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This page is still being written. For the time being, see the diary entry.

On 30 November 2016 I received an Ethernet-connected relay board that I had bought on eBay:

How to use it

Accordinng to the description,

8 Channel Relay Network IP Relay Web Relay Dual Control Ethernet RJ45 interface

  • Ethernet RJ45 interface.
  • onboard WEB server, you can access and control through the web .
  • 8 channel 250V / AC 10A independent output relay , relay output line tin layer thicker .
  • 8 Road stem node ( passive / active ) input, you can directly control the relay output.
  • 7-24V DC power supply, and with self- recovery fuse.
  • can pick a router, access control via Android , for Apple, tablet , windows system For Apple systems , and can be controlled in the world can access any one place .
  • support state return , you can display the current status of the real-time relay
  • a key parameter to restore the parameter setting error or forgotten password can not connect to the network , you can use a key parameter to restore .

Firmware V5.0.5 update :

  • modify web pages , more humane, add fully open, fully closed operation
  • optimized mobile access , mobile phone screen adaptation, big screen small screen are suitable ;
  • deepen memory pool , speed up response ;
  • Repair IE, 360 and other browsers can not control and garbled bug, yet even UCweb browsers such agents can be used ;
  • Adding touch capabilities, and you can set the time for touch 1-255s
  • Add for mac modify , easy LAN networking ;
  • relay power-down state memory function, the function can be configured ;
  • inputs and outputs can be configured association ;
  • Firmware V5.0.6 update :
  • secondary development can modify TCP port ;
  • can modify the HTTP port , port mapping easier to solve the 80 and 8080 ports are shielded telecommunications issues

But that's all the documentation! The board arrived with no paperwork whatsoever, and over a month of attempts to find any sailed almost completely.

I have finally found enough information to use it the way


The device has an on-board web server, but it does not do DHCP. Out of the box it has a fixed IP address, and it seems only to want to talk to address Once you have a system with this address (maybe as an alias), you can connect to the board. First, it requires authentication: user admin, password 12345678. Then you get:

There should be a couple of screen shots here, but I haven't got round to adding them. In the meantime, just try it. It might make sense.

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