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February 1966
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The year 1966

Tuesday, 1 February 1966 KCT
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Well, at any rate the boredom is lessening just slightly, if not completely. A postcard (photographic print on rather grotty 3½ × 5½ [inches, i.e. 8.9 × 14 cm]) from Mrs. Baudouy, who has apparently been informed that I am in the san. Wants to know if I want anything, what shall I do in the holidays, etc. I suppose I had better find out.

Then on with life for a while, and caught up with not having got to sleep until after midnight last night, until the doctor came in, and decided that I was much better, but also that he ought to take a scraping off my throat to see what I had. What an unpleasant sensation! Apparently, they now have to cultivate it (in gelatine?) and examine it under a microscope. As my temperature has been below normal (i.e. normal for me) for the past 48 hours, I was allowed up, and then more mail - from the school. Letter from Jennifer, who obviously wants her prints, but also mentioned a) Life is hell - over with Duncan b) met Anne Day on the plane. I wonder what ensued.

I had flown out to Malaysia with Anne on 16 December 1965, and subsequently spent some time with her in Ipoh.

Also a catalogue of films from Rank, with a bewildering choice of good films.

Spent most of the morning debating the relative merits of various films with James and Eftekhari, who seem to be unusually dull - especially as they are both in 3a.

Form 3 was the first class in the school, and a was for the brightest pupils.

After lunch, saw Atkinson, who said something abut the fact that we could afford £6··10··0 for a film, which gives us quite a choice. In fact, such a choice that I do not know what to do about it. I have my eye on “Bachelor of Hearts”. Very amusing.

And rather related to my own situation.

After this, gradually got bored, and decided that it might be a good idea to write a letter to Jennifer, with the idea, perhaps, of luring her in a bit, and got down to it, and while at it, tea came. They seem to have decided that jam is bad for us - there is apparently plenty there, but they will not give it to us, which I feel is rather nasty of them.

Then I wrote up my diary, in order to try and catch up just a bit, and also in order to relieve the boredom, which was excessive. Once again had little to do other than to consider films for the phot.soc, which was not particularly inspiring.

Dusk Twilight is a very depressing time, I feel - much more than is dawn, despite what the centurion says to the century*

* At the beginning of “The fall of the Roman empire”.

I would much rather have the latter than the former.

Evening fallen - and is it not terribly early in this country at this time of year. I still cannot help remembering the surprise I got just over 2 weeks ago when I found it was only 1730 hrs, and I thought it was about 2000 hrs.

With nothing to do, once again I felt bored, and resolved into normally unthinkable things, such as listening to the radio, etc, and got into bed quite early. If only I could get away from this country - and yet I have all but 6 months to wait before I can go home.

Wednesday, 2 February 1966 KCT
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I had hoped to be out of this place today, but alas! my hopes were not realised. I have been waking only very slowly lately, probably because I get to sleep so late - in any case, I slept today until the doctor came in to examine me, and he had little to say.

Saw Atkinson at the San Window, and had hoped that he would have remembered to bring the Agfacolor manual, but he did not. Said he would bring it at lunch time, along with the AP, which he had (rather nastily, I thought) pinched.

Spent most of the morning, then, thinking about what I would do when I got out of here, thinking about Agfacolor (which Atkinson is again for, in preference to Ektacolor), and thinking about what sort of bargains would be available in AP. I am getting more and more interested in macro-photography, and have been thinking about the purchase of a bellows unit.. everything is so expensive in this country. Saw an ad in an old Popular Photography for a bellows for $9.95. If only such were available here! It might almost be worth giving my tubes to Paul - except for the 30 mm minimum extension of most bellows.

Then lunch to change the course of my mind, and not much later came Simon Atkinson dashing over with Agfacolor manual and AP as promised, both of which I retrieved from the surgery after it had shut. Agfacolor manual seems to have shrunk drastically in size since the last edition, unless I am thinking of another book, which seems more than likely.

In AP, almost what I had been dreaming for turned up - a bellows unit for Pentax for only £3··0··0. There must be some snag somewhere - the illustration even showed a double track. At the moment I am 3/7d in the red. Paul owes me £3··15··0. I can make it. After a good deal of thought about possible snags, decided in favour, wrote a note to Hal asking him to deposit £3··15··0 in the night safe at Lloyds, and got Little (who happened to be passing by) to deliver it to him. Then to Vines (who were advertising it) a cheque for 3··2··0, and asked them to hurry. Now all I can do is wait.

Saw Hal as he was going off to town, and all was OK by him, and so left it at that. Also got him to post the letter to Vines.

Sat back and read the rest of AP, which contained little else of interest. 100 mm f/4 Hanimex, shop soiled or some such condition, going for £8··10··0. If I were a little more in the money, I might even buy it. One could hardly do better in Malaysia. I must, however, enquire about that particular lens. A 100 mm can be useful. I think, however, that from now on I shall only bring expensive barang back from Malaysia. The other stuff does not pay. I must learn a lesson from the 400 mm f/8 Soligor.

Started to write a letter to Lokman in the evening - friends such as he are difficult to find in this country.

Thursday, 3 February 1966 KCT
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Well, life continues much the same as it has been doing for the past couple of weeks, and I am more or less resigning myself to it now. I am getting a bit fed up of nurse waking us up so early. It decidedly goes against the grain.

After a while, along came my paper but nothing much to go with it. Still, tried to make do with that, and after a while gave up, and found a note from Mike Syme to say that he was in the hockey 1st XI, and would be playing in the match against us home (i.e. here) on Saturday, and expected to see me there. I suppose so. But why no letter from Lesley? Come to think of it, she did say something about O level trial runs, and being unable to write for a while. I am getting just a little fed up with all this, and I am becoming pretty sure that Jennifer Paton is going to get a Valentine from me on D-Day.

The Australian Dollar was introduced on 14 February 1966, informally referred to as “D-Day” (for “decimal”).

Most of the morning, I did nothing. The doctor said I looked much better, and could go tomorrow. Tomorrow! What a nasty word! Tomorrow? Why, tomorrow I may be myself with yesterday's seven thousand years! Anyway, there is little one can do about it.

After lunch, got a bit restless, and down and asked sister if I could go outside. She grudgingly allowed me to, on condition that I did not say out long, and that I went nowhere near the school. Being desperate, obeyed this instructions, and off for a walk round the block, and back again. Typically, it was drizzling. It seldom, if ever, rains properly in this country.

I was used to tropical downpours, and somewhat missed them.

Then back in again, and had just got my shoes off when nurse came along and asked me to go over to the school and look for Caldwell, which I did, and got him to wait about 10 minutes while I went and spoke to Hal for a while.

Off and back to the San after a while, and shortly after came Caldwell, and back to the usual grind. Spent most of my time thinking photographic thoughts, and working out maximum magnification possible with various lenses when working with bellows, tubes, teleconverters, etc - it appears to be quite considerable - in the order of about 12X - I shall, however, have to check the maximum extension of my bellows, when they arrive, which may well be tomorrow.

Thus on into the evening, with nothing in particular to do - I am not even getting treated any more, so there are not even the pills to look forward to.

Then on, had makan, etc, and despite that fact that it was pretty obvious I was doing some calculations, James kept asking me some damn fool questions about languages.

Later on, cracking various jokes, although it was more like a harvest, the amount of corn that those two produced. As I pointed out to them, no jokes are often better than the ones they were producing.

Friday, 4 February 1966 KCT
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And today I am promised to be let out of the san. What words can express the joy that I feel at being eventually relieved of this seemingly interminable boredom? None that I could write down here, I am sure.

Nurse let me get up as soon as I had finished breakfast, which I suppose is a good sign, but may have been due, at least in part, to the fact that the doctor was not coming today.

Hung round the window while people went into surgery, etc, waiting for somebody to bring my mail over, but nobody did. They must have heard that I was coming out today, and not bothered.

At 0910, Nurse said that I might as well go and take my stuff over to the school, and get a shave (I had not had one since 25/I/1966, and looked correspondingly scruffy), which I did. Also to the common room, where my bellows had arrived. Quite good, but had a bit of trouble locking the rear thread.

Then down town to get a Medihaler for Fred Brumble [?], one of the Skivs, who is in great need thereof.

Finally out for break. Spent study period after break showing my bellows to Hal, and got the rear thread sorted out. Now is all perfect. Not bad, double track for £3!

After lunch, first to the Sheldon room for some coffee, which is all that keeps me going at times, and then to room 26 for an Iolanthe rehearsal, and TDH decided that I could do 2nd tenor. Here's a pretty kettle of fish! And tomorrow we have to do it without books.

After that, it was a free day for all, which rather irritated me, as I was off games anyway, but could do little about it, and so up to the darkroom with Hal and had a go at more eye photography, this time at about 3X magnification. It is pretty good going, but I think i have made a mess of the exposure (which was by flash).

Eventually packed up, after transferring an EX of Hals to another camera (Halina to SP) in midspool. I think we would have managed better with a piece of Sellotape to hold the right amount of film of the camera. Blinds were also creaking ominously.

Then to tea, where we stayed for the phenomenally long time that we usually do on Fridays when physics follows.

Got up there, and discovered we had to find focal lengths of lenses, which suited me. I shall have to bring a few Super-Takumars up here, and try out with them - I wonder what one does for a thick lens. Pad said something when I asked him, about focal lengths being highly inaccurate numbers anyway, and that it was really impossible to distinguish between, say, a 55 and 50 mm lens. That seems unlikely. It certainly goes against experience.

Saturday, 5 February 1966 KCT
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Letters this morning from Dad and Lesley. Dad is going up the wall about the fact that he has not heard from me. Oh iniquitous one. Give me only a chance. Lesley's was another “Notelet”, with a robin on the front. Poor girl is down with the flu - went into the san on Tuesday. Says she misses me very much, which is nice to know. Now that I am recovered from my tonsilitis, and life is back to normal, I wonder what ever made me want to give her up. Some evil spirit or wog, no doubt.

The term “wog” was used in England as a disparaging term for foreigners, usually with darker skin colour. I had only known it to mean “infection”, so this is probably an insider word play.

Anyway, it always overjoys me to hear from her - I only wish she would write more often.

Double maths, and we are doing applications of calculus, which look easy enough to me. I shall have to start copying out some notes from somebody, though. It seems that we have done a lot of this sort of stuff already, but it is pretty obvious that nobody wants to tell Jimmy.

Art, which I spent talking to Paul about macrophotography. He is as interested as I.

In break, did little, other than find an interesting fungus in a tree near Stoneleigh. Must photograph it.

After chemistry, in which I was talking to Paul about going to Paris, Clod (who turned up at the end) told me I had a flute lesson at Stoneleigh (Or half a one, anyway).

After lunch, just managed to get a cup of coffee in before going down to house bank to get an exeat from 1430-1530 to go down and get some stuff for the Phot. soc. at Grays. Then Allen wanted me to develop a film for him, but the blinds would not stay shut, and so gave it up. Had another cup of coffee, and wrote an advertisment for a film strip tonight. Then down to the common room, lent the projector and Rank Catalogue, and down town with Hal. They have not yet got the Harvey-Brenson printer in, but should have soon. Also ordered a Wrattten 2 safelight (10×8). Thy had Amfix, thermometers, photofloods (2 No 1 reflectors) and a 12×10 LPL, which we bought, and also ordered a CDC case, after we had found out who they were. Commercial drug and chemical company - why do they make gadget bags? Stopped in at Smiths on the way back, and bought a couple of Valentine cards. Also Hal got a fishing licence. Back to the school, and up to the darkroom to examine all our purchases. I am quite content.

After roll call, Iolanthe practice, and I had another look at this bird Hargrave has let me have. I don't blame him, but certainly don't want her.

Did a bit of the first entry of the peers, supposedly without parts, but as I have just changed voice, I was allowed my part, and everybody else followed suit.

Walked out at 1730, in the middle of a heated discussion between Tolloler and Mountararat as to who should have Phyllis, and up to see how Hal was doing.

After dinner, film strip, and took a good 15 minutes to get organised, but got moving fairly smoothly. By 2115, only 4 people were left.

Have developed one hell of a rash - back into the san at 2200 hrs. Damn!

Sunday, 6 February 1966 KCT
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Back in the San. How do I manage it? Why does it always happen to me? I am now in Briarlea, by myself, which makes me feel just a little happier, but I will still miss my darkroom booking. The thing that really irritates me this time is that I feel as active as I possibly could, and only want to be allowed to run all over the place, do everything at top speed and a hundred things at once, and in general get some of this superfluous energy out of my system - and instead I have to stay in the san, if not in bed. The chances of it being infectious are minute.

The rash had, however, spread by this morning, and my chest was covered almost without any clear skin showing through - and it is all over me now from heat to foot - even the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. Nevertheless, apart from a considerable amount of itching, I felt perfectly fit. Sister thinks it might be an allergy to penicillin, but I am pretty sure that I am not allergic to it. I think it might have been those mushrooms that we had for breakfast yesterday.

Tim Russell brought my diary over for me after chapel, but nothing else, despite repeated requests. Decided to send a 10x8 sheet of film to Lesley as a Valentine, with 36 35 mm frames contact printed on to it. It should be a really novel. Now all I have to do is get the 10x8 film. I hope I don't have to print it onto paper - we should be able to get some film in time (though I could imagining developing pan would be a bit hectic by inspection, especially process pan).

Process pan was a panchromatic film used for “process”, typically book or newspaper printing.

After lunch, in which Sister finally discovered that I am usually ravenous, and did something about it, called to Allen from the kitchen, and got him to bring my Pentax, etc, for me. Also asked for some ink, out of which I had run, but the latter plea brought no response. He did, however, bring all my camera gear, which was good of him - even if he did tell Nurse that I had called him from the window. So still no ink, and he had also forgotten my tripod, but I discovered that by far the steadiest way I have yet found to hold a camera is on the 2 flat bottoms of my bellows, and so indulged in a bit of macrophotography, including one or 2 10x blowups of bubbles in my water jug. Quite fantastic.

Then Hal calmly strolled into the ward - and I am supposed to be in isolation. I don't know how he got past security, but I gave him a list of what I wanted, and got him to see to it, and showed him out the Briarlea entrance.

From recollection, this was the side of the building facing the street, which usually wasn't used.

Nothing happened for a very long while, and I carried on taking various macrophotos. Then discovered he was probably watching a film, as the school calendar indicated. The mob next door came in, and were impressed by my camera (why do they always think it is plural?). One fellow seems to think the criterion of a good camera is whether or not it has delayed action [i.e. a self-timer]. I wonder why.

Hal back with plenty of stuff - film, lighting equipment, etc. Good for him. Also got him to get me some ink. I hope I am out of this place tomorrow. I am sure it is not contagious.

Monday, 7 February 1966 KCT
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Life in Briarlea is not all that bad, surprisingly enough, and I am just about getting used to it, and almost to like it. I have the run of the place, and can do almost what I want. Still, I should like to be back outside again.

Apart from breakfast, slept just about solidly until Dr Knowles came in. Immediately he diagnosed my rash as being due to an allergy to penicillin. Well, it is nice to know that it is nothing contagious. It is not, however, so nice to know that I am allergic to penicillin. Sister, however, reckons it is only this particular type. What rather irritated me, however, was that I was not allowed to go back to school until tomorrow. Still, I shall make the best of it.

Sister allowed me to go over to school to get a few things, which I did wearing rubber slippers [thongs], as my shoes were over in Stoneleigh, and also to the tuck shop to buy a writing pad. I do not feel as if I am in the san - still, all is OK. Wrote a 5-pager to Lesley, with all our holiday plans, including Pauls vote that we go for a week to make it worthwhile.

Then finished off my PX (not difficult - there were only 34 frames on it), and started taking my photographic Valentine to Lesley. After 24 frames, I abruptly ran out of film - I suppose this is Paul's idea of a joke. Up to the darkroom, and found out what was going on, and then put some more film in and finished off the final 12 frames on that.

Then over again, and decided Ng might as well see how one dish develops a film, and so took him up, and organised the safelight against the other wall, which gave a fair degree of illumination - more than a 3 at close quarters - but did not fog the film. It was a bit grotty, but that, I hope, will add to the effect. But it will be a bit dicey, dish developing 8x10 process Pan. I shall just have to hope I do not do too badly. It is far too dim to make out any detail.

Back to the san, with little to do. Put a film into my camera, and then left it at that, and sat in front of the fire, thinking and feeling just somewhat depressed and unhappy.

Eventually the door slid open, and a tray of tea appeared. Outside, threw it away, and put some black stuff in my cup.

The first cup of tea would have had milk in it.

Back, and after eating and drinking all, back to my thoughts, but not for long, for Simon Atkinson entered and asked me again about film and paper, and then off to get some postal orders, while I wrote the orders.

Soon he was back, and got my letter to Lesley posted while he was at it as well.

Back again to my meditation, only to be disturbed by the little bastards next door, who seem to think it funny to keep disturbing me. I left them with the thought that Jesus was not the son of God, which kept them quiet. Curried chicken for makan - a hell of a difference between this and chicken curry. In fact, little resemblance.

Tuesday, 8 February 1966 KCT
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One of the mob next door brought my breakfast in for me this morning. I don't know why he is so keen. I should not be. Still, I suppose it gives some sort of a thrill to a boy of his age. I don't know why.

2 letters, as well as my paper - one from Lokman, and one from Jennifer, who was apparently quite pleased to receive my last letter - my suspicions may well be true - I shall send a Valentine, and see what happens. Then what - shall I go up to Edinburgh and see her in the holidays - or invite her down to Netherton? It might pay dividends. Who knows? I am not so keen on spending the whole holidays with Lesley - just the time in Paris. Then I can hitch up from Netherton to Bromley.

So, Jennifer - wilst thou come to Netherton with me for a week? How can I ask her that? Started writing a letter to her after seeing Doctor about my rash - he also says it is an allergy.

After a while, decided I might as well get out of this place, and did so, and managed it in only 2 trips this time - but then, I did have less débris.

Managed to do very little in study periods after break, and spent a lot of time talking to Hallett and Jones.

After lunch, to get an auxiliary tele lens for Aston, but it was nothing like the correct thread, and he would need an adaptor made. Then to see Pad about the wireless club, from which I have been suspended - no go. He doesn't want me.

This is the first mention of this, and I can't recall it either. No idea why.

Then to the common room, and straight into an argument about distances in close ups and so on, and proved my point to Allen with a practical demonstration, and then up to the darkroom with intention to develop a film, but discovered that Pad was next door, and so decided that it would be prudent to leave it go for a while. Had a look up later, but he was still at it.

Then bumped into Archie Rollinson and offered to show him my bellows, and he was quite interested, and was even considering buying a pair himself - not so interested in the wide angle. The 135 tele is still obviously holding his attention.

This was presumably a discussion on my selling the lenses (at a profit) and buying new ones when back in Singapore. Nothing came of it.

Then, after tea (with toast) double maths, which is a bit of a bind lately. I am again getting chich [nervous] about maths, and must do something thereabout.

Jimmy has finally got his slide rule mounted - at the back of the class. He has also got a 10" one with identical scales - a 52/82, which I always thought was a small version of mine. Oh well - one lives and learns.

The prep he set us was hellishly difficult - neither Norman nor myself could do it.

Wednesday, 9 February 1966 KCT
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Life continues as normal, and, as if to illustrate this point, I very nearly overslept this morning and probably would have but for the fact that I wanted to get hold of the AP and see what was in it. Quite a bit in Victor Blackman's column, but not much else - also a bit on colour printing, which I must peruse.

Then P.E., and I did a study period, the excuse being that I was off games (in fact, I would have done it anyway, but an excuse always helps). Tried some of the group 3 maths, which was very difficult.

Then lecture, in which we had to fill in our entry forms for A level, etc, and that alone took the whole period. I don't mind. Economics interests me little.

Then music, and TDH seems to be on to play us the whole of “Die Meistersinger von Nürnburg[sic]. He did not, however have a score thereto, which I thought nasty of him.

Maths, and did little after going over the very easy prep he set us.

In chemistry, Clod did not say a word until after the bell had gone.

After lunch, after my usual cup of coffee in the Sheldon room, to get another exeat during games time to go down to Gray's - Jimmy was a little unhappy about it, but eventually signed it. Then to see Shitters about the spelling of my name, and have decided that from now on it shall definitely be “Le Hey” rather than “Lehey”. Then choir practice, which went on a little longer and after that down town on Phillip's bike - since mine has a flat (about which I must do something). The Harvey-Bremar frame was there also the hypo clearer, and we ascertained that we could not get a colour head for the MPP enlarger, and so we shall have to vote about the Krokus. Also deposited 8d into my bank account - am now 1d in the black. What a laugh. And got “Die Meistersinger” score out of the library.

After that, back, and dish developed an HP3 for Aston - he forgot to depress the rewind knob before rewinding, and took the margins off.

Then tea, and Richard Moore and Paul Redfearn decided that Paul Hallett and I could be technical directors of their movie at the end of next term. Will be something to do.

Then Iolanthe practice, now almost without books. I hope we can keep it up - we seem to be improving, even if very gradually so. I have decided that there is such an appaling choice of women here that it is just not worthwhile - I shall just be an interested onlooker.

Then to science library to discuss the meeting with Atkinson - will have to be after lunch on Saturday. Hope we can pass the bill.

Thursday, 10 February 1966 KCT
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And on - no mail in breakfast this morning, which rather irritated me, as I wanted to know whether my stuff had arrived. Up after to talk to Simon, and then to the common room, where everything had arrived. 25 ſheets of Ansco 10×8 Ortho. Even gave a film speed - 25ASA.

Mechanics first, and did little. This dynamics seems to be terribly simple - no trouble at all, again, although I had not read the chapter.

Then over to the Science Library, and Pad blew me up for washing my hands in the science library, (I had slipped over coming from the prefabs). Why doesn't he get his knives out of me? Simon said something about inviting me up to Thurso in the Easter. Rather a fitting instance [? illegible], what with the newspapers filling the headlines with stuff about a new prototype high speed reactor at Dounreay.

It's not clear here whether I knew that his father was in charge of the reactor.

Then did the physics prep in record time, and back again. Lecture with GW, and I am getting more bored every week. It is almost as bad as double Pad, which we had after break - I often feel I would get along better without maths. I cannot keep my thoughts off Jennifer Paton lately - why?

Wind band after lunch, and turned up late as ever owing to the fact that I had some coffee in the Sheldon room. Wind band, and I am now sharing the solo clarinet part with Pearce, which I think a bit of an insult, but I suppose Ruscoe had to put up with it.

Then to the common room to read “Malaya Manhunt”, which I got out of the Public library yesterday. It depicts Malaya about 12 years ago, and, I feel, does not do so very accurately.

Then clarinet lesson, and paid my regards to Mr Trevett, who said he had entered me for grade VI, and expected me to work, and so got me to play him all the scales, arpeggios, diminished 7ths, etc, and rather to my surprise, I got through them.

Then a brief respite, in which I could not think of anything to do - Last term I would have gone into the Wireless cub, but that is no longer open to me.

Tried to have some tea, but could not find a place, and so resigned myself to my faggott lesson on an empty stomach. We are having it at Stoneleigh now, which may be rather convenient.

Then double maths, and the long-promised test, and it was up to all expectations of toughness - I am still worried about my prospects at A level - this hardly does anything to cheer me up.

Did little of importance in prep.

Friday, 11 February 1966 KCT
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No mail at all today, which further irritated me. I had been up for some time by that time, for I got up at 0700 hrs to print my Valentine to Lesley - all went according to plan, and I had the film in the developer by 0730, and all was pretty OK. I overdeveloped it a little, but it was quite legible and made it quite worthwhile to send to Lesley. Had it in hypo clearer and drying before breakfast.

To make matters worse, when I went into lineup my paper was a Telegraph instead of a Times, and to rub salt in the wound there was not even a colour supplement, so in disgust I tore it up and threw it away.

Double chemistry, and did very little in that, although I learnt a little inorganic chemistry, and so it was not quite a waste of time.

Then mechanics, and also did little in that, apart from taking a few notes.

Study, which I spent talking to Simon about colour stuff etc, and we decided to let the members decide.

Then physics, and talking to Paul about copying stands. Given an experiment with a spectroscope.

After lunch, Iolanthe practice after my inevitable cup of coffee, and without books doubts begin to creep in as to when we should be singing what, especially since Alvis was the only other 2nd tenor there.

After that, to the common room to read the end of “Malaya Manhunt”, which i managed to complete. It is not a bad picture of Malaya - in fact, I don't know where he got his facts from, because they are too incorrect for anybody who had first hand experience, and yet too accurate for anybody who had not.

Then up to the Pad lab (or, at any rate, the darkroom) to adjust our spectrometer, which seems to be singularly out of adjustment, and just as I was about to put some CuSO₄ in the flame, Pad walked in and chucked me out. Fortunately he did not notice the CuSO₄.

Down to the common room, cursing Pad to the depths of hell, and then to tea with Hal, and left rather too early and hung around in the science library until time.

Then messing around with spectroscopes. I find it irritating to share my experiment with another fellow, especially one like this, even if it is with as old a friend as Malcolm.

Professor Atkinson to give a lecture on Dounreay in the evening. Very interesting indeed, and went on until 2230. Only time for 3 questions, 2 of which I asked.

Saturday, 12 February 1966 KCT
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Letter from Dad this morning, which, rather to my surprise and definitely to my annoyance, was written before my letter arrived. Why is it taking such a hell of a long time? It is beyond me. Also, the terms in which he wrote were not very complimentary, to say the least. Also a letter from Contempary films, with a confirmation and bill for “Linda”, the film which we intend to show at the beginning of next month.

I can't find this film in IMDB.

After assembly, double maths, and spent the first period taking notes on finding centers of gravity etc, and then in the second period, when Henderson had arrived, had a test on integration - or rather 2 tests. Did moderately in the first, but made an absolute fool of myself in the second, rather to my chagrin.

Then art, and again talking to Hal, although about nothing in particular. Art bores me terribly.

After break, chemistry, and saw Mr. Atkinson floating around the new block, and so Simon went to get him, and spent the whole 2 periods (missed English) asking him hundreds of questions about various aspects of [nuclear] reactor stuff.

After lunch, meeting of the photographic society, and the motion about the new enlarger was carried unanimously - 22 votes. Also to get the colour stuff. Nobody wanted to buy the MPP, however, which I thought a bit irritating.

Down to Grays at about 1425, and ordered everything. My CDC had also arrived, as had the Wratten 2 safelight filter, which pleased me.

Left pretty quickly, without the rendezvous which I had arranged with Simon, and got back to the common room and started carving up my CDC case.

It had plastic foam inside, which needed to be cut to fit the items to be carried in it.

They think of everything - even initials (2) free. I want 3, however, but they will supply extras for 1/9.

That took me the best part of an hour, and I discovered that a Pentax SV with meter and case is a rather tight fit, but it does, nevertheless. Also fits without case, which is convenient.

Then, after tea, “Iolanthe” practice, and did the beginning of the 2nd act. Then, after talking a while to Simon in the wng [? illegible], off to look for my pocket diary, and when I got back they were changing the scenes, and we started on the last [?] act, which was quite badly learnt.

Finished quite late, and only just got into prep on time. Spent most of it talking and writing up my diary, which combined effort took most of prep.

In 2nd prep, developed 5 films, which was just a little hectic. Simon also did one of his own - quite a record.

Sunday, 13 February 1966 KCT
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Up to the darkroom before breakfast this morning, and saw what was going on, and vaguely tidied up. It will not be long now before the new enlarger comes and all will be happy.

After breakfast, up to the darkroom to load some film into cassettes - I am glad I am back on Pan F. It is a sensibly speeded film [18° DIN/ 50 ASA]. I don't like these things like Tri-X [27°/400] - they are not really necessary, and even Plus X [21°/125] is a bit grainy. I must use more Pan F and Pan X (which I li still more). Loaded 25 ft of that, and then helped Paul load 15 ft of Plus X, and then down to chapel.

Chapel included a sermon from the chaplain - the advertised preacher obviously could not come, and the chaplains sermon was pretty obviously unprepared.

After chapel, up to see if Aston wanted any help, but he did not. While I was waiting, however, developed an HP3 127 for Mr. Sprunt [?] - dish, as most 127's nowadays.

Then into the Sheldon room, and consumed large quantities of coffee and film, and in general quite enjoyed myself.

After lunch, up to the darkroom, and did a few prints, but Aston, who was helping me, has no idea how to develop an print, and also more trouble with grease from the enlarger column.

Then into the Sheldon room, had a cup of coffee, and down to Big School to take a photo of some scaffolding. Out for a walk with Aston, and decided to go and pay a visit on Gerard Trevett, which Aston did not think much of, not surprisingly, seeing as though they have not got on very well in the past, but I got him to invite him in, and he gave us a cup of coffee each, and showed me his TV, which was playing up on ITV owing to the total lack of an aerial. Pronounced my judgement, and a little later off, and back to school, where I arrived just before tea.

Up to the darkroom, but could not be bothered to do anything, and soon into the Sheldon room, and discovered that the place where we stayed in the Cameron Highlands 5 years ago was run by an OA (The Smoke House Inn).

After tea, intended to do some darkroom work, but again could not be fagged. I shall have to do some contact prints of all that I have. Did instead a bit of copying of the A level syllabus, without any of the essential refinements. I wonder how it will come out.

After makan, taking more photos in the Sheldon room. Also talking to Daddy G, who was in Johore Bharu for a year. Very interesting.

Monday, 14 February 1966 KCT
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Letter from Dad - when in hell is he going to get that letter of mine? He is still not very happy, and also is going up the wall about my account at Eastern Photographers.

Valentine card from Lesley, written in red felt-tipped pen and with a Richmond and Twickenham postmark. I wonder who she knows there.

The idea was to try to anonymize the sender (who never signs). Clearly not very successful in this case.

Spent time before assembly wondering how I could best subtly let her know that I knew which was her card. Pricky Cookson suggested that the easiest way to get a Richmond and Twickenham postmark on a letter was to send it in a separate cover to the P.O. there and get them to post it. Good idea.

Then mechanics, and a test, in which I made a pretty average fool of myself (I think). Annoying.

Chemistry is becoming a waste of time. Did almost nothing in the whole double period. At the end of it all, saw Clod about doing Ektachrome on Sunday. OK by him.

Then double maths, and post-mortem on last Thursday. 36%. Damn. I must do better than that.

Then maths, and even worse. 0. That is really awful. I really must buck up.

After lunch, up to the Sheldon room to work out what materials I would have to send away for in the afternoon, and discussed it all with Simon over a cup of coffee. I am going to have quite some bill to pay in 2 weeks.

Then down to find the Bursar, and while I was at it got had for a 135 mm S-Takumar by Archie Rollinson.

Finally got the money, and then down town to deposit it. Bumped into Miss Gill outside the Bank, matron outside the P.O. and Mr. White in Grays. He is setting up a darkroom in a big way. Should be interesting.

Saw TGW and Wodge on the way back - if I get away without being reported to Skiv I shall be very lucky.

Normally we needed permission to go into town, and clearly I didn't have it. TGW and Wodge were masters (teachers).

Up to the darkroom, and wrote some letters, and then hung around for a while, while Simon came up, and discussed what we should do in the near future.

After tea, which I had in the main dining hall, looked for a lamp socket, to no avail, and then up to do some copying, but decided to leave it until we could do it properly. Borrowed Simon's red pen and wrote a letter to Lesley - why have I not heard from her for such a time?

Then posted it to Richmond and Twickenham PO, and off to an Iolanthe practice.

After that, piano lesson with Miss Gill, and did surprisingly well. I must give a bit more time to the piano. I could do quite well.

Tuesday, 15 February 1966 KCT
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Still no mail - there are quite a few people I should like to hear from, and I only wish they would occasionally write. Life here is vaguely boring, and I feel unhappy. I wish life would again have an object.

After breakfast, to the Sheldon room as always to read about the change to decimal coinage in Australia which took place without any fuss yesterday. I wish we had coffee at this time of the morning.

Double physics was, for some unknown reason, in the art room, and Pad seemed ill at ease, not being on the home ground. Kept trying to push the board up (it is fixed). In the middle of the period, Kingcup went up the wall, and Pad went to examine. Very amusing.

Then chemistry, in which, as ever, we did very little. I have taken to learning about nitrogen, while not doing everything else. At the end of it all, checked on the chemicals available for E2, and all are there.

After break, did little, apart from our maths prep, which was on the whole quite easy.

After lunch, up to the Sheldon room, to drink coffee, and spoke to Paul Callow. He is still under the delusion that I just do not turn up on Tuesdays. Good [or Gawd?].

Got some graph paper, and decided to draw a graph of various lens functions against lens extension, and in the process discovered some quite interesting relations.

After a while, while I was drawing various relationships with large extension, Hal came up and we did little after that. I wish one could get something done more often.

So, after a while, down to the common room, and then to the tuck shop, and bought some food, and back up to the science library, where we spoke at great length on what we were going to do about going to Paris, and came to the conclusion that we would do something thoroughly baroque, and come home smelling [?] from one side of La Manche to l'autre. I shall probably give Paul a BO stick for a birthday present.

Then to tea, after which did little until maths, although I spoke to Daisy Daw, who was pretty pessimistic about our hopes for accommodation, but said that Ben Sykes could probably give us some information. Good.

Then to double maths, and had our erroneous ways pointed out to us. Then on with the maths, and more vectors, which look comparatively easy. I am still dead worried about maths 'A' level, and no doubt this will be borne out by the trial run.

Mechanics in prep - not too bad.

Wednesday, 16 February 1966 KCT
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AP and Pop Photography this morning, and so I was at a bit of a loss as to which to read, but I managed to come some compromise. Also a letter from Dad. He is very disappointed in me for not having written, and was also not too happy about the bottle of champagne I bought at the dog on New Years Eve. Pretty unhappy with me generally.

Discovered I would have to turn up for PE, as somebody was getting a little narked about me not doing so. Accordingly changed, and with Pricky to the Gym. Playing basketball, and first a bit of weightlifting. Rather enjoyed it, although I am absolutely useless at it.

Then lecture, which I am finding increasingly boring. I will be glad when we get to the end of it.

Then music, and got my copy of the “Meistersingers” score and followed it - it certainly makes it a lot more interesting that it would otherwise be.

After break, maths, and on with reduction formulae, which do not seem to be much use.

Chemistry was the usual nothing.

Drill, which I managed to change to squash courts after lunch, but Howard got me to help do some wiring in the modern languages lab, which was much more fun, and Paul Hallett was also there, and we quite enjoyed ourselves, even if it was more than the stated 30 minutes.

Then to see Professor Saunders (fencing) but he did not turn up, and so up to the science library with Paul and connected up both our bellows, 3× converter, tubes and 50 mm lens which should give one hell of a magnification - about 18×, according to our calculations. It degenerated, however, into a session of taking photos of my camera with this mess on, as seen by a 28 mm Super Takumar 2" in front of the mess.

Then Williams came up and wanted to develop a film, and so left him to it, and got some money (against a cheque) from the tuck shop, and off to tea, and got Hal to buy some stuff for us down town.

Iolanthe practice, and made a pretty average shambles of it. Was called away by Bray to fix up the safelight for him, and then when we finally did go on we made an utter mess of it.

I suspect that a bird who, I am told, is called Helen, and very good looking, has her eyes on me. All the better. I shall have to get moving. She reminds me a little in appearance of Cynthia Beatt. I hope she has a better personality.

We shall be having an Iolanthe practice on Friday 2nd prep.

Thursday, 17 February 1966 KCT
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Slept in this morning, I was feeling so tired, and well I might have, for no mail arrived in breakfast, and when it did there were only some photographic materials - paper and Eastmancolor.

Mechanics first, and went over the prep, and then on, ever on, with power, etc, and the usual problems about trains generating so many HP, going so fast, what accel [?], etc? All pretty pointless as such.

Then study, in which I attempted in vain to do the maths. I feel pretty thick mathematically lately. I wonder why.

Over to the school, where I did little, and eventually in to the lecture.

Lecture was as boring as ever, but I noticed that we will be coming to a section on banking, which should be of some use to me.

After break, double Pad, which is, as always, terribly boring. This time he decided to do a few examples on the board. One of these days he will realise what a waste of time it all is (or at any rate, I hope he will).

After lunch, wind band practice. It is just about starting when I get there after my coffee, which is convenient. Went through the whole Vaughan Williams suite, which was pretty mediocre, and left it at that, after brushing it up a bit. Discovered that Gerard was by some means incapacitated today, and so did not come. Accordingly to the common room, and cut a couple more holes in my case for a couple more film cans. I have finally finished all that Agfa WIF - not a bad effort.

After that, over to Stoneleigh, and worked out some graphs for flash factors, and came to the startling conclusion that the GE 1BS blues I have are as bright as ordinary PF1s, and are no larger. All the better. I don't mind.

Interestingly, these bulbs were relatively bright. This page gives a guide number of 40 for 21°/100 film with X sync and 1/25 s shutter speed. There aren't many modern (2017) electronic flash units that can do that at normal focal lengths.

Then over to the school again, to have tea, and while in there, Paul Redfearn said something to me about forming a chamber music club. I don't think anything will come of it, but it is definitely a good idea.

Then over for a bassoon lesson. He gave me a german reed to try. There is no comparison in tone between it and those crappy Italian reeds.

Then double maths, which is making me feel slightly ill lately. We are now on to projectiles on inclined planes, which all looks deceptionally [?] simple until one tries them out, upon which they change character completely.

2nd prep was a waste of time - I can't even do my maths for science.

Friday, 18 February 1966 KCT
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Up, by some superhuman effort, in time for breakfast this morning, although I had intended to get up at 0700 hrs to do some Eastmancolor loading. No mail, other than the grot from Marston and Heard. When will I hear from the women. I suppose, though, it is about time I wrote some letters to parentals myself. I feel a little guilty about this, but surely they will have my letter by now.

After breakfast, Simon and I buckled down, and loaded the Eastmancolor in 3 20's (which took up 1 metre) and 3 36s, which we just about got done before assembly.

Double chemistry, which I spent messing about with various odds and grots of Eastmancolor, taking anti-halo backings off, etc (it has a carbon backing). Clod came along and drew lots of pictures of crystal lattices in my book with my pen. That fellow is a nut. Told me I couldn't draw a straight line ————————

Then mechanics, and did about 2 problems in the whole period. In break, fixed [photographic fixer] the Eastmancolor grots. Much like Kodacolor, to which it bears a strong resemblance.

Physics spent examining the now-dried Eastmancolor (opalescent when wet). It is very similar indeed to Kodacolor. I hope we can use C-22.

After lunch, having been kicked out of “Iolanthe” on Jimmy's recommendation,

This was presumably due to academic concerns, echoing my own about mathematics. Looking back, it's not clear that it would have had any effect.

up to the Sheldon room and had some coffee and then changed for pioneers, and turned up in bare feet. Raining, however, and knocked off and went and did some photocopying work, mainly with long focal length lenses. Rather amusing using a 400 mm lens on bellows - camera body is dwarfed.

Then put a couple of Eastmancolors in my bag, and over to Stoneleigh to write a letter to Kodak about it, and borrowed Ng's typewriter to do same. It has a rather odd touch, which I suspect is because it is cheap (which I also just suspect).

Then over to the school to have tea, and as usual on Fridays stayed on until 1635.

Then up to physics, and Malcolm and I were messing around with mirrors, and finding focal lengths and radii of curvature, etc, of them. All very messy, and not anywhere near as accurate as those nice spectroscopes we had to mess around with last week.

Comment from Hal: Lewis: “What do you do when you have focussed the image on the ground glass?”. Hal: “Press the shutter”. Why did that have me convulsed with laughter?

The answer fits perfectly to photography with reflex cameras without a pentaprism.

Went to both preps, in direct contradiction to my intentions of only this morning. Did quite a bit of maths.

Saturday, 19 February 1966 KCT Images for 19 February 1966
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And so on with life. Why did I not get any mail this morning? I am just dying to hear from either Lesley or Jennifer (why did I not take my opportunity last holiday? I am sure I could have made off with her very easily, and I have always liked her. Ah well. Such is life)

After assembly, double maths, and went over some prep that we were supposed to have done, and which I definitely did not do.

Then we were just about to start on something new when Howard asked Jimmy what a differential equation was, and it dawned on him that the rest of the class had not yet done it. Norman and I revised.

Then art, and as usual up the back, but Paul was not in a very talkative mood this morning, and I stayed with my own thoughts.

After break, which I spent taking a lot of photos, chemistry, and Clod has perfected his waffle about crystal structure.

English, and study period - I will have an english period one of these days.

To the chemistry labs after lunch, and did the stabiliser for E2 and started doing the clearer while Paul did the hardener and fixer, and then off for pioneers, and once again turned up without any shoes. I hate the narrow-mindedness of people in this country.

Did very little, and soon back and changed, and to the chem labs, and there found Paul making up the bleach, and so left it to dissolve, and up to develop an Isopan F to 250 ASA while Paul did an HP3 in Promicrol at 35°C. How it did not reticulate or melt, I do not know.

Then down for roll call (Isopan F takes a hell of a long time to develop to such a speed), and after that down to Grays to see what had arrived, which turned out to be very little - indeed - just the lens flanges, and the Agfacolor chemicals, which are by themselves not much use.

Back amidst the crowds of girls admiring my boater (one asked me if she might try it on!), and put a 105 mm Tessar on the lens flanges, and screwed the mess onto my bellows, focussing thus from ∞ to 1:1, which is convenient.

After makan, up to the chemistry labs, and did the developer, and then to the darkroom to load the Ektachrome, and managed to get over to Stoneleigh in time for a bath, which pleased me.

Sunday, 20 February 1966 KCT
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Up pretty snappily this morning, and up to the chemistry labs, and checked that everything was more or less OK. Soon joined by Allen, whom I managed to persuade to turn up after breakfast, and Clod also came in, presumably to see that we were not up to any mischief.

After breakfast in again, and showed Allen how the water bath went, and got it more or less up to temperature for the long cool-down over chapel, and then started a letter to Mum and Dad, which is indeed very long overdue. Nor do they seem to be too happy about it. Pity. I did not want that to happen, but have just not had the time.

Then on until chapel, and then to robe up, and somehow managed to arrive on time, which was just as well, for Lewis was on the warpath about people not turning up on time, and was even threatening punishments.

Chapel lasted a very short itme indeed, and we managed to get out by 1100 hrs, which is very good. Got down to the first two tanks pretty snappily, and were going by 1110 hrs. Mine came out as well as I have ever had them, although with just a trace of a magenta cast. Paul's was also quite good.

Got a chit, and carried on after lunch with Colin's and also my experimental EH at 640 ASA, and all went pretty smoothly with that, until I took the EH out, and noted it was almost completely magenta. Decided that it might improve on drying, but unfortunately it did not. I shall have to leave the H₂SO₄ out of the next one, I think, and correct the colour part of the development.

Up to the darkroom after that, and did a couple of 10×8 contact prints onto film of the films we did before lunch, and then down again, by which time Colin's film was dry. Contact printed that, and then down with all the EX and started mounting. I kept count, and discovered that I can mount 10 frames for every one that Paul can do. Not at all bad.

This carried on for quite some time, for I had 75 frames to mount, and it takes me about 60 seconds for each one, but I had a bit of time to tidy up the lab after it, and left Paul to carry on mounting his stuff. Then got the slide projector and film strip, and took it down to room 27, by which time the chapel bell had gone, and I was late, much to Lewis's annoyance.

Showed the film strip “How to make Ektacolor prints from Kodacolor negatives” after makan, and then my slides, until the time switch turned off the electricity.

Monday, 21 February 1966 KCT
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I wish the mail would arrive on time. It is terribly depressing in breakfast, especially on Mondays, not to have any mail to read.

Fortunately, after breakfast, I did have a letter, from Lesley, and she says that my idea of going to Paris was out, as her parents did not approve - I am not too sure that they trust me.

Mechanics first, and did very little - Drax said something about impulsive forces, and gave us a couple of impulses to show what he meant.

Then chemistry, and Clod was going mad about crystal structure, etc, which is now on the 'O' level syllabus, and, as he pointed out to us, in 'A' level “A knowledge of 'O' level will be assumed”. I think it is all pretty bogus, and felt a little bolshy about it all. If he must teach us something, why doesn't he teach us something that is unambiguously on the syllabus?

After break, double maths + maths (how should I put it?.) And on with the prep, which I discovered I had overdone. Then maths, and on with differential equations (for the other people. It is all pretty easy).

After lunch, flute lesson, and had a bit of fun with my flute losing the bottom joint, and I eventually managed to persuade Betty (well, it is a little more complimentary than Bitch) to take it to London and have it thoroughly degrotted.

Then to remove all my stuff from the Wireless club, and first to find the Head Porter, but he was away, and so back to the Meynell Common room, where Paul was supposedly preparing a lecture, and messed around with 105 mm Tessars and things, and even put 3× teleconverter on, which did not improve the definition very greatly.

Then decided to finish writing my letter to Mum and Dad, as 'twas long overdue, and up to the science library to theis end, and carried on well into teatime, when I went down for a bit of tea, and told Allen that if he wanted a Miranda he had better lend me a 1/3d stamp to post it.

Then, after hanging about in the dining hall for a while, I went to the common room, and there got involved in a conversation with the mones [?; illegible], which went on until the beginning of hobbies prep, when I decided to go up to the Sheldon room and do a bit of bookwork on the C22 process.

Decided that this was not the most ideal place to do it, and over to Stoneleigh until 1800 hrs. Then over to Miss Gill, and she has moved her piano upstairs now, which gives the whole room just for that purpose.

Tuesday, 22 February 1966 KCT Images for 22 February 1966
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I should like to hear from Jennifer sometime. I wonder what she thinks about me - waste I my time on her? That letter I got from her at the beginning of term seemed to contain an exceptionally strong hint that I could have her. I suppose she is waiting for some photos. Well, she shall get them.

After breakfast, in the Sheldon room, and as usual did little. And no mail. How annoying.

Then double physics, which was, for once, not quite so boring, as we were on to defects of images, which was quite amusing, as Pad is not really up on all this stuff - made quite a few errors. Rather to my surprise, Simon did not seem to understand it either. I suppose he must sleep well, and not lie awake at night thinking about such baroque subjects.

Then chemistry - I wish to God that Clod would give up this rubbish about crystal structure. I am sure it will be of absolutely no use to us in A level.

Then double study, which I spent doing my maths for this afternoon - how I hate these tests!

After lunch, to the careers room to see GBH, and he showed me a couple of industrial scholarships which are available for the likes of me, which all seem to be tied up in oil. I don't know if I like the idea much. I think it would be fun to go into photography as a career - on the research side.

Then to the bilge [biology] labs to mount some gelatines between glass. Canada balsam must surely be the most objectionable stuff out - Ricky and I ended up with it all over everything. Left them to dry, and got my 105 mm Tessar and to the Meynell common room to do some photography, using Paul's bellows, and finished off my Pan F in the process, and loaded some Eastmancolor.

Then to tea, after first getting my maths books out and buying a 1lb jar of Marmite and a large amount of underwear.

Then maths, and the threatened test. What I like about Jimmy is the way he gives us such a hell of a lot of warning about these things. The paper was also amazingly difficult, and Norman agreed with me in this opinion. In fact, I suspect Jimmy chose the most difficult for us to do.

Then over to prep, to finish working out various C22 formulae. I hope we can do the Eastmancolor by this method. It would be very convenient if we could. I think we ought to buy at least 100 ft [30 m].

Wednesday, 23 February 1966 KCT
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AP this morning, which kept me going all through breakfast. An article about the Olympus Pen EM - a coincidence after my talking to Cookson about it yesterday. Also a letter deploring the lack of a Tessar of about 10 cm focal length for ∞ - 1:1 focussing on bellows. Coincidence - even wants the same screw thread.

This was exactly what I was doing four days earlier. It seems that the letter was sent to AP.

Instead of PE, had a service in honour of the beginning of the Christian fasting month (well - 40 days), which is not, I observe, nearly as well kept as Ramaðan. I wonder if it is the inherent difficulty in knowing whether the sun has set.

Then lecture, and TGW wanted to know who was probably and possibly leaving when, etc. All very complicated.

Then music, and just looking forward to to act II of the “Meistersingers” when I discovered TDH had cancelled it. Damn him.

After break, maths - some people seem to feel the same way as do I about differential equations.

Then chemistry - when will Clod give it all up?

After lunch, in which I got a letter from Dr Goodhurst of Gonville and Caius, who said they would automatically carry on my application from last year. Saw TGW thereabout after lunch, and then very late to a Choir [?] practice in room 26.

After that, preparing for C22, and discovered that it was a free day, and so all to the chemistry labs to make up the C22 chemicals (½ litre of each). Foxon does not seem to have the foggiest of how to use a balance, and Allen is not much better. Why do people find it so difficult to use forceps with weights? Surely it is not that difficult?

Finished, despite various retarding factors such as Paul, Allen and Foxon, before tea, and put them in a cupboard at the far end of the window bench. I hope they do not get touched during that time.

Tidied up, with more hindrance from Paul, before roll call. He actually had the cheek to tell me that he had done more that afternoon than I.

After roll call, down to Grays, and nothing further had come, and so bought ½ gallon [2,3 l] of Amfix and hardener, and a thermometer. Also found out about cable releases for Professor Sanders, the fencing master, who wants one - about 30 ft [10 m] long.

Up to the darkroom upon my return, and made up some Amfix and developed the Pan F I finished yesterday. A little thin - I wonder why?

Thursday, 24 February 1966 KCT
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Life having proven too much for me, I slept in this morning, and it certainly paid dividends, for when I did finally descend, a letter awaited me from Jenny (I had suspected that she might abbreviate her name thus, and she confirmed it in her letter. I must get moving with her if at all possible.

Then mechanics with Drax, which is always a bit of a bind, and today was no particular exception, although he did give us a rather interesting example out of the London board A level exam from last month.

Then study period, and after nighting various futen [?; illegible] and changing into some clean clothes, wrote a letter to Jenny - I wonder what Lesley would say if she knew? I doubt that she would be very pleased. I wonder if she is two-timing me?

Then lecture. What a waste of time. He was busy proving geometric progressions to the classicists. Terribly amusing.

Double Pad, and away from aberrations to optical instruments. He gave us some interesting facts which, though in accordance with fact, seem to be incorrectly worked out.

Wind band practice after lunch, and, as is too usual, hardly anybody turned up. I just wish that a few more people would take an interest in the thing (though I suppose I can't talk, as it has only been since becoming the leader that I have done anything thereabout).

Then supposedly a clarinet lesson, but once again Gerard did not turn up, and so sorted out a few more odds and ends, and sent a cheque off for the film “Linda”, which we should be having next Saturday. I certainly hope it is good.

After that, down to do little in particular. I have almost lost the ability to relax, such chances being in any case so rare.

Eventually over to Stoneleigh, and for a bassoon lesson. I rather enjoy turning up early and playing over any music that TDH happens to have out.

Double maths - I wish I were not such a lazy bastard and could enjoy more of my work - I really must do something to get my 'A' levels - I must get some really good grades and must do quite a lot of revision. Strangely enough, I feel I am going to do better in physics than in chemistry (as I did in 'O' level)

Debate in the evening - “All life is sacred”. Wast of time, but got into an interesting conversation about religion with a couple of girls afterwards in the Sheldon room.

Friday, 25 February 1966 KCT
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When I got down after breakfast today, two letters awaited me - one from Colin, who asked after his slides (which I must send off) and one from the Federation of UK and Eire Malaysian Student organizations, of one of which I am apparently a member - re cheap holiday flights out to Malaysia in the summer. They want a £10 deposit (returnable before the 30th of April). I shall have to do something about it.

Double chemistry first, and Clod is still raving about his crystal structures, and insists on my showing him some of my own efforts in this direction. I wish he would see things in true perspective instead of wide-angle perspective. Still, I can do little about it.

After that, mechanics, which was pretty ordinary - I wish we could get a bit of a change.

Then study period which, as of old, I spent frantically writing up my experiment from last week, and even fiddling the results, which I carried on in the science library.

Then got our stuff corrected, and to measure the critical angle for water.

After lunch, no wind band practice, orchestra practice, or choir practice, which makes a pleasant change. Looking for cheap Pentaces for Allen - an S1a going for £36··10··0, which looks interesting.

Then as we had a free day, round the school, taking various photos which looked of interest, and thus spent most of the afternoon, as it was not stable enough w.r.t. the weather for the pioneers to do anything. The weather has certainly been very variable lately, though - it seems to be doing some quick change act. It can't be relied on to stay the same for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. As a result, the sun was shining when I took a lot of my photos.

Then bought a couple of rulers, and off to the common room to write a letter to Allens father suggesting that he got a Pentax through the second-hand columns of the AP, and then off to tea.

Double Physics practical thereafter, which was quite amusing, although the experiment - messing around with air cells and things - was rather crude, and I would have much rather fitted it onto a spectrometer table and done it thus. As it was, our accuracy was limited to about 1%.

Then messing around with Wratten 25 and 47b, to find something about the deviation. Like trying to develop Kodachrome in D163.

Choir practice - nothing of interest coming up from what I can see.

Saturday, 26 February 1966 KCT
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Woken up by Jones, who told me that there was likely to be a raid on people who slept in over breakfast. Bell went at 0750, as if to confirm this.

In assembly, Pen had something to say, as well: nobody was to miss any meal without his express permission on each occasion. What surely must be an obvious reference.

Then double maths, and Jimmy went on with notes about differential equations, and, as these were somewhat different, Norman and I also took them down. 2nd order maths for science seem almost completely confined to simple harmonic motion, which is terribly simple.

Rain at the end of the period was almost tropical in its intensity, and by the time I got over to Stoneleigh (I had decided to miss art) I was soaked.

Finished off my chemistry essay, and then changed clothes, and over to the school for break. Like the tropics again it had stopped raining, and the sun was now shining, so Paul and I took some photos.

Then chemistry, and Clod had a look at my essay, made some derogatory comment, and left it at that. Next period was study again, and to see the Bursar about getting £10 deposit for the chartered flight, which I eventually managed and sent it off.

Then, after lunch, to the chem labs to remake the bleach, which Allen said he had messed up, and then to find various people to urge them to finish their Eastmancolor, and found out that the pioneers were not working today, and so over and helped Paul finish off his film by taking some photos of us, including feet Chopping in the darkroom.

That appears to be what I wrote.

Then down, dissolved the borax crystals in the colour developer, and got moving. I am getting just a little fed up with people and their inefficiency, and, in Paul's case, bolshiness. I wish he would be just a little more cooperative.

Went on through roll call, and finished the lot by about 1715 hrs, and to our great delight, there was almost no difference between the Eastmancolor and the Kodacolor. They all, however, seemed to have the same fault as last week - not enough cyan. I wonder why.

Sunday, 27 February 1966 KCT
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And again the weekend - oh, the monotony of it. bores me to tears. Up to the darkroom before breakfast, and borrowed Simon's shoe cleaning stuff. Had a look at the films after breakfast - I do fear that they are too magenta. Why is cyan such an elusive colour?

Thus on before breakfast, and downstairs to spend quite a bit of time tidying up. Also decided that Paul was not doing his duty as darkroom member and got Allen to get me some gummed labels, which I proceeded to put on the various bottles of solutions. Also, for Allen's benefit, made up some more Promicrol.

Then chapel - I like the Lenten services, because we have no gloria, and a thus correspondingly shorter service. Afterwards, up to the science library, after lending Archie my 105mm Tessar, and had some coffee in the Sheldon room to have some coffee [sic]. Down, pinched Paul's camera, which puzzled him, and up to Bushy top after I had given it back, and we there took some rather interesting photos. I must go up there again with a couple of tripods, a long lens, and some gum boots, and take a lot of photos.

After lunch, up to the darkroom, and did some printing - none for myself, but all for the Bursar and Jenny. I have a feeling that I did not do all of them - in fact, I know I did not - but she will just have to make do with what there is.

Then made a couple of contact prints and off for a walk with Paul, and paid a visit on Gerard again, and noticed quite a few people up that way - all my contemporaries. Damn. Now they know where the New Inn is. When Gerard had tidied up from his orgy, he gave Paul and me some wine and cheese. Paul does not like cheese .... when I had rolled him back to school, discovered everything had been happening there. The house photos in the Carpenter study had fallen in the toaster and set fire to the pinups above, but they had managed to put it out in time. And the mob in front of us in Vivary park had been accosted by some Teddy boys, and had behaved in a typical public school attitude towards them.

Made a few more contact prints, and while at it missed roll call. In the study apologising, and Phil Ranger asked me what I was doing in the science library with a camera - thought I had been spying. He has a guilty conscience, and not I, as he asserted.

Spent the time after that in the Sheldon room, writing letters to Jenny and Lesley, in that order.

After supper, used the colour developer from C22 (with α-naphthol) to make some cyan prints.

Monday, 28 February 1966 KCT
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How terrible Monday mornings are! Apart from having to once again face the beginning of the week, and despite the fact that I no longer do corps (or perhaps even because of it), I feel that all is somewhat not worth it: various masters have the day off, the tuckshop is closed (except for break, and that hardly counts), and everybody is running all over the place playing soldiers - even the masters. Coupled with this, the fact that we are flat out in the morning, and that, this morning, I got no mail from loved ones, nor, indeed, from anybody.

Mechanics - Drax did not turn up until 0915, and we were rather hoping he would not turn up at all, but before long we were back to our old relative motion. What the hell.

Chemistry - thank God Clod has forgotten crystal structures. But he has another bee in his bonnet - rates of reaction, the second law of thermodynamics, and so on. At least it is more likely to be on the syllabus.

After break, maths, and post mortem on our tests, and, strange as it may seem, I did better than Norman, though nevertheless not very well.

Then maths, and carried on doing a differential equation which we were doing. Rather amusing.

After lunch, up to the science library, and took down some contact strips, and on the way got sold some paper - just what I intended ordering - by Cheung. Also gave Ng some film for his camera.

Then decided to tidy out the bottom shelf of my scob, and found a lot of stuff which was all at least a year old. Even my Valentine cards from last year - and a letter from Sandy written about 11 months ago. I shall have to reply as if it were written this year.

Then went and did some music practice, and while in there Tyson stuck his head in, and put me off. Doubtless I shall hear some comment.

Then decided to go to tea, and as of old to the Meynell, which I have not been frequenting lately.

Then up to the science library, where I spoke at some length with Paul about long, short barrel wide aperture telephotos, and drank coffee filched from the Sheldon room.

Then to the Sheldon room, and did some multiple exposure effects with my 105 mm Tessar (which, having its own shutter, is ideal for the purpose).

Then took the projector over to Miss Gills and showed here [sic] dozens of slides of KL, which really delighted her. She considers that the Keng Hua is a “holy flower... not fit to be debased by men's hands“.

Tracing Chartist history in 2nd prep.

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