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Greg's diary
May 1965
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Saturday, 1 May 1965 KCT
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Back to school routine again, which is not all that wonderful. Got the bill for the Fount-India from W.H.Smiths of Newton Abbot, and it seems to me that they had only checked after we were there the other day.

After breakfast, to write up my diary - I have not yet completed the transition from last thing at night to after lunch, and it is a bit of a nuisance.

Then up to the dormitory and got round to unpacking, and did not take me all that long. The real snag will be when my trunk is unpacked.

Long talk by Benjy in assembly, and it would appear to be his last set of words of wisdom.

Then to formmasters, but not for long, and soon had chemistry, and Clod was talking about oxidimetric titration.

After that, flute lesson, and Miss Mills got very annoyed - said she would report me to the weed for insolence.

Physics - Pad was annoyed for me turning up late.

Maths, and we are on to probability, etc. Looks easy.

Then out, and down to the County Hotel, where Mum was waiting, and we decided to go down to the Wimpy bar for makan, and on the way we posted a parcel, and bought copy of Exchange & Mart, and it is apparently quite cheap to advertise.

Then round town, to look for various items, and Mum decided she would like to buy a bikini, so she did. Then over to the the castle, booked a table at 1800 hrs, and saw the castle museum, and then over to the library to get some books.

Then went back to the County to have tea again. This time they remember the lemon, but forgot the jam. They will remember the lot one day.

After that down to Harris, the newsagents, in East Reach, and paid them for the Michealmas term, and for this term.

Then down, brushed up, and out to makan. Quite a pleasant place in fact - had a good wine to go with it - Clos de Conté (Nuits St. George).

Back to the school and ended up with a great crowd in the Front Hall. Finally said goodbye to Mum, but will see her again within 3 months.

Sunday, 2 May 1965 KCT
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Up as usual today, and very little happened for a while. At least we have not overslept, and I don't think we will.

After breakfast, took a bit more stuff downstairs, and tried to put it into my scob so that it would not fall out as soon as I opened it. Then to the wireless club, and spoke to Rees about the Wireless club exhibition on Speech day. I will try and rope Atkinson in. Then up to room 20, and wrote up for yesterday. Can get back to after rest now.

Chapel was very much the same as ever - the new chaplain seems to know what he is up to.

After chapel, got my stuff from Atkinson, and then up to the darkroom, where I found Hallett, and down to get some more stuff.

Had a hell of a job doing all my films, and fogged 3 of them by mistake. Must be more careful. Kodak 30 came out all right.

More after lunch, as well as a flood in the darkroom.

After that, loaded the (fogged) KB17 into the tank, poured the developer in, and left the agitation to Atkinson, and went to write up my diary. Came back, after talking for some time to Gautam, to find he had 1 minute to go. Fixed it, and then went outside, with camera, and met Atkinson and Hallett similarly attired. We were all using the same film, and in effect had everything in triplicate. Gave up after a while.

Then back inside, after discussing Gratispool [?] with them for a while, and we might get some between us. I still do not like the idea of it.

Then had a film, “The Caine Mutiny”, which struck me as not being particularly good. It was in Technicolor alias Kodachrome I,

This relationship was a misunderstanding on my part.

as was abundantly obvious from the colour rendering.

Then up again to the darkroom, and developed one of the fogged HP3's, and at the same time made up another 2½ litres of Promicrol, and just about finished before makan.

Then, after makan, had to robe up for the service almost immediately, and it lasted far too long. I would rather have it before makan.

Tidied up a bit more after chapel.

Monday, 3 May 1965 KCT
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3 letters this morning - 1 each from Mum, Bev, and Sue - Mum just hoped al was OK, and urged to be tidy. Bev wants her transparencies. Sue is back at school, and feeling it. Tried playing tennis, but it did not do her much good.

Double study, and, after checking with Lennox, I discovered I had absolutely nothing to do. Read “Kügelgeometrie” and “Microscopical staining methods” in first period, and then went into one of the music rooms, which was a bit more fun.

After that, up to the Pad Lab, and got on with our thermocouple work of last term. Spent all of the first period getting it set up, but it was rather a halfhearted attempt.

After lunch, got out my black paper, accessories, etc, and proceeded to write a letter to Sue, and then into the careers room to write up my diary, for the first time with Mike Jordan's permission.

After that, still had a little time let, but not enough to be worthwhile. Went down to the Q stores, and was told by Anderson that he was pairing gaiters. I think he wanted me to help, but I pretended not to catch on. Ended up by walking up to the Meynell study to collect some denims which had been there for some time.

Then had some boots to clean, and other such menial tasks as sorting out battle dress tops, etc. Did not do much, however, and we knocked off, as of old, early.

Up to the linen room, to get my stuff, following matrons threat of being reported to the weed this morning. Managed somehow to get just about everything out of my case, and now will merely have to get it in order for use this term. I think it will work out OK.

Then Newman came along, and told me TDH wanted to see me in Room 26 at 1615. Went along at that time, and he apparently wants me to turn up every Monday for the next 6 weeks for aural tests.

Little happened in the evening.

Tuesday, 4 May 1965 KCT
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No mail, but many periodicals - at any rate, straits budget and Wireless World. Straits budget is late - should have arrived last Friday.

Double chemistry first, and spent the first 15 minutes talking about this term's purchase of sensitised goods. I will be getting about 15/- worth.

Then Clod came in, and we got down to titrating NaOH and Na₂CO₃ against N/10 HCl. Rather amusing, and after 8 separate titrations, finished, and started weighing 39,2 gm of FeSO₄.(NH₄)₂SO₄.6H₂O for Thursday.

History, and we established that the school was in fact a miniature fascist state. Good old Lennox.

After break, and on with probability, permutations, combinations, etc.

Deutſch, and now we are 4, and we had a prose to do. Skiv will have it corrected by tomorrow.

After lunch, in to see Mr. White about my clarinet lessons - if I went at 1440, Pad would really go through the roof. He agreed to come tomorrow at 0940.

Then wrote up my diary, and pretty soon after that Physics, and Pad is on again with various electromagnetic phenomena, and I am not (o, shame of shame) too sure I understand it. On the other hand, a bit of reading will probably help quite considerably.

After that, to get Mr. Whites tea, and they took their time about it. When I got there, TDH came along, and we discussed clarinet lessons, and I suggested to Mr White that he go to Queens before lunch, and come here after. He liked that idea, and so I will still get out of pioneers on future Tuesdays - Gott sei Dank.

Spent most of the period talking with him about the Polaroid-Land camera, and ended up an ½ frame, and sold him a 72 exposure cassette of Kodak 30 film. After all, it is the original ½ frame film.

Yes, “½ frame” describes the original 35 mm format, with 4:3 aspect ratio, that was used for ciné film.

Turned up for pioneers as a gesture of good will, and did little.

Prep was pretty boring - I am almost begging to find some work to do.

Wednesday, 5 May 1965 KCT
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No mail again this morning - this is to make up for Monday. I hope I get some more soon.

After breakfast, did little - I must organise my time better. Benjy had little to say in assembly, apart from something about how to behave on Friday, when the headmasters of all the prep schools round about will come to meet Mr. Pentney. I wonder what he will be like.

Then maths, an on with all these odds, probability, permutations, combinations and so on. Rather amusing.

Then piano lesson, and I just had time before it to find out how rusty I really am. I really must do a little practice. Spent most of the time talking to Gilly about cadences, and at last I can tell them apart now - I hope. I shall have to do a bit more practice if I am to get the aural tests.

After break, Deutſch, and I got my essay back with a 1st and ✓, which is praise indeed for Skiv. He then offered me 5 radios for not bringing my grammar book.

No idea what this last means. Praise or punishment?

P.E. - 6' 2⅛" [1.883 m]. Not much change in any direction.

Letter from Jan before lunch. - Rather confusing, but I will get to understand it yet.

After lunch, choir practice, and TDH had another go at the altos, but to little avail.

Then over to Gatcombe to collect the radios for Skiv, and he explained what he knew to me, and then I tried to get them down to the club, and got Phillips to help me on the second trip.

After that, went and wrote up my diary, and then to look for my bike, which I have not been able to find. Might not have arrived yet.

Tidied out my scob after that, and it made a difference. After that, into tea, and got set into my butter. Thank God it has not gone rancid.

Then, after roll call, down town, and ordered “Photo News Weekly” from the newsagents, had my glasses adjusted, went to Grays to see what was going, and then back to school via Smiths.

Fixed one of Skivs radios in the LCR after that, as the UCR did not want it.

Thursday, 6 May 1965 KCT
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No mail again today - has Sue forsaken me as well? I hope not. More butter in breakfast, and Cookson had some vintage marmalade as well.

After breakfast, did little until assembly. Must reinstate a music practice at that time.

After assembly, Deutſch, and we had a Diktat, and I discovered my pen had come off the top, and was clogged to buggery, but by the end of the period had it going again.

After that, maths. I am not too sure I like these combinations, permutations and things.

Divvers - the new chaplain is a jolly fellow. A little more lively than Daddy Death, to say the least.

After break, chemistry, and the FeSO₄.(NH₄)₂SO₄ which I made the day before yesterday had sedimented. Titrated it notwithstanding. Spent most of the following study period in the Meynell common room talking to Atkinson.

After lunch, wind band practice, and Ruscoe told me of his intention to leave, as he had too much work to do - that suits me fine. I hope Mr. Ravenor lets him leave - that would really please me.

After wind band practice, late into maths. So was So, who apparently overslept. First time Jimmy Edwards heard that excuse.

After that, English, and we had to do some bookwork for the Weed's tea party tomorrow, and then Boris gave us a book of short stories to read and emulate.

Also showed us a Voice Improvement Programme ad, and tore it to bits.

After that, tea, and spent it in the library writing up my diary. Little time left for that, so went and changed for pioneers, after leaving Atkinson to ponder over whether a Super Takumar or a cheap macro lens would be better for macro photography. I reckon the Takumar would be better.

Depends on the Takumar, of course. Nowadays I'd choose a cheap macro over the 50 mm f/1.4 Super Takumar

Did excessively little in pioneers - it is becoming a way of life.

Did little in prep - read New Scientist and Short Stories, and forgot music. TDH changed it to Monday - 1615 - 1800 hrs.

Friday, 7 May 1965 KCT
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My raincoat arrived this morning in a badly wrapped parcel from the Queens Hotel in Newton Abbot, and also a letter from Mum with an extra £5 for this term - I am almost having money forced down my neck. It will be useful for my Pentax, anyway. I hope I will be able to keep most of it. It could still be useful.

After breakfast, cleared all my food out of my drawer, as Matron had found it and is complaining.

This must have been in the dormitory.

History first, and a lot more tlaing about Italy, and we took some notes, and were promised a test on Tuesday.

After that, a bit of a talk about differences between Fascism and public school life.

After that, spent study period talking to Atkinson, etc.

Then chemistry, and I had to make up some N/10 Oxalic acid and to titrate it with KMnO₄, and had a hell of a lot of trouble with my burette. Finished eventually.

Proof by induction in maths, and just about on to the binomial theorem.

After lunch, fortunately no orchestra practice, and so I could get on with my diary, and then down to find Atkinson and Hallett, and started talking about micro copying with micro negative films and developing in Rodinal. It should be fun - if it is practicable - and it seems to be.

English, and spoke mainly about the short stories. Boris wants us not just read them, but to study them, which I suppose is reasonable, although a bind.

Study period in Deutſch - Skiv gave no reason therefor. Spent it reading the Wallace Heaton Blue book.

Then hung round looking for Mr. Fawcett, and an old lady visited as well, but he did not turn up, aso along to pioneers. There did very little - knocked off early and up to the science library to see Atkinson, and discovered the surface tension of water - much lower than I expected.

Then Benjy's night for Mr. Pentneys début here - rather strained, but he got the Front Hall looking like a garden.

Standup (why don't they say buffet) supper, and very nearly a stand-up prep, but we found some chairs.

Saturday, 8 May 1965 KCT
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I am beginning to wonder if Sue got my letter - the P.O. might have taken it for its face value and thought it blackmail,

It was written in white ink on black paper.

or something equally stupid. I shall write to her again in a more conventional manner on Monday - or perhaps tomorrow.

Double woodwork, and got down to the lens board of the enlarger, and broke 2 fretsaw blades in the process, and could not find any more. As a result, packed up and started considering the lamphouse. I wonder if we could afford condensers.

Chemistry. Cloddie on to H₂O₂ now.

In break, looking through various price lists - moulded condensers (4½" [11 cm]) going for 6/9 each. Also a 36" [900 mm] f/6.3 lens only £17·10·0!

Physics - Pad blew his top twice - Mr. Hessey thinks it is all Lennox's fault.

Maths, and the proof of the binomial theorem. Beautifully simple.

Up to the careers room after lunch, to write up my diary, and then down, found that the pioneers were to watch the cricket match, and then to find Atkinson and Hallett, retired to the front hall, and examined Marston and Heards price lists until the end of rest, and out into the rather inclement weather to watch the match, and spoke to Atkinson about the Pentax.

Before long, the match was cancelled owing to bad weather. Accordingly, along to the darkroom with lots of equipment, and settled down to develop Cheung iiis Neopan SS - first time I have developed a japanese film successfully - but then, we were doomed to failure with the Fujicolor. Left Hallett outside to agitate the tank, and loaded the rest of the Kodak 30 into cassettes. I wil get 10 ft of Pan F from Hallett when he gets it.

After roll call, unwrapped the paper he got this morning and discovered it was in fact Kodak and not Delop [?], and distributed it.

Did a couple of prints for Evans HJ, but they were lousy negs.

After supper, got moving on printing some of the stuff we did last term. Good paper! Started the coffee as well - goes nicely.

Coffee was restricted in some way; normally we couldn't get any, but of course we had all we needed to make instant coffee in the darkroom.

Sunday, 9 May 1965 KCT
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Up at 0715 this morning, and straight into the darkroom, and before long entered Hallett and Atkinson in that order, but did little before breakfast apart from put things in the dryer.

After breakfast, up, and got moving, but before long enter Gundry, and claims it is his booking, so we left him to it, but he did not get very far, without our private luxuries such as a safelight, and enlarger bulb and developer etc. Retired to the wireless club, and spoke there until time for chapel.

After chapel, which was pretty boring, up to the darkroom. Met Gundry coming down, completely disheartened, but we managed to get things going, and Hallett decided to do about 25 prints, and so on with the mass production business, and eventually managed to do it. Then tidied up and adjourned until Wednesday.

After lunch, went up and stopped the time, and put the last couple of things away, and then went down to the Wireless club, where we spent a few minutes talking until Cox came along, and went and called Jacob, who kicked Hallett out, and also asked Atkinson not to come back until he was made a member.

Out then up to the careers room, wrote up my diary, and set off for a walk. After a while, we sat sown and spent the rest of the time looking at developer formulae.

Then listened to a play on the radio which was just about the exact sound track of the Caine Mutiny, which we heard last term.

Back again, and looked through Cookson's piles of Amateur Photographers to see what I could find out about other S.L.Rs, which turned out not to be much.

After roll call, down on the bottom fields talking about long focus mirrors, etc, such as the Canon 5200 mm lens. That should be quite large.

Then to the front hall, read photo news for a while, and then up to the careers room to write a letter to Mum, and after supper, chapel, evensong without a sermon, which was still too long.

Monday, 10 May 1965 KCT
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Letter from Dad today - quite interesting. He is joining the KL flying club, and reckons to be able to afford a 2 or 3 seater plane in about 12 to 18 months time.

Little happened after breakfast, but found my bromide [photographic] paper which I thought I had lost.

Up after assembly to tidy up the darkroom for whoever forgot to do it last night.

Then got some books from the chemistry labs, and then down to read it. Also helped whoever the german fellow in our house is to work out some history essay. Then studied malay verb formation for the rest of the double period.

Then physics, and we had to compare the resistance of two resistors with a potentiometer, and spent a good 10 minutes doing the actual experiment. Best results we have ever had.

After lunch, as there were few people in the common room, I did not bother to go upstairs, but wrote up my diary in the common room, and then added a bit to my letter to Mum, put it in a new envelope, and posted it.

Then down to the ‘Q’ stores, where we did little, and it appears that we are shortly to have a change of staff - God knows what will happen to me, but I shall probably have to confront Mansell, and I will get my bronze beret at the end of this term with any luck. Did a bit of messing round and dressing up in various uniform which lies about in this place, and were caught in the act by Shitters, who took rather a dim view of it all.

After that, up to the careers room to write a letter to Dad in reply to his of this morning, and this took me al of tea and quite a bit of 6th period as well, and down to the Wireless club after that, but did little other than look at various A.P.'s

Then over to Stoneleigh for extra music, and TDH came over very tired, and set down to fix up our clarinet timetable, and then on to work. Gave me permission to use the room 26 gramophone, which was kind of him.

Did little in prep, but read quite a few short stories. They are not bad.

Tuesday, 11 May 1965 KCT
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Electronics Australia” and Straits Budget arrived today. Why is the latter so late lately? I must make enquiries into this.

After breakfast, was assailed by various people, who wanted films developed, printed, etc, and so on. Caught Atkinson, and decided that we would have to institute standard charges, etc.

Double chemistry first, and Clod decided that I had done enough weighing out, and let Perkins weigh it out - it took him about ½ an hour to do it. Titrated H₂O₂ against KMnO₄, and did not take long. Quite a warm day, so I took advantage of shirtsleeve order being proclaimed yesterday, and took off blazer and tie.

Then history, and we had a test. I did not do very well, to say the least.

After break, had maths, and we had some more binomial stuff, including one series that summed up to e. Then Deutſch, and we had a test. Did not do too well.

After writing up my diary after lunch, had little to do, down to see if room 26 was empty, but alas! 'twas not, and so back and saw Mr White, and discovered he had given the Kodak 30 to the local mob to develop, which is rather a nuisance.

Then saw Atkinson, and got him to go and complain to the committee about the condition of the darkroom, and he came out to tell me that they were shortly resigning. Useful.

Then double physics with Pad, and, thank God, we are off magnetism. Still, I had better do a bit more revision if I want to get my 'A' and 'S' levels.

Record in keeping us in late at the end - he did not let us out until 1513, and the period ended at 1500hrs.

Then to the tuck shop, bought some food, and then after a while in to see Mr. White. Played his flute for a while, and then we spoke about photography. He wants to go in for picture post cards with his Canon Demi. I am a little dubious. Also a little worried about loading it, and so I got another Kodak 30 and had a go at loading it myself, and also had a look at his electronic flash, and worked out some guide numbers for him.

Did little in prep - am getting on with the short stories.

Wednesday, 12 May 1965 KCT
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Another letter from Dad this morning, also apparently in reply to my note at the end of the holidays. Also from Pullin [?] Photographic the literature about the Nikon F, which is quite a nice camera, though not as good as I had thought. I think that the Asahi Pentax is probably a better buy.

Maths first, and we did not do much, but on with logarithms, etc. At least I understand all this stuff.

After that, in to get some music, and discovered Gilly without a pupil, so started at 0850, and went on solid to 1000 hrs - quite a long lesson all told. She has got me a new, more advanced book, which is quite interesting.

Deutſch, and we had a comprehension pièce. I reckon that, as a form, we did quite well.

Then PE on the bottom fields, and most people were trying for standards. Did little.

No choir practice after lunch - a notice went up by Lewis saying that he would not be doing any work.

As a result, hung round the common room for some time, talking to Cookson and trying to punch holes in my Nikon catalogues, before I even went up to fill up my diary, and as a result did not finish that until 1230.

Then down to room 26, and put on the first side of Semele, which was quite interesting, were it not for the fact that there was so much extra-syllabar stuff there.

After that, decided that I would like once again to hear the Händel Opus 1 Blockflötensonaten, and by the time I had head that, it was 1430, and so along to the common room, but was waylaid by Phillips about the standards question.

During tea, which I am making a habit of missing - it is not much fun unless preceeded by pioneers - got the stuff up in the darkroom and prepared for after roll call, when I loaded 4 films, and set to developing. The only snag was that I had forgotten to put any Promicrol in one, with the result that a VP 828 came out absolutely blank. Most annoying, and rather injurious to my reputation.

Harris wants to make me darkroom member of photo soc. com [committee].

Thursday, 13 May 1965 KCT
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Letter from the Queens Hotel Newton Abbot this morning with a P.O. for 5/3d, which, at any rate, is honest enough - apart from the fact that they have deducted the poundage.

After breakfast, would have liked to go down to room 26, but had no time.

Deutſch, and Skiv had some scholarship french papers to do, and so gave us a prose, which was not all that much fun, but at any rate I got to the end of it.

Then maths, and we had some fun with logarithms. There is more to them than meets the eye.

Then Divvers, with Dead Daddy, as I propose to call him. Rather amusing, but a little more down to earth.

Chemistry after break, and Clod had set us a test in order that he could watch the cricket - rather nasty.

Then a study period, and got down to learning some malay vocab - boy, am I weak!

After lunch, no photographic society meeting, owing to the number of others going on at that time, and so I turned up for wind band, and noticed with disappointment that Ruscoe has not yet resigned, and does not appear to be going to.

Then maths, and once again was late, and this time Jimmy threatened me with a drill. He gave one to So 5 minutes later for the same reasons.

Differentiating logarithms after that, and got some very interesting and rather unusual results.

Then english, and Boris gave us a 400 - 500 word essay to write while he watched the cricket match. Helps to write as much as I do in this diary every day - was finished long before the others - I must write about 400 pages [sic] a day in this book.

Then during tea looking for Drax to tell him I wanted to do standards, and finally we found him. Quite a few of us are standardising now.

Changed and down to try the shot - had my regulation 3 tries, and got nothing. Went over to try the 440 [yards, i.e. 400 m], just about killed myself on it, and missed by 6 seconds.

Gave up after that.

No prep again.

Friday, 14 May 1965 KCT
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Photo news weekly arrived today, 2 days late. Also a letter, and a couple of negatives from Mr. White, and with a request for blow ups to full plate or larger - will try an 8×10 [inches, i.e. 20×25 cm], but 'twill be a bit dicey.

According to this page, full plate was 6½" x 8½" or 16.5 x 21.6 cm.

After breakfast, had a bit of a sore throat, so went over to the san and told nurse. She promptly shoved a thermometer in my mouth, took it out 5 minutes later to find I was about 3° F [1.7° C] under, gave me a gargle, and then told me to go into the waiting room.

God knows what I was meant to be waiting for, unless it was lunch, but there was absolutely nothing I could do apart from read everything in Photo News Weekly twice, and look at Mr. White's negatives, and talk to Stroude, who was undergoing a similar indent [?].

Finally was let out just in time for lunch.

After lunch, over again for a gargle, and then back and up to write up my diary, and down again and wrote a letter to Sue - I do not think that my last one could have got there.

Then english, and Boris had not even looked at the essays, which, perhaps, was just as well, for he surely would not have had time to get over it. Instead, however, he told us to read a couple of short stories, which I had already done, and so I finished off the only remaining one in the book. Had little time to talk about it before the end of the period.

Then Deutſch, and Skiv still had to correct more scholarship papers, so he told Morgan and Smith to get on with Die Judenbeule [?], and left Kenny and me to our own resources.

It looks as if there were really only 4 boys in the class.

Then tea, and I forgot my faggot lesson, which was rather unfortunate.

Especially for Mr. Fawcett, who came specially just for me.

Sat in the common room doing little, and carried on well into games time, for today was a free day (just as well - I could not have faced another bout of standards).

Then, at about 1630, put away popular photography, and decided to tidy out my scob, and found quite a few things, including about 4 old films of mine, which I proceeded to put into my Minidex, but found another one in the Wireless Club, which, together with an HP3-20, rather overloaded my resources. Must get some more leaves.

Read Somerset Maugham in prep.

Saturday, 15 May 1965 KCT
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Straits Budget arrived this morning - at least it is not as late as it has been recently.

After breakfast, found a possibly buyer for my camera in Randall, and am just wondering whether he would want to buy all the accessories with it, such as flash, tele lens, etc - it all depends on what replies I get from Exchange and Mart.

Then double woodwork, and further work on the lens panel, but did not get very far, and discovered that the lens will not fit onto a panel that thick - will have to think of something.

After that chemistry, and it appears that Clod is away - we had Mr. Caffrey taking us. I don't think he likes me much.

After break, physics, and Pad was away - Jacob took us, and Lennox and I spoke abundantly.

Maths, and Jimmy was there, and on with the notes, and some most interesting facts emerged.

After lunch, got some money out of house bank, and then to find Atkinson, who was watching some masters playing croquet. This was too good to miss, so I got out my camera, and took some photos. Atkinson did likewise.

Then down to change, and to the games fields, and flatly refused to try for any standards, but instead watched the many tests that were going on.

Then up again - time goes pretty quickly if one is not doing much - and then into tea - for once I felt like it.

After roll call, along to the wireless club, and there Newbury turned up and offered for printing an SP127 which I developed on Wednesday.

After that, up to the darkroom, and found Jacob and Reis C.S. developing a film. While I was in there, in walked Atkinson with my Rodinal, but no negative wallets - they were on order.

Down to pretend to watch the cricket match, and instead read about Rodinal.

Did one hell of a lot of prints in 2nd prep, apart from developing a Kodak 30 in Rodinal - came out very acceptably.

Sunday, 16 May 1965 KCT
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Woken up about 0500 hrs this morning by Green having an attack of asthma, and in the end had to go and get his inhaler from the common room, but new building was locked, and had to get the key from the Head Porter. Meanwhile, however, Bott had got through the window and got it.

Back into bed, and nearly overslept. However, up and in to the darkroom. Changed the prints in the dryer, and then into breakfast. After breakfast, up again, and Gundry was about as well, and dried several more prints, and also made some.

Then chapel, which was not much different from usual, although we had a sermon, and then up again, and on flat out with the prints, and had a bit of fun with several very thin, flat negs. The amount of wasted paper was quite pitiful.

After that, just as I was having a cup of coffee, along came Jacob, and took away the bookings book to complain to Pad about Gundry double-booking. Bastard.

After lunch up again to the darkroom, but only for a short time, and left Atkinson and Hallett doing some prints up there while I wrote up my diary.

After that, up again, and made up some KMnO₄ solution, ad the other stuff has almost completely decomposed. Meanwhile, Hallett on with his prints. Then wrote up all the films I have developed to date in my darkroom notebook, and then out for a walk, and we went to the same place as last week. On the way, Atkinson got a photo of me bowing down and worshipping a cross to prevent bikes going up a footpath.

Back, put up an aerial outside the wireless club, and then we were allowed in, and tried once again to make reversal prints from Ektachrome, without much success.

Then roll call, and we were discussing what price we should sell out paper at.

After that, made a couple of prints, and then decided to make some large sectional blow-ups, and compare grain. Did about 10 of them. Then decided to clear up, and in general tidy up, in order that Pad should have no leg to stand on, and left the place absolutely spotless.

After supper, Phillips [? Looks like Philippe, but that doesn't fit] had a fit, and the whole school had to wait outside the main building. Rumours by the hundred.

Monday, 17 May 1965 KCT
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Letter from Sue this morning - I could have guessed as much. Still nothing from Mum, though.

After breakfast, got all my clothes and took them down to be dry cleaned, and only just made it before assembly.

Double study, and almost immediately entered Lennox to tell me that he wanted my book. Drew a diagram in it, and in walks Hallett to tell me that the whole plate paper had come - also Pan F.

Back to the common room, and read Somerset Maugham until end of 2nd period - quite good stories toward the end of book 4, and I hope they continue.

Then physics, and we were given the diode to do, and had it completely set up before break.

After break, sat round until 1155 before Pad came round to check our circuit. No time to do it.

After lunch, up to the careers room to write up my diary, and then down again to the common room, and hung round, wasting my time and looking at Pentax advertisments until it was time to go down to the Q stores.

When I entered the Q stores, I noticed one hell of a pile of denims in a corner, which we were apparently supposed to fold. I spent many devious methods, but little got me out of it until the changing room raiders came back with their booty, and then I sat down and got down to doing some fines.

Then put up the list, and knocked off early, and into the common room.

Into tea, for once, but did not stay for long, and shortly up to the careers room to write a letter to Sue, which took me a good ½ hour, and then down yet again to the common room, and to the wireless club to try to pick up radio London, but with little success.

Then over to Stoneleigh and had some aural tests, and then listened to the Franck symphony, and while we were at it, TDH went to sleep. He must be working terribly late. I wonder what really goes on.

In prep, did little, and discovered we had some history to do, and copied Hallett's notes.

Tuesday, 18 May 1965 KCT
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No mail, which rather annoyed me, as I was feeling more than a little depressed.

Then, after breakfast, spent my time reading „Scala“ (in Deutſch) in the common room.

Chemistry first, and did little until Clod came in and spoke about estimating the purity of iron in various samples thereof.

Accordingly, the backbenchers (of whom, since Saturday, I have been one),

I think this means the rearmost of the three rows of benches in the laboratory. It's not clear why I was there, since we were arranged alphabetically (thus my cooperation with Malcolm Lennox when we were paired). But previously we had been at the end of the middle row, so possibly the composition of the class had changed.

were given a sample of iron filings to prove, and I have never seen more mess than iron filings make when dissolved in H₂SO₄. To crown it all we had to filter through glass wool, but we only had asbestos, and that did not exactly work. Will have to try tomorrow again.

History was not up to much - Nazi party, Hitler, etc.

After break, maths, and on with the integrals of logs, etc. I quite like this.

Deutſch - corrected our proses.

After lunch, along to see Mr White and give him his photos, but he was not there, and there was a notice in his typewriter saying that he would not be here today, and so in disgust I retired to the common room, and did a bit off reading, and found my physics book, which has been absent for the past couple of weeks.

Then physics with Pad, and on about electric currents, Kirchhoff's laws, etc - only we were not supposed to know them. Then he decided that it was about time we did some calculations, as we had not done any for a least a week.

Once again, the bell did not go until [?] the end of the period, but this time, Pad was more on the ball, and we were only 2 minutes late this time.

Then into tea, and thence down for standards, and it was a terribly cold day. Although the sun was shining, there was a terribly cold wind, and we were all freezing. Did not try for any standards - spent all my time trying to keep warm.

After that, went and changed, and then along to the wireless club, where shortly arrived Nedham, and showed me some valves he though [sic] were faulty. I did not.

Little to do in prep.

Wednesday, 19 May 1965 KCT
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Photo News weekly arrived on time today, and also a letter from Mum written in Hamburg.

Quite a few questions to ask - must reply soon.

After breakfast, stayed into dormitory almost until the assembly bell went, and then quickly down to get my books.

Maths, and a test, in which I did not too badly, although I could have done much better had I put my mind thereto. After that, piano lesson, and on with the 2nd movement of the Clementi sonata, which was not too bad. God knows how I got to the end of it, though.

Then sat in a music room and considered what accessories would be useful for my Pentax, in reply to a query by Mum.

After break, Skiv had a nose bleed, and so we had to have a study period.

P.E. was not much fun - did little myself.

Saw Harris after lunch about buying a safelight, then paid my linen room fine, and to choir practice, which went on rather late.

After choir practice, Atkinson found me, and I got some stuff, and to the chemistry labs, where we got down to making the apparatus up, and then, while it was dissolving, I wrote up my diary and also wrote to Mum, in the hope that she will get my letter before she leaves Hamburg. That took quite a long time, and what with all our messing round drawing glass fibres, it was about 1450 before we left the labs.

Did not go into tea, but messed around in the wireless club for a while, etc, and shortly back to filter the mess, and then roll call.

Met Harris after roll call, and down to Grays and there saw a couple of safelights, but the fellow recommended that I bought some filters and built a safelight round them, and accordingly bought Wratten 8×10 [inch, i.e. 20×25 cm] filters OB (paper) and 3 (pan).

The OB was yellow, and relatively bright. No red safelights any more, not even in those days. It seems that the modern version (in 2022) is the OC. Here's an overview of current filters in 2022.

Also bought some Cabrol [?], an enlarging bulb, and a 15W pygmy bulb. Then to the darkroom to work it all out. Hope we have the safelight finished by Saturday.

Thursday, 20 May 1965 KCT
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No mail again - I wonder if Sue has heard from me. I wonder if she thinks I am not worth the extra 1d.

This must have been after an increase in postage price, maybe from 3d to 4d.

After breakfast, put my negatives into the new section of my Minidex. At any rate, all my films are now in the same folder.

Deutſch first, and Skiv thought it well to give us some notes on adjectives, and did, and then gave us some sentences on it.

Then maths, and on, ever on, and we are back to partial fractions and the cover-up method, which we should have learnt last term.

Then divvers - I got my question about fasting in lent into his 2nd [?] list.

Chemistry afterwards, and we titrated our FeSO₄, and got a remarkably high purity for the iron of 99.25%. I don't get it. It looked filthy.

After lunch, no phot. soc. meeting - that is tomorrow - but wind band practice, and on with Oklahoma. I managed to get to maths on time by bringing my books with me down to room 28.

Maths, and on, and did little, but took a couple of notes, and did a few rather tricky integrals.

Then english, and we got our essays of last week back. Got 22 out of 30. Spent most of the period discussing it.

After that, tea, but did not turn up, and wrote up my diary, and also got my minidex in order. I now have all my 35 mm negs in there.

No standards, and I did not turn up to watch the heats until the last minute, and found quite a few potential customers for film developing - in fact, was even given a VP126 to be developed. Wonder what they chances are that it is fogged - 'twas quite a bright day.

Then up again, and loaded an HP3-116 with the backing paper I got from Grays yesterday. That makes 2 spares I have now.

Did quite a bit of work in prep, although on with the inevitable Somerset Maugham.

Friday, 21 May 1965 KCT
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Popular Photography arrived this morning, and, at first glance at any rate, it appears that it is a rather boring issue - I may, however, be wrong.

Matron was complaining about my shirt, and told me to come back this afternoon for another.

History, and on with Hitler. TGW had some thing so say about what happened in commons yesterday - must read my paper more often.

It's nice to be able to draw up the proceedings nowadays (2017), but I don't see anything of great interest there.

Did some physics in prep, although not much, and then along to Chemistry, in which Clod wanted us to do a dichromate titration, and so we got all ready for it. I think it is all rather pointless myself.

Carried on after break, and, not surprisingly, got some quite large discrepancies. External indicators are a work of the devil.

Maths, and did little, but understood last nights prep, at any rate. Phot. soc. meeting after lunch, and, as Harris had promised, was elected darkroom member. By God, there will be some changes for the better in that place.

Then some Elizabethan music (consort stuff, written out by Chivers) in room 26, and on until 1330, at which time I had to go over to Stoneleigh for a flute lesson, and at the same time called a truce with Mrs Mills, and got something constructive done at the same time.

The lesson took 1¼ hours, however, and I did not get into German until nearly the end of it, and Skiv was just a little annoyed.

After that to look for Mr. Fawcett, and sat down in room 26 and listened to the Bach Magnificat until 1530, but he did not turn up. Down to the bottom fields, but discovered there were no heats, so used my privelige as a music exhibitioner of doing a music practice in games time, and carried on thus until 1620, and then into the common room and wrote out the darkroom bookings for the rest of term, and also the amended rules as from today.

It seems that I decreed these rules therewith.

Took the copy of the book up to the darkroom, and then up to the geography room to write up my diary.

Politics lecture in 2nd prep - not at all bad.

Saturday, 22 May 1965 KCT
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Sports day

Letter (or at least, postcard) from Mum this morning, and it appears she left Hamburg before she could possibly have got my last letter, which was rather a nuisance, but there is little that can now be done about it.

After breakfast, got the cord and socket for the safelight, as well as a 10×8 [inch, 20×25 cm] print, and also measured the thickness of the filter, and then after assembly down to the woodwork shop and got moving. Was fighting a losing battle, however, and had got only just over half way by 0930 hrs.

Chemistry, and Clod insisted that we fiddle the answers. A man after my own heart.

After break, physics, and Pad went though a couple of our examples, but nothing I did not already know.

Maths, and on with standard integrals and differentials. Quite interesting.

After lunch, wrote up my diary, and then out to attend on the car park, which somebody had made a mess of, and before we knew where we were, the whole thing was all over the shop. Went into the tuck shop, bought a scarf, and then down to the bottom fields to have a go at taking photos of the various events which were taking place. The weather was terrible, and not exactly suited to Verichrome Pan, not even at 250 ASA.

By the time we got to the shot, I had finished the first film, and loaded up with HP3 at 1250 ASA, which gave considerably better depth of field, although could not go higher than 1/250th second with my Compur.

... because that was its highest speed.

After that, prize giving, and then up to the darkroom to get moving with the 10 films we had to develop, and did the VP116, HP3 116, VP 127 and VP 126, and had quite a bit of fun agitating. Then tried to load the next lot, but the prep bell went after only 2 were in, and had to come back after.

Checked before chapel, and discovered we had had a flood, but could do little.

Did the other 6 after supper, despite Halletts complaints. That really must be a record.

Sunday, 23 May 1965 KCT
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Overslept - or at any rate did not wake up on time - this morning - and by the time I got into the darkroom, Atkinson was already there and tidying up

After breakfast, had a splitting headache, but Saridon had no effect. Quite a few people in the darkroom, as well. Cut up a lot of the film, and then along to the common room to put most of the stuff away, and all that remained were the tanks.

Then chapel, which must also go down as a record - 80 minutes, and it really dragged, as well. At least I got rid of my headache by the end of that time.

After that, up to the darkroom to get my tank and measure [?] down, put them away, and then to the woodwork shop to carry on with the safelight, and went on until lunchtime, and did quite a bit of work. It is nearly finished now.

After lunch, went to write up my diary, and then along to the woodwork shop again, where Atkinson was carrying on with it, and we got going on the grooves in the front, and did it quite quickly and efficiently, and we were finished with it before 1330 hrs, which we considered quite good going.

Then for a cycle ride, and I discovered that some bastard had pinched my saddle bag, light, and pump, and heartily cursed. Atkinson had quite a bit of trouble with his pedal, and had to put a new part [?] into it, but eventually we got moving, and round the stoke way, and pretty hilly it was too.

Eventually we got back, and up to the darkroom to test it [the safelight], and it came through very well, although there still are some light leaks which a bit of Sellotape-X should fix up.

Sellotape-X was thick and opaque, something like a precursor of duct tape.

After tea, was not feeling too well, and sat for quite a time in the front hall reading “Punch”, and then up to see if the Cheungs were in fact double booking, and then got 25 W bulb for the safelight for use with the Pan filter.

Then to room 26, and listened to Bach for about an hour.

Choral recital after chapel - hardly anybody turned up.

Monday, 24 May 1965 KCT
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Woke up very late today, and subsequently late into breakfast, where Jones had my mail for me - apart from my paper, also QST and a letter from Sue, and quite pleasant too. Must go up to St. Auds on Whitsunday - if I will be able to see her.

Double study after assembly, and I was feeling dead to the world, but Bott came along and tried to make me work. Had a go at some music, but do not get it. Will have to ask TDH about it. Then revised a bit of malay grammar, but Bott did not like that. When I actually dared to look at a biology book, he threatened to punish me. He is doing his best.

Then triple physics, and we got going on the diode right away, and then had it checked by Mr. Morfey while he was still there. V.S.M. in break, and it seems that I got my dates mixed up - should be next week. Nurse was not too pleased.

No idea what this was.

Then did our experiment, and Pad wants us to have a go with a triode connected EF91 next week.

After lunch, wrote up my diary, and then at a loose end in the common room - I must find some activity which will keep me occupied when I have the odd 5 or 10 minutes.

Then down to the Q stores, which were in one hell of a mess, and I was immediately told by Tebbot to go and tidy up all the boots. The fact that I was feeling downright unwell did not help me, but I just about got it finished, and then Tebott inspected it, and decided it was not good enough, and I lost my temper, but eventually all was OK, and then in walks a general or something to find out how the Q stores work.

Finally got off, and to the linen room to get my coat button sewn on, and there me Harris and got the glass to the enlarger, and when I took it up found Jacob there. I am not at all sure this is ethical.

Then into tea, and subsequently up to the careers room to write to Sue, and wrote at rather greater length than usual, and then over to Stoneleigh, where I found a great deal of my clarinet music, but not TDH, went back to the school, discovered him examining the missing clarinets, and then over again.

No prep worth doing.

Tuesday, 25 May 1965 KCT
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God! I must really need a good long sleep - I have been almost asleep on my feet since sports day. No mail, which gave me a chance to find out what was going on in the world. The Malaysia situation is not at all pleasant.

Did a bit of practice on a Händel sonate after breakfast, and then double chemistry, and Clod came in and started talking at great length on such things as optical activity, etc., and went into all the details of the wave theory of light (why not the quantum theory?), and dragged a lot of Iceland spar out to show how a Nicol prism worked.

Then history - spent the period writing notes.

After a very wet break which I spent playing the Mozart clarinet concerto on the wrong clarinet, maths, and spent all my time trying to work out one integral, but in vain.

Then Deutſch, and reproduced what we had on Friday.

After lunch, took the prints into Mr. White, and then up to write my diary up. Then over to see Shitters about Cambridge entry, and had quite a long talk with him until the end of rest.

Then double physics with Pad, and we are now on to electrical measurements, and we had quite a bit of fun looking at an old type of centre-zero galvo that they used to use here for a null point determination.

Quite a few other things, and by one way and another we got to the end of the period without getting very much accomplished.

After that, tea, and had to help Gundry take some stuff up to the darkroom, as he wanted to do some printing.

After that, clarinet lesson, and discovered that one of the Weber concertinos and the Mozart concerto was not mine, but Pearces. Pity about the Mozart.

Then some music practice with Tyson, who is rather put out by the few people playing the recorder here. Told me to keep an eye out for a likely looking little boy in the 3rd form.

Then to see Shitters about Cambridge again. He reckons I should go to Gonville and Caius college, and gave me a specimen first letter.

Until I copied this, I recalled that Mr Padfield had wanted me to go there, his alma mater.

Wednesday, 26 May 1965 KCT
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Overslept once again - we are really in for the long jump now. When I came in, Akhavan had my paper, for which I cursed him heartily - it is not worth touching now.

This was clearly influenced by “The Outstation” by Somerset Maugham, which I had been reading. It relates to the incident with the newspapers on page 15.

After breakfast, thanks again to Akhavan, I broke the handle to my bag, and so had to carry all my books. Must araldite it together or something.

Maths test, and did neither well nor badly. I must not panic so much in a test. Ah well 'Tis past now. Then piano, and on with Clementi sonates, and then into the common room to write a letter to the senior Tutor of Gonville and Caius college.

After break, in which I spoke to Paul Callow, who intends to go to Caius the year after me.

Deutſch, did little, and eventually Skiv decided to give us a prose.

Softball and Rounders in P.E. - pretty boring.

After lunch, got out 37/6 for the paper, and then along to choir practice. We are going to do an anthem which Newman has composed - I do not think much of it myself, but I daresay some people will.

Then into the common room, wrote up my diary, and took the draft of my letter to Caius college up for Shitters to inspect, and then wrote the actual letter.

Then wrote to the mob for paper, and finished off writing to Jan, and about time it is, too. I wonder if I will ever see her - or, for that matter, Sue - again.

After that hung round for a while until it was time to go into tea, which I have been frequenting lately. Perhaps it is just as well that I do not go into too deep a relationship with Atkinson and Hallett.

After roll call, first to the library, and got a few books out; thence to the Dragon book shop, and there stayed no time -was far too crowded.

Then got P.O, sent off for the lot, and down to Grays, looked at some books, bought some Sellotape X (64 ASA)

This was a play on the newer Kodak colour films like Kodachrome X and Ektachrome X, advertised as “New, faster - 64 ASA”.

at Smiths, and also AP - report on Spotmatic.

Subscription concert. Not bad.

Thursday, 27 May 1965 KCT
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They have got Austin [?] to wake us up, but today every bell woke me up anyway. It is always like that.

After breakfast, today being Ascension day, we had a service, together with the usual TDH favourite “Hail thee festival day”. Rather jubilant atmosphere generally.

Thus we got rid of the first period, german, and thus straight to maths, and I was rather hoping we would get on to some more algebra, but instead we integrated functions of functions - something I also wanted to know about.

Divvers is getting boring - I shall have to do a study period next week.

After break, chemistry, and Clod seems to be on to optional activity, etc. I do not mind.

Study period, and considered 5½" [139.7 mm, effectively 4×35mm] film. Could be very useful.

After lunch, wind band practice, and Ruscoe was not there. I wonder if he intends to turn up again. In any case, I had to play the solo clarinet part on my own, and quite enjoyed it too.

After that, maths, and on with the integrals, and had quite a bit of fun working it out, and between Lennox and myself we got quite a bit of work done.

After that, english, and Boris told us quite a few of his ideas for a short story, none of which I thought particularly amusing. Shall probably take an idea from Somerset Maugham.

After that, had tea, which was a faux pas, as I had not yet written up my diary. Then turned up for pioneers, but had to go for music with TDH, and so left early and did my diary first.

Then over to Stoneleigh, and Bernard Newman was over there trying to get an organ Scholarship to Oxford or Cambridge.

Decided on the latter, and he may - in fact, very likely will - get into Caius. I wonder.

It seems that he ended up at the Royal Academy of Music.

Then did some ear tests, at which I hardly excelled, and heard a bit of Semele.

Did little in prep.

Friday, 28 May 1965 KCT
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No mail - not even from the mob I wrote to about Bev's slide mounts. I hope I get the paper tomorrow.

Then, after breakfast, read some stuff of Allens about the Miranda F, etc., and get [sic] another pair of trousers from the linen room.

History first, and I got an unprecedented mark of 14/16 in a test we had. I wonder why.

Then study, and for some reason Bott was not there, so I read further about Miranda. Noted also that Soligor lenses, which are very good, are available for the Pentax. Might get a couple while I am at it.

Then along to chemistry, and Clod seems off volumetric analysis, and wants to do something about stereochemistry. Wrote about 3 pages by the end of the 2nd period.

Then maths, and discussed further what form ∫u dv should take.

After lunch, had hoped to have nothing to do, but TDH wanted me for a practice of the Eont [?] music, so first went up to the careers room to write up my diary, and then down to room 26.

Then english, and got there just in time. I am getting rather fed up of Boris' pseudo-intellectual discussions about literature.

Then Deutſch, and we spent the whole period doing the prose that we did yesterday, and even then did not finish it. Skiv is one of these geniuses at wasting a period and still have facility to do it again the next time. I suppose that it might almost be an asset.

After that, bassoon lesson, and Mr. Fawcett turned up, rather unfortunately. I am rather going off the fagotto.

Finally finished at 1645, and then along to the common room, and sent away for some information about the Exakta and Soligor lenses, with ref to the Pentax.

Saturday, 29 May 1965 KCT
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No paper this morning, which is rather a nuisance, but the slide mounts turned up, and after breakfast, I mounted Bev's slides for her. It will need a pretty bright projector.

Then woodwork, and decided to get down to making a thing for cutting 5½" [140 mm] film into 2 70 mm strips. However, Jimmy James was getting just a little fed up with me using his best cuts of timber up or something,

So far I had tried to build a recorder and an enlarger. The former had clearly been abandoned by this time (I recall that I didn't make the tenons long enough, something that I didn't record in this diary), and it's beginning to look as if I had also shelved the enlarger.

and gave me a crappy piece of wood which, through my own efforts, I managed further to mess up.

After that, chemistry, and we did very little indeed, and were supposed to write up an essay on stereoisomerism - I wish Clod would do his duty to us.

Then physics, and Pad was just as bad, and did not turn up until 1050.

Then maths, and Jimmy was away - Cann took us.

After lunch, into see Macrae, about the Cobol,

Clearly that's wrong, but it's the best I can make of my writing.

and he showed me the photographic society scobs in their study room, and amongst other things it contained a tin to make 2,25 cdms [dm³, in other words litres] of D163, which I siezed on eagerly. Also some other stuff, film, paper, tanks, and literature, etc. Spent all of rest trying to sort it out, without much success

Then pioneers, and back on the wall by the tennis court, putting ashes in front of it. Did not take us long - we knocked off at 1400 hrs, and then I changed, got my diary, and wrote it up under the pretence of watching cricket.

Then up to the darkroom, labelled some bottles, and made up the D163. Also have a ground glass stoppered bottle of for the stock solution. By roll call, had done most of the work, and after that, by special concession, into town, and to the Dragon book shop, and there decided that I would have “A manual of colour photography” as a price for Speech day.

After that, hung round doing various odds and ends until prep.

After supper, up to the darkroom, and there developed 5 films, including a VP-127 dish developed in Unitol.

Sunday, 30 May 1965 KCT
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Did a bit of tidying up before breakfast, but not much. Table clearing took a hell of a long time, and I did not get into the darkroom until 0830, and then we really got down to preparing for after chapel. Brought all we would need up, and then down to chapel. Quite an interesting looking bird in there, but no chin. I wish Benjy would give up the idea of having a sermon in the morning. Today we had the provost.

Did a lot of printing after chapel - or, at any rate, Hallett did, and I developed them. Bernard Hofmeister, one of the Austrians, was there, and we had quite an interesting conversation. Also drank 2,4 litres of coffee, which is the New Scientist rating for intoxication. Not much fun.

Did about 45 prints in all.

After lunch, did a few more, but not many, mainly owing to various troubles that cropped up - could not have done more than 15.

After that, Bernard had to go and see Tyson, and the rest of us went for a walk, I with my diary, to write it up. Bit of a fuss about a rule that we think Harris or Jacob made up about not more than 2 people being allowed in the darkroom at a time. Must see Pad about that.

Then back again, and got down to work, and printed 2 whole films in 40 minutes before roll call - Hallett was not up there, but the rest of us were.

After roll call, up again, did a few more, and then got going on Harris' lot, and finished off all his paper for him, but there were still a couple of photos to do.

Then some of Randalls, and then called it a day and tried to dry them, and to tidy up. In the end, it eventuated that we had done 150.

Music in chapel after chapel - more people turned up.

Monday, 31 May 1965 KCT
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General Inspection

Letters from Bev wanting photos, Dad, and Sue today, as well as the application form for Gonville and Caius. Shall have to see Shitters.

After breakfast, checked up in the darkroom, and then down to the common room to check on “Kodalith” film - I want to use some for line reproduction, etc.

Then double study, the thought of which I could not stand, so I got my recorder, clarinet, and music, and to an outside music room to do some practice, and this I did. That successfully finished off the study periods, and then to the tuck shop, bought some food, and back to ponder about high contrast work.

Then to the wireless club, spoke first with Fred Cookson and then with Jacob and Woolacott, and then to the library, terrified that Mansell might be on my trail.

Saw Shitters about Cambridge immediately before lunch.

After lunch, went to see him, and discovered he was playing croquet, and then was called over to the san for V.S.M., which I had forgotten this morning, and went down immediately.

Still no idea what this meant.

Then turned up at the 'Q' stores, and they did not want me, so I went back to the common room and read a book which I had got out of the library about Cambridge.

Then to write a couple of letters, to Dad explaining my position, and to Sue, and still had time to go to tea at the end of it. Asked Pad if I could load some Pan F in the darkroom, as I had no other B&W film, and wanted to have something on hand for Exeter on Wednesday.

Accordingly to the darkroom immediately, but made the mistake of letting Hallett in, and as a result got into a bit of a mess, and am not too sure he did not fog some of the film.

Then into hobbies prep, and at in the armchair until I was kicked out 5 minutes from the end.

After supper, music, and spent it listening to the first 2 acts of Semele.

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