cups, as opposed to 1 each for the Fox and Woodard.

After that, along to the wireless club, and tried to do some work on the amplifier, but I can't really do much without a decent loudspeaker.

Missed tea in so doing, and then, after roll call, had intended to go for a smoke with Parsifal, but he was caught by Carr for doing his record form, and was not finished until nearly 1630.

Decided not to bother to go then, and just hung around eating, and decided to go in 2nd prep instead.

This we did, and for some reason or another thing thing tasted much better, although a few women made nuisances of themselves.

Sunday, 26 July 1964 KCT
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I am wearied by the changes and chances of this mortal life, as the prayer goes (I think).

Nevertheless, so be it. As the end of term approacheth, so becomes time less utilisable.

After breakfast, went out to look for Parsifal, but found him not. Into the music rooms and did a bit of fooling round (not even fit to be called practice) on the Blockflöten, with Aston helping by making some odd comments.

Then into chapel, in which I got rather overheated, and ended up singing bass, as tenor was too much for me, and I just about managed the bass. It looks as if, despite my attempts, my voice will end up as bass instead of tenor, which will be rather annoying.

After chapel, despite all I could do, I had to go along to the wireless club, and had intended to tidy up the bench, but Bott entered, and asked me to come down to the haircutting room about the loudspeakers, to get them, and brought a guitar and P.S.N. as well. The thing made some noise, but it was of a most odd noise when it came out. In the end we decided to give it up, and try to completely rebuild it next term.

After lunch, almost immediately for a walk with Parsifal, and we go to the puddle/small lake where we went last week in just about 25 minutes, which was pretty good going, as thoughte me.

Decided, in a rash moment, to fill the pipe right up and at the same time to finish of the tin of tobacco, and this we did. Shortly after we had started, however, some small birds [girls] came along, and we perambulated for a while, and then returned.

Carried on for a while, but the tobacco went unusually quickly, and it was only 1350 when we finished, so we went on to Duddlestone, and thence back to school. After doing some music practice, along to the choir tea, but I reckon we could hve done with more than we were given.

Then along to the wireless club, and attempted the head porters radio, and had to give that up until next term as well.

Got records of St. John Passion in the evening - Damn good cover.

Monday, 27 July 1964 KCT
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The last day of term is always a bit of a sweat, and today was no exception, although it started off more or less quietly.

We had a late rising, why I do not know, for it seems imperative to get down to this as quickly as possible.

Then an assembly - I used to hold by Benjy, and agree with him, but lately he is doing some odd things. Anyway, he spent about 10 minutes in a pretty violent blowing up, and plenty of threats for next term. At this rate, I will be glad when he goes.

Double physics, and I persuaded Poop to let us have a practical, mainly because I had asked him much to the chagrin of the others, who had apparently wanted to read. However, 'twas fun, and was almost the same as the 'A' level practical - same apparatus except for potentiometer instead of voltmeter.

After break, double Skiv, but after collecting in our books, we did no work, apart from an interesting problem which Skiv gave us. Wrote up yesterday in this time.

After lunch straight down to the hangar, and, as last term, Cookson ii and I helped each other.

Got up to the school again, withdrew some money from house bank, and ended up £1 in debt to Jimmy. Then over to Gatcombe, and back to the school, where I found Skiv and got £2··10··0 out of him.

While carrying batches of stuff from the common room to Big School, I managed to get a ticket. My financial dealings are more or less O.K. now.

At 1440, was grabbed by Stanley i to go and get all the muck out of the changing rooms, and, with Akhavan did this. When we got back, finally finished off packing, and took my trunk along to the drying rooms.

At 1600, roll call and scob inspection. It seems that Hill had lost a squash racket, and Skiv was so worried that he forgot to inspect some of the scobs, mine included (just as well) kept us in curfew, and then searched all our trunks. What a waste of time.

Then hung round until supper which was better than usual, and managed to get more.

Film, “Call me Bwana”. Quite amusing.

Tuesday, 28 July 1964 KCT → Combeinteignhead
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Bell went at 0510 [UTC] this morning, early for a change, and was up and out before 0520.

Once downstairs, gathered all my stuff together, and dumped them in the front hall to be collected after breakfast. This I did and found that I was lucky to get a seat in the bus, but just about managed it.

Got down to the station, hanging around for about 10 minutes before the train came in. Roscoe ended up next to me - spent his time reading the St John Passion.

Arrived in Newton Abbot, and immediately along to town to buy a pipe, and this I did - 21/-, and bought some Balkan Sobranie flake, as advertised in the Observer the other day. Not at all bad stuff.

Then to Netherton in a Dinkikab,

In those days, a taxi was a London Taxi, and alternatives were only just starting to appear. The Dinkikab was one of them, but Google can't find any references at all outside this diary. Possibly they were local to Newton Abbot.

and immediately waylaid by Bev, and so went for a walk with her, talking about everything under the sun, and quite a bit there was too. Got back, and the hour was yet early, and went up to do a bit of packing before lunch. Tried to get my cufflinks and tiepin from Mrs Baudouy, but, as was to be expected, she had lost them. Game me a £1 for new ones. “You can get gold for that!”. Who does she think she's kidding?

Got some film, and also an exposure calculator for Bev, as she has been given a camera with adjustable things on it en lieu of her other one (lost, as usual.)

This we did, and then discovered that cuff-links were 30/- for anything at all decent, so, after looking all over the place for Mrs Baudouy, and buying some batteries, decided to ask them to send her a bill for the balance of the price, and this I did. Then, as she still had not turned up, went home by bus, and let Bev take a photo of me with my pipe.

Got home, down to weighing our stuff. We are not unfiddlebly overweight, although Mrs Baudouy got us to put in yet more things.

When we had finally arranged all that, decided to have come coffee, and then a bath. After that, wandering all over the place, kissing all the birds goodbye. Just about to kiss Nikki (met her today) when enter Papa Baudouy. What an inopportune time!

Wednesday, 29 July 1964 Combeinteignhead → Exeter → London → Istanbul → Tehran →
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After a rather bad nights sleep, Bev came in and woke me up at 0515, and we got ready. Soon was Mrs Baudouy up, but we were too late to catch any breakfast, and as a result were bundled into the Dinkikab with only an apple each. But the time we had got to Exeter airport, found quite a few things that we had left behind, including my shaver. Rang up, and asked for it to be grabbed before somebody pinched it.

Took off at 0730 instead of 0700, but might be something to do with B.S.T.

Had quite a bit of fun in London airport. After we had transferred to flight building 3,

“Flight building” was the term used at Heathrow airport, at least, for “terminal”. “Terminal” then meant the buildings in the middle of town, such as West London Air Terminal.

weighed about ½ our stuff, and were, not surprisingly, underweight. Then checked seat numbers, etc, and had a bit of an argument as to where Sharifah Endah was going to sit, and finally settled it. Then up to unaccompanied minors, and then had a bite to eat. Then we were called back to the ticket counter, and had all our seats changed again. Then up to a VIP reception room, where I met Endah, and we had a rather interesting conversation with some of the fellows from the Malaysian embassy.

Finally took off, and found ourselves bound for Istanbul, which was rather contrary to my expectations, and arrived there at 1610 hrs [UTC] (local time 1910)

I didn't note when we left London, but the flight from London to Istanbul must have taken about 3 hours, so we would have left round 1300 UTC.

and tried to take some photos. Endah and I succeeded OK (except, perhaps, for the light), but Bev took a beautiful picture of her own face. An obliging turk then stepped in, and took one of us all together - ⅕ second exposure, I think. Also Akhavan was there. I dig his suit, but would never dream of wearing it myself. On the way to Tehran, had supper, and then obliged by playing “Hangman” with Endah and Bev.

At Tehran, had a look at some Omar Khayyam in 5 languages for £2, and needless to say, bought it not.

Then once again up, and as bu this time the local time was quite late (0030 hrs 30/VII/1964), we all went to sleep, and I woke with a splitting headache at 2250 to discover that we were coming into Karachi, and that Endah had pinched my pillow. Although the temperatures was much the same at all stops (20, 20, 28), Karachi, owing to the humidity, seemed much hotter than the others. Noted one of the Stewardesses ...

Thursday, 30 July 1964 → Karachi → New Delhi → Calcutta → Kuala Lumpur
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K.L. time in K.L.

... talking to Endah about her royal heritage, V.I.P.ship etc, and the latter seemed not at all wiling to talk about it. It must be rather boring to always have that sort of thing happening.

The next stop was New Delhi, and I sent off a Postcard to Sue to apologise for not ringing her in Columbo [sic]. Also took a photo of a whopper of a cockroach there. Should be good, if it comes out (all done by artificial light).

Once more up, and away, this time to Calcutta. The monotony of it bores me. Had a rather late breakfast (or rather early, if one keeps to G.M.T.). Bev, however, who was not feeling her best, slept through it. When we got to Calcutta, the bird on front of us vomited all over the gangway. All part of the V.I.P. service, as I commented to Bev. Ended up going out the other way. In the lounge, Bev succeeded wonderfully in breaking her transit card. However, we got away with it.

Then en route for Kuala Lumpur, and almost immediately we had taken off, Endah and Bev went to sleep. Then the stewardess came along with Disemberkation cards, which I felled in for Bev & myself. I don't see why Endah needs them, though just a formality, I suppose.

Then went to sleep, and, as usual, woke up with a splitting headache. The time passeth so slowly as to be almost unbelievable.

Had lunch at about 3.15 pm,

It's not clear what time zone this was. According to notes in the diary, I used GMT (UTC) until I reached Kuala Lumpur, but I'm sure we arrived in the daytime, and 3.15 pm UTC corresponds to 2045 West Malaysian Time

and I left most of it, not feeling particularly hungry nor well, and after that, and went to have a freshen up before landing at K.L. [K.L. Time from here on].

Finally we got there, and Endah was escorted out, but we had to wait for health things to go through. As seems usual when I land at K.L. airport, it was pouring with rain, and we were escorted down in the shade of a pyong [umbrella] each.

Based on my recollection and the text above, I'd guess we arrived in KL about 1630. That's 0900 UTC, or a flight time of 20 hours. That's rather more than I recall (I thought about 17 hours), but still not that much more than the 13 odd hours it takes today flying non-stop. Most of the time was taken up by takeoffs and landings, of course; the planes have not got faster in the intervening time.

Also from here on my handwriting changed, apparently a result of the new pen that I bought on 1 August. It made my illegible scrawl barely more legible, and marks a definite change in the appearance of the diary. It also serves as an indication of the lag in writing the diary.

Somehow both Mum & Dad had managed to slip past customs, and were there to meet us almost immediately. Dad is putting on weight.

Got back home, and here were hundreds of things to do. We now have our own TV, with VHF and UHF, but I am ignorant as to the tuning of the latter.

I am sharing a bedroom with Dad, and similarly Bev with Mum. Dad discovered my pipe, and we had a a session trying out each others tobaccos. Soon had dinner, and 'twas a good one at that.

After that, Dad & I went for a walk, and discussed photography and my future career. There is something definitely wrong with my feet - some skin disease, fungus, etc. Tried out hypo, which seems effective.

Friday, 31 July 1964 Kuala Lumpur
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For some odd reason, I woke up at 4.00 and could not get back to sleep again.

This was my first experience of jet lag, a concept almost unknown at the time.

About ½ hour later, I got up, dressed and downstairs to the spare bedroom, where Else's pups were and spent some time reading the education file, which contained quite a few interesting letters concerning me.

At 0530, felt dead beat again, and went back to bed. Entered Eileen with the tea at 7.00, and after that up and ready to go for a swim. Just as we were about to set out, Mum decided to come, and so we had to wait for her. When we got there, we discovered that they were cleaning the pool, and it would not be open until 11.00. As a result, we went along to the lake club.

Got back, had breakfast, and then went upstairs and started reading some comics, as both Mum & Dad had some work to do. Also did a bit of listening to the St. John Passion. It really is a wonderul work, even if I say so myself.

After that, did little until lunch - I was pretty tired, and while reading the comics, I nearly went to sleep.

When Dad came back, he told me that we had been invited by the Agong to have tea with him at 4.00 this afternoon at the Istana Negara. Who could refuse an offer like that (even if one wanted to!)?

After lunch, tried to carry on reading comics, but this time I did go to sleep, and when I woke up, I decided that I might as well end this farce once and for all, and went to be, to be woken by Dad at 3.15. When we had found out the time, we got down to getting ready, and after stopping off at the Weld supermarket to get some flowers for the Raja Permaisuri Agong, carried on, and arrived some 5 minutes late. However, the Agong did not mind. The tea was quite good, and during it he disclose that he preferred speaking english than Malay. If he spoke in Malay he was answered in english, and vice versa. What could he do?

Then saw a film, “The Seventh Dawn”, about the Emergency.

This was in fact a world première. IMDB gives the release date as 13 August 1964.

Very good indeed, and uncle Bob was in once of the scenes - at the B.A.'s place.

After that, we were already booked to go to have dinner with a friend of Mums, Luciana Harris. Had it at the Merlin, and were then due to go and see the film “The Christine Keeler Story”, which was one of the crappiest films I have ever seen. I feed that I could have done as much, had I a cine camera and film sufficient.

After that, got back home very late - had to take some friends back home.

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