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The WH-1080 weather station requires setup, but the documentation, though copious, is difficult to read. Here's what I do to set it up for my purposes. I find the device itself particularly unpleasant to use—I hate touch screens, and this one has particularly poor display contrast. In addition, many of the functions (read maxima and minima, for example) are destructive readout: you can only do it once. So all I do is to set it up for computer access.

Basics: to set parameters, first press the area of the screen that you want to set. The value will blink, and roughly in the bottom middle a + and a - sign will appear, also blinking. You can now do one of three things:

  1. Change the value by pressing + or -. The buttons auto-repeat if you press them for longer than 3 (!) seconds.
  2. Move on to the next setting by pressing the selected area again.
  3. Cancel or complete by pressing any other area of the screen. There's also a timeout after which the device completes and saves the current settings (including any changes).

The parameters are not easy to recognize: there's no text to tell you what you're setting, though some of them cause hints to blink. Others are completely confusing, and the documentation doesn't help. I set the following fields:


Press the date field (roughly bottom centre). The entire date lights up. The parameters are:


Press the time field (bottom left). The entire time changes to something like 1cd5. The parameters are:


The pressure field is centre right. The parameters are:

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