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September 1965
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Wednesday, 1 September 1965 KL. Images for 1 September 1965
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Back to the old grind. The usual early morning today, and into the office, and wrote up my diary, and started a letter to Simon Atkinson. At 9.00 am, off to Eastern Photographers, where they had my Kodachrome slides - processed in Hawaii! So much for avoiding ½ frame KR. No Promicrol, however, and down to Black and White, but they were shut, so on to the Lake Club, and sat round looking at the Kodachrome and writing to Simon.

Then arrived Lesley, with a couple of kids, complaining about them. I was rather hoping to impress her with the amount of tan I have developed, but she had been sailing, and was just as brown as I.

Birger and Bertil came along just as she was complaining about not being about to find her way to Jalan Bukit Kenney [sic], and gave me two invitations, one for each of us. Rather prompt service. Also offered to get her out there.

Then back home with them. I rather enjoy this in the back seat with her, but these little kids are a nuisance.

After lunch, went into town primarily to look for Promicrol, but also collected my new passport, and then to B & W, but they had none, and it seems that there are no agents for M&B in this country - shall have to get it when we go to Singapore next week.

This is the first (indirect) mention I make of the split-up between Malaysia and Singapore four weeks previously.

Then home, with intent to have a rest, but could not, and dragged out musical instruments and Mozart and Telemann and Händel, and played at length.

After a while, time was getting on, and so got moving, had a bath, etc, and then was told that Bev had an interview with the headmaster of the international school at 7.10. Rang up Lesley, and asked her if she could find her own way over, usw.

Everything eventually sorted itself out, and before long we were off to Kenny Hill, with Lesley and me in the back seat. The party got off to a pretty good start, and the lights were all out before dinner.

After dinner, did a bit of dancing, turning lights out, etc, and before long stopped dancing and out on to the balcony. The usual went on there, and we were up with the practical love-making stuff. That girl sure knows her stuff. Whew!

The accuracy of this report would have been better if I had known what “love-making” means. We hardly did anything beyond kiss. And it's surprising that I didn't mention my jealousy when another bloke danced with Lesley. I didn't know him at the time, but some years later he became my best friend—Sonny Rajah. I entered this day's entry on 31 March 2015, and a year later I entered my diary for 30 October 1968, in which I confirmed the fact.

Another person involved at that party was Carol Syme. She had been our next-door neighbour in Syers Road in 1959 to 1962, and also at Netherton House. I danced with her while seething about Sonny, and later got to know her better, but never quite hit it off.

Thursday, 2 September 1965 KL.
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Up at 6.50 this morning, and brokefast, and over to the office, where we had 600 copies of stencils to do. Everything went more or less according to plan, and we had, as intended, the whole lot finished by 8.00 am.

At about 8.30, Mum came in and discovered that she had forgotten to tell us to do 2 others, but we rolled them off in 5 minutes, and then collected Bev and to the lake club.

Before too long, Mrs. Cannings arrived, and we all set off for the houses of Parliament, and, after a bit of introduction to some of the other mob who were also coming, were shewn round by a Che Zaiton. It seems that the building was designed by Ivor Shipley, and very well done indeed it was. Noted particularly all the wood panelling, which looks very similar to Dad's sort of panelling. In the Dewan Negara noted that one place was labeled Datok Foo See Moy. Shall have to get hold of a VIP pass.

Then back to the Lake Club, and had a bit of fun there, with about an hour of discussing, etc, every man for himself. They ended up ganging up on me.

Got a lift home with the Cannings, and discovered I had left my bathers behind. Got hold of Bev, and asked her to bring them when she came.

Did little in the afternoon - was rather hoping that Lesley would come over to get the kain batek that we got for her in KB. Rang up, and discovered that she had gone to town. Played a concerto to get her off my mind. I can hardly stop thinking about her lately.

Had 3 cups of coffee to calm my nerves somewhat, rang again, and found she was too tired to come over - that was all I needed.

Over to the office, got the car, and to a quantity surveyors, and dropped some stuff, thence home.

Got clarinets, etc, out of the way, and had a bit of a rest, but only stayed asleep 2 hours, and then got up, did a bit of printing, and, against my better judgement, developed the W IF in Rodinal - during the Flintstones.

Ron and Carmel over, but did not stay for makan. Straight to bed thereafter - I am in a bad way. How can a girl do this to me? my nerves are in shreds.

Friday, 3 September 1965 KL
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Up at the usual unearthly hour, and feeling decidedly tired thereto. Over to the office, and before long thence to the Lake Club.

Few people were at the pool when I got there, and I ordered a pot of coffee to keep me going.

After a while, strolled down to where the rest of the gang were - one might justifiably call it that - and started talking to Birger. I must be off colour - I did not see the funny side of it when he tried to shove me in. Ah, Lesley, what hast thou done to me?

After a while rang Bev to say that Birger was waiting for her, and then rang Lesley, who had decided not to come to the pool, and who invited me over to her house for morning coffee.

Met John Liethard, who invited me, Bev, and Lesley over to a party on Sunday. Will do as doth Lesley.

Then over to her place, and took the Batek that we bought for her, and also a lot of other stuff. I was rather pleased to note that she chose the one we got for her out of the lot, although I think that the other finalist would have suited her better.

Back home - they dropped me - and when Mum came home, told her, and she said Lesley could have the other lot of batek as well, which will no doubt please her.

Then into town, mainly because I was feeling terribly depressed, but also to go to the bank for Mum, and then decided to go round town to look at the scenery. Made it as far as the Dog, and had a cup or 2 of coffee, and read recent and not-so-recent issues of “The Times”.

At this point, the weather gave out, and so waited until it stopped raining, up to Eastern Photographers, where they tried to give me D76 instead of Promicrol - close enough for them

Walked back home, and read the Modern Photography which I had bought - complete with the test report on the 50 mm f/1.4 Super Takumar - they certainly like it. They think more of it than of the 50 mm f/2 Summicron-R, which is certainly saying something.

Did again little in the evening - Dad had a go at doing some printing, but without much success.

Early to bed, but Dad came in just as I was dozing off, and talked for about an hour.

Saturday, 4 September 1965 KL
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And so it goes on. Up at a more or less usual time today, and Bev wanted to come with me, or at any rate to go and see Birger at the Lake Club. First to the office with Dad and Mum, and I forgot to get some stamps of the new airport for Lesley. Then along to the Lake Club to dump Bev, and I got out to see if any of my friends were there. Found Mike Symes talking on the telephone - I thought he was going to come along to the Golf club. His mind must have changed, however. Saw Birger and Bertil as well, and they promised to call me if there was any sign of Lesley at the Lake Club.

Saw John Liethard by the Muzium Negara - pity. I wanted to talk to him.

Lesley was already there when I got to the Golf Club, and so were the Piggots. Changed immediately, and in to shove people in right, left and centre - after they had done the same to me.

Lesley asked her parents again about the party, but it seems that there was no go - so I leave town. Damn it.

Also saw her dive off the top board of the pool - very good, considering that 'tis her first try.

After that, they left without even saying goodbye to me, which I did not enjoy.

Then back myself, and first to the office, thence home, and hung about until makan time.

After makan, decided to go and see “Dear Brigitte” at the Cathay, and off at about 3:15, after being measured up for some shirts at Globe.

Not a very amusing film - in fact, what with all this depression that I am already suffering, it did little to improve it - in fact, it worsened it.

Walked home, wondering what made life worthwhile, and got back home only shortly before Dad arrived back with Chan Peng Hong and his wife. Then all off to some chinese wedding breakfast.

Had tea, which ran into makan, and watched TV - I no longer seem to enjoy this sort of stuff. I wonder why not.

Early to bed again.

Sunday, 5 September 1965 KL → Labis → Singapore
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Up rather earlier than usual in order to get off to a good start to Singapore, and before I knew where I was, Dad had decided to go off to the office to get everything sorted out for his visits to the Dabrowski job, Kulai LDS Cluster, and whatever goes on in Kuching. Meanwhile, I spoke with Mum about what we should get in Singapore, and it appears that she wants me to clothe myself while I am there. Dad came back and vetoed the idea of getting a suit, but we decided that we might as well get me another pair each of trousers and shoes.

Off eventually at 9.00 am, and started off on some of Dad's cigars, and after that, we both went off to sleep for some time.

As noted further down, Rahmat, the driver, was driving.

Little happened until Segamat, when we got out and drained our bladders, before going onto the Dabrowski job. Marysia was actually there when we arrived, and dragged us into the kitchen as quickly as she could, and gave us a beer each, and told us about the particularly woeful day they had already had: the water pump had stopped working, and the cook had resigned.

Before long, after we had seen the greater part of the house in minute detail, and Marysia had complained similarly, Joe came back, and went over it all again. Then I went down with Marysia to watch her feeding the bear, Ali.
Image title: Bear 1          Dimensions:          2242 x 1353, 360 kB
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Back again, and down to Cha'ah to have makan, as they had no cook.

Then on again to Kulai, and it was absolutely pouring with rain, and I did not bother to get out. Dad met a fellow from FLDA headquarters there, which will help his reputation.

Then on to Johor Bahru, declared my camera, and along to town to look for the Mayfair hotel, which Marysia had recommended, but no luck.

Out to the station, but it was far too expensive, and so back to the Cathay (we had already let Rahmad off) by cab, and then to look for a place for makan, and discovered that we are near the festival of the moon cakes, and in disgust went back to the hotel, and had makan there with all the trimmings - Nuits St. Georges, Alhambra cigars and even some Courvoisier Napoleon, which is by far the best cognac I have ever had the good fortune to taste.

Monday, 6 September 1965 Singapore → Segamat → KL
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They are pretty punctual about waking people up in this place. Right on the dot at 7.00 am today. Had tea, packed up and down to find a taxi to take us to the station. Nearly got caught by one of the hotel's air-conditioned ones, and he would have wanted $6.00 for the journey, as opposed to $1.20 for the cab that we finally took. $2.00 a mile is no joke.

Found Rahmat, and then along to Collyer Quay, where we parked the car and set off for Change Alley, and had myself measured up for a pair of trousers, to be ready after lunch.

Had a look also at some 400 mm lenses, but the prices were pretty exorbitant. Into Lals when they opened, and they had the tape recorder and Yashicaflex 635 repaired, and only wanted about $20 for the lot.

After Dad had had himself measured up for some shirts, etc, along to North Bridge Road and had a look at what they had to offer there. Eventually came across a Soligor 400 mm f/8, and after a bit more deliberation, decided it was worth the $90 that they asked for it. Then back to Lals and started talking about teleconverters, and he showed me a 3× Auto Soligor for $37.20, and I accepted, so off with one of his fellows to get it.

Meanwhile, to Robinsons for makan, and wrote up for Saturday. Then Dad insisted that I got a haircut, and then back to get my pants.

Into Lals, and collected all our stuff, and tried out the 2 Soligors together—1200 mm f/24. Not at all bad, for the price.

Then out to the airport, and got a fill of petrol on the way, and repacked all our stuff, etc, and said goodbye to Dad, and Rahmat and I set off across the island to find our way to the causeway, where Rahmat did the talking for me. The usual reaction—they did not even check. It must be the honest smile on our faces, but in either case, it is useful.

This was a month after Singapore seceded from Malaysia, and the causeway was the only land border between the two countries. Even when Singapore was part of Malaysia, there were customs at this point, since Singapore had a different economic model.

On, ever on to Segamat, where we had planned to have makan, and did, although we got there rather earlier than expected.

On again at 7.20, and despite a few stops for trains to cross level crossings, etc, and once when I thought we had a flat (I have them on the brain after the east coast trip), we made it back to KL by 10.30 pm. Mum was not even there greet me, which I though rather lax of her.

Tuesday, 7 September 1965 KL
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Bev in at about 7.15 this morning, and I asked her what she thought of the new school. Not much, apparently, but it seems to be her fault that she did not.

After a while got up, and decided to go to the swimming pool, and rang up Mum to that effect.

Arrived very early at the Lake Club, and there was nobody there. At any rate, it gave me a chance to write up my diary. After a while, along came Sally the 3rd, with whom I have never spoken before, and started a conversation.

Rang up Lesley, and it appears that she had already gone off. Everybody started pouring in a little later, but not Lesley. Had my swim, etc, and changed.

The Golf Club mob came along a little later, and we were trying to get rid of them when Lesley came. Changed back again, and did a bit of swimming, etc. I must get her alone again in the near future.

Got a lift home, and while we were waiting at the Chartered bank, Lesley read my diary concerning the parties we had together. I wonder what she thought thereof.

In the afternoon, decided to go back to the club again, as all the old mob were to be there, and so got Mum to take us there (Rahmat had the day off).

Once again the same sort of thing happened, except that this time we had a cloudburst, and had to get all our stuff under cover. Carried on with the horsing around, etc, and quite enjoyed ourselves.

After a sort of tea break, ordered some chips, and that was the beginning of it. Kept the poor boy running backwards and forwards to keep us happy.

Eventually, people started dispersing in direction of respective houses, and so we rang up Mum and got her to come and collect us, which she did in about ¾ hour, and back to the office for a further ½ hour wait in the car.

Finally got home, and sat down to watch TV, then had tea and makan. Did a bit of recording on Mum's tape recorder, and quite successful, although duets are hell.

Wednesday, 8 September 1965 KL
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Up again at much the same time as usual, although I came very close indeed to oversleeping. I really must get some more sleep.

Along to the Lake Club, and by the time I got there, quite a few other people were as well. John Leathart was all terribly upset about going back to England tomorrow, and we did not go into the water for quite some time.

After a bit of procrastination John decided to play Duncan a final game of squash, and so all down to the courts, although I rather reluctantly, and before too long back to the end of the deep pool, where I proceeded to start to write up my diary.

Before I had got very far, I was joined by Katherine, which rather worried me, since Lesley made some comment yesterday about me getting on with her, and she was getting a little too friendly for my liking.

Then John and Duncan came along, and John was complaining that he would be leaving too early for anybody to come and see him off. Accordingly offered to pick various people up and go along to Subang tomorrow to see them all off.

Then home for lunch - I am fed up with being picked up at the same time as Bev finishes school.

After lunch, went into town to get a Modern Photography, and then back to the office, and was phoned to be induced to the Lake Club again.

Accordingly went, and nobody was there, although they started arriving shortly after I did.

After that, our now-usual chips run, and had 7 plates.

Carried on for a while until about 6.30, by which time the whole thing was rather degenerate, and Mum came to pick us up.

Told us when we got back that Dad would be coming back from Kuching tonight at 9.45.

Did little in the evening until 9.25. Mum thought he would be arriving at the old airport. The new one looks good at night.

Thursday, 9 September 1965 KL
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Eileen in at about 6.30 this morning to wake me up, and so staggered out of bed, and had breakfast, etc, and then out and rounded up Rahmat, and then over to Lorong Kuda to get hold of Jennifer Paton, who was ready when I arrived, contrary to my expectations. Then down in the direction of Federal Hill, and Duncan timed it perfectly, but we had to go up and look for Catherine, and it appears that she had overslept.

Out to the airport and saw John, who bought us all a cup of coffee, and I set up a 1200 mm lens on a tripod, bracing the front against the rail, and took a photo of him going into the plane. But ⅛th second... I hope he did not move too much.

In fact, it seems to have been one of the very few good images taken with this combination.
Image title: Subang 2          Dimensions:          2230 x 1169, 236 kB
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Then back to the Lake Club, had breakfast, and hung around all morning. I was the only male there, with 5 girls, which I rather enjoyed. Duncan came along after a while, but did little. I finally left at about 12.45, and decided to walk home. Stopped in at Ubaidullas on the way home, and got last months “Modern”.

Back home, exhausted, and at down to read my magazine - this month it is a telephoto edition.

Then makan, etc, after which into my room, and out like a light. Bev came in and woke me about an hour later, and told me that Dad wanted me to do something about a thermos flask that I broke about a month ago, and so staggered up and out into the waiting car to the office, where I waited 10 minutes before I could persuade Mum to tell me whither to go, and then along.

They had the refill, but there was some trouble about the pourer tip, and so I had to leave it there for a while.

Then along to Eastern Photographers, but nothing there that I wanted, and so back home, but could not get to sleep. Instead decided that I might as well carry on reading Modern, but could not keep to that, so decided to be a bit of copying newspaper clippings, etc, and did that for a while.
Image title: Newspaper clipping 1          Dimensions:          1046 x 2286, 477 kB
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Image title: Newspaper clipping 2          Dimensions:          1623 x 1500, 531 kB
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Image title: Newspaper clipping 3          Dimensions:          1620 x 2279, 887 kB
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Mum came home a bit later, and decided that she would make some scones for tea, and did - not bad, although a little heavy.

After watching TV for about 1½ hours, along to change and over to Lorong Kuda again, this time for makan with Ron Helen. Very good makan, and we quite enjoyed ourselves. He certainly has done things to that place.

This must have been the house we lived in a year previously.

Friday, 10 September 1965 KL
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Moon Cakes Festival

Had intended to get up early this morning, but the events of the last week or so so tired me that I found this absolutely impossible, and so I slept until quite late - about 10.30.

Then up, and almost immediately there was a phone call for me from Mum. She conveniently managed to hang up, and so I had to call him back.

As written. I had originally written “Dad” and “He”, then crossed it out and written “Mum” and “She” instead.

It eventuated that she wanted to get me to do something about getting my flight from KL changed, so that I would be on the same plane as Lesley - ML003 instead of ML157. In any case, they told me that they had no spare places on the plane, so I left it at that.

Then down to Globe Silk stores to get my shirts, and they did quite a good job - so much so that I nearly complained that they had forgotten the pockets.

Back to the office, and Mum got me to get myself wait listed on flight ML003, and this I did.

Then home again until lunch, which was a do-it-yourself affair, as Eileen was out eating moon cakes.

After that, Bev decided that she would like to go to the Lake Club, and so I decided that I might as well go with her. Did not intend to do any swimming, as it would mean being back home late for Ahmad bin Mahmuddin's visit.

Accordingly arrived, went over to a table where I hoped I could be alone, but was promptly joined by 4 birds, and subsequently 3 boys following them.

Gave up, and after about an hour, back home, wrote up my diary, and then arrived Ahmad, and I spoke to him for a while about cameras, and showed him all my new lenses, etc, and then down to playing some music. I sometimes wish his sightreading was a lot better - it does rather help.

Then did a bit of recording, with remarkably little success, while the rest of the family had tea at the Lake Club. Got some tea for us, and watched TV, and lo and behold, the bloke on Arena Sukan was wearing a shirt made of the same batek as my new ones. How deflating!
Image title: TV Announcer 1          Dimensions:          2507 x 1715, 675 kB
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Image title: TV Announcer 2          Dimensions:          2507 x 1715, 510 kB
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Image title: Gaston 2          Dimensions:          2514 x 1685, 1200 kB
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Talked about cameras again - even the Exa IIB is coming into consideration. Will be up to a Pentax yet.

Took some photos of the moon on the night of this festival. 1200 mm, but the moon kept running away.

Saturday, 11 September 1965 KL
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Up at much the same sort of hour as usual, and decided, against all my previous decisions, that I would have a change and spend this morning at the Lake Club. Dad, however, had other ideas, and got me to clean out our room. Accordingly down to it as soon as he was off, and was very shortly finished, and got Mum to send Rahmat over for me.

Accordingly over to the Lake Club, and was talking with Sally Barraclough when there was a phone call for me, which proved to be Mike Syme's friend Gurtip [sic] Singh, who wanted to come over.

Gurdip was not a member, so he needed somebody to “invite” him.

Before long, he arrived, and started getting boistrous a little later on, and we both (and also Robert) took it out on poor old John Man, who did not take it all that well.

After a while at that, everybody started leaving, and I rang up Dad and got him to pick me up, which he did at about 1.00 pm with the news that I had been confirmed on flight ML003, which means that I will spend my whole trip back with Lesley. Whacko!

Down to the Dog, and to the Long Bar as of old, and spent about an hour there before we went to look for Joe Speelman, and bumped into Bryce Rollins, and then Ananda Khrishnan [sic], before we finally found Joe.

Finally got home at about 2.50, and had our lunch rations. Pui Tiong Yeong has sent me a present - my first-ever box camera. Still, 'tis the thought that counts.

Then, on Bev's request, over to the Lake Club again, and Dad stayed, and bumped into Bryce Rollins. Left him there, and off to talk to Sally and Catherine, and later, when they arrived, to Birger and Bertil. The latter assured me that he had seen Lesley with another boy at the races on Sunday, but the former assured me that Bertil had not been there. From then on it was a lot of scandal-spreading. Eventually, when we went in to change, Bertil asked me what Lesley would do when I left her behind. Replied that I would be taking her with me. Rather shocked him.

Came out, and there was Mum, who had decided to have tea at the lake club.

Back home, loaded the rest of the Isopan F into cassettes - a full 24 exposure roll too much. Not bad.

Sunday, 12 September 1965 KL.
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Pretty wasted sort of a Sunday, as far as any achievement went, but it was rather fun.

Up rather later than usual, and discovered Mum and Bev off to the Lake Club for breakfast. Dad and I sat around reading the Sunday papers, until Dad realised that he had to go over to the office to get some stuff so that he could send all of his accounts etc. Mum had the key, so it fell to me to ring the Lake Club and page her.

Then over to the Lake Club with Dad, got the key, and nearly got roped in for morning coffee.

Back, and to the office, where we got quite a bit of stuff, including some drawings which Dad wanted duplicated, and back home, where I had to address all his envelopes for his accounts, etc. The letters will probably never get there.

This was a reference to my handwriting.

Then Dad tried to get me down to doing the copying for him, but I was feeling so dejected that he got fed up and tried to do it himself. He gave up after that - meanwhile Eileen had conveniently run out of gas, so we had to go over to the gasworks and get another cylinder.

Back again, and had makan, at which Lali was a non-active spectator.

Mum, Bev and Lal then off to the races or something (more likely something - when they came back, Bev said something about spending most of the time with the Agong). We down to doing the duplicates (or should I say I - Dad did little). Then finished off with a few portrait photos.
Image title: Norm 4          Dimensions:          1667 x 2520, 663 kB
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Image title: Gaston 4          Dimensions:          2526 x 1667, 760 kB
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Image title: Gaston and Norm          Dimensions:          2538 x 1655, 827 kB
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Developed the film, and at the same time watched TV. When I had finished the washing, we both went out to PJ to have a look at Dr. Arulumpulam's job, which is very nearly finished now, and quickly done at that.

Over, without my prior knowledge, to the Borneo Co. Job, which is in pretty bad shape. However, Dad intends to do something about it tomorrow.

Then home, put a tiger in my tankard and a film in my tank, drank the former and developed the latter.

Then off to the flicks at the Lake Club - The Magnificent 7, which I saw in Taunton in February 1962, and thought little of it then or now.

Very late to bed as a result.

Monday, 13 September 1965 KL
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Slept in somewhat this morning, following last night's riot, until I woke up and realised that Lesley would be back in KL. Got up nonetheless at a rather leisurely pace, and put on a record and listened to it for a while. Rang up Lesley, who confirmed that she would be coming, and then strolled over to the office to arrange transport, feeling at peace with the world, and wishing I had a colour film in my camera wherewith to capture the beauty which had sprung up around me.

At the Lake Club, my spirits were somewhat dampened by first a call from Gurdip Singh, wanting to come, and later by the late arrival of Lesley - I sat there, looking down at the road, and putting up with lewd comments from the rest of the mob.

Finally she arrived, covered in sandfly bites, and I into the pool, and we had some fun together.

Got a lift home from the Cannings, as is becoming embarrassingly usual, and spent it holding hands with Lesley in the back.

Back home, my spirits were again somewhat dampened, but I still felt reasonably happy, and was feeling generally happy until Dad asked me to do some prints for him the afternoon, and I did my best to escape it.

Bev went off shopping, and I was given instructions that, when she came back, I was to go down town and do some errand or another for Mum, and had intended going round to Lesley's place to take over a thing of batek for her, but Mum said that the car was busy or something, and so I had to go home and get down to the printing, and so got moving.

Everything went very wrong right from the beginning. By the time I was about half-way through, I had managed to spill the developer all over myself.

Changed into a sarong, and carried on, and before too long the phone rang, which proved to be Ahmad, wanting to know the prices of extension tubes for the Exa 1a.

Back to it, finished them, and put them in the bath to wash. Before too long, Dad came back found half of them covered in dichroic fog, and decided that the rest were not dense enough.

Over to the office to sort out large quantities of Bill's bills of quantities, and back for makan with Ron Helen and Carmel, and quite enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 14 September 1965 KL
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Up this morning feeling none too well, but let it pass, and got up in my own leisurely style at about 9.30.

Decided that now was come the time to do all my last-minute messing around town, and so rang up Mum about sending Rahmat over to get me. She, as usual, had a few things of her own that she wanted me to do, and then said she would send Rahmat over.

Rang up Lesley, and confirmed that she would not be going to the Lake Club, and invited myself over for after I had done my shopping.

Then down town, and to a watch makers to get my watch fixed, but he would not do it. The next fellow I tried, however, was game, and only wanted $1 and an hour for it.

Then got the Thermos from Robinsons, and to Eastern Photographers to get a last minute supply of colour film - EX135-36 and 2 CX135-20 [Ektachrome and Kodacolor]

Then to get a parcel down at Brickfields, and back, collected my watch, and over to Lesley's, where I found her alone - Tony had gone to the Lake Club and Mrs. was shopping. Did not, however, exploit the situation, but sat there talking about her stamp collection etc, etc, and then back came Mrs. Cannings.

After a while, the latter got sick of me, or was worried about her daughters welfare, or had to pick up Tony from the club, and dropped me back home. Rang up Mum, and discovered that flight BA717 had been delayed owing to the Indo-Pakistani conflict, and it would now be leaving at 0415 on Thursday. Rang up Sharikat Penerbangan Malaysia and found that there was a flight from KL to Singapore tomorrow night at 8.00pm, and rang up the Cannings to inform them and see if they would change their flight.

Checked with S.P.M. later in the afternoon, by which time they had changed their flight, and so did likewise.

Over to the Cambell [sic] Rd office, and there had my ticket re-endorsed - this is the 4th booking I have had for that ticket - and found out various details of the flights, and requested to be seated with the Cannings on BA717.

Then back home, and caught up on last night's hangover, and slept for some time.

Then Mum and Dad home, according to some mysterious arrangement only known to Mum, and later out to the Orchid room at the Lake club for makan. Really personal service - nobody else there.

Wednesday, 15 September 1965 KL → Singapore Images for 15 September 1965
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Up much as usual today, except that, despite pills, etc, my piles were killing me, and so decided to go down to Naina's after breakfast, and find something there that could help me.

Did so, and they had all sorts of odd things for sale so I bought a representative collection, and then to Caxtons to get a protractor for Dad, and off to the Lake Club, where I tried some of the ointment that I had just bought. It did not seem to have much effect.

One by one, people started arriving, Duncan first by a long way, strange to say. I did not feel up to going into the pool, and so just sat there laying [sic] in the sun, and sweating profusely.

After a while, a call from Gurdip Singh, which I did not answer. Back again, turned over, and after a while a few more people started arriving. At this point, I decided to go back home, but first had a few errands to fix up. To Guthries, to get a formal letter of apology for the plane being late. Back to the office, and got a letter acting as a check [sic] for £10. To the bank, cashed it, and then back home.

Rested for a while, and tried to recover, and Dad back to see how I was. After he left came Mum, and we all had makan. Dad back from Rotary meeting, and then all into town to do various odds and ends. First to the office, where I waited for Bev, and thence to Caxtons for ink and Nainas for charcoal tablets.

Back home again, checked on all my barang, and then decided to go to sleep, in order to be bright and alert this evening.

It did not help, for I woke up feeling like death warmed up, and rang up Dad to see what was going on.

Before long, he came back, while meanwhile I shaved and prepared to bathe. Had a bath, got dressed, and out to have some tea, which, however, I could hardly stomach.

Mum back a little later, and decided that the best time to check that I had everything was when we were just ready to leave. Got off despite her, and arrived in the airport at about 7.15, where Birger and Bertil were already waiting or us. Got them to take a lot of my barang upstairs, and then brought the rest myself.

After a while, all the usual stuff was over, and in the plane with Lesley and Tony, and off to Singapore, where we were booked into the Adelphi Hotel, and were given a good makan, which I was not, unfortunately, well enough to appreciate. Felt so lousy, even could not pluck up the courage to kiss Lesley good night.

My recollection was that she wanted me to join her in her bedroom. If I had been feeling better, that could have been very interesting.

Thursday, 16 September 1965 Singapore → (-2 hrs) Colombo → (-2½ hrs) Doha → (-1 hr) Beirut → (-1 hr) Rome → London Images for 16 September 1965
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GMT from London on

Up in the small hours of the morning feeling dead, piles killing me, and stomach threatening to erupt. Finally it did, and I gave the whole thing up as a bad job. Rang up reception at about 3.00 am, and discovered that the plane had been further delayed, and was not scheduled to leave at 7.15 am, and that we would be woken at 5.00 am.

This we were, but when we got down to the lounge, discovered that something was wrong with the transport provided, and it did not come until 6.30. This was not all that serious, for there had been a further delay in the plane. Just about killed myself trying to fiddle my excess baggage, but eventually we made it, and, after a bit of fiddling, ended up sitting next to Lesley.

Off to Colombo, which was the old airport again, and had breakfast on that hop. Dihorrea [sic] was a bit of a problem, and I could not stomach the BOAC omelette.

Then on to Doha, which took quite some time,

Probably the longest single hop I had ever done up till then. As a result of the Indo-Pakistani war, we had to give the whole area a wide berth.

and we arrived there at about 2.00 pm local time and were warned in advance that the local temperature was 44°, and when we got down, the sun was beating down, without a cloud in the sky. Impossible to sweat - it evaporated immediately.

For some reason I was wearing a 3-piece suit.

On to Beirut, where we were shoved round a tax-free shop, and then out again, without much time for anything.

On to Rome, and had makan. At least I felt more like eating, even if my piles were, if anything, getting worse.

Arrived at Rome, and stayed only about 15 minutes before getting back on to the plane. These transit stops get shorter and shorter.

Final hop to London, and remembered to get Lesley's address. I wonder why she did not ask for mine. Still, she promised to reply to my letters.

Finally, we arrived in London, and, as ever, I was half asleep. Woke up pretty quickly, however, and got moving through health control and passport control, and got stuck at customs with my camera. Eventually got through that, and discovered that Lesley would be accommodated at the Albion Court Hotel, and went to find out about my accomodation [sic]. Said goodbye to her, without even a chance to kiss her goodbye, and got back to my own problems. Eventually they decided that I was an unaccompanied minor, and sent me all over the place.

This was more for their convenience, I think. At the time unaccompanied minors were under 16, and I was nearly 17.

Eventually I was put on a bus to Victoria terminal, where accommodation was arranged for me at the Albion Court Hotel.

Finally got there at about 2250 hrs, and it was about 2310 before I finally climbed into bed, which, to add insult to injury, was in a dormitory affair.

For some reason I didn't mention that I was suffering so badly in the night—I may have been groaning—that they called a doctor, who came, and in typical British fashion said “Take 2 aspirins and see me in the morning. That'll be £5, please”. When I gave him my National Health number (PYDK 64), he got angry and said “If I had known you were on National Health, I wouldn't have come”.

Friday, 17 September 1965 London → Exeter → Newton Abbot → KCT Images for 17 September 1965
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Fellow rang up to wake me at 0600 hrs this morning, and up, etc, down, and to write up my diary before Lesley came down.

Did not quite make it, but did well enough. She was, not surprisingly, surprised to see me there, but also apparently pleased. In to have breakfast, and it seems that there were about 10 people from her school hanging around, who would be going with her.

After breakfast, in a taxi down to Charing Cross station to see Lesley off, and all the usual heartbreaking goodbye scenes. Just as I was about to kiss her goodbye, one of her friends came along, but fortunately did not inhibit her much.

Then down to Oxford St and tried in vain to forget about her. Saw a Soligor 400 mm f/8 going £14··10··0. Damn.

I had paid MYR 90 for mine, at the time worth about £11. The markup on other photographic equipment was closer to 300%.

Also saw a lot of other interesting things, including an 85 mm f/1,9 Super Takumar, and a 20 mm f/4 Flektogon Took a couple of shots with the latter - it really is a fantastic lens, and very easy to focus. Only £110 odd.
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Diary entry for Friday, 17 September 1965 Complete exposure details


Then back to the hotel, posted all my letters, and rung Mrs Baudouy, and then got a taxi to the Weſt London air terminal, and thence to the London airport. There bumped into a fellow at the British Eagle desk who noticed my Pentax, and said that he also had one, and a 200 mm f/5,6 Takumar.

Then to Exeter, and unfortunately a little kid 2 seats way from me was sick. It is suddenly becoming common.

From later recollection, the plane was a DC-3, which had a particularly inclined cabin while on the ground. Passengers entered from the rear and had to climb up to their chosen seat. I still wasn't feeling well, and sat down in the rearmost row. A stewardess warned me that it could be draughty, since the door didn't close very well: the plane was not pressurized. She was right.

Was met by a cab at Exeter, and finally got moving at about 1445 - the plane was 30 minutes late.

Got to Netherton at about 1530, and Mrs Baudouy was not there. Managed to rouse Miranda, and Papa Baudouy came along. Also got changed, and left my stuff in a room for Mrs. Baudouy to collect.

Down to the station, and discovered that the train service has been discontinued, and had to wait ½ hour, which I spent straightening up my accounts.

Then on the train, and all too soon arrived in Taunton and got a taxi to the school, where I was greeted by dozens of people staring dumbfounded at my photographic equipment.

Eventually, after I had, so to speak, clocked in, and over to the san to tell them I had been in contact with no infectious disease, up to the darkroom, and there showed all my barang to Paul, and were soon joined by Simon.

Saturday, 18 September 1965 KCT.
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Oh! How hectic is the beginning of term! My piles also helped little - I could hardly sit down at breakfast.

After that, straight over to the san, and saw the doctor, who was very sympathetic, and said he would prescribe some ointment and suppositories, etc.

Over to unpack, etc, but was yet again rather hindered by my piles. However, by the time the assembly bell went, I had got most of my stuff done. I still have the same large scob as last term, as well as all the room on my study place.

Then assembly, and to more or less meet Pentney publicly. He seems to be an interesting character, but quite a few bees in the bonnet - as well as hair, he is also a punctual man who puts his lessons before the Prime Minister of Tanzania.

He previously worked in Tanzania. But this is interesting, because according to Wikipedia there was no prime minister of Tanzania until 1972—the post didn't exist between 1962 (Prime Minister of Tanganyika) and 1972. Presumably he meant the Prime Minister of Tanganyika.

Then to form rooms, and quite a bit of arrangements about who was doing what subjects, etc, and Pad said something about his sets, etc.

Then, after break, chemistry and english. Clod is minding his step - he was on time. Piles were killing me.

After lunch, had a hell of a lot of stuff to do, and little time to do it in, but quite a bit of the darkroom stuff arranged, etc, and then to see Archie Rollinson, but he was in some trial.

Inside during games and wrote up my diary, and also wrote a letter to Lesley. I am missing her very much, which I suppose is a bad sign. In any case, spent some time writing, and then got some long lenses out and went outside, found Hallett, and we got a tripod, set the lot up, and started taking photos. Pad came along, and said something about it being very ostentatious, but looked through it just the same.

Carried on after tea and roll call for a while, and then sent Hallett off to get hold of some coffee at Mountlands, and to the darkroom, where I waited for Hallett, and we tried some of the coffee.

To the san, choir practice, where I was kicked out for 2 hours until after supper. Unpacked, and then into prep.

Voice test for tenor, and nothing conclusive, but I think I am back. Will find out tomorrow. Developed a couple of films in second prep.

Sunday, 19 September 1965 KCT.
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Up early enough this morning, and to the darkroom and to clean my teeth, as I had left my toothbrush downstairs. Then cut up my W IF, and down to breakfast.

Up again, momentarily, after breakfast, but had little time to do much, as I had various other committments. Walked about talking with Paul Hallett for a while, while I put up a notice to the effect that all people who applied last term were now members of the photographic society. Then to find out what my position was in the choir, but was rather hampered by the fact that I could not find TDH. Finally found him at about 0905, and he confirmed that I was now a tenor.

After chapel, which was a pretty average service, up to the darkroom, and got down to developing a few films - 2 for Allen, and one for Cookson.

Then messed around and did a few prints, and drank our coffee, etc, until lunch.

After lunch, put up another notice about showing the people about showing people round the darkroom after makan tonight.

Then down to printing again, and did some of my holiday shots, but I think there is something terribly wrong with the paper - oh! to get back to some decent Kodak bromide paper!

After a bit more, put some prints in to wash, dry, etc, and then out for a walk with cameras, etc, but I did not take much in the way of photos.

Back again, and upstairs, mainly to dry the prints, and then down to roll call.

Tea after that (there was a film on before roll call, which most of the school attended), and then up again to the darkroom, although we did little constructive work. Atkinson was there, which looks like being a fairly rare [?] occurrence this term. Paul had a a few prints which were dud, but they too were on this 5×7 [inch, i.e. 12.5×17.5 cm] paper, which is decidedly lousy.

At 1650, over to the san, and then a committee meeting in the Woodard study.

After chapel, makan (sang “Jesu, Joy of Man's desiring”), showed the little bastards round. I hope we manage to revive interest in the society.

Monday, 20 September 1965 KCT.
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Back to the daily grind, and grind I feel is the mot juste. In my case, had another list for members to put up before assembly, and in so doing forgot to go to the san.

After assembly, and too late discovered it was not in room 28, but in room 21. Accordingly, back up there, and then we had a sort of consultation with Jimmy Edwards about when we were to do maths, etc. I am getting rather cold feet about doing double maths A level, especially considering that the highest grades obtained last year were 2 D's. Handed in my “Scholarship physics” from the holidays, and then to chemistry, where Cloddy went on and on about who was going to be in what set, but did little constructive, and then moved on to aromatic chemistry, and decided we knew absolutely nothing about benzene, told us that, for A level, we were not required to know anything about the structure, and proceeded then to tell us everything about it.

After break, double maths, and Jimmy persuaded me to carry on with double maths. Norman and I will be the only people taking it now. Got on talking about complex numbers, and I confused Jimmy and myself by talking about a triangle-tetrahedron-system in 4 dimensions.

After lunch, over to the san, had a laxative as well as piles ointment. Then back to the common room, which was full to the brim, so I dragged a couple of lenses out, and started fooling round with them.

Eventually the place cleared. Got down to writing up my diary. Then started looking at the minutes book of the photographic society, and before long entered Simon Atkinson with the accounts of the said society, and in to the Alfred Study room to clear the scobs there of photographic society stuff.

Then off to tea, after checking what we had in the way of film strips, and then back again to the common room.

Did little - just hung about for some time talking, reading, etc, until all the little juniors started coming in for hobbies prep, and so out, and over to collect my blazer, move my music from the dormitory, etc.

Then to the san, more laxative, and over to Miss Gill's house for a piano lesson. She gave me für Elise - für mich! Quite interesting.

Tuesday, 21 September 1965 KCT.
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And on and on goes school life. I really do get a bit fed up with it after a while.

Over to the san after breakfast, and there had to do the usual in the waiting room. Declined Cheung iv's offer of help.

This was presumably for the application of the piles ointment.

Double physics first, and Pad was faced with the problem of deciding who to have in which set. Told us to play noughts and crosses while he consulted with Mashey. Lennox knows a few tricks.

Then issue of books. He expects both Lennox and me to take S level physics.

Then chemistry, and Clod got all worked up about the structure of benzene, and on to atomic physics in effect. Quite interesting.

After break, double study, which I find admirable, even though it does represent half my weekly study period quota. I shall have to see about getting out of music etc.

Did little until I went in to talk with Paul Hallett abut the relative merits of the Spotmatic and the Leicaflex.

Then, after lunch, we had a rehearsal for the dedication of the new dormitory block, and asked Skiv if I might take some photos of the whole proceedings. He seemed quite happy about it all.

After that, saw Bray about the film appreciation society shared films. He wants - in Italian with english subtitles.

Just as I had got that over and done with, in walks Newman and out to help TDH fill 500 envelopes with stuff for the subscription concert society. All very time-consuming and rather annoying.

After that, finally got back to doing my diary, and then in walks Simon Atkinson, so down to the film society business. It all seems terribly dicey to me.

To tea, after which I was accosted by Stuart La Moury (I am sure he has not always spelt it thus), who wants to join the photographic society, along with all his clique.

Double maths and more maths, and just Norman and I were there. To the san afterwards, and had some stuff for a stiff neck, and then to prep etc. Little happens in the evenings in this place - I miss Lesley, and what we did together 4 weeks ago.

Wednesday, 22 September 1965 KCT.
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Ach! Gott! Wie langweilig kann's sein? I certainly do get fed up at times. Why I keep a diary in the term time, I sometimes wonder. All the juicy bits happen in the holidays.

52 years later (almost to the day) I can understand. It may not be the most interesting account in the world, but it certainly isn't completely boring.

Today was no exception. No letters, which is beginning to have its usual depressing effect, especially as I am awaiting some correspondence from the bird of my dreams.

After assembly, in which Pen decided to call the forms out á la Ben, to common room, as I was off games for PT. Chaun told me that Sarge wanted to weigh me and measure me. I now weigh 152 lbs (69 kgm), and am 6' 2⅝" tall (I I call it 6'3". It sounds better) (1,90 m).

In fact, 1,90 m is 6'2⅘".

Then Mansell with a lecture about our debt to Greece and Rome, but it sounded more like a debt to Crete.

Then music, and had some ecclesiastical stuff. Hallett was with me, and made several irrelevant comments.

After break, Archie disclosed that he has got a Spotmatic. Damn. Then maths, and it seems Drax is away. Little mechanics.

Chemistry, and Clod went deep into the Quantum Theory and quantum mechanics. Very interesting.

Choir practice after lunch, after getting drills from Ryle for talking in lunch line up. Learnt an ode to Cecilia, which we heard in music this morning.

Spent most of the afternoon in the common room just relaxing, although Chaun's presence helped little. Hallett had more or less persuaded me to do some work in the darkroom, rather against my will, and when Dicky said he wanted to see a Spotmatic, I jumped at it, put my name in the exeat book, and looked for Hallett to tell him we were going to Grays. Borrowed also a boater from Dicky (I must get mine from Mrs Baudouy), and after roll call found Hallett waiting outside. He too had decided to come and have a look, but was going to walk.

To Smiths, and ordered “A Malayan Trilogy” by Anthony Burgess - it ought to be censored.

It was in fact censored in Malaysia, but that was because it was considered libellous. Burgess had lost a court case about the matter.

Then to Grays, and more or less showed Dicky and Hallett the spotmatic, and as the same time persuaded myself that the metering system still had a few bugs in it.

Doubtless that was true, but the real reason was that I wanted to see some advantage in my Pentax SV with the clip-on external meter.

Then back again, Paul nearly off the Spotmatic. Talking about it in the darkroom. Also lent him a Pop Phot, and over to the san.

Copying out maths notes in prep.

Thursday, 23 September 1965 KCT.
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At last! A letter from Lesley. Life is again worthwhile, and spring is in the air (in Australia). Still, I feel happy - am I indeed not an odd type? Also letter from Dad and birthday card from Grandma and Pop.

Over to the San after breakfast, and nurse said something about suppositories. I can hardly keep the damn things in.

Then double study (Drax is away), and spent it writing a letter to Lesley. Don't believe in wasting any time.

Then Lecture. This debt business is a bit of a waste of time, but Mansell promised to show us some slides on Wednesday next.

Then, after break, double physics, which I think is probably one of the least enjoyable periods in the week, - and this year we get 20 of them.

Pad decided that there were already enough people doing light, and so we are now doing mechanics.

After lunch, we were supposed to attend the dedication of the new Stoneleigh dormitory, and so to the common room, which was in a state of confusion, and the to the new building, and waited in the downstairs dormitory for quite some time while Bishop Wilson and mob ate their lunch.

Finally got a signal from Skiv to say that I could take photos, which simplified things from many points of view, and then the actual blessing.

Supposedly at a clarinet lesson, but arrived about 10 minutes before the end, and all the fellow (Mr. White has left) did was to find out how bad I was.

Then back to the common room to write up my diary, and hung round for some time until I could go and find Hallett, and got out of him a 4d stamp, and posted my letter to Lesley.

Then to tea, after which Divvers, and this new bloke is rather odd. He was talking about some “Prayers of life” by Michèle Quoist, which did not seem to be very interesting.

Then to double maths, and down to limits, etc. I feel that, at last, I am getting the hang of maths.

Off to the san at 1700 hrs, and into prep, as Jimmy had had enough of it.

Did little in prep - must get a bit more work done.

Friday, 24 September 1965 KCT.
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No mail again, apart from the Straits Budget, but most of it was in the Straits times so long ago that I had already read it.

After breakfast, went not to the san, as it would all seem to rotate round my bowel movements, which I do not propose to record.

Wave mechanics again in chemistry - we seem to be going round in circles. I am fed up of doing circular motion in chemistry, circular motion in maths, and circular motion in physics. We are getting nowhere. What about some translatory work? (And I don't mean modern languages!).

Finally got down to the structure of benzene, with its 3 π-bonds, usw, about 10 minutes after the end of the period.

Then mechanics, which, for a change, was motion in a circle in only 2 dimensions.

Then study period after break, in which I was quite busy. Norman even came in saying he couldn't make tail or head of the maths.

Then physics, in which we had to find some moment of inertia. Oh! for some linear motion!

After lunch, over to the san, and another suppository. Nurse says something about taking too many.

Then to the physics labs, as we were supposed to have a wireless club meeting. Eventually, Pad turned up, and said nothing of any importance.

Then games time, and, as ever, to the common room, and wrote up my diary. then wandered round for a while feeling and probably looking lost, and finally found Hallett (with whom I am certainly getting around a lot more than with Atkinson) and to calculate how much more paper we would need, and found Atkinson to ascertain his needs as well. Then to tea, on the Meynell table, nor was I the only Carpenter present - Jones TRW was also there.

Thence straight up to physics, where we got down to the fun of trying to measure the height of the flywheel - my own height, 1,90 m.

Came rapidly to the conclusion that this was a highly inaccurate experiment, and it looks as if we shall have to fiddle it, as of old.

Choir practice in 2nd prep, and we are really back into the swing of things.

Saturday, 25 September 1965 KCT. Images for 25 September 1965
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Well, I suppose it was a rather wild hope, that I should get a letter from Lesley today. With my writing on it, it probably takes 2 days to get there anyway. Dicky raised my heart somewhat, however, when he said that Ashford was only 10 miles from Virginia water, where he lived. Made all sorts of rash promises to let me stay half term with him. Then, after breakfast, discovered it was a different Ashford. Ah, such is life.

This Ashford was in Middlesex, now in Surrey. Lesley was in Ashford, Kent, about 120 km away.

Double maths contrasts sadly with double woodwork of this time last year. However, quite a few interesting things happened, notably De Moivre's theorem, which is one of those things which has worried me since time immemorial. Ah, well. I didn't even recognise it when it came.

Art lecture was very amusing, and it would have been fun were it not about art.

Thank God, we are off wave mechanics.

English, and he issued some books and made us do some work.

After lunch, over to the san and back on the ointment, as my piles are somewhat inflamed again.

Then to the linen room, and got some more pairs of trousers - I have about 5 pairs now.

Then to the common room, where I took a couple of photos, and even down to the cycle sheds to take one of Dicky on his bike.

Down to watch the rugger for a while with my long lens, and finished a film (CX), and loaded a Pan F which Hallett wanted to use to test the resolution of various lenses.

After the match, then, out to the front of the school, where we once again bumped into Mr. Pentney, who must be getting quite used to me (or, at any rate, to my camera).

Carried on until 1520, by which time we had taken all our lens resolution tests.

Back to school, and Hallett was still going strong with the 1200mm.

This would have been the 400 mm f/8 Soligor telephoto lens with the 3× Soligor teleconverter.

Up to the darkroom afterwards.

Then, after supper, developed 3 films, and called it an open day to any new types who might want to come.

Sunday, 26 September 1965 KCT.
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Up pretty early this morning, and to the darkroom, and got everything more or less tidied up there.

Back again after breakfast, and there were quite a few others there as well, and so Atkinson and I left them to it, and went off to discuss the term's program for the CCC meeting after chapel. Found Archie Rollinson, who gave us the go ahead for , and also Ben Sykes, who let us use his room. Found Bray, gave him our carte blanche, and then along to chapel, which was much the same as usual, except that TDH gave me a little box of wedding cake “to eat during the sermon”.

After chapel, to Big School for the CCC meeting, in which we had quite a bit of conflict, but all we wanted was arranged by about 1100 hrs, and so up to the darkroom, where I found Dicky, Hallett, and Austin. A little later, while we were developing some prints, there was a knock on the door. “Who is it?”; “Me”; “Who is you?”; “The Physics Master!” [Mr Padfield]. He did not appear to approve of 4 of us in the darkroom.

Over to the San after lunch, and then had intended to do my diary, but got caught up and had to do a film for Dicky.

Then just got out on time for our walk, and down to our old place, where the gate is now gone. Saw some archery going on in the police ground, and so went in to take some photos. The HP3 is useful at 1600 ASA - can even use the 400 hand held, and possibly the 1200 (f/24 1/500!).

In fact, it seems that I didn't take any photos with this combination. The two shots with the 400 mm lens were 1/1000 s at f/8 and f/16.

Could be better though. Bloke came up and offered to arrange for an archery coach to teach archery to KCT. Even offered us the birds at Sherborne. If Tony [Lesley's brother] goes to Sherborne, why can't Lesley? Damn nuisance.

Then a little dwarf came along with an Edixa Mat. Lent him my teles, and at the same time tried his Auto Cassaron f/2,5 50 mm out. Will see how the definition goes.

My exposure records claimed that this was f/2.8.

Back again, and more printing, although Dicky Cookson made a nuisance of himself trying to wash his film.

Went on after tea, and did some of the portraits that Dad and I did 2 weeks ago. Not bad.

Then out, and finished the HP3 (got 39 out of it!), and then to chapel.

Developed HP3 after makan - came out fine.

Interestingly, in my development records I have the comment “Expoſure” against this film.

Monday, 27 September 1965 KCT. Images for 27 September 1965
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Alas! No letter from Lesley. I hope I hear from her soon. It is gradually driving me mad.

After breakfast, up to the darkroom, and hurriedly finished off there. Then gave my address to the Bursar in reply to a recent memo.

Drax is still away, so had a study period, and got a couple more of the maths done. Then wrote up my diary for Saturday - the weekends are too hectic.

Then double chemistry, and Clod seems to be determined to waste our time. Spent most of his time talking the most irrelevant rot I have ever heard. Would much rather have got to and made some notes.

In break, discovered that we did not have double maths, but instead would be doing mechanics, and so we did 2 whole periods of it.

Even let out late, and nearly late for lunch line up as a result.

After lunch, over to the san for the usual, and then to the common room. Rest seems to be rather a wasted time lately. I shall have to start going up to the careers room again.

After rest, managed to write up my diary, and then sat around doing little, and decided after a while to go and take some photos of people making fools of themselves in corps uniform.

Back again, and it was as good as time for tea, and before long Dicky came in and reminded me of this fact. In to tea, and then to clean my shoes for the first time this term (with Dicky's shoe polish).

Back to the common room, and sat around wasting my time talking to Dicky, but before long, after we had finished considering driving licenses, up to the darkroom with Daw to have a look at his films. He wants about 23 ½ plate prints now. Damn. However, there is little I can do for it.

Then to the wireless club for hobbies prep, and got down to fixing up my loudspeaker and headphones, and listened to the first part of “The Wind in the Willows” in the Scottish home service.

Piano lesson with Miss Gill in prep - met her nièce.

Tuesday, 28 September 1965 KCT.
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One of these days, I will get some mail on my birthday. All I got today was 25 ft of Tri X. What I really missed, however, was a letter from Lesley. I begin to wonder if my letter to her has not gone astray. Sat through breakfast cursing as a result, usw, and was still in a pretty bad mood after breakfast. I have let myself fall too heavily for Lesley - and I only met her 6 weeks ago. Oh, woe is me. If only she would write.

Into physics, rather preoccupied, and I am damned if I am really interested in what Pad had to say. He would save a hell of a lot of time if he realised that we can read, and we all have textbooks. Still, he went over our prep for last Friday, and did not finish it in a double period.

Then chemistry, and Clod walked out or in, and in came Mansell, and said there was a telegram for me - from Dad. What about Mum & Bev? Posted at 12.50 this afternoon [KL time, UTC+7:30] and I got it at 10.30 [BST, UTC+1]. Not bad.

Double study after break, and I was in a much more joyous mood, and decided to do flatly no work, and did none. Spent the whole double study enjoying myself, which I think did me a lot of good.

After lunch, to the common room, and did little, and got Dicky to take a few photos of me looking degenerate.

Then the rest outside, and spent most of the afternoon writing up my diary, and then all back again.

Still felt pretty fed up, and so decided to go and do a bit of music practice to make me feel a bit happier. It did not, but could do little about it.

Then to tea, scrounging off Daw, and then double maths, in which we carried on doing series. I am beginning to see what people mean when they say that birds are bad for ones work. I can't get Lesley out of my mind.

Then decided that I had a bassoon lesson, and so handed in a chit to that effect, and along to look for my bassoon lesson and music.

Waited about half an hour before I decided that Mr. Fawcett would not be coming, and so back to prep.

Did no work in prep, either - today I have really converted into a day off.

Wednesday, 29 September 1965 KCT.
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And still no letter from Lesley. I am getting more depressed day by day. I wish she would write. Most of the stuff from A.W. Young and Marston and Heard arrived, and now we are only waiting for some Ilford Mark 5 and Plus X. Dicky was rather annoyed that they no longer had any stocks of WFL1D [printing paper] in half plate.

Service for Michealmas en lieu of first period, which rather shook me, as I had wanted to do my maths then. Still, I could probably get away with it.

Lecture immediately after, and Mansell showed us all his badly exposed slides of greek drains. Some of them were vaguely interesting.

Music, and in the middle of it TDH told me that I had a flute lesson at 1000hrs, so found Miss Mills, and over to Stoneleigh. I am getting a little sick of my various music teachers. One of these days I will give up learning the flute.

Then maths, for which I was late, but he was back on complex numbers again, and so nothing mechanical lost.

Then chemistry, and Clod started reciting the 'A' level syllabus. Nothing of interest.

After lunch, to the san, and then choir practice. On with all the usual, and we have a lot of anthems to do lately. It looks as if we will be doing “Cantatibus organis” for the Taunton and Somerset music festival.

After that, to the common room, and wrote up my diary, despite the intrusion of Lercombe halfway through, who tried to cheer me up, and give me a shot of carbon tet, etc,

For some reason, ignoring the poisonous nature of the compound, we had decided that it had value as an aphrodisiac. Much good that could help me here.

and then I decided that I might as well write a letter of introduction to Liliane Gunten for Dicky, as he had been pestering me for one. I consider it (even if I say so myself) a masterpiece of humour. I don't think Dicky liked it when I put it on his study place for all to see.

Then to tea, rapidly followed by a bassoon lesson, in which I arranged to have future bassoon lessons on Thursdays at 1520/1620 hrs [1620 local time], and then said I had a drill, and went downtown, where my Promicrol had arrived, as had my “Malayan Trilogy” by Burgess.

Back again, and got a VP620 from Hurst to develop. First film other than 35mm in the last 20 odd films.

Did little in prep - I am very dyated [?] lately.

Thursday, 30 September 1965 KCT.
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La ilaha illa'allah [sic]. Why have I not had a letter from Lesley? I am really getting depressed now. Surely she can't be playing netball or hockey that much. Still, there 'tis, and there is little that worrying about it will do me - apart from make me yet more miserable.

Mechanics first, and Drax is now back, and it seems we were really going about it all in the wrong way, which might explain why we all found it so difficult. Saw him after about forming an archery club, and, although he said it was a good idea, he did not sound very enthusiastic.

Then study in which I wrote a sort of gentle reminder to Lesley that it was a week since I last wrote to her, and why then still no reply?

Lecture with Mansell, and the place was plastered with various snaps (mainly German) of Greece and the Antikenwelt.

After break, double physics with Pad, which is well-nigh unbearable. Still, did our best, and lived through it.

After lunch, wind band practice, and as a result forgot to go to the san, which will not do my piles any good.

After that, to the tuck shop, which was closed, and waited around talking to Green until 1345 about University entrance. Skiv tells me that they want me to go next year.

Back to the common room, and wrote up my diary, and then had to go to a clarinet lesson, and old whatshisname seemed very pleased with my practice (which I had, in fact, forgotten to do). On with the Mozart concerto, which he also liked.

Then back to the common room, and carried on reading “Time for a Tiger” (which is a more apt name than I had imagined), until 1500 hrs, when Dicky came along and dragged me to tea.

Then divvers, which started off with a prayer. Thank God I will not do it any more this term.

Then more serious stuff - double (maths and more maths). On with series, and discovered some most interesting facts, the exact significance of which I am uncertain.

Over to the san at 1700 hrs, an then back to room 28. It certainly drags a little.

Read “Time for a Tiger” in prep. I suppose he speaks from his own experience.

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