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June 1964
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Monday, 1 June 1964 KCT Images for 1 June 1964
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Dismal morning. I was woken up at odd intervals by a cold wind blowing from Motts direction, and had very little rest.

Letter from Cynthia in breakfast, but not much news. Just an apology that she could not see me on Saturday - Sunday, and wanted to know who D. I. Walker was.

Wrote back to her after breakfast, and also one to Maria. I must try to get further on with her. We are settling into some kind of slidge at the moment.

More of the Maupassant in french, and dead boring it was as well.

Physics was really one hell of a fiddle, and we got far too high an accuracy through our fiddling methods, and I got rather worried that Poop would realise that we had been fiddling when we got a value of 535,8 for the latent heat of vaporisation of steam - other values were 470, 480, 520 and so on.

The value was in calories per gram, and pretty accurate (modulo pressure). I clearly hadn't understood the issue of precision when faking results.

After break, we had french with Skiv, and it was a Dictée, which was very difficult indeed - I doubt that anybody got less than 10 mistakes.

Divvers - Sykes gave 3 drills.

After lunch, had nothing to do until 1330, and then to prep in room 19, and was a hell of a farce. I had finished all my prep for the night in 5 minutes (we did not have much), and most of the other people started fooling around. I am surprised that nobody got punished.

Then changed into denims and all crowded into the east (2nd) cloister to await being allowed in to see the Prime Minister, but were eventually shoved into the dining hall, and he came and gave us a few words, in which time I took 12 photos.
Image title: Sir Alec Douglas Home 10          Dimensions:          1709 x 2585, 677 kB
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These photos also show the headmaster, Ben Weed, at bottom left.

Then, and what weather too, we had a field day. I fondly imagined that, because I was in the enemy, I would not have to move around much, and thus not get well. How mistaken I was. Walking up and down various paths, and Sykes there to make sarky comments about it, too. However, I did catch somebody, and had the thrill of letting off a blank at him.

Missed chapel - no russian. Tyson must want to go for a booze-up or something.

Tuesday, 2 June 1964 KCT
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All in the way of mail this morning was the parcel of components from radio component specialists. All is well except that they sent an ECF82 instead of an ECC82.

After that, just in the way of amusement, Lugitsch got a parcel of fruit from, or all people, Mrs Morgan - the mother of Morgan, who is now in Austria. Before long, 2 other fellows were in here as well, and apples and oranges were flying everywhere. What a laugh.

English first, and, after getting our books back, decided to do a bit of work on Julius Caesar, and spent the rest of the period on it.

Then divvers, and Sykes was sitting at the table directly in front of me - the old desk was replacing another.

Maths, and I made a hell of a mess of our stuff, and gave up in disgust, and just waited until break, when I did a superb piece of queue-barging.

Latin, got our books back, and I did better than I might have expected - got 28/50 in the unseen.

Clarinet lesson 1100-1130, but in actual fact I left at 1151. Did little maths.

After lunch, did little but wondering if it is worth trying to use an ECF82 instead of an ECC82. I doubt it.

Double Deutsch in the afternoon, and Tyson was not in a very good mood. First of all he handed back our Prüfungen from last week, in which I only got 23/30, and then [sic: nothing]

After that, he decided that we did not know enough about the passive, and made us have a look at the grammatical section on it, and then made us do some work on it.

Then a Nacherzählung, about a Miller (I don't know why it was a Miller) and his son taking an ass to market.

After that, although I had no alibi, I couldn't be fagged to turn up for pioneers, especially as it was very cold today, and instead head towards the music rooms, got out my clarinet, and started making a nuisance of myself towards Aston. Then along to the wireless club to drill Botts chassis.

Wednesday, 3 June 1964 KCT
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No letters this morning again, and it really is getting rather annoying.

After breakfast, did little until I discovered that our latin prep was meant to be written out, and spent a hurried 10 minutes trying to do so, with the aid of Daws book.

Then English, and we had a 1 word content question test, and I did not do all that well. However, as I had done no prep, it was not all that bad an effort. That took up the whole period, as usual.

Then latin, and after going over the verse unseen, Mansell told us about the sanitary conditions in Ancient Rome, Modern Naples, and Birmingham (the latter two only in the slums). It really was quite disgusting. 1 toilet/500 people, and as it was too far to walk, they usually did it in the bath, since it had no water.

Maths was pretty average, and we spent nearly all the time going over last nights prep.

After break, Chemistry, and Clod was about 15 minutes late. When he did come in, he only answered one question, concerning mixtures.

Deutsch, and I had forgotten half my books, but nothing happened of it.

In the afternoon, choir practice, and we have got some crappy tune to a 26-verse hymn which we will have to sing on speech day.

Then along to the wireless club (Philips and I have decided that, since we have a free day, we are allowed into the wireless club on Wednesdays) and carried on drilling.

Then put the pots, tab board, and a couple of phone jacks to the chassis, but may have to take out the tagboard to put the components on. Then Philips move to the bench next to me, and as a result I had to get all my stuff off it, and did quite a bit of tidying up, apart from putting in a few screws for holding up my soldering gun, headphones, etc.

After roll call playing flutes with Auer and Chivers, the latter of whom wants to buy my old one. What a racket.

Thursday, 4 June 1964 KCT
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Still no mail. It really is getting rather annoying. I suppose I am paying for not writing any nearly a week ago. Maria should have written, though.

Did little after breakfast - I must organize myself better in the morning.

Clod turned up early for chemistry, and spent the whole of the first period talking about the practical. that he had come early expressly to do. He did, however, prepare some carbon monoxide, by 2 different methods.

Then spent the 2nd half preparing various gases just to make sure that we knew how to. Had votes (2 each). Interesting that my choices both came first - the others must have been waiting to see what I would say.

Physics, in comparison, was rather dead boring, and spent the whole time talking about the latent heat of fusion of various things.

After break, french, and we got a couple of things back. Complaints from Skiv right, left, & centre.

Maths, and we did some revision work on calculus. I rather surprised myself by finishing the lot, and my prep as well.

Wind band after lunch, and did not do much. We were given “My Fair Lady”, and as there was no 1st clarinet part, I was given the second to play with Hugo, and everybody made a mess of it.

Then latin, and I just managed to creep in before Mansell, who unfortunately gave us a grammar test, in which nobody did very well. It did, however, take up the whole period.

After that, Deutsch, and Tyson got rather annoyed with Lennox, for some reason or another, and blew him up, and kept the lot of us in an extra 10 minutes, damn him.

After that, pioneers, and we were laying mortar, sand, and to go between the cracks in the flagstones that they laid on Tuesday (presumably) I wonder what advantage there is to be on the cement mixes. I think I will stay round the front from now on. Reading Quantum theory in prep - I am finally beginning to understand it.

Friday, 5 June 1964 KCT
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Valve from RCS today. They even sent a stamp to send the other one back with. Also postcard from Mum, written in Darjeeling and posted in Calcutta. She is probably back in KL now.

After breakfast, did some flute practice with Chivers. He becomes very keen.

French first, and he gave us a reproduction, which was rather amusing, which is more than one can say for many.

PE was rather cold, but did not do much apart from play some damn stupid game - Chinese cricket, I think it was called.

Then latin, and Mansell wanted to do some correcting, and as a result we had to make all sorts of lists of things.

In break, more flute practice, and had quite a bit of fun. Enter Hargrave, and made, for a change, a favourable comment.

Then maths, and I finally got to find out what ∂y/∂x means, and quite interesting it seems.

Chemistry, and Hall was in charge of us, and mad us do some rather deathly boring work.

After lunch, despite my (rather feeble) protests, Chivers dragged me to room 26 to hear “Ode to St. Cecelia” (Purcell). However, I had a couple of letters to write, and shortly left for the common room.

Then Deutsch, and he went over the prose that we did yesterday. I had forgotten to bring the sheet on which it was written, and so copied it out into my book while he was writing the preceding sentences on the board - and I finished it, too, without making too many mistakes. That exhausted the period, but for our Starkesverbenprüfung.

Then English, and Boris read to us from Gullivers Travels, and the Houynhims in particular. Not, however, very interesting.

Bassoon lesson, and he brought a Heckel bassoon with him. The difference between it and the Buffet is quite amazing - I must persuade Dad to get me a Heckel, but I don't know not [sic] he will think of it.

The issue wasn't Heckel vs. Buffet, but the horrible Hakwes & Sons English bassoon that I had. Not only was it a poor instrument, it was also in terrible condition. As of typing in this diary, I have instruments by both Buffet-Crampon and Heckel, and there's little to choose between them.

Then to pioneers, and once again Drax was not there, and it might be worth while not turning up from now on Fridays - I wonder if I can fiddle it. I wonder what will happen next term.

Saturday, 6 June 1964 KCT
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Only 2 letters this morning - 1 from Mum, which was written in Khatmandu, and one from Boots, who want their £2··8··3 quickly.

After breakfast, to the music rooms with Chivers and was soon joined by Auer - at least the noise is finally getting rather musical.

After that, Latin, and we had a test on this stuff that he gave us to do yesterday. I did not very well.

Then french, with Madameoiselle Sorérau. According to Risso-Gill, she is leaving within the next couple of days, but he is not very reliable. Spent 1st half of the period talking about what we were going to do this afternoon, but as it was raining, most people wanted to go to the flicks.

Then physics, and Poop gave us about 20 minutes to work out what we should have done last night, in which I became utterly bored.

After break, we had music - Rimsky-KorsakovsSchehzerade” (Римски-Kорсаков?), which was quite interesting - about the arabian nights. Then some stuff by Stavinsky (Стравински?) from ballet.

Spellings are as written, though it seems that “Stavinsky” (without the r) was an error: it's present in the approximation in Cyrillic script.

After lunch, it was declared a free day, and a block exeat was given out for going to the flicks, but as a) there was nothing good on and b) I did not have enough money to go anyway, I did not go, but headed to the wireless club, and decided to carry on with the tidying up, etc, my bench, and this took me quite some time, as I had to drill quite a few holes for wires to go through the bench, so that I didn't have all these things hanging down in front, and was considerably neater. Then enter Bott, and asked for a front panel to the preamplifier, and so gave me 2/- to get one.

After roll call (there was one), went down to Mountlands O.O. with Chaun, who wanted to send a registered letter, and ran short of money, so he had to borrow as mush as I had from me, and only just managed to pay for.

Then more flutes with Chivers.

Writing out Scratching's 40 Lines in prep, to the tune of the 5th symphony (Beethoven) and Brahms's 4th.

Sunday, 7 June 1964 KCT
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Overslept this morning - how disgusting.

After breakfast, decided to do a bit of flute practice, and discovered that my flute music was all gone but a single piece. Played that, and then tried to find some more, but finally found Auer, who confessed that it was in his folder - No. 14.

Then chapel - Gawd! Barret didn't spare the incence, and the whole of the altar was obscured by the smoke. As for Hymns, I think Harrison has more or less given up - Old Hundredth for the processional, and “Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore him” for the exit (or whatever it is called) to the proper tune 393.

I think 393 must be the Kaiserhymne, which Vaughan-Williams (compiler of the hymnal) called “Austria”.

Then into the wireless club, and after doing a bit more tidying up, decided that it might be fun to see what I could do with the 52, and first of all replaced the speaker, and then got a 12 V tap on the power supply, and then pinched a few wander plugs, wire, etc, and connect up to the power supply, and lo and behold, the thing worked - it did, admittedly, need an alignment, but that is only a minor point - I must once again try to change the valves - if it is still worth it. After lunch, Chivers tried to get me to come to hear La Nozze de Figaro, but I had to much to do, and declined.

Then tidyed up my scob, and found a few more letters, which I proceeded to file.

Then down to room 26, and heard La Nozze de Figaro (or at least the end) after all. Then Chivers hopped it (for a swim, of all things) and left Wadland, me, Dray & Weeks to listen to Hoffnung's “Let's fake an Opera”, which I have only previously heard in bits. Then the 1812 overture on recorders - what a laugh.

Then up to the Wireless club, and got out the signal generator, and started aligning the 52, and carried on until roll call. All the thing needs now is some more screening cans - when a strong signal came along, the thing began to oscillate - I fixed that by pinching a can from somewhere else, but must buy a few. Then pinched Freds headphones, and listened to MSF with it.

After supper, playing bassoon, but Tyson caught me to do a coax plug for him.

Monday, 8 June 1964 KCT Images for 8 June 1964
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2 letters this morning - Maria and Janet. In reply to my attempts to try and get this affair with Maria on, I got: “Gregory, I like you very much and I would like to love you, but I think it is to soon to speak about love at this stage; don't you?”. Ah well. Janet's letter was as amusing as her last - St Audries had ½ term over the weekend.

In assembly, the Weed said that St. Audries had an epedemic of Whooping cough - wanted the names of anybody who had contacts with St Audries. I hope that neither Janet nor Cynthia have caught it.

Did little in french - carried on with the Maupassant stuff. Mlle Soréreau was shocked at some of the language used (I suppose I should say “excuse my french” at this juncture).

Then double physics, and Poop tried an experiment on the effect of pressure on boiling point for the first time. It was not particularly successful, but we did get water boiling at a temperature of 34° at a pressure of about 40 mm Hg.

French again with Skiv, and we did little, as he was trying to go over the reproduction.

Divvers was pretty average, and we finished the book with 15 minutes to spare.

After lunch, corps, and for some reason Akhavan wanted me to take a photo of him in his corps uniform. I suppose it looks amusing.
Image title: Shahram Akhavan          Dimensions:          1647 x 2580, 1056 kB
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But then the inspection, and Mansell was not very impressed by my turnout, even gave my rifle a hefty shove, and I let go of it, much to Fullers amusement. In the actual march-past practice, however, Sarge told me that it was not worth my marching past, as I would make such a mess of it, and so I walked straight out and sat down beside Lloyd, who had fainted.

Then came rot about section leading from Howard i, and then gave up, and went to tea, where enter Weeks, and we both started making derogatory comments about Green.

5th period was practice for giving orders, and at the same time Sarge tested me to see if I would be OK for the general inspection next week. Unfortunately, he thought I was OK.

Then to the wireless club, and did little.

In supper, Green was trying to start a scandal about Weeks and me.

Tuesday, 9 June 1964 KCT
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No letters this morning, but got the panel from H.L.Smiths. Very well y-wrapped indeed.

After breakfast, could not find Chivers, so ended up in the inside music room playing Chédeville l'ainé on Wadlands recorder.

This was Esprit-Philippe Chédeville ((2 September 1696 — 9 March 1762), a composer so well-known that I can't find a good link to him.

First lesson was english, and we got our essays/précis (in my case an essay) back, and I did quite well at it. Then spent about 10 minutes talking abut Julius Caesar, and then, Boris being under the expression [sic] that we would have an essay about commercial radio in the essay paper for the exam, and made us do an essay of sorts about it.

Then divvers, and Sykes gave us a few hints on how to do the french orals which we will be having this afternoon. Maths, and I discovered that I had not done my prep.

In break, spent the time talking to Chivers, and he to me about how we will probably end up when we leave this place. He had 'A' level music aural shortly after, in latin, while we were correcting our (rather poor) tests.

Then a maths test, and I don't think that I did too badly. Got the last 2 right, at any rate.

In rest, down to room 24, where Tyson wanted me to solder a lead onto a loudspeaker plug for him, as this had come off in Russian last night.

Then double Deutsch, which was slightly disrupted owing to the french orals. When Dawson came back, I learnt that, unlike the German orals, we were going into the thing one by one. When I actually got there, I discovered that we were allowed to have a look at the piece that we were to read - which was just as well, for the thing began “Au mercredi, 6 juillet 1959”. It would have been quite beyond me to read that out first. Ended up the oral “Qu'est-ce que vous faites ici?” “Je fais d'allemand, M.” “Eh bien, allez faire votre allemand”. I wonder if he was so disgusted that he wanted to get rid of me, or what. At any rate, he did not take as long with me as with Howlett.

Then clarinet lesson, and spent some time doing some duets with Chopping. Then stayed to watch Hyde produce his saxophone, and say there was something wrong with the octave key.

Russian in 2nd prep - revision.

Wednesday, 10 June 1964 KCT
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No mail again today. Must start writing to other birds. I can think of at least 6 others to whom I owe a letter, so there is really no excuse.

Did some Blockflöte practice with Chivers after breakfast. Took longer than I had expected.

English first, and spent most of the time talking about Commercial radio, journalism being included, mainly, I think, because Lord Beaverbrook died yesterday, and it was in all the papers.

Then latin, and got our books back. In mine was a very severe comment by Mansell, and threats of a 1-hour detention.

Then maths, and did little. Nobody seems to have been able to do last nights prep, and as a result we spent all but about 10 minutes talking about it. Got only about 1 question out in the remaining time.

After break, chemistry, and Clod was in fairly snappily, and dealt with a variety of questions, most of which he has done before. He really must hate teaching 3a and 5a.

Then Deutsch - finished with 20 minutes to spare. Tyson says he cannot cope with this “simultaneous translation”. Did most of my prep in class.

Choir practice, and I spent the first half of the time trying in vain to get a pair of size 11 corps boots.

Then finished choir practice early, and down to the wireless club, and decided to do a bit of S.W.Ling, and turned to one end of the dial, and lo and behold, etc, out came radio malaya speaking malay (or it may have been indonesian) on about 16 Mc/s. 'Twas quite amusing, strong, but it faded out after about 10 minutes, and was interrupted by the (loud) Voice of America.

Then aligned the thing again, and it is more or less OK. now.

Could not find Chivers after roll call, so spent the whole time S.W.Ling, etc.

Did, however, at the end decide to try to pick up Caroline and Atlanta. Did so.

Turned out Chivers was doing Athletics practice.

Thursday, 11 June 1964 KCT → Bath → KCT Images for 11 June 1964
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Still no mail today, and it becomes annoying.

After breakfast, spent much time getting things ready, and did little else. Did, however, get Skiv to sign the block exeat for the Bath Festival.

Double chemistry, and we did another practical, and rather fun - spent most of the time, when I was not heating a 10-pf. piece to red heat, talking to Clod about the structure of cyanic acid, and the two different forms of hydrocyanic acid.

Then physics, which was rather dead boring, and Poop spent most of the time talking about subjects which he knows no better than I do.

Finally got out for break, and, by some coincidence, both Chivers and I had money, and so we got some buns, which however disappeared rapidly.

Then french, and we had to do an experience, and that took the whole period. Skiv kept hopping out to see what the score vs. the MCC was (we were playing them today.

Maths - I got 28/30, and Jimmy reckoned that I did well enough not to have to follow his going over.

Wind band practice after lunch, and Craven got a bit fed up with the way Mr Ravenor was criticising him, and walked out.

In latin, had a bit of trouble - oral questions, and it was rather difficult, but Gilks was the only person who got more than me.

Deutsch, and did little, and spent most of the time waiting for the end of the period.

After tea, got ready a few necessities for the trip, and spent a bit of time waiting for the bus.

Spent most of the time on the journey watching Chivers try to speak German and French, and not very successful.

The concert was very good - some Brahms double concerto, and Mahlers 4th Symphony, in which there was a choral part. Got a few flash photos, but don't know if they will come out.
Image title: Bath festival 1          Dimensions:          2609 x 1692, 1050 kB
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Got back at the school at about 2050 2250 - didn't get to bed until 1130. 2330. Found lot of slugs in school spuds - took photo.
Image title: Slugs          Dimensions:          1729 x 1684, 759 kB
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Diary entry for Thursday, 11 June 1964 Complete exposure details


Friday, 12 June 1964 KCT
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Despite the late night that I had last night, I was up with the lark at 0630 hrs, and managed to get all that I had to do done before breakfast.

In breakfast, letter from Mum, and one from Susan Johnson, who “don't know how you got my name or address, but am pleased that you did”.

French first, and 'twas a dictée, and did very little as a result. Thank God he did not test us on our vocab. The dictée itself was easier than the last one, but mainly because it was shorter.

PE, and we all had to go in for a swim. I tried to flunk it, but Sarge did not like that, and all but forced me to go in.

The main issue was that it was very cold by my (tropical) standards. I never could handle swimming in water under 20°.

Latin, and Mansell was in an odd mood. Dawson was late, and he shoved his table in the way of the door to prevent him from getting in.

Then, after break, maths, and spent all but the last 5 minutes going over last nights prep, which I had not completely done.

Chemistry was actually a test. Clod insisted on the working, that I might keep myself occupied.

After lunch, wrote a letter to Susan. Must write to Maria soon - nearly a week since I got her letter.

After that, German, and a Nacherzählung, and I finished it in record time, and then started on the prep, and finished it as well before the end of prep [sic], but Tyson insisted that I look over it.

Then english, and Boris deċded [sic] to have a quiz about the Prologue and we had quite a bit of fun, and, after our own team (of which I was captain), had got off to a bad start, I got 20, and we came 2nd.

Then we were supposed to have a school photograph, etc, but it was raining, so it was put off, presumably until tomorrow, and we had a free day, in which Weeks clung to me like a limpet. I finally shook him off and a went to listen to Luxembourg (in German).

Then had a sort of free for all with Weeks and Lloyd, which was rather fun.

Choir practice, and after the end of an anthem, had a low A stuck for a couple of minutes.

Presumably on the organ.

Saturday, 13 June 1964 KCT
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Letter from Janet today, and she was awfully apologetic about something she had written in her last letter - she did, however, not say what it was. At any rate, I wrote to her before assembly, and told her not to worry, and that I still loved her. Must send it off as an express letter.

Then latin, and Mansell decided that, despite the fact that he had taught us about quominus and quin, he decided that we still probably did not know anything about it. He was right, too. Spent the whole of this period on it as well.

Then french - Skiv was not very pleased with our efforts, and with mine in particular, and threatened nearly all of us with detentions.

Then physics - we had a test, in which I could have done considerably better, but did not - only 2 people beat me on [?], and they were both in the Meynell.

Meynell was a house, and Padfield was the house master. The (probably incorrect) implication was that he was exercising favouritism.

After break, music, and for some reason, Jimmy Jones was not present today, so all the woodwork mob came into music, and made a damn nuisance of themselves. As a result, 2 of them had to see TDH at the end - music was Semele, and a Mozart fiddle concerto.

Turned up late for pioneers in the afternoon, and discovered that Drax had come along, and decided that I must be at Bath, and then gone away again - I need not have turned up after all. As it was however, I was hellishly slack, and left Lewis and Callow to do all the work - Callow undressed again - it really is disgusting, as Rees agreed with me.

Then spent a bit of time placating Lewis, and then knocked off, and I headed to the Common room to write a letter to Elizabeth Hennesy, and was kicked out by one of the Skivs who wanted to polish the floors, and went out until she had finished, and then carried on writing until I was forced to go for tea, and late for roll call again.

Then along with Chaun to Mountlands, and he withdrew £10, and paid me back whatever he owed me.

Then spent all my time trying to build Botts preamp, but was removed by Chivers.

Carried on after supper - also working out regulated power supplies.

Sunday, 14 June 1964 KCT
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Reading about an interesting transmitter circuit in QST before the rising bell today. Could be very interesting. I must doing some work about this soon.

After breakfast, did little except exhort Pond and Walker to hurry up and print my photographs, and then went and did some bassoon practice. At least I can now more or less humour the notes into tune now - the A is no longer really a B♭.

A is a notoriously unstable note on older French bassoons. The trick is to close the E hole, but I probably didn't know that.

Then chapel, which was pretty average, and once again it finished very early.

Almost immediately I after, I down to the armoury, and got all my corps kit up, and took it up to the cycle sheds, and got going. Then into the wireless club to get some araldite to stick on my shoulder flashes, and discovered that they were using a polishing attachment on the drill, so brought all my stuff in, and got them shining considerably better.

It did, however, take most of the morning, and I also had to go down to the head porters house to collect his portable (valve battery?) radio to fix up a switch.

After lunch, along to the darkroom, and spent quite a bit of time up there watching and helping them develop photos, including those of the slugs in the spuds that I took on Thursday night. It is quite fascinating to watch the photos in the developer coming up from nothing by the odd way in which they do - must try and join the photographic society.

Then down and did some flute and recorder practice until 1430 - Chivers has got some new music for Blockflöte.

Then to the wireless club, had a look at Grenvilles radio, and decided that little could be done for the switch. Up to the darkroom again - just drying the photos and doing some of Harts.

Then down to Grenvilles house, and told him that the best thing to do would be to put a new switch on. He agreed, so all is well - all I need now is some ready cash.

After supper, wrote letter to Maria, and then to wireless club, which, despite we were not allowed in then, was packed more than usual.

Monday, 15 June 1964 KCT
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General inspection today, which thoroughly threw everything out of whack, and made the whole day seem unpleasant.

After breakfast, got a letter from Susan, and she apparently knows that I am writing to Jan, and vice-versa. However, they do not object.

French first period, and I just about escaped a detention. Several people were not so fortunate, however, and Little, who is normally quite good, got the lowest mark of the lot.

Then physics, and as usual, we had a hell of a talking to, and then knocked off, and got changed into my stuff, and discovered that my boots were far too small to wear, and as a result got out of doing the inspection, which considerably brightened my day - spent my time writing to Sue enclosing a photo of myself in the letter, in return for the tiny thing that she sent in the letter of this morning, and wrote quite a long letter.

Went down to change into my denims for the field day, and that really was a hell of a mess.

Set off in the uses at 1200, and had lunch on the way, complete with Corona [fizzy soft drink]. I wish that they would give us something more substantial to eat than these packet lunches.

When we finally got there, we had to watch Wragg and Bird [?] operating the wireless things to show us what was going on in this section in the attack stuff.

The general who had been inspecting was there as well, and gave us an address, and told us that we had the best turnout in 3 years of inspecting schools. However, he was not so pleased with our drill.

Then tried the section in the attack stuff ourselves, and got nicely messed up with gorse, brambles, and other equally prickly things, and to crown it all, my gun would not load properly from the magazine, and I didn't get a chance to fire a shot.

Then back to school, had tea, and went into the wireless club, and discovered that Caroline time and school time differed by 3 minutes.

Tuesday, 16 June 1964 KCT
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All I got in the way of mail this morning was one from Mum, and, as usual, she only spoke to Bev. Little bit on the end by Dad, but he had little to say. Janet must have forgotten me - or is it just that she naturally does not reply so quickly as Sue.

Then English in first period, and spent most of the time talking about the effect of the Landscape on the Pommies. Boris did, however, draw an analogy to the Australians, and not very accurate nor pleasing at that. I told him what I thought of it.

This could have been the time that he said something like “When you're out in the country near an Australian, sooner or later he will bump into you, because he's not used to keeping his distance”. Quite possibly this was a deliberate dig.

Then divvers, and we spent all the time talking about various 'O' level papers that we had been looking at, and decided that I did not know them very well, nor did I particularly want to. However, it was vaguely amusing.

Then Maths, and, for about the first time this term, he did not go over the stuff a class, but instead left us to carry on with whatever we had to do. I wish he would teach us a bit about statics.

Then, after break, latin, and spent all the time talking about scansion, and did some, in which I did not do too badly.

More maths, and carried on with the paper, and finished it - which we were given prep as well to do.

In rest, looking at communications receiver circuits, and decided that the HBR11 would be OK if I included a Q-multiplier, and this i did, but then wondered if a bit of good, old fashioned regeneration would not have the same effect, and it would be a good idea.

Deutsch in the afternoon, and then got our things back. Nacherzählung, and I got 28/30, in which I was quite astounded. Then got back our process, in which I did not do nearly so well, and only got 18/30. “Below your best” was the comment on that one.

Clarinet lesson at 1530, and for about the first time this term, I did not stay on, but instead went and wrote a long (5 pages) letter to Mum & Dad, and this took me until about 1645. Then got “The hound of the Baskervilles“ out of House library.

Last Russian lesson tonight.

Wednesday, 17 June 1964 KCT
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Still no mail. What has happened to them. Surely I have not insulted them in any way?

After breakfast, reading “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, which is becoming increasingly interesting.

English first, and spent most of the time trying to reproduce parts of Caesar, although we also had some interesting deviations.

Then latin, and Mansell handed out a paper to us, which we had to scan, but we made rather heavy weather of it - all of us, thank God. There is nothing quite so off-putting as getting about 30% below anybody else.

Maths then, and on with the next paper, which was quite easy, and soon finished the first section, and was onto the 2nd by the end of the period. I am now less worried about ad. maths 'O' level than previously, and think I might even do quite well on it. Must study up a bit more, though.

Then chemistry, and the only interesting thing that Clod mentioned was the Periodic table, Mendelleef, etc.

Then Deutsch - Diktat back, and did not do too badly - 90%. Also corrected one sentence.

Choir practice as usual in rest, and TDH got a bit annoyed with the Glade-Wrights, and kicked them out of the practice.

After that, along with Chivers to the tuck shop, and bought some food. However, he wanted to watch the match, and I wanted to sit inside and read, and so we parted.

The number of people who stay inside in summer in the afternoon is irritatingly high. One can hardly read in peace.

Gave that up at about 1435, and did a bit of tidying up, and along to the wireless club, where I observed the strong second harmonic distortion that the PCR produces when out of tune, and tried to remedy it, but without much effect.

Then, at about 1630, decided that there was not much future in this, and got all my library books out of my scob, and returned them to their respective libraries. In the process, met up with Weeks, who was carrying a large box of food, and wanted me to do his physics prep for him.

Thursday, 18 June 1964 KCT
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Still no mail. What is keeping them?

Forgot table clearing again, and as a result got 3 days, which was rather highly annoying.

First 2 periods were double chemistry, and we spent the whole of the first period talking about what we did last week, as quite a few people were having their french orals in the last practical.

Finally, however, got onto various methods of preparing carbon monoxide, and made it from both oxalates and formates.

Then physics, and Poop brought out an ancient looking method for working out the mechanical equivalent of heat, set it up, and then decided that it would not work, and looked up a set of specimen readings. Wrote them up on the board, and then the bell went, so we didn't get a chance to copy them down.

After break, french, and this time we only had half a dictée, but even that lasted us the whole period, and I did quite well.

Maths, and we had more carrying on, as well as a few explainations for various questions, and discussing as whether the bath water runs out clockwise or anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere, and the other was in the southern. I wonder what it does in the equator.

Then wind band, and another bash at “My Fair Lady”. I would like to know what we are going to do on Speech day. We will have to return to Holst.

Then Latin, and spoke about sundry problems, etc, and wasted most of our time on that, and learnt a bit about the Roman methods of law. Highly crude, they strike me. However, I suppose they worked.

Then Deutsch, and Tyson asked us to get out or sheets on the subjunctive and to revise, and was rather annoyed to discover that we did not have them any more, and blew us up right left and centre.

After that, house photographs, but ours was not until 1620, and so spent about ¾ hour sitting outside the wireless club, talking about old times.

The photo itself lasted 40 minutes instead of the 10 [20? It's overwritten] given. In second prep, over to Stoneleigh, and listening to Britten's Cello symphony (1st British performance). Not bad, but a bit gimmicky.

Friday, 19 June 1964 KCT
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Finally a letter from Jan, but she did not date it. I calculate that she wrote it on Wednesday evening, after lights-out. Rather odd, as usual.

Then New Scientist came, and as usual there was an article on the new theory of gravitation, and looks interesting. Must find some time to read it.

French first, and a prose to do, and it was rather difficult. I wish I knew what the french for a drum was, though.

Then PE, and my foot was not very well after the kick that I gave it on Monday. Nevertheless, I went in, and made a bee-line for the other end, and got out and stayed out.

Late back for latin as usual, and Mansell was a bit peeved about this, and threatened to keep us in for a similar amount of break. Nothing but threats, however. Gave us some verse to scan, and then to translate, but did not get very far on the latter.

Maths after break - I made a hell of a mess of all the things that I tried.

Chemistry, and spent the whole period talking about the structure of sugar, etc, much to the annoyance of everybody except myself.

After lunch, wrote a letter to Janet, and spent most of the next period doing so.

Then deutsch, and Tyson decided that I had not been doing well enough - got 5/20 in a prose, and he was rather peeved with me for not copying out the subjunctive sheet, and I was told afterwards that he wanted to see me at the end of the period.

General talking with Boris in English, and at one time he told me to sit up or I would be sent back to the Jungle. After that, he called me, and asked me to describe a duinan [? Maybe durian, but the writing doesn't seem to match] for him, and was quite satisfied with my description.

Bassoon lesson - it is quite disgusting to try to try and play the school Bassoon.

Then collected my Sunday suit from the Linen Room, over to Gatcombe, and got changed, and over to help the rest of the pioneers move earth. To Exeter tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 June 1964 KCT → Exeter → KCT
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Letter from Elizabeth Hennessy this morning, very short & sweet. Must write back to her soon.

After assembly, TDH called me, and got me to get a music stand for my flute lesson, and then latin, in which we had to translate yesterdays verse. When I had done that, I got out of latin early, and went down to room 26, got a stand. (Harrison was in there in fact) and then over to Stoneleigh and found dozens of different Magnificats and Nunc dimittis - TDH must have a complex about them. I had been there for half an hour before Miss Mills turned up, and as a result carried on until 1000 hrs with her complaining about my embouchure right, left, and centre, and I began to get a bit peeved.

Got back to physics, just in time for the end of the period, and along to the chapel to get a new surplice, and got back to the common room, and discovered that there was no milk. In disgust, out and perambulated until music, which was a short session until 1100, in which we heard part of Schumann's 3rd symphony - very pleasant indeed. Then along to lunch, which was disgusting muck, and had a bit of a conversation with Daddy Death (as Father Sunderland has been recently nicknamed. The nickname has been spreading quickly) about it.

Then into the bus and off to Exeter, then when we finally got there, we discovered that we had ¾ hour to spare, in which we walked all over the place, and finally went to a place to have tea. Not much cop, but according to Chivers, 'tis good as english cafés go.

Then for a practice, and I decided to sing tenor, and sat with Chivers - some people from Blundells there with us, not to mention dozens of other school choirs. That was rather a farce, but it was obvious that we were the best there.

Then another 1¼ hour break, in which we wandered all over the place, and I was considering buying some new writing paper, but Chivers did not think it was worth it. Then back to the Cathedral, and decided to have a look round. Then along to robe up, and crowded into the chapter house, pinching the bottoms of the Sopranos and (female) altos, then the actual thing, which went very well indeed. Then an address by the Dean, who, amongst other things, compared us to the Minstrels Gallery.

Sunday, 21 June 1964 KCT
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Nothing much of importance happened today, as is, unfortunately, so often the case on Sundays.

Article in the Observer on the psychological apartheid that is growing up in this country between scientists and classicists in schools, and the way they keep apart after leaving school.

Then, after breakfast, found my time going quickly again and did not even have time for a recorder practice with Chivers.

In chapel, we were warned by the chaplain that he wanted to see us (the mob going on the Glastonbury pilgrimage next week) after chapel, and the he did, and it seems that there are only 6 people going, and we will have to pay for transport, as there are too many of us to go in his car.

Then along to the wireless club, and got down to Botts preamplifier again, and got it nearly finished.

Just the few odd wiring details to work out now, and it should be finished. Then enter Bott, and I shewed him the work, and he was highly delighted.

After lunch, Weeks wanted to go for a walk with me, and I had to write a few letters - one to Elizabeth, and also to Mum & Dad, and to Mrs. Baudouy.

Then out with Weeks, after finding a cap (some bastard has pinched my cap) and went out and went on a longer walk than usual, and got caught for a couple of ice creams by an ice cream fellow whom Weeks seems to know, and is a bit dotty, to judge by the way he acted.

When we got back, Skiv called Weeks into his study for ½ term report, and he came out with the interesting news that he would be likely to stay in the 3rd forms for another year. Then Skiv called me in and told me not to get about with Weeks. The whole system of this school is up the spout.

There was an unwritten rule that boys should only get around with boys of their own age. Presumably the (unstated) reason was to avoid homosexual relations. Apart from the ridiculous (non-)reasoning, it didn't really apply here: Weeks was about 6 weeks younger than I, but had somehow not done so well academically.

This greatly annoyed me. Weeks was no particular friend, and I mentioned this previously in this diary, but I was (and still am) very annoyed that there should be unwritten rules, and that I should be forced to choose my company only amongst boys in my own academic year. My refusal to put up with this nonsense did me no good in the eyes of the staff.

In tea, Aston, who had just got his report, burst into tears, because he was not doing well enough for Skivs satisfaction, and I spent the next hour explaining physics to him.

Another indictment of the school system.

In the evening, over to Stoneleigh to listen to “Curlew River” by Benjamin Britten. Very good. TDH wants to produce “Noyes Fludd” next year.

Monday, 22 June 1964 KCT
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4 letters today, from Mum, Maria, Sue, and CHRC. Maria says, and I quote, „Tell me Greg, can anyone get in love through letters and a few photos? because, lately I've been thinking of you more than I really should...“ I might have known it. Might need careful handling, though.

French first, and spent most of it finishing off correcting the prose, which we had apparently started on Saturday. Did not have time to finish that, though.

Then physics, and Poop decided that we should find the mechanical equivalent of heat, as we had not done it since 2/III/1964. When, however, we told him that we had already done it, he told Messey [Mr. Hessey, lab assistant] to take the stuff away, and spent a whole double period talking about it. I don't know how anybody can talk about so limited subject for such a long time.

As soon as we got out, we had to go and change for the general field day, but I insisted on getting my buns first, and ended up having to wear my corps shirt, as all the denims were falling to bits, and then, just to crown it, I was made a bren gunner - Lloyd was my flagflare [?]

Ate lunch on the way to Blackdown common - Lennox, in some mysterious way, managed to get 6 pork pies, and stuffed them aay into his denims top for further reference. Then got out, and waited for about ½ an hour before we got moving, and when we finally did, we ended up in a field of bulls, who started attacking and charging in true army fashion. Then we walked right into the enemy, got “killed”, and were sent back to the casualty point (pig sties), where we stayed for about ¾ hour, and in the process I got a lump of mud in my eye, and then we had to get moving. Finally got it out after about an hour, by which time we had gone up again, and discovered that we had been attacking the wrong point, and lost Hennesy and the rest of the section, and joined up with part of P platoon, which did not do us much good, and hung around for about an hour until we finally knocked off. When we got back, tried to doctor a switch, and then wrote letters to María and Sue, and in 2nd prep wrote out Tysons subjunctives. Took me 1 hr 8 minutes.

Tuesday, 23 June 1964 KCT
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Letter from Mrs Baudouy this morning, saying, as I might have guessed, that she would not be able to come on speech day, which decidedly did nothing to help my temper, and I had an attack of hayfever into the bargain.

English first, and got our precis back - I did quite well, with 22/30. My marks seem to be going up lately, but so may the general form average.

Then divvers, which, as Sykes had calculated, is the last but one divvers period before the exams. He spent the whole period going over various context questions, hardly any of which I could answer, but fortunately he did not ask me.

Then, instead of maths, had a clarinet lesson, and 'twas rather interesting to see Mr Whites look of resignation to the little brat that he was about to have when he got out of the car, and the way his face lighted up when he saw me (or am I just flattering myself. Probably).

Then, after break, Mansell spent all of latin talking about word order, and only did about 2 sentences.

Maths - more papers, all the time. Did about 4 questions.

After lunch, emergency choir practice to get ready for speech day, and was rather a nuisance, as it meant that I could not do what I wanted in rest.

Then double deutsch, and I arrived late, which hardly pleased Tyson. Got quite a lot to do, and did not have a Pause as a result, but carried straight on, and just to improve matters, I ran out of ink, and had to write in Biro, which made a hell of a noise on the desk as well as being illegible. Everybody was looking at me because I was making so much noise.

Then went in to see Mr White, and started to play duets with Chopping, as last week, and then enter Power, so exit me, discover that the pioneers were working today, and went along to the music rooms and started playing the clarinet that Hennessy is trying to sell. Very good, except for the difference in the key positions needed to be able to reach the extra keys (it is a full Boehm.).

Did quite a bit of english in Prep.

Wednesday, 24 June 1964 KCT
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No mail this morning. I suppose it must be rather difficult for them to write in the middle of the week, but I have not had one from Jan for a long time.

English first again, and did little. Boris had to make a phone call, and as a result, when Grenville entered with the chits, I had to do it. It seems that Whitehouse has got appendicitis - it must be the school food, or the slugs, or something.

Then latin, and had some of the word orders stuff, and got various odd blowings up from Mansell for not knowing our stuff. Now that summer is i-cumen in, and the hayfever with it, his good humour is rapidly deteriorating.

Maths, and had a really excellent coördinate geometry question, all about the distance between lines.

Then chemistry, which, as the A level practicals were in the chemistry labs, took place in big school, and we were supervised, as I had guessed, by a nark [prefect]. In the end, I nearly went to sleep from the boredom of it all.

Deutsch - I must buck up. Tyson reckons I am getting careless.

After lunch, Drax wanted the pioneers to finish off the work on the Hareston [?] road, and all we had to do in fact, was to move a small pile of earth, but as Drax was not there, it took us all afternoon. I went for a haircut at 1345, and the silly bastards took it nearly all off. At least I will not need another haircut for about 6 months. Pioneers were still working when I got back, and Callow & I started thinking about what Rees and Green did in the orderly room. Rose had been spending all afternoon talking about the new topless dresses that had been advertised lately.

Then we had a half day, and did little.

After roll call, got some food and headed to the wireless club, and started trying to do the rest of the switch.

Then Chivers got me, and got my music for flute, which TDH had just got, and went to play it.

Thursday, 25 June 1964 KCT
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Still no mail. It is getting rather boring, and I will soon have to do something about it.

Double chemistry first, and Clod was complaining about the way the mob were handling the 'A' level practicals, and started to perform various experiments on aniline hydrochloride, to show how easy the really were, and even I managed to work out that it was aniline hydrochloride (he had not actually told us what the stuff was). If all 'A' level chemistry is as easy as that, I should pass with flying colours.

Then physics, and we listened (or were supposed to listen) to Poop nattering his head off about some type of heat experiment - the amount of ice that melts when it falls a certain height.

Then french, and Skiv was at a rather loose end, and so spent the whole period talking about it, and trying to work out how to retell it, and listening to Masheders and Halletts rather odd versions.

Then had maths, and 'twas a test on last Decembers paper, and had to get 3 out in ½ an hour, which I just about managed to do.

After lunch wind band practice, in which, after deciding that we would play “My Fair Lady”, were then given the music for “Oklahoma”, and we decided that we would play that as well. Something tells me that the standard will not be very high this year. We finally finished our practice at about 1415, and then TDH told us about the arrangements for tomorrow, and got us to take a lot of music stands, etc, along to the outside music room, and then up to the senior physics lab, where the wireless club were present in force, and Wragg told me to get a couple of communications receivers, and a scope, and something to power one of the receivers. This I did, but did not have much chance to do much about setting it up, as the pioneers had a hell of a lot off work to do before speech day.

In second prep, had a hell of a lot of work to do, and had a bit of fun trying to get the signal generator resonating an Erlenmeyer flask.

Friday, 26 June 1964 KCT
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Speech Day

Letter from Dad again today. It looks as if he will be writing a letter every week, to arrive on Friday, from now on.

Spent all the morning until assembly trying to find a quiet place to write up my diary, but I was still called to try and get some chairs out of the marquée, much to my annoyance.

Then french (no assembly) and spent the whole time doing a reproduction story, and I am not to sure about the marks I am going to get, though.

P.E. was mainly spent moving things to and from the marquée, and 'twas rather a waste of time, and had to go for a swim despite. Colder than usual, too.

After that, up to the senior physics lab, and doing the last final arrangements for the wireless club exhibition, and got Windmill's help to put up an aerial and a couple of 9 ft masts. Then spent a few minutes looking round, and soon had to robe up for the service, but it was not really worth it. However, it was rather amusing, and, fortunately, was soon over.

After that, back to the physics labs, and waiting for visitors, but got few. After a while, decided that 'twas lunch time, and down to the marquée, and had a larger lunch than last year, at any rate.

Got back, and Pond started showing me the 88 sets, and then down to the signals shed, and tried to get the physics lab, but nobody competent there, and so I went up. Apart from a bit of QRM, all was well.

Speeches pretty average, and it seems that Benjy is going to retire next year. I wonder who we will have in his stead. Got my prizes, and shook hands with that famous fellow, the Bishop of Exeter.

Then up again, got out clarinet and other such things, and wind band got under way, without doing overly well. Then had tea, and up again to the Physics lab, and got various people talking over the 88 sets to the people out on the balcony.

Then supper, which was rather one hell of a mess - only 3 of us at the end of the table. Tidied up after supper, and trying out new music.

Saturday, 27 June 1964 KCT → Glastonbury → KCT
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Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Letters from both Janet and Susan today, complete with photos - which, apparently, was the reason why I had not got a letter before. Presumably Liz and Maria are going to wait until Sunday. Photos themselves were quite good.

After breakfast, I was called to the san, and it seemed that I required an injection, which proved to be T.A.B.C. As a result, I was 20 minutes late for latin, which helped us get it over and done with.

Then off to Glastonbury, and we were given a program at the outset, and it strikes me that we should have brought our hymnals, but I did not do much about it. Chaplains wife took a photo of the pilgrims before we left. When we got there, they had just begun the litany, and it was to a different chant from the usual one that we sing. However, Chivers and I soon managed to pick up the chant, and were singing louder than usual for the end of the thing. Carried on as usual - Bishops of Bishop of Exeter and Bath & Wells were there - 2nd day running that we have had them together.

Then went and got a bottle of cider and consumed this and our packet lunches in the precincts of the abbey kitchen, and then along to examine a roman catholic church nearby, and ended up lighting a dozen candles, and paying 2/- for the privelege, and then examined their organ, which, although small, was quite good.

Then along to a lecture about the 2nd Vatican Council and the church of England, of which I did not think too much, and nearly went off to sleep. He seemed to have the idea that the catholics were moving towards the C. of E. ideals, and that it had taken us 400 year more than them to find it all out.

For some reason I'm identifying with the Catholics here, though I had little reason.

Then got ready for the procession, and that took enough time. Then, when it finally got going, Daddy Death was not with Hatts, apparently because they had wanted to space the banners out properly. Quite fun, however. Then the actual service, which was pretty average. Then bought another bottle of cider, went back, and stopped off on the way at a wayside inn, and got a bite to eat. Finally got back late (deliberately) and had quite a good supper. Chivers and I were trying my new music in 2nd prep. Damn good.

Sunday, 28 June 1964 KCT
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Once again Sunday is here, and I spent it rather differently than has lately been my wone.

After breakfast, wanted to give some negatives to Pond to enlarge, but by the time I had got the things, I could not find the fellow, and returned in disgust to the common room, and after a bit of time there, did a bit of recorder practice on Wadlands recorder in the inside music room. That recorder might be quite good if it were not for all the odd whistles and squeaks on the attack. I suppose the only real solution is to attack weakly, but that would sound disgusting on a recorder.

Chapel was much the same as usual, and went by without any mishap or such thing.

After chapel, did some recorder practice with Chivers, and for some unknown reason, he changed in PT clothes and track suit - he says it is more comfortable. In the middle of it, Nicholas stuck his head in, said “Very nice”, and waled off again. We must have a true admirer.

Then to the library, and spent about an hour copying out some music to send to Jan, and this took me almost exactly until the lunch bell. Lunch itself was a mess - the whole school was in the main dining hall, and only managed to about¾ fill it - all the rest were out on exeat.

After lunch, wrote a letter to Jan, also enclosing a photo - must send her a better one, though.

After that, also one to Sue, and then to the music rooms, and started doing some recorder practice. either I am finally getting to understand my recorder [which I had had for four years], or it is changing for the better, but it is much more responsive lately, and I also seem to be able to get more volume out of it.

After roll call (or when we should have had roll call) down to the bilge [biology] labs, and looking at various things under the microscopes there. CH₃COONa crystallising out is most interesting - 2 completely different crystal forms.

Then more recorder practice, with Chivers on the piano, and then Compline in place of evensong. After that, up to the darkroom, and watched Pond teach Robinson iv how to develop a film. Akhavan is on the same plane as me at the end of term.

Monday, 29 June 1964 KCT
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2 letters this morning - 1 from María, who has now got herself some headed notepaper - too big for my liking, though - and one from Bev, who actually had the impertinence to tell me that I had not written to her for a long time. The whole term, I got exactly one letter from her. I must get some heard, black paper. Should be a gimmick, at any rate.

Service in lieu of french, and rather fun, but at that time of the morning, I can only sing bass, and this I proceeded to do.

Then double physics, and Poop spent all the time talking about the practical exams on Thursday, and then took the whole of the double period. At least, for a change, it was comparatively interesting. However, he did after a while go over some papers, which were rather interesting, and this took us all the double period.

After break, french, and Skiv was going over the reproduction story that we did on Friday, and managed to correct 5 scripts (including mine) in the whole period.

Then divvers - our last period before the exams, and we spent the whole period talking. Shows how much we all care about divvers.

After lunch, quickly changed into corps uniform, and up to write a letter - after all, she did say that she liked getting my letters every Tuesday morning, and I could not disappoint her, could I?

Corps itself was rather a farce, and we did not really have an inspection as such - I suppose it is rather difficult in shirtsleeve order.

After that, down to the bottom fields, and listened (or didn't, as the case may be) to White C.N. talking about different ways of firing a gun, and wielding some old type of gun - 1914 mark 3, complete with wind guage, etc. Then along to the Woodard LCR, and had Weller lecturing us on the front defense line or some such thing.

Then tired to do some music practice, but such types as Hollier and Evans managed to get the better of me. Ended up with Brown ii.

Tuesday, 30 June 1964 KCT
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No mail this morning, but I was rather expecting that. Chemistry practicals, which meant that we did absolutely no other work.

After assembly, started waiting in the chapel cloister, much to Wodge's annoyance, and several times came out and told us to shut up or go away, and Mansell kept coming to and fro, issuing dire warnings, and so on.

Finally, the thing started. First a titration, and was NaOH against NaHC₂O₄. First we had to find out the strength of the NaHC₂O₄, and then the number of molecules of water of crystallisation of the stuff. That was easy enough, and had to wait a while before I was allowed to start the next one, which, it seems, following a trend, was an organic compound, and most people made a hell of a mess of it. However, it was quite interesting, and, complete with another test, I decided that the stuff was sodium formate, which later proved to be correct. However, I was not asked to say what the substance was, but only make a guess. I don't think that I have done too badly, though.

Then, after lunch, along to the inside music room, and started doing some Blockflöte practice with Chivers. Before long, however, enter Mr White, exit Chivers, and I spent the next half hour talking to Mr White about a variety of things, as Ruscoe was helping at the chemistry practicals.

Then into the common room, and spent 6th and most of 7th periods reading about Händels life, and was not all that boring. Then along to the kitchens to get Mr Whites tea for him. I timed it quite well, and arrived at exactly 1500 hrs, and stayed there, mostly playing Baroque music, until 1600, when enter Hyde, and I to the common room, and wrote a letter to Mum Dad and Bev, and carried on for quite some time, only just about managing to get it done before 1700 hrs, and then went about doing the usual stuff.

In prep, revising sound solidly. I think I have just about got the Doppler effect taped, together with most other formulae.

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