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June 1965
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Tuesday, 1 June 1965 KCT Images for 1 June 1965
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My 500 sheets of postcard paper arrived today, and in a box as high as it was wide.

After breakfast, got some of the music tha TDH gave me last night, and did some practice on it. Telemann for Blockflöte, although Miss Mills will want me to play it on the Querflöte.

Double chemistry, and we had a bit of fun with a rather inaccurate iodometry experiment.

Then history, and Shitters more or less dictated notes, and we got quite a bit done.

VSM, and I had one hell of a lot to do, and did not get into town until 1025. Very late for maths, but Jimmy was later. Learnt about integration by parts, etc, and it is a most complex formula.

Then did the set book in Deutsch, and so Kenny & I had a study period.

My guess was that the other two were doing 'A' level German, while Kenny and I weren't.

After lunch, sister wanted me for various reasons, but also had to see Skiv about Oxford entrance. That man is really sick. I feel sorry for him, carrying on working like that - he ought to be in a hospital.

He had tuberculosis. It's not clear how bad he was at the time.

Physics in the afternoon, and on and on about measurements. I must start taking notes, or something, for it is getting a little hard to remember straight off.

At the end of the period, which dragged somewhat, I asked Pad his opinion about university entrance. Between ourselves, he didn't think it mattered, but thought all the eccentrics - or at least, off beat types - went to Oxford. Confirmed that I should take 'S' level physics, and gave me a text book. I suppose I must be one fo the few people in the removes in my position.

After that, clarinet lesson, and did little except go over the Mozart Concerto which Mr White has got for me. It is really a wonderful work.

I wrote my name on the clarinet part, and Mr White commented “I've just seen you write it, but as soon as it was dry it looked like it had been there for hundreds of years”.

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Diary entry for Tuesday, 1 June 1965
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Diary entry for Tuesday, 1 June 1965



After that, trying to find out about my exeat times, and could not find any evidence about our times of being allowed out.

In first prep, last minute choir practice, and after that, in 2nd, did physics prep.

Wednesday, 2 June 1965 KCT → Exeter → KCT Images for 2 June 1965
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Popular photography and Photo News weekly arrived this morning. They must print the former about 6 weeks in advance, as it is July's issue, and has already got here from the USA.

After breakfast, stayed in the common room for some time. Then maths, and on with integration by parts - I think I get the hang of this.

After maths, wrote up my diary, and then a piano lesson - had another shot at the Clementi, and quite enjoyed it, and then had some more fun over some Giles Farnaby stuff. It all seems rather mournful.

Then, after a long wait, saw Clod about Oxford entry, and he is going to get me a couple of lists of the order of the colleges.

Deutſch, and we did very little - explained als, wenn, and wann. P.E. was mainly softball. Pretty boring.

After lunch, got on the bus, and on to Exeter, and spent my time reading Popular photography when not singing songs - quite a few were going.

Got into Exeter, and had to stop some way from the Cathedral - at the bus station, in fact.

Walked all the way, and almost as soon as we got there had to have a practice.

After that, it was about tea time, and Mash and I went to the Wimpy bar, had something to eat there, and then went down to a place in South Street which was open despite the half-holiday, and bought ¼ bottle of Lemon Hart which, damn it, has recently gone up to 13/-.

Then wrote a letter for some film, and sent it to Marston and Heard. In for the service, and it was much the same as it has ever been, except that a few more people than usual turned up.

Had 25 minutes to kill after the service, and Brown ii), Masheder and I went to a little pub near the bus station and had a pint.

Then on the bus back home - everybody drinking, and the bus driver got a bit fed up.

Thursday, 3 June 1965 KCT
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“Trans Air” from TAA arrived this morning - I think I have received it now for nearly 8 years, with hardly a break. I wonder if it will plague me till the end of my life.

Deutſch first, and Skiv gave us our weekly prose about the writing on the wall. During the period, Patching waled in and said all choristers to go to the senior chemistry lab in break.

Then maths, and on, ever on, with these integrals. Jimmy wants to make us sick of the sight of them.

Discussing Ektachrome with Hallett in 3rd period - did not go to divvers.

Clod wanted to see all those people drinking beer on the bus - I got off: I did not drink any beer on the bus - only in the pub. Only drank rum on the bus.

Chemistry - Clod did not bother to turn up at all.

Did a music practice in 5th period.

After lunch, wind band, and once again Ruscoe did not turn up - I am not sure, however, that he has definitely left yet.

Then maths, and on, ever on, with the integration, and Jimmy dealt us his final blow - a test on integrals tomorrow. Only occasionally I begin to wonder what the use of integrals is.

Then english, and had a chance to do some worl on our essay, and I started a parody on Somerset Maugham's “The outstation”, and wrote about 2½ pages in the period.

Had to go to Big School during tea - there is a mass investigation going on, and we all had to be individually interviewed by detectives. How amusing.

Then off for pioneers and did very little - spent most of my time sitting round and talking to Paul Callow. I don't mind.

Then knocked off, went and wrote up my diary, and thence to do various odds and ends, although nothing in particular.

Then to see the detectives, which took up all of prep, and it was rather amusing.

Prep becomes boring.

Friday, 4 June 1965 KCT
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Information on the Exakta and also on the Soligor lenses arrived today, and it annoys me that they never give full details of the things to go with it - I am sure one would find much more underneath if one tried.

Filed them, and read about them after breakfast - must get some Soligors.

History, and took some notes. Somebody has pinched my history book. Shitters gave me a book to look at called “Ideology and power”.

Read more about Soligor and Exakta in study period - no nark. Then chemistry, which Clod spent telling us about the history of this place. Interesting.

After break, in which there was no VSM, more chemistry, but Clod was not there.

Test on integrals in maths - I did not do well nor much worse than other people.

Had hoped to have nothing to do after lunch, but TDH grabbed me on the way out of lunch for a practice of the East. Got money for tomorrow out of House Bank, and then down.

After that, English, but it was not really worthwhile - I left after 8 minutes of it.

Presumably because of the previously unmentioned dentist's appointment. We did not have the option of leaving classes we didn't like.

Usual at the dentists - also took some books back for Daw, and afterwards to Grays to get a top for the Universal II tank I inherited from the photographic society. Also a 116 backing paper was waiting for me.

Turned up for Deutſch, but it was only the set books, so went back into the common room.

Faggot lesson afterwards, and did quite a bit of stuff that should have been in the grade III exam. Ended up with some aural tests.

Then turned up, unchanged, for Pioneers, and did next to nothing - this is getting as nice and slack as I like it.

After that, wrote up my diary, and then down to the common room. Managed to secure Cookson's study place for 1st prep.

Choir practice in 2nd - TDH congratulated us on Wednesday's performance.

Saturday, 5 June 1965 KCT → Netherton House.
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Up at 0630 to get all my stuff packed before breakfast, and then into the darkroom to prepare for rolling some more HP3-116's.

After breakfast, up, and Hallett took a long time getting up there. Eventually we only managed to do 4, but I reckon that should do.

Woodwork, and was still at work on the lens panel, and completed it, and decided that screws were too much fiddle, and decided to use panel pins. Never again! What a mess!

Then chemistry, and we did very little indeed - Clod was talking about stereoisomerism, etc.

After break, in which I had to do VSM, physics, and got my case ready and waiting.

Then maths, in which we learnt about power series - very interesting indeed.

Then made a dash for the station on my bike, and, thank God, the 1204 was late, and in fact I had to wait for it. It was pretty crowded, but I got a seat and then proceeded to change my shirt and tie.

Got into Newton Abbot at about 1330, and down to see if I could find anything about the Exakta Varex IIB, but no luck, and went to Bibbings, saw a Miranda F, and then down round the town to have a look at various things, and back again to see Mr. Bibbings, who eventually turned up. He reckons the Exakta is better than a Pentax, and, unfortunately, expects to sell me whatever camera I decide on - I shall have to disillusion him.

Then caught a bus to Netherton, and arrived completely unnoticed, and discovered that Mrs Baudouy was not there. Eventually Susan discovered me, and about ½ an hour later Mrs. Baudouy walked in, and arranged accommodation for me - down in the coach house with a fellow by name of Richard Llewellyn-Jones. Odd fellow, but quite pleasant.

After supper, Richard and I went down to the pub and had a drink, and then back and watched TV. Tried to get on with a swedish bird called Kim. Not too good looking. Had better be as loose as I hope she is.

Sunday, 6 June 1965 Netherton House Images for 6 June 1965
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Woke up about 0700 to find Richard making a considerable amount of noise, but didn't feel particularly tired, and so lit my pipe, and later we got up and went up to breakfast.

After breakfast, all of us were feeling singularly bored, and so Mrs. Baudouy suggested that we went up to the front at Torquay, and so 4 of us, including Richard, got moving, and before long we were there. The crowds were quite amazing. Ian quickly disappeared, whither I know not, but I ended up in front of a photographic shop window, and soon went in and enquired about the Exakta Varex IIb, and was shown it. I am rather disillusioned - it does not even have an instant return mirror. I think that decides it in favour of the Pentax - an instant return mirror, I feel, is a “must”.

It's interesting that I didn't recall my experience on 29 August 1964 I'm relatively sure that the camera I used was an Exakta.

Then had some coffee, and went round the place taking photos with a fellow from Saudi Arabia, and later met again at the car, and got back just in time for lunch.

After lunch, once again I felt at a loose end. Either a) the fact that I am 4 years older than when I first came to Netherton has made me much less easily pleased or b) the standard of entertainment at this place has sadly declined. In any case, asked Kim if she would like to go for a walk, and she accepted, and off we set. It does not appear that she is a particularly intelligent girl, and I did not enjoy myself much until we started going over the fields, and bodily contact came into it. Even so, I did not enjoy myself much, and we got into a bit of a mess in the fields. Eventually we got down to the village, and made our way up again.

After that, more or less gave up, and watched TV for some time, and went down to the coach house to write up for yesterday - I must be careful not to get so much in arrears again.

Then up again for supper, which was not all that wonderful, and then discussed going to the Pub with Richard, and then watched a film on TV. Down after that to the Goose, and had rather more enjoyable a time than at the Coombe Cellars - couple of nice birds there. Place was dead when we got back.

Monday, 7 June 1965 Netherton House → KCT.
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Woken by the alarm this morning - and with the row it made, I don't think anybody could help it: it certainly is loud enough. Richard says he has another, much louder one. I would not like to hear it.

Just a little late fro breakfast, but not much. Afterwards went in to see Ghazi - the arab fellow. He is quite a pleasant person, and we spoke at some length. Nevertheless, I was bored, and went outside to find Mrs. Baudouy organising a trip to Shaldon for sailing, and Ghazi and I went as well, mainly to get away from Netherton, and when we got there walked about taking photos, and went into one place where I was offered a just out of date EX136-30 [sic] for 12/6, but did not quite have the money. After looking around a bit further, we decided to walk back rather than wait for the others, and Ghazi told me a considerable amount about the muslim religion. He is a bit better up on in than Faðel - although, considering he was born in Mecca, and lives there, he should be.

Before lunch he finished an FP3, and gave it to me to develop. All goes fine - I am developing one hell of a lot of films lately.

In the afternoon, decided I had little time left to seduce Kim, and asked her if she would like to go for a walk, but unfortunately she was going riding - so much for Kim; I shall have to find somebody else.

After that, there was a party going in to see the HMS “Devonshire”, and Ghazi and I decided to go, as there was little else to do, but when we got there, and had already been dropped, we discovered it was not open today - or so we were told. Gave up, and went to look for some photographic chemicals, and got 25 gm each of metol and hydroquinone.

After that, found Guy, who was looking for Gui, and no luck. Ghazi dragged us to the amusement arcade, and there I lost about 2/-, but he, miraculously, lost none. I don't understand it.

Got left behind, and Papa Baudouy had to come and get us. Then missed my train, and had to catch the 2014. Skiv was none too pleased. Arrived back at 2200hrs, and my bed was not made.

Tuesday, 8 June 1965 KCT.
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Letters from Mum and Sue today. Mum is still in Baghdad with Nona Cole. Sue is becoming clam like until the end of the exams, and so I am not likely to hear from her for a while.

Got all the mess cleared up (vaguely) after breakfast, and must do something about the darkroom cupboard.

In chemistry, for most of the time did little, but eventually decided to write extensive notes on the fatty acids. At the end of the period asked Clod if we could buy the requisite chemicals for E-2 substitute [for developing Ektachrome]. He does not mind at all.

Then flute lesson en lieu of history, and it lasted until after the end of break. Got in very late to maths, but still before Jimmy. On about power series, Maclaurin's theorem, etc. . Interesting.

Went over „Belsazar“ in Deutſch.

After lunch, had hoped to be able to catch up on my diary writing, which has lagged sadly behind, but TDH wanted me to turn up for a practice of the Micheal Este stuff, and had to oblige. Chivers and I ended up in the chapel cloister extemporising on the tuning note, and 'twas rather amusing.

Then to physics, where Cookson had brought my books for me, and when Pad came in he gave us a test. He could at least have warned us.

The test, however, was, admittedly, very easy. I had finished the whole thing within 20 minutes, and after that rewrote it. Spent the rest of the time trying to think about something pleasant.

During tea, went to the tuck shop, bought some food and a boater, and back to the common room.

After that, clarinet lesson, and on with the Mozart concerto, which really is a beautiful piece. Mr. White repaired a tear in my case for me in the meantime.

After that, to the new building, and got my diary reasonably up to date, and then tried to get my photographic chemicals list made up - for the substitute E-2 chemicals.

Music Aural in 1st prep.

Wednesday, 9 June 1965 KCT.
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Letters from Leona Bernard, who wants her negs, and Concert Hall record club, who want their money, today. Leona also had something to say about Mary Lee having a crush on me. I hope there is some truth in it.

After breakfast, found Atkinson about the E-2 chemicals list, which he had been doing for me in 2nd prep, and then to maths, and on with Maclaurin's theorem, which is exceptionally interesting.

Then piano lesson, which started early and carried on as usual. After that, got some music for Blockflöte and carried on until the beginning of break.

After break, in which we had a bit of a dispute about the darkroom with Gundry, had Deutſch, and did another comprehension excercise.

Then PE, and softball again, and we lost pretty heavily. Did not do any swimming.

After lunch, no choir practice, and had hoped to be free, but, alas! TDH wanted me to do a practice of the Este verse anthem. Says we will be getting a write-up in the Somerset County Gazette. I hope so.

After that, managed to write up my diary, and then down to sort out what was going on in the darkroom, and got the book up to date. Wollacott intercepted me in the middle of it - he, like many others, wants to buy an SLR, and wanted to see what was going.

After that, wrote a letter to Smiths in Newton Abbot, and looked for Leona's negs, but could not find them.

Bought a straw hat in the tuck-shop. Should be rather fun to wear - eccentric enough, anyway, and probably better than a cap.

How does this relate to the boater (straw hat) that I bought the previous day? My guess is that it's a duplicate, and says little for my powers of recollection.

Down town after roll call, and ordered some Mydochrome from Grays. I quite like that bird there.

Then down to the station. No sign of my bike, and I only hope the police can help.

In the wireless club afterwards. Bird [?] likes the Singlex. Very tired in prep - went off to sleep.

Thursday, 10 June 1965 KCT.
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Photo News weekly arrived today, a day late, with an article about, of all things, high contrast line negs, or, as they call then, “soot and whitewash” photos. Not much that I did not know already.

After breakfast, showed it to Atkinson, and he also gave me the prices of the various E-2 chemicals that we still need.

After assembly, discovered that we had no Deutſch, and went to the darkroom to get the developer down. Spent a good deal of time writing out the darkroom rules again (revised).

Then maths. Still on with Maclaurin's theorem.

Study, and did nothing, apart from try to sort out my photographic literature.

Chemistry. Clod did not like my essay. “Not enough care” etc. Study, and filing all my photographic stuff.

After lunch, wind band practice, and as it was a warm day, Terry Ravenor decided to have the practice outside, which suited me. Unfortunately, Ruscoe turned up, and so I did not get much chance to shine.

Then maths, and no change from this morning. Still on and on about Maclaurin's theorem.

In English, Boris read us some american humour (or is it humor? by Thurber and such types. Some of it is quite amusing.

Did little in tea, apart from try and work out the organisation of my folders, and I think I have just about got it all right now.

After that pioneers, and we had to move about 700 kilos of stuff down to behind the Gym. Struck me as funny, all of us standing there with the cart, and so I went and got my camera and took quite a few photos of us fooling around in different poses.

Then knocked off, and wrote up my diary. Drax found me - wants me to take some more photos tomorrow.

Trying to evaluate π in pre. e is easier.

Friday, 11 June 1965 KCT.
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Straits Budget on time, for about the first time this term. I wonder why it has been so consistently late.

After breakfast, had a few bones to pick with matron, and then decided to further classify my Minidex, so that I know where every thing is.

After assembly, history, and just about finished the notes on WW2.

Then study on with numbering the negatives.

Then chemistry, and Clod showed me a book I had been reading yesterday for information on photographic developers.

After break, did little in particular, but I carried on doing my fatty acid notes. Only derivatives to go now

Then maths, and after Maclaurin's theorem came Taylor's theorem. Useful.

After lunch, Walker approached me for interesting and original ideas, which he wanted to cash in on. Suggested Isopan record developed in Rodinal, and he says he is going to get some.

Isopan record was a high speed film with corresponding grain, and Rodinal emphasized sharpness, so the combination would have had a particularly striking grain pattern.

After that, to the chapel, but TDH decided he did not need me until tomorrow night, and so got a chance to write up my diary after all.

Then english, and spent a good deal of time writing my short story. Doubt it will be much good, but better than nothing.

Deutſch: Skiv is apparently in hospital again, and as a result, Tyson came in and gave us some work to be getting on with.

House photos, but Skiv was away, and so we did not get a chance to do ours. Went and wrote a letter to “Photo News Weekly” about the Pellix, and then changed for pioneers photo.

Then got all set up, and we took 3 photos before all turned up, and went and changed again. Had a fair amount of spare time, and so tidied out the top shelf of my scob with reasonable success.

No prep worth doing. Did some chemistry notes.

Saturday, 12 June 1965 KCT.
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QST came today. That reminds me - I must renew my subscription.

After breakfast, did little, and considered my plan of action this afternoon.

Double woodwork first, and I am doing less and less about my enlarger. I reckon I ought to give it up, and buy a cheap one, which I can subsequently fix up and put decent lenses and condensers in.

Cut a plank 3'2½" [98 cm] long for putting on Cookson's study place, and did before chemistry.

Clod was nattering on about the phase rule, and went on long after the break bell, to the consternation of all.

Physics, and we got our tests back. Did not do as well as I could have had I proven the formulae.

Maths - another test back. Must buck up.

After lunch, did little - got my diary written out, and then tidied out my shelf on the study place, and then to discuss this afternoon's proceedings with Atkinson and Hallett.

Then turned up for pioneers, but was not needed, so back again, and joined Atkinson and Hallett, supposedly watching the match, and discovered that my Promicrol curves for roll film were up the creek. Made a pretty fair attempt straightening things up, and then went in, and to the chapel to do a practice of the Tompkins.

Nobody turned up for quite some time, and by the time everybody turned up, I was clamouring to go. Did a quick practice, and then dashed off to develop my films. Hallett, fortunately, had not started to load the tanks. I did 4 while he was trying with one, and I ended up doing that for him as well.

Did quite a new in Unitol, as 'tis quicker, and then a Fuji Neopan SS in Promicrol - came out a shade too dense.

After supper, up again, although I had to go for a music concert in the middle, and also drank 2 litres of coffee, which did not help me go to sleep.

Sunday, 13 June 1965 KCT.
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Woke up at about 0500 hrs, and could not get back to sleep. Up before the bell, and put some more prints in the dryer and then got some stuff ready for printing with Kodalith etc later today.

After breakfast, up again, and we tidied up somewhat from last night, but, in accordance with the new rules, did not actually do any work before chapel.

Felt pretty weak in chapel, owing to the fact that I still had a sort of hangover from last night's coffee.

After chapel, up to the darkroom, and had a go at the bromide paper film, and did some contact prints with the Pan F that I developed last night, and not too bad. Must get a Harvey-Branson [?] or Paterson contact printer.

Did a few prints for Cheung ii as well.

After lunch, the positives were dry, and so we got going on the Kodalith, and, although the contrast was quite high, it was not high enough, and we had a few half-tones. I must see about developers with higher contrast - even whatever the recommended Kodak developer is for such film.

Then went for walk, but Atkinson wanted to play a game of golf, and so Paul Callow came instead.

Wrote up my diary then, and then along to the site of the wall that the pioneers are building. God knows how high they want it.

Got back to school late, but not excessively so, and did a few prints from the Kodalith, which by this time was dry. Again, not very high contrast, and we decided that it would be just as well to leave it until we could find a more suitable developer, and in the meantime tried to make a couple of 4×2½" [10×6.5 cm] negatives - without much success.

After tea, experimented with the positive film in Atkinsons camera, and developed it, and discovered that it would give good results up to about 200 ASA, but the best was between 25 and 50. Discovered the marginal marking 16, and also Perutz nonflam. Could well be 16 DIN [32 ASA].

Did a Fuji Neopan SS for Cheung's after supper.

Monday, 14 June 1965 KCT.
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No mail, which is rather annoying, coupled with the fact that I have been getting little sleep lately.

Went over to the san after breakfast, and told sister about my cholera injection, and she did not blow up. She did so, however, when I told Atkinson that she did not. I do not understand that woman at all.

Double study, and very little to do, and so read some photographic stuff, and am very interested in the Paterson contact printer, which looks quite useful. Also noted cheap photographic chemicals from Marston and Heard - worth looking into.

Got my power supply up for physics, and did the triode experiment, after a few altercations with Pad, and subsequent alterations. Not surprisingly, we got quite good results, although my power supply is none too steady.

After lunch, did little for quite some time, and then to the library to write up my diary, and only just had it finished by 1330 hrs.

After that, to the common room, and there decided to work out a plan of action for storing all my photographic gear, and then sat down and read quite a bit, and it occurred to me how tired I was.

After quite a while looking through various catalogues, I discovered that Marston and Heard were offering Caustic Hydroquinone developer for 3/6 /gallon. That sounds very useful. I shall have to buy some.

Then to the Woodard study to try and get hold of this week's A.P., but Harris was not there, and nobody knew where he or it were.

Then back to the common room, and after a while tried to tidy out the bottom shelf of my scob, without any fantastic degree of success, but it is now considerably tidier than before.

Then wrote out a couple of advertisments for my camera and stuff, and subsequently along to room 26 for a trial run on the music aurals. Did quite well - surprised both TDH and myself.

Did little work in 2nd prep.

Tuesday, 15 June 1965 KCT.
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Letter from Mum today, but she has little to say, other than that she has just arrived back in KL

Had an argument with Cookson. He wants me out of his study place, which may be just as well.

After breakfast, had a sort of argument, and all was still there by the time the bell went for assembly.

Double chemistry, and did nothing - I tried, not too well, nor very completely, to work out a design for a darkroom.

Then music aural test, and I did quite well - according to TDH, I should have got about 75%, which is quite enough for me.

After break, by which time Dicky had finally kicked me out, maths, and, as Shitters had a big economics test on, very few people turned up to maths.

Deutſch with Mr. Neumann, and again we did little. He is very amusing.

After lunch, to see Pad about sorting out his components for him. Told me to come back at 1320.

Accordingly did a few other minor jobs, and turned up, but he was not there until after 1325, but which time everybody was there. He has quite a fantastic number of transistors, which must be worth quite a packet. I wonder how he got hold of them.

Physics was not much fun - learnt nothing new, but were given a couple of calculations, one of which we had already done.

After that, to tea, for the first time for a long time, and then to a clarinet lesson, in which I did little apart from play odd bits of the Mozart Concerto, etc.

After that, up to the Padlab to sort out all the stuff. How I would like to get my hands on a couple of those transistors.

Finished it all, despite old Bert,

No idea who this was.

by 1800 hrs, and then got my camera, and took a photo. I have never seen such a volume of transistors together in all my life.

Then into prep, and had a go at beating up Dicky, which made me feel a bit happier.

Did little prep.

Wednesday, 16 June 1965 KCT → Wells → KCT
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PNW today, but no letters, and spent most of breakfast reading it. Not all that much of interest in it.

After breakfast, did little - stayed a long time in the dining hall, and in the dormitory.

In assembly, they had the annual reading out of all the people who it the jackpot on the Science block fund.

Not much of maths left by the end of that, but we managed to get something on Taylors theorem in before the end.

Piano lesson, which was much the same as usual. Talking to Miss Gill about music 'O' level, and aurals in general.

Then music practice until break.

After a wet and rainy break, Deutſch, and did little. Got a 1 hr detention from McCaffrey in P.E. because I would not go into the pool.

This would have been because it was so cold, and I had genuine issues coping with it.

After lunch, had a lot of things to do. To the study to declare my intention to complain. Then to linen room to get quite a few clothes, and to room 26 to get my ticket, and thence to see Jimmy. That did not take long, and then I had my diary to write up, which I did in the common room, although it was a free day. Then filled in most of the relevent information about the Cambridge entry, and prepared to send the forms off to Dad for signature. Then compiled a list of all the chemicals that we would need from Clod. Then saw Atkinson, and we worked out the price of all of them, which came to the staggering sum of 1/8, 20d!

Then to the chemistry labs to check availability of all the chemicals - all were there except Na₃PO₄, which will not cost us much.

Then a drill, in the Q stores, thanks to my influence, and then loaded an HP3, posted some letters, and off to the Bath festival. When we got there, went with Parſifal on a pub crawl, and found quite a convenient one.

Not a bad concert, but the driver complained on the way back again.

Thursday, 17 June 1965 KCT.
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Corpus Christi

I wish I would get some mail ! It is not for want of writing, God knows.

After breakfast, chapel - something about the festival of Bread, or the body of Christ, or whatever they call it. Usual sort of morning service, except that we did not have our surplices, and so did not robe up.

Then maths, and I had a horrible feeling I had lost my passport, and worried terribly about it. Jimmy was still on about something to do with Taylor's and Maclaurin's theorems.

Study next, and I looked for my passport, and then read some photographic magazines. Finally found my passport in my bag, where I always leave it.

I'm surprised I hadn't had to surrender it for safe keeping. My guess is that the school authorities didn't think of that one, since most boys wouldn't have one.

Then chemistry after break, and we gave Clod the list of chemicals. He does not trust us to weigh them out ourselves.

Music practice in 5th period.

After lunch had to go and see Benjy. He relieved me of my punishment for not going into the swimming pool, but gave me the same value of punishment for not handling the situation correctly.

This left an impression. He stated that, though I might be sensible, I had a declamatory style that made things worse. He was probably right.

Then to wind band, where I, quite understandably I feel, did not play as well as usual.

Then maths, and had a test, in which I could also have done better. I must buck up in quite a few subjects.

English, and Boris read us a couple of his stories, and some of them were quite good. Very amusing.

Then to tea, for the first time for some time, and after that found Daw, and he will let me use his study place to put my shelf on. Thank God.

Then decided to turn up to pioneers, and wa the first to turn up, strange as it seems. I must not be so keen. Did little work, apart from that, even though Mr. Morgan turned up.

Talking to Atkinson about what we would do on speech day before prep.

Before 2nd prep had spare ½ hour. They out [sic] to get rid of chapel altogether.

Friday, 18 June 1965 KCT.
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Lists from Marston & Heard today, together with my refund of P.O., in as they are out of Caustic Hydroquinone developer. That is a nuisance, about which I shall have to do something.

After breakfast, over to the san, and there they told me that if again I were to have an attack of asthma when swimming, I should go over there.

History first, and listening to tapes, which were quite interesting.

After that, flute lesson, and I had to wait ½ of an hour for her. I wish she were more punctual. As a result, I was late for chemistry, which annoys me.

Did as little as is usual in chemistry. Tried to get Clod after the first period, but he was disappeared. [added later, in tiny script:] Saw Ben in break. He is giving me my privelige.

Found him [Clod], however, at the end of 2nd period, and he will let us use the balances ourselves. Should be fun.

Maths, and working out maxima and minima. Then started revision of al gebra.

After lunch, little to do until Malay 'O' level, and so went almost immediately along to room 27, and waited there until TGW turned up, and then got down to the exam, and quite tough it was, as well. Reckon I made a pretty average mess of the first part of the 2 unseens, but the second part, which was about pokok kelapa bali, which I hope means oil palm, was much easier. Then a prose, which I did not like the look of, so went straight on to the sentences, which were quite easy, and then an essay, about what mode of transport I preferred, and then back to the prose, and had finished everything by the end of 2 hours. Could not be fagged to wait around for another hour, so left then.

This was unusual, but seeing as though I was the only person doing the exam, I suspect Mr. Whitworth found better things to do.

I had taken this exam voluntarily in the assumption that I could add an 'O' level to my accomplishments. It was with a different board, and the school didn't help beyond registering me. From memory, there was a set book, about Hang Tuah, about which I had not known. I failed miserably.

Rejoiced for a while, and then decided that I could at least turn up for pioneers, and so did so, admittedly ¼ hour late.

Did little more than I had to in pioneers, and we knocked off quite early, not before taking a rose each with us.

Did little in prep, and choir practice in 2nd prep. More about TDH's wedding. Popsy commented about wearing roses on Corpus Christi in dormitory - what a laugh!

Saturday, 19 June 1965 KCT. Images for 19 June 1965
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Straits Budget this morning, and there seems to be a growing unrest about racial relationships. Damn nuisance.

After breakfast, talking to Bott about getting some method of heating our water to make coffee at the end of term. He wants me to use my soldering iron.

In assembly, privelige was given out, and so immediately to the common room to discard my old faithful black tie, and put on the blue with white stripes.

Then woodwork, and I did not feel like doing anything myself, and so helped Cheung with a loudspeaker cabinet.

Then chemistry, which we spent talking and doing exceptionally little work.

After break, physics. Pad went over the calculations. Then maths, and on to all sorts of unpleasant things related to algebra.

After lunch, quite a few things on the agenda, to find if my name was on the detention list, and was not. Got my surplice (just been washed), and an exeat for this afternoon, and then up to write up my diary.

Then condescended to turn up for pioneers. Glorious weather, and we did exceptionally little work - I spent most of my time sunbathing, and so on, and we knocked off quite early, and in to get out some stuff for this afternoon in the darkroom. Found Atkinson and Hallett after a while, and we managed to get most of the stuff up by 1500 hrs, and then to knock off for tea, but I had various things to tie up in the common room.

After roll-call, Mc.Caffries [?] cornered me for a detention, but I edged my way out of it, and down to the library, and to Grays, where they have a Pentax Spotmatic in, and had a look at it, and then got my Mydochrome, ordered some EDTAA and Citrazinic acid, required urgently.

Came back, and Tebbot noticed my bottle of Mydochrome and thought it was brandy. Wish he had had me up. [In other words, tried to punish me for it]

After supper, doing Ghazis prints, and they came out quite nicely.

Sunday, 20 June 1965 KCT.
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Up before the bell this morning, and into the darkroom to do a bit more glazing, and tidied up generally.

After breakfast, did little, but carried on tidying up, and tidied out the cupboard, and got quite a few things out of the way. Then down for a jam issue and to do a bit of music practice before chapel, and ended up talking to Forward.

Chapel was much the same as ever, except for the added nuisance of a sermon, and as a result finished later. Mash told me that Gundry did not want his darkroom booking, and that I could have it. Accordingly, up, and made a few prints on the floor [large enlargements] and had a look at the grain, but the definition at the edge of the lens was not all that wonderful. Did a few other prints, including one of me in my sherpa jacket, and called it a day.

After lunch, up again, and Redfearn gave us some negatives to print for him, and we had a go at that from then until the outside period. Pretty dense, overexposed negatives, and we wasted a couple of sheets of paper trying to get a decent exposure.

Then out for a walk, and to our usual place - we are getting quite used to it now, and, as usual, my diary accompanied. however, we did not talk much, except for a comment by Atkinson, that Promicrol contained a p-phenylene diamine derivative, which sounds useful. We shall have to find out what it is, and experiment with it.

After that, back to the grindstone, and in the middle of it all, Jacob and Woolacott started messing around, and turned on a light from outside, which did not help the proceedings any.

After tea, finished cleaning our stuff out, and then down for a games clothes check, and various other things, and did a bit of work on my new Promicrol book, which I am starting. I have a feeling I will be starting yet another in a little over a month.

Cornered Jacob after supper, and demanded an apology. We did not get it, thanks mainly to Atkinson, but we could have.

Monday, 21 June 1965 KCT.
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Up late, and down by the back stairs. Fortunately nobody found out.

After breakfast, just remembered to take my suit down to the linen room to be dry cleaned. Then into assembly, where Benjy was waffling on about teaching and what a glorious occupation it was, even if they were poor specimens.

Then double study, a lot of which I spent reading various photographic stuff. I shall have to get an enlarger - if I can afford it. I wonder what japanese ones are like.

Triple physics, and we were given the sensitivity of the galvo to do. Seems quite interesting. We managed to get failry consistent results, at any rate, and Pad thought that they were correct.

After lunch, did little, and after a while up to the careers room, and left there at about 1330, and went down to the common room, and there started to read Popular Photography, but had only just begun when a fellow walked in and wanted to know where to put some stuff for the tuck shop, and so had to get 6 large cartons full of biscuits, and take them to the telephone room, where I also had to sign for them. Ah well. Variety is the spice of life.

After that, carried on with the Pop Phot, and am wondering yet about what sort of telephoto lenses to get, and whether I can persuade Mum & Dad to buy me a wide angle lens as well. A 28 mm would do quite nicely.

Then to tea - I am very hungry lately - and then back to the common room, but did not feel like staying there, so went and did some music practice for a while, and then along to the auditions for the Pirates of Penzance, and made a bit of a fool of myself, and then away to clean my shoes for the first time since Whitsun.

Did little in either prep - just sat round, wondering what the use of it all was.

Tuesday, 22 June 1965 KCT.
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Oh, for some mail. I expect I shall have to write to Sue in the near future, and I hope she replies - also to Sandy, and Leona, Mary and that lot. I shall have also to somehow get hold of a few stamps.

After breakfast, something odd was going on in the dormitory, but God knows what Bott and Green were playing at.

Double chemistry, and one wonders why we did not just have a double study. We would have done as much work. I spent my time trying to memorise the periodic table - I think I have just about got it.

Then history, and we heard the last bit of scrapbook for 1938, and discussed Vietnam with Mr. Whitworth.

No VSM in break - Griffths did it for me.

Then maths, and Jimmy is sort of actively revising with us. Deutſch, and Skiv gave us a prose.

After lunch, for once had not much to do, and so managed to get my diary written up, and also a little time left over to order my day, and even read a little of AP.

After rest, physics, and Pad came in and started talking about electromagnetic induction and so on, and I feel that I probably learnt something out of it - at least it makes a change.

After a while, Pad appeared to give up, and he has recently evolved quite a few new red herrings. He has, for instance, applied Le Chatelier's principle to human nature in general, and the Meynell House in particular. Also showed us how exorbitant the prices for earth inductors [?] were.

Then house photograph, and before it I had a chat with the photographer. Nice camera he has. - f/9 lens of some obscure make (or at any rate, name), 245 mm, stopping to f/90, with a Synchro-Compur, and he uses HP3. Should be ½ plate, but I think he is using smaller film.

Then clarinet lesson, and at last Mr. White has dug out a syllabus, so I suppose I shall have to do some work. I do not think much of the various studies I have to do, particularly some Jettel.

Sent Ghazi's photos off to him this evening.

Wednesday, 23 June 1965 KCT.
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Photo News Weekly with not all that much of interest. I must cultivate more of an interest in the artistic, rather than the scientific side of photography.

After breakfast, not much happened - I was once again considering the difference between f/1,8 and f/1,4 - this Pentax has me worried.

Then maths, and Jimmy did his usual nasty little trick on us, but fortunately, for once I did not do too badly - though still could have done better.

After that music, and I got some more music - something in 6/8 time for a change, as Gilly puts it.

Afterwards, very wet weather, and we all stayed in during break. Then Deutſch, and we got our essay of yesterday back - nothing wonderful.

Then P.E., and Sarge managed to persuade me to go in [to the swimming pool], and I rather surprised him by showing him how well I can swim - I don't think he thought I could at all.

In those days, a large proportion of British children couldn't swim. I didn't know any Australian children who couldn't. Probably people thought that my aversity to the swimming pool was due to my lack of ability rather than the horribly cold water.

After lunch, no choir practice, and so got some stuff out of house bank, and then was caught by Archie Rollinson, who told me a woeful tale about being caught by Ben Sykes to do some full plate prints of the arduous training camp things for him by Speech day, and also was worried about whether he could do them, and finally got me to do them.

Conditions in the darkroom on a really windy day, such as today, are appaling - the blinds kept coming out of their grooves, which did not help much, and so every so often we had to stop to fix them up. Miraculously we did not fog any paper.

Then came the problem of drying them. Another thing that puts me off double weight paper is that it takes about ½ hour to dry the prints, and what with about 15 whole plate, it was no easy task.

After tea, detention and Main would not let me write up my diary, which was a nuisance, and hat to read Nelkon [?].

Then up, and found Hallett had bought 350cc instead of 300cc bottles. Damn him.

Thursday, 24 June 1965 KCT.
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No mail again, which at least means that I read my paper more thoroughly - not that much has been happening lately in Malaysia anyway.

After breakfast, down to the common room as always, but also had to tidy up from yesterday - still quite a mess.

Deutſch, and Skiv once again went over conditionals - for about the 15th time this term, and gave us some examples to write out to go with them.

Then maths, and we corrected our test from yesterday. Did somewhat better than usual, but I think the whole standard was higher.

Then study, in which I considered the various factors affecting colour balance, and these are many in number.

Clod told us about the 'A' level practical in chemistry.

After lunch, along to wind band practice, but too many where in the guard of honour to be able to attend, and who we called the whole affair off. At least it gave me a chance to write up my diary.

Then english, and Boris decided we had better do some poetry, and so we did - some not very amusing nor interesting poem about thrushes, and he managed to take up the whole period until 1500 hrs doing it.

Maths before [?] was not very interesting either - speech day fever has got us all, and we feel very little like doing any work.

At 1530, had to go and do car park rehearsal, with the bursar, a man of whom I do not know what to think. As it was, we spent about half an hour finding out what he wanted us to do.

After that, did not feel like doing much work, and so did not turn up for pioneers, and sat reading various photographic magazines instead.

In prep, did absolutely nothing. Not even anybody about to do any work.

Friday, 25 June 1965 KCT.
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Speed Day

Up at 0630, and down to the pioneers site to pick myself a rose, and down there met Paul Callow, who was intent on a similar goal.

After breakfast, down to the linen room, etc, and got my button repaired.

Then History, and, speech day notwithstanding, TGW gave us a test, which I thought was a bit much of him.

Then study period, which I spend [sic] doing some music practice, and showing Clark the fundamentals of harmony.

Then out, and did a bit of getting ready, and was called upon to contribute something to the Phot Soc exhibition, and ended up helping.

Then chapel, and after that up to the physics labs to have a look at the Science exhibition there, and was soon taking active part in it.

After lunch, Hallett and I did not have much to do, and so we decided that we might as well develop Mr. White's film, and got down to it, in Promicrol, and it did not take too long - still a far cry from doing it in a cold water bath like I used to do it in KL. Came out quite well, but he wasted the last 25 exposures for fear of going off the end. I just don't get it.

Then down to the speeches, and as it was Benjy's last chance, he made the most of it. After one hell of a long speech, which the Provost reckoned was one of the best yet, came the prize-giving, and then more speeches, and gifts for Benjy, etc, and by the time the speeches were over, Benjy was £1100 or so richer.

Then up to the science exhibition, and had quite a job showing it to various people. Allen's father came up to me and introduced himself - said something about Allen always talking about me. I wonder what he said.

Finally it was all over, and we gave up and retired to the darkroom.

Printed a lot of Mr. Whites stuff after supper. Met the famous J R. Atkinson as well.

Saturday, 26 June 1965 KCT.
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Ingles woke me up this morning in good time to dry a few prints before breakfast, in which we had 4 people present, but still plenty enough to go round.

After breakfast, Hallett down to Grays to see if the EDTAA and CZA had come, but it appeared, after I had got all the stuff out for the first developer, when he came back, he said they had not yet got in Atkinsons order for the Mydochrome. Dashed down myself, but it appeared that they had understood what he had meant, and they had not got it in. In disgust back again, and started tidying up in the darkroom. Accepted Hal's offer to go out with him and his uncle, and went over to find Skiv for an exeat, but he was not there, so had to get Tysons. Then got some photographic stuff to take with me, and wrote up for yesterday.

When they arrived - very punctually - I discovered that Paul Hallett had 2 eligable [sic] cousins of 13 and 17 (Ingrid and Helen respectively). He could have told me earlier.

His uncle is an odd fellow, but quite pleasant. It would seem that he is a retired spy, although one could scarcely believe it.

Lunch was very good, and after that, coffee, and then down to their swimming pool, which has only just been completed, and changed and went in despite the water temperature being only 17°, and before too long got quite accustomed to it. Started flirting with Helen, who was quite responsive, and also took some photos. She is a rather odd character.

While changing back, found 17m of Isopan F, which was 4 years out of date, and after a bit of sunbathing and épée fencing, in to have tea, and then little else to do apart from celebrate Helen's boyfriend's 18th birthday (a blow, but I controlled myself), before supper. After that, asked Mr. Hallett for the LIF, and he gave us that, and also a lot of paper, which Paul and I will have to come to an agreement about.

Sunday, 27 June 1965 KCT.
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Up this morning resolved not to do any photographic work, as I did not have a darkroom booking.

After breakfast, it occurred to me that it might be useful to count out the paper while we had a chance to, and so got it all and the safety lt [?] filter, and up to the darkroom, where I found Paul, who had apparently worked out by telepathy what I wanted to do, and so we got down to sorting it out, and got about 50 sheets of Bromecko [?] each, amongst other things.

Then chapel, which was worsened by the fact that there were parents present, making a rather unresponsive congregation.

Got my camera out after chapel, and took quite a few photos, and finished off my Pan F. Then took my take-up spool off, to see if I could adjust it for cassette → cassette loading. Impossible to get it on again.

After lunch, Atkinson found me and asked me if I wanted to develop a film - he had one to do as well, so up, and finally got the thing loaded - in Broadbridges time [?] - and developed it, at the same time trying to fix up my camera. It was not, however, until the outside period that I finally succeeded. Then down and lay in the sun until it was just about time to go in, and then met Cheung 3, who wanted me to help him do some prints of him as a baby, and so I agreed to help him. Then upstairs, and hung up my film to dry, and then down again for tea, but did not have any jam or anything, and so went not.

Up after tea, and got moving. Cheung is a rather slow printer, though I suppose it must be difficult with 16 on 120 individual frames. Finally finished 33 of them, and then did a couple of prints of some on the paper Mr. Hallett gave me. Beautiful one of Helen, all distorted, and not a trace of fog.

Hell of a time drying them.

Monday, 28 June 1965 KCT.
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No letter from Mum nor Dad today, which is annoying, but one from Ahmad instead, folded in a most interesting way. Must reply to him soon. I owe him a letter all right.

After breakfast, tidying up the darkroom, and took me a good deal of the time until assembly. Ben took the chance to thank us all for being such wonderful people and not having more than 1 Beatle cut between the lot of us.

Then double study, which was boring enough, even though I read the Photographic pocket books. In physics, just had our stuff corrected, and then departed in peace.

After break, General field Day. Wrote to Ahmad, and read Amateur Photographer, and also had more of a go at my Minidex.

After lunch, over to Stoneleigh to see TDH for music, and got various things straightened up, and then he played me the Italian concerto, as I have not yet heard it, and then on about the Franck. There seems to be one hell of a lot of work to do on it. If that carries too may marks, I think I am going to be fairly borderline in my 'O' level.

Then back to school, and on with the Minidex, and down to about the new year, where filing became somewhat harder, owing to bad shots, no shots, and all sorts of other such things. Walker came in, and said he wanted to buy a Pentax, so I said I would give him one for £45, and 5 minutes later he had raised the price to £55. I don't mind. All the more Pentax accessories for me.

After tea, felt a bit generally fed up, and did a bit of music practice, and then down to room 26 to hear the Italian Concerto again.

Revising chemistry for the exam in both preps, but did not get much done.

Tuesday, 29 June 1965 KCT.
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Letter from Mum, and Cambridge application form back at last, as well as Wireless World. Mum has booked us on the Air Ceylon flight at 1045 am on 14/VII/1965. Will have to leave on Monday, 12/VII/1965. Should be fun - only 13 days notice.

Service in honour of Ss Peter & Paul in first period, which was a bit of a waste of time.

Then study in 2nd period, owing to the chemistry practicals going on in the chemistry labs. Spent it looking at the Pentax price list.

Then history, and to read about what actually went on in WW2.

After break, maths, and we got a test back, and spent the rest of the time revising.

Subjunctives in Deutſch.

After lunch, chemistry exam, and as a result had to go straight up to the Padlab, and did little apart from mess around for some time, and then in came Vodden with a pretty unpleasant test, which took me quite some time to do, although, admittedly, I was not going anything like flat out.

Gave up about ½ hour before the end of the exam, and spent the rest of the time communicating with Lennox, who was writing a very short account of catalysis.

Finally got out, and to the tuck shop to buy some food, and then along to get Mr. Whites photos, and showed them to him. Not surprisingly, he did not think too much of them. Spent a good deal of time considering what was wrong with them, and hardly did any work. Then he off to the tuck shop to get some money changed, and payed me 12/- for what I had done so far, and then I off to write up my diary.

Then did little until prep, in which I could not face work, and just sat and tried to work out interesting equations.

Wednesday, 30 June 1965 KCT.
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No mail this morning, but Photo News Weekly came, and spent most of breakfast reading that. Interesting article about how film is made, but in fact, it took up a whole page, and told me little that I did not already know.

Over to the san after breakfast for my cholera jab, and the fellow told me to come back for another in 2 weeks time, and so I had to make arrangements to have it on Saturday.

Then maths, which was straightforward revision. Jimmy gave us a list of what might be included in the paper. He did not leave much out.

Then piano lesson, and spent most of the time talking to Miss Gill about what I would be doing in 2 weeks time.

Triple study after that, and spent it reading about cameras.

After lunch, TDH was away again, or something, and so no choir practice, which came in handy. Got an exeat, and then to write up my diary, and the 40 lines which Evans gave me on Sunday.

Finished that soon enough, and then handed them in, and went down to the common room, to write to Mum & Dad, and that took me a good deal of time. Posted that, and then read a bit, and did little of much use, and thence to the common room, where I did little. During tea, looking for Gundry, but he was nowhere to be found.

Down town after roll call, and first to Grays where a) the chemicals had not yet turned up and b) they did not have any minidex refills, which was a nuisance.

Then looked everywhere for some [?], and to the library to get some books, and to the P.O. to get a P.O. for some Minidex refills.

Back again, and reading a magazine I got for Hallett. Did some music in prep.

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