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June 1963
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This page was entered manually from the paper originals. The entry for 6 June was entered on 17 February 2015, and the rest was entered between 30 April 2017 and 5 May 2017. Items in italics, like this, were added during this time.

Saturday, 1 June 1963 KT
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Nothing of interest happened this morning, and we had to wait until much later.

Physics first, and as I had not finished the prep, I did it in the science library, and came into the period discovering that I had finished first, despite the fact that I had a choir practice last night.

P.E. was a swim, but unfortunately I had no bathers. Everybody things I am scared of water.

Maths, and we were doing simultaneous quadratics, which turned out to be circular, but Lennox and I got an ellipse owing to the usue of unequal scales.

Divvers - more history of the church.

French - a word list, and it took the whole period.

In the afternoon, I bought some stamps, and got Großcurth to get some food for me. I must persuade Mum to let me get it on the bill.

There was a cricket match, which Großcurth, Lane, May and I pretended to watch and told dirty jokes instead.

After roll call, I carried on with a revised version of the 1/page circuit of the modified 52.

Went to the music club in the evening, as they had on the first Brandenburg concerto. We were delayed, however, as Masheder ii had stolen one of Callow's coins. Lights out at 11.00 pm.

Sunday, 2 June 1963 KT
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As it was Pentecost today, a good deal of people went to communion, and in breakfast line up we had to wait over quarter of an hour for them.

After breakfast, I decided to tidy up my scob, which has slowly being getting filthy, although not so fast as last term.

Wind band after chapel looked rather bleak, and we were only going to have a short practice, but it was nearly as long as usual ones.

After lunch, Green and I decided to go down to the bottom feilds and talk, and we gathered Rees and headed in the direction of the junior colts pavilion, and after sellling [?] ourselve about as far as we could go in that direction, Green pulled out a quiz that had appeared in this mornings Times, and through our combined efforts got 72.5% on it, but would have got more if Green had listened to me.

After coming back at 3.30, we went to the front hall and carried on in slightly more civilized surroundings. We carried on after roll call, and were there when Callow returned. Out of the kindness of his heart, he bad brought back for me a 1915 mark, in F condition. I wonder how much it is worth. In the evening, I was showing Green some valves. He seems to know nil about practice. Later we were considering lasers.

Monday, 3 June 1963 KT
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Today started off quite normally, with French, in which, for once, I got 100% in the test.

Latin was rather boring as well, Kingcup deciding to go over the verse he had given us on Friday, and a few blowings up.

Maths was the only period of the day in which we learnt anything, when Jimmy taught us the cosine law.

We did not have to go out in break, and I stayed in looking at the Lafayette catalogue, and have my eye on a communications receiver. I then went out to watch the O.A.'s match, and got talking to Lyes, who promptly borrowed my Lafayette catalogue and then came back to borrow my other ones.

After lunch, I came into the common room and discovered Lane playing a gramaphone with Sandercocks permission, and promptly set to align the PCR 2, and fixing the rectifier socket for 6X5GT as well.

After that, Green came along, and told me he was going into town, and I went along with him and Rees, doing absolutely nothing except looking into shop windows at dirty book covers.

When we got back, there was no prep, and when the bell went at 7, we discovered there was no chapel, and had a business meeting of the creep society.

I suspect that meant Callow, Green, Rees and myself, possibly a nickname created by others. Certainly we didn't fit the mould, and both Callow and Green looked rather unusual. In 2017 the word would probably be “geek”.

Tuesday, 4 June 1963 KT
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When I got up this morning, Perryman accused me of going over to his bed in the night and doing him one. Green and I agree that I probably have a subconscious desire to strangle him. Letter and last report from Dad.

In maths, we were doing algebra with logs. Haven't quite caught on yet.

Deutsch, I think I did fairly well, but as feeling a bit off colour and tired.

Latin was just Kingcup going over the mess we made such a bish of last week.

In double physics, Lennox and I were doing much the same as last week, but it was not so much of a fiddle as last week - I worked out the answers Lennox saw if they worked, and they did - and we finished by half time.

We ended up working out the density of the metre rule.

In the middle of french, Popsy saw me putting up my hand, thought I was getting interested at last, and then I asked if could go to a clarinet lesson. He was most dissapointed.

House matches after tea - Carpenter 2nd VII vs Woodard last IX. We were absolutely thrashed, despite the fact that we borrowed one of their men.

No physics prep, as I had finished it in the period, and I read radio books al the time. Shooting in avo, am first class shot (61).

Wednesday, 5 June 1963 KT
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Double chemistry this morning, and everybody except me was preparing for the promised test. Then, when Clod came in, all he did was put up the heading for a new experiment - the preparation of various hydroxides.

Latin was a prose, which I found easier than I thought I would at first sight, but did not finish it, but we were given it for prep. However, got a detention from Kingcup.

English saw us off on Doctor Faustus, a most interesting play - morbid, like all the rest of Boris's choices.

Maths found Jimmy at a loose end, so he took us over a revision paper, and, of course, I had not brought my maths instruments with me.

There was a match in the afternoon, and I went to look for Green and Callow, found them eating at the end of the new building, Green trying to do a bit of archeology, using his penknife, and I tried with my screwdriver but, between us, we could not find any blue victorian china. If we had done a larger volume of soil, doubtless we would have, but we only did about 100 cc between us.

No drill in the afternoon, and I spent most of my time buying some bathers.

In prep I was revising the SSB Xmitter.

Thursday, 6 June 1963 KT
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Today was one of those days when nothing goes right.

Double Deutsch first, and on the last Prüfung I got 125%. Then we had another, on which I am sure I did not do nearly as well. Ah well, I can't always get full marks.

English, more reading of Faustus, but I had not exactly understood the idea of the prep he gave us, and got a 1-hour detention for that.

Divinity was a test, but I could not do anything, as everybody else, being the lazy mob that they are, kept fooling around, and not letting me work.

Chemistry, and Clod did some more demonstrations of the hydroxides. Better than a test, anyway.

During rest, I wrapped my socks round Akhavans neck, and he promptly chucked them out the window, followed by his shoe. Chodzko found them, and gave me a drill for fooling about in rest, 40 lines for sneaking, and let Akhavan off scot free.

Flute lesson, but Mr Livingston was late, and I spent my time talking to Green and Rose, who has not had more than 2 punishments.

Directly after the flute lesson, there was a wind band practice, which carried on until half way through prep.

Got 40 lines for fooling before grace - 4 in one day.

Friday, 7 June 1963 KT
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Double latin today, and it seemed that Kingcup had not yet confirmed my detention, and would have let me off it if I had since done my returned work. Damn.

In physics, I finished long before everybody else. I have my eye on next years Physics prize. I should end up well in front of the rest of the form when we do electricity.

In break Green and I were talking about the uses of lasers, and I am definitely going to write to someone for details of how to build one.

I carried on reading the New Scientist through art, and I seemed to get away with it. Quite frankly, I don't think Tiger gives a damn what we do, provided I don't make too much noise.

I was not feeling too happy in french for fear of what might happen in the next period. However, I needn't have worried, as I got an “excellent” 82.5%. Just because I got not 125%.

I handed in a chit at the beginning of tea for fencing, and then, as there was no notice up, I went for cricket and discovered I had missed fencing and a swim, and got 40 Lines to boot, as I had not taken up the kit.

Choir practice in the evening, and we got off 5 minutes early, and I was in bed before some had come up. Green says his “pure maths” friend has 82 valves.

Saturday, 8 June 1963 KT
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No more punishments today, thank God.

Physics first, and I spent all my time in the science library doing last nights prep.

PE was swimming, and it all looked wonderful until I got in, when I discovered that it was absolutely freezing. I must start getting Franol tablets from the san again.

From recollection, the water temperature was 17°, and when I jumped in, I got such a shock that I was hyperventilating: I had never swum in the United Kingdom before, only in Malaysia, where “cold” water was round 25°.

Maths was dead boring, and in a test I did not even get full marks.

In divinity, the chaplain did not come until 11.50, and then he did not collect up our books.

French, and we did something. It is a change, anyway.

In rest, I was busy doing the 3x40 lines that I have got, and very nearly finished Chodzkos lot.

There was a match in the afernoon, and Green Rees and I went down by the house pitch and, as usual now, we argued our heads off.

After roll call I had a detention, and after that I finished off Chodzko's lines for him. I handed them in to Dewey, and he did not complain. However, after supper, I was called to the Meynell study, my writing blown up as if I had be “drunk or writing with your left hand” and given one side to copy out neatly. My opinion of Chodzko has risen slightly.

Sunday, 9 June 1963 KT
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I spent a lot of time after breakfast today finishing off Paul's lot of 40 Lines, and had 15 minutes to spare afterwards, despite the fact that Sandercock had volunteered me for hymn books.

After the service, I, as usual, went to wind band, and discovered that Chopping, thinking he could play the clarinet, had joined. To start with, he had an A clarinet instead of a B♭, he could not play the simplest tunes on it. I did not bother about him. I doubt if he'll come often. Definitely not on speech day, I should think.

Green was talking about electronic organs in lunch, and after until Callow decided to get an idea of how we would need to do the coin exhibition. After that, we went down to the bottom fields and carried on the talk about organs, and worked out a very novel idea, which should cost next to nothing.

During tea, Callow spent his time in the fort trying to clean a coin, and did not do badly.

After roll call, when it had poured with rain almost like a tropical storm, I discovered that some silly fool ahd disconnected the aerial, and had tried various methods of positioning it. In the evening, Green came up early, and I showed him the Philppe valve coding system.

Monday, 10 June 1963 KT
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I had quite a bit to do after breakfast today, and barely got it all done. My Sunday suit was sent to the drycleaners, and, for one of the first times this term, I went over to the san, for a frenol tablet.

In french, I got 10% in the test. Bound to be repercussions.

Latin, Kingcup made us look through an unseen while he corrected or exercise books.

Maths, and Jimmy gave us a formal note about the cosine rule.

In break, I was talking to Green about the Xerox duplicating machine, which was claimed to be more or less a camera.

In those days, they were brand new and hardly known.

Chemistry, and Clod revealed to us that on Wednesday he was going to do certain sulphides. I wonder when he will get on to formal analyses.

PE, and as the filtration pump had gone wonky, we only had about 10 minutes swimming, most of which time I spent talking to Broadbridge.

Corps was a nuisance, but not so much as usual - had to make a map.

In french, Popsy decided to have a field day, and awarded 7 detentions, “not because I want to, but because it's best for you”. And now have I 7 punishments.

Deutsch was no danger, but in chapel I discovered myself to have forgotten to do the hymn board. Damn.

Tuesday, 11 June 1963 KT
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Maths first this morning, and we got our graphs back from Jimmy. Nothing very spectacular.

Deutsch, and I got back my test - 33/40 - 82.5%. Going up.

Latin was the sort of period that Kingcup is always giving us. No written work, but all oral.

Double physics was after break, and I was looking forward to doing the fiddling/work by myself, and then Poop decided to give a demonstration. Very interesting, actually, but would rather have done it myself.

In english, I was expecting Boris to blow me sky-high, but all he did was to tell me that I had a one-hour detention tomorrow. Also, of course, there is the Bath Festival tomorrow. I will have to try to get it postponed.

In French was another word test. When will that man retire - or will he stay here till he dies?

Clarinet lesson, and we went through the same old muck, when we weren't talking. Got in ¼ hour late for cricket as a result, and didn't even get a chance to bat.

In second prep I designed a 12/115/230V power supply, complete with OZ4 rectifier etc, and sync vibrator.

Wednesday, 12 June 1963 KT
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I saw the weed about getting off my detentions today. No go.

Double Chemistry, and Clod finally managed to give us a test. Robinson (bless him) asked for the action of vinegar on egg shells, and then discovered he did not know it. Ah well. Poor fellow.

Latin, and we were expanding on final clauses, and their conjunctions.

English, and we carried on with reading of Faustus. Most interesting.

In maths, Jimmy gave us a trig test, and I did fairly well. Should have got full marks, though.

After lunch, there was a match, and Callow, Green, Rees and I went down to watch it, and I designed a power supply on the lines of last nights one. Then a flute lesson, and back to watch afterwards.

After roll call, I had 1½ bloody hours of detention - and they didn't let me off the last half hour as is customary.

At the end the fellow who was talking the detention even went so far as to test me on the words.

Not much prep, and I was finished in 10 minutes, and the rest of the time I attempted to design a VHF converter, without all that much success. Try again tomorrow.

Thursday, 13 June 1963 KT
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Double deutsch first this morning. I have been observing Tyson's method of dealing with such periods lately. The first period is completely oral, and then the Pause, and a Prüfung after it. Today he handed out some vocab books, rather than sheets.

English was a question period, although we were meant to have a test as well.

Divinity after break, and I went to sleep. Not getting nearly enough at night.

Chemistry, and Clod did the precipitation of the sulphides, and then blew up those people whose papers he had corrected.

The new Scientist arrived today, and I was reading it in rest, but this weeks article on lasers is not nearly so good as the others.

In world history, as an experiment, I sat by the side.

In maths, after the test, we were supposed to do an 'O' level paper. I really must get set squares, protractors, etc.

Wind band today, and as a result I got out of games. Mr Ravenor took us right through the lot, apart from giving us a few new pieces, “The irish washerwoman”, “All through the night”, and what appears to be our signature tune, “There is a pub tavern in the town”.

Looking for VHF converters again today, but still no success.

Friday, 14 June 1963 KT
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In double latin this morning, Kingcup spent an hour telling us how to do the unseen, which I managed to do in 5 minutes and got it pretty well right.

Then on to classical geography, and Ovid, upon which was I caught.

Test in physics, got 72%, came 3rd. I wonder what our order will be like.

In double art, I spent most of my time reading UHF converters in the RSGB handbook, but did not manage to do one “painting”.

After lunch, Popsy with “French”, and another word list.

Deutsch, and, apart from giving us back our Prüfung, in which I did not to to well, Tyson gave us our order, in which I have slipped down to third.

In tea, Green and I were discussing how to buy marmite in bulk, and refine it.

Fencing, and when I got there, I discovered that I could get away doing very little, as they had been busy choosing the under 16 team - Lloyd, Hewson, and Risso-Gill. Did get half mangled by somebody, and half-mangled Lloyd. Ate the food with Laddie gave me today, and did a bit of reading the Fahrt & Lager handbook.

Saturday, 15 June 1963 KT
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At 4.30 this morning, I heard the sound of Green having an attack of an asthma. It eventuated that his inhaler was on strike, and I got him Großcurths.

In physics, the usual - into the Science Library.

The swimming pool was bloody cold - only about 15° according to some people. Chilled to the bone.

In break, I managed to pinch enough money to buy some food.

In divvers, the chaplain carried on with his speech [?].

In rest, finished off 40 Lines for Chodzko and got my exeats for speech day.

There was a match in the afternoon, and I spent it discussing this months QST with Green and commenting on it.

However, soon he hopped it, as it was too cold for him.

When I came in, I decided to align the radio again, and this I did, after which I did Lloyds radio for him.

I experimented with leaving the radio down on the bench. I think it will be all right if I get an extension speaker lead, which I may be able to do tomorrow.

In first prep, Skiv called me to his study, blew me up, and told me I would be whacked. Then called us in for leaving kit out on Friday. In second prep, Kochanek called me to his study, then to Meynell dorm. He has a strong arm.

This was presumably a “beating”, i.e. caning. I can't recall this occasion; there were more to come.

Sunday, 16 June 1963 KT
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Before chapel today, I went to do the hymn boards, and discovered that they were already done, and went back to extend the speaker lead on the radio, and also to write up what I have been doing to it.

During chapel, little of excitement happened, but the Gloria was very good.

Wind band after chapel was a once through the program for speech day, and Mr Ravenor decided not to bother about the other small peices.

When I got back to the common room, my radio had been moved, and about this I had a long and bitter argument with Alvis.

After lunch I finally managed to write my first letter of term to Mum & Dad. Then to meet Callow, and he, Rees and Green had an argument about the Godess hope, but the only decision was made by Green tossing a coin.

Then Callow & I left Rees and Green still arguing, and went for a successful search for blue victorian china - better silver than Callow stater [?].

After roll call, I first started to design a power supply for the PCR 2, but halfway through Matron called me, and we swapped Whitehouses matress for mine.

Monday, 17 June 1963 KT
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French first today - I wish we could do something for a change.

Latin, and we got our books back for the unseen. I did not do as badly as I thought. At least I got over half marks.

Maths, and I discovered I needed something in my note book. Must have it by tomorrow.

In break, I was talking to Callow (and Rees) about chlorinating all the masters. Quite a good idea for some of them.

In the chemistry test, I discovered that I had lost one mark for not putting in the equation of copper hydroxide with ammonium hydroxide.

In PE, we had some swimming tests, but I managed to hop it fairly quickly.

In the afternoon, corps, and shooting. On the first one I once more got 25, but only got 8 on the second.

After that we were examining bren guns, and sten guns. Most interesting.

Just before french, Gundry, Hyde, Beevor and I managed to get Tyson to let us off Deutsch for wind band, but when the time came it was raining, and we had to do it in room 24.

Choir practice after that and prize giving practice. Carried on until chapel and went on after house meeting at 7.50.

Tuesday, 18 June 1963 KT
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This morning maths first, and I had to borrow Rossiters notebook before to copy out multiplication in algebra.

Deutsch second, and Tyson has not yet given up issuing sheets. One on separable verbs today.

In latin, we got a blowing up from Kingcup for doing so badly on yesterdays sentences.

In break, Rees was fairly certain about leaving, and we were discussing it with him.

Double physics was to find out some data about pipettes. Another fiddle.

After lunch, we had absolution nil to do until prep, so, after doing a bit on the SSB transmitter circuit, I checked on the heater wiring of the PCR, as this was not going too well, and discovered a dry joint. I soon remedied that.

Then, at 4.30, a clarinet lesson, and I carried on until 4.55, and then back to the common room to try to remove a variable condenser from the 46 for the oscillator of the PCR for fine tuning. However, after taking about an hour to do so, I could not find anywhere to put it, and will have to wait until I get my drill again.

Wednesday, 19 June 1963 KT
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Speed Day

Speech day today, but you would not have thought it from the beginning.

Double chemistry first, and in it, Clod ws prepared to how the preparation and properties of ozone. However, when he discovered we had done it, he made us read, and then down to speech day.

We had to tidy up in the next period, and Winter insisting that I shove my radio in the back cupboard, or do something with it, and this Alvis did.

Robing up was at 11.30, and was in the Woodard main. We had to process all the way from the front square to the chapel, and the psalm only just lasted out.

Mrs. Baudouy did not come, and I had to put up with a school lunch and then the speeches. The coin exhibition did very well, and we got quite a few questions.

During tea, for some reason, the wind band did not make fools of ourselves. We then scoffed most of the remainder of the tea and pocketed the remainder of tour own. I then headed to the Numismatics exhibition, got talking to Green, and went to have a look at the Wireless club exhibition, which was very good, and I was spending most of my time trying to sing a good sine wave into the CRO, and finally succeeded.

Thursday, 20 June 1963 KT
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Double Deutsch first today, and we did not spend all of the first period talking, but did some work in our books, in which I should have done better than I did. In the second half, we were given about 10 minutes to look over our prep, in which I finished it.

Owing to the incident with Boris, my position slipped enormously this order coming 24th. I must buck up.

24th was pretty much bottom of the class. Apart from the mention of a detention, it's not clear what the “incident” was.

Divinity. The chaplain seems to be practicing his sermons, and so I slept accordingly.

In chemistry, Clod asked us to read 3 chapters, and accordingly I read the article in PTV about turret tuners. I wonder what IF frequency the TV I am thinking of has.

Choir practice in avo, but I skipped it.

World history was better than usual, and I nearly managed to go to sleep.

Maths was a B section of an 'O' level paper, and I got stuck on the second question. I wish we could go through a trial paper. Only next term.

Had to go for cricket, but as it started at 4.45 and my flûte lesson was from 5 to 6, I did not do much cricket. I wonder if I can do it the week after next.

I finally got my PW back from Walker. He has had it for nearly 3 weeks.

Friday, 21 June 1963 KT
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Letter from mum today. She seems really worried about no letter. She should have got one by now though.

In double latin, Kingcup not only blew us up for doing his prep, but took us through 3 chapters of the muck. Then an excercise on temporal clauses. Help!

In physics, Poop decided that it was time to revise all that we have done for the exams next month. I don't think he gave any prep. Double are was more interesting than usual. I was happily reading my PW when Lyons Wilson literally pounced on me, and suggested that I do something from it, which was what I was waiting for, and so I decided to work out what to do about the SSB transmitter.

In french, I did fairly well, despite the fact that I had only learnt it while I was waiting to come in.

In deutsch, we spent quite a bit of time taking down a note on imperatives and so on. Most interesting, but hardly a prep.

Fencing in the afternoon, and Cheung sorted out my lunges and guard positions once and for all. Then, of course, Vodden wanted to see me in break tomorrow, despite the fact that I handed in a chit. I have my eyes on the OS1 Oscilloscope from Heathkits

Saturday, 22 June 1963 KT
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In physics this morning, Poop was once more revising light, and going rather slowly about it too. Took the whole period on mirrors.

PE was bloody cold, and I would not have gone into the pool unless I had been shoved in.

In maths, I did all my prep whie Jimmy was going through last times paper. In divvers, as I expected, the chaplain spent the whole period about the new Pope, Paul VI.

French was a look through last nights prep.

In rest, I started to think about the O12U instead of the OS-1. I wonder if I could persuade Mum to let me get it. After all, it was promised for last year.

I did some horse-trading with my parents: if I got a scholarship to King's College, they would buy me equipment to set up as a radio amateur. I passed the exam, getting the lowest grade possible, and so considered the scope to be part of the setup.

Watched the second XI in games time, and in tea had the rest of Callows latest cake.

After roll call we were discussing Brunts homosexuality with Masheder, and I went as far as to ask Brunt what he thought of it. Quite amusing, but our deductions were negative.

Forgot the hymn boards again, but did them at 6.50 and no detention as yet.

Sunday, 23 June 1963 KT
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Sunday once more, and time on my hands, so before breakfast I completed the circuit of the 52, but it is rather messey, and I will probably do it out on paper again.

In chapel, little of excitement happened, and afterwards we had to have a games clothes check, after which I had a general tidy up as regards my radio, and changed the rectifier. I may be able to get Großcurth really interested in radio. I wonder.

After lunch, I once more wrote a letter to Mum & Dad, taking about half an hour over it. Then went and talked to Rees and read up on the CRO's until 3.0 pm, when I went in to a music room and did some of my first flute practice this term, on things out of the school recorder book.

At 3.30 I went in, did nothing in particular at first except look round, stared into the distance, and attempt to tidy up my mess, which was lying all over the common room. After tea and roll call, I decided to work out how much the components for the SSB exciter will cost. Under £10 easily.

Meanwhile, Cookson feeling in a destructive mood, attempted to take it*

* my watch

to bits, and adjusted it. Just before chapel, Skiv saw me about not writing any letters. Apparently Mrs Baudouy rang him up. Pedlar offered to get me a full music hymnal. Good for him.

Monday, 24 June 1963 KT
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Today was supposed to be midsummers day, but I may as well have been in Australia. It would not have been much colder.

Thanks to the wonders of the World-Wide Web I discover that the highest temperature at Melbourne Airport on this day was 12.0°, so it probably was colder after all.

Popsy put us off to start with. I wish that man wasn't so slow.

In latin, Kingcup decided that, as the exams are so near at hand, he would take us over all that we were supposed to know, and did try, too.

In maths, we went over last nights prep, and went on. Jimmy seems to want us to go through the whole 'O' level book.

Chemistry, and Clod got a bit worried about everybody's prospects in chemistry 'O' level. I doubt, quite frankly, that many will pass. In PE, as it was pouring with rain, we tried to play basketball in the gym.

Corps in the afternoon, unfortunately, and we even had a bit of drill, which was rather funny when you see some of these types, including myself.

After that, french once more with Popsy. What he can do in 2 periods, Tyson, who next took us for Deutsch, can do in one. At least no Prüfung.

Changed my blazer, as my other one is filthy. Must get it cleaned.

In the evening, once more considering SSB transmitter.

Tuesday, 25 June 1963 KT
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In assembly this morning, the Weed had a draw for paying back loans. First number out of the cup was the OA club. Crafty work by Kohanek [?] there.

Maths first, and yet another 'O' level paper. Will he never stop.

Tyson seems to be running out of things to do in Deutsch. Once more he let us do our prep in class.

Acta Diurna came in Latin - Hannibal crossing the Alps, and we had to translate it.

Poop was away for double physics, and we had been set a couple of problems which were supposed to last until prep, but which I finished by 12.00 am. I spent the rest of the time trying to draw a graph of a cubic equation. Did not do too badly.

After rest, I bought a couple of Kugelschreiber. Finished off Doctor Faustus and then discussed tradgedy.

In french, I once more had a clarinet lesson. Popsy seems to be getting a bit peeved about it all.

Could not get out of games today, and had to play. It was bloody cold. I must join the Pioneers as soon as possible (next term). Starting to do a decent circuit of the 52. Should be okay.

Wednesday, 26 June 1963 KT
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Double chemistry first today, and was very annoying, as there was an 'A' level practical going on, and we had to do some reading first in Big School, and then in the Senior physics lab. Carried on trying to finish off the cubic equation.

Latin, as it was in room 4 [?], took on the same atmosphere as double latin on Fridays does. Most annoying.

Callows coin bulletin had arrived by break, and there were quite a few interesting German ones there.

English, at least, was in its usual place. Trying to criticise the verse.

Maths - we had to do a theorem and trace back all the other theorems that we had assumed.

In break, I wrote a letter to Mrs Baudouy to ask her to send to the RSGB for a subscription to QST.

Callow had some food in the afternoon. Großcurth helped us to eat it. Wen I came back from flute lesson, I found them arguing about .

After roll call, I carried on with the “sheet” circuit of the 52, and nearly finished it, but had to wait until second prep to actually do so.

Green is worried stiff about English.

Thursday, 27 June 1963 KT
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Double Deutsch first this morning, and we spent the entire first period talking, and a Prüfung in the second. Unfortunately, he did not give us enough time to do our prep. Ah, well.

We carried on our criticism of the verse in English, but did little else. In break, I was reading the letter I got from Mum in reply of last Sunday. Quite a bit to say about my social life. Must read it more thoroughly later.

In divvers, the chaplain carried on talking. I suppose it is better than work, but he is now covering stuff I know already. In chemistry, after a bit of talking Clod decided to show his lung-power, and held his breath for 2 minutes, 16 seconds.

In rest, I found the marmite which Rosser had hidden this morning.

World history was mainly reading, and I quite enjoyed it, but then a few notes. Wodge [history teacher, real name evades me] got quite sentimental.

Maths, and we went over last nights prep, and had to do another one, in which I did rather better.

In first prep, half-term report, and Skiv went into all the pros and cons of the mob in the common room, and says that he will do something about it.

Friday, 28 June 1963 KT
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In double latin this morning, Kingcup gave us back the results of Wednesday, and gave me a detention, presumably because he does not like me. I got more than some of the escapees.

In physics, Poop carried on with his revision of light. He treats it as if we had never done it before.

In art, I decided to do a wall circuit of the modified 52, as I has it in the sheets I had been doing before. It came along most encouragingly, but I did not get far. Will carry on afterwards.

In rest, I had quite a long argument with Akhavan about our ways of spending our holidays.

French was dead boring, and I spent most of the time reading the “Komm Mit”, which ich hatte von Broadbridge verkauft. Deutsch was not particularly revolutionary, but I got the result of yesterdays Prüfung. In tea, I noticed that Vodden did not leave until nearly half past. I wonder why.

Fencing lasted until 5.45, and when I got back to the common room, there were quite a few people there.

In second prep, as Skiv had promised, we got a blowing up from him, and lasted some time.

Saturday, 29 June 1963 KT
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First thing this morning was a service for St. Peter & Paul, which started at 8.30.

Unfortunately, breakfast was after the service, starting at about 9.40. Addmittedly, if so many people have to go to communion, we have to have it afterwards, but it is a bloody nuisance.

We were in time for the third periiod, maths - another 'O' level paper. Again I finished before the end of the period.

In Divvers, the chaplain revealed to us that there would be no divvers exam, and proceeded to tell us about the Bishop of Zanzibar.

During rest, I found myself at a loose end, and read a bit of QST, until at about 2.30 I went out and had an argument with Green about my social status.

This carried on until 3.30, when I decided to tidy up my scob. Just as I was completely surrounded by mess, in walks the weed with a couple of parents, who appeared very amused. This, I think, is the second time.

In tea, Walker came in and told us that Rose, Gibson and James had been made house prefect. Gibson is out of the east wing, and Rosser I is taking his place.

In the evening, Gaines tried to give a lecture about the flute, but the Woodard yobs messed it up.

Sunday, 30 June 1963 KT
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After breakfast this morning, I did a bit of reading about SSB, and noticed an interesting VOX circuit, which I might be able to apply to the SSB xmitter, and must leave space for it.

In robing up, few people commented on my new hymn book, which I got last night.

After chapel, I did not bother to go to wind band, but wrote a letter to Mum, Dad, and Lalat, which took me most of my time. Lalat, in particular, had asked me to send him some explosive recipies. Must sent him the perparaton of 2.4.6.trinitrophenol. Vogel says it is quite safe.

After lunch, after fixing Lyes' radio for him, I went for a walk with Green and Callow, and had a very long arument about the Malaysian way of life. However, at 3.0 pm, he had to go out, and so Callow and I carried on talking about coins.

After tea, I was going to write a letter to Bev, but Callow wanted to talk to me, and I roughly understood what the main denominations in Greek coinage.

After chapel and supper, II finally got round to writing a letter to Bev. Mrs Baudouy says that she is not too happy.

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