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November 1965
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Monday, 1 November 1965 London Images for 1 November 1965
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When I woke up this morning, Gui was back - he told me that he arrived at about 0300 hrs. And to think that I slept completely through it.

Then up, had breakfast, and into town with Gui. Looked up and down Oxford St, but as the shops were not yet open, went into a Wimpy Bar and had a cup of coffee until they were.

Saw a test report of the 400 mm Soligor, which is very good indeed, but unfortunately could not get a copy of it.

Then had a look at a wide angle lens at Dixons - the Galaxy 35/3,5, and also the Kopil TTL meter. Interesting.

Westminster Photographic, and had a look at the 35/2 Super Takumar. Very interesting.

Had a look at the MTO 500 at Bennets, which might also prove very useful. The bloke there was eager to see some test reports.

Down to Wallace Heatons, and had a look at a fish-eye Takumar. I wonder how it will come out hand-held at 1/15.

On the way back to Oxford St, saw a bird with Hasselblad 500C. That will make an amusing photo.

Then to try and cash a cheque - they wanted proof of my identity. Walked home to get my passport, and then cashed a cheque and had makan at Praed St. I am getting to know London quite well. Had a look at an MTO 1000 at TOE, but they only had it in Zenith [sic; should be Zenit] fitting, and had a look at it through that.

Saw some Leica III bodies going for round the £10 mark at Marble Arch camera exchange, but the shutters were not flat. Pity. At their other branch, had a look at a Pentax K body - but £45? Could get a Nikon F body for that in Singapore.

This was the first Pentax K, introduced in 1958. It's difficult to find online references due to false positives from the second series of cameras called Pentax K, but this page mentions it briefly.

To Piccadilly photographic then, and had a look at the Kraun [?] 135/2. Fellow says quality varies. Had a lot to say about japanese stuff.

To a couple of other places - had a look at a 105mm STak. Nothing of much interest. At Dixons in Oxford St, came across a bloke buying a Pentax Meter model 1 for his S3 2nd hand - £8. Tested it against mine before buying it. I paid £4··10 new for my model II.

Home and had makan there, and spent the evening talking, mainly to Gui.

Tuesday, 2 November 1965 London → Ascot → Basingstoke → Stonehenge → Taunton (KCT)
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Up again at about 0700 hrs, feeling just about dead, but was partially revived by caffeine in various forms, and after tidying up my mess, bade farewell to Gui and Raymond, and off to Queensway station, and caught a tube to Hammersmith, which took me a hell of a long time, and it was 0830 before I got out. walked about 2 miles, and about ½ hours later got a lift on the approach road to the M4.

Eventually he dropped me somewhere not very distant from Ascot, which was, nevertheless, quite far enough out of town. Eventually a bloke gave me a lift, and it seems that he was not supposed to stop there. He took me as far as Basingstoke, and almost immediately after that I got a lift from another extraordinary bloke, who, it eventuated, knew quite a bit about electronics, and was some sort of an expert on time bases, etc. Had a most interesting conversation with him.

Stopped at Stonehenge, and he had plenty of food and so offered me some. Very kind of him. Also got some photos thereof.

In those days, people had access to the entire monument.
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Diary entry for Monday, 1 November 1965 Complete exposure details


Then on to Taunton, where we arrived at about 1410 - a 5 hours lift. Not at all bad.

According to Google Maps, the journey now takes about 3½ hours by car. So this was, indeed, good time, especially considering the 2 miles walk and the stop at Stonehenge.

Back at school about 15 minutes later, changed my tie (had been wearing Bernie's all the time, and then bought some food, wrote up my diary for yesterday, and then down town for a Wimpy (to which, I suppose, I have become addicted). Also changed my library books, and back again.

Just about to write letter to Lesley of more than usually passionate content, when Mrs. Smith called me over to her house and asked me to fix up her TV for her.

That was the beginning of the end, but anyway, I did my best, which, with this set, was not much, and in return was given a high tea, which really filled me up.

Then back again, wrote my delayed letter to Lesley, and was just about to post it when Donald came along and asked me to fix up his record player for him. That was, at any rate, more straightforward.

Spent most of the evening telling Hal what I did over the break.

Wednesday, 3 November 1965 KCT
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And so back to the routine of school life. Before breakfast, into the wireless club to listen to the early morning radio program. It is one way of spending this time.

Letter from Jennifer after breakfast - all is now apparently ready, and I shall have to get down to doing some printing for them.

PE, and pretty strenuous, but also managed to patch up relations with Ricky (which have been bad for about 2 weeks now).

Then lecture, and Mansell carried on emphasising what a hell of a badly organised place ancient Rome was. Spent it watching the movement of the sun's rays.

In music, once again had a study period. I am getting a bit fed up with the whole thing. This is the 2nd time.

After break, maths, and on with circles, ellipses, and then sundry conic sections. Quite interesting - all about tangents.

Then chemistry, and on with our notes until Clod went out of the room, and then talking to Atkinson, who will give me £12 for my Diaxette and tele lens, filters, etc.

After lunch, choir practice, and it looks as if we are going to be doing compline again. What a bind - but it might mean shorter services.

Then turned up for pioneers (a comparatively unprecedented thing, but so had Drax willed), and by the time I changed, all were coming up. Changed again, and back to the common room.

There wrote up my diary, and spent a bit of time talking to Weeks.

Later found Aston, and spoke to him about getting a camera when his father is in Aden (fairly soon). Suggested a Pentax S1a, although he might not be able to afford it - but he should be able to if prices are anything like in Singapore.

Down town after roll call, and first to Grays to order a Pentax body cap, and then to Smiths, where I looked around for a while, bought some penlights [AAA batteries] at Boots, and then back, and to the wireless club, where had some of Whitmarsh's coffee, and in general did little.

Then to prep, and spent a bit of time after I had finished my maths giving Aston a few alternative cameras to get hold of - it is difficult to know what is best.

Thursday, 4 November 1965 KCT
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And why no letter from Lesley? Surely she can't have forgotten me already? But I seem to remember something about a half term that she was going to have this weekend. Damn. I am obviously not going to hear from her for a while.

After assembly, etc, mechanics, and got our books back from before half term. Did not do too badly, but somehow got the feeling that I could have done better. Still, there it is.

Then study, during which, true to what is now almost a tradition, I spent writing a letter to Lesley. It is rather difficult to concentrate on more mundane matters after last weekend.

Then lecture - again, I could not really concentrate, although I more or less absorbed what Mansell said.

After break, double Pad, which, as I think I must have said after just about every double physics period this term (and God knows there are enough) is deadly. It is really too much to expect anybody to endure.

After lunch, wind band practice, and it seems (or rather, eventuated) that he had given the brass the day off in order to straighten out the woodwind, and that next week we would have the day off, and leave it to the brass to make their own mess.

After that, as there were no music lessons, etc, I decided that it would be just as well if I did turn up for pioneers, and accordingly did so, to discover them laying bricks, and not very well at that. Nothing could be much more amusing than watching Dray and Weeks lay bricks (or rather, attempt to).

Knocked off as usual. The pioneers seem to do only an hour's work a day. This is all very well, as long as it does not result in the cancellation of our Wednesday free day (which, judging by yesterday, could well happen).

Up and to the common room, and there did little but eat and think photographic things.

No faggott lesson, and so, rather than do divvers, into the common room for a study period, which I spent writing up my diary.

Then double maths, and we are, again, on to coördinate geometry. It is all rather odd, and I don't quite get it - Norman and I ill have to argue it out some study period.

Friday, 5 November 1965 KCT
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I hope to God that they have not found out that Lesley has been seeing me. There could be very dire consequences indeed thereto.

Why this consideration? Maybe it was one potential explanation for the lack of communication from Lesley. In fact, her school later proved to be very amenable to having boy visitors.

After breakfast, over to the san for more liquid paraffin and phenolphthalein, and then back to the common room.

It seems that this is what they were treating my piles with. Phenolphthalein was once used as a laxative.

Double chemistry, and we were all expecting to do some argentometric titration or something (or at any rate, nothing) and as a result, it came rather as a shock to us when he told us that he would spring a surprise test on us. It seems that I was not the only one who did not know his organic chemistry notes - at least it means that I am still more or less at the top, even or a rather mediocre mob. Left us to study aniline in 2nd period.

In mechanics, and as if today were predestined, another test, in which I did even worse, although it looks as if I did again comparatively well.

Study period after break, in which I did very little indeed, and rather enjoyed myself. How can one enjoy life if one always worrys? Tid'apa [”doesn't matter”] indeed.

Then physics, and we were given another method of determining g, by using a compound pendulum. At least we might get a little bit closer.

Then orchestra practice, and discovered that we were doing the Schubert andante tomorrow, and as a result I was given a copy of the music.

Then did some stuff on the Pirates of Penzance, and then down to the dentists, stopping on the way to deposit £1 into my bank account.

For the first time in I don't know how long, had to have a filling, but a very minor one - something about an old one gone wrong, etc. Also gave in my NHS no - PYDK64.

Then back to school, wrote up my diary - I am getting a bit behind lately.

Then, after tea, double physics practical, and spent it swinging a compound pendulum about all sorts of unlikely axes, including its centre of gravity, and then Malcolm Lennox came out with g = 8.

Yes, it's 9.8 nowadays, but that's in SI units. In cgs it's 981.

Then prep, and choir practice, which was helped by Hargrave's extra strong mints.

Saturday, 6 November 1965 KCT
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And once again the weekend is here, with the consequent shift towards photography - although darkroom work is losing a lot of its glamour. If only I could give up wanting to have my cake and eat it, it would help me enjoy darkroom work a lot more. But lately, I feel as if it is just so much of a bind. Still, I ought to manage to print all my photos that are worth printing - must get hold of a decent album.

Double maths, and Jimmy sprung us a test, which I thought rather mean of him, especially as I had not done my prep.

Then art, which started very late indeed - people were still rolling up 12 minutes after the bell, and Cocky Locky got a bit narked. Did not get off the first painting until 1100 hrs.

Then, after break, chemistry, in which, as calculated, Clod did not turn up, although we were rather worried that Pen might.

Then a flute lesson, which started late. Only did 20 minutes.

After lunch, had intended to get down to writing up my diary, etc, but got somehow sidetracked. The common room is a den of iniquity. Got permission from Drax to miss Pioneers in order to practice for the music club concert.

After all had gone out for games, tried to get down to writing up my diary, but the cleaners came in, and so out to do some music practice, but there were music scholarships going on in the inside music room, and did not manage to get in for quite some time.

Then finished my practice, and back to the common room, and took a couple of photos with my 105 mm Tessar to prove that the 1 second setting was accurate.

Then tea, after which I had not intended to go into town, but was beset upon by Pearson to get him a 120 film, and so went down, and got him an ORWO - only 2/11d. Will have fun developing it.

Then to the wireless club, had some coffee, and got my 52 working - thought that it was on the blink. I wonder why.

Concert in 2nd prep - did not stay after my stuff.

Sunday, 7 November 1965 KCT
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Sunday again, as I suppose I must have said 150 odd times over the last 3 years that I have been keeping a diary. This pre-breakfast radio program is still going at 0830, I notice. Very useful, and rather a pleasant start to the day.

After breakfast, got ready for the hard slog after chapel, and took up the two films that Allen had given me to develop, and also a lot of film and cassettes to load.

Then chapel, and a much better than average lot of hymns, which I quite enjoyed, and was still humming them by the time I walked through the darkroom door. Dish developed a film for Little, but it was only fogged - not exposed. A bit of a nuisance, but still.

Then got the developer into the tanks, and just as we were going nicely, along came Tony with a J135-20 of Neopan SS, and asked me to develop it for him, and so I put Hal out for a while and loaded it. That took another 40 minutes to develop, by which time there was no point in loading film, so I put it off until after lunch.

After lunch, I was given a VP 828 and an HP3 120 to develop, and accordingly did so, and then loaded 20 ft of Plus X into cassettes, and then out for a walk, with Pauls Callow and Hallett.

Spent most of our time considering the photography of heaps of cowdung, and then back again to the school, where we loaded a further 40 odd feet of various types of film. I am getting really used to this - I could do it blindfolded, I am sure.

This was done in complete darkness, of course.

After that, went for tea. I am getting just a little bored with all this stuff for other people. It is a) time consuming and b) tiring. From now on, I think I will only do stuff for people in their bookings.

After tea, did very little, apart from a bit of printing, and after a while called it a day and went down to the wireless club, and had some coffee there, and listened to the radio there.

Again after supper, after first tidying up the darkroom. I must be more careful about drinking coffee after supper. Got some codeine from Green to counteract it, but did not have enough.

Codeine was quite a popular medication in those days. We didn't realize how dangerous it was.

Monday, 8 November 1965 KCT
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And so starts another week without a letter from Lesley. At least, however, I know why I have not heard from her, and so am not unduly worried, but it would be nice to hear from her more often.

After breakfast, to the darkroom to clean up, and there got mixed up with Allen. Parcel for me containing EX 135-36 and CX 135-20, both exposed, which pleased me considerably, and so up to the darkroom to book it out for 21/XI/1965. That will do us for Ektachrome, and I rather hope we will be able to do the CX in one or 2 bookings.

The developer kits were designed for a certain number of films, so we had to collect enough to make it worthwhile.

Mechanics, and Drax had more to say about pendulums, etc. I have heard a lot of this before in Physics.

Then double chemistry, and we got a rather long-drawn out post mortem on our tests, and Clod came to the conclusion that we would have to do some organic preparation. Hally and I are to do benzanilide.

Then double maths, and Jimmy threatened us with all sorts of tests, and so on. I am getting just a little worried about all this.

Then, in rest, did little, as there were far too many people in the Common Room. Saw Mansell, who gave word that he was looking for photographers for the Pirates of Penzance, and so gave me the job - will probably do it on Kodacolor.

Then wrote up my diary, and played Slob Davis a game of billiards, at which he beat me pretty conclusively, and then off and to the Wireless Club, where I did remarkably little apart from rearrange the wiring of the heater so that it worked properly.

Then Hal came in, cursing the people who run the signals, and saying something about having a test on VOX operation.

Then into tea, in the Meynell dining hall, and then I went back again to the common room for a while, and then to the wireless club.

Stayed there for quite some time, and had some toast and coffee while I was there. Hal also came in, and said what a busy test he had had.

Then over for a piano lesson, and spent most of the time talking about Purcell'sAbdelazar”.

I am wearied by life.

Tuesday, 9 November 1965 KCT
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Why is the mail so erratic lately? One can never predict when the mail will arrive. Letter from Lesley (or rather, a “Notelet”,), confirming my suspicions that she was having her half-term, and saying how much she missed me, etc, although she seemed to be getting around with enough male cousins of hers - and I can imagine that the fact that they are cousins does not make much difference.

After assembly, double physics, and more about gravitation, and in particular about the methods of proving the theories, and the determination of G. Then, notwithstanding the fact that we had just done 4 questions on it, he gave us 4 more, and said also something about the energy developed by a grasshopper hopping.

Then chemistry and Clod let us go ahead and set up our apparatus, so Hallett and I got ready to make some benzanilide, and set the thing up, and decided that, as the lab was empty after break, we would carry on then, and had some fun with oil baths, which, conveniently, are inflammable. What a mess! Also wrote a letter to Lesley, in full view of Clod, although I don't think he realised what was going on.

After lunch, back in again, by which time the mess had solidified, and I gave it another dose of aniline, and got at it again, and went on thus until the end of rest. Could not be bothered to change for pioneers, and so put a games pullover on and set off. On the way, bumped into Rees, who had been sent away and given a detention for not changing. Fortunately Drax decided that I was changed enough, and said nothing.

Then off, and to the chemistry labs, where I wrote up my diary, and carried on distilling all the impurities out of the benzanilide, and on thus until 1630.

Then double maths, and a test, for which I had not revised, and about which I was therefore highly apprehensive. It turned out, however, that I had no reason to do so, for I got 17/20, and only missed full marks through a couple of slips.

Then back to the chemistry lab in prep, and had quite a bit of fun, and did very little. We have to stir this stuff mechanically for 7 hours.

Wednesday, 10 November 1965 KCT
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So goes another day, routine making it well-nigh indistinguishable from any other - life is tending to get me down.

No mail - when am I going to hear from Dad?

After assembly, PE, and we had to do some circuit training, which was quite strenuous, although I skipped quite a few for various reasons (mainly health, incapability, etc).

Then lecture, and we had quite a bit of interest, although Mansell got a bit fed up with people going to sleep - although I seem to remember him saying, at the beginning of term, “If you go to sleep, don't snore”.

Then music, and we heard most of the first two movements of the Mozart requiem, which represents just about all of it that was written by Mozart.

After break, no maths, as Jimmy was away, so we had a study period, in which I discovered that our physics prep was not very easy.

Then chemistry - more stirring. This is getting boring.

After lunch, to the lab to change the stuff the benzanilide was stirring in, and gave Hal a few things to think about re tuned circuits, and off to choir practice. Practice is beginning for the carols at length. Then up to the darkroom to change our bookings for Ektachrome - we have a Taunton & Somerset Music festival memorial service next Sunday, so can't do it then.

After that, to the common room, wrote up my diary, and then to the wireless club to see what I could do there, and decided that I might as well put a built-in power supply into my PCR-2 again, and took hope it will be better fated than the one I took out 18 months ago - God, time flies.

After that, not to tea, as the place was too crowded, but instead to the common room to consider drilling holes in body caps, and then down town after roll call.

Grays still have not got my body cap - nearly got into an argument with them.

To Hawkes, who had something to say about my Soligor body cap being plastic. Rot.

Thursday, 11 November 1965 KCT
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Monotony just isn't the word for it. It really is appaling, the state of mind into which I have fallen.

No mail, as usual - I am rather getting used to that. It is about time I heard from Dad - apart from any more noble aspects, I am running short of money. If I could afford an airletter form, I would write to him and ask him to do something about it.

Mechanics to start off the day, and Drax said something about constraining various exponential functions further than they will go, and spent half the period on that. The rest was rather more mundane.

Then double study (Mansell was away at some Southern Command conference in Salisbury) and spent it on our physics problems, and Hal, Malcolm and I each got a couple out.

After break, we let Pad have a go, and have a go he did, but little more. 1½ hours one one problem, and even then he did not get it out. I guessed it.

Then, after lunch, no wind band practice, as it was brass only this week, and so up to the careers room, decided against writing up my diary, and down to the wireless club to finish the built-in power supply to my PCR, finished it, discovered the 6X5GT I had was dud, fished around, found what looked like a 6X5G, and plugged it in. That did the trick.

Then to my clarinet lesson, and Mr. Trevett was terribly apologetic about not being at home about 3 weeks ago when I went to see him. Invited me over to his place next weekend, which I may well do, despite the music festival service, and so on. May have to go at some unorthodox time.

Then a little bit of time, which I used to write up my diary, and then off again for a bassoon lesson, and decided that it was about time to decide what music I was to do for the music festival, and decided eventually on some stuff done by Willy Hess.

Then double maths, after a brief breather, and he first went over some stuff which we had not done for prep, and then got tied in knots over some examples.

Lecture about middle east in 2nd prep, not very interesting.

Friday, 12 November 1965 KCT
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Still no mail. What matter?

Double chemistry first, and on with the stuff for a while, and then Clod decided that it was about time that we got round to writing them up, and so got various people up in turn while I tried in vain to get hold of some alcohol (for solvent purposes!) and so on. However, he did his best to get us to do nothing. It appears that, apart from anything else, they did not have any alcohol - or, for that matter, adsorbent charcoal.

Thus on until the end of the period, and then to mechanics, and there went on with moments of inertia ad nauseam, while Drax kept reassuring us by telling us it was not on the syllabus.

Spent study period after break frantically writing up my physics experiment for last week, and then to physics, and did not get it corrected until 1300 hrs.

After lunch, no orchestra practice. Damn TDH. I feel slighted by being ousted from the Gilbert and Sullivan by Pearce. That really is an insult.

For some reason, did not use orchestra practice as an excuse for turning up for pioneers, and turned up at about 1430. I really am slipping somewhat.

In pioneers, did very little for quite some time, and then Drax decided that I might do some bricklaying, and so resigned his trowel to me.

Managed to finish everything by about 1515, and knocked off rather earlier than usual, even after we had put in the headers for tomorrow.

After that, to the careers room to write up my diary. I am slipping somewhat.

Then to tea, somewhat against my intentions, but Hal insisted that I should come, and I could do little about it.

Double physics, and we were messing around with various spiral springs, etc, and had quite a bit of fun. Meanwhile, Pad had rigged up a simple cloud chamber, which he proudly displayed to all of us. Wants to take shots of it. Will need a lot of magnification.

Choir practice in 1st prep in preparation for the Music Festival.

Saturday, 13 November 1965 KCT
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Thank God, at any rate for the end of a another week. Only 34 more days to go until the end of term, and not much longer than that, I hope, until I see Lesley again.

Moved study places before breakfast - Green has moved over to Stoneleigh, and so I have been given his study place. Thank God I am out of the madhouse.

After assembly, double maths, and Jimmy spent most of the first period giving us the answers to the prep, most of which was superfluous. Then had a test, in which I think I did fairly well. Good.

Then on to the parabola. y²=4ax bears only slight resemblance to the y=x² that I thought parabolae had.

Then art lecture. This really is, with all due respect to Mr Lyons-Wilson, insufferably boring. It is really only for the artists.

Then chemistry after break, in which we did little, although Clod dragged me up to explain how one prepares benzanilide.

Then english, in which we had to write an essay from a use of english paper. Quite an interesting choice.

After lunch, had a hell of a lot on my plate. First of all to organise the Phot Soc meeting tonight, then to write up my diary, make a darkroom booking for tomorrow if poss, and got waylaid by Bray re the darkroom.

Pioneers were watching the match, and took a few photos while I was at it. there is something about taking photos of football for weekend assignments in PNW for this week. I might as well get on the bandwagon.

Matches might be more interesting if they did not last so long. Today it was well after 1600 hrs before anything happened about finishing. To the Meynell table for tea, as usual, and spoke to Hal. Decided not to go down town, but gave him some books to renew for me.

After roll call, up to the darkroom to initiate Bray iii into the use of the darkroom, and then to the wireless club, and discovered that Windmill had found his 6X5.

This must have been the 6X5G that I had found two days earlier.

Rummaged round further, and found a U 50 (≡5Y3G) and put that in.

Film strip after supper - very successful.

Sunday, 14 November 1965 KCT
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Into the wireless club before breakfast, and discovered Forman there, who offered me a lump of charcoal which he said was toast.

After breakfast, back over to Stoneleigh, and saw Jenny, who told me that my waistcoat would not be back until Tuesday. Damn. It was very cold. Did a bit of recorder practice, mainly to find out what music I would be playing in the music festival. Yet another Händel Sonate.

Then early to robe up for chapel, as we were having a requiem service, complete with all the usual rot in the war memorial quadrangle. The weather was about as cold as it has been this year, and I wore my scarf and carried my gloves into chapel. Few other people did, which rather surprised me. Spent the 2 minutes silence trying to make telepathic contact with Lesley, and I think I made it, but she did not realise it. I must experiment further....

Decided it was about time I aligned my PCR 2 after that, and got down to it, and got fairly accurate tracking, although if I understood this more fully I feel I could have done better.

After lunch, up to the darkroom to develop some films, despite the fact that it was Tong's booking, and did a W IF, a W NP22 (which, presumably, is not very different from W ISS), and a Gevapan 30, which has such a weak film base that it would not even go into the tank, and I had to dish develop it.

Then did some music practice, as it was far too cold to go out, and besides, both Pauls Callow and Hallett would not be there.

After that, up to the darkroom, hung everything up to dry, and then down to see the film, which was “Murder most Foul” by Agatha Christie, and it lived up very well to the various expectations which I had heard.

After the film, up to the darkroom to tidy up a bit further, and then down to the common room, got my diary, and to the careers room to write up.

To the wireless club to align the IF of the PCR, but changed my mind, and just listened to it. It is a joy to get Droitwich on exactly 1500 metres.

Pearson wants to buy a camera - recommending an SLR such as the Exa 1a. Later redoing the circuit of the PCR2 - first time for 2 years.

Monday, 15 November 1965 KCT
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And yet another week comes on, bringing with it the Taunton and Somerset Music and Drama festival, which promises to relieve the monotony somewhat. Anyway, it is not too long now until the end of term.

Mechanics with Drax first, and spent more time talking about moments of inertia, etc, and learnt little - although we have a greater variety of problems to do on it.

Then double chemistry, and took with me some charcoal, tablets, dissolved all the benzanilide in methanol, and did my best to decolorise it, without too much effect. However, ended up with a couple of grams of reasonably pure stuff. Left gallons of CH₃OH in the fume cupboard to evaporate.

After break (which is getting too cold for human endurance), double maths, and more interesting stuff about curves. When one reflects on some of the properties of those things, it (to quote Mansell) makes the mind boggle.

After lunch, did little of any importance - rest really is an absolute waste of time. Decided after a while that it would not do me any harm to practice the adagio of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, which I intend to play in the music festival. What I found proves to be reasonably reassuring.

Then got a summons to go and see Mansell, and he said that if I have not returned the sleeping bag by next Monday, he will go ahead and order another one.

I wonder what cock-and-bull story I told him about its whereabouts.

Then back, wrote up my diary, and spent the rest of the time until tea reading next month's Popular Photography, which arrived this morning.

Then to tea, and to the main dining hall, as Hallett was not about. Bumped into him going out, and then to the wireless club, where they sent me back again to get some bread for toast making.

Then down to working on the PCR - I have several additions which could prove to be useful.

Callow ii saw me drinking coffee in the wireless club - that is a nuisance.

Practice for the festival in prep.

Tuesday, 16 November 1965 KCT
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The music festival really began in earnest today, with 3 classes for me.

1st period was Pad, and he has finally worked out how to do the example that baffled him last week. I must give him that - he did it better than I did.

At half-time, off for the music festival, and to prepare for the wind band. Ran down to see if Jimmy knew, back again, and still had plenty of time before the class actually started.

Did not do too badly, although the result of the wind band class is almost a foregone conclusion - in fact, I guessed the the results: KCT 83, QCT 88. Still, we could have done worse.

Spent most of the rest of the morning listening to various violin classes, which (Thank God!) improved as the morning went on.

Finished at about 1230 hrs, and back to the common room, after getting my waistcoat from the dormitory. It started snowing round about then - God knows what it will be like by the New Year - as somebody commented, we might be 6 ft deep in snow.

After lunch, back unto the breach, and the school orchestra class, and once again we were beaten by Queens, although this time we had a couple of other people to come below us.

Went out after that to practice my bit for the elementary wind, but got rather carried away, and ended up in the common room demonstrating my bassoon to an interested Whitehouse, after also getting my diary written up.

Back again, and to my astonishment they were more or less on time - this really is amazing.

On before long with the elementary wind, and made a fairly average mess of the F♯ - G♯ - C♯ fingering, and as a result got only 81%. Fortunately, the adjudicator (Noël Cox) also plays the bassoon, so he appreciated my difficulties.

Then into double maths, and we did some more stuff about the properties of curves - some of this stuff really is wierd.

The bells in this place have gone haywire - it must be something to do with the weather.

Did a bit of practice for the open wind after prep - got Brown to accompany me.

Wednesday, 17 November 1965 KCT
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And on with the festival. We are really in the swing of it now.

Before assembly, Wodge decided that I looked too hairy to appear in public, and asked Peyton-Jones to tell me to get a shave. Accordingly over to Stoneleigh, shaved, and on the way back got blown sky-high by Skiv for not having done so before.

This was a rather vain hope to be able to grow a beard. Apart from the fact that I didn't have the growth, there was no way I could have got away with it.

To Corfield Hall, and started the open wind classes, and gradually got more and more nervous. I really must do some thing about about my nerves. The bloke before me was supposed to be very good, but he was using my barrel (his was too long), and no doubt he will blame it on that. I made an absolute nonsense of the time, which resulted in my only getting 76. Lewis came top with 88. My lips are in shreds.

Then maths when we got back, and did more about the properties of parabolas, some of which are most interesting.

Then chemistry, but Clod did not turn up, so back to the common room and wrote a letter to Lesley, whose letter I received this morning.

No choir practice after lunch, and ended up in the wireless club doing a bit of construction work for an ANL and S-meter, but I think I shall have to modify it all somehow. Will screw a large tag board on top of the choke, and mount the meter to the right and below.

Carried on thus until about 1530 hrs, and then to the common room, and there finished off my letter to Lesley.

Then to post it, and to tea, and again Hal was in late. Got him to get some books out of the library for me, and thus absolved myself of the need to go down town, and instead went after roll call to the wireless club, in which Whitmarsh had only too obviously burnt the toast. Cleaned it out as quickly as possible, when we heard that the Bursar might be coming, but our fears were groundless. Tried an ancient AC/ME [?] in my PCR, but it has apparently had it. Will have to use a meter after all. Pinched a few knives for the club - it is difficult to spread butter with a dentist's mirror.

Thursday, 18 November 1965 KCT
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And on with the music festival, and we are now nearly half way through the revelry. Life has been getting me down, and I have decided to sleep in a bit in the mornings now - especially as it is getting colder.

After breakfast, to a music practice room to desperately try to find what I ought to play, and ended up with Händel's sonate in G minor op 1 no. 2 for recorder.

Then mechanics, and on with moments of inertia, and learnt little, although it suddenly seems to have clarified considerably.

Then in next door to say hello to Mr Trevett, who was without anybody to teach. Arranged to take my recorder this afternoon, as my lips are in shreds.

Then got Bernie to accompany me on the stuff, and we decided to do the other half of the sonate.

Then down to Corfield Hall, and lost my nerve completely, and made an absolute nonsense of the time.

My recollection, which doesn't quite match the description above, was that I had barely rehearsed the piece. TDH was accompanying me, and I was confused by his entry in the second (last movement), and came in at half speed. TDH was not impressed.

Got 80 nevertheless, and he said he liked my ornamentation, “which was authentic”.

After lunch, choir practice en lieu of wind band, which was just as well, for I could hardly play the clarinet in my present state.

Then to the careers room to write up my diary, and after that to Stoneleigh for a “clarinet” lesson, and did quite a bit of interesting music on the recorder. I must buy some more recorder music.

Then back to the school, and had little chance to do anything before my bassoon lesson, and so to tea in the Meynell dining room.

Then got out a Baßschnabelflöte and Tenorschnabelflöte and to the outside music rooms, and we did a bit on them which I quite enjoyed.

Then on a wild goose chase to find Thorman [?] for Miss Gill, and then to the common room.

Double maths, which needs a little bit of facing, but the thought of it is worse than actually doing it. One will, I suppose, get used to this longer average period length.

Little happened in the evening - I drew up some bio-rhythm curves. From 1/I/1966 to 10/I/1966 both Lesley and I have all our cycles above par! Life will be one glorious binge!

Friday, 19 November 1965 KCT
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And on, and on. Slept right in today, until about 0830 hrs. It really does make quite a bit of difference to have an extra hour in bed, but at the some time one is starving by the time one goes into assembly.

Double chemistry first, and although we were rather hoping that Clod would not come in, he did so, and decided that it was about time we did a VD determination,

VD normally stands for Venereal Disease, and this entry clearly plays on that usage. In fact, it's clearly Vapour density.

and started telling us all about Victor Meyer, decided (incorrectly) that I had written up all the practicals, and asked me to see what we had in the way of VM apparatus. A lot of dust, broken whatnots, etc, and one complete set. Spent the rest of the period cleaning it all of dust.

Then mechanics, in which we had a sort of semi-test, and discovered that there are 437,2 grains to the ounce - Drax was prouling [?] lead shot.

According to Wikipedia, it's 1/7000 pound, or 437.5 grains.

Study period after break, wrote up physics, and then got all corrected, and something about finding radii of gyration.

No orchestra practice after lunch, as there was not much point, so just sat round in the common room telling Aston he was a fool for getting a Mamiya Auto-Lux camera (diaphragm shutter, fixed lens, etc. Too bad).

Doubtless just what he wanted to hear about his new treasure.

Then had no option but to turn up for pioneers, but felt remarkably bolshy, and as a result did remarkably little. Knocked off early, thank God, and up to the common room to write up my diary, and then hung around doing little until tea time, and then into tea, where I stayed for half an hour talking to Hallett.

Then to physics, at which Pad was not present, and spent most of our time doing nothing.

Eventually we were finished, and to the chapel for a rehearsal for the anthem at the music festival tonight.

After supper, accordingly borrowed Archie's 50 mm f/1,4 S-Tak, and off to the festival. Finally got there, and actually lost to St. Audries. What a nuisance. G. & S. got 91 - highest mark so far.

Martin Peyton-Jones got knocked down by a car - was very seriously injured. Didn't get back until about 2300 hrs.

From recollection, we were all in the bus to return to the school when Martin got out again to go and do something at the hall. He ran out in front of the bus without looking, and was collected by a passing car.

Saturday, 20 November 1965 KCT
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M.A. Peyton-Jones

This morning, once again, missed breakfast, and by the time I got up, it was all round the school about Martin Peyton-Jones' accident. So much for the security precautions. I had guessed as much.

Assembly was in the chapel, and when we got there, after the usual prayers, the chaplain informed us that Martin Peyton-Jones died at 0830 hrs. Poor bastard. What a bloody waste of human life. What can one say? It will take a while to sink in.

After that, double maths, and we were not at all really there - or at any rate, I was not. As a result, did not do very well in the test that he gave us.

No art lecture, as Big School was being used for the music festival. To the common room, and wrote a letter to Mrs Baudouy and Dad, informing them of my plans for the holidays.

Clod was not at school, so did nothing in chemistry, and English we spent in our common rooms, finishing off our essays.

After lunch, did little, but tried desperately (without much success) to persuade myself that the weather did not permit pioneering. Put a notice up for the Phot Soc tonight, and then, after looking in vain for Atkinson, went and changed for pioneers.

Did very little work, although I suppose rather more than yesterday. Made about 3 mixes in rapid succession, which was too much for the bricklayers to handle, and had to throw a lot of it away.

Then knocked off very early, and back to the common room to write up my diary, which, for a variety of reasons, took me a long time, and as a result went directly into tea.

After tea, roll call, etc, decided to go down town, and returned my library books, but could not think of much else to do, and so went back. On the way back, my hat blew off, and 2 cars went over it before I could do much about it. Made a lovely mess of it, and I got Proctor [?] to take a couple of photos of me in it when I got back. Should be good.

Lecture went well in the evening.

Sunday, 21 November 1965 KCT
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To hell with what the rest of the world thinks! In the words of the pop song, “It's my life, and I'll do what I want”, which is as much as to say that I am feeling bolshy lately, probably as a result of my recent aggressive peak.

Slept in again, as usual, and up at about 0930. I enjoy a lie-in on Sunday mornings. Managed to borrow a black tie from Rumball before I went down, which was fortunate. No doubt they will be at a premium for some time to come.

Life carries on as usual, perhaps unfortunately, but I will survive.

Chapel, as usual, and did little therein. Had intended to develop my latest Isopan F when chapel was over, but it seemed that TDH wanted to have a short choir practice when chapel was over, and so he kept us until 1215.

Dashed up to the darkroom after that, threw the film into the spiral, and cooked it for about 18 minutes in Rodinal, and had it out washing before lunch.

After lunch, up, took the thing out, and hung it up to dry, made a print for Allen and mob, and down to write up my diary. Then to the wireless club, where I finished the construction work on my ANL, and bolted it into the PCR. All I need now is to wire it in.

Then the organ recital, and the service. Quite a few birds in the front row master's stalls decani, including 2 from St. Auds, and 4 from Bishop Fox's. It seems they were collecting money for the festival. 2 of the Bishop Fox's. birds started crying when Martin Peyton-Jones' name was mentioned.

After that, got changed, and down with Hallett for tea, and ate at great length. Out after roll call, and down to Mr. Trevett's place and met quite a few people, including Ian Collis [?], whom I already knew. All had been to the service, and most had walked out at a rather inopportune moment. They did so again, and left me talking to a bird called Hilary (in the front row decani this afternoon), who was doing the leading rôle of Mabel in the Pirates. She is very pleasant to know.

Got a lift back to the school from her sister (who is the Headmaster's secretary the tall [?]). Hope she does not report me.

After supper, did little. Telling Hargrave about what I was doing in the afternoon. Also finished the ANL.

Monday, 22 November 1965 KCT
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Up before breakfast somewhat against my will, but I wanted to make sure that the darkroom was tidy before the week began in earnest, and so had to make some attempt to do something about it.

Got a latter and catalogue from the VEB Filmfabrik Wolfen after breakfast, in which they said that the new films were the same as the old Isopan films, and that they were the basis of the Leverkusen standards, etc - all very interesting.

Then mechanics, and some interesting problems, although it strikes me that these Monday periods do not achieve much.

In chemistry, Clod came in and told us that we ought really to do a Victor Meyer, and so we got everything set up, and so on, despite various setbacks, and so on with it, but we got a beautifully inaccurate result.

After break, double maths, and went on about various things, and he gave us proofs that all 2nd order equations were conics, and vice versa. Then a flute lesson, and suddenly Miss Mill's attitude towards me seems to have changed. I wonder why.

Certainly the loss of Martin Peyton-Jones, probably her star pupil, could have been part of it. I don't know if she considered me the next best.

After lunch, did little for a while, but in the end decided to go to the wireless club and make a couple of alterations to my noise limiter, and put a larger dropping resistor in with my potentiometer, which, however, seemed to have little effect.

Back again to the common room to write up my diary, etc, and stayed there reading magazines, etc, and generally doing very little until Hallett came in.

Then down to the Meynell for tea, after first disposing of a bit of my clarinet, and there spoke with Hargrave about Trio-Sonates and so on. Should be rather fun. Altblockflöte, Oboe and continuo. I hope Brown will continue.

After tea, along to the wireless club, and decided that there was something not very correct about the behaviour of the noise limiter control, and so took it out and put another one in, which worked much better.

Then Hargrave came along, and off to do a bit of practice recorder with oboe. He is hopeless at the oboe. I could do it better than he, - and I haven't touched an oboe for years.

Messing around blowing valves and flash bulbs afterwards - very destructive.

Tuesday, 23 November 1965 KCT
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And so on. Back to sleeping in again, which does not do me much good, but neither, I suppose, does it do me much harm. I would like a letter from somebody sometime. As it was, I got one from Mum - a rare bird indeed, for it is the first I have had from her since the summer holidays - and also one from Ahmad, who has $100 [MYR] to his name and is intent on getting an Exa 1a. I shall have to see what Dad can do.

Ahmad was in KL, and my father was frequently in Singapore, where cameras were much cheaper.

Then physics, and it seems that we are now on to elasticity, and, in typical Pad manner, he first of all decided to prove to us everything that was in the book, and then gave us some examples to do and went away.

Then chemistry, in which we did very little, and it seems that Clod has now got the physical chemistry bug into his head. I wonder how long it will take to cure him thereof.

After break, did some maths for this afternoon, and then spent a considerable amount of time at a loose end - which I must remedy. Also considering practical details of the Ektachrome processing that we intend to do on Sunday.

After lunch, nothing in particular to do, but we were, unfortunately, compelled to go to a snap choir practice for a funeral service tomorrow.

Then, to my disgust, discovered that we had to turn up for pioneers not only today, but also tomorrow, and that we would not have a free day until Thursday, which is a free day for me any way. Damn.

It was bitterly cold at pioneers, and Drax let us knock off shortly after Bennet threatened to throw at him a piece of ice which he had found lying around.

Then to write up my diary, etc, and still had quite a bit of time after that before tea, and so to the Wireless club, where Forman had earlier managed to do something to my PCR, but I got it going again after a while.

Double maths in the evening, which is gradually beginning to lose its terror. I suppose one does get used to double periods after a while when one has as many as I do.

Tages Arbeit, Abends freien [sic]. If only 'twere so.

Wednesday, 24 November 1965 KCT
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Up at 0700 this morning for the requiem service for Martin Athelstan Peyton-Jones, and noted to my interest that by far the great majority of the school (about 80%) had done likewise.

After breakfast (no mail), was at a rather loose end, and so spent it loosely, going over PNW and AP, both of which arrived this morning.

Little of interest in PE - Sarge seemed to have little of interest in his mind, and so just made sure he exhausted us all.

Then lecture, which I did not really absorb, and after that Music, in which we heard Bach's solo cantata “Ich habe genug”, and then a bit of V-Ws 6th symphony - ugh!

Maths after break, and did little. We are now well and truly into the ellipse, and all very eccentric it is.

Then chemistry - Clod was mumbling something about ebullioscopic and cryoscopic methods of determining the molecular weights of substances.

After lunch, had P. J.'s funeral, and noticed the presence, once again, of Hilary about 10 ft away from me. Very short service, and managed to get out in time to see Hilary, but no time to talk - just a nod of recognition.

Then changed, and down for pioneers, and was exceptionally cold, and complained bitterly thereto [sic].

Finally got off at about 1430, much as usual, but it seems that games were meant to start and finish generally later owing to the funeral than would otherwise have been the case.

Then to write up my diary, have tea, etc, but decided not to bother about my diary until after tea, when I would have a study period, and so waited.

It seemed that the Chaplain was not there anyway, so before too long in came Malcolm Lennox for food or something.

Double maths - am just emerging from my intellectual minimum, and it is showing.

Thursday, 25 November 1965 KCT
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Made quite sure that I made up for yesterday's early morning by not getting up until well after breakfast today.

Mechanics first, and a sort of Drax test - he certainly loves to give us plenty of work to do. Noted with amusement that Mr. Trevett did not turn up until Aston's lesson, making up for Ruscoe not turning up last week. That will shew him.

Got back to my common room, found my A clarinet, deposited there by Ruscoe, opened it, dropped it, and knocked off a tenon. Back and showed it to Mr. Trevett, who suggested I use some Araldite on it.

This was the tenon that had been repaired 18 months earlier.

Then lecture, and on with the slides we started yesterday. We are now well into the excavations at Pompei.

After break, double physics, and Pad went on with our elasticity things, gave us a couple more to do, and then said something about doing surface tension and viscosity before the end of term.

After lunch, wind band practice, which I did not attend, and instead up to load some film, and was just rolling the film up when the blinds opened. Damn. 1,64 wasted metres of Plus-X.

Then did some slide copying directly onto my camera, which did not look all that wildly successful through the viewfinder, but I trust they will not be too bad.

Then over for a clarinet lesson, and spent a good deal of time talking to Mr. Trevett, who said he had heard all sorts of rumours about me, and so on, and also apologised for not having been able to entertain me on Sunday, and said something about Hilary being very nice, and that as a result I no doubt enjoyed myself. How true.

After tea, roll call etc (clt. lesson lasted 60 minutes) to Big School to take photos of the stage, and in the process managed to knock my camera (on tripod) over, dented the lens hood (thank God I had it on!) and could not get it off without taking half the lens with it. Finally sorted it out - camera undamaged. Over to see Tyson to fix up his tape recorder for him.

Friday, 26 November 1965 KCT
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Slept in again, to the apparent disapproval of the rest of the sleeping-in section of the dormitory, who made a sort of token get-up - but I was too tired for that. I really am exhausted lately.

Double chemistry first, and lately Clod has been coming in pretty regularly, and said something more about all the various methods of determining molecular weights, etc, all of which he insists are so inaccurate as to be next to useless. As a result, decided that we should not do them, but merely wrote them up. Then decided that, us having done it, he would like to have a look at our books. Fortunately Chopping managed to hold his interest for ¾ hour.

Then mechanics, in which we did little of interest.

After break, had already done my physics, which gave me an opportunity to examine other pressing matters.

After that physics, and it seems we did not get the correct answer after all.

Spent prep talking to Bernie about photography, and persuaded him to stop using such fast film as HP3 for a while, and try some file like ORWO NP22 or even NP18.

Then turned up for pioneers, and, as usual, it was bitterly cold, and so we called it a day after only about ¾ hour, which suited me fine, as it gave me a chance to write up my diary. Life is just so much of a hectic rush lately. I suppose I really ought to curtail my extra-curricular activities somewhat.

After tea, along to physics, and discovered we had to find something about moments of inertia with a rod suspended by a bifilar suspension.

After that, preparations for the debate at Bishop Foxs', had supper, etc, and then along, got there at 1845, and the place was deserted. Finally found our way to the right place, and just as the debate was coming to life, Daddy G. came up to me and told me to go back for a choir practice. Damn Lewis. That fellow is inhuman.

Saturday, 27 November 1965 KCT
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And so life goes on, although one can hardly say that the events of the past two weeks have been monotonous. Still, one is at times reduced to counting the days until the end of term.

Double maths is always a bit difficult to stomach half an hour after one has got up. I suppose I should get up earlier on Saturdays. Still, it would probably not help much.

On with the notes this morning, just about from start to end without a break, which is rather hard going, although it does not call for much mental excercise as does ordinary work.

Then art lecture. Cocky-Locky is getting a bit scroffy. We shall have to do something about it.

Then chemistry again, and once again Clod turned up, although he did not do very much. Still, his presence made us work. English, and again did very little Then to the chemistry labs with Atkinson, and to consider what we would need to start off with the E2.

After lunch, did a bit of sorting out the tanks, etc, and then to see Atkinson and tell him what was going on, and to the front hall to report to Pad, and off to Bishop Foxs to hear Sir Richard Woolley, the Astronomer Royal, speak about the Galaxy, which was quite an interesting lecture, although he did not go into nearly enough detail.

Back again, had tea, and into the chemistry labs, where Atkinson had already started making up the hardener, and joined him after roll call. Carried on for some time, and although, with only the 2 of us until 1730 hrs, we did not go ahead as fast as I would have liked us to, at least we did not break anything. Cowan and Hallett came in at 1730, and we had everything except the colour developer finished by prep. Clod came in and made some ridiculous remarks, and wants to make it 5/-, or something.

Made a balls up of colour developer in 2nd prep, but did not realise it until into the dormitory.

Sunday, 28 November 1965 KCT
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Up at 0815 this morning, feeling terrible about having made a mess up of the developer last night, and started making up some more, and by the time Atkinson came in was half way through. Then into breakfast, collected a drill from Tim [or Tom?] Russell, (who was in an unaccountably bad mood), and then out again and back to the chemistry labs. Up to the darkroom after we had made up the colour developer, and tried to load Cowan's film, but to no avail, decided the spiral was at fault, and decided to dry a universal 3 and do it in that.

Chapel was much as usual, and we did little apart from having several rousing hymns, notably „Wachet Auf!“.

Got off to a pretty good start after chapel, but discovered at reexposure that Atkinson's had come off the spiral, and hadn't been properly developed in the first developer. Nevertheless, it did not come out too badly, and there was nothing at all wrong with Hallett's - although we suspect a slight green cast.

After lunch, back again, drained our bladders, and back to develop Atkinson's 36 and my 2nd one, which I took over half term. Everything went without a hitch, except that we had just a little trouble keeping the tanks up to temperature after washes at 15° - but we remedied that well enough. 23° - 25° is really quite a bit of latitude. Again excellent results - beautiful ones of Lesley on mine. Must copy them, or have some prints, made, or something.

Then, almost without a break, save to load Cowan's film, on with the next batch, which again went ahead well - until, just before the bleach, mine came off the spiral and I had to reload it.

This issue with getting into and keeping films in spirals was a real problem. At least this time it wasn't serious, because the film had already been developed (twice).

Then to roll call, which I left early, and back to discover it had come off again, so dish washed it, and stabilised it. Meanwhile, it appears that there was something drastically wrong with Cowans film, and it looked like fog, although we could not see what had gone wrong. Tidied up in very bad humour indeed, and did our usual messing around.

After supper, almost as is according to tradition, dish developed a Verichrome Pan, although this time we used a Wratten 3 safelight. OK.

Monday, 29 November 1965 KCT
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It does add an incentive to get up for breakfast to have a letter to read therein, and unfortunately such was not today the case. Still, for about the first time it is I who is lagging on writing a letter to Lesley, and so I can hardly quibble.

After breakfast, back over to Stoneleigh to get various things organised, and washed, etc, and then back again and over to the school.

Mechanics first, and Drax had suddenly decided to drop rotation dynamics and go on to the resolution of non-collinear forces, and it all seems now, at any rate, quite easy.

Then double chemistry, and as usual we did little. Clod is on another physical chemistry spree, and as I result [sic] I considered it prudent to read up a bit about the colligative properties of solution, etc.

After break, double maths - I really must try to get on top of this subject. I think I may well continue to do it, but take Maths for science 'A' level. Did little today except make more notes on the ellipse.

After lunch, saw Hallett about another order from Marston & Heard, and got some money from him and took it down town to put into my bank account. It is very convenient having Monday afternoons completely free.

Then decided to mount my slides, and spent about 70 minutes at that, averaging rather more than one slide a minute - and that includes numbering them, as well - all 76 of them.

After that, did little until tea, apart from admire 20/14 and other photos of Lesley. I shall certainly have to make some colour internegs of these. I wonder if I should put a yellow filter on or something. Also must improve my slide-copying arrangements. Could use my 105 mm Tessar at f/32, and use its shutter to minimise camera shake.

After tea, wrote a long letter to Lesley telling her I could not stand to spend the Christmas holidays without seeing her, and telling her that I would stay at some pub in Bromley or wherever she was, and spend all my time and money with her. Choir practice after that, and we are improving. Then piano lesson, half of which we spent talking about the death of Peyton-Jones.

Tuesday, 30 November 1965 KCT
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Slept in this morning, mainly because Daw did not want me to go into breakfast, but in my case, I did not mind. It is rather pleasant sometimes, to be able to lay [sic] awake in bed and know that one does not have anything to do - it is certainly a change.

St. Andrew's day, and as the chapel is partially dedicated to him, we had a service, which Lewis said was a shortened mass, which apparently merely meant that nobody took communion.

Anyway, it served to get us out of the first half of double Pad. When we did get moving, it was to do with surface tension, and it all seems a little odd. Still, it looks simple enough, and that is all that matters from the point of A levels.

In chemistry, doing calculations again - the only ones Clod knows, apparently, for we have done them all before.

Double study was too much for me, and after reading a test report on ORWO films, did a bit of music practice.

After lunch, despite the weather, it eventuated that the pioneers were working. Complained bitterly, but could do nothing about it, and retired for a while to the common room to read Week's “Guinness Book of records”, and then decided that I might as well go to work, and on the way down got entangled with a rather aggressive dog belonging to the Chaplain's wife.

Layed another course in pioneers, and spent a lot of time laying about doing nothing. However, I do not think it is really worthwhile, for it means that we do not knock off until later.

When I finally did knock off, went and changed, and to the Wireless club, which, for one reason or another, I have neglected quite a bit in the past few weeks.

Then to tea, after reading about Heligoland in Scala International - I seem to remember meeting the M.P. therefor in Hannover about 2 years ago.

This seems unlikely. Helgoland belongs to Schleswig-Holstein, not Niedersachsen. My recollection that the Bundestagsabgeordnete in question represented Cuxhaven.

Then double maths, and Jimmy was rather a little peeved because I had not had time to do the maths prep. Why do masters give us more prep over the weekend? Most of my working time is in the middle of the week. At any rate, he set us more prep to do for Thursday, which stands a better chance of getting done.

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