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My connection to the Internet is via Aussie Broadband and the Australian National Broadband Network. Ostensibly it's a dynamic address, but in practice it almost never changes. I have built some of my infrastructure relying on that.

When things do change (mercifully less than once a year), it requires a certain amount of reconfiguration. Here's what I need to do, based on my experience of 22 November 2018:

  1. In /etc/rc.ipfw (my simplified version of /etc/rc.firewall), change the gateway IP address:

  2. Stop natd.

  3. Reload firewall rules.

  4. Restart natd:

    natd -p 8668 -n xl0

    I think that this is necessary to ensure that things work correctly.

  5. Update my DNS configuration. For reasons that I forget, but which are important, I have my local web server listening on the external interface, and that had changed:

    -aussie-gw              IN A    ; gateway to Aussie Broadband
    +aussie-gw              IN A     ; gateway to Aussie Broadband
  6. In ~grog/public_html/php/header.php, change the local server address to be able to recognize local access:

     $islocal = preg_match (":192\.109\.197\.[0-9]:", $_SERVER ["REMOTE_ADDR"])
    -  || ($_SERVER ["REMOTE_ADDR"] == "");
    +  || ($_SERVER ["REMOTE_ADDR"] == "");
  7. Update ~/bin/linkcheck to show the new remote end of the link:

     # This should be the other end of the NBN link
  8. On remote systems, update squid) /usr/local/etc/squid/squid.conf and restart amazingly slowly:

    -acl radiation_tower src # Aussie BB gateway
    +acl radiation_tower src # Aussie BB gateway

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