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Over the years I've documented a lot of odds and ends, frequently in my diary. I come to rely on this information, but frequently looking for it looks something like this:

=== grog@wantadilla (/dev/ttypa) ~/public_html 103 -> grep -i ghostscript diary*
diary-feb2003.html:    ghostscript to print PostScript on non-PostScript printers.  That's really important: the
diary-feb2003.html:    ghostscript documentation is terrible, and it took me several hours to write up some
diary-feb2003.html:    In the afternoon, finally got my section on printing with ghostscript finished, and
diary-mar2005.html:drwxr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  512 Mar 13 13:26 ghostscript-gnu-7.07_12
diary-may2005.html:      The problem is that ghostscript doesn't offer an easy 4x3 format for slides
diary-may2005.html:      ghostscript/version/lib/
diary-may2005.html:      Starting with a recent update of ghostscript, this no longer worked properly.  The
diary-oct2000.html:    you're using ghostscript to print PostScript across the network: the *&*(&*(&&(
diary-sep2002.html:    reinstalled ghostscript version 6.52, which did the trick.  I'm left with the question
diary-sep2003.html:    also showed a weakness of the software I'm using: ghostscript seems unable to maintain
=== grog@wantadilla (/dev/ttypa) ~/public_html 104 ->

Clearly there should be a simpler way, so when things like that happen, I now intend to collect the information in a file in this directory. Much of this documentation is in a “work in progress” status. Here's what I have:

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