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This page describes the various workarounds that I need to perform to cold start everything in my household network. It's based on my experience on 26 February 2022, and will almost certainly change.

  1. eureka's hardware doesn't recover from a power outage. For some reason the BIOS doesn't have a “start running when power is connected” setting. It needs to be turned on manually. By this time, a number of other systems will be running.
  2. The external disk drives on eureka are probed and recognized in random order, so the chance of getting them mounted correctly is very low. I should do something about this; in the meantime disconnecting and then reconnecting in sequence does the job.
  3. Currently eureka won't boot cleanly. It hangs in the Boot: prompt. Pressing Enter is all it needs.
  4. On /dev/ttyv1: su; cd ~grog/src/weather/WH1080-eureka; ./dorun
  5. Start ~grog/bin/linkcheck as root on /dev/ttyv2.
  6. Start insertdb in an xterm in directory ~grog/solar.
  7. Reinstall rwhod.exe on distress. I should find out why this is necessary.
  8. Set amplifier volume with xmixer.
  9. Check other FreeBSD computers for correctly mounted NFS file systems.

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