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October 1963
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This page was entered manually from the paper originals between February 2015 (last week) and May 2017 (the rest). Items in italics, like this, were added during this time.

Tuesday, 1 October 1963 KT
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Got a postcard from Dad this morning, but it was not all that interesting. Précis back in english, but I did not do as well as I hoped I would.

Divvers next, and we carried on with what we had to do in yesterdays period, although I was not there then.

Maths, and a test, once more 100%, but it was very simple.

Latin first after break, and, as I had hoped, Mansell went on to something completely different from what he had threatened.

Then maths again, and carried on with our revision of trig, and then started to do our prep.

After lunch, Russian, but we could not get any electricity, so we just went on learning our letters, and then I had a clarinet lesson, which lasted nearly twice as long as it usually does. By the time I got out, it was raining, and I missed pioneers altogether.

Double Deutsch after tea, and we spent the first period talking as of old, and a kleine Prüfung at the end. Then an Übersetzung.

In the middle of prep, I was called out by Zebedee to get Akhavan's clothes and take them over to the san - he had broken his shoulder in rugger. Even had to dress him. When I got back, Green had done my latin prep for me.

Wednesday, 2 October 1963 KT
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English first this morning, and we started to read the beginning of Julius Caesar, and were promised another précis for prep.

Latin, and we spent all the time going over the prep we did last night, and I discovered that Green was not as flawless as I thought that he was.

Maths third, and we went over our prep as usual, and spent the rest of our time just going over old theorems. Jimmy tried to give us a prep again.

After break, chem first, and we spent it as usual, talking about stuff that only Clod & I understood.

Deutsch was the results of our Prüfung, and then we had to correct our prose, in which I left out a couple of things, but apart from that did quite well.

Tried to build a transistor amplifier in the afternoon, but it did not work, and I suspect that the Green Spot [transistor] which Windmill gave me was no good. Still, that remains to be seen.

Went into town, as per usual, and handed in my library book and bought a WW.

Choir practice immediately after, and then prep.

After supper, had a look at some instant lettering that I found in WW.

Thursday, 3 October 1963 KT
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Double chemistry this morning, but again no practical. Clod wasted the whole time giving us a stinking test, in which I actually got a few things wrong.

Then physics, and Poop spent his whole time talking about magnets, but I think that next week we might get some electricity. Nevertheless, prep was magnetism.

After break, french, but Skiv was in a lazy mood, and so all we did was to prepare Maupassant, and then be given another stinking prep.

Then maths, and Jimmy went through the various proofs of Pythagoras.

In the afternoon, wind band practice, and I was demoted once more to 3rd Clt.

As it was very wet, the pioneers had a day off, and I fixed my soldering gun, which had been on the blink since Sunday, and then did the amplifier, which works quite well, picking up signals from all over the common room.

Latin first in the evening - did quite well 6/25, but the lowest was -19/25.

Deutsch, not much. Saw some slides.

In second prep, London Harpsichord ensemble, which was very entertaining. Did Bach's Italian Concerto & Others.

Friday, 4 October 1963 KT
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French first this morning, and we were all afraid that we would get a detention on last night's prep, but all we got was our proses back, got 12/20 with an interesting comment.

PE next, and once more I got away without doing more than I absolutely had to.

Latin, and Mansell gave us some interesting notes on Grammar, which might help us.

Decided to let Green have the PCR for the holidays, and thus not have to send it over to Malaya.

Strange. On 22 August 1963 we had decided that I would spend the Christmas holidays in Hannover, and that's what happened. The PCR never made it to Malaysia.

Maths, and we had to do the proof of the mid-point theorem, and then a part A paper, which was a stinker.

Chemistry - spent the whole time talking about blast furnaces, and wonder how to get it going - Matches?

Tryed to get corps uniform of in rest, but, after ¾ hour more, and Drax threatened to chuck me out of the pioneers unless I turned up more often.

Did the rest of my précis in tea, and then Boris gave me more time after my plea for it, but no extra prep.

Deutsch did not do much, but Tyson shew a decided interest in my Aufgabenbuch, and before long I had left it behind.

Choir practice - not much fun.

Saturday, 5 October 1963 KT
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Latin first this morning, and Mansell spent most of it taking down our names for elem. maths 'O' Level, and it was rather amusing, as we had to read out all our christian names. Rossiter has a set! He gave us a stinking prep.

It's interesting how many Christian names the average British person has. The US Americans have long settled on two, but I know many British people with up to five.

French, and the usual - over the essay and then through Maupassant. And another stinking prep.

Physics, and we got our long-promised test on magnetism, in which I did not do too well. Anyway, it should mean the end of magnetism, and then we will be able to get on to electricity.

Music after break, but Harrison objected to my eating sweets. Ah well. Did not have any good music either.

Wrote a letter to Dad in rest, and then on with the pioneers, and spent most of the time digging a trench, and throwing conkers at each other. However, it rather backfired when Callow hit Tyson in the back. He was a little annoyed.

After that, got going on the MAT amplifier, and nearly had it finished by roll call, after which I had to go for a dancing lesson, brushed up on last week, and then learnt the Samba.

Then to see Green about getting my money back, but, after a bit of arguing, but nothing much happened.

Was not allowed to finish my amplifier in second prep.

Sunday, 6 October 1963 KT
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Before chapel this morning I spent a bit of time sorting out my Radio components, etc, and carried on the construction of the transistor amplifier.

Chapel, and for once we had a few good hymns, but I feel we didn't do as well as last week.

After chapel, I went in and tried out the new amplifier, but it oscillated at about 4.5 Mc/s, and I could not get much out of it.

I wonder how I established this fact. The oscilloscope only ran to about 150 kHz. Maybe I picked it up on my radio.

After that, had some general going over the oscilloscope, and soldering the more doubtful joints again.

After lunch, I was going to write a letter to Mum & Dad, but got sidetracked in one way and another, and ended up trying out the amplifier again.

Then went for a walk with Callow, and spent most of our time arguing about home science.

The, after tea, a film, “Dock Brief” with Peter Sellers, but it was not much good - rather the same sort of thing as “Heavens Above”.

After that, I finally got round to writing a letter, and after that, chapel again, and a few more good hymns. I wonder if it is the influence of the new chaplain.

Got a few more books out of the science library, one on Zeta.

Monday, 7 October 1963 KT
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French first this morning, and we spent a considerable amount of time over calculating the average of the form at the end of term, and it came out to 15.

In physics, we discovered that Poop was still unwell, and Vincent took us for the first period, in which I just read everything and anything that interested me. Did a few ohms law calcs in second period, but it was really rather boring.

After break, french again, and had a vocab test, etc., and then on to Maupassant.

Divvers, and speaking french as usual. Went through Paul's argument with Jerusalem.

In the afternoon, inspection, so I polished up my showed, but for no purpose, for, as I had no uniform, I was not inspected.

After that, we had a period of double drill, which was for the most part rather boring. However, we had a few interesting collisions with other platoons, and I hardly kept my step at all.

Too crowded in tea, so I did not go, but read about Zeta instead. Most interesting. Must have a go at it myself.

I still haven't worked out what Zeta is, but this suggests that it's not ZETA.

Russian in the evening, and this time it was a football game. Must buy a few books.

Tuesday, 8 October 1963 KT
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English first this morning, and we ploughed along Julius Caesar into his death and funeral and Antonys funeral oration, etc.

Divvers 2nd, and nothing much happened. I am beginning to feel that he is rather slack, but not in the same way that Popsy is: he keeps a happy atmosphere in the classroom.

Math 3rd, and we went over last Sat's prep. I really must buck my ideas up in maths.

Latin after break, and Mansell gave us the dreaded test. However, only 3 people got detentions, and the rest returned work, as did I.

Maths again, and we went over the sine & cosine rules, etc, and got our last test back.

In the afternoon, Russian, and we got our russian books at last - Red, of course.

Then a clarinet lesson, in which I practiced the wind band piece, and had a general chat.

Turned up late for pioneers, and all I did as fill my pocket with conkers and chuck them at Chivers.

Double Deutsch in the evening, but it was not much fun. Did a bit of Emil. Prüfung, etc., Got 100% in verbs.

Did a couple of section A [maths 'O' level] papers in prep.

Wednesday, 9 October 1963 KT
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English first again this morning, and we got our Précis back. I did better than I thought, better even than last time, which surprised me.

Then latin, in which Mansell had something to say about style, and gave us 8 hellishly difficult sentences which we were to eventually translate.

Maths, and we good our proofs back, and had another test - 100% in each.

Chemistry - this time were talking about Bessemer converters. Not very interesting.

Deutsch next, got back our last Prüfung, ine the first part of which I got 100%. Also another, and talking as usual.

In the news before lunch, heart that a dam near KL had broken, and flooded KL, killing a few people, and was very worried about this, so sent a telegram to Dad to see if he was all right. Then replied his and Mums letters of yesterday and Bevs of today, in which she mentioned that one of the girls in her Dorm had fallen violently in love with me. Ah well. We will see.

After roll call, went, as usual, into town, and bought a copy of the penguin Russian course, and also a paper, but it had no mention of the flood.

Choir practice on a new anthem - not much fun, but might sing on Sunday.

Thursday, 10 October 1963 KT
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Double chemistry first this morning, and Clod was obviously intending to hop it and leave us to our own devices, but Howlett did not understand Valency, and so Clod spent the whole of the first period explaining the structure of the atom to us. As a result, got a book out of the Science library about the subject, but unfortunately it is rather old-fashioned (1927). Poop was still away for physics, so I did little work.

After break, french, and we just listened to Skiv tell some jokes in french, which were fairly amusing, but quite a few people did not understand.

In maths, got Jimmy on to a red herring about how logs were worked out, and he promptly gave us the formula for both logs and π, which were more or less related.

Russian, music, set work and pioneers all at the same time after lunch, but got a fair compromise, and ended up having a conker fight against the mob doing ag.

Latin first in the evening, another test, in which we all did badly. However, I think that this order I might come fairly high.

In Deutsch, I came 4th/22 with 118/150, but should have been 3rd. Must clip Sharps [?] wings

Friday, 11 October 1963 KT
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French first this morning, and a long [promised] test, which was out of a total of 79, and I got 57, which I think is acceptable. However, it took an hell of a long time.

PE, and we were playing basketball, which I do not excel at. Ah well. It is one way of wasting time.

Latin in 25, and, apart from other things, Mansell gave us our order. I came 9/24, not as well as I thought I should do.

After break, maths, and spent our time going over a B paper, which would be rather difficult, and so I got hardly anywhere on the 3rd question.

Talking about physical chemistry again in class, and ended up talking about anti-freeze.

Had to change for pioneers in the afternoon, but did not actually do much work, although it was more than usual.

Also helped Hatts move half a ton of so of steel lumps.

After pioneering, I studied the transistor communications receiver in this months QST, but don't think it is all that much cop.

Deutsch, and we just went over a prose, etc, and in English we had a test, in which few did well, and 3 got detentions. Got a fish bone stuck in my throat in supper, and had to go to the san.

Saturday, 12 October 1963 KT
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Went to the san about my fish bone this morning, with sister being as objectionable as usual, and the doctor reckons he has got it out, although it does not feel like it. When I went into latin, Mansell was rather amused by it, and made a few witty cracks (fairly witty, anyway).

French, and we finished off La Parure, which took us all our time. Have to summarize for prep.

Poop was still not up for physics, and so everybody was fooling around. After Wright had chucked his rubber at me several times, I cut it to bits and changed seats.

After break, double music, and I did not think much of it, although they had Beethoven's 1st and the Nutcracker suite. The amount of noise was absolutely shocking.

The usual letter after lunch, and then when I turned up for pioneers, Kemble told me to report to the Alfred study for a blowing up by Jones at 4.25.

After looking through QST for March and April, discovered the HBR 11 again, and think I might build it. Saw Jones - threatened to chuck a ton of bricks at me.

Dancing after roll-call, and just went over what we learnt last week.

In second prep, decided to in hook line and sinker for the HBR-11, but will put in Q-Mult and ANL.

Sunday, 13 October 1963 KT
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This morning I was working out the extras that I would need for the HBR-11 before it would be worthwhile for use. Verdict: ANL, Q multiplier, when I made out a draft of the list after chapel. It works out quite reasonably.

Also after chapel, I got my denims for field day tomorrow. What a mess!

Bott also cornered me and asked me to build him an amplifier for his guitar, and is quite prepared to pay for his thing up to £25-30. Will be able to get a 30 watt for that.

In the afternoon, I borrowed Startups typewriter, and typed out the lists for the HBR, and wrote to Mum & Dad while I was at it, which took me a hell of a lot more time than it takes to tell.

After that, I had little to do, and just generally hung round doing very little, and in the process, found in QST a Q-multiplier for the HBR series of receivers, so I think I will use it.

After supper, had a bit of fun with PCR, and then borrowed a couple of books from the science library.

Monday, 14 October 1963 KT
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French first this morning, and, after going over our prep, we went onto a prose pièce - shades of Popsy.

Physics (Double), and Poop went on about the uses of terrestial magnetism, etc, and decided that in this day and age one no longer builds models - or oscilloscopes, Lehey. What the hell does he know about it - or what day and age is this?

“This day and age” was one of his favourite clichés.

Flute lesson supposed to start at 11.30, but I thought 12.30, and so was dragged out of french by Peyton-Jones at 11.50.

She seems to have moderated since last time, and sold me a couple of peices of Music for 10/-, to be payed next time.

Field day in the afternoon, which was an absolute and utter waste of time. First of all we had to go and find some hidden snipers, which was an absolute and utter farce, with people throwing thunderflashes all over the place.

Then a camouflage exercise, equally wet, only improved by climbing up and down rabbit warrens.

Choral society again in the evening, and we got a bit further, with Mr. Sykes roaring down my ear.

Russian in second prep, and had quite a bit of fun. Got a Russian magazine from Tyson.

Tuesday, 15 October 1963 KT
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English first this morning, and we ploughed on in Julius Caesar, which was not very interesting, and we were promised a test on it tomorrow.

Divvers, and fortunately, we were not tested. Just went on the Ch. 7. Sykes, I think, will end up being very slack.

Maths - Just doing an 'O' Level paper, after we went over the other days prep.

After break, latin, and Mansell spent a large amout of time telling us of the Roman way of life - not very sanitary.

Maths again, and this time we did the 'B' second of the paper we did last time.

Russian after lunch, and, after trying to read the lesson we are doing now, Tyson gave us the declension of Стол and Стул, which took us up to my clarinet lesson, in which I discovered that my A clarinet had been pinched, and so had some of my reeds.

Did a bit of pioneering, and then charged back again - only there for about 15 minutes.

Double Deutsch - nobody seems to have learnt the prep for Friday, but fortunately I got over it while we were talking. Couple of detentions given out.

Wednesday, 16 October 1963 KT
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English first this morning, and, by going flat out, managed to finish the book of Julius Caesar, but will probably revise on it easily till the end of term.

Latin - no longer do we anticipate it with fear, as when we had Kingcup. In fact, it is almost fun.

Maths in 3rd period - did not do too well.

After break, chemistry, and, as usual, we talked, this time about colloids.

Deutsch, and, as I had hoped, i got full marks on our last test - 15/10. Tyson will not be here tomorrow, thank God.

In the afternoon, after picking up some program or another on the oscilloscope direct from the antenna, I wrote the necessary letters for Magazines, and to have my meter repaired. (Mum sent me £6 for mags. etc this morning), and then hung round with Callow until roll call.

In town, I got all I wanted at the PO, and got, among other things, a Russian dictionary at Smiths - last one they had.

In choir practice I was kicked out of Decani into Cantoris. What a let-down.

In second prep, having quite a bit of spare time, did some Russian, in which I did quite well, but only got 13/17.

Thursday, 17 October 1963 KT
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Letter from Mum this morning, and got the addresses of the Relatives in Germany.

Double chemistry first this morning, but we had a test nevertheless. However, after the test we did some practicals on iron and its various salts. Quite interesting, but Clod insisted that two different things were in fact the same.

Physics, and, although I had not finished the prep, Poop collected it in.

After break, in which I had two meat pies, we had french, and spent the whole time doing a prose.

Maths, we had yet another test, and I do not think I did very well, but now think I might have.

Wind band again after lunch, and, of all people, Jimmy Edwards has joined - 2nd clarinettist.

Pioneers after that, and we spent all our time mixing cement. Rather fun, I supposed. Time went very quickly, anyway.

In the evening, we got our latin proses back. I did not do nearly as well as I thought I had, but neither did anybody else.

Another prose in Deutsch, invigilated by Popsy, as Tyson had gone to Bristol. Only Hargrave & I finished.

Did the rest of physics in prep.

Friday, 18 October 1963 KT
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French first this morning, and we spent our time at a loose end, although Skiv would not admit it, and just tried to prepare Maupassant. Nevertheless, Skiv kept us in for 5 minutes afterwards, as the next period was PE, in which we did circuit training, and got ourselves utterly and entirely exhausted, although we only did 12 minutes of it.

Latin, and Mansell in a frivolous mood - got us to look up the derivation of english words. Not much fun.

After break, maths, in which Lennox outdid himself, and got into trouble.

Chemistry - Clod had to see the Weed, and we spent all our time fooling around.

Finally got my corps uniform in the afternoon, but God - Was it crappy.

Did a bit of pioneering, but did not have much fun, as all I did was to move a few bricks, which was just plain exhausting.

Deutsch first in the evening, and ended up spending nearly the whole time going through the prose.

English, and, as usual, we spent our whole time talking abut the play.

Bott was telling us all his best dirty jokes after lights-out.

Saturday, 19 October 1963 KT
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Latin first this morning, and Mansell obviously decided that it was time to learn a bit about scansion. As a result, knowing what we are like, he started from basic principles assuming absolutely no knowledge on our part.

French second, and we did a bit of Maupassant, getting down to the bottom of the 2nd page.

Got our tests back in Physics. After all the trouble I had taken to make sure he got the other things, and he did not really want it. I think Lennox & I will come equal in this order.

Double music after break - I see the other mobs point of view. It definitely does become hellishly boring after a while.

The music classes were for everybody (the “other mob”), while playing music was a significant part of my curriculum.

Wrote a letter to Mum & Dad, with a few thoughts on comm. recs. for them.

Had to watch the match in the afternoon, as Drax went to Marlborough.

Got beaten once again - 6-0, although I did not really watch it - all I did was to tell dirty jokes to Dray - he was most amused.

Dancing lesson after roll-call - can more or less do the waltz now

In second prep, decided to have a go at designing a 2 conversion communications receiver. Not bad.

Sunday, 20 October 1963 KT
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After breakfast this morning, we had a games clothes check, which was rather a nuisance, as it wasted a lot of time. After that, however, I got onto working out a chassis layout for the communications receiver which I designed last night. It works out quite nicely.

After chapel, I carried on with the chassis layout, and in effect put the front panel at the back, which gave much better access to the circuits which have controls in them.

Then started reading “The 4th of June” after having cleaned up my corps kit, which wasted an hour of time.

In the afternoon, wrote a letter to Mum & Dad, and then carried on reading the book, and read it while I went on a walk.

After the walk there was a film, “The wreck of the Mary Deare”, which, unlike most of the films we have been having lately, was very good, although it was a very sunny day, and all the blacking out was not very effective.

After supper, Chivers, Wadland, Forward and I did a bit of recorder playing, which livened up considerably after Forward had left.

Monday, 21 October 1963 KT
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French first this morning, and, as on Saturday, we spent our time preparing Maupassant, and finished down to the top of the 5th page of the story.

In physics, we were doing electrostatics, and Poop did quite a few very striking experiments and demonstrated the sensitivity of the electroscope, which was much greater than I thought, and he also demonstrated the Van de Graaff generator, and shot sparks all over the place.

French again after break, which was not much fun, as we only went over the essay on whatever it was that we had to do. Divvers was rather boring too.

Put on my corps uniform before lunch, and got into an horrible mess.

After lunch, attempted to clean my belt again, but it was still pretty horrible by the time inspection came round.

In drill period, pad even more fun, as my pants started falling down, my belt was too loose, and everybody ended up in hysterics.

Lectures on submarines after tea, which lasted until 6.00, after which Dray told me that my mattress had finally come through from Kestrels, after 17 months. That is what I call slow!

Kestrels was the prep school that I attended from September 1961 to June 1962. This was a foam rubber mattress, required for my asthma. And it's really surprising that it took that long (still, only about 16 months).

Tuesday, 22 October 1963 KT
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Another letter from Mum this morning. No news - as of old.

English first, and for some reason we had it in big school - as we did once before, although Boris could not remember it.

Divinity after that. Sykes is as slack as hell.

Maths, and got 10 in the theorem of last Thursday.

In the manuscript, this appears to be my first use of the European 1, as shown in this image from the Wikipedia Regional handwriting variation:

After going over it, we did a bit of another Maths paper. I wish we had some variety.

More scansion in latin. As Mansell says, it is becoming rather fun.

Maths again. I did not do that well in the test, as I had suspected.

Russian after lunch, and we got a new sheet with a promise of yet another. Clarinet lesson after that, and spent most of our time looking at Hennesys clarinet, which was in rather poor shape.

After that, turned up for pioneering for about 10 minutes and helped pack up for half term.

Deutsch in the evening, and we did not do much, although we had 2 Prüfungen, and I invoked Tysons wrath by losing my sheet and finding it again. Russian in prep.

Wednesday, 23 October 1963 KT
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This morning started off with english, and Boris threatened to give us a test, but started off with a period of time (= 45 mins) for questions, and, of course, we found enough for the whole period.

Latin after that, and I discovered that I did not do nearly so well in that as I had hoped. That will pull me down a bit.

In maths, Jimmy decided to go over the ratio theorem, though heaven knows why. We all ought to know it by now.

At the end of chemistry, during which Clod had been speaking more to me in particular than the class in general, he called me aside and asked me how I had started chemistry, how I was doing in other subjects, and told me not to neglect them. I wonder why?

In the afternoon came Spence and told me to get out, as I was not allowed in, and no amount of protesting would persuade him that I was. Will have to get a chit from Drax.

Went into town as usual, but did not do much, as I had extremely little to do, but did buy a german magazine with an interesting cover picture. Also some log tables with some interesting features.

Thursday, 24 October 1963 KT - Netherton House
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Life started of hectically this morning, as I tried to finish of [sic] the 4th June before the rising bell. After washing, I kindly stripped Akhavan's bed for him, but he did not like this for some unknown reason, and so did the same to mine.

After breakfast, we had to put up with the usual King Alfred's Day service, but I must admit that, even though I am prejudiced, we did have some wonderful hymns. Then physics, and Poop did a few interesting experiments, although few were paying attention to him.

Skiv, getting the holiday atmosphere, did not turn up to french, and left Popsy in charge of us. More ratio theorem from Jimmy.

After lunch, all went smoothly, and even managed to persuade Woolacott to keep the 52 for me. Then down to the station, an got onto the train without much trouble, but the train itself was absolutely crowded, and I was lucky to find myself a seat.

As always, when I got back to Netherton, all were pleased to see me. They have a blonde french girl here. Wow! Called Régine.

Got the 52 up from downstairs, and set it up, but it does not seem to be working properly. Will leave that to Woolacott.

Friday, 25 October 1963 N.
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This morning I woke up rather early, but for some reason I could not get my full quota of sleep, and stayed awake thinking and doing very little else. At about 0800 hrs, I got up, went downstairs, and had breakfast with everybody in the kitchen, and ended up talking to Alain about something not very exciting.

Then went upstairs, and had a bit of spare time, in which I did little, going over the 52. After that, I went into town and bought, among other things, a 5" log/log slide rule for use when I don't have my big one on me.

I could not find Mrs Baudouy where I was supposed to meet her, so I took the bus back, and when I got back (at about 1230) she still had not returned.

After lunch, went into Torquay to see “From Russia with Love”. It was not until I was on the Torquay bus that I noticed people looking at my scandanavian [sic] hat, which I was wearing. They had obviously got the wrong impression.

The film itself was excellent, and as a result, I saw it twice. Ended up in Venice, where I spent that horrible day 16/VIII/1963, when we walked up and down that parade with Mum. Walked a good part of the way back (about 2 miles)

Saturday, 26 October 1963 N.
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Did not wake up particularly early this morning, and did not get up until 0900hrs, when I was sure that I would have missed breakfast, but in actual fact was just in time to share it with Mr Baudouy.

After that, I went into enquire about trips into town, the earliest being late this afternoon, and so I went upatairs and managed to get the 52 into a rather better state of alignment, though still by no means perfect.

Then went downstairs again, and started to read a ghost book and was rudely interrupted by Brian, who considered it a lovely day and thought I should be out walking. I did him one and went into the drawing room, trying to improvise “The young ones” on the piano. Régine was most impressed. Then went in and I spoke at Mrs Littlewood about neuclear [sic] power.

After lunch, had a bit more fun with the 52, and watched Van try to rape Susan, from the window. Then, after getting a bit more wire for an antenna, went into town to collect Miranda, who had walked in, but got there before her. No copies of radio constructor in, and that was the only reason I wanted to go.

In the evening, heard a more-or-less all ham broadcast station on 6.05 Mc/s.

Sunday, 27 October 1963 N.
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Got down to breakfast at 0900 hrs this morning, which was time for breakfast, since it is now winter time. After breakfast, I went upstairs again and decided to remove the crystal calibrator from the 52, and this I managed to do, and discovered that it is very crudely made. Took the crystal to bits, and if it was working before, it definitely is not now. However, the 10 Kc/s thing gives a pretty good square wave output, and it set me thinking about a beam doubler for the oscilloscope - it looked quite realistic on the scope with just the square wave, and lowest TB speed, and so I went downstairs and brought up most of the junk which I am to send back to Malaya, and also something to build a multivibrator on.

After lunch, discovered a russian book in the bookshelf, and so proceeded to read it, and also had a bit of fun with Susan, Van, and Barry.

After that, I went upstairs again, but not for long, and came down with intent to watch TV, but whatever was on was lousy, and so I ended up reading Playboy, which had some interesting photos in it.

Tried to design a double pentode multivibrator after supper. Might build it on the chassis I had intended for the 52.

Monday, 28 October 1963 N.
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This morning I woke up quite late, and when I got downstairs, everybody had hopped it, and so, after ascertaining that there was far too much interference on the short wave bands to do some listening, I went downstairs and tried to kill time reading, but I did not have much fun. Then I went upstairs and started packing up all my valves for sending back to Malaya, but did not get very far before I went downstairs and started looking intently at Régine, who really is quite a charming girl. After lunch, I went a step further, and asked her if she would like to go to the flicks, and finally persuaded her, but unfortunately Brian wanted to come too. So we set out, also with Miranda, who wanted to take Juius for a walk.

When we got into town, for the first time in my life, I went window shopping with a woman and enjoyed it, and really got to see Dads point of view, with Brian playing me. After the film, which was very good, Gui picked us up, and I heard Régine say to him “Il était très gentil.... est-ce qu'il a a un bon accent?”. So presumably she was impressed. In the evening, Susan came up to have a look at my oscilloscope. She is 13 tomorrow. Prob. will not see her for a long time.

Tuesday, 29 October 1963 N.
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I intended to get up early this morning, but unfortunately my watch stopped, and I did not get a chance to wish Susan happy birthday. Still, I don't think she will be too unhappy.

I felt lousy, presumably because I got up so early, or because Régine wasn't about or something. However, it wasn't long before she got up and asked me to help her to translate Lady Chatterley's lover, but lost interest when I told her that this version had had all the dirty words pinched, and so we ended up reading “Through the Looking-Glass”.

In the afternoon, she asked me if I would like to go for a walk, although it was raining. After telling her I would go to the ends of the earth for her, she went up and washed her hair. When she had dried it, true to her word, she came on a walk with me. After positing a letter of hers, we stared to head towards Shaldon, and spoke about Australian culture. (This in half english, half french. Should do my french good). Just as I was about to kiss her, who should we meet but Teresa. That was a damper. Of course, as we had been walking for 2 hours, I missed my train, and, with the coöperation of the 52, missed the next one, with the result that I stayed the night at Netherton and got some stamps from Barry for £10.

Then, Alain and I had a hell of a lot of fun with Régine. Wow. Started to undress us, and told us “not to excite me”.

Wednesday, 30 October 1963 N - KT
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I woke up quite early this morning, and was up by abut 0730 hrs, and went downstairs to have breakfast, etc, and started to talk to Alain about our exploits last night. Then, upstairs again and put all my stuff away, and went to the fort, and was promptly called by Gui to hop it, so went to say goodbye to Régine. She seemed please that I finally kissed her. As it was, I missed the 0900 train, and had to wait until 0936.

Got back to school at 1130 hrs, and was just in time for chemistry, and, as I expected, Daw commented on it.

Deutsch was a sort of recap on the holidays. He ought to know it was private.

In rest, I saw Woolacott, who was very pleased to have the 52, and I think it is better for both of us. Also more or less unpacked my case. Saw Mott about being allowed in on Wednesday afternoons, and all was OK.

As usual, I went into town in the afternoon, after buying a raincoat from the Tuckshop, as it was pouring with rain. Bought wireless constructor, and some stamp hinges, but temporarily lost my wallet. Choir practice in the evening - interesting anthem 10/XI/1963.

Thursday, 31 October 1963 KT
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Double chemistry first this morning, and yet again Clod had the cheek to give us a test, which I thought was not very nice of him, especially as he also brought out his excuse that the marks for the practical were only 10% of the value for the theory.

Physics, and Poop demonstrated the existence of an electric wind, using the Van de Graaff generator, which gave quite a considerable wind.

After break, french, and as Skiv is in hospital, we had a new fellow, Mr Neuman, who is apparently a german. Teaching english boys french.

In the afternoon, wind band practice, and we had a hell of a lot of laughs at the Brass section, who made an absolute and utter pack of fools of themselves.

Turned up for pioneers, as is usual on Thursday, at about 3.00, and was told by Callow that I was just in time to knock off. He had been managing the mixer, but it turned out that he had forgotten to put any cement in.

Latin, and Hargrave got Mansell into a bad mood. In Deutsch we got a couple of Übungen back and heard “Where have all the flowers gone” (“Wo sind all die Blumen geblieben”) in Deutsch.

The correct German title is „Sag' mir, wo die Blumen sind“.

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