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February 1963
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This page was entered manually from the paper originals between 16 April 2017 and 21 April 2017. Items in italics, like this, were added during this time.

Friday, 1 February 1963 KCT
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Today, nothing of interest happened until I got 20/20 in Latin, which is pretty good considering that Dawson [top of class] only got 16.

In physics we did nothing but listen to Poop shout his head off about us not doing our diagrams, but he kept us in for five minutes past the bell.

In break, Callow decided to tell Green about the co-ordinate geometry which he missed in the san yesterday. This bored me stuff. However he soon finished and we went on a usual break conversation, although without Green.

Art followed, and most fellow, conisidering it hot, took of over half their clothes, and thought I was going to drop dead with the heat. They must be nuts. Tiger closed down on my “modern art” and made me try to do something sensible, which I did not manage to do.

I started to read the book on transistors, which I borrowed from the library, in rest. At least it makes sense.

Once more, I did not go for a walk, but this time , I tried Mr. Whites oboe. At least it produces a sound.

In french, once more did horribly, and I was sure I would get a detention. However, Popsy must have been in a good mood. Beginning of term spirits or something.

Saturday, 2 February 1963 KCT
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Today, being some C of E holy day or another, was treated as a Sunday, and we did not have to get up until 8.15.

Almost immediately we had breakfast instead of the service first, as last term. After bedmaking, we had robe up again almost immediately.

After the service, Little insisted on taking my cassock back for me.

Unfortunately, we did have the third period (before break), but it was only trig, and we got no prep worth mentioning.

In rest we were dong a design for a subminiature reciever (superhet) to fit in a fountain pen, and it seemed quite successful. The whole unit was so designed to use less than 90 mw and 9V, and so all resistors could be 1/10 W.

During the walk, Callow because insistent on the 1/6 that Green owed him, but only got 1/-.

After roll call, we all headed to the tuck shop, and spent all my money, most of Callows, before Green found some money.

In second prep, I joined the chess club and play Green a game which lasted well over an hour and ended in my resigning.

I was expecting it to be queer, but not that queer.

Sunday, 3 February 1963 KCT
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Today I woke up feeling pretty horrible, and apparently Rose noticed it, for he told me to go over to the san directly after breakfast, which I did, only to be given some nose drops.

After that, I started to design radio-television transmitter receiver, but had only finished half the radio transmitter when the bell went for robing up.

During robing up, Sandercock told us to take our cassocks to the linen room if any buttons were missing etc.

When I got there, I got a thorough blowing up from Matron for being the “untidiest creature” ever to be seen in the choir. Among other things, she demanded that I got a new surplus.

After lunch, I carried on with the circuit until Green came in, or at least popped his head in, and said to Callow outside “He is still hard at it”, whereupon I ceased to be hard at it. I then went for a walk with Callow, who had some rock buns with him, but unfortunately we were joined by Shaw.

The film was pretty good, about a fellow who was blackmailed by someone, and tried to shoot him, and bury him in the concrete bed of a Gazebo.

Sandercock hasn't yet managed to get me a surplus.

Monday, 4 February 1963 KCT
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This morning when I came downstairs I discovered I had a 2d fine for leaving clothes out overnight.

After breakfast, I went over to the san, as I had a sore throat and foot. I was told to come back after lunch.

In latin, Kingcup handed us out a booklet which had obviously been badly stencilled by himself. He ought to learn hotw to type properly.

After break, when I had to take my french book to Popsy, we had chem & P.E.

Chemistry was annoying, as Clod did not credit my atomic weight method, and most of the class were jeering at me.

P.E. was exhausting, especially as it had been snowing all day long, and the temperature recorded in the gym was 29° F (-1½ °C).

After lunch, over to the san, to be given something which did no good.

We were doing prismatic compasses in corps, but the specimens we were given were rather mangled.

For some queer reason, Popsy decided to have french in the junior chemistry labs, and also gave us the largest word list ever.

Tyson was still on about his Starkesverben, and gave us a prüfung.

Tuesday, 5 February 1963 KCT
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It has now been snowing consistently for two days, and we are having hopes of no hockey until the end of the month.

After breakfast, bedmaking, etc., I mentioned to Callow the possibility of my buying some unenyl [?] acetate. He was not very enthusiastic, but I still am.

This could have been vinyl acetate, but if so my handwriting was much worse than I thought possible.

I forgot my mac. for maths today, and when I ran back to get it I found Green's books, which I quickly chucked into my scob.

It seems he has started his desensitisation course today, and had to have an hours rest after the injection.

Physics gave me a perfect example of bad equipment. The balance was out, the burette was greasy, and the brine was full of mess, which blocked up the burette.

After lunch, there was a visit to the linen room, where I decided to buy some new shirts, but did not have time today. I was supposed to have a haircut at 2.30. I finished at 3.30.

Mr. White [clarinet teacher] was snowed up again today, and did not turn up.

I discovered cheap 150W, 1625 PA transmitter in the handbook which should be excellent.

Boris gave us an english test.

Wednesday, 6 February 1963 KCT
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Today as the third day in a row for snowing, and many people were by this time dreaming of a white easter. Green says he thinks it was worse than 19v7 [?], but cannot remember.

In chemistry, we were doing multiple proportions, and I think it significant to mention that we were, once again, most accurate.

In break, having found 6d, I borrowed 3d from Brunt, and once again got a pie.

English first after break, but I nearly went to room 28 for geom. Fortunately, Boris was down there too, and I got back before him.

During lunch, I forgot to take my mac off, but it seems that we are allowed to wear them.

A mac is a raincoat. They were thin, but they helped marginally to keep us warm in ambient temperatures which must have been round 10°.

It was clubs in the afternoon, but the tuckshop was laid up with a leaking roof, and I spent most of my time designing a transmitter and chassis.

The jar of marmite which I bought yesterday is already showing a large decrease in contents, and I wonder if it will last me the week.

Went into town, this time with Moore as well, but couldn't get any magazines that I wanted.

Had offer for tickets for Swan lake. Accepted.

Thursday, 7 February 1963 KCT
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The thaw has well and truly come now, and the snow may not last much more than a week. Even so, there may be no hockey for a week or two.

In double deutsch, Millner came in, and for one horrible moment, I thought he was going to take us, but he only did a crammer course for the new boys.

Nothing of interest happened in break, but in divvers following (with Millner) I was well and truly told off, and threatened with all short of murder.

In chemistry, Clod spent most of the time telling everybody off about the problems, which really were simple.

In rest I was sent a message from Green that my flûte lesson was at the usual time. This I did not know how to interpret.

It ended up that it was not at he usual time, but at 2.45-3.15, just in time to miss the run to Duddlestone, which apparently will be the order of the day for some time to come.

In the evening, I did some more work in prep about the 1625 pa things, and stayed awake long into the night thinking of the pros and cons of the thing.

Friday, 8 February 1963 KCT
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I woke up this morning feeling absolutely lousy, but didn't do anything about it. To complete things, my pen leaked incessantly.

In breakfast I could not eat a thing, and ended up as hungry as at the beginning.

In double latin, I escaped without any punishment, but in physics 21 people were given detentions, including me. This was calamity for swan lake tomorrow, and I spent all break cursing and swearing at Callow about Poop.

Double art was, as usual, a dead loss, but I managed to Sellotape up my pen, which was a great help to writing, etc.

In the afternoon there was another run, and this time I got out to do fencing, to which Chivers greatly objected, insisting that I must have given it up, not to turn up before this, but he accepted my Gym shoes excuse.

In deutsch, got 150% for Starkesverben, and then turned up for licketon [?].

Choir practice, I didn't have to sing because of my throat, but at 8.25 started doing choral society. As Chivers says “crappy. That's a dirty word. Don't use it”

Saturday, 9 February 1963 KCT
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Today I woke up feeling not lousy but exhausted. As a result I could not do my last physics, and was terrified of Poop not letting me go to the ballet.

When I went over to the San, (I still had a sore throat) they did not even put me off games chiz.

In Physics, all was well, Poop letting me go. PE was not as much torture hiding behind the gym during the run etc. At least the temperature is above freezing (3½°)

Divvers we finally got beyond the 2nd verse of Romans I

During rest, Green produced an exeat which was all but signed by Skiv, which he proceeded to sign for me, whereupon Green, Lloyd, Callow and I went with Callows father to the place (Gaumont) of the ballet, and promptly spent 5/- and 15 minutes in the sweet department.

When we finally got into the cinema I noticed a lot of Wierfield girls, and wondered if Cynthia was there. She was. However, Callow warned me that you can be expelled for talking to a girl, but it seems very unlikely to me.

I'm not sure what I meant by “Wierfield”. Cynthia was at St. Audries in West Quantoxhead.

We then, watching her on all the interval, noticed her noticing us, waving.

A pity I didn't mention the ballet. I recall the stage being pretty terrible (it was, after all, really a cinema), but that the lead ballerina was Margot Fonteyn.

In the evening, chess club as usual.

Sunday, 10 February 1963 KCT
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Just when we thought the thaw was coming - more snow, and fairly heavy too.

After breakfast, I decided to make a new periodic table, out of four writing pad sheets. I started this without knowing whether it would fit into my scob, but fortunately it was just right.

After chapel, true to tradition, I rolled up for wind band, to be greeted by Rose who told me he did not think many people would turn up. He was right: Startup, Mac-Beevor, Craven and the other Rose. We gave it up, but next week he told us that we would be having “Jesu, joy of mans desiring” and wants full attendance.

In the afternoon, having, with Greens help, assembled the periodic table, I tried to work out a price for the new transmitter, which I eventually made £15.

At 4.30, there was a couple of films about the Rover crew in Scotland, very interesting.

There was also one about Princess Margaret, badly filmed.

In the evening, Mr Gilkes invited Green, Hill, Plum [?] and me up to his room. He makes good coffee.

Monday, 11 February 1963 KCT
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Corps today, and as always a nuisance. During table clearing, Rose told me to go to the san for some coffee mixture, but I couldn't be fagged to as I had to finish a letter to mum & dad.

We got our french order in french today, in which I came 11th out of 24 with 39/50.

In latin, order was the first thing, and I came 5th with 60%.

The next thing was our books back, and returned work for me.

In maths, although it was supposed to be arith, we were doing trig. No order as yet.

After break, chemistry, Clod speaking most of the time talking about the structure of the universe.

In PE I have never in my life seen such a clumsy team as ours: Masheder, Lennox, Whitehouse, Partridge, Dawson and I.

Corps the dread of us all, but Brown found my long lost notebook, and we didn't have to take notes anyway.

After Hobbs & May [?], along came Stanley & Gibson with an impressive show of how not to test a gun.

In french, my pen started to fall to peices and I spent half the time fixing it.

Tuesday, 12 February 1963 KCT
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Nothing of much interest happened today.

In the morning, we had some interesting problems in plane trigonometry.

The next period was Deutsch, where I got 15/10 - typical of Tyson.

In latin, Kingcup seemed to be able to stand it no longer, and gave Hargrave and me a thourough blowing up.

Break nowadays seems to be a matter of Callow and me walking round the school, with one of Callows cakes, or a packet of Callows biscuits.

After break, Tyson called me and gave me a pile of books to be handed out.

Physics was as usual, Poop turning up late an blowing everybody up. Then he wasted most of the time telling us what a specific gravity bottle

In the afternoon Rose i told me that I had missed my clarinet lesson. When I had finished rest, I went along to find that Mr White had turned up, found everything in chaos, and concocted a list.

He told me that I could come at 3.00, when Cocks was not likely to turn up for his. This I did.

In the evening, returned work from Boris. The, trying to do his prep, I was called to the study, and nearly got 40 lines.

Wednesday, 13 February 1963 KCT
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Double chem today, with the equivalent of magnesium, which was, more than anything else, the calculations which followed which made the equivalent 11.90. Our own results came to 12.09, much nearer the ideal of 12.06. Third time running the most accurate.

In latin, we spent most of the time scanning verse, which wasn't really all that bad.

In break, we spent our time in the tuck shop, funnily enough, with Green arguing, as usual, about money.

In english, for some reason, Boris decided to hand us out the Prologue to the Canterbury tales, and spent most of the time discussing them.

After lunch, there was a school rules test, but the results were unknown.

There was fencing, so I decided it was the best thing to go.. and spent most of my time practicing lunging.

Exeat as usual in the afternoon, and went to Smiths to have my pen repaired. They say it should come to about 3/6.

We got back fairly early and decided to go to the tuck show, where we remained until they closed.

Thursday, 14 February 1963 KCT
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Well, 44 days seems to be all the snow we'll get this year. When we woke up, it was raining like hell.

After breakfast, over to the san, and they usual cough mixture.

Double deutsch first, and the usual from Tyson. Millner seems to be coming in to help the new boys every week.

I heard the bad news that I failed the school rules test, which means I will have to get someone else to go into town to get my pen.

In divvers, Millner went on to some extent about the difference between Catholicism and anglicanism, to which discussion I was passive.

Double chemistry. Clod wagered us all that nobody would get the equivalent of zinc next week, to the tune of a pie each way.

In the afternoon, as it was still raining hard, we were allowed to do hobbies, in which time I made the necessary adjustments to the circuit of the RHV&H scope (52) for VCR97 6BA6's and VU133, and modern component values.

There was a piano recital this evening by some new american pianist. Not at all bad.

Friday, 15 February 1963 KCT
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Friday, always a depression, owing to double latin for first two periods, but in actual fact it was not as terrifying as normal, Kingcup taking the whole double period talking about latin verse scansion, and expressing his belief that I am “quite intelligent really”.

Poop continues to become more and objectionable, and spends most of his time cursing us to high hell.

In break, owing to the inefficiency of the official staff of this establishment, I finally managed to get the registered letter which I was supposed to collect before assembly, and contained £4 in all.

Double art was mainly spent in tidying up Lyons Wilsons “holy of holies”, which was in a horrible mess.

In the afternoon, fencing again, which got me out of another run.

Most of the afternoon I spent re-doing the circuit of the scope, which took a good deal of time.

French, and I did as horribly as usual 40%.

Deutsch, on the other hand, “very well done indeed”.

In the evening Green caught on to how an oscilloscope works.

Saturday, 16 February 1963 KCT
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Just when we thought it was all over - more snow. It seems as though it will never end.

Also, Poop continues yet to become more obnoxious. It is entirely beyond me how most boys prefer him to Clod.

PE was mainly circuit training, not all that eventful.

Jimmy Edwards seems to think he is onto something with trig. I pity him.

In break, more stamps went into the tuck shop, and barely saw Callow at all.

In french after break, I could not find my French book, though I knew it was in my scob. All the way through div I was worry about it, but I should have known Popsy better. Not worth [?] at all.

There was a run this afternoon, but as there was a fencing match, we went to it, and got out of running. King beat allied [?] in foils, but they beat us 5-4 in Sabres, but it was a victory for us.

Green had a detention and Callow was weighing coins, so our tckshop rendezvous was a little late, while in the normal time I found out the socket connections for the VCR97.

Sunday, 17 February 1963 KCT
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Today was a boring day. After breakfast, I was working on the oscilloscope, and went on like this until chapel.

In chapel, time seemed to hurry on, and it was not long before it was finished.

When I finally got down to room 26, there was nobody there, so time must have hurried up.

When Mr. Ravenor arrived, plonked down the score of Jesu, joy of mans desiring, we proceeded to play it, and the brass proceeded to mangle.

It was exhausting work, and when I finally escaped to the common room, I could not do anything but sit down and rest for a while.

More details for the VCR97 from the wireless club after lunch, and proceeded to work out a complete power supply for the scope.

Green went off to a friend down in Mountlands, so we followed him, and then carried on for a walk.

There was a film, “Shine” [definitely wrong, but that's what it looks like], but it wasn't all that good.

In the evening service Father Shand gave a most unusual sermon, after which, instead of standing, he asked us to pray

Monday, 18 February 1963 KCT
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Why is it that Mondays are always so unpleasant? Corps, probably.

Anyway, this morning we were in better spirits than usual, and managed to finish table clearing in next to no time. Then, we were put off once again.

French, and Popsy seems to becoming rather unpleasant. We got away, as usual, with hardly anything done, as usual.

Kingcup was as usual on the latin with verse, and gave us a peice to translate. Latin is not as bad as it used to be.

Maths, we seem to have given up Trig, and are back to arith again.

Chemistry after break, we were issued with books for problems. Was the only one who finished anywhere near on time.

Half killed myself in PE when I fell over a fose [?], landed on my head, but was alright.

Corps in the afternoon, unfortunately. We were supposed to try to make a fire, but b the time we got it going, we had to put it out.

French again, and a word list. That man goes so slowly.

Deutsch, 90% on last Prüfung.

Prep seems to be going on to 7.15 for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, 19 February 1963 KCT
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Just hen we thought it had all one - more snow. Admittedly, not very heavy, but there all the same.

In maths, for some queer reason, I got every question wrong. Must pull my socks up.

Even in Deutsch, only 60%, but as I forgot to do prep on Saturday, its no wonder.

Latin was rather frightening, too, but I hope I pull through.

Double Physics was one of the most inaccurate experiments I have ever seen. Displacement of H₂O, but Lennox & I were the most accurate.

My clarinet lesson was not supposed to be in a position to defend games, but after Goddard had turned up late, and I took 15 minutes to pack up, it was 2.50. Escaped beautifully from a run.

Spent most of the afternoon considering the minor details of the scope and what type of time base in particular, although I think the gas triode is all right.

English was all right - in fact, Chaucer is rather interesting.

Popsy, however, conveyed that I was the “most chronically irritating boy I have ever tried to teach”.

And the same to him.

Wednesday, 20 February 1963 KCT
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Today was one of those days which promise to be so good, and then breaks its promise.

Chem (double) first two periods, in which we did the equivalent of zinc, and won the pies we wagered last week. We spent the second period fooling round with bunsens, etc.

Latin, “very poor”, but so were all of them, and we were lucky not to get detentions.

English, apart from having Boris, we had to put up with Millner.

In maths, Jimmy focusses on geom, with constructions uppermost.

In the afternoon, hockey, but I went fencing, and was told by Morgan that he had only had one game of hockey last lent term.

Rossiter, who damaged his ankle in yesterday's hockey game, insisted that he could fence better than I, but could not work out what a lunge was.

Green(!) and Callow went into town, among other things, to get my pen for me, but they bungled it.

Then, when I went along to the tuckshop, it was closed.

May has bought a slide rule, but doesn't know how to use it.

Thursday, 21 February 1963 KCT
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Today was another boring day.

First on the agenda was doppel Deutsch, in which Tyson invariably returns last periods work, with drastic results for some (I got 80%). Second period, he finished the notes on how to tell the time.

Mr. Millner seems to be following us into every period: Deutsch, Englisch, Divvers, etc. It is rather disconcerting to have him sitting behind you, listening to all your views, etc.

During break, off to the tuckshop and missed Callow. I do not seem to be getting round much with him this week.

Divvers, Millner, tests full strength after break, and then Clod with Dulong & Petit (“frenchmen, I presume” [in a very welsh accent])

Spent most of rest working out how to miss games, but in the end, I simply shirked it and hoped my flûte chit would cover it.

It did. I got away absolutely scot free (God knows how free that is).

Thursday after tea is annoying. Apart from having to put up with Wodge, it seems that Callow, I and Green should be gorging in the tuckshop.

In dorm, had a heated discussion on politics with Green.

Friday, 22 February 1963 KCT
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Double latin has, of late, lost all its former terror, especially as we are doing verse. I did not make too many fatal errors. One especially comforting thing is that there is no prep to follow it.

Poop seems, like Clod, to have resigned himself to the fact that all boys are idiots. He should have realized that in 26 years. I told you that man was thick.

I spent double are pasting my folder with poster colours, supposed to simulate modern art. Must do more next week.

In the afternoon, I decided that my gum shoes were too small for me, and asked matrons opinion. She agreed. As a result I ended up 25 minutes later for fencing, just at the end of circuit training.

Most of the afternoon, I spent talking to Rossiter, and wondering where Green and Callow were.

French getteth on mine nerves. Popsy y-made me sikke.

Deutsch is not so bad, but I only got 11/20 for the last test, which annoyed me.

Composing musicals in dorm.

Saturday, 23 February 1963 KCT
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Saturday around again already, and the weekend following.

Physics was not so bad as usual, and Poop spent most of the time explaining a question which I have done for various people in other forms at least a dozen times.

P.E. was rather terrifying, Mike Jordan deciding to try out all his miscellaneous exercises.

Maths, and Jimmy is getting tired of so many people always arriving late from PE.

In break, I finished off the rest of the 6/- which I got from Callow.

Divvers was spent with Father Shand describing apartheid in S. Africa. It seems to be really 'orrible.

Popsy bores me to tears despite the fact we are doing a passage describing a young girl. Cor!

No games in the afternoon, but sat until 3.0 talking to Mash ii, and heard some interesting facts.

In the after roll call, out to the tuck shop per usual with Callow, but Green went down to the san this morning and has not returned. Poor fellow. [Added later:] G. Measles?

Spent the time after we were kicked out of the shop describing Netherton to Callow, who was very impressed.

Sunday, 24 February 1963 KCT
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Well, the beginning of another week, and wind band coming up.

Green is still in the san, and breakfast was rather quiet.

After bedmaking, I spent a considerable amount of time findg out the gₙ × rₙ [?] of various valves, but none can touch the EF50 yet. Not even the 6BA6, which although it has a higher μ at -1V, it does not give such a high overall gain.

Chapel seems to be going quicker nowadays, and a good job too.

Of all the cheek, Winter planned a run today, and due at 12.0 noon. Went to wind band, nobody turned up, and discovered that the wind band has a band of 70 rivals from Queens College.

When I got back, I discovered that the run had been changed to 2.30, and I had to run. After I had gone 100 yds, I had an attack of asthma, and had to be carted back to the san by Dobney and Goddard.

After tea, there was a film on glass (Pyrex), to which all scientists were invited, and thus I went. Very interesting.

Spent the time to chapel on scope, and after supper wrote a letter to Mum & Dad.

Monday, 25 February 1963 KCT
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Corps does something unpleasant to Mondays, which are bad enough as they are.

In French, we had more fun than usual, describing a beautiful girl. I wish we were allowed to add our own comments.

Kingcup, unlike most masters, is getting less terrifying every day. He really is amusing. Back to prose.

Maths, for the first time this term, I got 100%. Must keep it up.

In break, back to the pies. Very good quality nd worth 3 stamps (3d).

On the way to Chemistry, I dropped my slide rule, got it out of alignment, and could not do much to it. Then, to rub salt into the wound, Clod said that I was not to use it, as it was no good. “Log tables are much better”.

In PE, could not fund my P.T. kit after yesterday's attack of asthma, and Mike was rather annoyed.

Shooting in Corps, and about the first time I have ever enjoyed myself in corps. Got 38. Lennox only got 9 on the card. The other hit Lyes's.

In the evening, as I was talking to Callow about his pecuniary reinforcements, Laddie walks along and swipes my Marmite. Callow, I gave up Lent for Lent.

Tuesday, 26 February 1963 KCT
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To doctors surgery this morning, about the asthma attack. When at 9.30, it was finally my turn, only prescribed some pills, didn't even put me off games.

Jimmy, in what remained of the first period algebra, gave us the formula for quadratic equations.

Tyson is fed up with all of us who couldn't be fagged to learn the translation. In Latin, Kingcup handed out two or three detentions, fortunately not to Whitehouse, who has had four punishments already.

In break, the pies were hot for once. Quite surprising, but they were too hot really. Double physics was all right, except our balance kept falling to pieces.

In the avo, after my clarinet lesson, I noticed that Callow had been let off pioneering with sore hands, and so we went for a walk, the food being his peanuts.

He was complaining bitterly about the pieces of old shoe leather we had for sweets. We should have had at least two. He did not, however, accept the one outside the head skivs house. I wonder why.

I did not have much to do in second prep, so I decided to work out e to 25 places.

Wednesday, 27 February 1963 KCT
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Snow still here!

Double chemistry always makes Wed attractive, but not so today, with equivalent of copper, on which I showered the labels with a strong solution of Cu(NO₃)₂, and thus failed in the experiment, and a pie to - Partridge!

In latin, Kingcup seems to be at a loose end. It took him some time to find enough prep.

In break, Callow was on one of his coin days, and I did not get a chance to say much.

In english, tutorial essays fly thick and fast, but not mine. I wonder who has got it.

Jimmy on constructions lately, and I had better get some setsquare, etc.

Over to the san after lunch for a games tablet, then back to “doctor” the 2 pole 3 position switch I got this morning, into a 1 pole 8 position.

Fencing, not all that successful for once, and lost 5/- to Lloyd. Must be the tablets.

Callow went into town after Roll call, and I decided to tidy up my scob, and then down to the tuck shop, and gorged myself. Back again with Callow, and ended up pretty full. Trying to find out an equivalent to EF39 in prep.

Thursday, 28 February 1963 KCT
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So the monotonous school life wears on.

Double deutsch today, and we started learning some new clauses, but we did not do much else apart from the periodic Prüfung. English, Boris went completely through the Prologue, and also told us why he was doing it: the unpleasant “good felawes” there.

In break, more food, but can't keep it up much longer.

In divinity, Millner spent most of the time discussing various queer sects of christianity, and then, to boot, deliberately gave us no prep. He is not really all that bad.

In chemistry, Clod had a similar “question period”, in which he confirmed that equivalent of sodium is the next experiment. He didn't let us out until 1.08.

After lunch, we had the new school rules test, and I hope I passed.

Went for a walk with Callow, during which he explained the principles of calculus to me.

In the world history period, Kingcup gave us a slide show of ancient Greek and roman slides.

Maths, and Jimmy gave us some fairly easy constructions.

Didn't do much in prep.

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