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March 1966
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Tuesday, 1 March 1966 KCT
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Everybody, as is usual on this first day of spring, is wearing either daffodils or leeks - I find the latter quite revolting, and although daffodils are quite nice, I know several more pleasant flowers.

I must have known that the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere is the vernal equinox, but I clearly chose to ignore it. And the daffodils and leeks are Welsh symbols implying St David's Day.

Linda (the film, not the flesh) arrived today - they certainly send it a long time in advance!

Double Pad, and, typically, he was wearing a daffodil. At least Pen does not wear one - I think it is just as well for his reputation. Anyway, so it was, and Pad had a dirty great yellow thing sticking out of his chest - it was quite a fine example, I must admit.

Barrie Evans [a typical Welsh name] was also wearing a daffodil, and carrying a spare one around. I suspect, along with the rest of the form, that it was in case he made some new convert. Went in and demanded to see the one that Clod was wearing, in chemistry.

Clod brought in his notes on thermodynamics and feasibility, etc. Most amusing.

Double study, and did a lot of maths, and then checked in my Pentax file for various things.

After lunch, nothing in particular to do, apart from the fact that it was my turn to tidy up the Sheldon room, and so spent all of rest in there, and left the place tidier than do most people.

After that, no pioneers, and I had intended to do some contact prints in the Pad lab, but decided 'twould be just as well not to, and, after having a look at the leader of “Linda”, went down to the tuckshop and bought some stuff, and got Ma Smith to deposit some money for me, and then over to the changing room to wash my hair while having a shower, the latter process occupying a good 15 minutes. I then ended up in an argument about which was cleaner - baths or shower. Strange as it may seem, the former was generally agreed to be cleaner. I shall have to go into the maths of it.

After that, Brown came up to me, and said something about going to a concert tonight, and so I accepted. Then off to double maths, in which we did little other than revise papers, and see how to do them, and so on. After a while, however, onto impulses, etc.

After that over to see Skiv, and got an exeat signed for the Dentists, and Brown got me to get the exeat tonight signed while I was at it.

Then early makan, singing outside the chapel during the hymn, and off to the concert. Very good, and I met, rather to my pleasure, Drax's daughter. But I wonder what Drax will do when he gets no prep from me.

Wednesday, 2 March 1966 KCT
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Several adverse comments this week about the fact that I always get the AP in breakfast. I shall obviously have to do something about it. But then, people like Randall are always complaining about something or another - I wonder how they would fare in an utopia (or would the existence of an utopia automatically preclude their existence?).

After assembly, in which Pen said something about us having to give up 2nd prep for some educational research creativity thing, off to the study room to catch up on last night's prep, and at any rate got the maths done, but not, unfortunately, the mechanics.

TGW still going on about the mechanics of saving and investment. It is amazing what tough going some people find this. What if is to be able to think mathematically!

Music - 2nd act of Die Meistersinger. I am getting to like this very much.

Maths, and was, at any rate able to produce my maths finished. I am still worried about A level.

Chemistry, and Clod went on with his notes. I have a sneaking suspicion that these are also not on the syllabus.

Choir practice as ever after lunch, and a new anthem by Vaughan-Williams, which is rather nice: “Oh taste and see how gracious the Lord is”. I wonder what we will make of it.

Then free day, and had nothing in particular to do, so did some music practice for a while, and got various odd things in order. One of these days I must get down to getting all my negatives contact printed - I wonder when I will be able to do it?

Then to the gym, to see Professor Sanders, the fencing man, who kept me waiting about 20 minutes, and then wanted to know if I could lend him my 28 mm Super-Takumar (which I do not feel very happy about).

Then to see Paul, and tell him about the happenings, and then decided to go down town, as there were several things we needed to get.

Set out accordingly after roll call, and first of all down to Grays, where the sale is still on, but no 35 mm colour films going cheap, and so off again without buying anything more than some Agfa CN111, and sold Cookson a couple of EX 126-20's for 14/9 odd.

Then Paul bought a folder for keeping negatives is, and got some my refills for my little black (looseleaf) book.

Creativity tests, which were rather interesting, and we all seem to be little more than numbers - has no further effect on us.

Thursday, 3 March 1966 KCT
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Information from Kodak today, and they even apologised for the delay. This is very good of them. They also said, rather to my surprise, that Eastmancolor could be developed in C22, and also said that they would supply CPST55 in 100 ft lengths. Quite interesting, but it costs a packet.

Mechanics, and I was rather afraid that Drax would be annoyed me for not doing my mechanics, but not a bit of it - perhaps his daughter put in a good word for me. In any case, it is fortunate.

Then study period, in which I considered with Simon the Pentax S3 with f/2,2 Takumar that I had sent off for for £5 last night. Then over to do the physics problems.

After that, lecture, and on about supply and demand and an interesting pair of curves, which were apparently some form of simultaneous equation.

Then double Pad after break, and he came in very late and advised me to get on with the stuff for S level at the end of the book. I must do a bit of work for S level.

Wind band after lunch, and we have some new music - 3 Brahms hungarian dances, including that famous one to which Allan Sherman sings “Hungarian goulasch”. Very difficult parts, although that was the easiest.

Then generally tidied myself up, and over to Stoneleigh and had a shower, and then clarinet lesson, which was pretty hilarious, and I had a couple of bets with Gerard - the first about which number in the Uhl was set for grade VI, and the second on whether I had got his face in a photo which I took of him. I am pretty confident on both scores.

Then over to the school for tea, and considered my bets with David.

Back over to Stoneleigh for a faggot lesson. I must in future just stay over there. It is much easier.

Checked with Mr. Fawcett, and he confirmed that I had won my bet on the Uhl. Now all I have to do is develop the film.

Double maths, and Jimmy gave us a surprise applied maths test, which I thought rather nasty, especially as it was very tough, and a full 1¼ hours of it.

Then chapel, etc, and took my camera in to the annoyance of many. I don't know why people get so worried about all these things.

Oh, to be able to get some work done. One can never get down to work in a limited time.

Friday, 4 March 1966 KCT
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No mail, damn it. I wish it would come earlier, too. Today Popular Photography for next month arrived, rather early. I see the price has gone up to 60 ¢. I wonder if they will shorten the subscription.

Double chemistry, and Clod came in with some stuff about free energy, etc, from his friend the Professor of Physical chemistry at Keele university. It apparently depressed him, for he stopped giving us notes on it, although he told me privately that he thought it would be of use for 'S' level and university scholarships, etc. Ah well, The rest of this year will mean a lot of work for me.

Then mechanics, and Drax was dragging differential equations into it. I am pleased to note that other people also find it difficult.

After break, saw Skiv, and got a chit from him to work late, which is a blessing. I shall be able to do some work at last.

Diffraction haloes in physics, and the measurement thereof. Have to find the size of lycopodium particles.

After lunch, had some fun up in the Sheldon room messing around with a couch which could be turned into a bed. Took myriads of photos, and into the darkroom to develop them, and just about everything possible went wrong. don't know how it came out.

Then down for a dental appointment, and had quite a long wait before anything happened. Dr. Phillips was quite amazed at the amount of stain on my teeth, and implied that I did not clean them enough. Sun shining right into my face through the window - one of the rare days when it did shine.

Met Tim Russell in Grays while buying some copper intensifier and Promicrol. When I made up some excuse for being late back he made no comment.

Intensified the negatives, which then became quite printable, but I shall probably have to use hard paper.

Then physics again. There is surely nothing more difficult than to try to give a plate of glass an even coating of lycopodium. We spent one hell of a time trying to. Anyway, we got our haloes, and made some very crude measurements, and decided to pool our results with Simon and Lewis, and fiddle them anyway.

Then over to Stoneleigh, and had a shower (I want to have at least one every day), and up to do oodles of maths prep. At least I had plenty of time to do it in, and actually got it all done.

Saturday, 5 March 1966 KCT
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Iolanthe seems to be upon us already - Big School is out of bounds, and so we have common room lineups outside for meals.

After breakfast, when once again the mail was late, but, for me fruitless, up to the Sheldon room to consider my many sins. Saw Richard Rosser later, and he threatened to put up a poster for “Linda”, which I shall let him do.

Then double maths. I feel rather pleased with myself for being able to hand in 2 completed preps, all my own work. But why? Should I not always be capable of doing them?

We are still revising - Maclaurin's theorem, and the onto more specialised series and so on. Some of them are quite interesting.

Art lecture, in Big School, and up the back, where they had all the seats out for Iolanthe.

Sun was out in break, so our cameras were as well. I am lately taking a lot of photos of photography in practice.

Chemistry. Did little, although Clod was going on about the Phase rule. I think he is revising.

No english - and use of English [exam] on Thursday. I wonder what will happen.

After lunch, up to the Sheldon room, and there stayed for a while, but eventually decided that I would have to turn up for pioneers, and did so, though, as usual, I did very little work. Spent a good deal of time taking photos, and thanks to Paul going past, I managed to get hold of my teleconverter.

Knocked off at about 1500 hrs, but spent a good deal of time having a shower in the changing room, and so ended up going into the common room not much before the others, who had gone on a walk.

Stepped outside the common room, and nearly bumped into Paul Hallett, or rather my 400 mm Soligor on the end of his camera. Examined the former at length (well, it is, after all, long!), and in the end decided that it was of the same construction as the 500 mm f/5 Takumar: [drawing of a doublet]. Oh well. It gives good results, anyway.

Then to tea, both of us in the Carpenter, and then up to load a VP126 for Cookson iii, and then to Roll Call.

Up after roll call, when Pearson and Chandler thought they had the booking (in fact Bray iii had it, but did not turn up), and developed the film, and then out and hung around, alone with my thoughts for a while.

Prep, and spent the first half in the science library, and then down for a choir practice, which had been cancelled.

“Linda” after supper. Very good indeed - all were enthusiastic, and we will have to show it again tomorrow. Fire practice at 2206 hrs.

Sunday, 6 March 1966 KCT
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Ah, the depression of it all. I am not making the best possible use of my time, that is for sure. As soon as Sunday comes, I start moping because Monday is just round the corner.

After breakfast, the sun was shining, and so got Paul from his dormitory, and asked him to take a few photos, and got my faggott as a prop, and took some rather interesting photos with that - various people came around and made comments about it. The chaplain asked me if I had a license for it. TDH looked pained. Discovered I was being observed from afar by Allen with his telescope, and went in and had a few words with him.

Then chapel, which was as any communion service in Lent, and enjoyed ourselves (or I did, anyway, processing to the Lent prose.

Outside again, and the sun was no longer showing, but nevertheless out and started experimenting on a hunch I had had (in fact, some calculations I had made), and proved myself right by making a 1500 mm f/70 odd lens out of my 105 mm Tessar and 3× teleconverter. It would be of use if I could get a really wide aperture long back-focus lens to do it with.

I no longer have any idea what I did. Pity I didn't give more detail.

After lunch, printed some photocopy work onto 6½ × 8½ [inches, i.e. 16.6 × 21.6 cm] Agfa BEH 111 (grade 6), which is really excellent stuff for the job. I must, some time, buy large quantities of the stuff. Also did some Kodalith work, which is no longer as difficult as it was last summer - the Wratten 2 filter is very useful, if only to me.

Then off to see Gerard, and took a contact strip with me to prove that I got a photo of him, and when I finally got there, discovered that he was in Big School in the orchestra for “Iolanthe”. Went back again, and in and up to the darkroom, although it was only 1500 hrs. Did quite a few contact prints, which should come in useful in my filing system when I finally get it started.

Allen came up round about tea time and helped me. At any rate he is a little more competent than Aston.

Up after roll call, and Allen wanted a multitude of things done. First he wanted some film loaded into cassettes, which did not take me long, but he wanted to do it himself, and in the end I had to do it for him anyway.

Then developed a VP127 for him - I am getting very rapidly used to working with a Wratten 3 safelight - I suppose by necessity, for I do nearly all my 127s thus.

Then to the Sheldon room for a while, and down to post a letter. Aston turned up and got me to dish develop a PX, which he had exposed at 250 [ASA]. OK in D163.

After supper, Linda again. It was just as good this time, if not better. It moves me profoundly.

Monday, 7 March 1966 KCT
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Why no mail? I was expecting quite a bit this morning, and it really depressed me when none came. I am not feeling at all happy lately anyway, and all I want is Lesley (or, I suppose, more likely, women in general). Did a bit of music practice before mechanics - all the slow movements I could find which were playable on the recorder.

Mechanics, and Drax gave us a test, for which I was in no mood, and which I attacked (at the risk of making a pun) mechanically, without more than the bare minimum of thought.

Double chemistry, and more mechanics, this time of reactions, and various differential equations of the first order and varying degree, which puzzled Lewis somewhat.

Then, after break, double maths and, perhaps fortunately, Jimmy had not marked our surprise test which he gave us on Thursday.

Maths for science, and in that we did little - this revision is becoming just a little boring.

After lunch, over to the changing room to have a shower, and write a letter to Lesley. The former took me quite some time, and then upstairs with clean clothes on, and wrote to Lesley with Ng's typewriter, which has an exceptionally puzzling and rather confusing action. Still, it works, and that is all that really matters.

Then downstairs, and bumped into Archie Rollinson, who was pestering me for a cassette to put some FP3 in, and thus up to the darkroom, where I also wanted to load myself some Mark-V, which I did. Oni then came up to me with a Plus X which I thought was Pan F, and asked me to develop it. Went ahead as normal, and developed it for normally exposed Pan F, and it came out quite well. In fact, it was not until Paul drew it to my attention that I noticed it was Plus X.

After that, to tea, and got permission from Ben Sykes to do some photography for “Iolanthe” this evening - our chief aim is to outdo Choem [? illegible], who is official photographer.

Out into the War memorial quadrangle, where we sat for a while contemplating our advances in photography in the past two years. 2 years ago, Paul had a Brownie 44A. That struck me as rather amusing, considering he now has a Spotmatic.

Then to the Sheldon room to relax for a while, which was not very successful Piano leson with Gilly after that.

After supper, “Iolanthe”. Very good indeed - I took 80 odd photos on Mk V, PX and Pan F.

Tuesday, 8 March 1966 KCT
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Still no mail, apart from a letter returned from the Post Office because they have never heard of Cambuslang. What a bloody nuisance - no 2nd Pentax for me now.

Wikipedia knows all about it. I wonder what went wrong.

After breakfast, sat moping in the Sheldon room for a while, and did little else, for the films which I had developed were more or less finished - 2 Pan F's before breakfast, and a Mark V at 1000ASA, and a Plus X FF/DD over breakfast. Could have left the Plus X for a bit longer, but the Mark V was fine, apart from a bit of emulsion missing - about which I must complain to Ilford.

Then double Pad, which was a bore, and he was speaking about the wave theory of light, which took him a long time to explain, by many devious ways.

Then chemistry, and did little in that - Clod has left us once again to our own revision, and I suppose I ought to do some.

After break, double study, and finished off our maths prep for tonight, and had quite a bit of time left over, so over to the Meynell to talk photography with Paul.

After lunch, choir practice, and that lasted until about 1415. Then up to the Darkroom, where Paul was supposedly making some contact prints of the stuff I developed this morning. In the end, I made them. Quite good on Mark V, although the contrast was a little high.

Then the confirmation service, and quite amusing - the Bishop lost his place, and the service got out of step. Rather amusing.

Unfortunately, however, it last for a very long time, which rather irritated me, as I wanted to get out and see how Paul had got on with the prints.

Finally got out at about 1600 hrs, and along to the darkroom, where the prints of the Plus X were still washing. They, in contrast with the Mark V, lacked contrast, which was rather off-putting. Still, they will both make acceptable prints.

Then sent off “Linda” back to Contemporary films - they do not want it until tomorrow, and I only hope it arrives by then.

2nd half of double maths, and not much happened - just went over the surprise test he set us on Thursday. Once again I did better than Norman - but the prospect does not cheer me. After all, I only got 46% (same as last time).

Slob Davis pestering me for some HP3 in the evening. As a result of recent activities, I was dead beat. Couldn't do any work in prep.

Wednesday, 9 March 1966 KCT
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A.P. this morning, and I was so busy making sure nobody pinched it that I did not notice that there was no mail.

Trying to get my negative album up to date after breakfast, and it did not get very far before the 0855 bell went, and I had to go over to Stoneleigh and change for PE.

Got to the Gym and discovered we were doing some sort of a test - why I do not know. I am quite convinced that I am not an athelete, and what I did this morning in no way changes my opinion.

Economics - I seem to be one of the few fellows who is at all interested in Shitters lectures, although also one of the only fellows who has taken absolutely no notes.

Then music, and more Meistersinger. It is gradually becoming almost hilariously funny.

After break, in which I got a letter from Lesley, which in itself was most peculiar - Bev met a bloke called Greg who sent Lesley his love, etc. - maths, and did little of world-shattering importance there.

Read Lesley's letter again in chemistry - she wants me to go up to Scotland on Good Friday.

These were apparently my plans. Lesley had no intention of coming with me, and the question was when would be most convenient, from her point of view, for me to go there.

After lunch, another letter from Jenny, who confirmed that she, too, was born under Aries, on just about the very date that I had suspected - 26th of March. She was rather surprised that I had guessed the month, though. Seems quite keen for me to come up to Edinburgh, although she will be halfway towards Glasgow.

Up to the Sheldon room, after getting a 20 × 30 [inch, i.e. 50 × 75 cm] sheet of paper from Randall, and wrote on 2 20 x 15 sections of it letters to Lesley and Jenny, and folded them in on themselves, as Lesley said something about the Post office confiscating the last envelope I sent her.

Then finished off letters in Front Hall, with people walking about everywhere, and then to the common room for a while, and up to the darkroom to dish develop another film for Aston - he is always in a hurry to have his prints ready. Why, I do not know. They were full of camera shake - at only 1/25 second. I have done far better at ¼.

Down town after roll call, mainly for the change, and there was very little down there for me to make it worthwhile. Bought some Promicrol and MHS photo enamel, and back and loaded my last lot of Perutz 16 into a cassette for a birthday film for Jenny and Lesley - I think I shall have to cut all these things up and make a universal thing out of them.

Little in the evening - Wednesday evenings always depress me. Stayed in they study room until late.

Thursday, 10 March 1966 KCT
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And on with all the usual routine of life. When am I going to get a letter from Mum & Dad? It is surely about time. I was hearing more about the family via Lesley.

Did a bit of Blockflöte practice after breakfast - it is rather an enjoyable way of spending the time.

Instead of mechanics, use of english [examination], which I hope I pass. It will, at any rate, make my 9th 'O' level. But it is important that I get it, no matter what the cost.

I think this was some kind of “must pass” examination without which the others would not be recognized.

The précis seemed easy enough - about law and justice. When, however, I had finished it, I discovered that it was still about 50% too long, and so had to chop it down further. Spent quite a bit of time worrying about handwriting, and then on to the 2nd question - an essay on one of three subjects: a) Coëd schools b) fairness of examination c) foreign languages. I, as most people, chose the first one, and discovered that 400 words is a very awkward length for such an essay.

Then out, and to the tuck shop, and then 2nd half of double Pad, but fortunately he did not turn up.

After lunch, wind band practice, and we are still on these horrible Brahms Hungarian dances, which I find terribly difficult, and no doubt so does everybody else.

After that, was told to go over and see Mr. Trevett immediately, as Forward was on some Christianity and humanism farce, and so over. Mr. Trevett seems to have given up hope of getting me to pass the exam, although I personally think it is just a ruse to get me to do a bit of work for the exam. I suppose I shall have to, but it will not be because he wants me to. The whole lesson was an absolute farce, and we both ended up splitting our sides with laughter. Oh dear, as the say. Such an amount ot laughter is no good for me.

Then over to the school, after having my daily shower, and decided that, after that hilarious clarinet lesson, I could not face a much more austere bassoon lesson, and so went to tea instead.

After a while, decided to repent of my sins and go over to Stoneleigh, but by the time I got there, he had left. Ah well. So let it be. Did a study period, or at least theoretically so. In fact, sat moping at the way life was encumbering on me.

Then double maths - the long one, and spent the whole time revising, which is a bit tough. However, so it had to be, I suppose. At any rate, I had an interesting digression with Jimmy about a wire carrying a current in a magnetic field. He does not follow why it should assume the shape of a circle, despite all my expectation.

Saw Iolanthe again - absolutely excellent.

Friday, 11 March 1966 KCT → Minehead → Selworthy → Minehead → KCT
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Up this morning feeling just a little tired after Iolanthe last night, and the usual no mail to cheer me up, coupled with the knowledge that I had not done my mechanics prep.

After breakfast, postcard from Rank to say that “The Asahi Pentax story” was booked up until August. Whew. It must be popular.

Absolute shock in assembly - Pen calmly announced that today was a complete holiday. Silence for a good two seconds, then cheering and tumultous applause. He then went on to say that everybody had to be at least 5 miles from KCT by 12 noon. Suited me.

Quite a few arrangements to make, and up to the darkroom to load some film, and then off to get some clothes. Eventually, with Paul, off down town to get some money, and then out the other side, thumbing to Minehead. Got a lift from the outskirts of town to Minehead, and the bloke even stopped off on the way to show us Dunster, and gave us a cup of coffee when we got to Minehead. SLR enthusiast - had a Topcon Wink E camera.

Then, after getting some information, set off in the direction of Selworthy, and found it very difficult to get a lift, but finally, after walking about 2 miles, got one, and another one fairly soon after. Then up to Selworthy, and thumbed another car, which proved to be Donald Tyson. He stopped for us, but was too obviously full up with Carpenter juniors, so we carried on walking. At the church, met a fellow with a Pentax SV - old type (green R on rewind knob), and he was delighted when I lent him my 135 mm Super-Takumar to take some photos of the stained glass windows inside. Had quite an interesting time, and exchanged addresses, and then Paul and I set off walking up the hill.

Eventually back on the road, and back in one lift to Minehead, where we augmented our lunch at the Wimpy bar, and then set of to have another look at Dunster, and discovered that the castle was shut and the keep inaccessible, and so we had a look round the rest of the village (which is little more than a sight for tourists), and then set off again and found it very difficult to get a lift. Then, to add insult to injury, it began to rain, and then hail. We both ended up freezing cold, soaked to the skin, and covered in hailstones. Why did I laugh at that? But laugh I did, and I felt genuinely happy. Then, finally, a lift, and got back to Williton, and then another all the way to Taunton.

Got some fish and chips on the way back to school, which we consumed in the science library, and then down to the common rooms for roll call, and to compare notes.

After that, over to Stoneleigh for a shower, which I badly needed, and back to do some music.

2nd prep as usual. No choir practice.

Saturday, 12 March 1966 KCT
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Ah, what an anticlimax today is after yesterday! Everybody is still talking about what they did yesterday. Even in assembly, Pen had quite a bit to say about it, and thanked several people for their phone calls.

Then double maths, and revising further, which was a bit of a bore, and I managed to get away without having done any prep. However, it imposes great strain on ones mind, and I found myself straying from the straight and narrow path, and thinking of Lesley, Jenny, and what I would do in the holidays. Nevertheless, managed to learn a bit more about complex numbers, etc.

Then out, and Cocky Locky was giving us his views of yesterday's whole holiday, with an artistic aid, or commentary, or something. Caught the train up today, or tried to until he discovered that it did not run on a Saturday.

In break, did little. For the first time for a long time, had some money in my pocket, and so bought some food with it.

After break, chemistry, and caught by Clod talking to Hal, and was moved to the window bench.

English - 2nd period this term, and Daddy G wanted an essay on “Brave New World” by the end of it. What a farce!

After lunch, got permission to miss pioneers to watch the OA match, and so did little in rest, which I spent in the Sheldon room.

Then down to watch the match, and quite amusing it was, although the only photos I took were of Pad and one of the girls from Bishop Fox's, whom Ricky rather likes.

Match dragged on for hours, however, and I am not too sure that I would not rather have turned up for pioneers. While down there, discussed with Paul (Hallett) what we would do after roll call, and decided to go down town.

Match finished late, and no time really left for tea. Instead talking to Allen about the purchase of a new camera, of which he is now in need, since his Ilford Whatnot has given up the ghost.

Then, after roll call, down town with Paul, and first to Grays, where I was contemplating the purchase of some PF5 flashbulbs, but decided against it.

Then to Smiths, and bought a road map - I want to make sure I get to Edinburgh in time for Easter there holidays [?]. It has occurred to me that I could keep going day and night, and I probably shall.

Bought some Java coffee, and back. Had some after supper - it tastes just like Palembang. Lovely.

Developed a few films, although the spirals once again objected. Several in dishes.

Sunday, 13 March 1966 KCT
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Sundays - why are they so deceptive? One would imagine that Sunday, with its change from work, would be just about the best day of the week, but such it does not prove to be. I am almost invariably depressed at the end of a Sunday, much more so than on any weekday.

After breakfast, as ever, up to the darkroom, mainly to tidy up after last night, and then into the Sheldon room to have some coffee, and had a conversation about student uprisings (as in Indonesia, where, thank God, the army, with the aid of the students of the University of Indonesia, has taken over. I hope we have signs of happenings to the better).

Then chapel, which was rather complicated by the fact that the Provost was presiding, or doing whatever he was wont to do.

After chapel, had a darkroom booking, and nothing in particular to do, although I had had a few requests for photos for various peoples vanity files. Also did a few for my own birds file - of Jenny, but the contact prints off Ektachrome were pretty grotty, so I made some 5×4 [inch, i.e. 20 × 16 cm] blowups on to Ansco commercial Ortho.

Then lunch. I am getting a bit fed up with these juniors always complaining about mismanagement of the photographic society, and up after lunch to show Taylor that the Amateur Photographer was in fact in the Science Library. This, however, was rather spoilt by the fact that it was not. Paul had it, and I got him to give it to Taylor. The next thing I knew was that the nude by Johannes Sachs was stuck up on my study place. Christ, they will pay.

Then, theoretically, for a walk, but in fact over to Stoneleigh for a shower, and after that to the music rooms to do some music practice, and quite enjoyed myself. I must do a bit of practice for my bassoon and clarinet ABRSM exams, though.

Then up to the science library, where I endeavoured to get into the darkroom to get hold of my negatives, but they were already in there.

Eventually, however, they had to go for the film, and so in and got down to developing an HP3 for Davis CH, and then a few more prints. The prints from the Ektachrome were better than off the contact internegs, but the quality could have been far, far better, and thus is one of the contributory factors to today's depression.
Image title: Jenny Paton print 1          Dimensions:          3008 x 2413, 561 kB
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All images taken on Wednesday, 5 January 1966, thumbnails          All images taken on Wednesday, 5 January 1966, small
Diary entry for Wednesday, 5 January 1966 Complete exposure details
Image title: Jenny Paton print 2          Dimensions:          2938 x 2337, 916 kB
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Diary entry for Wednesday, 5 January 1966 Complete exposure details


Here the exposure and processing details, written on the back:
Image title: Processing details          Dimensions:          1450 x 1153, 382 kB
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All images taken on Wednesday, 5 January 1966, thumbnails          All images taken on Wednesday, 5 January 1966, small
Diary entry for Wednesday, 5 January 1966


Then made some transparencies for some Kodalith work, and then gave it up for the day.

After supper, wrote up for yesterday, and then down to the phone booth to make a phone call to Mrs. Baudouy, who was rather surprised to hear from me.

Monday, 14 March 1966 KCT
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No mail - but, contrary always to my hopes, there never is on Mondays. It is just one of those things one has to come to expect, and then to put up with.

Mechanics, and Drax went over the prep that we were supposed to have done God knows how long ago. Rather a waste of time, as I had lost my book since then. In any case, gave us a bit more of a go at the various questions which he presumably gave us as an aid to what we would get tomorrow.

Then double chemistry, in which Simon and I asked Paul to resign from the Photographic Society committee following the mess we found in the darkroom after assembly. Thank God, he did, rather than force us to have a meeting to have him chucked off. Simon and I intend to do it until the beginning of next term, when we shall have an election.

Then off for a flute lesson, which I feared would cut into break, but Miss Mills was also in a hurry to get off, and merely promised me double time next time.

Maths, maths, and more maths, and spent just about the whole time revising.

After lunch, up to the darkroom, and with Simon's help tidied it out. I have not seen it looking so tidy for a long time.

Then into the Sheldon room for some coffee, and noted a 38 mm f/1,1 'D' mount lens going for < £4 - which would fit Dad's Bolex. Interesting - useful speed.

Then managed to bring myself to go down town, and first to Grays to buy some developer (D163 and Promicrol) and a new thermometer (I broke the other one yesterday). When I came back, Winter came up to me and asked me to take a photo of him, to be ready by tomorrow, and so I dragged out my old Nagel Vollenda and put the 105 mm f/4.5 Tessar on it, and shoved a 2½ × 4 [inches, i.e 6.3 × 10 cm] sheet of film into it, and took it on that. This Ansco commercial ortho is rather useful stuff. I wonder if I can adapt the Vollenda to take slides for 2½  x 3½ film/plates.

That took me, complete with developing the film, until the middle of tea, after which again up to the darkroom to make up some D163, and then to the Sheldon room. for a while, and then back to do Winters prints for him.

Back to the common room, and discovered a letter waiting for me from Dad, with conditions of next holidays contained, but no money.

Over for piano lesson, which I rather enjoyed. I am slowly getting used to the piano.

Wrote to Dad in prep.

Tuesday, 15 March 1966 KCT
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And once again I am at the stage of term where I am depressed by lack of mail, and this morning did not help any. Decided to resign myself to it, and to the music rooms to practice some Blockflöte music.

Then the trial runs began in earnest, and I discovered that it did not really matter that I had not studied my mechanics, for Jimmy had given us the two pure maths papers to do - and, I might add, they were exceptionally difficult - at least I thought so, but then I had not revised at all for them. Paper II I found considerably easier than paper I, which was probably die to nothing more than the fact that I had remembered it better.

Gave up about ⅔rds the way through the exam, and wrote a poem in mathematics - the first to the fact that I had done no work, and the second to Jenny for not writing to me.

Then out, and Paul was muttering away about it being easier than last year.

Letter from Jenny - hooray! She said something about living in Armadale, but still refuses to give me her address. I wish she would. Also, why have I not heard from Lesley?

After lunch, did little - up to the Sheldon room to do nothing in particular, and consumed sufficient coffee unto the need, and then down and decided to go down to the common room and see what work was in hand, and decided to do something about these birthday films that I shall shortly be called up on to produce, and got down to a few practical shots, such as of 16 grains of sugar (since my shot of the sugar lumps was not as successful as it might have been, and and also a few other such photos - the music to “Happy birthday to you”.

After that, which I gave up at about 1530, decided to do a bit of music practice, and dragged out the Suite Modale that Betty Mills gave me yesterday, and did a bit of sight reading, in the middle of which enter TDH and said that sounded very nice, and would he like him to accompany me [sic]. Made a fool of myself re timing, as I always do when I am accompanied, but he said it was very nice, and wants me to play in a music club concert.

Then double study, most of which I spent writing a letter to Jenny. I hope she will play my game. I am getting rather to like her - but I should think likewise of Lesley if only she would write more often.

Did little work in prep - I really must buckle down and study, instead of reading books on how to fail exams (as I did in Esquire's “What every young man should know”).

Wednesday, 16 March 1966 KCT
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More row over the AP this morning - it all makes me feel more than slightly sick, but then I do want to be able to read it in breakfast, - surely it is not much to ask in return for my secretarial duties? Won the dispute, of course, but that it not in itself satisfying.

After breakfast, over to the san again, to see about an opticians appointment, and nurse knew nothing about it, and it was sister's day off, so had to leave it until tomorrow.

Then, after assembly, had chemistry, which was quite a good paper, although I fear my lack of revision may show through - especially in the organic questions.

But life is such a bore, and there is little one can do about it. I wish I had the will power and ability to do some work. I shall, I suppose, like everybody, start worrying next term, and thereto do some work, but I can't imagine it happening yet.

Finally out of the Gym, and to the tuckshop to compare notes, and decided that I had not done as badly as I could have.

Then to the common room, and there hung around until lunchtime, mainly in the Meynell common room.

After lunch, condescended to turn up to choir practice, mainly to learn “Oh Taste and see”, which I have decided I had better know. Besides, missing too many choir practices will just get TDH's back up, and there is no point in doing that.

Then to the common room, and carried on taking photos for my photographic birthday card, and finished most of them - only a few rather baroque ones to take now. I hope I can get Jenny's, in particular, ready on time - I see little opportunity in the near future, and I have still quite a few to do.

After that, decided to go down to the cycle sheds to see how my bike was getting on, and met David Hargrave on the way, and got him to come and account for his sins. At any rate, it looked OK, and we got the gears going while we were at it.

Then back up to roll call, and also to work out what I needed to get down town.

Bike dd not quite last out to Grays - somewhere in East street, the brakes at the back came undone (the rear light had already come off in South Road) and somewhere after that I had a puncture and a broken spoke.

Got my stuff at Grays - PF5's [flash bulbs] (which will, I hope, be useful) and also a Pentax body cap.

Back to school, got a photo of Gay and bird, and then up to dish develop a VP 120. Got a photo of it as well.

Oh, to have the will power to do some prep!

Thursday, 17 March 1966 KCT
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Still no mail. I hope Lesley writes soon - it is only 2 weeks now until the end of term, and if I do not hear from her soon, I shall not be able to go and see her - what, incidentally, should I do in such a case? Go up to Scotland? It might be a good idea, but I still do not know Jenny's address (though I suppose I could find out from the schol, or something.

Then, after breakfast, etc, did little until assembly - not even the customary music practice, owing to other commitments - Bale (a junior in our house) wants to buy a camera, and so I am plugging the usual Exa 1a, which he seems to like. I wonder what he will do when he sees it.

After assembly, physics exam, and we had a large choice of questions - 4 out of 8 - none of which seemed very difficult, and I managed quite well - I should have got over 75%, although I made a couple of slip-ups.

After the exam, Pad caught us outside the new block, and asked as about the papers. Spent an hour and a half talking to him, and, as it occurred to me in lunch line up, we did not miss double Pad after all. But nevertheless, a most interesting conversation. He can be a very interesting fellow to talk to.

After lunch, had intended to miss wind band, but was dragged along at about 1415. TDH's comment: “You're late”. What an example of lytotes.

Then to the common room for a while trying to find if there was any way I could fit an M25B into a PF1 socket.

M25B must have been a different kind of flash bulb, not (quite) compatible with PF1.

Obviously not from what attempts we made, although I think it would be easy to modify some guns (although, I fear, not my own).

Then over for a clarinet lesson with Gerard, which was more down to earth than last week, and we got a bit more work done - perhaps the sobering effect of the fact that the exam was next week.

That carried on for quite some time, for Gerard decided to accompany me on the bassoon as well, which he found rather amusing.

Then downstairs for a quick shower, and observed TDH practicing his trombone in the junior dormitory, which rather tickles me - I wish I could have got a photo.

Up again, and informed Mr. Fawcett that I was taking grade III on the bassoon next week - he took it quite in his stride, rather by contrast to Gerard's method.

Carried on practicing after he had gone - I must be getting chich. Then over to the common room, where Paul informed me that Miss Job (of Ashford school) had applied for the job (no pun) of matron. What a laugh.

Then over for prep. One of these days I really must do some work - (my war cry)!

Friday, 18 March 1966 KCT
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And so draw the exams to a close, and it is just as well, too - I could not have taken much more of this nonsense.

Letter from Lesley at last - I wish I knew whom I would prefer out of Lesley and Jenny, but I cannot see everything in its perspective. I rather feel, however, that I would prefer Lesley (but this is after just having heard from her). I feel quite prepared to comply with her request to be with her when she is in Beckenham, especially, and as a result, apologised to Simon that I would not be coming up to Thurso after all - although I might come sometime in the future.

Then into the maths exam, which was surely a study in torture. I have never seen anything quite so impossible. I attempted 5 questions, instead of the 10 required, and felt sure I had sunken deeper than ever into the mire. Felt like giving up halfway and writing a letter to Lesley, but decided against it.

Eventually got out, and compared notes with Paul Callow, who seemed to have done almost as badly. Sat outside in the (rare) sun until lunch time.

After lunch, looking for Skiv to go and apologise to Mrs. Morgan about dancing last week. He suggested I got tidied up first, and I spent most of rest doing that, and then up to Fullands to look for Mrs Morgan. When I finally got there, after a long search, I discovered that she was not there, and so gave up in disgust and went back again, looked for my sunglasses (for the sun was still shining, and the glare got me), and then changed and down for pioneers, where Weeks observed that he thought I was entitled to miss games on Fridays for music practice, as I am a music exhibitioner. Good for him. Mentioned it to Paul on the way back, and it is OK by him as long as I do in fact do music practice. That suits me. Now I only have Saturdays to account for. This is getting rather gear.

“Gear” appears to be the usage described in OED II 5. e: “ e. that's (also it's) the gear: an expression of approval. Hence as adj., good, excellent, ‘great’. Also as int. slang.:

1964 J. Burke Hard Day's Night iv. 89 Once we even all sat down and wrote those letters saying how gear she was and all that rubbish.

Then back to the school, changed, and hung round doing little for quite a while, and decided after a while to do some music practice, and on the Blockflöte with Pepusch and Bach. The former did not appear to be very inspired - just the ordinary run-of-the-mill baroque (and baroque can be very run-of-the-mill!).

Then double Pad, in which, as we expected, Pad had a post-mortem on the the Physics paper, and blew me up once again, although once again I came top. But at last I am beginning to agree with him - I hardly tried for the trial run.

Over to the san - I wish they would do something about my eyes. Then choir practice, which did not last long.

Working late again in prep.

Saturday, 19 March 1966 KCT
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And so, the last obstacle of the term over, we draw into the closing days of the term, and I shall no doubt spend the next 13 days waiting until I can see Lesley again. Ah, what happiness will be then!

Nothing happened in the morning before assembly, in which Pen also had little to do. In fact, the whole morning was just one dirty great anticlimax, in which Jimmy confessed that he had not yet marked the papers, and he gave us some work to do and marked our scripts, and after a while left, and then everybody had a look at the marks. He came back after a while, and handed out the papers, and also did Norm's and mine. He reckons that, for that paper, I would have got an E or O. At least that was some consolation, but I have a horrible feeling that I would not have done much better had I revised. All I need now is practice.

No art lecture, and so off for a study period, in which I did anything but study - revising various items of the Photographic society.

After we had turned up for chemistry, discovered that Clod was not here, and so off for a study period until lunch. That made a pretty good morning - long time since I have had three study periods in a day.

Up to Fullands after lunch again, and again Mrs. Morgan was not there, which rather irritated me. I am getting a bit fed up, and am thinking of writing a note.

Back to school again, and got moving on some photocopies [photos] for the birthday films for Lesley and Jenny, the latter of which is due to be sent off on Thursday, if the English Postal service persists in its usual inefficiency.

And, presumably, the Scottish postal system. But it was intended to arrive on Friday, so I suspect I had miscalculated.

That took quite some time, what with setting up all the usual photofloods and so on. I have one objection to B.C. photofloods

No longer any idea what that is.

- the solder on the base tends to melt with the heat given off by the things. I will be glad to get back to my easily set ES units at home - with, possibly, 28 mm Canon lens and bellows, teleconverter, the lot.

Then down to the common room, considering whether or not to go down town, and eventually decided not to, in order to get my films finished.

After roll call, thus up to the darkroom, got a dirty great [right angled triangle symbol] prism from the Padlab boxes, and used it for photocopying without stuff necks - very good idea, and, as far as I can see, no loss in image quality. Developed 2 of my own films and then off for a dancing lesson. I consider ourselves at quits with the ladies now, for none of them turned up. Anyway, the usual messing round. I thinkg I am getting the hang of this.

After supper, printed the films, and had a go at the astrophotography lark. Not very successful.

Sunday, 20 March 1966 KCT
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Well, all thoughts now seem to be concentrating on the impending end of term. I, for one, can think of hardly anything else.

After breakfast, tidying up the darkroom for a while, and also, but request of some various people, loaded some film, and we have now all finished all the HP3, which is probably just as well.

Allen had something to say about the largest sunspot ever observed, or at any rate, for quite some time, and so I thought it might be worth my while to have a look at it. It certainly is pretty big. Did not, however, have any time to take a photo of it.

Chapel I spent in the Lady Chapel, as it would have been ludicrous to go into the choir stalls with my throat in the condition that it is. To a fellow as fond of his own voice as I am, it is quite a blow.

After chapel, out to look for Skiv for my exeat, which had somehow been mislaid, and he wrote out another one, and so off to Gerard's place on Paul Callow's bike. It certainly is a crate.

Got there, and he pumped me full of ear tests, and then decided to hear my pieces, which he does not think will be too bad.

Then preparing lunch, which for all he said to the contrary, was quite good. But what a combination! Sherry to start off with, then sausages, eggs, mushrooms, etc, and then cheese. Most odd. Even gave me a cigar with my coffee (by which time some artist called John from Queens had come, and also Pearce).

Sat out in the garden for a while, talking, for it was very pleasant. The weather lately has been very good, but I fear it will not outlive the term, for, as Chaucer says, “Whann that Apprill with his showres soote, the droughte of March hath perced to the roote”.

Sic, from memory. The original (the very beginning of the prologue to the Canterbury Tales) was:

Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,

In passing, it's worth noting that the months were then measured by the Julian calendar, which was over a week off from the current Gregorian calendar at the time of writing.

Oh well. I might have known it was too good to be true.

Then back to the school, handed in my exeat, and up to the Padlab to prepare to take a photo of this sunspot. It looks as if Allen's telescope is a many-faceted jewel. By a suitable combination of bellows extension and focussing of the telescope, I got a full frame image of the sunspot (although definition was poor), which I reckon must be equal to a focal length of about 30 000 mm. All I need now is my teleconverter. But it has me thinking of other ways of going about taking telephoto shots, based on the same idea. Whoever heard of using a 28 mm lens for long telephoto shots (on 35 mm!).

After roll call, up to the darkroom to remove a film from Ngs Pen S, and also loaded some Mk V and XX. We are now completely out of film, so went and ordered 200 ft of various sorts of film, including another 25 ft of Eastmancolor.

Then gave up any idea of work for a while and off for chapel, and Lewis, for some reason, insisted that I turned up in the choir. How bloody silly!

After supper, on with developing Ng's film, wrote up my diary, and then looking at Spiral Nebulae (Orion, etc).

Monday, 21 March 1966 KCT
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And so into the penultimate week of term, and little to show for it apart from a longing desire to see Lesley again. Incidentally, the scriptures say “No man can serve two masters” (or, in this case, two mistresses), for either the will hate one and love the other, or serve one and despise the other. But I find that my love (or approximation thereto) is constantly flitting between Lesley and Jenny. I have still to see the effect of the most recent receipt of letters, though.

After assembly, Norman and I decided to go for maths with Jimmy Edwards instead of Drax, as the former would be going through our paper. Accordingly over, and got permission and spent the period doing coaxal circles with the Upper 6ths.

Then chemistry (“Ni! It was pretty pathetic!”), and got back our scripts. Got 88%, and Perkins, who came 2nd, got 68%, so I am not feeling as worried as I might have done after the exam.

Then, after break, more maths. Thank God not all our masters are intolerable. More going over the paper - he seems to be having fun doing his mechanics paper.

Then maths for science, in which Norm and I did some of the questions we had not done.

After lunch, tidied up my study place (Skiv had issued an ultimatum in break), and then decided to go down town, for no particular reason other than it had been some time since I had last gone down. According went by the front way via Gwynne Lane, etc, and nearly bumped into Jimmy James and Mike Jordan in High Street, and did bump into the bursar at Grays, where I nearly bought some PF1s, but they looked so grotty (everybody has gone over to PF1Bs now) that I decided against it.

These were pretty standard flash bulbs, but I can't recall the difference. Maybe the PF1Bs were the ones with a blue capsule (to simulate daylight).

I shall have to get some from Marston and Heard some time.

Then back to school, to develop and HP3 for Charlie Chaun, who wanted to do it by OB safelight. Christ, I wish he would find out before messing around with the grot. Also loaded a darkroom refill for him.

Then decided to go to tea, at the Carpenter table, for no social reason - merely that I was feeling hungry. Tea on Mondays, I always feel, is much messier than on any other day, but maybe it is just because I came in later in the game.

Then to the music rooms and did some practice, and carried on thus for some time, though I also had a shower before hobbies. I want to keep this cleanliness programme up as long as possible.

Spent hobbies period in the Sheldon room, which is pretty deserted at this time, and then over to the san, and thence to Miss Gills, feeling pretty awful, and not really up to the Mozart Minuet she gave me.

Missed chapel, and Shitters got onto me, damn him.

Tuesday, 22 March 1966 KCT
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Well, my throat is clearing up a bit, at any rate, which makes me feel much more joyful and glad to be alive.

After breakfast, mail included the film that I ordered on Sunday night - pretty good service - and a postcard from the Liskeard police saying that they would shortly be writing to me re accommodation in Upton Cross. I should have written similarly to Armadale and Beckenham - Oh well. There is still time.

Physics, and discovered that, although Pad was away, we were still expected to work in the Padlab, and so over to Stoneleigh. What an indignity - it is like being treated like a 3rd former, who would just abuse the study period.

Based on this record, that seems to have been a good assumption.

Anyway, thus spent the time, and then down to the Clod lab, and were told to go up once again to the Padlab, which was not so messy. Went through most of the organic section of the paper - nothing of much interest.

After break, decided to do some music practice for my ABRSM exam on Thursday, but gave it up after about ½ an hour, and back to the common room, where I did not do anything of importance.

After lunch, up to the darkroom, and there with the aid of Allen and Hallett (or rather, despite the latter) loaded 75 ft of film, which is a load off my mind.

This would have corresponded to 15 5 ft lengths, good for about 34 exposures each.

Gave Chaun the remains of the TX and CE, which only leaves the Plus X and Mark V to deal with.

Then down to watch the house match - why, I do not know, for I could easily have stayed indoors (well, I think I could have, anyway).

Eventually, having taken photos only of the aspects of a game of hockey which are not usually photographed (spectators, injuries, etc), up to the common room to label the dozens of cassettes of film on my study place. I can't see myself going without these holidays - I would have to average about 18 exposures a day.

As I enter this, on 26 October 2017, I have had my current camera (Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II) for 247 days, and have taken 9,301 photos, or about 38 a day. But then things are so much cheaper nowadays.

Then decided to have a shower rather than tea, and accordingly over to Stoneleigh, but changed my mind, and hung round doing little until time for double maths. Of, for the strength to face double maths. This evening, it was so bad that Jimmy noticed it - “You are with us, are you, LeHey?”. I don't know what he expected me to say. If it had not come as such a shock to me (for I was not with it) I might have summoned up courage to say no.

Over to the san afterwards, but my throat is much more responsive now, and I hope will soon be OK.

Then, finally, a shower, and then upstairs to do no prep. I cannot be getting enough sleep lately, yet in the evenings I do not feel tired: Holiday spirit creeping on, no doubt.

Wednesday, 23 March 1966 KCT
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Oh, the term drags! What I would not give for it all to be over and for me to be with my (my?) Lesley again. Well, to start with: my life, my soul (if I have one), my camera, in fact quite a few things.

After breakfast, up to the Sheldon room after going to the san, and rested for a while, reading last week's AP (I seldom get it until a week later).

This is in marked contrast to the previous week, which presumably referred to the same issue.

Then, after assembly, in which Pen was obviously violently disturbed about the international situation, PE, in which I did exceptionally little, having done all of it last week. The weather is, I fancy, somewhat colder than it has been for some time, but the sun was still nice and warm - I basked in that.

Economics, and about banks. I discovered that there are few branches of the London Clearing banks in Scotland - a point which may well have proven my downfall.

Music - on to the final act of Die Meistersinger, and it is getting rather amusing.

Jimmy spent the whole of maths doing one question, which he nevertheless did not completely manage to solve.

Then Chemistry - Clod was still waffling on about the trial runs. I wish he would keep it for himself occasionally.

Choir practice, which brought home to me the fact that my voice has by no means cleared up completely yet. Fortunately did not have much to do.

After that, to the common room to finally send off Colin's slides to him, and did so. Thank God that is off my mind - though I notice that he asked for them before 20/III/1966. Oh well. I hope he gets them before the end of term. Also wrote to some Rounsevell [?] bag (probably a widow), who, according to the letter I got this morning from the Liskeard Rural District Council, “accomodates visitors” in Upton Cross, and has a monopoly on it. Also wrapped up (or enveloped, as personal choice may be) birthday films to Jenny and Lesley. I wish, just sometimes, that I would occasionally hear from them. I rather feel that they reckon the term's correspondence is over and done with.

Then down to Mountfields (why does everybody here call it Mountlands?) to post Colins slides, which cost me a good 6d.

Then back again, and was waylaid by John Howlett to do some prints of Iolanthe for him, but when I went up to the darkroom with Paul, I discovered that the enlarger bulb had burnt out, and so gave it up as a bad job, and went down town.

At Grays, bought some Paterson negative file refills, as well as a new enlarger bulb and 5 litres of Promicrol (which should keep us going for some time).

Then to Smiths, bought a copy of “Horoscope” (to Paul's disgust). Practice with Gerard at 1700 hrs. He seems to be getting a bit fed up with me, to say the least.

Thursday, 24 March 1966 KCT
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I was rather hoping for some mail from Lesley this morning, but was disappointed - no mail at all, not even bills. Ah well. Such is life.

After breakfast, to the san, and over to Stoneleigh, which took most of my time, and then to assembly, and mechanics with Drax, in which he issued Norman and me with copies of the exam papers so that we could also join in the fun and do some of the more difficult questions.

Then study period, which I spent furiously practicing scales and things for the exams today. As usual, I was woefully unprepared, but then is such not half the fun of it? It all seems such a waste of time to spend all one's time preparing it, as did Pearce.

Then economics with TGW, and more about Banks. At last this is likely to come in useful.

More violent practice after break, and then, after transcribing the Galliard, in for my exam, and impressed upon the examiner, Dennis Murdoch, the antiquity of the instrument.

This must have been the bassoon.

After lunch, the music rooms were booked out solid for all of rest, so decided to get a rest from it all and go over to Stoneleigh and have a shower, and this I did.

Then back over to school again, and more mad practicing of scales, arpeggios, and discovered what dominant and diminished 7ths were, rather to Pearce's amusement.

Then, after lots of waiting around, becoming nervous (in fact, for some reason, I was not), did the exam, in which, as usual, I have not the foggiest how I did. Well, I have not got a distinction, but I could have a merit, pass or fail, and could not say which.

After that, talking to Gerard, who seems rather fed up with me. Perhaps I am just a little to insensitive for an artistic frog - or perhaps, much more likely, I just don't understand him. Ah well. C'est la vie.

After that, went for tea, with faggott, much to amusement of all, including Popsy and Mr. Thomas, and Popsy came down and asked me if I intended to blow it or smoke it, and then Mr. Thomas asked me if I found it difficult to get ammunition for the thing.

Then over for faggott lesson, in which I felt so dead exhausted that I could play much, and spent the time just talking to Mr. Fawcett about music.

Then double maths - Jimmy still has not marked our mechanics paper, having only just worked it all out for himself.

Only 3 more double maths periods this term, so we won't have much time to go through it.

More creativity tests in prep - what a waste of time!

Friday, 25 March 1966 KCT
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Annunciation of the Bleſsed Virgin Mary

My mind is at rest now that I no longer have anything to work towards this term. Even if I did not do any work for my Grade VI and Grade III exams yesterday, I still worried about them, and I have quite a strong suspicion that that had a lot to do with my recent fits of depression.

Letter from Mrs. Rounsevell in Upton Cross, offering me accommodation at £7 a week. Bed, Breakfast and makan malam, which, though it hit me at first, is after all a pretty reasonable offer, and as such I decided to accept it.

Lady Day today, as well as Pop's birthday, and for the former reason spent the first half of double chemistry in the chapel.

Then chemistry, in which I did little apart from pretend to do some organic chemistry, while Clod came up and tried to stuff metallurgy down my throat.

Then mechanics, in which I was working out, and, lest I forget, writing down, what I would need for the holidays.

Then study, madly writing up physics.

Physics, and we were given something to do with fresnel biprisms and such like.

After lunch, loaded some film (10ft PX) for Oni, and then spent rest trying to give him some idea of how to expose the stuff (and also how to do HP3).

Then down to do some music practice, for on this contest [?] have I escaped doing pioneers on Fridays (for I am, after all, a music exhibitioner). However, got down there and discovered that all was booked up, so off to write to Mrs. Rounsevell accepting her offer. I should have done something about the other places I will be going to.

Then over to the changing rooms to have a shower, after which up tot he study room to find out how a Leica works, I am very seriously considering buying an old Leica (say III or IIIa) as a second camera. From what I can see, they are excellent value for about £10 for a grotty one, and there is enough information in the AP's that I have to enable me to get it working properly.

Then physics - for there is quite a bit to a Leica, and I spent all of tea learning about it.

That's what I wrote.

When Fresnel first measured the wavelength of light by measuring interference fringes from a biprism, doubtless he had better equipment than we now have, and definitely more enthusiasm. In any case, the school optical bench must surely be one of the most awful things I have ever come across. I could build better my self!

Saw Skiv about missing Chapel on Monday - he reckons I need an exeat to go to miss Gill's. What rubbish.

Borderline case. Miss Gill lived on the border of the school compound. Strictly speaking it was outside, but I went to piano lessons there without an exeat. This too was for a piano lesson; the only difference was that (for some unstated reason) it was during a chapel service. So a strange idea indeed.

Working late after choir practice, though did little work.

Saturday, 26 March 1966 KCT
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Oh God! That the term might quickly come to a peaceful end! I cannot much longer take all this everlasting anxiety - as soon as the holidays actually begin, I am sure all will be well. But the number of thoughts that assail me will no doubt make a nervous wreck of me by that time. Jenny still has not written to tell me where she will be in the holidays - I have almost decided against going up to Glasgow/Edinburgh. It will take a hell of a long time - perhaps too long if Lesley wants to see me on Friday 15/IV/1966, and if I get up there, I am not even assured that she is mine. Surely the proverb maker had exactly this situation in mind when he said “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”?

A pun on the word “bird”.

No mail - I wish Lesley would write.

Double maths, and it seems I have lots of prep to do which should have been in by today. What the hell. Why does Jimmy carry on flat out right up to the very end of term?

Then art lecture, and discovered there was none, and so to the common room to do little, apart from mess around and indulge in my own private thoughts.

After break, chemistry, but Clod had little constructive or intelligent to say, and I sat there contemplating the structure of poly ethylene teraphthalate.

Then english - again study. “Read something good”, so read Somerset Maugham, who died recently - very good.

Presumably the material, not the death.

After lunch, spent some time in the Sheldon room, and then down and discovered that I was supposed to turn up early, so strolled over towards Stonleigh and changed and turned up apologising to Drax.

Did little with Rees help, chucked a few bricks about, and then, after talking for a while with Rees about explosives, knocked off early. Weeks later told me that I had not been missed, which was helpful, for it meant that I could have a decent shower, and then up to the darkroom to make up some KMnO₄ for bleaching in reversal stuff for black and white films. Then cleaned up my filters, which we made in the bilge labs some time ago. Quite good - now if only I can find some way to held them in place, it would be worthwhile making a few more - Green, Blue, Orange sound nice colours - and perhaps even a couple of colour correcting ones. Who knows what might come in handy?

Then got some fixer and hypo clear made up - somebody seems to have mixed them up, which doubtless helps little - and copied a photo for Oni. I hope it comes out wll. Some of these copy negs can be objectionable.

Then, after roll call, down town, and to Grays to enquire about the new enlarger, which, needless to day, had not arrived. Mr. Kinsey brought out a box full of odd developers for me - said he was unable to sell them in the sale. Good. Now I can find out what Agfa Atomal Neu is like - got 2,4 litres of it. Also showed Ricky the Exa 1a - he likes it very much. Saw Gordon Hessey there - buying an exposure meter.

Dancing lesson - did little. I am quite convinced that I will have to learn in the holidays.

As far as I am concerned, 2nd prep was wasted.

Sunday, 27 March 1966 KCT
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+1 hr
It's not clear whether times from now on are GMT or BST.

Oh! For all of this to be over and done with. It really is a case of “so near and yet so far”. Only 5 days to go, and it seems an eternity.

Up early this morning to have a shave (for one never has time normally) and thought 'twas 0715 hrs, but it turned out to be 0630, so after that off to the darkroom and loaded a couple of films into tanks, and got the chemicals ready for the reversal process which Ricky wanted to have done to one of his PX's.

After breakfast, up to the darkroom, and got moving on the PX, and after I had put the developer in, Ricky told me he had taken it at 250ASA. I wish he had told me earlier. Anyway, made a valiant effort, but the exposure had, in fact, been nothing like either of the correct figures, and all was washed out. Pity. Still, Rick liked it.

After chapel, did little - borrowed Paul's Spotmatic and messed around with it for a while, and then gave it up and to the Sheldon room, thence to the common room to listen to “Iolanthe” on the radio. Not nearly as good as ours.

Then to the wireless club to see how my radio was going, and put a new transformer in, and then off for lunch.

Just as I didn't mention my banning from the wireless club, there seems to be no mention of the reinstatement.

After lunch, up to the darkroom to develop a film, and that took me me some time (since it was a VP120 in Promicrol), and, at the end of that, it was such a mess that it was hardly worth it. Glanfield came along with a note from Mrs. Pentney saying that she would very much appreciate some photos of “Androcles”, which rather annoyed me, for the last thing I wanted to do was to watch the thing. However, I had little choice, and so rolled up at about 1340 outside Big School, and soon in, and took my photos. It was, to my mind, utterly wet, and Charlie Chaun and I were sitting there in the front row just about restraining ourselves from puking.

Then the end, and back to ask Mrs Pentney if she wanted any taken of the Critic, and also (tongue in cheek) to congratulate her on the production.

Then, after tea, off to “The Critic”, which was excellent, and all about a fellow rehearsing a play, and I only wish I had had more film to do it justice.

Then off, and up to the Sheldon room to write up my diary, and got that fairly soon over and done with, and then hung round the Sheldon room contemplating what I should do with the time available, and thus spent it.

Chapel, and probably the last time we will robe up this term. Thank God the end is drawing near.

Rang up Mrs. Baudouy in the evening - she does not have £60, let alone be able to send it to me. What the hell.

Developed film in the evening - chemical fog (why?)

Monday, 28 March 1966 KCT
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And on it goes. Ah, my soul, be patient.

Mail, at last, and very important to my holiday plans. The first was from Mum, with a cheque for £70 in it, and a wish that I might have a good holidays. She explained to me that I could get an arrangement with [bank] branches in other parts of the country. That could prove most useful.

The other from Jenny. She seems very worried about my welfare (unlike Aries), and definitely wants me to come up: “I am sure we can find something to do”. Oh well. I suppose I shall have to go.

After that, mechanics, in which I paid little attention, as he was just dictating notes to the maths for scientists.

Then double chemistry, and Clod took the first period to get warmed up, and then nattering away about phase rule diagrams and so on for Iodine - not very convincing.

Maths, and we got or mechanics papers, and I got 24% - what a mess. I really must buck up my ideas. Doing the other ones in 5th period.

After lunch, over to have a shower, and arrange various things, and then down town, and on the way bumped into Spencer Cheung, who reminded me that I owed him 10/-, and so I invited him to come along to the bank with me, and got him to deposit my money and cash a cheque while I made arrangements with Banks in Liskeard, Armadale and Beckenham.

Then down to Grays, where I ascertained that the enlarger had still not come, and decided that I could do with some flash bulbs for the holidays, and so bought 20 AG1Bs on the kira. Then started strolling back, and outside Corfield Hall tried to ring Mrs Baudouy, but she was not in.

Then back to the school, and paid a visit to the Q stores for the first time for nearly a year. Dray has just been appointed to the Q stores staff

Then to the common room, where Charlie was complaining about only getting 24 exposures off his last Eastmancolor.

This seems to have been one of the “remains” I mentioned on 22 March.

Then to tea, after which up to the Sheldon room to write a letter to Jenny, and told her much the same as before about my plans to come up. Ah, how fickle can man be!

Then wrote a letter to the West Lothian County council about accommodation, and then was so tired that I went to sleep for a good ¼ of an hour, until Henderson woke me up.

Piano lesson, and asked Gilly if I could change in her house on Friday. OK by her.

At the end of term we had to leave school in school uniform, but I didn't want to travel in it, so I needed somewhere to change. Miss Gill's house adjoined the school, so I could enter in uniform by the rear door and leave by the front door in civvies.

Hair inspection in lineup - got by.

These were the days where “respectable” boys had short hair and wanted longer hair.

Lecture on Civil engineering - not for me.

Tuesday, 29 March 1966 KCT
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Dead tired this morning, and decided to sleep in, but, unfortunately, I was not permitted so to do, and so off for breakfast, in which, for the first time for quite some time, the mail was on time, and two letters for me: a letter from Lloyds bank, saying it was not possible to have arrangements as I wanted them, and would I please call in and see them quam celerrime. Also statement from Geoffrey Howarth for some flute repair or another.

Then, after over to Stoneleigh to wake myself up, double Pad, in which, rather to our surprise and relief, he carried on with the post mortem, which was just as well, for few of us had done very many of them.

Then chemistry, in which I spent my time in the sun on the window bench. What the hell. Might as well enjoy it while we have it, which will not be for long.

After break, over to Stoneleigh, and lent Paul my road map for planning his route back home at the end of this term.

Flute lesson at 1115 hrs - Miss Mills does choose her times badly. Next lesson 30/IV/1966 - hardly gives us a chance.

Saw Skiv after lunch about going down to the Bank - he was rather surprised about the request, but let me go, and so down, and had to wait about 10 minutes before I could see the bloke, who said he would make arrangements with the National & Commercial Bank of Scotland, and I could get up to £20 at any branch of Lloyds just by presenting my passport and cheque. So all that is OK.

Then back to the school, and to watch the final of the interhouse hockey - Carpenter vs. Alfred, in which, unfortunately, we lost. Oh well. We can't always win. Got a couple of telephotos, using the Elbow Grip mentioned for the Leica 400mm lenses in some Leica manual. Don't know how steady it will be.

Then to the study room for a while - I can't draw myself to do much lately - and got me [sic] books out, and off to tea in the Meynell, and talking with Paul about holiday arrangements.

Then off to the last double maths period this term, which pleased me considerably, and nevertheless were doing quite a bit of work. I really must buck up my maths - otherwise I am quite confident I am going to fail. Jimmy set us some holiday work to do - I wonder how much of that I shall get done. I may, however, take my maths notebooks with me, and at least attempt to get some work done.

Lot of people floating round the changing rooms while I was having my shower - Richard Moore laughed his head off when he saw me having a shower in prep.

Did little in 2nd prep - returned science library books, and read a Science fiction book Kenny lent me.

Wednesday, 30 March 1966 KCT
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Ah, so near and yet so far! If only I could get it out of my mind that there are so few days left this term. But, alas, I cannot. The thought of seeing Lesley again dominates my mind.

Up comparatively early, in order to get hold of the AP, and discovered that there is a competition on for Pentax owners - depicting sport, and the first prize is £350 worth of Pentax equipment. That would go a long way at 84 North Bridge Road.

That was the address of the Nanyang Watch Company in Singapore, but the street numbers in North Bridge Road have changed since then. To the best of my recollection, it was roughly opposite where the Singapore National Library now is.

After breakfast, showing this to Paul. Then off to PE, and had weights and measures - 6'2¾" [1.899 m]. If can't call that 6'3", I should like to know why not.

For some reason, I had always aspired to be 6' 3" tall.

Then basketball - finished early.

After that, lecture, and TGW on about banks, etc. At least what he is saying lately is of practical use.

After that, music, and on with Die Meistersinger. It is not nearly so exciting without the score (which I returned on Saturday).

Then maths, and on with some curve tracing, which was quite easy. Chemistry - Clod was in a frivolous mood, messing around with bromine. Off to take some photos of the Mod lang Lab for Tyson - quite amusing.

After lunch, no choir practice, and, as Tyson wanted his prints quickly, I developed the Pan F on which I had taken the first few shots, and while I was at it, Chaun came in and made a damn nuisance of himself. I wish he would appreciate the fact that the Photographic society, and, for that matter, the school or the world, does not exist solely for his benefit.

Down to watch, and take a few photos of, the master's hockey match, decided that it was too cold, and back up to the school, and had a shower, and played my flute and so on. I feel, for some inexplicable reason, happy. Ah well. It's not my fault.

Then did a contact print of the shots I did of “Androcles” for Mrs. Pentney, who has been clamouring for them for some time.

Roll call, after which down town, and to some place in Corporation St. past the library, who make cheap caffeine tablets, and bought 2/6d worth. That should keep me going on the long, cold nights when nobody will stop to give me a lift.

Then back to school, and to Big School, where Tyson was having a practice, and wanted me to imitate an owl on my sopranino recorder. Unfortunately, it did not come off.

Then dancing lesson, and again the women did not turn up - slack of them. It does not look as if there is any truth in the rumours floating round the Sheldon room that we would all get by at the end of term.

Then prep, in which I got my trunk out, and started packing it.

2nd prep, music club concert, and some of it was very good. After that, down to the Bilge labs, and drank much of Ricky's coffee.

Thursday, 31 March 1966 KCT
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Couple of letters from Gray's today - bills for phot soc and a separate bill for my CDC case addressed to me - so no discount. Damn.

After breakfast, in which I was madly taking photos to finish off the HP3 I had in order to develop it for Tyson, saw the same, who paid me 2/6 for the work and 2/6 for my pains - not bad.

Mechanics, and on with the Post-mortem - will we ever relax? This whole rhythm of life is getting me down. I really must push myself if I expect to get anywhere.

Then study, in which I did more packing, and general tidying up, and got myself into a much better position for this afternoon.

Then lecture, and it seems that TGW really had 3 more lectures to give, about the balance of payments and so on, and so he handed round a broadsheet and let us read that.

After break, first half of double Pad - and he also went on with the post mortem. It is quite morbid.

Then to housemasters, after which over to Stoneleigh, and did a bit of unpacking clothes, and general organisation.

After lunch, developing Tyson's film for him, and that took me quite some time - until about 1330, or just a little after. Then over to Stoneleigh, and discovered I would have to iron my own pants (for they were dirty), and then got down to packing, and discovered that I did not really have much to do, and after going over to Miss. Gills place with my non-reg clothes, came back over. Chucked a lot of stuff into my trunk, and emptied my study place into my case, and then over to Stoneleigh to have a shower, of which I felt in need.

A little further tidying up, then to the tuck shop, where Paul told me that I had a lot of orders for prints of “Androcles”, and when I went to the front hall, I confirmed this.

Then to the common room, and discovered they had already had the scob inspection, which simplified things, although, as usual, Skiv had not passed my scob.

Then roll call, after which up with allen to the darkroom, and did some prints for Tyson, and then over to Stoneleigh yet again, to write up my diary, and puzzle out how I was going to fit a litre into a 250 cc beaker, and also how to write up my diary. [Added later, where there was space] Barrie Evans objects to my yellow handkerchief.

A General Election took place today, and I had decided to support the Liberal Party, whose colour was yellow. I had managed to colour a white handkerchief yellow by precipitating chrome yellow into it. Presumably Barrie had different political leanings, or maybe he just thought it too ostentatious.

Then the usual end of term farce, which this term included a service in chapel. I don't know why people worry so much about how much food they get in the end of term feed - the holidays are just round the corner.

The importance of being Ernest” (or is it Earnest?) In either case, excellent.

House celebrations. Did a solo in “flying fortress”. Gloria in excelsis Gastoni. That really made my evening.

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