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May 1964
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Friday, 1 May 1964 Netherton House → KCT
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Woke up from rather restless dreams at 0500 this morning, and after about 10 minutes trying to get to sleep, I decided that I might as well get up and carry on packing. Why is it, I wonder, that it takes me such a long tome to do it now, whereas at La Couëre it only took me 40 minutes? At any rate, I went down at about 0650, and had breakfast, and then decided to have a bath, and did so. However, Kirsten was rather disappointed that I knew where the key was.

After the bath, breakfast for the rest, and it was pretty average, except that once again nearly everybody was there. Had to get Richard up, however.

After breakfast, did damn little, but went into the drawing room, and and started trying to play “Our God, our help in ages past” on the piano, but it was painfully slow trying to work out the chords.

Then went into town, and realised only too late that Mr Baudouy had forgotten to give me the money which I needed. Got it from him later, however, and bought a new pair of shoes, and also tried to get the films, but they were not yet ready. They will, however, be sent on to me. Rubber stamps were ready as well. I am going to do the dirty and charge it to Mrs Baudouy.

In the afternoon, after lunch I decided to finish off the packing, and this I did. Being then at a loose end, I went down to the village with Richard, and bought some food. When we got back, I decided that it would be just as well to go on the early train.

Got back at 1630, and Halley promptly got hold of me, and we got a taxi up to the school. Only came to 2/-. If we could fit 8 people in a taxi, we could rival the bus service.

Back at school, Bott was not after as much of my blood as I had thought, but his mains transformer had come adrift, and he was more than a little annoyed about it. He is, however, giving me the whole term to do it in.

Chivers was up to his usual tricks, and was rather interested in the “Recorder and music magazine”, the May issue of which was waiting for me.

Nothing has changed much in the way of accommodation. We now have Evans in our dormitory.

Saturday, 2 May 1964 KCT
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And once again life is in full swing here.

After breakfast I had a lot of things to do, but fortunately also quite a bit of time to do them in, and this was more than adequate. After writing up for yesterday, I had little to do except hope that Poop wouldn't mind if I turned up to Physics with only my excercise book and my jottel. [?]

However, this problem was solved for me, for, after his usual waffle about politics, etc, which I am sure he knows less about than quite a few of the people whom he was talking to, the Weed went on to tell us that we would stay with our formmasters until break, so that was alright. Then more waffle.

Skiv was apparently a lot better this morning than formerly and carried on chucking rubbers right, left and centre. Then he handed round about 50 copies of “Top”, and made us read them. Then gave us a vocab prep, however.

After break, in which I had another general conversation with Chivers, music, and we had “Le Nozze de Figaro”, which appears to be an exceptionally long opera. TDH gave me the crib sheet, so that I could (roughly) work out what was going on.

Tyson came back in lunch, preceded by Ranger i with a fellow from Austria. Confusion all over the place. It appears that we are getting 2 in the Carpenter.

In the afternoon, got a new Sunday Suit with waistcoat, new gym shoes, and a pullover. Then went down with Callow and watched people trying for standards.

Then I got a call from the linen room to come and get all my books, and with Callows help more or less did this.

After roll call, lost Callow, and headed to the Wireless club, and decided once and for all to get the power supply out of the PCR and to put it onto a separate chassis. This I started to do. Wragg reckons that we ought to put an exhibition of communications receivers on at the wireless club exhibition on speech day.

Before supper, Tyson caught me, and put me in charge of the German boy, Georg Schrimpf.

Not the Georg Schrimpf, of course.

Most interesting character. After supper, took him over to Gatcombe, shewed him where he slept, and then handed him over to Tyson and headed to the Wireless club.

Sunday, 3 May 1964 KCT
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Mott to communion as of old, and as a result, although I did not have enough confidence in Evans to get dressed before the bell, I did get dressed before washing. Everybody commented on my waistcoat - unfavourably.

After breakfast, I was at a rather loose end. I must find something to do, study, or whatnot, in the odd 10 minute periods that get spread all over our timetable. As it was, I spent this period of time getting my music folders in order. I wonder what Chivers has done with no. 25.

Chivers also commented on my waistcoat - this time a congratulation for getting one.

In chapel, did little. Understandably, it was a bit difficult after a holiday in which most of us had not sung a note.

Then over to the Wireless club, and started to carry on with the power supply, and got pretty well to the end of it, and then got working on the innards of the PCR 2, and more or less finished that as well. The thing certainly looks bare without the power supply in there, and only a bit of wax to mark the former position of the Power Xformer. Should be more efficient, however - 16 H and 128 μF in the choke. Might even put in a 6L6G to regulate the voltage, if all is well. Must build a case for it, and will be able to use it for the Speech day exhibition.

After lunch, Callow wanted to go for a walk with his girl friends at the convent, and wanted me to lend (im?)moral support, but I did not go in the end.

Supposed to be a film at 1430, but after waiting until 1515, Clod announced that we would have to wait, and Chivers and I went to room 26, and did not hear the bell which was supposed to go, and as a result carried on playing Volkslieder until 1700 hrs.

In evening chapel, I was feeling like death, and as a result did little.

After chapel, we decided to have a o at connecting up the loudspeaker in the house wireless to the house record player, as soon as we had seen the end of the film. Stanley i was doing most of the work and strangely enough, he got it to more or less work. However, it is still rather a hell of a mess. He ought to connect it in the HT line of the amplifier.

Monday, 4 May 1964 KCT
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Woken up early this morning by I know not what, and lay thinking about this term in front of me, which may well prove to be one of the most important in my life.

At breakfast, a letter from Marìa arrived, and very pleased she sounded, too.

French 1st period, and Mlle. Sorérau. We are now having her twice a week, and on Saturday we have to write an essay for her - “The happiest day of the holidays” - in french. How much worse can it get. I might be able to use it as an excuse to bring this [diary] into prep.

Double physics, and Poop seems to finally have realised how close it is to the exams. At least we are on the last lap, anyway - heat.

Various demonstrations of expansion with heat of solids, liquids, and gases, and most were successful, although the breaking bar was a bit of a flop.

French again, and Skiv, with an unseen, which I feel I have seen before.

Then divers - Sykes says that he has come across an interesting book in the holidays. Sure it is “Fanny Hill”.

In the afternoon, wrote a reply to Maria (nothing like promptness, eh?, and then discovered that corps was at the usual time of 1325 instead of 1345. As a result, had I to rush, and all it turned out to be was a Shitters lecture, and I ended up dead bored. However, we are now having 3 periods in the time of 2 (a triplet, would it be called?).

Then we had drill, on the bottom fields, to practice for the march past on the general field day, which finished so late that we barely had time to do the stuff we were supposed to do in 3rd period. In point of fact, I am not too sure what I was supposed to do.

4th period was another march past practice this time with the whole school taking part, and Mansell shouting out orders over a loud hailer.

In the end, that farce was over, and to the wireless club to try out the PCR power supply, but was not too sure, and to really know what was going on, I need a new loudspeaker.

Clark next to me in prep - Gawd!

Tuesday, 5 May 1964 KCT
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Woken up by the bell at 0600 hrs this morning, but was not too sure whether my watch had stopped, and by the time I had found out, I was well and truly awake. Maybe it is better that way, but at any rate I got up feeling a lot better than when I stagger downstairs by some reflex action and wake up as I am walking down towards the school. Letter from Mum, and also all my photos, which came to nice grand total of £2··8··3.

First period was English, and we were given a test, which I thought was rather tough for the 1st period of the term - I can just see Tyson “'O' level term”. Divvers was almost as bad, but we did not actually get a test.

We did, however, get a test in maths, in fact on the rules of logarithms, and I was very annoyed with myself, as I only got 9/10.

Latin, and Mansell told us what we should be doing with gerundives, etc, and we did not get a test.

Maths again, and after a short demonstration, we had to take notes for the lot. Not too boring.

After rest, as I hope will become per usual, I wrote a letter to Mum, Dad, and Bev, and then, when in the fort after posting it, a bell went at 1325. Apparently they are going back to the old system. Anyway, I had to hoppit P.D.Q., and barely arrived in time for Deutsch, in time for having a general conversation with Donald about what time the period is supposed to begin. It seems quite easy to understand him without really trying now. I wonder why.

My best guess is that I was understanding spoken German better. Donald Tyson spoke German most of the time in class.

Then he gave us an essay to do, which took us an hour before it was finally done with. He is getting slow.

Clarinet lesson at 1530, and spent most of the time talking, as usual. DId a bit of work on my clarinet and flute after that, and left at 1630. I must fiddle a better way to get out of pioneers on Tuesday.

After 1st prep, Pidlar tried to give me 40 lines for farting in prep, but I finally got put [?] of it. Peter Pears and Julian Bream in the evening, and they were damn good. Got the latters autograph, and listened to Robinson singing his praises after that.

Wednesday, 6 May 1964 KCT
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Rather a boring morning, with no mail except for a rather early QST, with a rather better-than-average article by W6ISQ, and a few other things, which I will have to look at this afternoon.

English first, and I discovered that I had made rather a hash of last nights prep. However, he did not collect in the books so all is well, except that he set us one hell of a stinker for tonight.

Latin, and in the middle of it, in walks Wodge and takes Partridge away. Ede had not come into any of the lessons either. There is something fishy going on, I am sure of it.

Mansell thinks that term is in full swing again.

Maths, and, after we had corrected last nights muck, he dictated yet another note, and I am sure that it will not be long before I am finished. This one was about the remainder theorem. Most interesting.

Chemistry after break, and, as usual, Clod was late. Came in, blew pretty well everybody up individually, and spent the rest of the period on calculations.

Tyson is going at the double - Prüfung and Diktat in the same period. Difficult, too.

After lunch, the usual letter, and then read the “New Scientist”, which I had got for the holidays. I hope they carry on getting them during the holidays. Might even be worth getting binders for it.

After that, probably to annoy me, the weather was so bad that we ha a free day, and, in disgust, I went down to room 26 with Chivers, heard Brahms 2nd Symphony, 2 Händel Blockflöte Sonaten (Op. 1.) and part of some Elgar Symphony. Then hopped it to the Wireless club, and got going on the mains transformer for Botts amplifier, and found it quite easy to repair.

There's something missing here, and I can't remember what it was. The last mention was on 28 March 1964, where I sent it off somewhere by post, probably to the vendor. And I don't recall anything about the power transformer, quite apart from the fact that there's not much to repair there anyway.

Soon, however, turned to the PCR, and got it working, but the mains transformer severely battered the tuning condenser, and spent about half an hour trying to fix it up so that it didn't short out. I wonder how much a new one would cost.

Choir practice in the evening, and, after practicing 1 anthem, we spent all the rest of the time writing in the words to another 'Ave Verum

That's how the paragraph ended.

Nearly arrived late for prep as a result.

Thursday, 7 May 1964 KCT
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Ascension Day

Letter from Bev in breakfast today. Added a bit to it, and sent it on.

After that, we had just under an hour until chapel, which mood the timetable so far as for Sundays,


except for the fact that we got all the usual letters, panels [?], bills, warning notes, threats, papers by post, and also we had more crappy school porridge.

The local elections were being held in the gym today, and excited quite a bit of comment from various sources. Also, room 27 was being used as a Conservative party room for the whole day.

Service itself was rather boring, and I am sure that at least one of the hymns was far too high. Chivers face also wore a rather pained expression, indicative of either singing treble, or tenor a 5th too high.

French, and we got our reproductions back, and then decided to give us a prose to do for prep, to make up for no work this evening.

Maths, and the factor theorem or such equal rot, and then gave us rather a stinker of a prep.

After lunch, it was confirmed that it was a free day, and I was thus obliged to hammer out Botts amplifier chassis for him. Went along at 1330, and discovered that we were not allowed indoors until the normal 1430, so spent until about 1400 reading QST, and then went along and met Chivers, who decided that we should do some recorder practice, and as a result we spent until 1500 hrs trying some various duets, but did not make much of them.

After tea, there was no roll call, and so headed back to the music room, and found Wadland and Chivers playing the treble and tenor parts of a trio, so got out my descant [recorder] and joined them. Then tried some of my stuff, which was too good for Wadland, and so he said that it was crappy. We were joined by one of the german fellows, with whom Wadland is quite friendly, and it seems that he can play the flute.

Colman also came in, and made a nuisance of himself, but was outnumbered 4-1, and kicked out

Friday, 8 May 1964 KCT
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Letter from Carolyn and Jean this morning, and they both want copies of the photos that I took in the holidays. I suppose I should also send some to Cynthia. Anyway, Jean reckons she has mumps. I most certainly hope not. Nice girl. I wonder if I could get on by correspondance.

Wrote back to them before assembly, and took me all the time I had.

French first, and we corrected last nights prep. What a mess I made of it, too.

PE, and weights and measurements for the term. I have finally, and conclusively, passed the 6' mark, and am in fact 6' 1" tall. I wonder how much further I will grow. It must be more in the summer than in the winter.

Latin, and started off with translating Caesar, but Mansell, deliberately or otherwise, got onto a red herring about what a roman soldier carried with him. This is the 2nd time this year.

Maths, after correcting last nights prep, went on - ½ way through the book I got on Tuesday. Chemistry went on forever, and we only did one problem.

Rest is becoming the same old routine. Letter(s) and diary. Sent off the photos to Carolyn and Jean. The one of Mali and Kathy as well, although it was not much good. As usual, had little time for anything else.

Deutsch in the afternoon (he still says “Guten Abend” at 1330. What's wrong with „Guten Tag“?). Got our papers back. I am 4 ahead of Goldie, but may have to contest with Sharp. I wonder.

Then English, and, as I had guessed from what Chivers said this morning, Boris did not show up, and we had Mott supervising us. He got rather fed up with the noises that Lennox made. For a moment I thought that Lennox would get his first punishment of the term, but he shut up when Mott told him to.

Pioneering in the evening, and it seems that Phillipps has joined this hitherto noble organisation. Callow has being [?] helping his father build his house in the holidays, and has been using a mixer twice the size. As a result, all the mixes have been about 3 times too big. Brunt nearly got himself into one of them.

Saturday, 9 May 1964 KCT
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The sun waking me up every morning is having 2 effects: 1) it annoys me 2) I am not getting enough sleep. Every morning earlier, too: this morning it was at 0440 hrs.

Until coming to England, I had lived in Kuala Lumpur, where the length of the day hardly changes throughout the year. I found it decidedly depressing how the days got longer and shorter.

Letter from Mum in breakfast. She did not have much to say, but was also furious with Madame de Bournet.

Latin first, and Mansell, who was in a bad mood, nearly put me in [?], but somehow I got out of it (I wonder if it was because I said that I would not like to). Threatened a couple of fellows with a detention if their work ever hit that low value again.

French, and, sure enough, Mme. [sic] Soréreau made us do the “best day of my hols” stuff. I did the occurrences of 9/IV/1964 in the evening (q.v.)

Physics, and as usual a monologue from Poop, with the result that I did not need to open my case. The disadvantage, however, is that he lets us out about 5 minutes late.

Music after break, and I am sure that we are going to spend a whole month over “Le nozze di Figaro”. At any rate, it is in 4 parts, and in 2 weeks, we have had 2. How anybody can last out the whole opera, I do not know. After lunch, Chivers pointed out that I had a sausage in my pocket. It seems that Pop put it there, and ½ the school was watching him do it. What a waste of food. If I had known before, I could have eaten it.

Pioneering was about 5 times as strenuous as usual, and we spent it moving 2cwt lumps of concrete. As a result, Drax let us go at only 1340 hrs, after we had put them in place.

Then did a bit of recorder practice, and carried on until about 1500 hrs, when I went and started reading about recorders. Also went to the Library to have a look at Pepys diary, but ½ the stuff was not there. After roll call, to the wireless club, replaced the transformer, but there was not much of interest, so went out, bought some food, and looked for Chivers, and after eating had some recorder practice, and got Brown to do some as well.

After supper, kicked Radcliffe out, much to Chivers' amusement, and carried on recording and eating.

Sunday, 10 May 1964 KCT
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Unless one plans ones Sundays in advance, I am sure that they get wasted. Or, at any rate, not used to the best advantage.

After breakfast, after putting my paper away, went to the music room and once again rearranged my music scobs. I now have 15, nos 22-36, and will now have to start working down. Choir practice at 0830, and singing TDH's opus 1 “God is gone up with a merry noise”. Max was supposed to play the trumpet, but he was not very successful.

In robing up, Chivers decided that he would buy a Moeck Altblockflöte, at DM 102, and give me £10 for it.

Chapel itself was pretty average, apart from Father Randolph, which is never average.

After chapel, Chivers had decided to go for a bike ride, and as a result I sat in the common room trying to copy out Hang raver [?; “Hanover” seems plausible, but it doesn't match my scrawl] hymn manuscript book, but there is something in the air that makes the common room unbearable at this time - probably B.O. - so I went to the wireless club, and tried to work out how to fix up the PCR for push-pull operation, and tried to test the radiospares O/P transformer for ratios, and had to give up, and went to lunch, where, as only ½ the people were there, we all changed round out seating.

After lunch, grabbed Chivers, and got him to do some Blockflöte practice, and carried on until about 1315, when he had to go and change for games or heats, or some such lewd thing. I meanwhile doodled on the Sopraninblockflöte and worked out what music I would get for my physics and chemistry prizes.

At about 1530, went, inscribed, and then a letter to Mum, Dad, and Bev, which took me up until teatime, and after that roll call, and then tried to do some Kltte. practice, but various odd types of recent arrival made a nuisance of themselves.

Then, after going to the Wireless club and trying to work out a circuit for PR O/P and getting Pooks radio to fix up, Chapel, and after supper, Chivers and I went along and did some music practice, then for a perambulation, and he invited me to come along in the holidays, if I could make it.

Monday, 11 May 1964 KCT
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I am getting less and less sleep every day. I must start drawing the curtains of an evening.

Letter from a) Carolyn, who encloses a photo of herself for Russell b) Dad, who had quite a bit to say and c) Maria Cristina, who says that she is “more fond of you than you could ever imagine”, and wants a photo. And so into another love affair.

French first, and we finally managed to finish off Mlle. Perle, although she has had her death throes (metaphorically). Then she collected in our essays. I wonder how little marks I will get.

Physics, and I discovered too late that I had not brought any books, and nor had I done so on Saturday. Fortunately, Poop was not in too bad a mood, and he let me go and get them. The experiment as to find the coefficient of linear expansion of brass, and we got a result about 1% on the high side.

French again after break, and Skiv gave us a dictée, in which I did, I suppose, just averagely.

Flute lesson instead of Divvers, and once again she started complaining about my intonation again. Ah well. Also, I am taking grade V next term (thank God not this term).

After lunch, as usual, had to get ready for corps, but, owing to the heat, it was shirtsleeve order, and nobody could notice my absent shoulder flashes. Some bastard pinched my beret and badge while I was in the armoury, and I ended up with Emaniis [?] beret, and a new badge, all for free.

First period was shouting orders, which was a hell of a farce, as nobody could hear anybody shouting above the rest. The next 2 periods were an even worse farce, and we had Vaughn-Masson trying to explain various things while we went off to sleep in the sun (or in the shade).

In tea, I wrote a letter to Maria, although I did not have much time, and was nearly late for the march past practice after tea. Mansell was about, with his loud-hailer, and blew us up right, left and centre, but did let us off early.

After that, in hobbies prep, I decided that Chivers would do some recorder practice with me, and carried on until 1700 hrs.

Tuesday, 12 May 1964 KCT
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Little of interest this morning. Letter from Cynthia in breakfast, and she wants her photo, confirms that Jean does have mumps, and says that she was in Taunton last Thursday, and rang me up, but could not get on to me. I wonder what happened. Must have been rather amusing, anyway.

English first, and Boris spent a large amount of his time telling us about what he thought of hospitals and how he spent his time calling for bed-pans, and pinching nurses bottoms, etc.

Divvers was a hell of a farce, as usual. Apparently we were supposed to do some written prep, but few of us actually did it, and Sykes did not even bother to collect it in.

Maths, and we have now finished all except for Mechanics. It seems that we are not doing at all badly.

Latin, and, as I had suspected, he did nothing about Caesar, but just gave us the sentences which he set for the scholarship paper. Maths, and I finished my note book. Jimmy was rather annoyed.

After lunch, decided to tidy up my writing stuff, and in the process found a lot of letters, many of which were from last scholastic year. 1 was from December 1962.

Punched holes in them, but, after writing a letter to Dad, and another to Maria, I had no time to file them.

Deutsch, and I got my reproduction back, and discovered that I had got 19/20. As Goldie made a complete mess of it, and as a result got 0, I am now 23 ahead of him. I must keep an eye on Sharp. Did another Prüfung, and in the second period Ringwald and Schrimpf came and gave a slide show about the school where he goes to, and it seems quite a nice place Only 36 pupils, though. The food, according to Ringwald, ist besser, and I think I shall have to go there.

Ringwald and Schrimpf were exchange students, so this was a definite possibility. My recollection was that the school (also a boarding school) was in Graz, something that horrified my Aunt Grete.

Bassoon lesson in the evening. He sent one of the bassoons away for repair, and told me that in 6 months time I would need a Heckel.

Presumably a Heckel system bassoon, not a genuine Heckel, which are ridiculously expensive.

I wonder what Dad will say to that. Then to the CR, and file the letters, and sorted out photos, letters, and wrote 2 letters - 1 to Mum, Dad, Bev, and 1 to Mrs. Baudouy.

Wednesday, 13 May 1964 KCT
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No letters this morning, for the first time for a long time. The girls must all have forgotten about me. I will have to do a bit more correspondance myself. I wonder about Mary Lee. Might be fun.

English first in the morning, and I discovered that, for once, I had done too much prep, which is unusual for me. Spent the whole time talking about all sorts of things to do with the stock exchange.

Latin next, and, thank God, he did not go back to Caesar, but went on with the scholarship sentences. There is one fellow who did exceptionally well indeed, and will no doubt get the £200 one this year. I wonder if it is Lamoury.

Maths, and we spent nearly all our time talking about last nights prep. I really must buck up.

After break, Chemistry, and Clod did not turn up until about 1045. He is turning up later every time. According to Rossiter, his record is 35 minutes late.

Deutsch, and once again I did quite well, with 19/20 again. I wonder how well I will do in the 'O' level exam. I will probably fail on handwriting.

In the afternoon, got all my exeats ready for Whitsunday, Monday and Sports Day. Also (probably a sign of weariness) got 3/- out of house bank.

After that, I was told to come for my haircut early, as they had nobody to do, and did so. Then tried to do some bassoon practice, but the one that he left with me is so useless that I gave up in disgust. In trying to open the gap of my reeds, split the french one, which is perhaps just as well. Also took a couple of the old ones to bits, which was quite instructive.

Then, at about 1430, along to the wireless club, and decided to put the radiospares O/P transformer in, and did so, and then saw Woolacott about his speaker. He will sell it to me for 10/-, if his other financial dealings go off all right.

Spent the rest of the afternoon wondering if it was worth putting in a push pull O/P stage, but Wragg does not think so.

Choir practice in the evening, but from next week on we will be starting at 1645.

Thursday, 14 May 1964 KCT
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Once again no letters. I really must buck my own ideas up, and, among other people, write to Vincent Josef. I have not written to him for nearly a year.

Double chemistry, and for about the second time this academic year, we did a practical, and had a hell of a lot of fun in the process. First of all we were given a powder (PbO and CuO) and proceeded to do all sorts of wierd and wonderful things with it, and pass H₂S (Oh phew), also adding NH₃, HNO₃, and other such smelly things. Ended up by heating all my things to red heat over the bunsen.

Physics was, as so often, a monologue by Poop, and I am beginning to wonder if it is worth it.

Cricket match (all day long variety) this morning. Dawson is in the 1sts.

French was with Mme Soréreau (why I do not know) and as a result we did not have the promised test. We will probably get it tomorrow.

Maths, and we carried on with mechanics. I am not quite all there, and must buck up. I will have to do quite a bit of work in prep.

In rest, finally decided to write a letter to Lalat, and did so, but without saying much of interest. I hope he replies fairly soon.

Latin in the evening, and Mansell invented a few sentences for us to do, which were of the most astonishing Mansell type. Several people were made to stand on the chairs, but unfortunately none of them collapsed.

Deutsch, and Tyson tried to give us a Nacherzählung, but did not succeed, and instead gave us a Prüfung, as well as some strong verbs.

Pioneers in the evening, and for some reason Callow renounced me, and then I was dragged round to the front and made to help Drax lay kerbstones, which was not quite as hard work as I would (and did) have expected.

Then using up mortar by the gallon/10 lbs (which?) and knocked off before the cement mixing mob. At least round the front we are kept occupied.

Friday, 15 May 1964 KCT
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Letter from Maria, containing rather mediocre photo, apparently taken in her kitchen, this morning. I must take one of her myself.

Nearly threw the photo away with the envelope, but just managed to rescue it in time.

In french, true to his promise, Skiv gave us a test on the vocab that we were supposed to have learnt, and, to my surprise, I discovered that I had just about learnt it, and got quite a high mark.

PE, and we were supposed to be doing standards, and I of course tried to get out of it, and was quite successful. However, had to do some hurdles in the end.

Latin, and Mansell carrying on with the Scholarship stuff, gave us the prose to copy down, and it was a hell of a stinker.

Maths was not much, and spent it all talking about the law of conservation of momentum.

Chemistry, and Clod was in an odd mood. Did not speak for the first 15 minutes, and then told us all about the history of the school lab.

I have been told that the labs were the first in any school in the United Kingdom.

Letter to Maria in rest, and also carried on a bit of sorting out my stationary.

Deutsch first in the evening, and we got our Prüfungen back, and I only got 17/20, but it was nevertheless the highest mark (albeit shared with Goldie and others.)

Then carried on reading Emil. Just because we have our oral examination on next Thursday.

English, and I got returned work for rewriting. RW² as Boris put it. Then spent the whole time talking about all sorts of rot, and then I more or less dropped out of it.

Bassoon lesson at 1515, and had great difficulty producing a decent note at certain pitches. The thing seems to absolutely refuse to sound, and it is only by strong coaxing that any note can be got at all.

Pioneers after that, and I was there just about in time to help pack up.

Drax seems to be placing more trust in me. I wonder why.

Saturday, 16 May 1964 KCT
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Sports Day.

As I might have expected, I got a letter from Mrs. Baudouy this morning, to say that she could not come down. Damn. And, as usual, Gautam was right. Also a letter from Mum, who flew yesterday to Khatmandu. Why the hell she wanted to go, I do not know. The idea seems to be that a friend asked her to come. I wonder what language they speak up there.

Latin first, and got a hell of a bumper test on irregular verbs, etc, in latin, and to my absolute astonishment I got 35/60, and was beaten only by Dawson and Gilks.

French, and Mme. Soréreau decided to tidy up the mess that we made of “the happiest day of the hols”. What a bore.

Physics, and I got yblown up by Poop for not paying attention. He is right. I must try to concentrate on the crap he talks, or I will miss something that I don't know.

In break, shewed Aston how to play his clarinet. He is improving considerably.

Music - Le nozze di Figaro, act 3. It is getting rather amusing, but shows up german/italian morals of the time to be not very high.

In the afternoon, handed in all my exeats, and then got a chit from Skiv to get 13/- out of house bank, and got it out. Then, not bothering to write a letter, I went out, bought some food, and headed down to the bottom fields, where the sports were to be held, with Aston.

Before long, Dray and Weeks had joined us, mainly to get some of the food that we were eating, but were not very successful.

Then, finally, the farce was over, and we headed to the prefabs, where “a stand up tea” (to quote Benjy) awaited us: 1 stale doughnut and a cup of tea. Gawd.

I probably misunderstood the term “stand up”. It thought it meant “particularly good”, but it just means that there was no seating.

After that, headed towards the music rooms, and did a bit of clarinet duo practice, and then did a bit of reed scraping, and bought a packet of razor blades for the purpose.

Supper was a buffet affair, and Aston and I went right over by the front gate, and then along to the wireless club, and decided to get it fixed so that it would work as an AF amplifier.

Sunday, 17 May 1964 KCT
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Whit Sunday

Many up and to chapel this morning, and more amusement when a bird flew in and could not find its way out of the room. In the end, I got up and chucked it out the window. As usual, up before the bell, and Akhavan was making a hell of a din.

In breakfast, noticed Gaines, and suggested that we grab him afterwards to Chivers, who agreed. Did a bit of Blockflöte practice before, however, and Gaines shoved his head in. Then later Chivers, and carried on until time for chapel.

[R.E.F] Gaines was a recorder player who had left the school the year before.

This latter lasted a hell of a long time, and we did not get out until 1030. There was even a sermon given by the Provost, or some such religious type.

When it finally was over, however, I hopped it out pretty smartly, but still not quickly enough to catch Gaines before he ran away. When we had almost given up, Aston reported an unidentified loony object, which prove to be him, but he hopped it by car with another OA.

In disgust to the Wireless club, and got on with the preamplifier on the PCR, and carried on, with Aston making a nuisance of himself, until lunchtime.

After lunch, to a music practice room, and inevitably I was joined by Aston, and carried on playing those monotonous lesson 15's and things. In the end, gave up in disgust, and tried playing some hymn tunes on the bassoon, but the thing is completely out of tune. I hope that the other one gets repaired quickly.

Then went for a walk, as it was a wonderful day. Came across a couple of interesting birds on the way, but, after saying “Good afternoon”, on their way again.

Then into the wireless club, tried out the preamplifier, and all I got was a loud hum. There is something wrong with the socket for the 6V6. I should get amphenol sockets for the lot. Then, after tea and roll call, decided to try to replace the tuning gang of the PCR, but after I had removed it, I decided to try and fix up the existing one, and was not altogether unsuccessful, but did not have time to replace it before chapel.

After chapel, strictly against the rules, I returned, replaced it, and more or less working, but still have to connect up the wires to it.

Monday, 18 May 1964 KCT
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Robinson wanted us to sleep in this morning, but we were woken up by Mott at 0650, so all that we achieved was a late arrival in the common room, and a quick perambulation with Chivers before breakfast.

French first, with Mme Sorérau, and we went on to another thing in Maupassant, called “Le Trou”, in common language, and about one crime or another. So far it is about some honête ébèniste, and he is defending himself. Odd.

Physics, and, as it was only a single period, Poop decided to have a change and do his talking himself. I spent most of the time thinking about how to build a recorder myself.

Then, at 0930, to the wireless club, and did a bit of eating in respect of break, carrying on until 1145, by which time I should have been watching the OA match, but in fact was fixing my radio. Then noticed Chivers outside, grabbed some stuff, and went and said Goodbye to Gaines, and then did some recorder practice until lunchtime. Was caught by Radcliffe, however, to move some chairs for the OA do, and so did not get away from it completely.

After lunch, with Chivers to room 26, and there tried getting harmonics on the strings of the piano. Hopped it when TDH and Mr Ravenor came, and to outside the Wireless Club, and I turned the radio on inside. When to [sic] OA match started again, we went and did some Blockflöte practice, and carried on until people started drifting up and saying that we no longer had to watch the match. I was then at a loose end, but finally decided to see how well the PCR was doing. There seems to be nothing wrong with it now, but I want to put something in that spare socket. Along comes Aston, very depressed, and drags me along to tea.

He was one of those borderline people who really suffered from the school environment, but didn't crack up. But he needed somebody to talk to, and for some reason chose me.

No roll call, as yesterday and I soon back at the wireless club, inspecting the PCR. I wonder if it would be possible to build a Q multiplier in the thing. Then dragged into Tysons room to flute with Lewis on the oboe. Gawd.

After supper, no second prep, and did some recorder practice with Chivers and Forward.

Tuesday, 19 May 1964 KCT
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Once more back to the old grind, and highly depressing it is too. Only a short letter from Mum, written the day before she left for Khatmandu, and had nothing to say.

English first, and it was dead boring, as usual. Boris handed out a new O level paper to go with it. Spent the whole time going over it, and I was rather surprised by my own knowledge.

Divvers was, as ever, a farce, and never more so than today, when I was made to read. I made such a mess of it that Sykes made somebody else go over it again.

Maths, and, after a bit of work, Jimmy came back and gave us a test, in which I did not do all that fabulously, especially as he kept us in for about 5 minutes after the end of the period, and I wanted my bun. As it was, Chivers got them today.

Latin, and we had a prose to do, which was, yet again, from the scholarship paper. Only had an hour for it. More maths, corrected our things, and more notes.

In rest, got a bit fed up with Green, and did him one or two - thus the blood over which this is written.

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The funniest thing of all was that he got fined as well as me. It might even be profitable to try again some time.

Deutsch, and the same old grind. Some Emil, in which I did not exactly excel, and in the second period a Nacherzählung, which I had heard before in English, which helped.

As Davis and I finished so early, we were told to take a walk round the cricket pitch, talking German all the way, in order to be prepared for the 'O' level oral exams which are on Thursday

Then a clarinet lesson, but first I had to get Mr Whites tea, and they took about 10 minutes over that.

Carried on until 1610, so I got an hour of clarinet even though I arrived late, and got out of pioneers intil the bargain. Showed him my Baßblockflöte [bass recorder], with which he was quite interested.

Reading German verse in prep - for oral.

Wednesday, 20 May 1964 KCT
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No mail this morning, and it is getting rather boring. I suspect that they have no mail service in Khatmandu. Must write a few more letters myself.

English first, and Boris made us answer some questions about some damn stupid prep that he gave us last night - the descriptions of character given by the description of clothes in the Prologue or some such damn stupid tripe. The other half of the form had to do the stuff on horses.

Latin, and Mansell went over the scholarship prose. The scholarship results are now out - LaMoury has got £100.

Maths, and, after correcting prep, he gave us some notes, and, of course, I had forgotten to bring my note book, and had to do it in my rough book, to be copied out later.

Chemistry, and Clod spent the whole period talking about the new syllabus that they are going to bring out for 'O' level chemistry in 1966 - he likes it and dislikes it by turns.

Deutsch was another farce - spent most of the time talking about our prep last night. Got 27 on Nacherzählung (90%). Highest ever.

Choir practice after lunch. We were going to have a work to rule, but nothing came of it.

After that, went and bought some food, and then started talking to Callow at the end of the New Block. He tells me that Rees EL has joined the pioneers. He does not, however, intend to do any work. Also talking about the Paephos disc [what's that?], and the fact that they had finally managed to decipher it.

Then he went and got some roman pottery, and showed it to me. I did not think all that much of it, but then, it is 1800 years old, at least. Tyson then grabbed me and took me to go over my Pfingsten essay. Did not do all that fabulously well on it, but then, he did not mark it.

After that, did some recorder practice with Chivers and Wadland, and then along to do Botts amplifier. Stanley i has promised me £1 if I get it finished by next Wednesday. Sounds highly suspicious to me, but I don't object.

Preparing for German Mündliche Prüfung (tomorrow) in prep.

Thursday, 21 May 1964 KCT
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Another day without any letters. How uncivilised is Khatmandu?

Double chemistry, and once again we did a practical. Clod must suddenly have realised that we needed it. This time it was a titration of oxalic acid with NaOH.

The whole trouble about titrations is that they do not last long enough, and before long Clod was asking us what the answer would have been if it were KHC₂O₄, H₂C₂O₄, KHSO₄, HCl, H₂SO₄, etc, and once again we were on with the old stuff.

In physics, barely had we got started as I was called to go form my german oral, and spent about 10 minutes waiting for Howlett and Hargrave to come out. As soon as Lennox and I got in, he gave us each a piece to read, and then started talking, and got on to such unrelated subjects as the Hannoversche Opernhaus and what a beautiful place Khatmandu is.

My recollection is that he (from the University of Bristol) asked where our parents were, and somehow I ended up doing all the talking while Lennox sat back. The reference to the opera house may be related to something I said: I had been there five months previously. And I had to convince him that yes, my mother was really in Kathmandu.

After break, french, and for some reason Skiv did not turn up. I wonder if it was anything to do with the German orals [which were held in his study], but anyway, we had Kingcup, and had to do some prose about something or another.

Maths, and we did little - just a sort of test, and had the whole period to do it in.

Wind band after lunch, and, owing to revisions, Rose (and Ruscoe, when he turns up) is/are Solo Clarinet, I am 1st, Lane and Chopping 2nd, and poor old Forward 3rd.

After finishing that, arrived late for latin, and Mansell was slightly peeved, but let me off. Spent the period going over the scholarship prose, and then did some sentences orally.

Deutsch, and we got a couple of things back, and spent the time talking about it. Also transcribed some Emil.

After that, as it was pouring absolute torrents of rain, the pioneers did not have to work, and it was a freeday. However, the others had a free day as well, so it was not like a Wednesday.

Did a bit of work on Botts amplifier, and all I need now is a loudspeaker to try it out on.

Then fixed up Pooks radio for him, and all seemed well again. Then tidied up (or tried to) my bench, and put the scope in a more central position, so that I do not need 10 ft leads.

Friday, 22 May 1964 KCT
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Same old grind - term is getting boring. Thank God that we no longer get woken up with the sun rises - Mott has been drawing the curtains of an evening lately.

Still no letters, but Straits budget and Practical TV, followed after breakfast by the New Scientist.

Skiv is away for some reason, and as a result, we had for french, of all people, Sykes! He is even slacker than usual in french. Spent the whole time talking about damn all. Just because we have our orals in about 3 weeks time.

PE, and we were playing softball. Changed at Gatcombe, but was not late. I wonder if it is worth trying it again.

Latin, and we got our proses back. As Mansell commented, “very poor indeed” - 10/50. I really must buck up.

After break, took my blazer off, but it is really cold yet. Left my pens behind as a result, and had to borrow one from Callow ii.

Chemistry - I actually made a mistake, so it was not much fun.

Returned work in the afternoon was a bit of a farce, and got off at about 1215.

Deutsch, and did little. Nothing to get back, and we spent most of the time talking, and then he gave us a revision of prepositions, and then an excercise on it.

Correcting the Sc. removes stuff in English. Later, Boris asked Hargrave what song he would almost be bound to be able to sing from Carmen. Lennox: “Falsetto in D minor”. Laughter all round.

In pioneers, Brunt annoyed Callow and me, and as a result we had a nice long fight, which ended in us ducking him in the water tank. He didn't like that much, but nearly tried again. I nearly strangled him.

After that, the Weed noticed him, and asked him why he was in such a mess. I wonder what will happen.

Choir practice, and before long, noticed that there were solo falsetto parts in the Magnificat - which was in D minor. Hargrave tried to sing tenor for the rest of the time.

It's not clear whether this was the well-known Bach Magnificat in D minor, which we sang in the following year.

Saturday, 23 May 1964 KCT
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Little happened today. In breakfast, Wireless World, and letters from Dad and Edgar Hunt, who, however, did not give any details of the 16th century recorders.

Spent most of my time before assembly looking for Chivers, but only found him in assembly.

Latin first, and, after getting our 1st order - I did better than I expected by coming 12= with Mash, - we had to do some Caesar, which we had already done about a week ago.

Then french, with Mme Soréreau, who decided that it would be fun to do an essay on french proverbs. I wrote something - about 4 sentences - and then gave up. She got a bit annoyed with Risso-Gill, who was doing his physics prep.

In physics, more blowings up from Poop, an discovered that he did not like my method for working out the BP. of liquid oxygen.

In break, showing the letter from Hunt to Chivers, and also an application form for some Anglo-French summer course for recorder players. Might go next year - have to be over 16.

Music - last act of Figaro.

After lunch, did little, and turned up early for pioneers, and took quite some time. Rees E.L. made a hell of a nuisance of himself, and chucked the leek [Welsh symbol; Rees was Welsh] that we had found yesterday. And then Callow actually had the cheek to chuck me round the other side on the ash heaps. However, all this stopped when, at 1415, a hell of a thunderstorm came along and drenched the lot of us. And I had to run the whole way to Gatcombe in a torrent of tropical dimensions. For the first time this term (and probably this year) I had a shower - and there was no hot water.

After that, borrowed Wraggs loudspeaker, turned on Botts amplifier, and it worked - Bott is finally more or less confident in me again, and wants me to build a mixer for him.

Spent most of the time after roll call listening to the thing, and it is working quite well.

After supper, put on Hancock's “the radio Ham”, and quite amusing. Later listening to Lux, and working out mixer circuit.

Sunday, 24 May 1964 KCT
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Sundays tend to become monotonous unless they are planned some time in advance. I think that I will borrow a bike and got on a cycle ride next week - see Cynthia.

Did some recorder practice before chapel, and did little else, but after a while met up with Chivers and headed to the inside music room to play variations on Greensleeves (Dolmetsch) on Wadlands recorder. He poke his head in while we were at it. No words, but looks speak volumes.

Chapel was dead boring, presumably because it is Trinity Sunday, and took its time. It is too hot for that nowadays (in point of fact, it has hardly stopped raining since pioneers yesterday

After that, along to the wireless club and started playing “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” (Mozart) which I got some time ago from the concert hall record club, and it is very good indeed. It seems that, whether I like it or not, I am a member of the aforesaid society. I think I will start getting interesting in HiFi. 'Twould be fun.

After lunch, Forward grabbed me, and told me that he could not make head or tail of the wind band 3rd clarinet parts, and as a result I had to help him. Gawd. What a mess up. Enter Selfe, and started planning some secret rendezvous with him, so I hopped it, went on a walk, despite the inclement whether, and after going a way with Forward, joined up with Prest and Howlett, who were talking on their favourite subject - women. Interesting conversation, nevertheless (or as a result).

Got back and Prest wants me to write out the words of “Wo sind all' die Blumen” [really „Sag mir wo die Blumen sind“] for him. Also wants me to build an amplifier. Oh Gawd.

Then into the wireless club, out again, and went to tea, followed by the natural science society films. The first one was about Malaria, but it was in Biologenese, and I did not understand much of it.

After supper, Mr Thompson (Director of music of Taunton School) and TDH gave a recital, and not bad, but small audience.

Monday, 25 May 1964 KCT
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Plenty of mail this morning - letter from Maria, almost illiterate from Richard, and a couple of things from the Concert hall record Club, including a record of Tchaikowsky'sSwan Lake” and “Sleeping Beauty” and an invoice for £1··11··0. sent off the offer for Schubert'sTrout Quintet” and also a desperate request for money to Mrs Baudouy. Might be fun, though.

French, and more with MaupassantLe Trou”, and it is quite damn ridiculous. Mlle. Soréreau thinks that Lennox was sitting there swearing his head off, and in actual fact was using old wives terms.

Double physics started with a blowing up from Poop, and then, after about ½ an hour, tried to do the experiment, and decided that we had made such a hell of a mess of it that we would do another of our brand [?] of fiddle, and work out how long the burner should have been going for.

French, and a test - I escaped getting a detention by ½ mark. How close can you get.

Divvers was a farce as usual, and spoke about all sorts of blasphemy - Jesus and disciples walking on water, etc.

After lunch, corps - took me most of my time to get changed as usual. Inspection, but I was hardly looked at. However, it was our section who got the red lanyards, and it was quite a shock to discover that I had got one - and for tidyness.

After that, got our rifles and more rifle drill on the front square, and after that had more shouting orders, and we had more fun, but I did not get round to having my command.

Then down to the bottom fields, and some balls with Hill about how to shout orders, and was not let off until 1510.

Fortunately, we did not have any march past this week, but instead had something with White CN, and I pretty well went to sleep.

Then along to the Wireless club and discovered Fred there listening to my record. Damn him. Still, it meant that we could hear it on his amplifier. Not bad. Record changer needs a new stylus. All of Woodard came in late for supper - Wodge lecture.

Tuesday, 26 May 1964 KCT
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Letter from Jean this morning - pretty average, but an odd comment at the end.

After breakfast, talking to Cookson ii about Heathkit amplifiers - he reckons that I should get a 5-10 with 3 valve preamplifier, as Fred has.

English was, as usual, pretty boring, but we had an interesting discussion about various things, including various french phrases which have become assimilated into the english, etc.

Then divvers, and Sykes finally lost his temper, and threatened us with detentions all round, after having a variety of readings of the gospel by Partridge (monotonous) and me (highly animated), neither of which he liked.

Maths, and we got our tests back, and I did not do particularly well. I must buck up after last term.

I have 4 records to keep up - Chemistry should be pretty easy, but I do not know about the others. The odds are against physics, and it will be difficult with Maths and Deutsch.

Latin - more from Terrys latin reader.

Maths, and I am finally getting hack into the swing of things. All seems to be well again.

Returned work after lunch, with Shitters, who, as soon as I had entered the room, predicted what I had and from whom I had got it.

Then along and discovered that my 'A' clarinet was back, complete with new ebonite tenon. It is very well done again, and it was cheaper than they quoted.

After that, Deutsch, and did not actually have a Prüfung, and just did some work in our Hefte. However, it went extremely slowly, and then we had to do the corrections, another excercise, and studying up more verbs with prepositional objects, and learnt how to attach them to noun clauses.

After that, tired to fix up the open G on my 'A' Clarinet, which was rather fluffy. It just needs a bit of humouring.

Then along to the inside music room, and had to wait ¼ hours before he finished with the last fellow. And he didn't stay overtime.

40 lines from Patching for smiling in prep.

Wednesday, 27 May 1964 KCT
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Stuff from Heathkits this morning, quite interesting. Cookson had a look at the things, and came to the same decision as I had already come.

English, and were supposed to be talking about Julius Caesar, but ended up talking about the 'O' level syllabus and such things, and spent the rest of the period arguing what to do for prep.

Latin, and Mansell was in a sarky mood, but old thicky Hallett could not translate the latin, which was very easy indeed, and so Mansell jumped down his throat with his corps boots on, and gave him a 1 hr detention. Derivatives test - I got the highest mark, with 28/30.

Maths, and Jimmy, after going through last night's prep, did an experiment - the only one he ever does, and then went on about the parellellogram law of forces, but gave no notes.

Chemistry, and Clod started talking about exceptions to Boyles law, and got onto the kinetic theory. Commented “At last. I know something that Lehey does not know”, and proceeded to write down the fact on the bench.

Deutsch - Prüfung on all these verbs with prep. objects.

After lunch, choir practice, and all the stuff for Corpus Christi, and actually got off early nevertheless.

Then spent most of my time during games doing Patchings 40 lines, but was interrupted by Bott, who wanted to know a few things about the preamp, and in particular how to get the cost down. And all that took all of games time.

After that, messed around until 1500 hrs, then along to the wireless club, and Phillips entered and made a nuisance of himself. Then along come Tyson and asks me to fix up an adaptor for the Audio Visual course, and then I along to Roll Call, and after that did Tysons thing for him, and also put a wander [? or wonder?] plug socket onto the PCR for the O/P from the detector, but it was a tight fit, and did not do the thread much good.

After that, enter Fred, and I put on sleeping Beauty, and spent some time listening to it.

Then met up with Chivers, and along to room 26, where Wadland was playing his record of Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra. Walker did some enlargements for me today.

Thursday, 28 May 1964 KCT
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Corpus Christi

After a rather long - in fact exceptionally long - wait, I have finally got a letter from Janet Peters. Judging by here letters, she is quite a personality. The letter started “Dear Greg, excuse the language, but I damn well did write”. It seems that she gave it to one of the maids, who did not post it. Could get on with her. I wonder about the other 2.

Service at 0800 hrs, which is a damn stupid idea, as, in this case at any rate, we missed the first half of double chemistry. Also, it is too early in the morning to sing tenor - and I refuse to sing alto, and I don't like singing bass.

Second half of double chemistry went very quickly indeed, and in point of fact he kept us in 5 minutes over time. In physics, he did not notice my fiddling of Monday's answers, and we also came to the closest answer - only 0,001 calories/gm/°C out.

After break, french, and Skiv started off in a stinking temper, but soon cooled down, and had a bit of fun reading part of a french play.

Maths, and he gave us some notes on projectiles etc, which were not particularly interesting, and were accompanied by some most 'orrible formlis.

Wind band after lunch - only 3 clarinettists turned up. Doing Greensleeves as well, but the clarinets did not get much of it, apart from the question ans answer things between use [?].

Late for latin, as usual, but so was Mansell, and so nothing happened of it. He gave us a lot of latin sentences to be translated, and tomorrow we will have a hell of an unseen.

Deutsch after this, and Tyson was in a hell of a bad mood, and in addition I did not do at all well, and only got 20/30, and spent the rest of the time going over it.

After that, wrote a letter to Janet, and wrote 2-3 sides and missed tea as a result, and wasted more of the £3 that I got from Mrs Baudouy this morning.

Then pioneers, and we did not do at all much - in fact, after making 2 mixes, we were told to tidy up, and all I did for the next ¾ hour was to move a kerbstone around, and watch Wadland make a mess of it.

Friday, 29 May 1964 KCT
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Letter from Abdul this morning, but still none from Cynthia. I must write to her again soon. Abdul did not have much to say, other that he wanted his photos.

French first period, and did not have much to do. To start with, Skiv had to go to see the Weed about something. As soon as he had come back, we just started the thing that we were supposed to be doing, and enter the Weed, said he wanted to see Flabley [?] tonight, and took Skiv out again.

P.E, and some people went in for a swim, and according to them, it was quite warm. I do not believe them, personally.

Latin, and carried on with the unseen that we were given yesterday. I feel that I did better on this one than usual, but I usually get the lowest marks when I feel like that.

After break, in which I consumed 7 buns - I must cut down - maths, and a test, in which I did not do too well.

Chemistry, and it was with Dodden, who went round the class asking questions from the 'O' level book. Certainly is effective.

After lunch, got Walker to do my photos for me, and then shooting, in which I excelled myself in the group, and in the end got 67, so I am still only a 1st class shot, but it does mean that I do not need to do anything with the badge on my battle dress top.

After that, Deutsch, and a prose, but Tyson, for some reason, gave me another excercise to do after that, and I did 27 sentences of that (all sentences). I wonder if he is once gain considering getting me going for 'A' level next year.

English, and we spent our time talking about Caesar, and discussing whether he was impotent, or whether Calpurnia was sterile, or what.

Bassoon lesson in the evening. That instrument is absolutely unplayable. I will be glad when the other is repaired.

Pioneers was even slacker than usual, as Drax did not turn up. We spent most of the time helping Sykes washing his car (or, in fact, watching him).

Saturday, 30 May 1964 KCT
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Still no letters from Cynthia, but 1 each from Dolmetsch and Maria. Dolmetsch say that there is not much point in trying to measure the antique instruments, but nevertheless gave no modern dimensions. I shall have to look at the Consort for July 1962.

Maria enclosed her address in Mexico, which is just as well, for she does not intend to go to Netherton at all at the end of term, but go straight to Mexico.

Latin, and enter Mansell in a not very good mood, and blew us up right, left and center, and went out again, leaving us to talk until 0825, and then gave us a test on scansion, the results of which he was not very impressed with.

After that, French with Mlle Soréreau, and talking about favourite hobbies, and she apparently has noticed that I like music - St. Audries, etc.

Then physics, and we went to the science library to do our prep from last night, and spent some time looking at Cavendish's scientific songs to the tune of “Clementine

Flute lesson at 1030, and carried on until 1130. Then had conversation with Chivers, went to music, was interrupted and disgusted with “Exodus”, hopped it back to Chivers, and played “Greensleeves” with him.

After lunch, did little except try to get a pair of Corps boots from the Q stores, but Meades was on duty and he told me that they didn't have anything in my size, but to come back when somebody more efficient was on duty, which would occur on Monday.

No mixes at all in pioneers. It was sweltering hot, and I actually took my jumper off, although even that did not help much. Callow also undressed partially. I have never seen such a mess in all my life. Moving tons of earth, and we knocked off early because it was so strenuous.

Then worked out what components I would need for Botts amplifier, and up to Mountlands P.O. after Roll call to send off for them, and also to pay the concert hall record club, and got soaked into the bargain. Then did a bit of work on P.S. networks, but not much good. After supper on and on, and discussing test meters and Hi-Fi with Wragg after supper.

Sunday, 31 May 1964 KCT
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Little of interest happened this morning, and I spent most of my time wondering what to do.

After breakfast, decided to do a bit of hoboe practice, and Aston insisted on my showing him of my prowess on the same. This carried on until the owner (Hargrave) of the hobo came in, and fortunately did not object.

Then chapel, which was all tolld a pretty crappy performance. The only tenor on the cantoris side was Radcliffe, and all the decani tenors were either singing treble or unison, so it was a tenor duet by myself and Radders. Apart from that, it was stinking hot, and I felt a bit dizzy.

Then along to the wireless club, and decided to do a bit of productive work for a change, and first of all got onto putting a 13A socket onto the wall, and was interrupted by Chivers in the process, who wanted to do some recorder practice, but I did not feel like it.

Then I decided to fix up the mains power switch on the PCR power supply, so that I could turn it on without killing myself on the terminals of the choke. Then met up with Weeks, and headed to room 26 to hear St John, and was late for lunch into the bargain.

After lunch, I discovered that I was supposed to be collecting denims from the Q stores, but Tebbot did not seem to be able to open the place, so I gave up, and explained to Weeks how a micrometer screw guage works, and then went, did sundry things, and went for a walk with him, telling him of all the unpleasant things he had in store for him.

Came back and to the wireless club, but did little before tea, which I spent talking to Jones.

Then back to the wireless club, and everybody was sitting outside listeing to “Pick of the Pops” on light, and I tried to join them with the signal generator, but no luck.

Chapel was much the same, but thank God I have a new surplice.

After supper, we were playing Quantz for flauti traversi on the recorder, and I was complaining bitterly. Ended up on Gibbons with Wadland and myself at each others throats.

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