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Why did people introduce a syntax for web mail? Instead of sending me a message to, with a subject, say, I'll spam you anyway, people use the syntax'll%20%spam%20you%20anyway. Real MUAs don't understand that, and in any case, if it's in a web page, what can you do?

With the help of Callum Gibson (once again) discovered that there is something you can do. It's described in the comments of the script that I wrote for that purpose:

  1. In firefox, go to the about:config page. Right click in the preferences and select New -> String.
  2. Add a preference called
  3. Give it the name of this script (in this case, ~grog/src/startmutt), which must be executable and be in the PATH (yes, for once firefox respects the PATH).

And it works! But I wish it weren't necessary.

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