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March 1965
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Monday, 1 March 1965 KCT
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Daffodils do not seem to be as popular as they once were. Today only Mr Vodden was wearing one, although Allen was wearing a stinking great leek, which I suppose was just as appropriate.

Leeks and daffodils are two of the National symbols of Wales, and today was St David's Day, the national day.

After breakfast, did little, and read about how to photograph girls. Considering the photos with which the article is illustrated, I do not think it worth much.

Double study is usually hellishly boring, and after I had done the physics, today was no exception, and so I started reading various of my books in manifold foreign languages - Malay, Anglo-Saxon, Russian and German, and was though almost tempted to look at Cooksons latin books. I couldn't face Livy.

Then physics, and we did not do much there. Had to do an experiment to find the internal resistance of a Daniells cell, and had quite a bit of fun, as the readings would not stay put, but nevertheless we achieved quite a good starting point for the Lennileach method.

In lunch, Akhavan said that he was willing to lend me his Minox spy camera if I would show him some of the photos I took with it, as he thought there was something wrong with it. This will be rather fun taking candids of the masters.

After that, went to find Atkinson, and got his 50ft roll of Super XX from him. That will be a hell of a lot of frames on the Minox. Tebbot also grabbed me to go and have a look at the gram [gramophone] in the Meynell junior common room, and this I condescended to do, especially as he said I could have ½ an hour off Q stores if I did it, and so went to the wireless club and had a look at it, and decided that the cartridge was gone, and back to the common room, and turned up at the Q stores at about 1500 hrs, and then was made to do various sundry jobs, but fortunately did not get a chance to dubbin many boots. Nevertheless, Shitters found plenty to occupy us until 1610 hrs - that man really goes too far.

After that, did not bother to go into tea, but instead to the common room, where I managed to get a rather good photo of Cookson, which, naturally, he did not like very much.

Then to chemistry, and Vodden carried on with ketones. Managed to get a candid of him - with my 116 camera!

This was the biggest one I had.

Who needs spy cameras with 16 mm film?

Tuesday, 2 March 1965 KCT
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Is it worth mentioning that all the women in the world have forgotten that I ever existed ? I doubt it.

This is more than just a general lament. At this time I was still trying to fill exactly a page a day, and I did it by going through the same scheme, whether or not it was of interest.

I have not heard from a woman for too long now, and must do something about it. As for María, I would like an explanation from her. Not so much as a Valentine, even.

In assembly, Clod made some mention of a quiet morning tomorrow morning. I think I will go for it - sounds interesting, and besides, I could do with a bit of spiritual rest.

Then chemistry, and Clod came in, said the Weed would be back by Thursday, and we could then get down to some analysis. What with Voddens organic preparation, it should all be quite a practical end of term.

Then history, in which we only copied notes, though Shitters sent me to Mike Jordan to get 30 odd maps for him.

Then, after break, maths, but we had little time to do anything. Deutſch, Brandopfer. I would not mind meeting this Sabine bird.

After lunch, choral society practice for tenors, and I decided that I might as well turn up, and that I did. In fact, very few people did turn up - only about 6 of us. Quite fun, however, and as a result was 15 minutes late for my clarinet lesson, but nevertheless we still managed to get quite a bit done.

After that, had intended to go and develop Thompson's film, but gave it up at least until tomorrow in favour of writing up my diary, and so up to room 19.

This took me until about 1535, and then down to the common room, where I found little to do, but nevertheless managed once again to decide not to go to tea - this must be the Atkinson influence or something akin to that, and meanwhile I did a bit of reading photographic stuff. Found the Pioneers showing Father Young around, and joined them and we had quite a bit of fun. Talking about locusts (in the bilge [biology] lab) and wild honey, etc. Offered to lend him a loin cloth (sarong) if he needed one.

Then physics, and I more or less pleased Pad by asking him several pertinent questions, adn so decided to ask him if Hallett and I could go back into the darkroom, and, to our surprise, he let us - on the condition that we used the white timer. No music in prep.

Wednesday, 3 March 1965 KCT
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Quiet morning this morning, but I am not sure whether it was really worth it. Late rising, but I up at 0745 and down to the service, but it all seems highly odd.

After the service, Father Young gave us an outline of what we were going to do, and in a while we went into Big School and there had breakfast, and this was in complete silence.

After that, he read to us for a while, and then, for about 15 minutes, we were let loose into the outside world, and there did little.

Back again to chapel, and Father Young got us to read a bit from the Bible, and write down our impressions of it. Then a bit more meditation, and after that, 5 minutes prayer, and that was it.

After break, Deutſch, and Skiv came in about half way through and gave us some sentences to do, and that lasted the whole period. More basketball in P.E.

After lunch, no choir practice - I think TDH has given this time up permanently as a bad job, but I had 1) to see Mansell about GCE entry for next term and b) to go to room 26 to have an 'O' level music thing with TDH. He told us to listen to the Franck symphony, until the end, and this we did, although Colman kept fooling about, especially after Hyde had come in, and as a result I did not get a chance to hear much music.

It was snowing for the whole afternoon today,and it settled, which was not all that pleasant, as it usually ends up as a sort of messy slush. Did little - stayed inside, and spake to Atkinson about plans with Ektachrome, and we decided to have a go at it on Sunday. The only trouble is that the morning session is occupied by Griffths, and we will have to make a take-over bid for it.

After that, got some money, and got Callow to get me an EX120, and then up to the darkroom to make a 120 camera.

After that up came Hallet, and between us we managed to develop 3 films, and Atkinson also came up after a while. Camera is still tearing the backing paper, so managed to borrow one from Thompson.

Somebody broke my bottle of ink - what a mess!

Thursday, 4 March 1965 KCT
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Still very cold this morning. Ben is supposed to be back today, but he probably will not make it in this weather. The letters certainly were very late, anyway.

Akhavan gave me his camera [Minox] after breakfast. Tiny little thing, and it looks as if I will have fun trying to get the film into it.

Deutſch first, and did little. Instead we had an oral prose, with Morgan acting as scribe, and it was indeed amusing, with the howlers some people made.

After that, Maths, and tests back, but nothing of very great interest. I must not put such trust in my slide rule.

Discussing beauty [?] in divvers, but came to no world-shaking [?] conclusions.

In break, took a few photos (with Ektachrome) of the snow, scenery, etc. Should be fun.

Then double study, and did little in first, although I did manage to read a bit of organic chemistry.

In 5th period, did music practice. Not long now to the Grade 5 exams.

After lunch, again did little - wind band practice, but unfortunately Ruscoe turned up, and so stole the limelight from me.

After the wind band practice, however, we had a practice of some modern french composer's work, “Cinq pièces en trio”. I always thought that pièce means a room [it does, but not only], but still. 'Twas very difficult, but we managed to struggle through, and in the end TDH decided that 'twas easily good enough for us to have a go with in the literary society concert next Saturday. We will be very lucky if we pull it off.

After that, did not turn up to pioneers, as the whole school had a free day,but instead had a look at Akhavans camera to see what I could do about loading the film into it, but after a long time up in the darkroom trying to load the film into the chambers with bits of sellotape, etc, we gave it up as a bad job.

This was the Minox, which takes 16 mm film in cassettes. It seems that I was trying to load the film without a cassette.

Maths in the evening, and we have again moved on to some strange thing called Hooke's law. Looks all very strange to me.

English, and we are finally finished with the Metaphysical poets, and tomorrow will go on to a novel.

Friday, 5 March 1965 KCT
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Letter this morning - bill from Boots in Newton Abbot. Must write to Boots in Nottingham, and tell them that Mrs Baudouy claims to have paid for the photos. It should be rather interesting.

History first period, and did little. Shitters had a look at all our maps, commented thereon (especially Lennox's and mine), and then gave us a hell of a lot to write about the League of nations and the UNO.

After that, study period, which I used to try and work out how to develop 3 films in Ektachrome, with times overlapping as much as possible.

Then chemistry and I had wanted to carry on, but Clod came in, with the news that Benjy would definitely be back tonight.

After that, amines with Vodden, and then more Hookes law. I am completely baffled by this last.

After lunch, no orchestra practice, but instead we had to go over to Stoneliegh for a practice of this trio of ours. I feel that 'tis far too difficult, and so I found it. TDH after a while left us to carry on under our own steam, and the fact that Ruscoe is a most objectionable fellow made it no easier.

After that, came back over to the school, and up to the art room, where I managed to get a very small quantity of Pelikan Ausziehtuſche [Indian Ink] out of him, but it is so terribly expensive, he would not give me much. Still, as long as I can get more later should it prove not to clog up my pen. It smells almost the same as Fount India, and I have heard complaints that that clogs as well. I have been using it for 7 months, and have yet to have any trouble with that.

After that, had a baſsoon lesson, but also had a chance to talk to Atkinson about the development proceedure for Ektachrome. Says he has a better timing than the one I did.

After bassoon lesson, english, and we were dealt out 2 novels by Conrad. Look interesting.

Then Deutſch, carried on for a while with the Aufsatz, and then on with Brandopfer.

In choir practice, looked at Aktinsons timing. Almost useless.

Saturday, 6 March 1965 KCT
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No mail as usual. I give up with these women. I will never get to understand them.

After breakfast, up to room 19, and there copied into my photographic notebook the development times for Ektachrome, as I had altered it. Then, for the sake of completeness, the substitute formulae for Gevacolor R5.

After assembly, in which the Weed was not present, although rumour has it that he is back, Woodwork, and there carried on with the negative carrier, and by the end of the period had finished that and the guides, and was just about to start on the focussing movement when we had to pack up. I hope I get it finished by the end of term.

Chemistry, and we did just about our first bit of practical work since 'O' level. Rather fun, but most people, including Atkinson, are very nasty.

Not much happened after break.

After lunch, pioneers had a free day, so up to room 19, etc, down again after doing a bit of work, reading, etc, about colour films. After that went and found Hallett, and we decided to go for a walk, armed with cameras, and this we did, and had quite a bit of fun, and finished off my 3rd reel of Ektachrome with some quite interesting photos.

Then back again by about 1530, and did little during tea, except load Thompsons camera for him, and then it occurred to me that it was about time that I got my surplice from the chapel, and this I did.

After roll call, did a bit of fiddling round with the lenses on my cameras, and then along to the front Hall, where I read for some time. Then to the wireless club, ate a considerable amount, and before long met Atkinson, who wanted to fix up a microphone of Moores, and so we went back to the wireless club. After a considerable amount of swearing, we gave that up, and went up to the Darkroom, which was vacant, to load a 116-70 mm film, and also put the 105 mm lens back on the camera.

After supper films by the natural science society. not at all bad. One about Malaysia.

Sunday, 7 March 1965 KCT
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The Weed is back. Saw him today coming out of early morning chapel. So much for that.

After breakfast, up to make my bed, and then to get some stuff out of the chem. Labs, and got that ready in the darkroom. Before long Atkinson was with me, and we cleared a space for the process to go one and then called it a day until af[change to Indian Ink]ter chapel, when we were almost immediately to return, confident with permission to stay in the whole afternoon.

Chapel itself, of course, dragged, but eventually came to an end, and then up again with a couple more things, and we got down to the job of making up the solutions, which took us quite a bit of time, and loading the tanks was not helped by the fact that Woolacott and Jacob were messing around. Then developed a 127 for Griffths - in a tray. It came out quite well, and I have now covered yet more new ground.

After lunch, up again, and had a go at the water bath, and 'twas just about OK, so after we had got some flasks for the wash water, we got moving, at only a little after 1330, and time went really quickly. This thing certainly keeps one occupied, and almost before we knew it (save a few panics) we had finished, and then took a few sick photos of us drinking colour developer, etc, and then knocked off for tea, and I to write up for the past 30 hours.

After roll call, etc, we all returned, and got down to the processing of the Kodacolor. The only reasonably dry tank was the Johnson, so we did it in that, despite rather a lot of swearing because the thing would not go in.

After a while, that was all right, and we got down to the colour development, and then, after washing and clearing, decided to harden it, just to be on the safe side, and then carried on. It certainly looked as if was OK, and we hung it up to dry and mounted most of my EX135. Lee S.J. gave me a film (VP127) to develop for him after that.

This I did after supper, again in a dish, and I seem to be getting fairly proficient at it.

Monday, 8 March 1965 KCT
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Oh! I wish I would get a letter occasionally. I do not know what Mum has been doing lately. I shall have to write and complain. Immediately after breakfast, up to the darkroom, and there we started clearing up , and did a pretty good job of it, as well. I don't think there will be any grounds for complaint this time.

Benjy is well and truly back now, and gave us a hell of a long lecture on various subjects, including the first time he met Sir Winston Churchill. Almost as if he had never been away.

Very boring double study periods, in which I did little, though I did read and write a bit of history.

After that, up to physics, where we had a bit of a debate with Mr Vodden about our answers, but little else. Then on with a magnetism experiment - plotting the lines of force of a magnet to find a neutral point with the earth's field.

After lunch, as usual, did little apart from write up my diary, and then down to the Q stores, where, too late, and to my horror, I discovered Timothy George in stage 3 of his inspection of the Q stores. It is really going a bit far, and of course he was not too pleased with me for jumping over the counter: “LeHey ... no! ... That will not happen again, Le Hey”. Then got down to the sordid business of stuffing boots with newspaper to get the kinks out of them, and then we ran out of the same, so had to go back to the common room to get some more. At least this week we did not knock off quite so late as last week, and I immediately up to the darkroom to fix up my lens, which had come out of alignment, and while I was up there, came across Perkins, who was trying to calibrate a thermocouple, and so decided to help him after I had done my camera.

This carried on until 1645, and then I went down to the common room to rearrange all my books (Walker had just come out of the San, and we had to get our stuff off his study place.).

Then chemistry, which was the last of these periods, as the Weed is now back. Will be carrying on with the Thursday periods.

Bott was complaining of a very bad stomach ache tonight, and so we talked little.

Tuesday, 9 March 1965 KCT
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At last! A letter from Mum telling me in detail what will be happening over the next few weeks, and also enclosing a long-awaited £2. She will be arriving here, presumably on the 27th, and coming down here in time to hear the Magnificat and Paukenmesse. I hope it comes off.

In chemistry, Clod came in fairly early, and decided that we should find out what happens with a copper and tin compound in the analysis. Had quite a bit of fun with that, up to the end of the period.

Then history, and we spent the entire period copying notes, and these I finished off, and will now be able to start on the essay.

After break, had a go at some more maths, which looks quite interesting. All about acting on impulse, or something.

Then Deutſch - more Brandopfer.

After lunch, to the Geography room as both rooms 19 and the careers room were occupied. Finished off my diary, and then compiled a letter to Kodak, asking a multitude of questions about Ektachrome and just about everything connected with it, and then downstairs again. I wonder if they will bring out a new 400 odd ASA E3 film in the near future. Every thing seems to point towards it.

Then clarinet lesson, and once again we did little, although we had a go at a couple of the 26 Pezzi,and had a go at tidying up my clarinet. Mr White showed me his new camera and car, and took a photo of me standing by the latter with the former.

Then to the library, and did my overdue music prep, but not much of a change [?]. However, the dictionary of musical thèmes in the library proved useful, though not as much so the index thereto.

Then double physics, but for some unknown reason Pad did not turn up. Apparently he was away or something.

Spent most of the period talking.

Then music, and in vain TDH tried to educate my ear for the exams next week. He nearly went mad.

Bott is in hospital with appendicitis. So much for his “stomach ache” of last night.

Wednesday, 10 March 1965 KCT
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Not much of interest happened this morning, but after breakfast over to the San to ask if I could wear sandals next term, but Sister has some damned ridiculous idea that they will make my feet sweat more. What she does not realise is that a) sweat evaporating causes feet to cool down and b) it gets a chance to evaporate, and thus does not smell.

This was the beginning of a change of life for me. The school rules, some of which, as “40 lines”, I knew well, stated that boys would only be allowed to wear sandals with medical approval. Until I applied, it seems that this rule had never been tested. And smelly feet were a real problem in a school where we wore wollen socks that were only changed twice a week, but Sister's poorly informed prejudice was not hers alone.

Maths first, and Jimmy flung a surprise test at us. I really must buck up in maths. I am not doing nearly well enough.

Then a piano lesson. Miss Gill reckons that I have already done about a year's work, which is rather gratifying when I felt I was slipping seriously behind. Then did some flute practice for next weeks exam.

After break, Deutſch, and we were given another Aufſatz, this time about a Straßenunfall, and rather amusing.

Then P.E., which has become synonymous with basketball, and I did my foot an injury, and had to give up.

After lunch, had quite a bit to do, and first of all handed £1 of my money into House Bank, and got an exeat for the mob going to St. Audries, and then to room 19, etc.

After that, hung round the common room until the time appointed, and then we were off to St. Auds.

Arrived there, as usual, just before tea, and as I went in, to my utter astonishment I saw who looked remarkably like Sue Peters, but who did not seem to recognise me. besides, she should be 3000 miles away by now.

After tea, however, I discovered that it was in fact Sue, who is staying on until the end of the Summer term to get French 'O' Level, and so we had a sort of reunion chout [? undecipherable] together.

Then we got moving on the Paukenmese, which we did not do too well, but the height of our incompetance (and theirs) (especially the first sopranos) was revealed. Sue was one of the guilty ones. Funny. I had always thought that she was an alto. But then, she thought I was a baſs.

In fact I was singing tenor.

After a break, in which she showed me round the school,

She took me round to the “grotto”, a cave-like room out of clay, and apparently intended for pairs to be alone. I had nothing better to do than to pull out a hip flask and offer her a swig of rum. No wonder it took me so long to find a girlfriend.

back to the Magnificat, which was even worse. Also saw Cynthia there, looking, as usual, very sexy.

Next practice will be in the evening. What fun. I suppose we will get a St. Auds buffet supper.

Thursday, 11 March 1965 KCT
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Morning rather an anticlimax after the fun we had yesterday, but 'tis but the way the cooking crumbles.

Did a bit of clarinet practice after breakfast, in memory of Sue. I shall have to compose something on this inſtrument for her.

First was Deutſch, in which Skiv came in and announced that we would spend a few moments revising subordinate clauses, but it lasted all the period.

Then maths, in which we got the results of the test, in which nobody did at all well.

Then divvers - almost all was reading the Screwtape letters.

After break, chemistry, but Clod did not turn up for quite some time, and so there was quite a bit of chatter. Asked him afterwards about problems regarding analysis of Promicrol, and spent all of the ensuing study period studying quantitative methods.

Choir practice for the confirmations after lunch - did not last at all long, and still had time to write up my diary.

After that, down to a music room, where I found the flute part to the Bach Magnificat, and got out my flute and had a go thereat. Hardly the most inspired music I have heard.


Then down to the library to robe up, and then in for the confirmation service, which lasted longer than it usually does. The bishop mumbled through all the names, which I found rather annoying, as I usually use such an occasion to work out a popularity poll of all the various names. There was even one girl there - dressed up in virgin white, etc. I wonder if she was.

After that, out, just in time for tea, and, as usual for confirmation day, there were doughnuts. After that out again, and after a bit of aimless wandering, ended up in a music room, and did some practice, and so I carried on until 1715, when 7th period began (we did not have to turn up for 6th [maths]).

English was rather uninteresting. We are not, unfortunately, reading Nostromo, but only excerpts therefrom. However, there, as they be, were quite interesting.

Next to no prep, and as a result I did Jones' maths for him, and spent of the rest of the time reading “Nostromo”.

Friday, 12 March 1965 KCT
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Postcard from Kodak this morning, acknowledging receipt of my letter, and saying that they would get round to answering it one of these days. Showed it to Hallett, who produced an identical one addressed to him - even the same handwriting. Reckons I should get an answer in about a week.

History first, spent doing our essay on the League of Nations, and in the period I did about ⅓ of it. Should be able to finish it tonight.

Then study period, which I spent considering the finer points of the enlarger., and then wondering what to make a bellows out of. Linen should do, or perhaps canvas.

After that, chemistry, and we did more practical work, and had some fun with antimony, mercury, and bismuth.

This carried on after break, contrary to my expectations, and as a result we were late for maths, though not as late as the classicists. On to elasticity.

After lunch, to room 26 for briefing about what we were to do in the concert at Trinity hospital, and we did a sort of brush-up of the Mozart divertimento, and then on to the Ibert, which was not wildly successful.

Almost immediately thereafter we had to go to the hospital, and, owing to the lack of room, I had to walk, so thus I went, with bassoon round my neck. I must have looked a sight.

The actual concert was one hell of a farce, and I made an almighty mess thereof, and it was almost worse than the practice. Immediately after that, tea, and then I walked back again, entrusting my bassoon to TDH.

Got back, wrote up my diary, and then went to look for my bassoon, but, alas! it was not yet back, and did not arrive until 10 minutes after my lesson was due to start. Then we got moving, and spent most of the time trying to work out a sensible set of fingerings for the top notes of the instrument.

Boris is getting a bit fed up of me rolling up 5 minutes before the bell.

More Brandopfer - rather interesting.

Saturday, 13 March 1965 KCT
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Nearly late out of dormitory today - very restless night, doubtless owing to shut windows.

After breakfast, over to the san, supposedly to see the doctor, but Sister changed her mind again, and I will have to go sometime next week - Tuesday, I think.

After that, woodwork, and I had a bit of fun getting the focussing mechanism going, and spent the whole morning doing that.

Then chemistry, but we did no practical work, but instead spent the whole time talking, as Clod was not there.

In break, ascertained from Pop that there were, in the kitchens, suitable tins for making the lamphouse of my enlarger from. Should be useful.

Then had a bit of fun in physics, but did very little real work - Pad was explaining electromagnetism.

Then maths - a quick test thrown in.

After lunch, pioneers were not working, owing to the lousy weather, but instead we were instructed to watch the OA match, and at the end of rest nearly did so - however, on the way down with Perkins we were greeted by people coming up saying that we did not have to watch if we did not want to.

Up again, and met Atkinson, and we decided to make a push for the darkroom, and got moving, and finally got all our stuff up there, and had a go at developing my first instamatic film. All went quite nicely, except for the now-rather-too-frequent dichroic fog. Had a go at filtering out all the sediment, to see if it would make much change, but did not finish in time for the second (HP3-116), and so had to do int in Fixadon. I shall have to get hold of either a) (NH₄)₂S₂O₃ or b) NH₄CNS.

Thus until teatime, and I instructed Hallett to go down town and get me some wire, and find out how much the pipes for my enlarger would cost.

Meanwhile, Jacob was going on with his Geiger-Müller counter, and got it finished, and, lo and behold! it worked.

Pad who turned up later, was absolutely delighted, and we tried to let him let us use a gas mantle, but to no avail.

Mod lang. soc. concert in 2nd prep.

Sunday, 14 March 1965 KCT
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All not feeling particularly well this morning, what with Rupie [Rupert Stanley?] being sick 5 times in the night, and I getting attacks of cramp in my legs, it was all rather unsavoury.

After breakfast, up to the darkroom, got a few things, and then down to a music practice room, where I found Callow and Aston, and got into a vague sort of conversation with them.

Then chapel, in which I was not feeling too well, and the sight of Guiseppe le grand Chevalier de Barretière did not help matters much, and so I was truly glad by the time it was over.

After that, along to the Wireless Club, and there spoke a while with Jacob, and after that enter Atkinson, whom Jacob made on the spot a member, and secretary's skiv, and so we spent a bit of time trying to fix up the place a bit. Then down to the Woodwork shop to do a bit more work on my enlarger.

After lunch, up as usual to write my diary, and was quite amazed by the number of people who were up there - even Harris, who even had a study room to be in, and he was making quite sure that nobody talked.

Then found Callow,and we decided to go down town (by bike) together, and thus we prepared to go.

Eventually got there, and to my disappointment, none of the St. Auds girls were there. Just as well I wrote to Sue this afternoon. I hope she does not go in for something about it not being fair on Jan, etc.

The music was not particularly wonderful, and in fact I went to sleep in the first one - God knows what it was. As a musical organisation, there is not much to the BSO, but not so as a social institution.

However, everything was rather uneventful, save for our window shopping in the interval. Went back almost, if not more so, as depressed as when I set out.

Then to the wireless club, and subsequently up to the darkroom to do some prints for Plum [?] and Perryman.

Carried on with that after supper, and also had a bit of fun with the Van de Graaff generator. Most remarkable bit of apparatus.

Monday, 15 March 1965 KCT
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Letter from Concert Hall record club today. I hate the methods they use to get money out of people. I will have to write to them soon and offer them back.

After breakfast, up to the darkroom, and had a bit of fun tidying up, and managed to squeeze all back into my scob before the assembly bell went.

After that,got Lennox's results from him,and copied them out, and then along to one of the music rooms to do more practice, and had a bit of fun on the flute, etc, for a period, and then up to the Pad Lab, where I managed to get my things done fairly quickly, and then we were given a stinker of an experiment, and we were in fact not really sure what we were supposed to do with it.

Found Moore in break, and got out of him why he could not get me the rum - can't blame him.

After that, carried on with magnetism etc. Oh Gawd!

After lunch, asked Pop if he could get me my rum, but no go. Apparently he would get the sack if he were caught with booze on the premises.

Lennox wanted me to go up to the Pad lab to finish our physics experiment, but I told him that my diary took precedence, and so it did, and that we could do it in prep.

Then down to the Q stores, where Tebbot begged me to get a move on with the Meynell Junior Common room Gram, and I suppose I shall have to get down to it before long.

For what I think is the 4th week running, we had a Shitters inspection. It is really going a bit too far. Nevertheless, he did not promise one for next week, so there is hope yet.

After that, at a bit of a loose end, and went and did some music practice, and then into the Wireless Club, where Woolacott asked me if I wanted to buy a Collano [?] Studio tape deck from him for £7. I might give him 5 if Mum does not object too violently.

After that, enter Rees and Phillips, and so we started telling jokes etc. After coming out I heard that Lennox had been caught eating biscuits in the Padlab, and Pad was not too pleased.

Tuesday, 16 March 1965 KCT
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Letter from Leona today,and she wants her negatives. If she waits a while, I will be able to print them.

After breakfast, over to the san, back, over again, and was told to come back tomorrow. That san is a most inefficient place. I might just as well wait until the holidays.

Chemistry first, and Clod came in and gave us a go on the group 3 metals, and got rather fed up with me because I was going too fast. I cannot see in that any grounds for objection, but still. Had quite a bit of fun with charcoal blocks as a result.

Then history, and we had quite a bit of discussion about the UNO. Cowan and I are agreed about what should be done.

After lunch, Music exam (trial run), which I decided to attend, as I did not feel like going to maths or German. Quite interesting, and my copy of the Franck had all TDH's notes in it.

Fire alarm in lunch, which was rather amusing, and had quite a bit of fun out in the rain. Turned out to be a false alarm.

Then choral society practice, and we had quite a bit of fun. After that, almost immediately went to a clarinet lesson, but was nevertheless late, and waited 5 minutes before Mr White turned up again.

Almost immediately after my clarinet lesson, had a flute lesson, but did get a chance to write up my diary.

Miss Mills was not very complementary about my flute playing. She really makes me sick. I think I will have to give up learning with her next term, but of course still carry on playing the instrument.

After that, physics with Pad, and was quite interesting, all about particles moving in magnetic fields, etc. I must build myself a linear accelerator someday - should be rather amusing, and I could prove the theory of relativity with any luck.

After that, over to Stoneleigh, and discovered that it had been postponed till Thursday.

Hell of a maths prep.

Wednesday, 17 March 1965 KCT
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Some thing from an associate of the Concert Hall Record club today about a book called the “History of Christianity”. What a waste of time. I have now completely renounced this religion as a work of the Devil.

Over to the San, and Sister asked me what my name was and told me to come back tomorrow. I will never make my way to the optician.

Maths, and we spent most of the time going over last nights prep, and we will shortly be on to projectiles.

Then piano lesson, which was fairly average. After that had a bit of fun with my Recorder (instrument), and borrowed some music from Chivers with whom I seem again to be friends.

After break, in which the weather was lousy, but in which we nevertheless perambulated, Deutſch, and Skiv flung an unseen prose.

Circuit training in PE - makes a change.

After lunch, had little to do, and spent most of rest in the common room, which nowadays is a rather uncommon experience, and only went up to room 19 at about 1420, and discovered Boris requiring that people did not use his room without his permission on each occasion, and this looks rather annoying. I shall have to go into room 20 or 21.

After that, there was a match, but I did not feel like going, and instead read a bit of Angélique in the common room, and then, feeling at a bit of a loose end, decided to go up to the Padlab and redo my experiment from Monday, and just about got it set up by the time for tea. Then got my stuff ready for going into town, and then to roll call.

After roll call, had a drill, and spent it with Lennox tightening up the screws in the Gym. Finished in about 8 minutes (for ½ an hour) and then down into town and got myself a bottle of Lemon Hart [rum] at Tylers. It looks pretty easy - no suspicion at all.

After that, along to Grays, bought a magazine, and back to school.

Had intended finishing my experiment in prep, but Pad blew up, and I had to put it all away again. Damn.

Thursday, 18 March 1965 KCT
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St. Gabriel

I have no idea where I got the idea that today was his feast day, though it seems that there isn't much consensus on when it is: the Wikipedia page mentions four, one of which was decided upon after I wrote this.

Letters from Dad (on plane) [thank God he flys so much. Only chance I ever get to get a letter from him], and Kodak today. Dad wants me to write legibly in English as soon as possible about what my future is going to be. I shall have to do that. Kodak were almost completely negative in their reply - not a very fruitful letter.

After that, to the San, and they told me to come back in 11 days time! That mob are unbelievably inefficient.

No Deutſch - Skiv was away or something. Did a study period instead. Walker promised me his study place when he moves out.

Then maths and divvers - did very little work in either. In fact, the whole morning wa s a bit of a dead loss.

After break, chemistry, but Clod did not turn up, and we did nothing. In 5th period, along to room 26 for some tests with TDH.

After lunch, wind band practice. and quite enjoyed myself. Nevertheless, it is becoming a little boring. I wish Ruscoe would leave, or something - and I suppose there are many others, who for other reasons would wish the same.

After that, down to watch the house matches - Carpenter vs. Alfred, and we did quite well, and beat them 2-0.

The game, however, I spent talking to Lennox and Moore and that crowd, and Lennox, Moore, and I decided that, in fact of the fact that farmers have been complaining about boys in their fields, we had better go to Stoke wood next week, and to do this Moore will have to repair his bike and Lennox will have to borrow one.

Up again, and to room 19 to write up my diary. Looks like I will have to do it in room 21 from now on.

Maths was in room 22, owing to something to do with the trial run exams, and we spent it all doing some amusing little problems on projectiles. I shall have to buck up my trig.

English, and I discovered I had not done my essay, so did it in 5 minutes - 400 words. I think 80 wpm is quite an achievement. To room 26 for first prep - aural tests.

Friday, 19 March 1965 KCT
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Popular Photography turned up today - a most interesting issue, with an article about the Leicaflex and quite a few other cameras, including the Pentax S.P., which looks a very good camera, and makes up for the only 2 disadvantages I could find in the SV.

After breakfast, did little, and was hoping for school privelige to be awarded, but they still have not got round to it.

History first, and we had a test, in which I did not do too badly. Rather amusing conversation with Shitters.

Then a study period, which I spent reading the classifieds in Amateur Photographer. Eastmancolor negative going at 21/6 for 50 ft. Looks worthwhile.

In chemistry, put my hand over the bunsen [?] by mistake. It did not like it too much. Had a bit of fun, but we still have not finished the analysis business.

Then maths, and another 'A' level question, which I did not find too easy. Suppose I will get used to it.

After lunch, over to the san, and there had my wrist seen to. No orchestra practice, but on going back to the Common room I noticed that the pioneers were working today, so I presented my wrist to Callow and told him I was not turning up, and went up to room 21 to write up my diary, and then down to watch the house matches, but before 10 minutes had elapsed, I was told to go up to room 26 for some tests with Mr Harrison, and this I did. Finally arrived, and he tested me on the scales, and I did pretty lousily, and he left me for the rest of the time to practice them, and this I did, but without much success.

Eventually got up, and met Mr Fawcett. The examiner (Mr. Frank Britten) was late, and I was on first, and then we first of all went through my pieces with TDH, of which I did not make too much of a mess. After TDH went out, however, I made a hell of a mess of it all. The fellow obviously wanted to help me, and after a while I decided he might wanted to help me, and as a result was rather lenient.

The original of that paragraph looks as if I had been interrupted in the middle and didn't really get my act together.

After that, bassoon lesson, and over at Stoneleigh, and turned up at english at the usual time.

Choir practice in 2nd prep again.

Saturday, 20 March 1965 KCT-Wells—KCT
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Letter from Sandy this morning, and had quite a bit to say, and wanted me to say quite a bit about myself, and then 2 Heathkit catalogues. Green also got one, and we did a changeover in breakfast.

After breakfast, had a bit of fun, and then into woodwork after a fairly uninteresting assembly, and got moving on the enlarger.

Had a bit of a go first at the lamphouse, and over to the kitchens to get the bottom removed from the tin, and then started working on the mount for the diffuser. Also took off the box at the bottom.

Then chemistry, and on to the next group oin the analysis charts - Ca and Ba. Not very spectacular.

In break, changed into my suit, but they did not have my waistcoat, and I spent the next hour or so cursing all who had anything to do with it, and eventually, after trying to borrow just about every waistcoat in the school, Matron found it for me at the end of physics.

What was it doing there?

Looked most off taking it with me into maths.

Changed into it after maths, and then off to Pyrland Hall to pick up Miss Davis, and then off to Wells. I do not like TDH's new car all that much - it is hardly the most comfortable suspension I have ever seen.

Got to Wells, after stopping on the way to devour our packet lunches, and into the Cathedral, which is rather a bleak-looking place.

The Passion itself was not all that bad, but by no means as good as the one we did last year. The choir in particular were pretty abominable.

I no longer have any recollection of which passion this was, nor of who the performers were.

Then to a nearby pub, where we had tea at TDH's expense, and then on the way again back to Taunton.

My exeat expired at 1800 hrs, but we took much longer than that to get back, and had also to first drop Miss Davis at Pyrland again.

Finally got back at about 1845, and handed in my exeat. Maskell did not appear to object too violently.

In second prep, to the Wireless club with intent to write up my diary, but did not get at all far. Finished off yesterday, though.

Sunday, 21 March 1965 KCT
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B.S.T. Starts today at 0200 hrs. Times continue to be given in G.M.T.
+1 hrs

As a result of the change in time, up at 0830 hrs today, and all very tired. I somehow managed to get all my bedclothing rotated through 90°, with the result that my feet and head protruded some way.

Got up, and into the darkroom to see how all went, and decided to have a go at printing some stuff for Perryman after chapel if possible.

Then to the Wireless club, and listened for a while to the radio, and put a new bit on my soldering gun. I feel, however, that 18 SWG is too thin.

Few interesting birds in chapel. I think the one I was looking at in particular was Drax's daughter. Not bad looking.

After a bit of messing around in the Wireless club, went up to the darkroom at about 1100 hrs, and in about 50 minutes did 25 prints, not all, however, of which were wonderfully successful.

After lunch, Richard Moore and I had intended to go for a bike ride, and so to get my coat, and discovered it was not there, and found it in the common room - mercifully the contents were still intact. When we got down to the bike she, Moore could not find the bike he wanted to borrow, and when it started pouring with rain, we gave it up as a bad job, and went to the wireless club for a drop of rum.

After that, went to write up my diary, and then to see „Mother Courage and her children“, which, with Lennox as the title rôle, was very good. He made one slip-up, but with his personality, I thought he suited the part admirably. Too bad he was the wrong gender - a rather too deep voice did not help convey the illusion.

Up to the darkroom, changed the prints in the dryer, and then to find Lamoury to get the neg he wanted me to doctor for him.

Got the neg, made a 6½×4¾ [inch, 16.5×12 cm] print of it, and after drying it, cut it up, and, with Bird's help, we managed to sectionally expose it, and apart from a bit of shadow in the sky, it came out very well. I shall have to do a more perfect print next time.

Comparing L IFF/36, Plus X and FP3 for grain after supper - 12× blow-ups.

Monday, 22 March 1965 KCT
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2 letters from Sue and Jan Peters this morning. Sue a little late to get her prints done, but I might be able to lure her into the darkroom on Wednesday to do them then. Jan wrote a very long letter - about 7 pages, and quite full of information. Her language is about as coarse as a 20×16 [inch, 50×40 cm] print of 8 mm Isopan record developed in Universol.

After assembly, with a lot of conference with Lennox, we decided on our line of action with last week's experiment, and then, after I had written that up, I got down to writing to Jan, in order not to be as tardy as she in replying. After that, which took me, without finishing, until the end of the study period, up to the Padlab, and when we finally got our things corrected, we were given the thermocouple experiment to do.

After break, on with finding the resistance of the pot wire, and then put our apparatus away, got blown up by Pad, got it all out again, and measured the EMF of the thermocouple with an ammeter. What a waste of time.

After lunch, up to the careers room, then wrote up my diary and wrote a letter to Jan - or at any rate, continued the one I had started this morning. This took me until 1330, and then down to the Q stores, where I took stock of all the stuff there (or at any rate, of all the battle dress), and then fined all the people who had left equipment lying about. Moore got find 1/9d for Battle dress and 3 boots. I don't know what he wants with 3 boots, but there they were.

Then pinned the notice up on the board, went for tea, and got exeats for this evening, and then to the wireless club. Read a book until time to go, and off at 1615 hrs.

This was to St Audries.

Got there by 1700 hrs, and, owing to the construction of a cattle grid, we had to go in the back way.

Did our first singing session first, and then had supper. Was sitting next to Sue, and she looked most worried about the food that was placed before her - not that I blame her. After that, we spoke at length over various subjects, and I discovered that she is a scientist after all,

In other words, she was specializing in scientific subjects for 'A' level.

And is taking french not at 'A' Level but at 'O' Level.

I had known this, recorded it in the diary, and clearly forgotten it again. Looking at it from 2017, I wonder why she wanted to learn French in England when she was heading back to Ontario after that.

Wants to read physics. Bird after my own heart. Also taking clarinet at grade 8, which did my inferiority complex no good.

Grade 8 was the highest grade of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music tests. I was working towards grade 6.

Not much happened after that.

Tuesday, 23 March 1965 KCT
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God! I am feeling tired lately. I don't know what it is, but BST does not help. 0630 is an unearthly hour to get up at.

After breakfast, in which I received no mail, to the common room, and there just about went to sleep.

Then, after assembly - when am I going to get my privelige - chemistry, and had a bit of fun with group VI in the analysis stuff, and we were helped by the fact that Clod disappeared for some time, owing to the fact that Vodden is for some reason not here.

After that, history, and we got our essays back. Shitters reckons I have a bee in my bonnet, and he is probably right.

After break, in which I managed to scrounge 1/- for some food, we had maths, and are now onto something new, but I am not sure what it is.

Then Deutſch, and Skiv delivered an ultimatum about preparing das Brandopfer. Will have to do some work.

After lunch, choral society practice, and I turned up late with Mr. White. They were playing a record of the Bach Magnificat, and then we had to imitate them, which we did to a more or less degree.

After that, clarinet lesson, and I discussed with Mr White the prospect of taking grade VI next term or the term after.

After that, into one of the outside music rooms to try out my new reeds. 4 are very good, but 2 are rather hard. I now have nearly £10 worth of reeds.

Then up to the careers room to write up my diary - it is becoming almost second nature now. At least my nightmares of blank pages are becoming less frequent.

After that, into tea, seeing that Mrs Smith has foreclosed on the tuckshop account, and then out again, and examined my records of the St. John passion, and then up to physics where Pad had “a nice little surprise” for us, but fortunately they were not too difficult, although Lennox had a bit of fun working out two answers to the same problem, one c times the other. Why would the speed of light come into it.

Then music, and after going through our papers, we had a bit of Mozart's 39th.

Found some reason for the speed of light coming in in prep.

Wednesday, 24 March 1965 KCT
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Still no mail this morning. It does not help to start off the day.

After breakfast, down to the music rooms, and tried to play the Bach sonata in F on my Sopraninschnabelflöte, but was, needles to say, not very successful.

Then, after assembly, in which Benjy admonished us for stooping - Morely and I have been wondering about this - maths, and we carried on with these funny vectors etc. I am still not quite sure what he is trying to get at, although I understand it.

Then piano lesson, and started 10 minutes late. Spent most of the time talking about my exam last week, and the Demesserman in particular.

Demesserman is a name I no longer recall. Neither, it seems, does the web. There are very few hits, and most of them glancing.

After break, Deutſch, and Skiv went through the remainder of our essays, and had quite a bit of fun with mine, but nothing drastically wrong with it.

Circuit training in PE. Came bottom, as usual, although we cheated.

After lunch, I think there was a choir practice, but I did not attend it. Instead caught up on a few things, and got some money out of House bank, etc.

Than, at 1330, down to the common room, and decided I might as well head up to the darkroom after a while, but did not do any printing there. had a look at the Larousse encyclopedia of astronomy, which was quite interesting, and read a few other books until St. Audries came.

Had tea in the library, and then to show Sue round the school. First to the darkroom, but Jacob came up to us and said “Now Gregory, no snogging in the darkroom”, so that was out. Then showed her round the Pad lab, and one of his toys especially took her fancy. Then along to the wireless club, and showed her my stuff there, including the scope, which really delighted her. She and I seem to have very similar interests indeed. Turned up 15 minutes late for the practice, which did not please TDH for me - and I had left my music behind.

Then had an interval, and another bird came along with us, and to the music rooms. After the practice, managed to persuade Sue to bring her clarinet along with her on Sunday. If I ever could fall in love with a girl, it would be with someone like Sue.

Thursday, 25 March 1965 KCT
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Once again woke up late - I am sure it must be due to the fact that Sue was here yesterday. I hate to feel what it would be like next Monday morning - with the added fact that I will probably never see her again (or will I - in summer 1966?).

Service for the Annunciation of the BVM, which I not is not a sufficiently important festival to be noted here [in the pre-printed diary header]. Also, it seems rather artificial - exactly 9 months before Christmas.

After that, maths, and took a fair amount of notes. I am lately feeling more confident about my position in maths, thank God.

Then divvers, which is lately becoming a bit of a farce. Borrowed a bit of paper, and scribbled down some rubbish about litany. Last period with Daddy Death - study period next week.

After break, chemistry, and a talk from Cloddie, as of old. After that, did a music practice, and I think I have found a better reed for my clarinet.

After lunch, wind band practice, and again Ruscoe turned up, damn him. However, I have a feeling that, owing to 'A' levels, he will not do so next term.

Then turned up for pioneers, for the first time for 33 days, and all were surprised to see me, to say the least. I think that is probably a record (apart from Gaines, who never had any excuses).

After that (we knocked off at about 1420), went back to the common room, and after messing around for a while, filling my pen etc, went up to the Geography room to write up my diary. After that to the tuck shop to buy some stuff (soap, etc, as Mrs Smith has dried up as regards biscuits). To the wireless club also, and fixed up my test probe, so I will not have to mess around on Sunday as I did on Wednesday. Then borrowed some physics books from the library, and down to room 28 for maths, and we had a few notes, and then had to try the examples, which, in truth, were not very difficult.

Then english, and we got our books back, and considering that I wrote my essay in 5 minutes, I thought I did very well to come quite some distance from the bottom.

Did very little in prep - had hardly any to do, and spent a lot of time reading the new Scientist, and such journals, and also music books. I think my tone is quite good, but french rather than english - that is why they do not understand it.

Friday, 26 March 1965 KCT
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Mail is hopeless. I am not likely to get much more before the end of term. My only worry now is how to get corresponding with Sue. In a way, I timed that last letter rather badly, because it means I can't carry on with it, but, as she replied too late, I can always try it again - after Sunday.

History first, and it looks as if we are going on to Italy. Not particularly interesting, from what I can see, and I hope we will get it over and done with fairly quickly.

Then a study period, in which Rossiter, Whitehouse and I discussed our future careers - mine, mainly.

Then chemistry, and we had a bit of fun, and on with the acid radicals, which I know backwards, so spent my time messing around.

After break, tried so sublime some HgI₂, and then wrote my name on it with a glass rod. Most interesting.

Then maths, in which we were expecting a test, but nothing came of it.

After lunch, into the common room, and got talking with Shahram Akhavan about Malaysia,and showed him some of the photos which I took in KL last summer, and thus had no time left for my diary.

Turned up again for pioneers, and was about the only one who did, and we did not go on for at all long. In fact, apart from emptying a barrowload of earth, I did not do a stroke of work.

Back to the common room, and I discovered Cox ii trying to set up a telephone between Skiv's study and the Carpenter [prefect's] study, and had quite a bit of fun taking some photos of it. I gather he eventually got it going,but since he intends to put it on the roof, I am sure that the elements will do their bit.

Then up to write my diary, and down again, went and had tea, and then my last bassoon lesson of the term, and we had a bit of fun trying my Galliard pieces with the view of taking grade III or IV next term or subsequently. Word test in English when I got back.

Then Deutſch, and Skiv showed his intention of finalising the book, but we did not get more than half the intended distance.

Little prep.

Saturday, 27 March 1965 KCT
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No mail. I shall have to get a phone call from Mum this afternoon if I can get Sue's pads and springs for her.

These must have something to do with clarinets.

After breakfast, did a very little bit of music, and then to assembly, and we had another lecture by Benjy about not clearing out our noses and throats in assembly.

I think this might have been a deliberate action on the part of some boys.

In woodwork, did very little. I have given up the idea of finishing in time for these holidays, so I can also slow down quite a bit.

Anchored the lens board guides, and then started cutting stuff for the lens board and filter holder - that was all.

Chemistry was a wasted period, as Clod is at Oxford with the 7 [presumably a sporting side].

After break, physics, and we got our tests back. I got the highest mark, with 24/35.

Then maths, but as TDH was playing Die Paukenmeſſe 2 doors off, I did not pay much attention.

After lunch, wrote up my diary,and was then accosted by Moore to get him some stuff from the Q stores. By the time I had finished that, it was time to turn up for pioneers, and I quite enjoyed doing so, as it has been such wonderful weather lately. It is almost like summer.

Then, at 1415, after we had done almost no work, we turned on my radio in the wireless club to hear the Grand National, but before it was over we knocked off, and so I left somebody else to turn it off for me, and went to change.

Got back, checked my stuff was off, and then went and messed around a bit generally until teatime, and had also a look at the Grove dictionary of music and musicians, which the music library has recently acquired. Not bad.

After tea, and roll call subsequently, did a bit of music practice, and then to the chapel to have a look at the spinet which Aston said was there, then to the tuck shop, bought some food, and joined Moore and Lennox, who were sunbathing in the shade against the new building, and we had a rather interesting conversation.

After supper, heard the test tapes of the choral society practice. Some of it was quite professional.

Sunday, 28 March 1965 KCT
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Woke up this morning at 0630, and could not get back to sleep, and so up at 0715, and went down to do little in particular, but it is interesting the amount of time one sleeps away before breakfast. After all, once was the day when I wrote up my diary then - but 'twas a smaller diary. I might be able to arrange it now if I tried hard enough.

Then, after breakfast, to the wireless club for a while, but without any real purpose, and started working out how to set the hum 90db down on my power supply with 4 each of chokes and condensers.

After that, to chapel, and the chaplain delivered his final sermon, which was quite fiery, but not quite enough so.

After chapel, rang up the Burlington to see if Mum had arrived, but she had not yet done so, and so, after seeing what was going on in the music rooms, went to the chapel to listen to the “Domestic Staff service” until lunch.

After lunch, up to the careers room to write up my diary, and then brushed up and went to the chapel to await the arrival of the St. Audries mob, who, typically, were late. Eventually, however, they turned up in the front square, had and thus out to meet them.

Then had a practice, almost immediately, without even much time to talk.

After a while, while we continued to make an almighty mess of it, along came Ranger i to tell me that Mum was at the county [hotel?], and after I had asked him to ring her up and her to come here, it eventuated that she had the flu, and I had to go down and take her stuff down for her.

Got back before the end of the practice, and at the end had tea with Sue, and then we went walking round the school, as once again it was a glorious day. Sue seems to like even the same weather as I do - we walked about for quite some time and spoke of psychology, and then went to the front hall to see Mum, etc.

Then had the actual performance, which I fear will have to be counted a flop. Kingcup (sitting net to me) came in too early 7 times.

Had supper with Sue after, and got a promise out of her to send me her address in Belgium. I hope I get it before the end of term. Then out with Mum until 2040 hrs.

Monday, 29 March 1965 KCT
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Another brochure from Iliffe on their new Science Journal today, but I do not think that, for its price, it is worth it.

After breakfast, over to the San, and was told to come back after lunch, and left it at that.

Then got an exeat form, and wrote out an exeat, and after assembly, tried to find Skiv, but there was something going on about “immoral behaviour” last night (what I would have been doing had Mum not come), and so went to see him at the end of 1st period, and he was most annoyed about me altering the time of my exeat last night, and so reported me to Benjy. No physics - Clod wanted to give us a test on something - and in break I saw Benjy, got 5 of the best, and got my exeat signed.

If corporal punishment was intended to be remembered, it failed dismally in this case. I can't recall the offence or the punishment at all.

Chemistry test was quite easy, but I made a couple of elementary blunders whereof I was rather ashamed.

Then back to the san, got my green chit,

This seems to have been a referral to the opticians, and if I read it correctly, it had taken me over two weeks to get it.

and down to the County, and Mum in now feeling a lot better, and we went had had makan at the Wimpy bar.

After that, had a look for the whereabouts of Clement Clarkes, and eventually found them, and after a while went in. Most interesting lot of tests, and eventually I was prescribed a pair of +0,5 d lenses, and that was it.

Went to the library to find where Chagford (where we intend to spend our holidays) is, and then had very little time for anything else, and so went back to the hotel, and then to school. Once back, handed in my exeat, and up to write up my diary in the careers room.

After that, went and had tea, and then went to wait for Mum in the Front Hall. Before too long, she turned up, and we went to Gatcombe to look for Skiv, but he had not yet returned, and so back to the Front Hall, made a phone call for Mum, and then went up to talk to Mike Jordan about my future, and while we were at it, who should walk in but Clod, who really sang my praises to Mum. He expects me to get an A1 (top marks in both 'A' level and 'S' level) in chemistry.

Then found Skiv in the squash courts, and got an exeat, and then down to the hotel, and talked considerably about our future, and also had makan.

Tuesday, 30 March 1965 KCT
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Up at 0600 this morning to do my history notes, but I could have managed had I got up at 0630. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the extra half-hour, and spent it reading Omár Khyayyám , which Mum gave me from Dad on Sunday.

After breakfast, had little to do, apart from read Wireless World and RTV&H, which both, through a coincidence, arrived this morning.

In chemistry, we had a sort of practical test, in which we were given an unknown salt to mess around with. Also got yesterdays test back and I got 101 - I wish I knew what the total was. Also 2 books of essays. We are really going to town. Clod did not like the fact that I recognized basic lead carbonate for what it was. Said I could never tell it was basic.

History, and nearly finished our notes on Mussolini.

After lunch, maths, and on, ever on. I wish maths were more interesting, or that I liked it more.

Then Deutſch, and we spent the first half doing the average and individual ages of Va,

This must be form Va, but that was the form I had been in in the previous year. And why calculate that sort of things in a German class?

and then did the Notizen on the last page of Brandopfer.

After lunch, TDH accosted me and told me that I had a flute lesson immediately. Protested violently, but calmed down when he told me I had got a merit in Grade 5. God alone knows how I managed it,

Nor when, or on what instrument.

but I went for my flute lesson with reasonably good will, and now will be doing grade 6 on both flute and clarinet, and saw Mr White about that afterwards, and spent a good deal of the time having a go at the Brahms pieces for grade 8. Very nice, and I can almost play them.

After that, did little apart from write up my diary, and then I had a bit of a stroll, seeing that the weather was so nice, and I met on my wanderings Callow, who was also feeling similar, and until 1530 we perambulated.

Then we had Physics, and as Pad was away, he got Henderson to look after us, and we spent most of our time talking, as Henderson did not object.

Then in came Cheung, however, and we were not allowed to talk, but nevertheless we messed around quite a bit.

No music, but postponed till tomorrow. Absolutely no prep to do - read all the time.

Wednesday, 31 March 1965 KCT
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No mail today - I hope I get a letter from Sue tomorrow, or all will be lost.

After breakfast, spent quite a bit of time talking in the dormitory, and then down to the common room only just in time to get my books out. Long general blowing up from Benjy about not doing what we did on Sunday, and all relations with St. Audries would have to be cut off.

Then maths, which only lasted half an hour, and we did not much.

Did not feel like going to my music lesson, and so spent double study doing little in the common room. While I was there, got back [?] letter from Sue which I got yesterday, cursed, sent it back, and wrote another to explain.

Unfortunately I didn't explain what that sentence meant.

Then Deutſch, revision for the test Skiv thinks he is going to give us tomorrow.

Basketball in P.E. Also measurements - fraction over 6' 2" [1.88 m].

After lunch, naturally no choir practice, but however there had been some complaints from the mob living in Holway avenue about the mess the pioneers tip against their fence, and there was as a result a sort of general clean-up of the mess, with the aid of a rather small ag party, whom we wanted to do all the work, but they were not really capable of it, so I had to do some (though not very much) work, and then knocked off at 1400 hrs.

Then at a bit of a loose end, and went to write up my diary, and while up there Rosser poured a potful of water all over Ruscoe, which did not please him much, and up and all over the place complaining.

Then after that, ate a bit as a substitute for tea, and then up to the darkroom, where I found Chopping wanting to make a couple of prints, and let him, but would not have had I known the time he would take, and developed a film while I was waiting. Then printed the photos, but they were not all that wonderful.

Read Somerset Maugham in prep.

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