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January 1965
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Friday, 1 January 1965 Netherton House Images for 1 January 1965
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Woke up feeling that the day was well advanced, and then along to the bog, and discovered that it was only about 0830, and so up, and before long came Usch to ask me for some writing paper, and nearly caught me in the middle of dressing.

By about breakfast, a hangover was beginning, and black coffee had little effect, so I had a saridon instead, which did the job.

As usual, had to put up the list for town, despite the fact that it was new years day. As well as that, I got a letter from Phitaya Borkaman saying that he was unable to come owning to lack of funds, so I sent him some in a letter when I got to town. Must get out of this habit of eating chips. Wastes money.

Back home again just about at the usual time, and lunch was some pretty horrible concoction of beefburgers, etc. Thank God for the chips.

After lunch, had to organise about a dozen different parties for riding and flicks. “Sex and the single girl” looked interesting, but I decided not to go.

By 1500 hrs, all were gone, and to my room to finish off last years diary, and then decided to finish of [sic] last years PX935. Met Leona doing the same with a VP120, and offered to develop it for her. This delighted her - she actually kissed me on the spot. Then to waste some flash bulbs as well as film, and they only just held out.

Took the film to my room, and then back, and Taleb took a photo of Leona and me embracing each other. After long, tea. and after that, into watch TV, and, of course, sat next to Leona, and started working my way up her leg. She seemed to enjoy that - moved round so that I could get further. Then Leila noticed, and shouted out my name as loud as she could. Left the room, and went to develop Leona's film, and towards the end had an argument with Papa Baudouy.

After supper, in the drawing room with Leona, and a bit of fun there. Then into the TV room, and more feeling about. She seems to enjoy it, at any rate. Got even closer to the target afterwards in the BBC room, while waiting for her hot water bottle.

Saturday, 2 January 1965 Netherton House
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It always take me a couple of days to get over any revels or such as we had on new years eve, and this time has been no exception. However, I feel that it depends on when I am woken up. I am sure that I am easier to wake after 6 hours sleep than after about 7, 8 or even 9. Today nearly missed breakfast, so late was I up, and did not put up a town list until after breakfast, and then some silly fool decided that 'twould be fun to remove it, and I eventually had to put up 3.

Very few people went into town, so we took the Peugeot, and went mainly to look for some larger size tin of Promicrol, but all they had was 13,5 cdm thereof, probably going for about £2. While I was in there, showed Houfan (from Persia) around, and then back with Papa Baudouy, together with the inevitable chips. I shall really have to do something thereabout before Ramaðan begins.

Then back home, and examined a film which Gautam had given me before he left. The cassette was labelled quite clearly: Agfa Isopan IF - 21DIN. I don't know what to make of it - is it Isopan IF 17, or ISS21? In either case, if the thing goes wrong, I can always complain to Agfa about incorrect labelling.

The numbers 17 and 21 were DIN sensitivities (ISO 17°/40 and 21°/100 respectively).

After lunch, got a list for people going to Exeter. Jean had said there were a lot, but it turned out that she was the only one, and so I arranged another list to Torquay, for which there were a few more volunteers, but it ended up with just Jean and me. Before we left, Kirsten & Usch were taking some photos - in colour (neg). I am sure that those two are lesbians. They were standing around kissing each other most of the time.

Then into Torquay, and had a look for Promicrol again. Went to a place, said there they had only small tins, and when I came back later to buy one, they discovered that the did have the larger ones after all.

Once home, had tea, and then a bit of fun trying to get the Promicrol dissolved. Eventually did it in an empty ½ gallon cider bottle, which, however, was not quite big enough, and eventually got it finished. Then loaded the L IF into a tank, and thence to supper.

After supper, developed it normally as L IF, and it came out. Must have been L ISS after all. Must write to Agfa thereabout and might even get a free one back. Who knows?

This doesn't make much sense to me, and for some reason I don't comment on what was written in the margins of the film.

Sunday, 3 January 1965 Netherton House
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Mrs. Baudouy woke me up fairly early this morning, and it was such a shock that I barely made it up out of my bed, and once I got out, I found it so cold that I quickly hopped back to bed again, and decided that all obligations to get up early would have to wait, and dozed on and off until about 1130 hrs after several people had told me that it was time to go for church, to which I replied that as from the New Year I had become a muslim, and thus got round that one quite nicely.

After I finally got up, I went downstairs to discover that the sun was out, and 'twas a beautiful day, and Mrs. Baudouy wanted to know who wanted to go to the flicks this afternoon. After trying in vain to find out what was on, I gave it up as a bad job, and took the opportunity to get some good photos of Netherton, and then inside to wait for lunch, and got an idea of who wanted to do what in the afternoon.

After lunch, to my room, and before long my thoughts were interrupted by Faðel and Houfan, who wanted to go to the flicks, and so I pressed the case of all again, as usual without doing my blood pressure and other such symptoms much good. Eventually, it was decided that, as there were too many for one carload, people to each cinema would go separately, and so we ended up with Van driving us into the Alexandria in the Peugeot, and we got there about ⅓ way through “Honeymoon Hotel”, and saw the rest of that, and then the other one, “36 Hours”, which I had expected (or should I say hoped?) to be a comedy, but alas! such was not the case, and it was all about the 2nd World war - why are such films so popular? After that, along, and discovered Van not yet arrived. After a while, gave up in disgust, and rung up, and was told that Van had already left. He was there when I got back to the flickhouse.

Back at home, in supper, filled myself as full as possible in preparation for the beginning of puasa (or, if preferred, Ramaðan) tomorrow, and was by far the last out, although one of the first in - In any case, even that did not sate my hunger, and carried on eating in my room, and smoked the cigar which Mrs Baudouy gave me for Christmas. I must commend her on her choice - it was an excellent cigar.

Then to see Mrs Baudouy to see if we could make anything of the £1··9··0 which was stolen from Prakash this morning. We suspect Nigel.

Monday, 4 January 1965 Netherton House
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Ramaðan begins

Woken by the alarm at the unearthly (or nearly so) hour of 0605 hrs this morning for my pre-0700 hrs breakfast for the beginning of the fasting. Upstairs, and washed, cleaned my teeth, etc, and then along downstairs for the breakfast which I had got out of Mrs Baudouy the night before, and ate the lot and was yet hungry. Had also intended to get some food for Faðel, but could not, as the kitchen was yet locked, and Mrs Baudouy was not up until after 0700 hrs.

Gave up eating at this time, and then, after listening to the radio for a while, decided to get a bit of sleep, and as there was nothing for me to do before arranging the town journey, slept until 1000 hrs, and then up and arranged the trip into town. Too many people are gate-crashing. I shall obviously have to clamp down on all this business. As it happened, the Austin conked out, and we all had to go in the Peugeot, so only those on the list went anyway. Got some stuff for Prakash, and bought a newspaper, as I think it is about time I found out what is really going on in Malaysia lately. I agree with Tĕngku about Soekarno leaving the UN - good riddance. It will also allow us to wage war on him, and no doubt Tĕngku will not be slow on the uptake.

Even in those days, Tĕngku Abdul Rahman had started to spell his title “Tunku” instead of “Tĕngku”. Nowadays people seem to have forgotten the old spelling.

Did little in the afternoon - my stomach began to bother me, and one really does take a bit of getting used to the fast. Still, it is by no means unbearable.

Later started talking to Abdul about colour photography, and when Cynthia joined us in an interesting coloured dress, we both got out our cameras and took a couple of shots to see how the colour of KR 135-20 and EX 135-36 compared. Also took one of Jean. Then some in the group that had by this time gathered asked me how one developed a film, and as I had a film in my tank, and nothing else to do, I showed them. Sue Reeves has some most odd conceptions about how film is developed. However, got a bit annoyed when she started reading censored bits of last years diary, and by the time I was finished, only Kevin was left.

Then enter Faðel and Haufan, and the latter assured me that we could break our fast at sundown, and so did, with a lot of saying “Allah w'akbar”, and so on.

After supper, did little, and then while listening to the radio, had a power cut. 'Tis fun to write up one's diary by candlelight - atmosphere is particularly conducive thereto. Had a long discussion with Abdul about religion after - he reckons he should become a mystic, as to a higher state of evolution.

Tuesday, 5 January 1965 Netherton House
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Although the alarm went later today, as we are now working by the sun, which rose at 0806, I decided that 'twas nevertheless too early, and that I could keep my fast until the evening, turned over, and was woken by Prakash at 1000 hrs to know what was happening about town. By the time I had staggered up out of bed, got dressed, and taken the list down and presented a copy thereof to Mrs Baudouy, she told me that nobody was going into town this morning except Prakash and Felicity, who had already gone with Papa Baudouy. Back to my room to read a letter from María. At last I know her address. Remained in my room most of the morning, as there was little else to do, without contravening some part of the fast. It is, in a way, rather useful, as it means that I can get some valuable reading done. Thus, this morning I read quite a bit about photography, etc, and have more or less caught up with my books. It is unfortunate that in so doing I forgot to write to María. Also down to the village in order to get some stuff for Tante Pat. Somebody has buggered up the gears on my bike again.

After lunch, in which I discovered that Faðel had broken the fast, a lot of people wanted to go into town, but, mercifully, Alain arranged it. We had quite a bit of fun one way and another, as just about everybody wanted to do something different, and, naturally, this could not completely be accommodated. However, we tried our best, and by 1530 I was in Queen street doing what shopping I had to do, and spent quite a bit of time and money, and got some more Amfix (the other stuff is already exhausted!) and then had a go at some more negative envelopes, and so on. They nearly overcharged me. Broke my fast at the Parkona as soon as the sun set - the hunger will not wait for me.

Then back home by bus, together with a mob of others. Barry and Gautam also arrived back today. Nobody was too pleased to see Barry, but most were overjoyed to see Gautam. It is odd how such different characters can get along like that together.

After supper, which was not much cop, to my room to develop a film, and just as I was about to get moving, in came Leona with a pair of scissors which I wanted to cut up some film, and asked how the contact prints were going. Fed up with putting it off, I eventually did do a dozen contact prints, and all came out reasonably well considering the exposure conditions.

Wednesday, 6 January 1965 Netherton House
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I really must start getting up earlier. Admittedly, it is a temptation to say that Ramaðan is in full swing, and that the best way to escape starvation is to sleep. Nevertheless, I hate being woken up by little people wanting to go to town.

This morning, it was Gloria - they can't come much more objectionable than she, and it had the effect of getting me out of bed absolutely immediately. Then upstairs to was [sic]. I must have been late, for there was nobody already in the bathroom. In any case, I was misled by various types as I descended about when we would be going into town.

Into the living room, and there found that Gloria (yes, Gloria!) had put up a town list, and, quite a few had put their names thereto. Took the list down, and wrote it into my little pad, presented it to Mrs Baudouy, and once again she said it could wait until the afternoon, and so that left my morning free, and returned to my room to read a letter from Phitaya saying that he could not come, and also my horoscope which I had sent off for. It does not look all that marvellous to me, although I must admit it is about 50% correct, which is not too bad for stereotyped things based only on birthdate. Nevertheless, I do not think it worth getting the £1 variety.

Then decided that I would have to go into town to buy a few necessities, mainly a paper, to see how Malaysia has been getting on lately. The situation is none too pleasant. However, there is hope yet. Arrived in town about lunch time, and bought a paper at Smiths, and browsed around, and also bought a book in which to write myriads of photographic data. Then had a look round town to see what I could get in the way of trousers, and discovered that it was not at all much. In the end, along as usual to Marks & Sparks, and bought a grey pair there.

After that, along to the public library, where I spent an hour & half, and learnt a fair amount about photography and Islam, and then along to the Parkona to break my fast, and then bought a couple of pasties at the bus station, and ate them on the bus.

When I got back, after a brief rest, loaded a film into the tank and go moving. This carried on until supper, and then wasted quite a bit of time, and when I got back it had been washing for about an hour. Shouldn't do it any harm, though.

In the evening, had intended to load some film into cassettes, but Ian did not turn up to help, so I wrote out photographic formulae instead. Late night again.

Thursday, 7 January 1965 Netherton House → Exeter → Netherton House
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Woken up early by Mrs Baudouy this morning to have breakfast (first time in days!) and get ready to go to Exeter, and this I did. went to breakfast with the mob going to school, and managed to finished before sunrise, although only just. Then along to my room, where I did little in particular, and then, round about 0900 hrs, Richard told me that Mrs Baudouy did not want me to keep my bike round the front. Sure enough, when I got there, the little smells had been fooling around with it, nor was it undamaged, and thus was I exceeding wroth, and threatened to break their skulls for them - or at any rate, to make them pay for any repairs.

Then read a letter from Dad, and also the New Scientist, and then decided to find out when we were going to Exeter. Mrs Baudouy suggested that I went with Abdul, who was leaving today at 1130 hrs. This I agreed to, and then she discovered that Martine did not want to go, which suited me.

Caught the train in the nick of time, and arrived in Exeter at high (not very, in fact) noon, and then tried to find somebody to buy my flute off me, and eventually went down to Bill Greenhalgh, whom I expected would buy it, and he gave me £6 for it. 'Twill do.

Then up the other end of town, and had a look round the camera shops for a cheap “2nd camera”, and saw some really ancient models, and at one place had a chat with a fellow about the Leica M3, etc, and about SLRs. He prefers the Exakta to any other.

After this, to an old secondhand bookshop, where I have had much fun in the past, and at this time to see if there were any interesting old fashioned books worth having. There were. One about the Dufaycolor process, and the other about photography in general. Judging from the type of equipment described, I would say it was written in about 1880, but it is not dated.

Then back to the station, and, after waiting 21 minutes too long for the train back to NA, and had some food at the bus station, where I was joined by Ossie, which was fortunate, as I had not enough money to make it home, as I discovered a little too late.

In the evening, did little, and it really is rather boring without having a film to develop. It has become almost a way of life. Later to talk with Ian about Dufaycolor and “high speed” plates (about 5 ASA!)

Friday, 8 January 1965 Netherton House
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Woken up several times this morning, Gautam entering at 0830 and asking if I would like him to do the town list for me. Nothing to be lost, I agreed, and then off to sleep, and was woken by Philip at about 1000 hrs, and then up and dressed, and got ready to take the mob into town. Was intercepted by Kirsten, however, who wanted some prints done, and then I had to get all of my negatives out for her to examine. Eventually she was satisfied, and ordered about 20 enprints [?], and then into town, after a lot of cursing and swearing at guteiraches[?], and then finally got moving.

Once in town, along to Bibbings to hand in the negatives, and also to order some acetic acid, but the dispenser said it was all frozen, and that I would have to wait for it to thaw out. Never happened to me in Malaya! Along to buy a paper, and then to have a look at the Nikon F in the Camera Centre, and it is not at all a bad camera. Back to Bibbings, and got talking to the old fellow about the Exakta. He reckons the f/2.8 Tessar is unbeatable, but the fellow in the camera centre thinks they are too old fashioned. Inevitable bob's worth of chips on the way back.

Nothing explicit, but it's clear that I had stopped fasting some time in the previous 24 hours. My (possibly faulty) memory was that it must have been on this day.

After lunch, nothing much was happening. Netherton really is becoming unbearably boring, and, to make it worse, the food is getting worse, and there is never enough of it. Little was happening in the way of social events - they were going bowling or some such thing, and I did not feel like going, so back to my room where I filled in the £5 P.O. that I got this morning, and put it in an envelope for Bott. That should satisfy him.

This must have been the last episode of the preamplifier saga that started on 30 May 1964 and apparently ended in failure two months later. The £5 would have been compensation for his expenses.

Then on my bike, and intended to go down to the village to post it, but decided on the way that I might as well go into Newton Abbot to get the gears on my bike fixed up. Eventually got there, and they said it would be a matter of minutes, but when they actually saw it, they changed their tune, and suggested Monday as the most likely date.

Out into town, but was pretty broke, and had little to do, so went and had a pastie at the bus terminal, and thence home.

At home, as usual, I found the period before supper sufficiently boring, and did very little indeed, although I got a film from Dorothy to be developed - Ilford Silverchrome Pan. Went in and loaded it. The backing paper is lousy - does not even say what the film is. Far cry from the work of art which is the Kodak backing paper.

After supper, once again had little to do. Went down to the village for the “Sing along” which they had down there, but it was dead lousy, and Faðel and I left in the interval.

Talking to Ian up to after midnight - in his room.

Saturday, 9 January 1965 Netherton House Images for 9 January 1965
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These late hours are not good for me. Once again was I woken up at about 1000 hrs, and I really must do something about it. It really is intolerable to get up as late as I have been doing lately.

Almost immediately after I got up this morning, we were supposed to be going into town, and had it not been for Papa Baudouy, who got up even later than I, we would have done so. However, as it happened, we did not leave until about 1110 hrs, and Leona was complaining like hell that the banks were closed, and that she wanted to get £70··10··6 out.

That looks implausible, but it's the closest I come to deciphering my writing.

As it happened, they were still open, and she got her money. Had to take Gloria to a place to get her gram seen to, and then departed with Martin, to prove to him that “Laughing gas” was N₂O in the library.

Then up to buy a paper, and, having discovered untold wealth in the form of 10/- in my wallet, went and bought a long-overdue slide box, and then to the Parkona. Out again later, and found Kevin, borrowed some money to buy some magazines, and at the same time was told by Papa Baudouy that there were not enough places to go around, and the people who had not yet come, i.e. Cynthia, Leona and I, would have to catch a bus. Cynthia and Leona were not too pleased about this.

Eventually home, had lunch, and then to my room as usual after lunch, and got down to a very little bit of work, but before too long decided that I might as well read my magazines, and this I did, after ensuring that nothing worthwhile was happening in town, and spent the greater part of the afternoon thus. Then along to see about getting some food, and asked Mrs Baudouy for some scones, which was granted after a long pause, and then down to the village to buy some food, and also some stuff for Mrs Baudouy. After that, back just in time for tea, and then to my room, where I started working on my magnum opus, the charts for the development times of film in Promicrol, and this took me most of the time until support, although, as I found it hard going, I did go out a couple of times to see what was going on, and discovered that Olivier was back, this time with his brother Gael (always thought 'twas a girls name!)

After supper, once again to my room and discovered that I had made an utter balls up of the Promicrol curves, and had to start again, after tearing one whole section out of the book I was doing it all in. Should be a bit better this time, however.

Then, as per usual into Ian's room, and got talking. Even offered Olivier (who is sharing the room) a carrot [? or cherut?], but he did not accept it. In the end we drove him out.

Sunday, 10 January 1965 Netherton House
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Oh! These late mornings will be the end of me. Today, later than ever, I did not wake until at least 1130 hrs, and lay in bed listening to some farmer complaining to Miranda about the way Julius was getting at his sheep for about half an hour before I got up, so I was only just up by noon. I really must get up a little earlier occasionally. Went out to find Miranda doing the ironing, and the radio blaring away a C of E service. She then asked me if I had gone to church this morning. I suggested that this was her substitute, to which she replied that at least she did not turn it off. When I pointed out to her that she was a catholic, and the service was C of E, she silenced, but not the radio.

Back to my room a little later, after washing, etc, and once again got to work on my graphs for Promicrol. Before long I was joined by Kevin, who wanted me to go on a wild goose chase

The pub in Combeinteignhead is called “The Wild Goose”.

after some soft drinks for him. I explained that the pubs were not yet open, but that I would think about it if he developed an SP129 for me, and this he did, rather disrupting my work in the process.

Carried on until lunch time, and then along for lunch, which or once just about filled me, although Mrs Littlewood was complaining abut the quantity of food that I had. She should realise by now that I need a lot of food. After that, went and put away my Altblockflöte, which I had been playing immediately before lunch, and then to my room for a cigar. Emerged at about 1500 hrs, to discover all going to the flicks, and then grabbed some money myself, and before long we were off.

Bit of trouble at the cinema - they would not let the under 16s in unless in the care of somebody over 21. Lot of complaining, but to no avail. Went the Odeon, but full up, so I went back to the ABC while Alain took the younger ones home.

“Carry on Cleo” was the film, and very good indeed. A very liberal rendering of “Antony and Cleopatra”, and hilariously funny. The whole thing was saturated with anachronisms, and of no value whatsoever historically, but 'twas nevertheless funny in the extreme. The people picking us up came too early, and as a result I was yet again left behind, and had to make my own way home by bus.

Had makan about an hour late, and then along to talk to Ian, but could not find him, and then discovered that Bev was back, and got talking with her about how she enjoyed Austria. As I expected, she did not come back unscathed.

My recollection is that she sprained her ankle or some such while skiing.

Monday, 11 January 1965 Netherton House
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Nobody ever bothers to wake me up nowadays. Bev came in this morning at 0925 hrs to tell me (as if I didn't know) that I had missed breakfast. I shall have to do something soon.

She stayed in there then until I did get up - she obviously does not trust me on my own. Not that I blame her, but I was feeling very tired indeed, and so did not really get a move-on until about 1000 hrs, by which time I decided it would be about time to get up if we wanted to go to Exeter today.

Finally I got up, etc, and washed, and Bev had by this time decided that she did not want to go to Exeter. What a waste of getting up! At first, I felt like going to Newton Abbot, but I decided not to but go down to the village with Bev instead. Gautam was by this time getting fed up with it all - I do not think he will carry on with the town list much longer.

Then Bev and I went to see Mrs Baudouy about going down to the village, and thence down, and got all we wanted, and Bev also - typically - bought 8 ozs of grapes, and then up again. I hung around in my room, and then to find Gautam, when he came back, about an FX 120 I wanted. The dealer had not had it in stock, so assuming a suitable replacement to be HP3, he had given him an HP3 120 instead - and it cost 5d more. I went calmly up the wall.

After lunch, Bev had wanted to go into Exeter, but again changed her mind, and I ended up going with Julia in her taxi, and then into town, where that nut of a chemist tried to persuade me that HP3 was good. Then tried FP3, but I insisted on FX or Pan F, and eventually got the former at Bibbins - and 5d cheaper, too. Why should Ilford be more expensive than Kodak?

Then along to tower cycles to see how my bike was getting on. They had fixed it, but could not get a glass for the lamp for the right size, and I eventually ended up at some place where they managed to do it for me.

Got back home, and just in time for tea, after which to my room to do some more work on my Promicrol curves. At last I have nearly finished the 35mm lot. It is still a long way from being complete, though. I still have to do roll film: 120, 127, and 116, each of which will take a hell of a long time.

Served in supper, and had makan with the Baudouys as a result, and then to my room, where I finished off 35, and got going onto roll film.

Showed the roll film camera to Ian afterwards - he was moderately interested.

Tuesday, 12 January 1965 Netherton → Exeter → Netherton
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Woken up again after breakfast today by Bev to tell me that if we did not get a move on, we would miss the go to Exeter. Persuaded her in the end that we had plenty of time, and turned over and went back to sleep. Got up at about 1000hrs, by which time Faðel and Houfan were in my room, and refused to get out, and so up dressed in front of them - highly dodgy.

Then Gautam approached me and told me he had had it as far as taking lists was concerned, and that I would have to take over. Said that I would after a while, but left him to it today, and then had a go at getting some money from Mrs Baudouy, and then into town to catch the train, and arrived in Exeter at about 1130 hrs, and got off at St. Thomas. Saw an interesting 116 camera going (nominally) for 55/-, but the fellow said I could have it for 20/-. After ascertaining that they still made 116 film, went back and gave him 15/- for it. Good bargain.

116 is 70 mm wide, but without the sprocket holes associated with ciné film. It was possible to use ciné film if you put up with the holes on the edges.

Then to buy some stuff for Bev, and on the way found an estate agent, and there are a few interesting houses. Got some details on a couple which might interest Mum.

Then had lunch, bought Bev's stuff, and took a photo of her with my new acquisition in the cathedral close. Then back to the estate agents to see if a particular house was still for sale, and then down to catch a train back. Rather a long wait, during which I ascertained that my shutter release was better than perfect. In fact, the whole shutter looks as if it has had it.

Finally caught the train, and arrived back in Newton Abbott [sic] at about 1600. Went down to Bibbings to buy come CCl₄, and then caught the 1620 bus.

Back home, quite a few people showed interest in my new camera, although Barry said something about it not being a genuine Zeiß=Ikon (for such it was), but a cheap Japanese imitation. He does not realise it would cost more than 15/- to do.

After supper, to my room, and got back to the temporarily neglected Promicrol times. Will only need 3 sets for 116, as they only make one film - VP 116.

At about 2200 hrs, decided to take the shutter to bits to see what was wrong, but could find nothing. Discovered, however, the workings of a Novar-Anastigmat.

I can't recall many details about this camera. Based on the text above, it could have been an Ikonta D, and the link suggests that it was made in 1938 at the latest. The following video shows a similar model for 120 roll film (which was smaller).

Wednesday, 13 January 1965 Netherton → Exeter → Ottery → Exeter → Netherton Images for 13 January 1965
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Woken before breakfast for once today - by Kirsten, who insisted that I got up, so I decided I might as well, and had breakfast for the first time in a long time, and black coffee to keep me going.

Did little before going into town, but did ring up Mr Carpenter about the Fairway Guest House, and arranged to meet him at 1430 hrs at Ottery St Mary.

Then into town, bought an Isopan IFF for photos this afternoon, and then to see what I could find about shutters, which was not much, and then, after spending most of my time discovering the workings of a Tessar, was walking towards Smiths, and decided to go into an opticians and see if they could make a supplementary negative lens for me. They could, but they said it would work out rather expensive - in the order of about 40/-. I wonder if 'tis worth it. The fellow, however, seemed very interested himself, and gave me a couple of spectacle lenses to try for size, but also suggested I bought both shutters in tomorrow, and he would see if he could change the lenses round.

Then back home, and decided, after a quick lunch, that we could not possibly make it much before 1530, and so rang up Mr. Carpenter again, and arranged that I would catch the bus and all seemed fairly well.

Then got a taxi to the station, and had about an half-hour wait before we got a train. Eventually, after a lot of travel, we arrived in Ottery St. Mary, and Mr. Carpenter turned up presently, having gone to Exeter to pick us up, as it was such a miserable day. Very kind of him. I do not know how old he thought I was - he asked if Bev was my daughter!

The house was very pleasant indeed - at least from the inside, though the exterior could do with a bit of doing up. The furnishing is absolutely first class, and I took dozens of photos, much to the Carpenters interest. In the end, when we had been round the whole place, they gave me 50 ft of 16 mm Kodachrome I which had been left by a guest - nearly 4 years out of date, but it may be interesting to try and develop. Bev was sold on the house, but I wonder what 'twould be without the furniture.

Had makan at the “Ship Inn” in Exeter, which was a favourite haunt of Sir Francis Drake and cronies. Bev nevertheless prefers the “Admiral Benbow”. Saw a 9,5 m camera for 10/-. Not bad.

Thursday, 14 January 1965 Netherton House → Exeter → Netherton
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Woken up quite early again today - 0730 hrs, to have a bath. Sort of last final effort to get up at a reasonable hour before the holidays end.

After my bath, into my room, and got down to writing up for yesterday, but gave up before long and sat there just reading.

Then had breakfast, and, then , fairly soon after, decided that I might as well buy the 9,5 mm camera, and went into town by bike, and first to Clement Clarkes, and left my lenses/shutters there for them to see what the could do with them.

Then to the station, and to Exeter by a very slow train. I am fed up with the inefficiency of this country's transport services.

Finally arrived in Exeter, and up to the shop, and found, after a bit of examination, that it took magazines instead of spools - no wonder it was going so cheap. Did not buy it, but bought more filters at bargain prices instead.

Back to Newton Abbot, and by the time I got back, it was 1300 hrs, and they were closed for lunch. After a long wait, I went along at 1400 hrs, and they told me that it was not possible to interchange the to lenses, and that a supplementary negative lens would be necessary. However, he offered to lend me 7 of his test lenses if I would return them tomorrow - 10 guineas worth of lenses, and he did not even know my name.

Then back home, and sat down to a few calculations, experiments, etc, and finally mounted the Tessar on the camera, and then out and took 3 photos with it. After all the trouble I had gone to, I suddenly discovered that I had made a mistake in my calculations. However, it was not all lost.

Then to do some more calculation, had tea, and then back again. I need a -1,25 d lens, and the I will have to adjust it somewhat as regards the focus.

Then got down to developing the film. I made another error with the temperature, and so developed it at 26°C. I was afraid it would reticulate or melt or strip, but in fact all went well, and we had no trouble.

Had no supper, as 'twas lousy, and then looking through magazines advertising 70 mm unperforated film very cheap. Measured 116 film - exactly 70 mm wide. So much for it going off the market! Got hold of “Kama Sutra” in the evening - very interesting!

Friday, 15 January 1965 Netherton House → KCT.
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Woken by Bev bringing me in the remains of a bunch of grapes en lieu of breakfast at about 0915 this morning. These late nights are too much for me, I feel. In any case, up and out, washed, and told Mrs Baudouy that I had to go and get a haircut and some ink, and on this pretext got 10/- out of her. Then into town by bike, and thence to Clement Clarkes, where I returned the lenses. Also ordered a -1¼ dioptre lens for my Tessar. I think I should be able to get it going without too much trouble. Then to Bibbings, and got talking to the old man there, and it seems that he, to, is on the trail of that elusive fine grain. Using 2½▫ [sic, in other words “squared”] and KB14 in Promicrol. I wonder how he will get on. Bought a 36mm filter mount for the lens as well.

The up to have a haircut, and after that to the bus station to see when the next Combeinteignhead bus left. Then took my bike up to the station, and left it there, back, had some food at the bus station, and thence back home.

Had a telephone message when I got back about the “Gentleman's residence” near Truro. Will probably go and see it next Sunday - 24/I/1965.

Then just about finished off my packing, and had a look at Julia's tape recorder for her. Then lunch, after which, with the acquisition of another case, I completed my packing.

Then took some photos of Netherton, using different filters to show the effect, after which in to see Mrs Baudouy, to tell her I wanted to catch the 1530 train, but by the time the cab arrived, and we had done the last-minute shopping in town, the train had left, and I caught the same train as Gautam after all.

Arrived in Taunton at exactly the same time as the London train, which was a nuisance, and so had a bit of difficulty getting a taxi, but we eventually made it, and I off on my bike.

All was fairly normal back at school - the odd change in position, but still in the same scob, dormitory, etc, and there is really little change.

Makan as usual, after which we did little, and off to bed fairly early. Bott is in our dorm - he is pleased that I sent him the £5, even if after nearly a year.

Saturday, 16 January 1965 KCT.
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As Green remarked in Big School before breakfast, everything here is already become horribly familiar. We could have been back for weeks, and it would hardly appear much different.

Tons of mail in breakfast - it was really rather embarrassing, as I had nowhere to put it all.

Spent after breakfast until about 0950 unpacking, and I have one hell of a lot of stuff. Thank God Cookson has let me keep my school books on his study place.

Clod gave a long lecture about coöperation in assembly, and that was about the lot. Then of to room 28, and after preliminaries, Jimmy let us do what we wanted, so I wrote up for yesterday.

After break, physics, and we were issued with new books: “A second course in electricity”. Poop then got talking about it. Yes, the old boredom has again set in.

Maths, and Jimmy carried on as if we had never been away. That man never fails to puzzle me.

After lunch, I got the remains of my books and accessories out of my trunk, but nevertheless left quite a bit of stuff in there. My scob and Cookson's study place are now both full to overflowing. There is more of my stuff on Cooksons study place than there is of my own [sic].

Then along to Big School, where Jimmy James, who is apparently acting senior games master while Clod is acting Headmaster, took down lists of all the games. He completely forgot about the pioneers. We seem to be fading into oblivion.

Free day after that, and nothing is more boring than this. However, on this particular occasion, I had enough to do, and before I had my chance to be bored, it was teatime.

After tea, to our surprise, we found that our detentions had not been put up, so more time on our hands. Went down to our bike sheds to see how Cooksons' and my bike compared. Gawd! What a bike. I can't see the use of half the accessories. Removed both our pumps to make sure they would not be pinched.

After supper, up to the darkroom, and discovered that the pilot was not on in the darkroom heater, and so we had to heat up the developer on the glazer - tedious, but we finally got it done, and also did a few prints. One, supposedly of Leona, turned out to be Gloria. Ugh!

Sunday, 17 January 1965 KCT.
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As of old, we very nearly overslept this morning. I woke up at about 0840, at which time the breakfast lineup bell went, and we all hurried like hell out of the dormitory, and just about made it down to Big School before the bell went.

After breakfast with Cookson to see how our things had done over the night, made my bed, and then cut up my L IFF/36, and then told Cookson that we were going to miss the jam issue and cut up films instead. Pulled down all the things, and got moving, but the amount of light escaping into the room was appaling. Quickly replaced the film into the container, and gave it up until later in the day.

Before much longer, along to robe up for chapel. White CN is now in the interesting position of being head chorister and a school prefect. In the morning, at any rate, he sat with the choir.

Service was pretty average, and lasted too long for my liking. Then afterwards had to see TDH about learning the piano, etc. Over to Gatcombe, got some exeats for a cycle ride with Cookson, and then up to room 19, to write up my diary.

After lunch, the weather was lousy - there had been a lot of hail, and even heavy lightning and thunder in lunch, so I persuaded Cookson not to go on the bike ride, but instead to go up to the darkroom and load film. This we did, and got it done fairly quickly, now that we are getting the knack of it. Also, this time I only loaded one the wrong way round.

Then a film in the evening, which was neither bad nor good, although Stanley i (ex-Stanley ii) thought it was wonderful because it was German. A documentary about dome game reserve in Africa. Not bad, I suppose, for the type of film it is.

After that, up to the darkroom again to finish drying my prints, and down again just in time for chapel, in which White was sworn in as a school prefect, and thus sat with them.

Talking to Atkinson after supper about the experimental processing of Kodachrome. He seems interested.

Monday, 18 January 1965 KCT.
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Nearly overslept again this morning, and only just managed to get out on time, and into the darkroom to get the leader of my L IFF. I must see Kenny about his HP3 which I developed for him on Saturday. I must have the leader.

I no longer recall why.

Then, after breakfast, spent most of the time in assembly talking to Green about various subjects, and then down to the common room, where we found an illustration to one of our points in the form of Akhavan reading a dirty magazine.

First 2 study periods I spent frantically trying to work out Lee's disc, and in the end gave it up as a bad job, and copied it out of Atkinsons book.

In physics, however, they were not corrected. Instead, on, ever on, to Magnetism and electricity, and we had a bit of fun charging electroscopes, electrostatic lumps of polyethylene, etc, and got a lousy result for the capacity of the electroscope. Shall have to have another go in prep tonight with the Lenni/leach [?] constant, to get it approximately right.

“Lenni/leach” (if I read it correctly) is an abbreviation of Lennox's surname and my nickname.

After lunch, up to room 19, to write up my diary. I think that this is the best time and place to do this - I am free just about every day of the week, and there is nobody to interfere with it in room 19. In any case, got it finished, and should carry on thus most days of the week.

After that, along to the Q stores, where I discovered Henderson has just been installed as a member, and so I had even less to do than usual. In fact, I hardly did a stroke of work. Ah! This is the life that suits me, sitting the whole afternoon talking about what we did in the holidays.

After that, and some more hail (“Hail! ... your hair's full of it!”) and other inclement weather, to the common room, and there sat down to read “Pop. Photography”, and carried on thus for some time, but such factors as other people sitting round telling jokes put me off, and before long I had joined them, and then along to the choral society, where we had yet another work waiting for us, by Purcell, entitled “Jehova”, and being a setting of some psalm.

After lights out in the dormitory, Bott, as of old (Michealmas 1963) started talking. Not the first to want to know if Cynthia is a virgin. Hardly knows her, yet he subsequently summed her up very accurately.

Tuesday, 19 January 1965 KCT.
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Out of dorm very nearly late again today, and as a result we fear some reprisals from Maskell. In any case, QST came today, and is a more-than-usually boring issue. Haven't had a chance to read last month's issue yet. Must do something to rectify this. Took it and Wireless World along to the club later, and then along to assembly, where Clod disclosed that D.J. Newman had been created an A.R.C.O. I wonder if that is a record - first schoolboy to obtain that honour?

Then chemistry. Clod turned up 30 minutes late, and carried on with the Phase rule, and at the end told us that we would be doing some organic chemistry with Mr Vodden. That should be fun, though 'twould clash with choral society on Mondays. Confirmed that I would be taking 'S' level chemistry.

Then history, and we got back our essays. Shitters advocates my use of a typewriter.

Stinker of a Diktat in Deutſch - I nevertheless was the best. Don't know how I did it.

Before lunch along came Tyson, and gave me the cantus firmus part of some thing by Orlando Gibbons, called “London cries”. It presumably would, too. The cantus firmus part looks deathly boring.

After lunch, up to room 19 again, and there wrote up for the last 24 hours. Then a clarinet lesson, which I spent playing barocke Blockflötenmusik, and then was looking for something to do, for there was nobody in the common room, and Skiv was prowling round, so I put 2+2 together, and was just walking away when Tyson asked me if I were free, and then got down to rehearsing the part, and almost immediately he rejected my Tenorblockflöte as being completely out of tune, and was much happier with the Alt-.

Then tea, after which double physics, and I discovered I had lost my book on electricity - fine start to the term. In any case, we had no need for it, as it was a Pad monologue.

Saw Skiv before prep, and he gave me permission to go to Truro on Sunday, so that is one problem out of the way. Only a few more to go. Also gave me Top for all weeks since 30/VIII/1964.

“Top” was a magazine, I thought French, which is completely unsearchable in Google. Given that I was no longer studying French, it might also have been German.

Article about Malaysia in this week's one - on our side again.

Wednesday, 20 January 1965 KCT.
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5th time in 5 days we were out of the dormitory late, and after Maskells warning yesterday we are beginning to get a little worried.

In breakfast, RTV&H for last month arrived. Taken its time, to say the least.

Afterwards, Maskell saw us again, but we produced enough excuses, and got away with it.

Test in maths, and did not do well not bad - 50/50. Piano lesson in my study period, and I got along better than I had hoped, and carried on practicing until break.

After break, Deutſch, and we were given a „Bulletin“ from all the german newspapers about a recent dispute in the common market. Politics creeps into everything.

P.E. next, and I was measured again - am now 6' 2" [1.88 m]. Getting on.

After lunch, to see Clod about going down to Truro, and rang up Mrs Baudouy for some money to get there. Left Gautam to carry on talking to her and went to find out what was happening with regard to exeats, and discovered that Cookson had in fact got one for me. Then up to room 20 (19 was being used), and wrote up my diary. Down again, and all had by this time gone out for their games or run, or whatever they do in this season. As a result, bought some stamps, and wrote some long-overdue letters to Jan, María, Sandy, and Sue (last not overdue).

By this time, time was getting on, and I discovered that I was in need of a new macintosh, and went to the tuck shop and, being now old enough, bought a fawn overcoat, which looks much more respectable.

Then into tea, after which back to the common room, and started a rather elaborate series of preparations to go into town. Once I got there, first to the library, changed my books, then down to the station and saw what trains there were to off to Truro on Sunday - next to none. In any case, I wonder if it is worthwhile being in such bad communication with the rest of the world.

It's not clear that Truro is that out of the way. It's the county town of Cornwall, and, like Taunton, on the main line from London to Penzance. Even today (2017), though, the trains are very slow, taking 3 hours for 190 km, against 1 hour, 42 minutes for the 250 km trip in the opposite direction to London.

Then to camera shop to see how camera prices went for Aston, and had a look at a few box cameras as well. Bought a “Practical Photography”, and back.

Thursday, 21 January 1965 KCT.
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Hell of a lot of mail this morning. First of all arrived my Fount India ink from Smiths in Newton Abbot, without an invoice. That suits me, at any rate, and we will see what happens. Then arrived the lens from Clement Clarke, and it was heavily wrapped. Will cost me 35/-, and is probably worth it. Also a record from the Concert Hall record club - Bach cantatas.

After breakfast, did what I could with all the debris, and then had Deutſch to start off the day, and we were given an Aufſsatz to keep us going.

Maths was mainly notes - we really get a hell of a lot of these. Then divvers, and this was much the same as last term - pretty boring.

After that, break, which I spent in the music room. Too cold outside. Then chemistry, but we were supposed to have a study period. Proved my knowledge of organic chemistry.

In my study period, working out use of my lens, but ballsed it all up with the reciprocal tables and so on.

After lunch, supposed to be a wind band practice, but there was a house match, and so I turned up very late. The house meeting was all about the case of Hill iv JJB's departure from this school. As might be expected, Skiv was not very happy about the whole thing. Then a wind band practice, and we are doing Strauß'sAccelerations“ waltzer.

In pioneers, was told that TDH is getting married to Miss Davis of Pyrland Hall. Not particularly surprised. Back, and told who were in the common room, but most people did not believe me.

Then wrote up my diary - Thursday and Friday look as if they will be rather difficult days in this respect, particularly considering that on Fridays I have a madrigal group with Donald.

Then maths after tea, and did not do much in that. Had quite a bit about derivations from quadratic equations, and that appears quite easy. Then english, which was mainly taking about the recipie for a love poem, etc.

'O' level music in first prep. TDH said nothing about impending marriage.

After lights out, to typify: Bott [now a deputy prefect]: “Stanley, are you reading?. Stanley (expecting reprisals): “No”. Bott: “Because, I was going to say, it's very bad for your eyes!”. So much for deputies.

Friday, 22 January 1965 KCT.
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£5 from Mrs Baudouy this morning. Damn nuisance about not being able to go to Truro though. However, might be able to convince Clod in time for next week.

I have neither record nor recollection of why not. It doesn't seem to be because of the poor train connections.

After breakfast, little to do, and spent a bit of time polishing up my 116 camera (Ikonta).

This could have looked like this, from this page:

First period was History, in which Shitters gave us a pièce of paper on which to write an answer to “What is the eastern question”, and had a bit of fun with that.

Then a study period, in which Robinson 3 was in Cooksons study place, and, despite my attempts, refused to leave. Eventually Bott got a bit annoyed.

After that, chemistry, which was a study period, and after break Vodden came in and started talking to us about organic chemistry. Not very interesting.

Then more maths, and on, ever on, with the questions we were set last night. Rather monotonous.

After lunch, orchestra practice, and I discovered that I had no decent reed to hand, but nevertheless survived the hour. I suppose it is true what Baines says about it being much easier to have a reed always to hand which will produce a good tone.

My recollection was that he was comparing Heckel and Buffet here. It's not clear which system I was playing: my “own” Hawkes and Sons English bassoon (“Buffet” system) or Mr Fawcett's Heckel-system bassoon.

After that, Drax had decided that 'twas too cold, so all the pioneers had a free day, which was just as well as regards this diary. In any case it gave me a chance to bring it up to date, and I can only hope that the pioneers will not work on Fridays for the next term or so - or that I somehow find a study period to do it in.

Then, at 1530, along to room 26, where preparations were being made for the madrigal stuff, and we had quite a bit of fun. Contrary to my expectations, the weakest link in the chain was not me but the tenors.

Then in for a very hurried tea, for there was not much time, and just about got into English on time. Boris distributed copies of the Penguin metaphysical poets amongst us to further study love poetry, and it was very interesting indeed.

After that, Deutſch, and we corrected the prose we did yesterday. Gawd! The number of mistakes I made.

In choir practice in the evening, TDH called all the altos behind at the end and gave us individual voice tests. I never knew I could get up there!

Saturday, 23 January 1965 KCT.
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Wireless World arrived today, with an article about the construction of a transistorised wobbulator, and so I feel I might have something worthwhile to do in the wireless club this term.

After breakfast, decided that I might as well build an enlarger this term, as at least I had more likelihood of success.

Implicitly it seems that I had given up on the recorder. My recollection from 50 years later is that I didn't get the tenons right, in particular not long enough, though there were plenty of other reasons for failure.

In any case, it should be fun, so I set down in the beginning to find a piece of 8 ply 16"×19". In fact, the largest Jimmy had was 4-ply, and I also cut it, for larger negative sizes, to 20"×24", and spent ¼ hour planing it down. Then came the question of getting the battens to go underneath, and by the time I had cut them, I had hardly any time left to do any screwing to the baseboard.

Then chemistry, in which, to my surprise, Clod turned up, and waffled until the end of the period about vapour pressures, etc.

After break had physics, and Pad got talking about simple harmonic motion, and showed us a film about it on his new film-strip projector. Rather amusing. - Did little but correct in maths.

After lunch, in the common room, Jimmy handed out our 'O' level sheets, and I to the inside music room to preserve it in my Flageolet tutor, and in so doing, messed up once and for all the strap of my watch while trying to get rid of an overhanging guitar case. Searched out Stanley, and got him to get me a 10/- p.o., a watch chain, and a new watch strap.

Then into the common room, and did little until the end of rest. Then prepared to go down to the bottom fields to see what was going on with the match, and ended up talking to Christy about a remarkably old camera of his, which he had been given, and had quite an interesting conversation about all sorts of technical topics.

Then up again, had tea, and thence down to room 28 for our 1 hour detention carried over from last term, in which I had intended to write out figures for development times, but it was too much of a fag, and so I gave it up, and started copying formulae out instead.

Then came up to the school again, found Stanley, and up to the darkroom to see how my booking was going. After supper. Up again, and did little until before prep, in which I spent the whole time looking at a University Honours book on Organic chemistry. Very interesting.

Then, in 2nd prep, up to the darkroom to try and make some reversal prints. Bleach is too concentrated, I fear.

Sunday, 24 January 1965 KCT.
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Winston S. Churchill † 1874-1965

Up before breakfast and into the darkroom, where, to my horror, I found I had left the glazer on all night - with the prints in it! However, only one was burnt, and that was overdone.

After breakfast, down to room 26 to hear “Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott”, and very good indeed it is. Really some of Bach's best work, and it is just about unbeatable.

Then up to make my bed, etc, and somebody told me, just before robing up, that TDH's engagement was in the Times yesterday. Went and got it, and, sure enough, there it was. No doubt now about his engagement, at any rate. Must congratulate him sometime.

Chapel was fairly average boredom, and did not liven up until the “Old 100th” at the end.

Then to the wireless club, and got down to getting my bench back in order, and pinched a light thing from Windmill, and put it up in my own bench, and also got the PCR working again.

After lunch, as had been Cookson's intention, I started to get ready to go for a bike ride, but once again the weather was lousy, so I gave it up as a bad job, and went to look for a light bulb to fit my bench.

Then, after acquiring a 40W bulb from one of the music rooms, I turned on the PCR and started listening to it. Owing to the death of Sir Winston Churchill earlier today, most programs had been cancelled, and instead tributes to him were being paid, etc. Also got the 52 moving, after Phillips had expressed a wish thereto.

Then out on a walk with Atkinson, and 'twould have been easier to go on a bike ride after all, but there 'twas, and there was little I could do about it.

Took quite a few photos at various low [shutter] speeds to see how things worked out, and let Atkinson develop them.

After that, back to the wireless club, where I did not do much. Windmill in after a while, and did not notice the loss of his lamp. I hope there will be few repercussions.

Then out to tea, and roll call, and after that sat in the common room wondering how rigidly I would follow the instructions for building the enlarger. Will, in the first instance, use opal glass, and perhaps a wooden lamphouse - though I would have to paint it black - and it would come out very cheaply.

Listening to radio about Churchill after supper.

Monday, 25 January 1965 KCT.
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For the first time for 50 years (so I am told), the Times had something other than classified advertisments on its front page - to whit, yet another tribute to Sir Winston Churchill. It really is quite surprising.

Before assembly, read as much as I could of it, which was not much, and then into assembly, where, strangely enough, no prayers were said for him.

First 2 study periods were, as ever, boring, and I spent them reading first of all about magnetism, then Organic chemistry, and finally got tired of science, and so did some long overdue malay study, which took me until the end of the period.

Then physics, and we had some fun with a deflection magnetometer, and waved magnets all over the place, with most odd results. In any case, it was a fairly straightforward sort of thing to do, and in 3rd period had plenty of time to help Pad try and get a charge on cellulose acetate in the form of static-coated ciné film.

After lunch, as usual up to room 19. It appears to be a pretty safe bet most of the time, but I yet have to find a satisfactory arrangement for Thursday, and, particularly, Friday. I wonder if I could get round it in my study period.

Then down to the Q stores, and had a bit of a shock lying in wait - for once, there was plenty of work to be done, and I was first of all sent round all the changing rooms to get all odd corps stuff, etc.

Back again, and all were busy moving all equipment out of a bench, which was apparently soon to be moved. A sort of general tidy up, and not much fun.

Knocked off, and to the Common room to dispute with myself what rating I should take Agfa Isopan IFF at. I am not at all sure that it would not do well at 64 or even 80 ASA, as it was pretty dense when taken at 32.

According to my data sheets, Isopan IFF was rated at 15° DIN (25 ASA), so these ratings (19° or 20° DIN) would represent 1⅓ EV or 1⅔ EV less exposure.

With this thought to tea, after which into the library, and read a bit in the Encyclopedia Brittanica about Islam, and finally found out what sect the fellows in Malaysia are - Sunni Shafi'is. Solves one problem. Now, how do I become a Sunni Shaf'i?

Choral society practice, and after that, in prep, spent all of both preps fiddling physics par excellent - 'tis verily the spice of life.

Tuesday, 26 January 1965 KCT.
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My HP3 arrived today - the 70mm stuff, but instead of the advertised 80ft, there was 100ft - and it appears to be in the original container. Also a letter from Mum, to tell me not to make any arrangements for the Easter, as she was making them for me. I suspect Mrs Baudouy has told her about South Molton. I must do something - and quickly.

This is the first mention of South Molton in my diary. I have no idea what it refers to.

Double chemistry, and for once Clod turned up, and started talking about the phase rule and colloids, dyalisis, etc., and interspersed with comments about what a hell of a hurry he was in, etc. He finally disappeared at the end of the first period, and after that we carried on reading.

Bit of fun in history - Shitters and I have different opinions of Soekarno.

Then, after break, maths, which was pretty average stuff, though he brought out some pretty frightening quadratics. I really must try to pay more attention.

Deutſch was spent testing a prep which I had never been set, but nevertheless did better than some who had been set it.

Up yet again to room 19 after lunch, but today did not stay there all of rest, and down to see about the relative grain of VP and HP3 in some book or another supposed to be the same. All I have to gain is speed and money!

Then a clarinet lesson, and I think Mr White is getting a bit tired of doing baroque music duets. He suggested some new volumes called “2 clarinets”, and I asked him to get me a couple.

Then round to see what I had to do, and went up to the darkroom (which, I suppose, in italian, is called “camera obscura”! How terms change over the centuries!).

In fact, it would be “camera oscura”, though the normal term is “stanza buia”.

Got the top of my tank and downstairs and proceed to read until teatime, and I gave tea up as a bad job, and instead bought a packet of biscuits at the tuck shop, and ate them.

Double physics was not quite so boring as usual, and Pad got tired of talking, so we were given some stinkers of questions to do by Saturday or Monday. Finished none actually in the period.

After that, music, and we finished off the Franck symphony. Gawd! What complexity.

In Cooksons study place in 2nd prep. Much more conducive to study.

Wednesday, 27 January 1965 KCT.
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No mail today. Why do the girls let me down thus? In any case, after breakfast, read CooksonsAmateur Photographer”, which is apparently published on Wednesdays. This weeks issue is full of nudes, which, Cookson assures me, is the only reason he gets the magazine. That fellow is hellishly immature.

Maths first, and out of the blue, Jimmy landed us with a test, in which, nevertheless, I succeeded in getting full marks. I suppose I can only really work well when it is too difficult to do so.

After that, piano lesson, and I am now half way through the book, which I consider not bad progress. After that, out, and talked a good deal of time with Hag.

After break, Deutſch, and Hag late from oboe lesson. After that, had a whole lot of vocab - on theatre terminology.

PE after that - more physical jerks. I will be dead by the end of term.

Choir practice after lunch, and I had to get some stuff down from the dormitory, and also some exeats, so I would have arrived quite late at the choir practice, and was debating whether to go or not. Fortunately I did, as TDH took a list of all the people who did not.

Then up to the darkroom, and got out my 70 mm film, etc, and all went relatively smoothly and without much trouble except that the film could not be wrapped up, and remains absolutely next to the backing paper. I shall have to stick it after I have rolled it up in future.

After that, took a few photos, and thence to the common room, where I sat contemplating photography in general, and wondering if Grays camera shop would have any backing paper for 116 film.

Then into tea, and then back to the common room, and got rugged up for going into town, and in after roll call, and to Grays camera shop, where they said they would keep any 116 paper they might get for me, and I also bought a decent loose leaf 35 mm negative album, which can be expanded ad infinitum, and also a couple of Kodak data books, which look pretty useful, and cost 10/-. How I am going to explain my expenditure I know not.

Did far too little work in prep. Must do something about that physics.

Thursday, 28 January 1965 KCT.
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No mail yet again this morning - I am fed up with it all.

After breakfast, down to the common room with 40 ft of negatives, and loaded them into my new negative album. Only space for one more now, but I can easily get hold of some more negative holders for it, and shall do next Wednesday - will not need them before then.

Maths, and now we are on to graph plotting. There is more to rational quadratics than meets the eye, and we had quite a bit of fun this morning with a couple of A level questions.

After that, divvers, and had little fun there. In fact, I very nearly went to sleep.

I must cut down my expenditure in break. It is too high. I might, however, be able to justify it to Mum & Dad.

Spent both study periods working out and inscribing lens formulae. Very interesting.

Letter from Jan in lunchtime post, and she is most disappointed that she has not heard from me. By now, no doubt, she has.

Wind band practice in the afternoon, and on with Strauß's ‘Accelerations’ waltz. Very nice.

Arranged after that to swap flute lessons with Hazelhurst, as this would suit both of us best, and then up to room 19 to write up my diary.

Arrived just in time for my flute lesson, but need not have bothered, for she carried on for another 20 minutes before I had a chance to make my presence known, and I really am getting a bit fed up with it. The trouble with that woman is that she thinks that she always knows best, and nothing can persuade her that this is not so. Ended up by having an argument with her. I think I will give up having flute lessons after I take grade 5 - whether or not I get it.

In the evening, maths again, and did little of interest. Nor can I see the importance of sketching graphs of various curves, although I suppose there is some thereto. In any case, gave us a prep on it, which does not look too bad.

Then english, and it was rather amusing. We are going on with these love poems, and Lennox had quite a few valuable suggestions to offer, although I doubt they would be very well taken.

Friday, 29 January 1965 KCT.
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Oh! for some more mail. Spent all breakfast today reading the Straits Budget, and 'twas quite interesting. They are off on Retail Price Maintenance now.

Noticed it snowing while making our beds. And 'twas settling. Quite a few comments.

In assembly, Clod mentioned this, and I went into history wearing a scarf and gloves, which rather put Shitters off, but he said little thereabout - got me to put on a cap with my gloves on, which, thank God, I managed to do.

What would the temperature have been? Probably round 12°.

Study period, which I spent drawing lenses, and then into chemistry with my 70 mm camera to take a photo or two of the snow, which by this time was quite deep.

In break, finished off my film, and was just about finished off by exposure myself.

Then chemistry with Vodden, and on to the acetylenes, and then maths with Jimmy, but not much. On with inequalities.

After lunch, a rather ambiguous notice appeared on the pioneers notice board: “Sat - Not today”, which I took a little freely, and took it to apply to today.

Then up to room 19. There are too many people about lately - mainly from the Alfred [house].

After that, up with a lot of apparatus to the darkroom to develop 3 films, which took quite a bit to do.

As a result, had quite a bit of fun, especially as one of my tanks has a damaged bottom spiral, and I could not take the cap off, and so had to put the film into the developer with the lights off. Finally all was done, and I discovered, rather to my annoyance, that the film was quite seriously underdeveloped, and the 120 and 620 were developed properly, but overexposed.

Then tidied up and, with the help of Atkinson, who had come up, loaded another 70mm film into the backing paper, and it was even easier this time.

After tea, which I did not attend, had english, and Boris told me that we had done more Donne than most people had done, and that was all that was likely to be done, and on to Shakespeare.

Deutſch, and we got back our things from yesterday. I got 36, and the next one below me was about 20, which I thought rather amusing.

Saturday, 30 January 1965 KCT.
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Requiem for Sir Winston Churchill, which, after a few doubts, I decided to attend, and was fairly normal as a requiem.

Letter from María - how she got it posted, I know not, but thank God she did. Rather odd - some comment about loving me well, but would not want to spoil it by letting me kiss her. One of these days I might eventually understand it.

Up to the darkroom after breakfast, and Harris entered, and I helped him load a developed film into a cassette, and then finally got the right one in, after 3 attempts.

Then woodwork, and decided to leave the rest of the baseboard until I had made a few calculations, and got to work on the lamphouse, but could do little in one period.

After that chemistry - I wish Clod would not repeat himself 5 times over.

After break, physics, and we had quite a bit of fun with the problems. Maths back - 100%.

After lunch, once again we had a free day, and as a result Atkinson and I decided to make a go of it again in the darkroom, and so we decided to meet at 1430 and take all our stuff up. However, I dropped my bottle of stop bath all over the floor during rest, and had quite a bit of fun cleaning it up.

Then up to the darkroom, but we wanted to have a go at testing the focus of my lens, and so spent until 1600 hrs in the physics labs, with various measured distances of objects, and used up 2 films on it - I have been using and developing a phenomenal amount of film lately.

Then down to tea, and roll call. Cookson wanted me to go to Mountlands, but I could not be fagged.

After that, up to the darkroom, while Atkinson went down town to get some chemicals. Loaded 2 tanks and took a couple of photos, and then just waited. Before too long, Atkinson was back, but went back to get some KCNS, and we started developing the films.

After that, made up some rapid fixer with KCNS, and got some quite interesting results. Faster even than Amfix, although we were using ⅓ the recommended wt of KCNS.

In the evening, did a few more tests on the camera, but not much good with focus.

Sunday, 31 January 1965 KCT.
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After breakfast this morning, up to the darkroom to help Harris load a film into a cassette. Becoming a way of life. After that, however, had to clean up all our stuff up [sic] there before 0945, as there was an UCR [Upper Common Room?] meeting at that hour. Did not quite make it, but finished afterwards. The meeting was about the amount of gambling going on in the house. Absolutely scandalous, etc, etc, and he wanted to see all who were concerned therewith.

In chapel, a few chinese people. I wonder where they come from and what they were doing here. Makes me wish I were back in KL again. This country is lousy.

After that, along to take a few more photo tests, and then into the Wireless club to realign the PCR, and the 52, although I did not get round to the latter. The PCR is working fairly well now, though.

After lunch, to the common room to write up my diary - could not be fagged to go up to room 19, and so did it in the common room. Then found Atkinson, and we went up to the physics labs to do some more testing of my lens, and took quite a few photos, and developed it during the outside period in the darkroom. However, once again, the focus was hardly perfect. After a lot more cursing, etc, I discovered there was an intermediate position of the front element, so I put it in that. however, I did not have a chance to load another film into the backing paper, so 'twill be some time before I can test it. Also, it is difficult to get the diaphragm wide open in the daytime without overexposure.

After that tea, in then [sic] a film, “Harold Lloyd's world of comedy”, which I saw at the Odeon in KL about 5 years ago. Nevertheless, I saw it again with pleasure, though from a rather different standpoint after being in this lousy country for such a length of time.

After that, to the common room for a while, and read about the evolution of lenses until chapel. Then into the library, where I read some 100 year out of date information about the Malays.

After chapel, wanted to cut up some film, but had to go to room 26 to have a practice for the madrigal stuff. Quite a bit of fun, but could have enjoyed myself more.

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