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February 1965
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Monday, 1 February 1965 KCT Images for 1 February 1965
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Couple of letters from Dad today, and he wants to keep up a more regular correspondence than has been our wont over the past couple of months.

After breakfast, took my tank and a strip of film down from the darkroom after my marathon effort over the weekend - I developed 7 films, and used 9 bottles of Promicrol.

Then double study, and deathly boring that was, as well. I shall have to find more to do in all my study periods than I am at the moment. Tired to do something to my watch, which gave up the ghost before breakfast, but to no avail.

Then triple physics, and we had fun with the resistance boxes in the Padlab, and had quite a job with high currents and low resistances going up in smoke, etc. Did another experiment as well, as they did not take at all long, as there is no waiting period before taking a reading.

After lunch, once again wrote up my diary in the common room. What with the Alfred types coming up to room 19, the noise level is hardly any different.

Then down to the Q stores, with a book on Agfacolor to keep me company. When I got down there, however, there was quite a bit of work going on putting boots into the amended Q stores counter, and then settled down to the question of dye formers, and then had a bit of fun locking Tebbot out of the Q stores and telling him to come back on his platoon day. Pinched his stick, and then he out with a lance after Newman, who procured a sword, and had quite a brawl before Mansell called Tebbot in and told him to stop telling people to come back on their platoon days.

After tea, up to room 19 to write a long letter to Mum & Dad, and had quite a bit of fun when I discovered Popsy had a period in room 19, and so I had to get out, and into the careers room. Write something like 6 pages with a promise of more, and that took me most of that period - arguing why I should leave this dump immediately after taking my 'A' levels.

Then choral society practice - back on to the Magnificat and then Haydn's 2nd Mass.

In prep wrote 5 more pages auf Deutsch. Should convince them.

Tuesday, 2 February 1965 KCT
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Up as usual this morning, but after breakfast has a bit of fun with, as Green put it, a mass in honour of the Annihilation of the Blasted Virgin Mary, although myself I think it was the Purification of the BVM.

That successfully took up 1st period, or 1st half of double chemistry, latin or physics, as the case may be for the occupants of the East Wing Small [dormitory].

Then in for the second half of those subjects - chemistry in my case - and that was fairly boring - Clod went over colloidal sols for the 6th time this term.

After that, had a History test, in which I did fairly well. Comment from TG : “Le Hey, don't read other people's mark books. Wait until you have one of your own!”. Much laughter.

Which, unfortunately, I no longer understand.

After break, maths. We're making some progress. Or, at any rate, arithmetical, harmonic and geometric progressions.

Then Deutsch, and we had to do a prose which we were supposed to have prepared. Did not do too well.

After lunch, up to room 19, and had a sort of ultimatum with the Alfred mob who are now so often up there, but they stood fairly firm, and it is rather difficult to know what to do about it.

At 1420 down to have a clarinet lesson with Mr White, and did little. It is true enough - I shall have to get some more clarinet music. Asked him to get me a copy of the Tartini Jacob stuff - should be fun, by the looks of things.

After that, into the common room, and wrote a letter to Sandy. I hope she has not given up writing to me. Must also write to a few other birds whom I knew at Netherton.

Carried on thus until tea, but for some reason unknown even to myself, I did not feel like going in, and devoured a backed of Cheddar crackers in the common room instead.

After that, physics, and we did little in that. Pad decided to give up doing magnetism, and we are now on to electrostatics, which is almost equally as boring. And, once again, he got at me for not going into things in depth. I am fed up with it all.

General call to buck ourselves up in music, and as a result I spent all of 2nd prep in the music rooms studying “Semele”.

Wednesday, 3 February 1965 KCT
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And once again no mail - What have I done to deserve this, when I write such a comparatively large number of letters?

After breakfast, reading a treatise on enlarging negatives printed by the focal press. It is a good series - about the only up-to-date one I know - and I must get for myself more thereof.

Maths first period, and it seems that we already knew most of the stuff about Arithmetical progressions, so now we are on to Geometrical progressions, especially the infinte variety thereof.

After that, double study which, almost by tradition, has become double music for me.

Then, after break, Deutsch, in which Skiv gave us a prose in German to look at, and asked us questions when he came back ½ hour later.

P.E. was basketball - for the first time ever, the team I was in came out top.

After lunch, choir practice, and hardly anybody turned up. When I arrived there were only 2 basses, and about a dozen altos. Seating was rearranged - sat next to Hargrave, and showed him my watch. He suggested winding it. I did, and, to my astonishment, it started working again. I wonder why.

Then found Atkinson, who has managed to get himself off games, and we went up to the darkroom to load some HP3 into the backing paper - it is getting a bit worn by now. I shall have to do something about it.

After that, we had a look at some copies of AP to see what we could find in the ads. 50 mm f/3,5 lens for 9/6 - I might get one for my enlarger for really big prints of 35 mm film, or bigger.

Then for a bassoon lesson, and my new reeds have finally arrived, and after that did little, as they have not been broken in yet.

Into town, and did little, but bought a couple of interesting books on how to build various darkroom and camera gadgets, and also got some stuff for chapped lips, of which I am very much in need, and then back again.

In second prep, did not do any work, but instead to the music rooms again. Much more fun.

Thursday, 4 February 1965 KCT
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And again - no mail. Why? I know not.

After breakfast, downstairs, and was assailed by Archie Rollinson, who wants a good camera. I suggested a Pentax, at £45,

This would have been goods smuggled from Malaysia (specifically Singapore). The camera cost £150 in the UK. In Singapore they cost round $255 at the time, equivalent to about £30, so there was money in it for both of us.

and he was delighted, but said he might prefer a Leica instead. If he gets an M3, I could make enough off it to get myself a Pentax.

Deutſch first, and on with the comprehension thing we did yesterday, and we had a hell of a lot of laughter at some of the translations that Broadbridge in particular had to offer.

Then maths, and more odd types of progressions. The latest type is a 2-in-1, and quite odd.

Then divvers, which is pretty boring, and all about morals. A most distasteful subject.

After break, double study, and to the music rooms again. Should become a past master at the piano if practice has anything to do with it.

After lunch, along to the wind band, and accelerations of Strauß again. and we finally made it to the end. It is good stuff, but murder to play. Nevertheless, we should probably make it.

After that, the pioneers had a job on. I think it is something to do with Mike Jordan, but in any case it is a housing for various meterological instruments, and we had the doubtful honour of getting into the position and cementing it in. I turned up, as usual, about 10 minutes before the end, and all I had to do was to put the stuff away. Drax also told us the joyful news that he would not make us work tomorrow, unless the weather ameliorates considerably.

After that, back and up to room 19, where Boris came in and said something about not remembering me asking him for permission. Did so then, and all is now well.

After that, went in very late for tea, and then along to maths, in which we have now finished with arithmetic and geometric series, and one on the binomial series. Much more interesting than the other ones.

Then english, and did not do much in that. Boris said something about making us write an essay on love. Should be easy, but would not be what he wanted.

Stayed in common room for the whole of prep.

Friday, 5 February 1965 KCT
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Letter from Martin Odell this morning to ask me to get a move on with the photos. I shall have to do so. Also a reminder from Boots that Mrs Baudouy has not yet payed some bill which she said she had paid about 6 months ago.

This dragged on for ever. It had been overdue the first time I mentioned it, on 2 June 1964.

After breakfast, did little, and read a bit more about making tanks for plates, etc. I must build a camera which will take the latter.

After assembly, history, and Shitters read an extract from the latest issue of “History Today” about the Great War.

After my 2nd study period, along to the chemistry labs and there decided that it was about time I got moving on my essay about colloids.

After break, more chemistry, this time organic, and not much fun. I had better check through Cooksons notes to see I know it all.

More binomials in maths.

After lunch, along for an orchestra practice, but, instead of what I expected, TDH dragged 8 of us (2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 Clts, bassoon, horn) into room 25 to do a Mozart divertimento for woodwind. Apparently the understudys would drop out in the event of an actual performance.

After that, along to the common room to do my diary for yesterday, and that, owing to the fact that I was also looking at the bargain pages of Amateur Photographer, took me the whole time until 1530 to do.

After that, along to room 26 again, and there got down to the cries of London stuff. It is a bit of a nuisance, especially as I have to do some work in the darkroom at that time.

Then along to the Front Hall, where I read the A.P. there, and there are few bargains about which I am interesting.

After that, late into tea again, and then up in time for English. Not much there - we did not even have to write our love essay - however, we still have the threat.

After that, Deutſch, in which we did little, and Skiv blew us up for the lousy work on our prose - indeed, I only got 15/30, and Hargrave got 0.

After that, into prep, and did Wooley's physics for him.

Choir practice in 2nd prep - did little.

Saturday, 6 February 1965 KCT Images for 6 February 1965
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And again no mail.

After breakfast, Bott came up and told me that he had had enough of me getting round with juniors. I am completely at a loss to understand this English public school system - one has to get about in absolutely watertight compartments, and if one does not like ones contempories, one has to lump it. However, Bott has threatened to report me to Skiv if I carry on thus, so I do not have much choice.

Over fifty years later, as I type this in, my mind has not changed in the slightest. There was no written rule to this effect, though it appears that the intention was to limit homosexuality—why, I don't know. I continue to find the rules offensive.

Then woodwork, and in that I gave up the idea of the plywood lamphouse base and instead am going to use hardwood. Got down to the part which runs up and down on the rails, and next week will probably finish that and get on to the baseplate.

After that, chemistry, in which we did very little, and then, after break, physics, and instead of the test from Pad, in came Jacob with the news that Pad was away on a hockey match, and we were to read electrostatics. More binomials in maths.

After lunch, pioneers were working, so up to room 19, and there wrote up as usual, and then along to the changing room, and found it locked, so went all the way back to school and round to Gatcombe the other way. Bit of embarassment, as Skiv saw me going back to shcool, and thought I had locked it.

Then got work painting. I was given the doubtful honour of going round the back of the pavilion and priming any exposed bits of wood, and this took me naturally quite some time, and I got a considerable amount of primer on my person and clothes.

Then round the front, where we were giving the Pavilion and Cox a bottle green overcoat.

After that, up to the common room and decided to buy some [photographic] paper, as I am almost out of it.

More fun after roll call, when I decided to biuld a set-up to show the characteristic curve of a triode. Lennox also joined me, but something went wrong with the heater circuit, and we left it.

Did a bit of printing after supper, but had to go to the damned informal concert.

Sunday, 7 February 1965 KCT
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Reynolds came not in to wake us up this morning, with the result that we did not wake up until 0845, and were late into breakfast, despite all our hurrying.

After breakfast, got called into the study and given a drill for being late into supper on Thursday. That Evans is a bastard, and Patching is almost as bad.

After that, took my stuff down from the darkroom, and took all my stuff downstairs.

Did little in chapel - it is very boring lately - just the same old routine. One or two good hymns livened it up, but still did not make it worthwhile.

After chapel, arranged exeats for this afternoon, and then along to the wireless club, where Woolacott was only too delighted to let me have a go at the Pad-lab oscilloscope, and I spent all morning doing that.

After lunch, up to room 19, where I wrote up my diary, and then out on a bike ride, to nowhere in particular, and, as my exeat was to Honiton, I set out in that direction, and carried on at quite a pace. Decided after a while, however, that I might as well go to Wellington to see Ian Howard-Williams, but to no avail - I could not find in that direction any turn-offs, and so gave it up as a bad job. By the time I got past Corfe, it had been uphill all the way for about a mile of so, and so I set back and went along a hell of a lot of side-streets, and after about 10 miles of cycling, went back to school. I guess I am just not made to be a long-distance cycler.

Then inside, and to the Wireless club, and there go got down to rebuilding the circuit of the scope, using a revolutionary new idea called tagboards.

Then in for a quick tea, and then roll call. After that, back to the wireless club, and carried on with the fun, and fun 'twas, for Barrett had preconceived ideas about the length of a resistor lead - 1mm too short. However, with a lot of trying hard, etc, I managed to get the tag board soldered on. Now all we need is a ⅛" drill to make holes for screws to hold it on.

Talking to Parſifal after supper - interesting conversation.

Monday, 8 February 1965 KCT
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Letter from María today, and she had some quite nice things to say about me - I will never understand that girl. I shall have to start taking carbon copies of my letters, or something similar.

After breakfast, down to the common room, and at long last my Popular Photography for this month has returned from the study.

After assembly, double study, and for once I had plenty to do, with a chemistry essay to finih off, and after that, which took me the better part of my time, I started reading a book by Camus called l'étranger, which Parſifal recommended to me. Very good.

After that, triple physics, and we had quite a bit of fun with an experiment to find out the coefficient of thermal resistivity of copper, which will be fun to fiddle. The wheatstone bridge is far too inaccurate. One needs a much better null indication.

After lunch, up to room 19, and took a particularly long time over it, as I was almost asleep. This talking after lights out makes me very tired the next day.

Then to the library to look for the Rubaíat of Omár Khayyam, but they did not have it, and so, for once, down early to the Q stores, where once again there was a fair quantity of work to be done - I did but little, however. Instead, I sat around, and spoke to Parſifal, who was in the Q stores for quite a considerable time looking for some commando boots to take with him on arduous training in the Easter holidays.

After that, knocked off for tea, and after tea, which I attended, late as ever, went to the common room with intent to write a letter to María. However, fate and Parſifal had it otherwise: the latter came along and shewed me all the lovely music that Ducky had sent him, and thus we went along to try it out. Some of it was quite good.

After that, finally had a chance to write a very hurried letter to María before going to extra chemistry, which, as we now have choral society practice on Wednesdays, I had no excuse to miss.

After that, read L'Étranger in prep. It is getting rather interesting.

Tuesday, 9 February 1965 KCT
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My bromide [photographic] paper arrived this morning, which is pretty good service, considering that I only sent off for it on Sunday evening. I wonder how good it is. It should be more contrasty than the other stuff anyway.

After breakfast, did little - One of these days I shall have to try and tidy out my scob. It is getting rather messy lately. It is all to do with the numerous copies of the Times therein.

Double chemistry was a bore - we did very little indeed. Clod seems to have got rid of So - put him in the mod rem [?] or something.

History was a session of note writing, with an essay to follow by this time next week.

Maths after break, and binomials got on with (a+x)ⁿ, and so on. Looks even better than before.

Given copes of Das Brandopfer in Deutſch - quite a good book by the look of it.

After lunch, got out all my photographic equipment, haze filter, etc, and up, with my diary, to room 19, wrote up as usual - thank God I have more or less got into a habit of it. Then cleared up all my stuff for best results with the Steeplechase this morning.

After that, down to the tuckshop, where I bought some food, and down to see what was going on with the steeplechase.

Got a couple of photos of the start, and then, as the relay system was not working, and I had been told that it was on 7 Mc/s, I went along to the Wireless Club to see what I could get on the PCR. However, I think it was VHF - I am pretty sure they were using 88 sets.

After all that, we came second to the Woodard. Now all we have to do is make sure that they do not do so well in the seniors. For the first time in over 20 years, Fox did not come in the first 2 - in fact, they came last.

Double physics in the evening, and we did not even get tested on whatever we had last week - magnetism or such like.

Music - listened to Semele.

Wednesday, 10 February 1965 KCT
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Still no mail, apart from a dated announcement from the Concert Hall record club, due back within 2 weeks. I wonder what would happen if I completely ignored all their mail. It might be worthwhile. So far I owe them about £3.

Maths first, and I don't think we have much more to do with the binomial theorem, and God knows what we will be doing next.

Music after that with Miss Gill, and we spent most of our time talking about harmony in practice on the keyboard. She will be be bringing me a new book next week.

She was also (primarily) my piano teacher.

After that, out to play with Chivers some of the music that he got from Ducky. Some very nice Barsanti.

After break, Deutſch, and on with another issue of Das Bulletin, this time about MLF. Not bad, and we escaped our prose.

Was this the Multilateral Force? The timing seems right.

Then P.E : circuit training, and it nearly killed me.

Choir practice after lunch. As I had a drill, did not get an exeat, but gave Pond 7/- to get me some Valentine cards in town - it must work out quite expensive. In any case, choir practice was dead boring, and it finished early probably as a result thereof. Then along to room 19, wrote up my diary, and to the wireless club to find something to do.

After a bit of searching, decided to regulate my power supply, found the required copy of QST, and a PL82, which will have to do the job of a PL84, to do the regulating. I wonder how a 2D21 [thyratron] would go.

Carried on, absolutely absorbed, until roll call, and then too late discovered that I had a bassoon lesson, which, almost as usual, I had forgotten. Mr. Fawcett must be getting a bit fed up with me.

After that, to the tuck shop for my drill, which was really a bit of a farce, and at 1700 hrs into the wireless club again, finished the thing off, turned it on, and at least it did not blow up. Now I will have to check with Windmill's multimeter. After all that, got my cards from Pond. Quite a good selection.

Thursday, 11 February 1965 KCT
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No mail this morning, though it looks as if I will be getting one at Thursday lunchtime just about regularly - I wonder which post Jan catches.

Deutſch first, and we had a bit of luck, and instead of a prose had an Aufsatz about going to the theatre. I deliberately used as few technical terms as possible, mainly to annoy Skiv.

Then maths, and, as I expected, we have very little about binomials, and indeed are back on Quadratics.

After that, was told how the Johnson's reversal kit worked. They put hypo in the developer.

Divvers was dead boring.

Double study after break, and I spent it doing some music practice. More fun than anything else, and double studies to tend to drag.

Very amusing Valentine card from Jan - I will send her one of mine.

After lunch, supposedly wind band practice, but I had given my name in to Howard about marking on the senior steeplechase, and went to see him about what I had to do. Then up to room 19, wrote up my diary, and got ready to go to my point where I was to hold open the stile. Got there about 1415, and there was Nedham, desperately trying to get his 88 set to work, but to no avail, and eventually we gave it up as a bad job, and all were rather fed up. Despite the fact that we were about a mile from the school, we could hear the PA system quite well - some freak transmission, I suppose.

Eventually, Parſifal of all people came first, although admittedly most people expected it. The scores were the most remarkable thing - Carpenter 115, Woodard 118, Meynell 251, Alfred 254, Fox 260. So we won by a very narrow margin indeed, but the rest were a long way behind.

Then in the evening did little of interest. Maths first, and Jimmy got us on to partial functions, which are most odd functions, but nevertheless rather interesting. Then english with Boris, and he gave us an essay to do, the title or purpose of which I am unsure.

Friday, 12 February 1965 KCT
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Letter from Mum today, very newsy, and she says she will be coming over in the easter to see about a house, and she is getting rather worried about the situation in Malaysia. I personally think it is all a load of balls, but still..

Also, she had a complaint from Mrs Baudouy about me smoking. That is the limit, especially as she [Mrs. Baudouy] encouraged me, etc. I am going to have a few words to say to her.

Then first period, history, and I got moving on my essay only then, and by the end of the period had written 4 pages, which I think will be almost enough. I will see, anyway.

Then study period, which I spent reading l'Étranger, which is getting interesting.

Chemistry - moved to where So used to be before he joined the U-team [?].

This is the second illegible reference to So, whoever he may have been.

Test in organic chemistry after break - not too good, but did about as well as anybody. Then maths.

Orchestra practice after lunch, and on with the woodwind quintet. Having left my reeds to soak since this time last week, they have some bacteria or fungus grown on them. Gave the water to Cookson to analyse.

Not much fun in orchestra practice, and it carried on until 1500 hrs, so I did not bother to turn up after that, but instead went to the common room and tidied up my scob, which was rather in need thereof, and threw away about 20 newspapers from the beginning of term.

After that, had some fun considering how cheaply we could do Ektachrome. It looks a more economic proposition than black and white, if one buys ones film normally.

After that, up with Atkinson to room 19 to see how we could go with the Ektachrome substitute formulae, but we would need a hell of a lot of capital outlay.

In English, however it clicked that I could get ½ gallon (US) Ektachrome kits, which would do 18 films, for only $1,98, which works out at about $0,12 per film

Ah, the days before pocket calculators. Even so, I should have seen that that's $0.11.

- in other words, at about 9d. That is obviously the way to do it, if we want to keep air out of it, and I have located a spray which will do that for us.

Saturday, 13 February 1965 KCT
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Not a single Valentine card today. I shall have to get at least one from María on Monday, and I hope also a couple from other people. Still, we shall see.

After breakfast, Maskell came in and said he wanted to see us (E. Wing small [dormitory]) in the study, and all panic, as it was pretty obvious we had been caught talking after lights out. Nothing we could do then.

Got a decent piece of hardwood for the enlarger baseplate in woodwork, and spent most of my time getting to work on that.

Chemistry, Clod turned up, and spake at great length on the law of mass action and the phase rule.

Had a hell of an argument with Maskell all through break in the study room. He does not believe us.

Physics - nothing much. Onto condensers, and I know most of it already.

Test in maths - and a bit of a stinker.

Room 19 was occupied in rest, so I wrote up my diary in the careers room. Then along to pioneers, at which neither Drax nor Callow were present, and as a result Cox played up, just a little more than usual. As well as that, he thinks he is going to get Rees and me chucked out of a) the pioneers and b) the school. Why the hell Clod or Benjy did not see things in perspective and kick him out a long time ago, I do not know. However he is still here, unfortunately, and we will just have to put up with him.

After that, when we had finished off all our bottle-green undercoat, we knocked off, and I to the common room first to find out about some calculus formula that Cox had mentioned to me, and then to the wireless club, where I did but little, mainly connecting the PCR up to the adjustable voltage supply. It works vaguely down to an HT of about 45 V.

After that, up to the darkroom, and developed a couple of films. For some inexplicable reason, Archie Rollinsons came out covered in dichroic fog, which was a bit of a nuisance. Then did a bit of printing, and carried on thus until the beginning of prep.

Did music practice in prep, to Wireless club in 2nd.

Sunday, 14 February 1965 KCT
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Not a very eventful morning - before breakfast into the darkroom, and there I reloaded the film into my tank and left it washing over breakfast to see if that would help the fog. At any rate, it got it a bit clearer if nothing else.

After that, and breakfast, up again, hung it up to dry, and then into the dormitory, where we considered what our excuses were going to be. Finally over to Gatcombe, where Skiv said he did not want to see Bott, and just gave us a hell of a rocket, and that was all. Went into the Wireless Club, and put the VR pat [?] in a bit better place. Turned it on, and nothing happened. After chapel, back again, and systematically checked the HT line for shorts, and after I had taken it just about to bits, discovered that a transformer primary lead had given up the ghost. After that spent most of the time until lunch explaining to Atkinson how a radio, CRO, etc works and showing several waveforms as illustrations thereof.

After lunch, up to the darkroom, and there I did quite a few prints, none of which, for various reasons, were much good. This bromide paper I got is most unpredictable - I shall have to puzzle it out.

Spent most of the outside period in Fort George [toilet block] writing up my diary, and then into a music room, where I spent the remainder of the time playing some stuff out of “A tune a day” for Clarinet.

Into the Wireless Club, and did little there, and then along to the darkroom, got some prints out of the drier, and then to see the film “Father Brown”, which was rather amusing - about a priest trying to convert a criminal to the straight and narrow path.

After that, up again to the darkroom, where Hallett had spent the whole of the film trying to reverse an FP3, and had had considerable bad luck, and only just started. Atkinson also came up, and, somehow or another, the addition of hypo to the developer did the trick, and the transparencies came out quite well.

Up again after supper, and did just a few prints for a while, and then had a bit of fun waiting for the damned things to dry. In dormitory we have given up talking as a bad job.

Monday, 15 February 1965 KCT
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Not a single Valentine card, nor even a letter from María. She has been slippingup lately. I wonder if it is worth keeping up with her or not.

After breakfast, into the darkroom, tidied up, and then down to the common room, and decided that it would be worthwhile to buy an EX120, and on the strength of this, as well as the fact that I save enough other film, I decided that we could afford another session of developing some Ektachrome on next Sunday (28/II/1965).

Did little in my study periods, although I managed to finish off my history.

Triple physics, and we had another of those damned magnetism experiments, and the only thing that can be said for them is that they are over relatively quickly. However, the degree of fiddling required to get any decent results is very high. Spent 3rd period talking to Lennox about regulated power supplies, such as I have been building lately.

After lunch, as usual up to room 19, but this time I took up my photographic notebook, and made a resolution that from now on I will fill up the roll film characteristics at the rate of at least one a day. I should have it finished in less than a month like that.

After that, down to the Q stores, arrived dead on 1430, and Tebbot accused me of being late. I told him where he could go, and he then found plenty of work for me to do. I am getting rather fed up with that fellow. He is a hypocrite to start with, and I could go on ad infinitum.

After that, settled down to read my ancient “chats on photography”, in which I discovered an ad for an ortho plate of 2 ASA speed. It can't get much slower than that. No wonder one could do without a shutter, and use the lens cap in those days. What with an RR f/8 being fast, exposures would be in the 5 sec range.

No recollection what RR means.

After that, in for tea, where I stayed too long, having a rather ridiculous argument with Stanley, and then found Hallet and got out of him his details of how to develop negative film as transparencies. Copied it down into my photographic notebook, and then downstairs again, and did little of interest until time to go for extra chemistry.

After that, prep, and had quite a bit of fun fiddling the answers, but our readings were very accurate.

Tuesday, 16 February 1965 KCT
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Letter from Sandy today, and a hell of a lot seems to have been going on in her world lately, and that is her excuse as to why she has not written for such a hell of a long time.

Talking to Atkinson in chemistry - Clod as usual hardly turned up - and came to a conclusion about the way one could consider condensers to differentiate a PD into current. I shall have to work it out mathematically.

Later we were discussing how we could keep the Ektachrome chemicals at the right temperature for the processing. Atkinson wanted to use an immersion heater, but I think hot, cold, and 24° water baths are the best thing.

Then history. Shitters collected in our essays, and then put on a BBC “scrapbook” record for 1914. Not at all bad, and we have the other side coming to us on Friday - if our essays are not too bad, I suppose.

After break, maths, in which, as too often, I did not do well enough. After that, Deutſch, and more Brandopfer.

After lunch, as ever up to room 19, and wrote up my diary, plus daily column of figures for Promicrol, and then went along for my clarinet lesson with Mr White, who told me that I had a customer who would like to hire my A clarinet in the easter holidays. Did not say how much he wanted to pay, but it still should be a good proposition. Also gave me a copy of camera magazine, which I feel is a rather more technical magazine than most English ones - the trademark or symbol on the front cover is an f/5,6 150 mm lens, complete with 1-400 BT shutter. Can't remember the serial number. Interesting article on diluting developers with water for better quality. Mentioned Promicrol but did not seem to like it too much - undiluted.

After that to the common room, and did little until about 1600 hrs, and then to the tuck shop, bought some Worcester sauce, and into tea.

After that, Physics, and Hallett told me some horrible story about Pad finding out that he had broken the things on Sunday, and was blaming both of us for it. Sure enough, at the end, it appeared that he was blaming me for it. I don't know how he worked out that, but he is making both of us pay for it, and, to add injury to insult, he has banned me from the darkroom.

This must have been Paul Hallett's bad luck that I referred to on Sunday. At the time it happened, I was watching the film. Somehow Padfield's reaction is typical of the way we were treated.

Wednesday, 17 February 1965 KCT
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Nothing but a thing from Iliffe this morning about a new magazine which will be starting next week. Looks quite good, but a bit expensive at 4/- for a 70 page magazine. Might be able to persuade Jacob to go on with it.

After breakfast, discussed with Atkinson how we should retaliate against Pad. Jacob tells me that Pad is in a hell of a mood, and we had better wait a week or so until he cools down.

After that, maths, and we did not do much in that, and Jimmy told us that we will be back on mechanics next time.

No piano lesson - Gilly is not well, and so did not turn up. Spent study period copying out formulae for Ektachrome.

After break, Deutſch, a wasted period, and then PR, in which we played basketball, and lost heavily.

After lunch, no choir practice, but TDH gave me an old school clarinet which was missing a screw, and I managed to repair it with a bit of solder which happened to be lying about on my bench. Then to room 19 and wrote up my diary, and then found Atkinson, and did a bit of talking about the best way to tackle Pad about the darkroom. We will leave it at least a week, anyway.

After that, into the wireless club, and there go down to my power supply, which is objecting somewhat to the fact that I am putting about 1W through a potentiometer - more likely in fact because it has 400V across it. As a result, decided to stabliise it still further, and put a 2D21 [thyratron] on the grid of the PL82, and spent all of the outside period on that.

After that, bassoon lesson, and told Mr Fawcett about coming on Fridays, so I will not have to have it on Wednesdays from now on.

After that, into town, and went to Grays, where I found a very interesting book on Kodak colour films, and managed to scrounge enough money to buy it.

After that, back to school, and with Atkinson up to room 19, and before too long in walked Boris, and gave us his own opinion on colour negatives and transparencies. I did not realise he was a photographer.

Thursday, 18 February 1965 KCT
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Letter from Bev this morning, asking for her Ektachrome. She will be lucky, the way Pad is behaving lately.

After breakfast, did little, and in assembly Ranger told me that there was no divvers today, and that we were to have a study period instead, although I can't really see what use divvers is anyway.

Deutſch first, and Skiv did the dirty on us, and gave us the Übersetzung which we supposedly had done yesterday to translate.

Then maths, and we are back on mechanics again. I hope I absorb a bit more this time.

Then triple study, and spent the first doing some flute practice.

After break, more study, and I worked out details of the thyratron circuit. Should go nicely.

More music practice in 5th period. Must get some more music. Wind band after lunch, and did little - on, ever on, and of course accelerating the pace of “Accelerations” (I wonder what that is in German.)

After that, did little, as the pioneers were not working owing to frost.

Along to the wireless club, and finished wiring up the power supply together with the thyratron in it, but when I turned it on all sorts of odd things started happening, and after a while I was forced to give it up as a bad job. then I realised that the cause of the sawtooth waveform on the anode was that I had accidentally put an 5 μf condenser across the anode and earth, and this was making a relaxation oscillator out of itself. Soon fixed up that.

Did little after that until tea - read a bit of data about colour films, but nothing teriffically exciting

In tea, there was one hell of a crowd.

Then maths, and Jimmy told us to copy out all 40 pages or so of our maths notes from last year. That will take some time.

After that, english, and we got to discussing the scientific side of the 17th century. Quite interesting.

After that, prep, which finished at 1840, and after supper down to St. Johns church to hear Nicolas Kynaston, organist at Westminster cathedral, give a recital. Very good indeed. Nearly went on a pub crawl with Fred Cookson, but too many masters about.

Friday, 19 February 1965 KCT
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Still no mail, other than the Straits budget, which was not particularly interesting. However, there was quite a bit about Malaysia in the Times.

After breakfast bundles to the linen room, and then down to the common room.

In history, heard the other side of the BBC Scrapbook for 1914. Not bad - all about the Christmas truce, etc.

After that, study period, which I spent madly copying out maths notes, and then along to chemistry, and until Clod came in we discussed the possibility of building a bridge for timing colour prints. Should be quite interesting, if it is possible.

After that, Clod was talking about the Law of Mass action, and reactivity [?] products, etc, etc.

After break, organic chemistry, and more aldehydes, etc. Maths, and Jimmy started talking about Newton, and so on. English is aligning with maths.

After lunch, orchestra practice, and this did not go at all smoothly. To start with, my bassoon is still continuing to give up, and to make matters worse, TDH refuses to accept the fact, and blames it all on me. Also wants to know why I can't get a G after A♭, when the A♭ key sticks, and will not shut.

The difference in fingering between A♭ and G is just that the former requires pressing the A♭ key, so if it doesn't shut, it remains A♭ even if I finger G.

After that, pioneers, and they have nearly finished (I can hardly say we have nearly finished, as I hardly ever turn up.

Before much more had happened, we all knocked off, and we have very little more to do tomorrow before the whole job is finished.

After that to the wireless club, where I substituted a 470K resistor for the 47K, and I doubt that it will overheat any more. If it does, I may be able to use the excess volts for something else.

Then considering the design of a suitable bridge with Atkinson for the exposure of colour paper. 'Twould be very useful if it did work.

Then english, and Boris recommended to us a book, “The history of science”, and I decided to get it and read it. After maths, he caught me, and recommended it to me in particular.

In second prep, choir practice. TDH is getting fairly easily annoyed lately.

Saturday, 20 February 1965 KCT
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Letter from Martin Odell and a Wireless world this morning. I would like to know when my next issue of practical photography is going to come. It should be here fairly soon - It tends to come out about a month in advance of its date, so that it can get to the furthermost parts of the earth in that time.

Woodwork, and on with the enlarger. Have just about finished the baseboard now, although the hole for the negatives is not the squarest I have ever seen. Got down to hinging iit to the column rider, but I am still worried about how I am going to connect it to the pipes so that it will not slip. I shall probably find some way.

After that, chemistry, and in this I did very little. Hallet tells me that he got a letter from Kodak saying that Ektachrome could be developed in C-22 chemicals (Kodacolor) with considerable increase in speed and contrast. Should be very interesting to try.

Pad was not there in physics - an affliction by the hand of God, etc, and I spent it copying out formulae for developing colour film. Did little in maths - monologue by Jimmy.

After lunch, saw Drax, and he told me to pass on to Callow that all we had to do was to finish off the Junior Colts pavilion, and then we could knock off.

In point of fact, it was not such a short job as we had imagined, as only 4 of us turned up, and the weather was absolutely lousy. Had a bit of fun when Aston wanted to change in the pavilion. Cox stared in, and as a result received a hockey stick where it hurts from Aston. Most put out.

After that, to the wireless club, and after trying every possible method to stop the thyratron from oscillating, pulled it out in despair, and we are now back on the original valves.

Then spent quite a bit of time trying to get the magic eye to work, and I think I am forced to conclude that it is dud.

After tea, back to the wireless club, and did little there, but when Lennox came in I decided to build a relaxation oscillator using an EN31, and carried on for quite some time. Finally got the thing finished, and the damned thing would not oscillate, but it drew a couple of amps before I pulled it out.

After supper, considering rebuilding my power supply on a new chassis, but gave up the idea after a while, and spent the rest of the time wondering what to do.

Sunday, 21 February 1965 KCT
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Nothing much happened this morning, and all in all 'twas rather boring. After breakfast, made my bed, and then down to room 26 for a wind quintet practice, and tried to more or less repair my bassoon at the same time. Rather a compliment from TDH at the end: “The flute is completely unrhythmic, and sometimes also the bassoon”. At least he does not consider me the worst member of the ensemble.

In chapel, nothing out of the ordinary, except perhaps the number of people from outside, and I noticed amongst them Stanley's father. He reminds me rather of Martin Luther - I suppose they both come from the same part of Germany.

After chapel, to the Wireless club, and got down, after a bit of consideration, to building a meter to measure HT, LT, and AVC (or signal strength).

This took quite a bit of time, as somehow I had to find out what to mount the meter on, and eventually did it on a bit of hardboard, and carried on with it until lunch.

After lunch, to room 19 to write up my diary, and after that did a very little work on the bridge affair, and then decided to go for a walk and have a smoke, as of old. I am not sure why, but I rather enjoy being by myself. even on a cold day like today, it is quite fun to be alone and outside - not so inside, however, no matter what the temperature.

Made myself to the corner of the field where Parſifal and I used to go, but it was completely flooded out with water, so I gave it up as a bad job, and went to the top of the hill nearby.

The only Burma cheroot I had left, which Egg [?] broke 2 weeks ago, was so utterly dry that it was almost unbearable - went like a bomb, hardly the real nature of a Burma cherut. However, the tobacco kept very well in my film can.

After that, back again, and carried on working on the bridge circuit, and went for tea, roll call, and when I came back Fred Cookson was having a party, and so I carried on despite. Plugged the thing in and it worked fairly well, but there is still the problem of getting the bridge section wo work properly. At the moment, nothing is happening.

After supper, in the Wireless club, and exchanged “Fanny Hill” (on loan) for “Young Love”. Very interesting.

I can no longer find a reference to this (presumed) book.

Monday, 22 February 1965 KCT
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No mail this morning. If I am not careful, I am going to fall into a no-letter-lapse as I did last term. I must do something about it fairly smartly.

In first study period, wrote up for physics, and then started madly studying up organic chemistry for this evening, and carried on doing this until the end of the period. After that, flute lesson in room 26, and carried on for a complete 1½ hours. It really does go a bit too far. She says she was talking to James Mac Gillavry about me - he seemed quite interested. Would like to meet him.

The name rings a bell, though it's clear that the spelling must be wrong, and I can't find an reference to him online.

After that, in break Lennox had to see Clod, and I had to find out for myself what we were doing, as Pad was also dead, and discovered we were doing something with potentiometers and had just finished wiring up when Lennox came back from his first beating at this school, and we had a bit of fun cursing potentiometers, etc. Doubt we have very good results.

After that, did little. Had a look through the Hessey periscope, and after lunch down to the Q stores immediately, and was told that at 1530 we were to have a Shitters inspection, and so we spent 1¾ hours madly tidying up the place, not helped by the fact that various people kept coming in at regular intervals saying that their uniform had been pinched. Spent about half an hour with Moore, and we could not find a pair that would fit him, so we made him come back on his platoon day.

After that, spent a lot of time helping Anderson with the Minidex filing system, and had quite a bit of fun.

Eventually Shitters came in, and we had a Shitters inspection to end all Shitters inspections, and eventually gave it up as a bad job, after he had found fault with just about everything that he could find fault with.

And then he promised us another next week, in which he hoped to see all rectified.

After that, to the common room, up to the careers room to do my diary, and then read on with “Young Love”, which is quite interesting, if rather sordid.

After that, choral society practice. The actual performance is now less than 5 weeks off, and we will be off to St. Auds fairly soon.

After that, spent whole of prep doing organic chemistry, and also some maths.

Tuesday, 23 February 1965 KCT
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Popular photography came today, and quite an interesting issue. It certainly lives up to its name.

I have lately been getting into the habit of staying very late at breakfast. Today Popsy came up to me and offered me his sausages, which I thought rather amusing. Of course I accepted.

After that, double chemistry, in which I finished off the organic chemistry - all 30 pages of them.

This took me nearly all the period, and I hope at any rate that I am living up to my resolution to work harder.

After that, history, and Shitters spent most of the time handing back our essays. Did neither well nor badly.

Then, after break, maths, and problems about pulleys, and such like. All very easy, but containing some interesting tricks.

Then Deutſch, and in my last Übersetzung I did even worse than before. I really must do something about it.

After that, Skiv went away, and we talked for the rest of the period. After lunch, first to the junior chemistry lab, where Mr. Vodden gave me a go at the test they did yesterday, and then I had to go to a choir practice, and there we did little but practice various nondescript anthems. TDH has suddenly gone crazy on practice for these anthems, and we are spending a hell of a lot of time on it.

Then a clarinet lesson, and at last my new book has come, although still not a word about the reeds. In fact, Mr. White tells me there is some holdup with Vandoren reeds. That's what comes of being so popular. It is odd how one brand of reed can be unquestionably the best, all over the world (except, possibly, in Germany).

Vandoren is French, and the clarinets in Germany are different. This extends to the reeds. It seems (from the Wikipedia page) that they now make German style reeds, but since when?

Then did some bassoon practice, and asked Mr White to get me some Bassoon reeds while he was at it.

Then into the common room, and upstairs to write up my diary. Then intended to go into tea, but changed my mind, and stayed in the common room.

After that, physics, and we all expected to have no test, as Pad wa ill, but nevertheless we got one, by the hand of Vodden. The masters are all getting him to do their dirty work for them. He told me I had done fairly well in the test. I hope that makes up for my shortcomings in the last one. If I get 34/40 I will have made it, for sure.

Wednesday, 24 February 1965 KCT
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Nothing much happened today, and all in all it was pretty average. No mail - really must write some letters.

After breakfast, to the common room, and in assembly, where I was wearing 2 scarves and gloves. Clod let out a warning against such behaviour. Rather a nuisance.

After that, maths, and on with all this stuff with pulleys, etc. I find it a little bit difficult to comprehend, to say the least, and will have to do a bit of reading in a rather better mechanics book than we have at the moment.

Then a piano lesson, and Gilly had brought me a new book - “12 easy piano pieces”, which looks quite amusing. Mumbled something about being only for the brighter pupils.

I certainly wasn't the typical beginning piano player, since I played a number of other instruments, so I was learning only the instrument, not music in general.

After that, did some practice on the flute, and then break.

After break, long threatened test on “Das Brandopfer”, and I did not do at all well.

Then PE, and more basketball. Scores (to us): 8:8 and 32:4

After lunch, no choir practice, but Lewis [?] had told me that we would be practicing the Mozart divertimento at 1400 hrs, and so hurried through my diary, and after that turned up, and discovered that it had been postponed after all.

After that, up to room 19, and there I carried on writing some letters, which I have been seriously neglecting for quite some time, and so really got moving and wrote to Jan, María, Sandy, and Mum & Dad, and this took me the best part of the afternoon, and after that I decided to go to the Wireless club and see what was going on as regards my meter set-up. Decided to give up the idea of the bridge, as my EM84 (magic eye) is vaguely working again now, but instead decided to build a rather crude multimeter, and got down to the question of doctoring a switch to do that for me, and this took me until about 1600 hrs.

After that, bought some stamps for my letters - came to 5/- in all - and then prepared to go into town.

After roll call, had an armoury drill, in which we had to clean the breeches of 20 rifles. I will never forget how to remove a bolt again.

Then into town, changed my books at the library, and got a rather interesting book on colour.

Thursday, 25 February 1965 KCT
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Again no mail - it is becoming a way of life, and I suppose it is no longer such a disappointment.

After that, spent the whole of the pre-assembly time up in the dormitory - we are spending a hell of a lot of time up there.

First period was deutſch, and we did very little of any use. Skiv spent the whole time about the test on das Brandopfer in which, as I had feared, I did not do at all well. Kept us in for about 5 minutes, and Jimmy was rather annoyed by the time we got to room 28.

After that maths, in which we spent most of the time trying to puzzle out how to do the mechanics. It all looks highly dicey to me.

After that, Divvers, and Daddy Death started reading us the “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. Rather funny.

After break, double study, but did little work, and in 2nd period did some music practice.

After lunch, wind band practice, and Ruscoe did not turn up - such occasions do my ego a lot of good - I took over the solo clarinet part (or rather, led it), and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and my only hope is that Ruscoe leaves the wind band. It is interesting to consider that I am one of the most senior members of the wind band.

After that, to Gatcombe, changed, went down, and discovered that they [the pioneers] had already knocked off, and swore loudly in some foreign tongue - Clod has declared swearing to be a punishable offence, so I shall have to watch my tongue. I am gradually trying to convert it into foreign languages, and I think the addition of the expression “Al ilaha ila Allah[sic], though by no means a swear word, sounds pretty good.

It would also have the advantage to be unpunishable.

After that, to the common room, where I read a good deal about colour cinematography, and wrote up my diary.

Then intended to go to tea, but again did not, and stayed in the common room instead, and discovered that Technicolor is almost, if not absolutely, identical to Kodachrome.

I believed that for many years, but in fact Technicolor was a moving target, and some of its varieties had something in common with Kodachrome, notably the lack of dye couplers in the emulsion.

Then maths, and we are not doing very much lately. Now on to work and energy, and, thank God, rid of those blasted pulleys.

English, and we got our essays back. After that, a test on Newspeak.

Friday, 26 February 1965 KCT
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Letter from Mum today, with the suggestion that we hire bikes (or rather, that she and Bev hire bikes), and spend the whole of the Easter holidays picnicking. I wonder if they will keep that up for long.

After that, clean sheets etc. All are getting rather worried about tonsilitis, which is apparently becoming an epidemic. I hope I don't get it. The last thing I would want to happen. What about the choral society?

Then history, and a test, and, very much contrary to my expectations, I did quite well, and was thereto rather pleased.

Then a study period, the first bit of which I spent copying out the piano part to “Negara Ku”, and then tried a bit more to learn the Malay Jawi alphabet.

General fooling round in first chemistry period, but after that in 2nd period, Vodden gave us back our tests, and I got 39/40, and the next fellow (Atkinson) only got 28. I am back on top again, thank God. Then maths, in which we did very little.

After lunch, orchestra practice, in Big School, and we had quite a bit of fun, and TDH declared that he had never heard it played better. Carried on nevertheless until 1500 hrs, and after that checked with Drax that the pioneers had already knocked off, and went up to room 19 to write up my diary.

After that, which took a fair amount of time, I went down again to the common room, and took my camera out to get a few decent photos of the school, as it was quite a nice day. Decided to get a better one of the chapel as well, although I am not too sure how good the lighting was. One of these days I shall have to just hang around until the sun is shining on the altar. Gave an exposure of 3½ seconds, which is very long for a present day film, but it was indoors at f/16.

Then a bassoon lesson, and a bit of fun to start with, as Mr Fawcett went to room 26, where the new fiddle master was teaching. However, all went all right. Rather pleased at my knowledge of the Mozart part.

Turned up about 5 minutes before the end of english, but Boris was not particularly annoyed.

Then Deutſch, and on with das Brandopfer, and it is getting quite interesting what with this fellows Jewish girlfriend coming into it.

Spoke at great length with Father Young about mysticism - I think I have persuaded him that Jesus was not the son of God, but am not too sure.

From recollection, Father Young was a monk who was spending a few days at the school, and we had been offered the chance to talk to him one-on-one. I assume the intention was for devout boys to receive encouragement, but I went to ask him about things that didn't make sense to me. I confronted him with the assertion that nowhere in the Bible could I find a statement that Jesus was the incarnate son of God, and asked him if he could help. No, he couldn't. That's what belief is for; Credo quia absurdum est.

Saturday, 27 February 1965 KCT Images for 27 February 1965
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Very little happened this morning. I often get the feeling in termtime that there is little point in keeping a diary in the termtime, but it is not all that often.

After breakfast, I carried on in the dining hall for quite some time, and evoked comment from both Pop, who wanted to bring me an ashtray, and Father Young, who wanted to know if this was how I got into a mystic trance.

I think Pop must have been the head of the dining room staff, though it's barely possible that it could have been Popsy. The suggestion of an ashtray sounds more likely from the former.

Did not do much in woodwork - time went almost before I knew it, and I made my negative carrier too small into the bargain. I think I shall have to remove my side members and file them down even further.

Then chemistry, in which we did little, though Hallett filled his pen with AgNO₃, to see what would happen.

After break, physics, and I did not do too well. I am getting just a little worried that Atkinson is going to beat me to the top of the form. Maths did not help, where he again (just) beat me.

After lunch, up to the careers room, as something was going on in room 19 - lady skivs having a weekly orgy, as usual - and after doing quite a bit of reading of the New Scientist, wrote up for the past 24 hours.

After that, the pioneers were supposed to be watching the match, so, true to tradition, down I went, and decided to become candid camera Le Hey, and hit the 3rd eye under my coat. Got a few good shots of various masters, and left it at that. Up to watch Parſifal came in first in the running, and then inside again. Along to the Wireless club, and in to the dining hall to have tea, but the bread was so absolutely stale that I gave it up as a bad job.

Then into the common room, where I mooched about until Roll call, and after that hung about generally at a rather loose end, and eventually decided to go and do some practice for the Music club concert tonight, and carried on practice on baſsoon and clarinet until about 1745, at which time back again to the Wireless club, but did little.

Father Young's service was in 1st prep today, and I only did about 25 minutes prep - reading Top.

Then music club concert, and after our bit wnt to the Wireless club, where I integrated a square wave for Reis:
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Sunday, 28 February 1965 KCT Images for 28 February 1965
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Nearly overslept this morning, but a miss is as good as a mile - or a drill.

After breakfast, did little, but after a while decided to see what would happen if I tried differentiating a square wave. However, values required varied enormously. Was using 0,01μf to integrate, but in the order of 0,1 pf to differentiate. Even then, it was a bit high. Waveform was rather
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Then chapel, celebrated by Father Young, who put in several rather unexpected changes into the form, such as saying the Gospel instead of singing it, which put most people off.

After that, again to the wireless club with intent to build a multivibrator, but got rather sidetracked, and ended up reading up about suitable transmitters, etc, etc, and before long had completely forgotten about multivibrators.

Also did a bit, although only a bit, of tidying up on my bench, and listened quite a bit to the radio.

After lunch, arranged to go out for a walk with Lennox and Moore for a smoke - it is not all that wonderful to go by oneself after all - and then up to room 19 to write up my diary, and down again, by which time Lennox had been looking everywhere for me. Found him, and he told me that we would be leaving at 1415, owing to the fact that there was a film on, and this we did, and Lennox made a hell of a fool of himself, shouting all the time.

Finally got to a place, and then got going. Lennox does not really look all that ridiculous. One could almost expect him to have a pipe protruding from his mouth. Had a taste of his tobacco, and it was pretty revolting. Tasted like some type of shag. Moore made some comment about Sherlock Holmes coming after us when I dropped a tin of tobacco, but I pointed out that it was not black shag.

Then back just in time for the film, and had quite a bit of fun watching all the colour casts on the film ('twas Eastmancolor, which is rather prone to violent (and violet) colour casts).

After that, took a few photos in the common room. Rather amusing.

Differentiating square waves after supper.

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