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February 1964
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Saturday, 1 February 1964 KCT
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Soekarno seems now to have violated Malaysian territory by air, coming down as low as 500 ft, in order to inspire the Guerilla forces in Malaysia.

Brown ii has finally got his recorders. The descant, as I feared, is a Schotts school one, but the treble is a most interesting specimen. Steep lip, very powerful bottom register, but top F'' is rather difficult to get, and tends to go up a 5th to C'''. It might just need getting used to, of course.

Latin first, and Mansell issued new excercise books, in which we were to write Roman history notes, and got down almost 6 pages by the end of the period.

French - got our tests back. Benjy wants a better standard next week, etc. Even threatened a detention.

Physics. Had a bit of a brawl with Lennox, and Poop walked in and immediately took Lennoxs side, but did move him to the other side of the room.

Double music, and we had Beethoven's 5th Symphony first, but it was a rather old record. Then some hungarian stuff, which was most amusing. Started off with a sneeze, and was generally rather amusing.

This was clearly Háry János by Zoltán Kodály.

After lunch, arranged a block exeat, and went down to the Gaumont theatre to see the Royal ballet. Didn't bother to get a program, and hardly followed the first one. I think it was probably just a thing to show off their dancing or something similar.

My recollection is that the lead dancer was Margot Fonteyn.

Then the main thing, Giselle, which was very interesting, and took place in Rheinland. About this girl, who was in love with a man, who turned out to be a noble. When Giselle discovered this, it was such a shock to her that she dropped dead.

The 2nd scene was about 2 miles away, and she had joined a mob of girls (all dead) who rose at night and danced any young man they came across to death. Then the usual old romantic stuff, etc.

Did a bit of bassoon practice when I came back, and went on until 1st prep, in which I tried to design a multimeter, but did not get very far. I will have to have 2 switches, or a 2 gang one, or something.

As usual, did some music practice after chapel, this time on the flute. Some of these arpeggios are rather difficult. Donald came in towards the end, when I was playing some Volkslieder, and had a look at the books.

Sunday, 2 February 1964 KCT
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Mott to communion this morning, and, as usual, got up before the bell. Must do it more often.

After breakfast, hardly had a chance to do anything, as people were calling for me all the time. I seem to be getting a bit more popular. Went over to the san to try and got off the run, but they had not the power to allow me. Green was, of course, pleased. He annoys me, the way he he is almost jealous of other people who have asthma.

In chapel, today being the feast of the purification of the blessed virgin Mary, and all that sort of thing, we had a lot of hymns to different tunes, and Craven kept getting everything wrapped as to the numbers. One of the new boys did us a favour and fainted and was carried out just as we sang “O lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world”. I wonder if there was any significance.

Run after chapel, but first I took my stuff up to the physics labs, and then went down and changed. Although I had an attack of asthma, I did not save much time - all were back by the time I got back.

Oscilloscope did not work when I got back, and by the time I had fixed it (one of the heater circuits), the bell had gone for lunch.

Directly after lunch, after doing a bit of fooling around in the music rooms, and then the film, the Glenn Miller Story. It was quite interesting, and amusing in parts. What a fellow.

As soon as that was over, went up to the physics labs, and got the tape all messed up, etc., and then up came Little. Heavy 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion, but more or less all right apart from that. He wants to sell it.

Soldered some new speaker leads onto it, and then took everything down again, and I started looking round for tape decks in Wireless world, but could not find much.

Evening chapel was as evening chapel always is, but this time we had “A Hymn to the Virgin” (appropriate?), and had Father squire preaching, and had a few good cracks.

After supper Chivers and I went down to room 25, and did some recorder practice, and also a bit of talking. He thinks I should get this “Zeitschrift für Spielmusik”, and I also gave him Moeck's address.

Monday, 3 February 1964 KCT
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Why do there seem to be more Mondays than any other type of day? Always turning up like some sort of bad tooth.

Had one hell of an argument with Green at breakfast, about Malaya or something.

After breakfast, did some music practice on the stuff that Chivers and I were doing last night. Quite interesting.

French first with Benjy, and we spent the whole time going over both the essays that he gave us for prep over the past week, interspersed with snippets of grammar, and at the end gave us one hell of a stinking prep, to memorise about 9 lines of french, to reproduce on Thursday.

Physics, which was in order to find out the conductivity of a peice[sic] of wire. Got a new book from Poop. Morely managed to break an accumulator, and this did not do the floor any good. The actual experiment was rather hellishly boring, and Lennox was as objectionable as usual.

French after break, and Mme Whatshername, and got her into Maupassant, but it was not very interesting. Something about a household maid.

Divvers, and Sykes was not there. Nicholas looked after us instead, and I had a bit of fun with my biro.

In the afternoon, and corps, and I spent a bit of time looking for Moore to give him the red lanyard with which I had been presented by Hargrave, and after that to get one very thorough blowing up during the inspection.

Then we had more section leading, as much as a farce as ever. “You aren't reading this out of your note-book, are you?” “Yes”, and so on.

Then drill with rifles again, and more work on presenting arms, and got thoroughly exhausted. Were not allowed to change before 3rd period, which I thought mean of Saies.

Wilde was taking us for 3rd period, and got on more or less alright until he gave us some questions on it, and then he made such a mess of it that we even had to scrap one question.

Saies got me to get a new belt, and bring it to him on Saturday in a high state of cleanliness.

Flute practice in hobbies prep, and quite enjoyed myself. In 2nd prep, had to see Benjy about some salle hauntée [?], but did not get me out of russian, in which we had a Диктовка, in which I did not do too well.

Tuesday, 4 February 1964 KCT
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Long letter from Mum in breakfast this morning, in which there was, for once, quite a bit of news, and as a result, I barely touched my paper. Explained quite a few things. I must reply soon.

Tided out my scob after breakfast, or at any rate the top shelf, as it was getting a little messy.

English 1st period, and I got rather a shock when I saw my mark - 10 out of 30. As a result, I had to go into returned work. Spent the rest of the period talking about Brutus, and the way he was too much of an idealist.

Divvers, and once again Sykes did not turn up, and Mott took us instead. Nevertheless, we had our test as promised, and quite a few people were sure it was because Sykes did not dare to come in. Be that as it may, I did, with Gilks help, better than I thought.

Maths, and we got back onto the 'O' level papers, but it at last it was on an ad. Maths paper.

After break, got our latin back, and I did quite well, in fact getting 27/50, which was good, considering that most people got well under ½ marks.

More maths, and made rather a mess of it. I must buck up. About 6 things to do after lunch, but I more or less managed to do it. Got more shoe laces, braces, and cap badge from Green, and he is getting a new lock for me.

After that, clarinet lesson, and, almost as soon as I had come in, TDH follows and gets into a conversation with Mr White about the school clarinets, and then goes away to get a case, and Mr White and I get on. We tried each others clarinets, and both came to the same conclusion - the other was better for the high notes. Then, when Rose came in, oiled my clarinet, and it certainly seemed to need it. Then gave Mr. White my A clarinet to be repaired, and he is going to send it to Selmers.

Double Deutsch in the evening, and we got our proses back. I made one hell of a mess of everything, and only got 31/40. I must buck up. then, in 2nd period, he gave us yet another reproduction to do, this time yet more amusing.

Russian in the evening, and we had a bit of a conversation, and realised how difficult it is to say в Владивосток. Then a Диктовка, and I did as badly as usual. After that, actually gave us a prep.

In the evening, forgot to bring down a table for the Prefect, and so got 3 days C. R. [Common Room] cleaning.

Wednesday, 5 February 1964 KCT
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Letter from Mrs Baudouy in breakfast this morning, and she wants me to send back the drawing room keys. I wonder why she thinks I have it.

Very little after breakfast, and went down to see about flute lessons, which should be today, but were not. Then some music practice on Tenorblockflöte.

English first, and once more spoke about Brutus and his basic faults, etc, and found it rather boring. I must try to pay more attention.

Then Latin with Jones, and we were handed a sheet of prose again, as Broadbridge had guessed before. I don't like the way somebody always predicts what we are going to do. All we had to do on this lot was to scan it, though, and at least I did it all.

Maths was a test, of which I made one hell of a mess. I must buck up, as I did not even finish it.

Got my money, in the form of a bun, back from Clark in break, which was just as well, as I was broke.

Chemistry, and Clod did not turn up, but set us some questions on electrolysis instead. Got through them in about 10 minutes, and started looking over the other papers.

Deutsch - Nacherzählung back. Once again came top, 25/30. I must do yet better.

After lunch, did little. Got some money out of house bank. I must clamp down. Then, after an argument on Germanys borders, went to one of the music rooms and did some flute practice, and changed over to next door at 1430, but carried on with the flute until 1500, and then changed over to clarinet, and carved the Vandoren reed that I had got from Mr White yesterday. It is more or less OK, but could be better.

Knocked off early, and did a bit of reading in the common room, and went to tea, after which roll call. After roll call, did a bit of reading, and then observed to Green how distorted Startups record player sounded, and got out the oscilloscope to prove my point. Before long we were on to movement detectors, etc, but there were not too successful. Then connected a headphone across the timebase. What a row. Most interesting, though.

Choir practice, and carried on until quite late, and was nearly late for 1st prep. In 2nd prep, started doing a list of the elements, etc, in my practical book.

Thursday, 6 February 1964 KCT
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Letters seem to be coming thick and fast. Another, large one from Mum today. They have found a nice site for a house, and Dad is thinking of building there, on a plot of several acres.

Was this the property in Jalan Beverley? Probably not: that was much smaller.

After breakfast, music practice. Must keep it up.

Double chemistry first. Clod came in and gave us all a blowing up, including, this time, me. What shame has come down upon me. Yet I did better than most people. Ah well, so ist das Leben. Somehow or another he managed to keep talking all through both periods, and so we had yet another wasted double chemistry period. When will we start doing something?

Then physics. While waiting in the Science library, got a book, “A course in Neuclear physics”. Looks quite interesting.

Talking about potentiometers in physics, and spent the whole period on that.

French, and everybody except me got their proses back. I handed mine in. Benjy spent the whole period looking at the prose, telling us all our faults, etc, and then only got ½ way.

Maths, and Jimmy finally got on to the business of differentiation, etc, and, in his usual way, made it all seem so ridiculously easy, but on the other hand did not get very far.

Green wanted me to help him in the armoury after lunch, but when we finally asked Drax, he would not let me.

Wind band practice, but I had to get a new belt from the Q stores. Got one quite good, but with lousy brasses. Will use the ones I got from Green.

Pioneers did not last long - we were making mortar, and only about 4 mixes at that. Did little work personally.

After that, feeling rather tired, I did very little, and just went back to the common room and ate, and then along to the dining hall and had tea.

Latin, and Mansell carried on blowing us up, and then gave us yet another prose to do tomorrow. Will he never stop? Masheder finally seems to have got a new pen. Thank God.

Deutsch, and yet another test. Finished early, and Tyson corrected it while the others were still going. Got 4 mistakes. As Tyson said, „Lehey, Sie haben das schlecht gemacht“.

In prep, finished what we had in 5 minutes, and spent the rest of the time on Chemistry, Neuclear physics, and Rudiments & Theory of music.

Friday, 7 February 1964 KCT
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Practical Wireless again this morning, and it seems that Sinclair have brought out a much smaller radio that the Slimine even, with 5 transistors and costing 59/6. Should be very interesting. Might buy one.

Weed was late for French this morning. Got my book back, got 13 on each one. I must buck up. Then got us to go over the stuff that we were supposed to have learnt off by heart. At least he apologised for the choice of subject matter.

PE, and I could not find my PE stuff, and so ended up in the Library reading the Poetical works of Robert Browning, which I did not really pay much attention to.

Latin, and we were do do the prose that he gave us yesterday. Spent the whole time on it, and also got our order. I came 10th with 36 marks (don't know what they were out of).

Maths, and Jimmy came late and spent all the time talking about our test on Wednesday. I came top, which surprised me.

Chemistry, and the usual slack period. Did not give a lecture on cement and mortar after all.

For once, I did not have much to do after lunch, but turned up late for pioneers nevertheless.

The cement mixer was not working today, as the spark plug lead had come undone, and Kemble could not get it back on again properly. Had to go and get my wire stripper to help.

Deutsch - got yesterdays Prüfung back - 36/40. Not too bad, I suppose, with the extra 10 marks.

English, and Boris handed us a paper on “Failure to Communicate”. Most interesting.

The whole house did prep in the senior common room, as the junior was being used for a ladies cloak room for the dance or something.

Choir practice in 2nd prep. When I got back there were birds all over the place, and at one point, when some looked in the window, Haynes [?] asked if he could go to the fort. No go.

Common room cleaning - moving the whole junior common room back again. Having a good look at the birds in the meantime.

Talking after lights out - Horley caught us.

Saturday, 8 February 1964 KCT
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Unusually boring morning, arighted by a good afternoon. Spent all the time before assembly copying out the wind band music so that I could give Jimmy the other part.

French, and we started translating a prose, and got exactly 5 lines. Actually, he spent most of the time talking about grammatical points which cropped up.

Before that, however, Latin, and we spent the whole time finishing off that prose that we started yesterday. Also got a complete list of names, forms, and dates of Birth.

Physics, and Poop spent the whole time on a test, in which I am sure that Lennox cheated. Anyway, he got 20/20, and I got 19. That sounds fishy.

Double Music, and we started on Mozarts 39th, and I managed to borrow he score for the first 2 movements, and used my own for the 2nd 2.

Before lunch, Bott got his amplifier, and loudspeaker. God! What a loudspeaker! 15" doesn't seem much until you see it on a loudspeaker.

Bott wanted to use the amplifier for pop music. I had convinced him to buy this kit, which kept us occupied for some time to come.

Pioneers had a day off today, and so I got Poops permission to build it up in the physics labs.

Got Cookson to come up with me, and started at about 1450, and, apart from having to go down and clean my corps belt for Saies. When I finally turned up at the Fox study, Saies was playing squash, and I had to come back at 1630, and went back to see Cookson, and we soon adjourned for tea roll call, etc.

Saies approved of my belt, and then we got back to work, and so we went on, broken at 1530 by Cookson having to see his brother.

The mechanical work was rather difficult, and we had quite a job getting the output transformer in, and Cookson was swearing his head off about nuts, etc.

Went up again in 2nd prep, and this time Green came up as well, and we started getting on quite nicely. It now looks almost finished, and when we knocked off, we left the valves in.

Sunday, 9 February 1964 KCT
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The Sunday Times seems to be costing more and more - I think I owe them 1/2 now.

Almost directly after breakfast, we went up to the physics labs, and started on the amplifier again, and went on until chapel, discovering that we had made a mistake with the values of one of the power supply resistors, and that it should have been 33K instead of 22K. Apart from that sort of thing, all went well.

In chapel, we had some good Hymns for once, and it really did go along quite nicely, especially at the end, when we responded to Radcliffes plea not to get worse as we got into the cloisters, and nearly brought the roof down.

After chapel, Cookson came up, with the intention of going as soon as Green came up. Put the heater wiring in during this time, and Woolacott came up and had a look, and commented on the small size of the O/P transformer.

Cookson got a novel idea for the heater wiring - twisted it with a drill. Green came up at about 1210, saying that he had been locked in the armoury, and the door-handle was missing. Carried on until lunch, by which time it was looking pretty well finished.

After lunch, Green was going to come up, but decided to play cards with Stanley ii instead, damn him.

Nevertheless, Cookson persevered, and we pressed on, and at about 1530, we were soldering in the last resistor to the bass control, and then started to check it.

By 1450, we had finished this,

That's what I wrote. Some of these times are dubious, and potentially it's because I wasn't really used to 24 hour time yet. This was in the winter, so it's not an issue of Daylight Saving Time.

and, after the odd prelimeneries, turned it on, and it worked - up to an extent.

Tried again after roll call, and used Gays microphone, but it still did not do much, and at about 1730 gave up for the night, and took it down to the common room, and got Bott to help me get it down, and so got rid of it for a while.

Chapel in the evening, and a few more good hymns, counteracted unfortunately by a lousy sermon. The last hymn was apparently written by Tyler. Good for him.

Did some recorder practice with Chivers after supper, and had quite a bit of fun, and he got some Mattheson out, and suggested that we played it for the music club concert this term. Left him at 2030 playing the sopranino. What a sight!

Monday, 10 February 1964 KCT
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Corps yet again, and not a very nice day to go with it.

French first period, and old Madameoiselle what'shername, and we carried on mashing up Maupassant. Mlle. Perle, who, apart from being the authors girlfriend, seemed to be nothing more than a maid to a family who, although living in Paris, did not know “le vrai Paris”.

In physics, we got onto potentiometers (lab type: slide-wire things, intended for much the same sort of thing as the Wheatstone bridge), and got a most horribly inaccurate set of readings, but persevered until Risso-Gill stretched our wire beyond recognition, and got a drill from Poop as a result.

French again after break, and Mlle what'shername was waiting for us. It turned out, though, that it was only because the weed was late, and he sank his claws into Masheder when he came.

Did quite well in divvers, getting 29/35. We are now going on to St Matthew. Quite a few sarky comments from Sykes on my comments to his previous comments.

Corps in the afternoon, and before turning up on parade I had to sew my shoulder flashes on. What a makeshift job! Barely lasted out till the inspection. Must glue them on, or something. Done in my boots, so I am going to get a new pair. Also was an excuse not to clean up my garters, which are looking decidedly spotty.

Only just got by on the inspection, nevertheless, and then section leading, in which White made as much of a fool as usual. 2nd period drill, and rather uncomfortable without boots. Changed at tea, and more White CN after tea. He had the stuff that they got out of the armoury when they were locked in yesterday.

After corps, flute practice as usual. Each practice period seems to be standardising on a particular instrument. Then in walks Mr Ravenor, comments on my flute, talks about Wood and climatic changes, experiences in Malaya. Turns out that he has played in the Dog augmented orchestra, and knows Tony Soliano. 'Tis a small world, eh.

I had played clarinet in the Selangor Club (“Dog”) augmented orchestra in December 1961. I followed up on 22 September 1964, where it seems that it was Tony Soliano's father that Mr. Ravenor remembered.

Russian in 2nd prep, and, although we had been told that we would be tested on a translation, he did not test us. Designed a capacitance relay after that.

Tuesday, 11 February 1964 KCT
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What an eventful day! Why is it that some days are so much more eventful. To start with, I got to page 43 of the book this morning. Also, in breakfast, had a brilliant idea to trigger the capacitance relay with the screen grid of the oscillator, and earth the anode.

English first, and we did exceptionally little, but talk, laugh at Masheder, and have some one-word content questions, which were really rather amusing. One of them shew up Boris's mind - “sex”. Ah well We all have our faults.

Divvers, and we started on St. Matthew, and did some reading. Ah well. I started reading the stuff as it should be read, and Eric objected for some reason, and made me pronounce it as if it were modern English.

Made a fool of myself in maths, shouting out “Oh” at the top of my voice when Jimmy mentioned the binomial theorem.

Saw Skiv in break, and he has had a letter from Mrs Treays, and have a arranged a place for me to stay next holidays.

Mansell was in a stinking mood in Latin, and blew us up right, left, and centre. Gawd.

More maths, and did 57 questions. Phew.

After lunch, when we had pancakes, helped Green to go round the armoury and check in the keys, which was rather amusing, locking all the unlocked ones, especially when somebody came in and found his scob locked. Even confiscated a pamphlet in the NCO section.

Clarinet lesson, and Mr White gave me some new music, and some quite unusual stuff it was too. 1 lot was for B♭ and A clarinet duet - one of each! Also a sonata for the same combination, but that was too horrible.

Also got 6 reeds from him - not much cop, but that is what I am reduced to.

Changed scobs with Walker in the evening. At least I have enough room now.

Double Deutsch - Got our proses [?] back, and Goldie got 4 marks more than me. I must buck up. In 1st order nevertheless, I came 1st, with 184/210 - lost less marks in all than Lennox lost in the prose.

Did quite a few things in 2nd period - just a general revision.

Russian in the evening - Tyson reckons that the Russian reader is too easy for us.

Wednesday, 12 February 1964 KCT
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Did some recorder practice after breakfast today, and in came Porter ii to ask me if I had played some stuff by a fellow called Schickhardt. What a name. Quite interesting music, though. Middle to late baroque.

In fact he was a contemporary of Bach and Händel.

English first, and Boris gave us a sheet of contents, and gave us some paper to do it on. What a stinker. He says he showed it to Shitters, whose comment was “How unfair!”. Did not do too well on it, but was by no means the worst.

Then Latin, with Jones. I discovered that we did not have to copy it out into our books. Well, we can always learn, can't we. Or I can, anyway.

In maths, still on differentiation, and it looks as if it will be a long time before we learn about integration. Spent our time finding the equation to a normal to the curves at various points.

After break, Chemistry, and, as Clod was not about, I took the opportunity of cleaning out my pockets. He soon came in, however, and showed us a few interesting things about making sodium.

In deutsch, a Prüfung, one of the longest we have ever had - 28 questions instead of the usual 12 or so. That took up the whole period as well.

After lunch, brought Bott's amplifier up, in order to have a look at it during games time. Gawd. The number of people who told us to get out.

When we finally did get going, we traced it to the phase splitter, and there discovered that a/ we had put 6.3 V across a 12.6 V heater, and b/ we had only connected up one of the cathodes. When we fixed that up, and turned on, all we got was [meaningless waveform] and so on. We traced that to the 1st stage, although what that had to do with it I don't know. Might be some condenser breaking down at a certain voltage. Must have a look on Saturday.

After roll call, had a drill, and was made, with Rosser, to clean out the range, which was rather fun. Must be the first time it has ever been cleaned out, judging by the mess there.

Did little after that until choir practice, in which we got a new anthem. Next to no prep, did it all in less than 5 minutes, and then revised for Music, and in second prep improved on the capacitance relay.

Service for ash Wednesday at 2030.

Thursday, 13 February 1964 KCT
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Another depressing day. Finally worked out the price of the cap. relay, with complete power supply, etc - all but £2. Ah well. I supposed I can just about afford it, and it will be a good power supply, etc.

In assembly, the Weed told us the plans for the new buildings - it would be for the Carpenter, and Poop would go to Gatcombe, and start the Tuckwell house. Of course, volunteers would be needed. I might even volunteer, but it looks as if the Carpenter are in for a good time in the near future.

Double chemistry was one hell of a waste of time, and spent most of my time copying down the electron arrangements of all the elements.

Physics, and Poop got onto how to measure all types of voltages with a potentiometer, and thus spoil the whole idea of the thing.

Flute lesson, supposedly at 1130, but in actual fact I did not get started until 1200 hrs, as Hazlehurst had to get started first. By the time I had finished, I had missed all of 4th and most of 5th period. And she kept blowing me up including for doing up my flute.

After lunch, wind band, and we got onto the intermezzo, and quite enjoyed ourselves, although 'twas difficult. Jimmy took the music, but will give it me on Saturday.

Then to pioneers, and a nice day for such activities is was. However, the mixer has not yet been repaired, and the cement had to be mixed by hand. Brunt, trying to outdo the rest of us, got a thing twice the size, and it took so long to mix that by the time we took it round, they had no use for it. As a result, what with tidying up, etc., we did not get off before 1540, instead of 1520. Ah well.

Latin in the evening, and Mansell had lost his voice, and so got us to prepare some Caesar, but soon came in and checked on what subjects we were going to take for 'O' level this summer, and spent most of the period doing that.

24/30 in german, and by no means the highest. I really must buck up, or am I am going to lose my position pretty rapidly. Gave us a book of Deutsch prose composition etc. What muck.

In 1st prep, Tarr caught me doing some electronic work, and told me off for it.

Music study in 2nd prep. He didn't complain about that.

Friday, 14 February 1964 KCT
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Very little this morning. Another letter from Mum, mainly to Bev. After breakfast, more or less changed the whole idea of the capacitance relay, and this took me nearly all my time, and I put in an extra valve.

1st period was french, and, when Benjy finally came, I did rather badly on it, and, out of 10, got 5 right, query and 4 wrong. Not exactly excellent.

PE, and, as I had my long underpants on, I had to take off them, and was rather worried about things coming out. However, nothing drastic happened, and we had a sort of circuit training, in which we were supposed to get as many points as poss. Lennox and I fiddled it right, left, and centre, as our habits are.

Latin, Mansell had his voice back, but had to go and see 5B about 'O' level, and came back and blew us up for not doing any preperation for the Caesar.

After break, in which I managed to scrounge 5d, maths, and he showed us a few practical applications of maxima and minima, and then let us have a go ourselves.

Chemistry dead slack as usual.

Capacitance relay in the new Scientist - almost exactly what I did this morning.

While going to change for pioneers, Barret & Wragg stopped me, and told me that I had just been elected a member of the Wireless club. Thank God for that! About time, too, for Cheung had just told me to move out of the comittee scobs.

In Pioneers, Brunt, being the thick that he is, did exactly the same as yesterday, but we managed to stop him before he added the water.

Deutsch was, aufnahmsweise [sic], keine Prüfung, and we spent all our time doing some much needed oral work. Even I, however, slipped rather badly. What a prep though - he either gives too short or too long ones.

English was relieving. I got ½ marks in that test we did on Wednesday, which Boris said would be very good. Came 5th in the lot, and have new hopes of getting Eng. Lit. 'O' Level.

Choir practice in the evening, and we spent nearly all our time practicing music by Thomas Morely. Cantoris Altos faded out altogether.

Saturday, 15 February 1964 KCT
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Very little of interest happened this morning. Bassoon practice first, and then, after Assembly, Latin with Mansell. Just to prove that he had his voice back again, he repeated Tuesday's blowing up, and was quite successful. This took him most of the period, and then he said it would be unfair to give us anything but a prose for prep. So he gave us a prose.

French was with Skiv, and I still think that he is a better teacher than Benjy. Took us over the stuff we had been doing with Benjy, and had a good laugh, this time at Hallett and Lennox, who must be hellishly thick.

Physics with Poop, and he started trying to teach us about dynamos, but he was not too sure about it himself and also had forgotten that we had (or were supposed to have) read the chapter in our books already.

Saw Skiv in break about getting 42/- out of house bank, and, although it was not too happy about it, he signed it. Also told me to get a shave.

He was quite gentle about it, explaining that it would not be that difficult at the beginning. My interest was more in never using a razor, and I was waiting for the arrival of a promised electric shaver. Somewhere in the background was also the hope that I wouldn't have to shave at all.

Music after break, and Mozarts Symphony No. 40 for the first ½. Very interesting indeed.

In the 2nd ½, TDH started talking about the subscription concert next week, and then gave a recital himself, and that took us up to 1300 hrs.

After lunch, Mott took house bank. Also got an exeat to go to Mountlands, and wrote a letter to Smith & Mob.

Then to pioneers, and, by the time I got there (1420), everybody was thinking of knocking off.

Managed to mix up Brunts mix, and also one other, which was all we needed to do, and knocked off at only 1510, and everybody else was still watching a match.

At 1600, as instructed, I went along to the Wireless club, and in the next 20 minutes, I learnt all about how the wireless club functioned, and how I in it.

After roll call, went down to Mountlands, and sent off the P.O., and then back again, and tidied up my bench in the wireless club, and this took me nearly all the time until Prep. However, at last all was well, and I was satisfied.

In second prep, I went back again, got Wraggs approval of my wiring, and set out on fixing up my radio, aligning it, etc., Then in came Shaw, and, after showing him the scope, I told him how to build a power supply, as he was intending.

Sunday, 16 February 1964 KCT
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Sundays always seem to start off rather boringly, and brighten up after that.

Before chapel, very little indeed happened, and so I decided to write to Mum & Dad, as I had not done so for quite some time. then spent a bit of time taking some things down to the wireless club.

After that chapel. Diggory was away, so I used 4 kneelers (2 for each of us). Not much in the way of hymns, and I have noticed a peculiar tendency in procession. The tenors and basses stop just before the chapel door until the hymn is over, the altos staggle [?] themselves along the cloister, and the trebles go on, as if nothing had happened, into the library.

This must have been on leaving chapel. We robed in the library.

Went down to the wireless club after chapel, and carried on with the PCR2, and put in a new screen dropper for the RF and first IF amplifiers. Then had to realign the RF stages, as I had to completely remove them to get at the dropper. When I had finally finished, along came Wragg, and proved quite conclusively that it was responding to 2 frequencies quite close together. Tried to fix it, and got 3.

In lunch assembly, it was announced that the film would be after tea, which would mean that I would have little more time time in the Wireless club today.

Pretty soon after lunch, Aston caught up with me and asked me to help him make some type of sound with his clarinet, and I had to agree, as I had been promising to show him all weekend. When he finally brought his clarinet along, he discovered that it had a broken (ebonite) bell.

At last he managed to find/borrow/steal a clarinet which could be played with difficulty, and only had 1 crack in the upper joint.

The film itself was lousy, supposedly a detective story, but very run-of-the-mill indeed. Ended up with not much found out, and my afternoon completely wasted.

Went along to the wireless club, where Wollacott was playing Shelly Berman on the tape recorder. Had a good laugh, while putting the PCR2 back in its case.

After supper, I decided to do some recorder practice with Chivers, and, after getting some books out of the science library, did so. Mr. Harrison came in while we were going, said that I would get a flageolet from Miss Crockett, and then heard our piece for the music concert. Might let us in.

Monday, 17 February 1964 KCT
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No letters this morning, and spent most of my time in breakfast arguing with Green.

Benjy gave a long talk/sermon on Public schools, newspapers, etc, following yesterdays article in the paper, in assembly.

Mlle Soréro for first french this morning, and she was trying to explain something of profound philosphical importance about the Contes Choisis de Gui de Maupassant. I feel that she failed.

Double physics, and Poop did not seem satisfied with our results of last week, and thinks that we are all still confused between the Potentiometer and the Wheatstone bridge. As a result, he gave us another one to do, this time with a voltmeter, and we were supposed to find the voltage at every 10 cm along the line, and then draw a graph and find the Bens point [?].

French again after break, this time with Benjy, and he started talking to us about various odd grammar points, and gave us our french order. I came 12th, which could be better, but could be worse.

Divvers, with Sykes, and as usual we did nothing.

In the afternoon, corps, and I discovered that I have lost my my blanco brush, and so used my shoe brush, which no doubt did it a world of no good.

Then the inspection, by Shitters, and I more or less got past, although he did not like the fact that I had no boots on. Jenks said that my belt was “excellent”.

Then a farce - test by White, after which we had some drill with rifles, and, as it was so cold, we made a hell of a mess of it.

We were not allowed to change at tea, which was bloody mean of Saies.

3rd period was a going over for those who had failed the test. We knocked off at 1705, and it was almost 1720 by the time I got to the wireless hut, which was hellishly crowded. Got to work on Botts amplifier, and soon he came in. However, changed over to chassis drilling, as it was too crowded to be able to do much serious work.

Tarr objected to me doing physics in 1st prep. I wonder why.

2nd prep, Russian, and noticed a national geographics with an article about Malaysia - Russel got it out for me.

Tuesday, 18 February 1964 KCT
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QST came this morning, and rather a poor specimen at that. Very little of interest at all.

Bott is getting rather worried about his amplifier. I really must do something about it.

English first, and Boris made us do question 6 of the paper that we are working on, after which he gave us all copies of the prologue. Apart from reading a bit, we did not do much. It still does not cease to amaze me as to its similarity to german.

Divvers, and Sykes was actually decent enough to give us some notes to take down, and that took up most of the period. Then a bit more reading, and he now thinks we have finished the sermon on the mount.

Maths, and a long promised test from Jimmy. All was nice except for the last one, which was one hell of a stinker.

In Break, saw the headmasters Secretary, and she gave me not a flageolet, but a piccolo, and quite a good one at that, except that the G♯ key needs a pad.

In latin, did the prose off, and also 1st check our 'O' level entry. In maths, he showed us some applications of differentiation. It is becoming a little more difficult now.

After lunch, after table- and common room clearing, I decided to redraw the circuit of the PCR2, but as I did not have the right type of paper, I soon gave up.

Went in a little early for my clarinet lesson, and put a new G♯ key [presumably pad] on my piccolo, and also 2 new pad on the B♭ flute. Then got down to playing the clarinet, and did not do much. Finished off at about 1515, as Rose was late, and once again I got of pioneering.

After that, did a bit of reading about Malaysia in the National Geographic, and then decided to go to tea, and gave away yet more of my Marmite.

Double Deutsch in the evening, and after spending the 1st ½ talking, we got down to a Prüfung and spent until the Pause on it.

Then he gave us a prose which I have done 3 times before, finished it on 10 minutes, and then everybody was surprised that I finished so quickly.

Russian in the evening, and it was mainly translation, and a bit of conversation.

Not much else.

Wednesday, 19 February 1964 KCT
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Akhavan tried to make me sleep in this morning by telling me that it was only the 1st bell when I got up.

Got a letter from Smith and mob. They want 4/- more. I suppose so. The relay costs 2/- more, and they want 2/- more for postage.

English first, and we got our classwork of Yesterday back. I did quite well with 75% (15/20). Then, towards the end, we got onto Chaucer, and, apart from a few vocab. questions, we did not do much.

Latin, and we were doing the same as last week, and we managed to finish off the paper, although I only got 4/31, and, of course, the lowest mark.

In maths, Jimmy gave us another test on differentiation, in which I got full marks, and then started on with integration, which, as he showed us, is not as simple as it seems.

Snowing in break, so we were allowed in early.

Chemistry after break, and Clod did not turn up until 1155 hrs, and then did not do at all much.

25/26 in our German test, and then spent most of the time talking about the quality of Deutsches Bier, and Tyson and I agreed that Löwenbräu was probably the best.

How times change. But what does a 15-year-old know?

After lunch, started on the circuit of the PCR2 again, and it took me quite a long time, especially as Green was asking me all sorts of questions which looked interesting, from my dictionary of electronics.

Carried on with the circuit until I had almost finished, and then I went along to the wireless club to get the circuit of an AVC, and Drax came in and asked where I had been all the time, and gave me a 1-hr detention for not turning up, and told me to change immediately. I wish he would give us more warning when we have to work on Wednesdays. Actually, we were helping the “pit party (retired) dig the foundations of a road, or some such thing.

Then down to Botts amplifier, but, though I changed round the two terminals for the speaker, to fix up the negative feedback, the same symptoms still prevailed, and I asked Wragg to look at it. Blew me up entirely for making it look neat, and not worry about direct wiring. I thing it might be fun to put in a few tagboards.

Choir practice in evening. We are having an anthem for alto solo. I hope Lewis can manage it.

Stanley called me up for farting in 2nd prep, but thought I was twanging a ruler.

This was Stanley I, the brother of Rupert Stanley II, and he had a reputation for being a little vulgar, so when I farted (loudly, something I blame entirely on the British school food), and he said “Lehey, see me after prep”, there was a general groan from the others, who thought I had been hard done by. But when I told him what had really happened, he too groaned and let me off.

Thursday, 20 February 1964 KCT
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Letter from Mum today, and she is rather worried that she had not had a letter from me. That should be rectified by now.

Tried to do a bit of piccolo practice after breakfast, but the C key on my piccolo is not closing properly. I suspect that the pillars are not in line.

This suggests that the instrument was a simple system wooden flute. Metal flutes don't have pillar alignment problems, and Boehm piccolos don't have a C key.

Carried on on the B♭ flute.

Chemistry first, and Clod decided to test us on some numerical calculations, and I got a mass total of 68 marks out of the 70 I could have got. He was giving us boni for different things, and that is where I got 60 marks. However, he repented after that, and we only got 10 marks, and I made a couple of mistakes on that lot.

Poop was giving a demonstration of creating electricity from magnetism, and, just as he was about to put a coil into circuit, the fire bell went, we had a fire alarm, found Clark missing, and then back to make magnetism out of electricity.

French after break, and Benjy gave us a test, in which I did not do too well - only got 45%.

Then maths, and more integration, and Jimmy got onto finding areas with integration, and thus the use of the sign ∫ to represent integration.

After lunch, wind band, and we more or less managed to round off the intermezzo, and got on to the march. We will be lucky if all the clarinets manage to get the runs that occur in the 1st 2 parts, though.

Pioneers after that, and I was considerably happier since Drax had let me off in favour of making me work with Jones on Saturday. Got there at 1506 [?] hrs, and left at 1515, which is what I call a nice short day. When I was changed, I did a bit of flute practice, and it seemed amazingly responsive after all the stuff that my little flutes had been giving me.

Latin, and Mansell had not yet corrected my book, and we spent the whole period doing some preparation of Caesar.

Deutsch, and we got 2 things back from Tyson, 20 in both, in the 1st case out of 30, in the 2nd out of 20. Also our ½ term order, and I am still 1st, but now only 11 marks ahead of Goldie.

Subscription concert in the evening, and very good it was. Fellow was David Wilde, exceptionally versatile.

Friday, 21 February 1964 KCT
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Still continues to be bloody cold. I must buy another jumper.

Did little before assembly, but in breakfast got a letter from Mr. White, and he says that it will cost £9-12-6 to repair my A clarinet, and wants to have the goahead.

French first, and it was Mlle. Soréro again, and, as usual, she carried on with Mlle. Perle, and we got on a lot further. It is getting rather interesting.

PE, and we were playing basketball, and quite enjoyed ourselves, I don't think. Meanwhile, we also did some weight lifting in the Woodard changing room. Partridge tried to lift a 65 lb weight, and before he knew where he was, he was lying flat out on the floor with the thing across his stomach.

Latin, and I got my prose back, in which I did not to too well, in fact only 15/50, but I must buck up. He took us through it once again, and blew us up to Kingdom come.

Maths, and more integration, apart from the fact that he gave us a few notes about areas by integration, etc, and so on. We have nearly finished Copsey now.

Chemistry, and we did about as little as usual, just talking about 'O' level papers, and how difficult they are supposed to be. Did very little, but he let us off late.

Reading the New Scientist after lunch. They have discovered a new particle, the Ωm, which seems to be the key to all the mass of the rest of them.

Pioneers in the afternoon, and there was no regular cement mixing party, but Drax got us (Callow and me) to make a “nice coarse mix”. And coarse it was. Even had an iron ring in it. Yet he managed to lay a brick with it.

Knocked off very late, 1545 in fact, but for some reason it seemed a shorter day than usual.

Deutsch in the evening, and although we had no Prüfung, we had a rather hellishly long prep, although perhaps I misinterpreted his instructions. He is concentrating a lot more on real questions now.

English, and we spent all the time going through Chaucer, and to the most part, they were Vocab questions. I still think we ought to have vocab books.

In 2nd prep, choir practice. My voice is rapidly going. I must become a bass.

While going down to Gatcombe in the evening, a couple of girls said good night to us. I was so shocked that I couldn't whistle, but did manage to say “good night” back at them.

Saturday, 22 February 1964 KCT
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No mail of any description today, but Wireless world did turn up. Includes an article on a 'scope amplifier to 10 Mc/s.

Flute practice after breakfast.

Latin first, and, as soon as Mansell came in, which was, for once, early, he handed us out a folder of latin 'O' level papers, singing their praises all the time. Then came the real blow. He made us do one of them.

Benjy did not turn up for french, as not for assembly. Mlle. Soréreau came instead, and, as usual, carried on, not very fast, with the thing about Mlle. Perle. It is getting interesting now, and I wish she would hurry up again a bit.

Physics - that Friday night prep would seem to be of no use whatsoever. He always tells us about it, and what it means, the next morning. Today he was on about induction in general, and induction coils and transformers in particular.

Managed to scrounge 2 buns off Cookson in break. He himself had 6.

Music, and Chopping was sitting behind me. He appears to be well named - he spent all of Brahms 3rd symphony chopping up clarinet reeds. What had those bits of cane done to deserve it? It really was pitiful to see how he massacred them.

After lunch, I was supposed to go and work with Jones, and turned up on the site at 1400 hrs, but I got a bit fed up when he was not there by 1445, and was advised by Hatts to knock off, and this I did, and spent the rest of the afternoon doing some Altblockflöte practice, and quite enjoyed myself. Then, at 1600 hrs, went along to the wireless club, and got down onto Botts amplifier. Put in the first valve, and little seemed to happen, and I was still at a loss to decide what was wrong at 1630 hrs.

After roll call, got back to it, and got it going. The oscillation seemed to be starting between the 1st and 3rd valves. I wonder if a screen between the 2 valves would help.

This took me a good bit of time, but I did get a chance to find a couple of B9A sockets off an old TV, and also a thing for the O/P powersupply, from the PCR2 to the 52.

In second prep, had a go at realigning the PCR2, and put a new loudspeaker on the thing. When I finally got round to realigning it, I discovered that there was something wrong between the mixer and the R.F. amplifier. Also, it is now responding at about 25 different points.

Sunday, 23 February 1964 KCT
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In the Sunday Times this morning, I noticed an article about the Ω- particle, which was, however, a little too simplified to be of much interest. It did, however, mention the article in the new Scientist

Before chapel was as usual, a dead loss, and spent all of my time reading last years diary.

In chapel not much happened. Once again we had no procession as such, but instead walked in, and did not start singing until we were in our places.

In the middle of the office hymn, Nedham sat down, and promptly Fuller & Mott got up to go and help him out to the san. He promptly stood up again and started singing. He got some odd glances from Mott after that.

This nodding at Chivers is getting a bit far. Today, I started singing treble, but he made such a face that I could not carry on.

Then immediately along to the wireless shack, and I carried on with my radio, and discovered that, on medium wave at least, the primary of the mixer grid coil had had it, so all I had to do was connect a condenser across the anode and the grid part of the thing, and it worked quite well again. Might be worth putting in a resistor instead of the primary. Must check the resistance. Robinson also came in, and asked me to do his earplug for him, which I did, and Pedlar tried to borrow a screwdriver, but Woolacott lent him one in the end.

After writing a letter to Mum & Dad after lunch, did some recorder practice, and then changed over to the flute.

At 1530, went back to the wireless club, and did a bit of work on Bott's amplifier. Completely removed the grid lead, and just used the connections on the resistor at the end of it, and also changed the outputs on the fan side of the 807 sockets. Switched on, and, apart from a rather high hum level, nothing seemed wrong. Put my finger on the I/P socket, and nearly brought the house down. Did it again, when Woolacott had come in, and was looking at the speaker. He jumped nearly his own height.

In the evening, managed to catch Chivers, and do some practice on the Mattheson stuff, and I definitely found the sopranino part, and finally decided that I would do the gigue on it, as we thought previously.

Monday, 24 February 1964 KCT
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Corps was prevalent today right from breakfast, when Cookson turned up in full corps uniform - he took part 2 for the second time today.

Before assembly, I was working out the equivalent prices of Moeck and Küng recorders - they come to about the same. Might buy a Moeck because of that. Easier to get in Germany

Küng is a Swiss company.

French first period with Mlle. Soréreau, and she said that Benjy was in Paris, or something equally ridiculous. I think that he is probably in bed. Got on with Mlle. Perle. It is now getting interesting.

In double physics, we did a series of demonstrations of electromagnetic inductance, but he did not do them all. We did, however, see the rudimentary transformer, and the induction coil, both of which were rather crappy.

Got my denims for field day in break, and as a result did no music practice.

More french, again with Mlle. Soréreau, this time on some other things - she is obviously getting fed up with Maupassant.

Divvers - I was made to read again. Sykes expressed his hope that I would get lost in the field day this afternoon.

We were due to line up at 1350 hrs, but in actual fact, not much happened until 1410, when we got into the bus, headed to blackdown Common.

The whole afternoon was spent in reccy patrols, and, as Jones was our leader, we ran all over the place, and crawled 500 years along a ditch, and got rather wet.

In actual fact, we did not even get a chance to fire a shot, but it was rather a thrill. The part that I like best about a field day, though, is the tea afterwards. This time, however, I got a bad attack of the hiccoughs and carried on for about 20 minutes.

In hobbies prep, helped Shaw on his power supply, and then, right at the end, decided to build one for the 52, so that we could get it going.

Got the transformer and choke and one B9 valve socket on it, and that was about all.

In second prep, we had russian, and Tyson did not do anything about the aspects, thank God. He did ask for my book, though.

Tuesday, 25 February 1964 KCT
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Mott told me to get back into bed when I got up at the second bell at 0730 this morning. Apparently there was to be a service in honour of St Matthias.

When we got up at 0815, no bell was rung, and I had to go round and wake everybody up. Mrs. Skiv saw me, and got a hell of a shock.

Letter from Mum in breakfast, and I am getting i, a Philishave shaver and ii, a subscription to the “Straits Budget”, a condensed weekly form of the Straits Times.

The service itself was not much. Changed round with Thomas, and had a feeling that Radders had his eye on me.

First thing this morning in the way of work was maths, and carried on with the business of finding areas under curves. Very easy indeed.

Saw Mr White in break, and then did a bit of recorder practice with Brown ii.

Latin after break, and did a bit of prose muck. Also had our sentences corrected. I got 24/36, or 66.6%.

More maths, and carried on yet further with the areas and stuff. At last I know the meaning of the symbol ₂∫ⁿ, and that sort of thing.

The ₂ should follow the ∫, but I can't get UTF-8 to do it.

After lunch, table cleaning, common room cleaning, the lot, and it was quite some time before I had time to read any papers, and noticed a thing about hexagonal prefabs.

Clarinet lesson at 1430, and spent a while talking about my A clarinet. He reckons they will have to put a new tenon on the thing, thus the extra cost. Rose did not come until 1515, and once again I had a ¾ hour clarinet lesson.

After that, went back into the common room and did little until tea, after which we had double deutsch, in which we started off talking and then got our books back. I did not do at all well, and only got 50/70, as opposed to 62/70 for Goldie. I really must buck up, or Goldie will come 1st at the end of term order.

However, in 2nd period, we had a Nacherzählung, which Goldie is not much cop at I might gain on him because of that.

Russian in the evening. Yet again I had to go and get Smith again. Will he ever remember?

Radios up to dorm. in evening - all wanted to hear world championship boxing.

Wednesday, 26 February 1964 KCT
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Still no radio components from Smiths. I must write to them. They were quick enough about sending their thing to ask for the 4/- remission.

English first, and, instead of the test which he promised us last night, he just carried on with what we were doing on Friday. It really is amusing the number of people who find difficulty in working out the meaning of various words which are almost the same as in modern english.

Latin with Jones D.F., and he gave us a tests on scansion in which, apart from a couple of misreadings, I did quite well, and got further than anybody else, which, after last weeks effort, seems to be rather a reversal of speed.

Maths, and I got 2 differentiation things wrong, which was rather embarassing for me. Apart from that, I did quite well. We are now onto solids of revolution. It seems to be rather pointless but interesting nevertheless

Chemistry after break, and not much happened, and Clod did not turn up until 1205 hrs, and immediately asked for some questions, and was rather annoyed when he did not get many. In the end he kept us in for nearly 10 minutes.

In deutsch, caught up 1 mark on my lead on Goldie, and now 3 ahead of him, although he thinks it is 5.

In the afternoon, there was a choral society practice. Gawd! What a crowd. Still, he managed to get us more or less in order.

It was raining in the afternoon, and so there was no pioneering done, even by the pit mob.

As a result, did some recorder practice, and then had a go on Hennesy's clarinet, which, apart from having a very different “feel” from my own, is fine. Then with Wadland.

Turned up at the wireless shack at 1600 hrs, and immediately got down to drilling some more holes in the capacitance relay chassis for various other things, and it is looking a lot more finished now.

Then in came Wollacott, and started recording off a record. We decided to try Jacobs record player on the amplifier, and it worked very well indeed. No hum in the amplifier at all.

Choir practice in the evening, after which TDH wanted to see my work on theory, as my exam is on Saturday. He wants me to get 99/99.

Thursday, 27 February 1964 KCT
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At last the components for the capacitance relay have come, but they did not send the coil wire. I wonder if they got the postal order. Interesting looking relay, but wire ends. will have to put it on a tag board.

Double chemistry first, and Clod looked as if he would turn up early, but in fact stayed outside and talked to Poop. Then corrected last nights work. I made a mistake, which was a damn nuisance. He did, however, also diverge onto a lecture about petrol, and why it knocks, and all the branch chains, etc. Then back again and finished off correcting, and gave us another stinking prep.

Physics, and Poop continued with his showing us how a dynamo works, and was quite interesting, especially when Gilks (who was helping him) shorted out 2 accumulators.

After break, had french. There out to be some school rule to prevent masters from turning up late. Skiv came at 1200 hrs, and we only did about 10 minutes work.

Maths, and we are now working out velocities, etc, which Jimmy says marks the end of all we need to know in calculus. How sad. Just when it was getting interesting.

Wind band practice after lunch - big school, apparently because Mr Ravenor prefers the acoustics.

Got onto the March, which was also rather a stinker. Turned up for pioneers at about 1500 hrs again, and knocked off at 1515, so did not do at all much work.

When I was changed again, I decided to do a bit of flûte practice, and this I did, and quite enjoyed myself.

Stopped at about 1600 hrs, and went to the tuckshop, and bought some stuff.

Latin first in the evening, and Mansell gave us one hell of a stinker of a test, in which I got 13/41.

That took the whole period, and I really should have got a little more than I did.

Deutsch, and we had another Prüfung, in which I got 25/25, and Goldie 21, so I am now 7 ahead of him. Tyson refuses to give me a Zuschlag, just because I am better than the others. I don't consider that fair.

Did little in prep, as for once we had 4 preps. Finished off my 6th. Maths book this year.

Friday, 28 February 1964 KCT
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No mail this morning, for about the first time for a couple of weeks.

new Scientist came out after breakfast, and they have another article on the Ω-, which is most interesting, and includes the photos in the Sunday Times last Sunday.

French first this morning, and Skiv took us. I think he will be pretty regular now, thank God. Gave us an excercise from our Whitmarshes.

PE, and, after discovering I had PE vests and no pants, and changed that, was put into team 4, and for about the first time in my life, I did nearly everything that I was supposed to do.

In latin, I discovered that I had done very badly, and got 0, although I should have got -6.

After break, maths, and we had a test, in which I only got 90% and Goldie got 100%. ½ term order, but I did not stay to hear.

Chemistry, and Clod did not turn up until 1245 hrs. Spent most of the time discussing atomic weights with him.

It was raining after lunch, and as a result it was not long before a “no” went up on the pioneers board, and as a result, I went along and did a bit of flute practice. I must get some dura-glit to that thing. It would do it the world of good. Nevertheless, when Hazlehurst came in, he commented on how shiny it was.

Did a little bassoon practice and little else, and knocked off at about 1455, and then noticed that the pit party were working, but I did not turn up, as they would not have me for the full time, and started reading “On Her Majesty's Secret Service”.

In the evening, Deutsch first, in which we got our papers back for some reason, and did not do much except doodle on it. Then went into room 24 and listened to a german thing which Tyson had recorded this morning.

English, and we carried on with the Chaucer stuff, and got as far as the end of the Merchant.

In prep, got ½ term order, and came 1st in 3 subjects in both 1st and 2nd orders - Chemistry, Maths and Deutsch.

Saturday, 29 February 1964 KCT
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Once again no mail this morning. It is getting rather boring.

Did a bit of flute practice in the morning, but could not find folder 24. Chivers had it last. I wonder what he did with it.

Latin first lesson. Mansell walked in, asked for a Kennedy, and promptly proceeded to test us on english derivatives of latin words, etc. That took us until the end of the period, and then we had only got to the beginning of the 3rd conjugation then.

In french, Skiv came late as usual, without our books, and carried on with La mort du loup, the poem which we started yesterday, and managed to finish it off, although only just, and had to learn it up for prep.

Physics, and Poop carried on with his descriptions of various electromagnetic device, and came on to a wierd and wonderful device known as the transformer, which none of us had heard of.

After break, music, and TDH was in a rather bad mood or something. At any rate, he would not let me read my Rudiments & Theory, and gave us no break in the middle. Played Brahm's 1st, and the medieval carols. Then gave me the gen for the music exam: San at 1400 hrs, bring all the necessary stuff with me.

This I did, and was promptly lead up to the room where I took my end-of-term Deutsch exam at the end of my first term.

The papers were opened, and they were hellishly easy. Plenty of time was given - 2 hrs, but I had more or less finished after ¾ of an hour, and spent another ¼ looking it over, and the only mistake I made was the meaning of the word stepitoso.

I would presumably have done better with the meaning of the word strepitoso.

I wonder how much I will get. Had to turn up for pioneers after that, nevertheless, but did very little.

At 1600 hrs, went down to the Wireless club and started on the capacitance relay, and put a few more components on the chassis.

After roll call, drew a new circuit, and got Wragg to have a look at it, and he suggested decoupling. Apart from that, all was well, and I started wiring up, but did not get very far.

Carried on in 2nd prep, but once again I did not get very far. Working on the oscillator now, but could not find my screws for the coil, tied it on with wire.

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