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October 1965
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Friday, 1 October 1965 KCT Images for 1 October 1965
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Oh! What I wouldn't do for a letter from Lesley. Still, I can do little except wait, at least for the time being.

Did little after breakfast, and hung about at length in the common room. At times life hardly seems worth living.

Double chemistry after assembly, which cheered me up not much. I wanted us to do a practical, but others thought differently, and Clod carried on dictating to use the 'A' level chemistry syllabus, which I did not bother to copy down. I shall have to buy a copy of the syllabus.

After that, maths with Drax. He deserves his reputation, I am afraid, of not being a very good teacher.

After that, break, in which, as usual, we confined ourselves to perambulation.

Then study, in which I read more of “Time for a Tiger”. It is really getting good now.

Then physics, and had our last results checked, and then were given the most difficult experiment in the book - No. 1. Specific gravity bottles, etc.

Orchestra practice after lunch, and the music for the Pirates had not yet come, and as a result we had to make do with various symphonic movements. I am getting more confident on the Fagott.

Then to the common room, wrote up my diary, and on with “Time for a Tiger”. That book makes me long for a good decent tinned Tiger.

After a while, the inevitable happened, and Dicky came along and said we should have some tea. To the fort, and then complied.

After tea, back to the common room, which I had not intended to do, but back soon to the Pad Lab.

Specific gravity bottles are annoying. They are so maddingly easy to use, but need to be dried out 3 times in the course of the experiment - in the chemistry labs. Took us quite some time to get the experiment finished.

Then to the common room, and spent most of first prep deciding who to admit to the Phot. Soc.

In dormitory, Dicky and I went on a rampage, shouting what we thought of the Pommes [?]. Nearly ended up in a full scale race riot.

Saturday, 2 October 1965 KCT
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Oh! for a letter from somebody I know. Is it that she doesn't care about me, or is she just too damn lazy? Perhaps it is just that I am soft, or innocent, or in love, but I cannot but feel that it is the second alternative. I hope she can bring herself to write fairly soon.

After assembly, double maths, which tends to violently depress me. Jimmy awarded several new notebooks, including one to me. I am ending up with hundreds of notebooks of various kind - my study place is full to overflowing. He said something today about finishing complex numbers - Gott sei Dank. Too complex for my liking.

Then art lecture, which was very funny, although tempered by the presence of Pen's niece.

After break, chemistry, and Clod was away on a match, so Atkinson and I decided the term's program for the photographic society.

Then english - Daddy G does not like my writing.

After lunch, as ever to the san, and then back to the common room, and was wasting my time when Dicky discovered that my electronic flash was not charging. Tried to see if it would charge off the mains, but could not find the charger, and in the end to the wireless club, took it apart, and charged it internally with a couple of test prods connected to the mains. That worked well enough, and then I got some batteries from my tape recorder, and put them in, and it worked on them. Unfortunately, during the proceedings I got tangled up with Whitmarsh, and was severely detained thereto. Up, as of old, to the Geography room, and wrote up for yesterday.

Then to tea, and spoke to Hallett, and got him to show the little bastards how to print while I got some stuff in town.

First to Grays, and looked at the Pentax refconverter [?], which I like, and 2× magnifier, which I do not. Then to the PO, and Manders [?] for bottle and 32%. Back at school they were in a glorious mess, but cutting exposure by 2 increased contrast.

Dicky printing after supper - 2 prints.

Sunday, 3 October 1965 KCT
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Sunday: the day of rest. In some remote circumstances I suppose that that could be true, but all I get rest from is from the worry about why I have not got a letter from Lesley. Even that worry, however, is not completely gone.

Up to the darkroom after breakfast, and got down to making up some Promicrol - I have got through about a gallon and a half [7 litres] in the past year. It took me rather longer than I expected, and I only just finished it in time for chapel.

Chapel - as ever. I get terribly depressed at times by school routine, and I wish that something out of the ordinary would occasionally happen.

After chapel, up to the darkroom, and started loading one hell of a lot of film into cassettes: 5 ft XXX, 5 ft XX, 20 ft +X, 20 ft HP3, and 5 ft of Perutz 16. Quite a lot of film.

Had intended to do some prints after that, but time was so obviously against us that I gave it up as a bad job.

After lunch, to find permission from Mr. Gilks to miss the film to print some photos, and he gave it only too willingly.

Then up again, after first going to the san, and printed some of the HP3 which we took a week ago. Considering the speed (1600 ASA), there was remarkably little grain. I shall have to start taking Mark V or XX at 1000 ASA as a normal.

Looking back from 2017, I have to agree. All film of the time seems particularly grainy, but the faster film is not that much worse.

Then off for a walk, in which we got tangled up with the lieres [?], and soon back again.

Up to the darkroom after a fairly leisurely tea, and suddenly discovered we had nothing to print, and so sat down, had a measure of coffee, and spoke at length about Pentaces.

After a while, down, and took, in the failing light, a couple of shots of Hallett's eye - depth of field was terrible.

Dicky came back with an exposed roll of PX, and asked us to develop it.

Accordingly up to the darkroom after supper, and found Hal trying to load it into my tank. Did it for him in the end. Not bad exposure without a meter.

Monday, 4 October 1965 KCT
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Oh! for a letter. Has she completely forsaken me? Is she out of stamps? Is she too busy, dead, has she forgotten how to write, lost her pen, is the Ashford postal service on strike, what?

After breakfast, tidying up the darkroom, and made a pretty average job thereof.

Then mechanics, which, I fear, I am not grasping too well. I shall have to do a lot more extra-curricular work on it. I wish we had a better teacher than Drax - it certainly seems to be true enough, what they say about him being a lousy teacher.

Then double chemistry, and Clod decided we ought to find if there was any nitrogen in cheese, and so blew our own ignition tubes, and warmed it up with sodium, etc, and after one failure was nevertheless the first bloke to get a positive reaction.

After break, double maths, and Hallett nearly turned up as well. I suppose there is nothing like being keen.

I wish we would get off series.

Then, after lunch, over to the san, and to room 26 to enlist for the Taunton and Somerset Music festival. Then took some chairs to big school, and to the common room, where I hung around until the mob cleared out somewhat, and then started writing up my diary.

After that, had intended to write a letter to Dad, but decided I would finish “Time for a Tiger” instead, and did so. This took me a good portion of the afternoon, and after it I felt so depressed, that I merely strolled round doing nothing, my heart spending its time alternatively 173¼ miles [Ashford, really 275 km or 171 miles]) and 8000 miles [KL, really 10,717 km or 6,660 miles] away.

Oh! To be out of this place, with a loaf of bread beneath the bough, a book of verse, a jug of wine, etc.

And thou?

Then to tea, until I discovered they were serving lemon curd, and then went back to the common room and ate the bit of wedding cake that TDH had given me.

After that, sat round further in the common room discussing colour film with Dicky, and brought out my test sheet, and showed it to Dicky, and he agreed that Ektachrome was the best film there.

To the wireless club in hobbies prep, and did little, as Christy had his TV going. Saw a live broadcast from New York about the Pope's visit there.

Amini string quartet in the evening - very good.

Tuesday, 5 October 1965 KCT
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Oh God! Why the absence of letters. Does she really care that little about me? I shall have to take drastic action if I get none tomorrow.

Over to see the doctor during assembly, and he decided that my piles were now sufficiently well to do without the ointment which, he contended, was the cause of the rash just below. Diagnosed my other rash as tinea, which I interpret as athelete's crutch - reminds me of a dirty joke.

Then to physics, and was awarded a physics note book by Pad, and to show my gratitude started using it to prove that I knew about cgs and mks units.

Then chemistry, and so few people had got yesterday that he told us to go at it again. Meanwhile, Atkinson and I used 2 different methods to prove that chloral hydrate contained chlorine - both worked.

After break, study period, in which I had intended to work, but got rather carried away talking to Green about Op Art.

Then finally got down to my maths, and could do none of it. Why does our maths prep have to pile up so?

After lunch, nothing to do, and, as I must try to stop, hung around in the common room crying my eyes out and cursing Dicky for his manifold sins.

Then wrote up my diary when most people had gone out, after which I started reading “The enemy in the blanket”, whatever that might mean. It is set in a town with the very dubious name of Kenching [piss] in the state of Dahaga [thirst]. It all sounds a little morbid to me, and I have come across at least 2 references to real people whom we knew in KB 10 years ago. Gawd. No wonder he [Anthony Burgess] lost his [court] case.

Then to tea, although somewhat reluctantly, and back to the common room trying to give away entry forms to the Mazda flash competition.

Down to 28 for double (maths and more maths), and spent half an hour doing our prep. At the end of this time Jimmy had still not come, and so we went to look for him, and discovered that he was sick.

Back to the common room, and read more about the enemy in the blanket. It still seems not very appropriate.

Wednesday, 6 October 1965 KCT
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And so goes by another day without a letter from somebody I know. It really does depress me, and I should not let it get me down.

After breakfast, over to the san. I think this athelete's crutch of mine is terribly amusing.

After assembly, P.E and then a study period for me, and I decided it was about time I was a little more insistent on a letter from Lesley. As a result, wrote her a letter, and enclosed a stamped addressed envelope and 3 sheets of paper, and started looking round for a big envelope to put them into, and up to the science library to find Atkinson, but could not.

In the lecture, Dicky was gloating over getting a letter from Liliane, which did me no good. She wants to call him Ricky. So be it.

In music, listened, amongst other things, to most of the Gloria of Bach's mass in B minor. Sehr gut.

After break, down to the more serious work of the day. I think I am winning my struggle with complex numbers.

Then chemistry, in which we did nothing, although Hal had intended to finish off his experiment.

After lunch got a KB14 out of my camera in the darkroom - it had come off the spool. Damned nuisance. Then choir practice, which did not last at all long.

Then to the common room, to write up my diary, and so got down to it. After that, had intended to various things, but instead got on with the “Enemy in the blanket”. Very interesting, especially when one knows the background as I do.

After that, when Ricky came in I got him to lend me some stamps, wrote a letter to AW Young for him, and went to look for Atkinson.

Finally found him, and discovered that the envelopes were second hand, and decided I might as well get one in town.

After roll call, slowly down to town with Hal walking. I wish he would get a bike.

First to the library, renewed my membership. Then to Smiths, got an envelope, and also a little loose leaf pocket folder [i.e. file] which I can use for an exposure record. To the PO, Grays (did nothing there), and finally to Harris to order AP for the society.

Spent most of prep copying out my exposures into the new book.

Thursday, 7 October 1965 KCT
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The fact that for the past week the mail has not arrived until after breakfast lately has not helped my nerves. Today I came back from the san, and asked Ricky if there was any mail from Lesley. He said no, but there was a parcel from A.W. Young and a letter from Mazda.

Dealt out some of the paper - also got the Mark V. Then along to assembly, lamenting, as usual, not getting a letter.

Then mechanics, and some not-very nice comments by Drax about my showing in the last test.

Then Hal lent me a Komura lens book, and back to the common room. To my utmost astonishment, found a letter from Lesley. That bastard Ricky deliberately didn't tell me about it. So overjoyed that I could barely write a reply - hands were trembling. She had quite a few nice things to say about me. I suppose it is “absence makes the heart grow fonder” in this case.

Then lecture - not bad, but not good.

After break, double physics with Pad, which is one of the 2 most boring periods in the week. He just drones on and on and on and on ./. ./. ./. ./. [musical repeat symbols]

Wind band practice after lunch, and on with the March from Holst's whatsit.

After that, back to the common room to grab a short bit of time before I went off to my clarinet lesson, in order to write up my diary, but in came Cowan to talk about photography, and thus got very little written up.

After that, clarinet lesson, for which I was late. Forward was nearly sick when I walked in, and so to cheer him up I played his music for him - sightreading.

Then did a bit of messing around with various scales, arpeggios, etc. I think old whatshisname is rather amused by all my odd fingerings, etc.

Then back to the common room, up to the careers room, and wrote up my diary. Downstairs, took a couple of photos of Ricky, and off to a faggott lesson.

That went on until 1600 hrs, which was convenient, as it gave me a chance to get a bit of a rest before going on to double maths.

Double maths was good and interesting enough, but we got one hell of a prep. At least Jimmy appreciates that I do not have as much time as Norman, and is trying to set preps of different sizes.

Friday, 8 October 1965 KCT Images for 8 October 1965
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Image title: Soekarno          Dimensions:          1421 x 1706, 2256 kB
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Diary entry for Friday, 8 October 1965

This cartoon was in my paper diary, but I didn't refer to it. The reference is to Soekarno.

Hardly expected a letter from Lesley today, and was not even disappointed when there was none.

After breakfast, over to the san as usual, and then back to the common room. The san rather wastes all my time between breakfast and assembly.

After assembly, chemistry, and spoke with Hal about photography until Clod came in and said something about estimating the purity of a copper coin, and so, before too long, we had weighed a halfpenny and dissolved it in HNO₃, and made it up to a litre.

Then mechanics, and we are still going round in circles - vertical ones this time.

After break, discovered I had not yet done my physics prep, and so got it straight off Malcolm, and back to reading my Pentax literature.

Then physics, and I could just as well have come 30 minutes late. Did nothing till then except wonder if I should not make EX or EH my standard colour negative film.

These were Ektachrome X (64 ASA/19 DIN) and High Speed Ektachrome (160 ASA/23 DIN), both colour transparency films. They could be developed in the C-22 negative chemicals, which from memory gave them speeds of 250/25 and 640/29 respectively.

After lunch, orchestra practice, and TDH revealed that the music for the Pirates had not yet come, and so on with the various symphonic stuff that we have been doing lately.

After that, back to the common room, and wrote up for yesterday - I am still lagging by about half a page, but don't think it is serious - and then to carry on with the enemy in the blanket - I have nearly finished now.

People started pouring in at about 1330, and so gave it up as a bad job, and wandered round looking for Ricky, and then back to the common room, where we got Ingles to write something for us to stick up on Ricky's study place.

Then a rather complicated experiment about simple pendula, in which I discovered that I was sort of dozing off and not counting straight.

Finally finished, and worked it out, and got a value of 924 for g, and decided that there must be some invisible planet circling overhead, and thus altering g

We were using cgs units, so the correct value should have been 981 cm/s².

Choir practices are getting short lately.

Saturday, 9 October 1965 KCT
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And so drags life on, with little to break the monotony thereof. Over to the san after breakfast, as for the past 3 weeks, and the usual, back to the common room. I sometimes wonder what makes me keep a diary in this place. It must be terribly monotonous, and I seldom read it again. Still, I suppose it is the only remaining trace of an orderly mind.

Then maths, and just when we thought he had forgotten about it, Jimmy gave us a test, which, mercifully, was very easy.

Then on and on, and just about finished complex numbers - next week we will be going on to coordinate geometry for the first time since we did ad. maths.

No lecture, and so had a study period. That helped.

After break, which we spent taking photos round the school, chemistry, and did nothing except mess around with my camera, etc.

Then english - had a précis to do. Estimated it quite accurately.

After lunch, had intended to write up my diary immediately, but fate was not that kind to me, and so spent my time doing little of any use. God - this place has infinite powers of depression, and that is what it was excercising. Just as Bernie Newman was asking me if I had a decent radio, Proctor ran in to tell me that he had just put 250 V across the aerial coil, and that it had done it much good. It still functioned, however, and before I left I put a couple of capacitors in the aerial circuit so that he could not do it again.

Then in, and after a bit of messing around with Ricky and Hally, finally up to the careers room, and wrote up my diary.

Then read “the enemy in the blanket”, and along to the wireless club for a while.

Then decided that, as I was fed up with school, I might as well get out and go down town. Told Hal, and thus along to town, to Grays to have a look at some wide angle lenses, which did not please them, and then to Maunders to look at a Zenith, and there bumped into Miranda Baudouy, who is a receptionist at the Castle.

After supper, nearly full moon, and took some photos thereof. I have seen considerably better definition.

Sunday, 10 October 1965 KCT Images for 10 October 1965
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Oh, the weekends are far more exhausting than the weeks. I really must get out of the rut for once.

UP to the darkroom after breakfast with Callow to see how he had done, and then down again and to the wireless club, where I listened to the news and fixed up a broken connection in my R.F. stage.

Then out again, and got hold of about twice as much stuff as I could carry, and took it up to the darkroom, and watched Curtis and Nedham making maces out of lead and copper tacks.

Then chapel, and did little there - it is so much a matter of routine that it only really serves to break up the morning. I am getting to feel the time passing quicker now, though, after all these years.

Then up and developed 3 films. There must be something wrong with my tanks - they are nowadays almost impossible to load properly. I wonder if a Paterson 35 mm tank would be any easier.

Then after lunch to the war memorial quadrangle for a while, and then up and printed Daw's photos for him. I think I shall have to stop offering a printing service - the wastage is too unpredictable, and it also takes up too much time. I still want to develop films though - I am now only 2 off the 100 mark.

Then off for a walk, Hal violently complaining that I was walking too fast. I have never heard that complaint from Parſifal. Tried out my first pipe of Big Ben this term. Ah! Götternektar, or some such ridiculous cliché.
Image title: Gaston 2          Dimensions:          3319 x 1976, 2255 kB
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Diary entry for Sunday, 10 October 1965 Complete exposure details


Back again just in time for tea, after taking numerous macrophotos on Ilford Mark V. I hope it is good film.
Image title: Blackberry 2          Dimensions:          3312 x 1976, 2456 kB
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Diary entry for Sunday, 10 October 1965 Complete exposure details
Image title: Butterfly 2          Dimensions:          3304 x 1984, 3441 kB
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All images taken on Sunday, 10 October 1965, thumbnails          All images taken on Sunday, 10 October 1965, small
Diary entry for Sunday, 10 October 1965 Complete exposure details


After tea, roll call, etc, up again, and Hal had some photos which he wanted to do for Bunting. Certainly took his time about it.

Then we did some for Hurst, which were pretty crappy. I blame it all on this Cobrol [?] developer. Thank God it is nearly finished. Next time I shall get D163.

Was going to use the darkroom after supper, but Ricky decided to use it, and got quite nasty. Really in a bad mood. Poor old Rick.

Monday, 11 October 1965 KCT Images for 11 October 1965
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No mail today again, but I was rather expecting it. I think this late mail is mainly due to a change in the train timetables, or some such mess. In any case, it is a damn nuisance. Ricky, however, got a letter from some friend of Lilianes, enclosing a photo of her.
Image title: Letter          Dimensions:          1984 x 3311, 2400 kB
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Diary entry for Monday, 11 October 1965 Complete exposure details
Image title: Liliane 2          Dimensions:          1495 x 3097, 1364 kB
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All images taken on Monday, 11 October 1965, thumbnails          All images taken on Monday, 11 October 1965, small
Diary entry for Monday, 11 October 1965 Complete exposure details


Ricky, for some reason, did not appreciate it.

Then mechanics, and we are on to simple harmonic motion now. Not only are we going round in circles, as earlier - we have a phase lag as well.

Then double chemistry, in which we did several titrations, which I am getting rather bored with.

Then on and had to make up some starch, and so on, and for some reason the KI was not strong enough - all very indeterminate.

In break, VSM, and down to the hospital and to the chemists and late back. Double Maths, and we are on with the calculus again. Good.

Then, after lunch, to the common room. Rest is one of the least profitable times of the day - I seldom get anything out it.

Then all out, and got down to writing up my diary, and then decided, once and for all, that it was about time I wrote a letter to Dad, and so did so, and then down town and to Clement Clarkes to have my eyes tested, and waited around at great length, persuading myself that reading still strained my eyes, etc, and in the actual test decided that I needed a +0,25 sph in my left eye, but he left it the same

Back to school, did a bit of music practice, as I felt a bit depressed, and carried on much longer than I had intended.

Then into tea, and nothing worth eating, and so out again fairly soon, and after talking to Hal for some time, to the wireless club.

After that, he came along, and I showed him something about how a communications receiver worked. Also adjusted my oscilloscope.

Then over to the San, and to Miss Gill's house. She gave me a grade III book.

Tuesday, 12 October 1965 KCT
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My opening gambit about mail no longer seems appropriate now that it is no longer the first thing in the morning. Today, after coming back from the San, thinking that I would probably be getting some gentle hints about photos that I had to send to various people, I found a letter from Jennifer Paton containing just such gentle hints. Must do something about it tomorrow.

After assembly double physics, and on with rotational dynamics, which was sufficient to take Pad a complete double period. Why the hell is double physics so deadly boring? I make out that I am a scientist, but I can barely stand going to any science classes because of the masters concerned. Chemistry next with Clod, which we spent writing up for yesterday. It is all terribly slack, and one gets the feeling we have no objective.

To the bank in break, and saw one of the sub-managers, Mr. Leech (ha, ha!) [Leech was one of my nicknames], and deposited £3 and £213 [?] $13, and gave Mrs. Baudouy's name as a nominee.

It's difficult both to read and interpret the numbers. The second could be £2/3. The $ sum is probably MYR. The “nominee” suggests that I used this money to open the account.

Then back to school, and did nothing until lunch - I really am getting lethargic lately.

After lunch, did little - first upstairs to write up my diary, but ended up having to do it in the common room. Then to the haircutting room, but the bloke had not turned up, so I gave it up as a bad job, and went back to the common room.

Then outside, and saw Archie, and went down to watch what matches were going on, and take a few photos therof. Then up again, as Archie wanted to see some test prints of my Pentax - he has just been given a Spotmatic himself, but it looks none too hot mechanically.

Then to the Woodard study, and there was given a shoulder pad by Archie, who had been given 2 of them - complete with “Asahi Pentax” written on them. Makes it stay on a lot better. Also looks good.

In those days, good cameras had relatively thin (1 cm) leather straps, and that's what I got with my camera. The pad was of synthetic rubber, and still much thinner than modern straps. This could be the pad in question:
Image title: Pentax shoulder pad          Dimensions:          4510 x 1362, 1215 kB
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All images taken on Friday, 29 September 2017, thumbnails          All images taken on Friday, 29 September 2017, small
Diary entry for Friday, 29 September 2017 Complete exposure details


Then, after tea, double maths, and did little. It is all terribly exhausting or something, but I really must do something about it. On now with all sorts of odd aspects of the calculus, which I must read up. All these ds/dψ's and things.

After that, over to the san, and then back to the common room, and started to do my mechanics prep - there is another grouse. Did not get them all out.

Wednesday, 13 October 1965 KCT Images for 13 October 1965
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Wednesdays, I feel, depress me - it is an unfulfilled taste of the weekend, and the rather sudden reversion to work in the evening is rather an unpleasant one.

After breakfast, did nothing worth doing, and I wonder how much of this is Ricky's [?] fault. I wonder if I could get back into that habit I once had of doing music practice before assembly.

After assembly, study period, which I spent, at any rate, not doing much work. The ration of work for the week is rather uneven. Must see if I can do anything about it.

Then lecture, in which Mansell had a lot to say about Greek plays, morals, and homosexual practices. Rather crude.

Credo in unum deum, according to a B minor Bach. Very good, but a little difficult to follow I feel there are better possible interpretations than this.

After break, maths, in which we were given some notes, and then chemistry, the first ⅓ of which Clod spent talking to me about my prospects of getting a scholarship to Gonville and Caius.

No choir practice after lunch, which rather pleased me. Into the common room, and was promptly beset up by Archie, who wanted me to lend him a 135 mm f/3.5 Super Takumar, and this I did.

At the end of rest, decided that I might as well go down to watch the rugger, and went and got my 135 from Archie, and down.
Image title: Archie Chaun          Dimensions:          3296 x 1959, 1564 kB
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All images taken on Wednesday, 13 October 1965, thumbnails          All images taken on Wednesday, 13 October 1965, small
Diary entry for Wednesday, 13 October 1965 Complete exposure details


Changed to the 400 after a while, and then sat round taking photos of the masters, etc.
Image title: Pentney          Dimensions:          3280 x 1959, 2081 kB
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All images taken on Wednesday, 13 October 1965, thumbnails          All images taken on Wednesday, 13 October 1965, small
Diary entry for Wednesday, 13 October 1965 Complete exposure details
Image title: Pentney Clod          Dimensions:          3287 x 1984, 1679 kB
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Diary entry for Wednesday, 13 October 1965 Complete exposure details


Up at half time, or rather a little after, to write up my diary, and then got hold of as much stuff as I needed and enlisted Hal's help to get it up to the darkroom. Then to tea.

After tea, up, found Pad's gown, and took a few photos of us wearing it. All very amusing.
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Diary entry for Wednesday, 13 October 1965 Complete exposure details
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Diary entry for Wednesday, 13 October 1965 Complete exposure details


Then got down to printing the holiday shots, and it took us about 15 minutes to make as many prints. Then, as we had finished the Cobrol, went down town to get some D163, and did not have enough money. However, bumped into the bursar, and he got an account going for us.

Then back, and made the stuff up.

Sent the photos to Jennifer in 2nd prep.

Thursday, 14 October 1965 KCT
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I was expecting, and rather hoping for, a letter from Lesley after breakfast today, but alas! none came. I feel depressed as a result.

To mechanics, feeling no happier, and I decided that it was about time I wrote a hint to Lesley. I think I shall make a point of writing to her every Thursday 2nd period, and at the same time asked her to make a similar arrangement for Tuesdays, as she has written all her letters to me so far this term on Tuesday.

Then lecture, and Mansell had some more slides to show us, which were, on the whole, better exposed.

After break, double physics. I think it is imperative to take notes in such periods, not lest one forgets, but to relieve the monotony of it all.

After lunch, no wind band practice, which somewhat pleased me, and then to the common room, and hung round doing nothing but read a letter which had come in the afternoon post from Lesley. I always just seem to anticipate the arrival of her letters. In any case, I suppose I shall have to write to her again before the week is out.

Then was going to write up my diary, but got caught in an article about rhythm of life, etc, etc, and so had to leave it until after my clarinet lesson, in which we experimented a lot with tongueing, and so on. Back, finished my diary, and then along to tea, and thence to a bassoon lesson. Ah, verily, there is no rest for the wicked.

Worked out more about this “bio-rhythm” article afterwards, and it all seems rather dodgy to me.

Then double maths, and Jimmy got down to giving us some notes about this calculus that we have been doing, and it is all clearing up somewhat.

Over to the san, back again, and finally finished the notes.

Did little in 2nd prep.

Friday, 15 October 1965 KCT
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Despite my reservations, from this day on the page headers include biorhythm information for Lesley and myself.

And so life goes on - I know not how, but it does. Still, the closer it is to half term, and the sooner I will see Lesley again (in the Christmas).

Fair amount of mail today - Rejection slip from Gonville and Caius, and all Cambridge with it;

It's not clear what this was about. My application continued for nearly a year, until I decided I didn't want to stay in England. And I recall further discussions of the matter up to nearly a year later.

cheque book from the bank; Straits Budget; and Popular Photography for November, which I feel was a little late.

After assembly, chemistry, and on with another practical, to determine the percentage of available chlorine in bleaching powder, and we had a pretty lousy specimen of the latter. I got, however, a pretty constant if small, titer.

Thus the original punctuation.

Then mechanics, and on with more simple harmonic motion - I am getting the hang now [not the swing of it?], but also find it rather boring.

After break, study period, in which I did little. According to this bio-rhythm article, I am at the bottom of my intellectual cycle at the moment, so there is not much point trying to do much about it.

After lunch, orchestra practice, and not feeling very well anyway, nor very happy, did not turn up until about 10 minutes after the thing had started. 5 minutes later, they had run out of bassoon music, so I went back to the common room again.

Then all out, and after a while in came Cowan to talk about colour films, not before, however, I had nearly finished my diary. Spoke then at great length about colour films, and persuaded him to try Ektachrome X, and he intends to do so. We may well have quite a few people using Ektachrome in the near future.

Then to the tuck shop, got some food, and back to the common room for a discussion on a less elevated level with Cookson and his little boys.

Then to tea, after which went straight up to the Padlab and discussed money with Atkinson, who just happened to be up there.

Then on with the determination of the sensitivity of a balance, and also of g. Very bad result.

After supper, choir practice, after which I discovered I have been invited to a dance and St. Brandans next week. Ha! Ha!

Saturday, 16 October 1965 KCT
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And again the weekend is back upon us - this life really gets me down.

P.N.W. arrived today, 3 days late - Harris's really are a slack mob. Saw Atkinson over at the san, and back to the science library afterwards to get his accounts up to date, etc, and then to assembly.

Got our tests from last week back in maths, and it seems that I did not do at all badly - in fact, got the highest mark (95%).

Then art lecture, and unfortunately the headmaster's niece was not there. I reckon that she is at some university, and has gone back since last we met.

Then down town, and basksed [?] some money which I got from Atkinson in conjunction with the photographic society.

After break, chemistry, and Clod was talking us blind about bleaching powder.

English - I did fairly well in the précis. Then he started talking politics. That got me foxed.

After lunch, nothing to do, and as a result did nothing. Decided that I might as well go down and watch the match, especially as Archie Rollinson had borrowed my 135, and so down and took a good few photos of people watching the match.

Then up again, god my diary, and up to the science library to write it up. Also worked out my bio-rhythm figures for the next month or so.

Down town after roll call, and first to the Castle Hotel, where I saw Miranda, and asked her again to get my boater for me next time she went to Netherton.

After that, did a few odds and ends, but did little of importance, as I had no money.

After that, back with some fish and chips, and sat outside the wireless club talking until prep.

Tried to get some photos of street lights after supper, but not very inspiring, and went in and wrote a somewhat more inspired letter to Lesley.

Sunday, 17 October 1965 KCT
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Bio-rhythm could just possibly explain why I am feeling so low lately - I am apparently at a double minimum. One of these days I may get round to sorting the whole mess out.

After breakfast, over to the san, and then back to the common room, and there finished writing my letter to Lesley.

Finished that, and then got hold of all my darkroom stuff, and took it up to the darkroom, and then down to robe up for chapel.

Chapel is about the only uniform part of the week which takes up at all much time - it is thus a waste therof. I sit a good portion of the time and try to think pleasant thoughts.

After chapel, up to the darkroom, developed 3 films, and thus passed my century mark this year [100 films developed]. Rather pleased me - but the tanks are very stiff to load. I sometimes wonder if a Nikkor might not be better.

After lunch, felt even more depressed than usual, and as a result, Hal and I decided that we would not do any printing, and so showed Slob Davis how to use the new darkroom equipment, and then got various equipment and went off on a walk.

Archie Rollinson and Curtis were using the place we went to last week, so that was out, and so went on to a place that Parſifal and I used about a year ago, a bit further on. Stayed for quite some time, and then decided that we had better head back if we were not to miss the film. Got back in plenty of time, and made certain to post my letter before I went into the film. Then in, and another western - “High Noon”, which was a very interesting film. It all took place in almost exactly the time it took to show - about an hour and a half. I don't like westerns generally, but this one was not too bad.

Then out, and had an hour to spare, so we went up to the darkroom and printed the Mark V that I did this morning.

Tidied up after supper, and spent most of the evening in the science library.

Monday, 18 October 1965 KCT
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And another week. Time seems to be accelerating - the weeks are just slipping by, and as a result every day seems to be the same - except for the little figures in pencil above on either side of the month. I must examine them carefully.

These were the bio-rhythm numbers for Lesley and myself.

No mail - not that I expected any. I still rather hope I will get one from Lesley on Thursday.

Mechanics, and Drax gave us a test, which proved very easy, so I spent the rest of the period working out equations for bio-rhythm, and differentiating them.

Then double chemistry, which was icy until I turned a couple of bunsen burners onto a couple of tripods. Titrating H₂O₂ against Na₂S₂O₃.

Flute lesson, and did the Mozart andante, which has suddenly become easier. I quite like it. Also “Les Cygnes”.

Then maths, and talking about homogeneous coördinates, etc. Maths for science, which was so much easier as to be almost a breath of fresh air.

In rest, carrying on with these equations for bio-rhythm, and came to the conclusion that a second order differential equation in 3 trigonometrical functions is insoluble.

Then up to the science library and wrote a letter to AEI [or AEC?], and then wrote up my diary, and worked out my bio-rhythm for the rest of the year.

Then down again, posted the letter, and to the Library, and got into a conversation with Henton and Seaver, and discussed all the usual vices. Then along to tea, where I met Hal.

After tea, along to the Wireless club, and did a bit of messing around with my PCR to get the speaker that Skiv gave me last term on to the thing. Gives considerably better reproduction - I never realised what a good reproduction a 6V6 could give at 3 W output.

Stayed until about 1650, and then to do some music practice. Then to piano lesson, and played some incidental music to Abdelazar by Purcell.

Tuesday, 19 October 1965 KCT
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Oh the tedium! Is it merely that I am down on my male/aggressive cycle? In any case, I am just counting the days until half-term.

No mail as usual - shall have to wait until Thursday for that, and am fairly confident of getting it then - it is quite scandalous the way the letters coming from Ashford take 2 days. I shall have to write to the Times about it - but I doubt the letter will get there.

Double physics, and Pad went up the wall because we had not done any work recently. Gave us some rotational dynamics question to do. Better than a monologue.

After that, chemistry, and carried on with our organic chemistry notes. Nobody here seems to have any drive.

Double study after break, in which, amongst other things, I managed to get my negative album filled up to the end of the holidays.

After lunch, dancing club meeting, which I nearly forgot about, and were each given a copy of the rules, and a declaration to sign that we would abide by them. All a little annoying, but nothing to which I object too violently. I wonder what it will be like on Saturday night.

Then turned up for pioneers for the first time this term, and as a result of so much inactivity was so energetic that I astounded everybody - they actually got me to carry 2 cwt [100 kg] of cement about 50 yards, which is just a little bit of a strain, and rather over 3 times the maximum permissible for my age (but what about size ?)

Then tea, after which double maths, and for once it went very quickly indeed. This is rather interesting now - I hope I carry on doing as well.

Then to prep, and finished off our physics, and completely forgot about the mechanics, which was not very nice [?]. I hope Drax does not get too annoyed.

2nd prep did little. Saw Tyson after prep - had a dictophone to convert to Hi-Fi.

Talk about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Wednesday, 20 October 1965 KCT
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Wednesday is a nuisance - it gives just a taste of the weekend and leaves one thirsting for more. One hell of a big parcel arrived today from Marston and Heard, containing everything I had ordered, and a lot of odd bits of newspaper, etc.

P.E. first, for the first time this term, and strange to say, I rather enjoyed it. I shall end up as a muscleman yet.

Then lecture, for which I was just a little late as a result of PE, but not overwhelmingly so.

Then music, and just as I was beginning to get excited about the prospect of hearing the Sanctus of Bach's B minor mass, TDH came in and said he could not take us today, and would we please do a study period? Damn.

Over to the san in break - spots before my eyes. Nurse told me I had indigestion, and gave me some MgSi₃O₄ [?]. Don't know what that had to do with it.

Then maths, in which I had lost all ability to concentrate, but somehow struggled through. Did little in chemistry.

After lunch, again no choir practice. TDH is getting very slack lately.

Free day, and managed to write up my diary, and then settle down in an armchair and read the paper, but then entered Cowan, which was a bit of a nuisance. However, started talking about photography, etc, and got moving with that, and, after a while, I gave up and went to the wireless club and had a look at a TV that Pad had put there to be repaired, and discovered that it had electromagnetic focusing. How amusing.

Then down town, and to see Miranda, who had said she would bring my boater, but at the last moment forgot it. Damn.

To the library, and got Pantai Chinta Berahi out, and then to Grays, showed an Exa 1a to Aston, which helped his opinion of it, and then to Maunders, and showed him a Zenith 3M, which he liked even more.

Must do more work in prep. Skiv blew us up about smoking, drinking, etc - dire consequences likely.

Thursday, 21 October 1965 KCT
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And on - and on. This diary is too repetitive lately. I only something would happen [sic] a little more out of the way. Not even my usual Thursday letter from Lesley to brighten my weary life. Oh, to be back with her in Malaysia - or if only she went to St. Brandons.

A rather sharp taste of life in mechanics, and Drax spoke to me about my work, suggesting that if I didn't do something about bucking my ideas up, I would not even get Maths for science 'A' level, let along maths and more maths. I suppose he is right - I must work harder.

Then study, and for once I did, although it is my wont to write letters to my beloved at such a time.

After break, double physics - Pad was not there, so double study. Read Pantai Chinta Berahi - the fellow was actually staying at the Prince Hotel in KB, but thought a lot more of it than when we were there on 17/VII/1965. Ach, nostalgia!

After lunch, etc, forgot about wind band practice until Bernie asked me if there was one, but did not go down there all the same, but carried on reading Pantai Chinta Berahi. For some reason it means more to me now than when last I read it, only 18 months ago - of course it is less time (less than? maths) since we did exactly that trip ourselves, and my fingernail still bears witness to the Kuantan rest house.

Then stuck some posters on my study place, changed into my Sunday Suit, and off to clarinet lesson. Spent a good deal of time talking to Mr. Trevett (I think that is how it is spelt) and he invited me over to his place (which is conveniently near the New Inn [?]) any time I felt like it.

Then a bit to eat, and then a faggott lesson, which is getting very hard on the cheek muscles. Must do some more practice, I suppose.

After that, bit of a rest, and then double maths. I must do a little better at all forms of maths than I have been doing lately.

Jiří Ropek at St. John's Church. Very good indeed. Paul Callow lead me to a little known fish and chip shop.

Friday, 22 October 1965 KCT
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I was, after breakfast this morning, rather disappointed about the absence of a letter from Lesley - it all seems rather careless, the way she so seldom writes to me. Still, I don't suppose it reflects much about our relationship.

Double chemistry, and when, ¼ hour late, Clod came in, he said something about doing a rate of reaction experiment in order to find out the relationship between rate of reaction and dilution, which Clod insisted would be a straight line, and so on with making yet another lot of N/10 hypo. This is becoming a way of life - I will never forget that mystic number 24,819.

I did some time before 2017. It's almost N/10: the molecular weight of Sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate is now 248.18.

Then mechanics, and on with various ways of obtaining SHM, and we are going all on about springs, etc. It all seems a little odd to me, but I think I understand it.

Then, after break, study period, the first part of which I spent writing up my physics, and then did a bit of reading Pantai Chinta Berahi. It means a hell of a lot more now, only 18 months later.

Then physics, and Vodden asked us to have another go at the sensitivity of a balance, and so on. It is beyond me why it does not come out.

Orchestra practice again after lunch, and left early again, as he still has not got the bassoon part to the Schubert Andante. Good - Good.

“Good - good” reminds me of a saying of one of our masters. The context suggests that it was TDH.

Then turned up for pioneers, after first getting a chance to write up my diary, and did absolutely nothing there - after Tuesday's efforts, I feel I have done enough work for the term.

Then back, and talking about various crude subjects. The pioneers are a pretty obscene mob.

Then tea, which I attended late after reading a bit more of PCB. It really is a fascinating book.

Then double physics, and sat there working out the Lehnifleech [?] constants, (which we reviewed specially), making readings over and over again, getting Pad to look at our working - to no avail. g'=2000gm/cm².

Got our maths over and done with in prep - what a sense of achievement. Choir practice as normal.

Saturday, 23 October 1965 KCT → Clevedon → KCT.
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There is no longer any point waking up until after breakfast - the only thing that made it worthwhile before was the hope that I might get some letters, and now even that hope is shattered.

Letters arrived at about 0750 this morning, and only just had time to read the expected letter from Lesley before going down to Big School. All very puzzling - I don't think she exactly wants to give me up, but it almost seems that way. Still, she is down on her sexual cycle, so I blame it on that.

Maths, and a blowing up from Jimmy for not doing all the prep - and a threat of a test on Monday.

Then art, which, I have decided, is probably the most boring of all the lecture/culture periods. Still, I survived.

After break, chemistry, and just managed to finish my graph before Clod came in. On with notes.

Then english, and a typical use of english comprehension paper, about mysticism.

This use of punctuation makes it difficult to understand. This was an exam question on comprehension from the “Use of English” exam paper.

I found it quite easy, but what would happen if I were not interested.

After lunch, got round to writing up my diary (I am back up in the careers room now), and then messed around a bit with the various gadgets on my camera, and then down to the bottom fields to watch the Marlborough match, which was, even as rugger goes, pretty boring, and so did not take many photos. I had rather hoped to finish off the film, but missed the mark by about 8 frames.

Then up again, and to the common room to arrange for going down town, etc.

Down town after roll call, and in to see Miranda, and she told me that Mrs. Baudouy would not be there over half term. Rang her in confirmation, and then started wondering where I would go.

To Maunders, bought an EX 135-36 (I'm damned if I'm going to buy more than I have to from Grays), and back and to change for the dance.

Then of for the dance, and rather interesting lot of birds, but none that would compare with Lesley, and so did little, although all was a little free as the Chaplain didn't care what we did.

Decided to hitchhike to Ashford in half-term. Didn't get to bed until 2345 hrs.

Sunday, 24 October 1965 KCT
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B.S.T. ends 0100 hrs.

-1 hr

Thank God B.S.T. ended today! I would have been absolutely dead tired were it not for that. As it was, I just about made my 8 hours nominal sleep.

After breakfast, to the common room, and wrote an epistle to Lesley, telling her of my love for her, and that I would go to the end of the world for her again - or at any rate, to Kent, which probably comes to the same thing.

Then to chapel, etc, to try and forget her and wait until Thursday, when I would be down her way. It did not help much... The Provost presided (or did whatever he is wont to do) at the service today, which, as TDH remarked beforehand, added 10 minutes on to the service, not counting the very long sermon that he also saw fit to give.

Little printing to do after chapel, thank God, for it seldom helps the quality of the prints to do more than we can comfortably handle. Must get some hypo eliminator.

After lunch, decided not to bother about doing any more prints, and so wrote up my diary, arranged all my odds and ends, and then decided to go an pay a visit on Mr. Trevett. Accordingly, down towards the park, and more or less found my way through it.

Got there, and discovered he was not home. Back again, nearly got hit by a golf ball, and bumped into a fellow who has a pentax S3. Later on, also bumped into an Exakta. Then to our usual place, and sat down to consider the relative popularity of S.L.R's, as my observation has it. Pentax comes out by far the most popular SLR. Met Aston, and spoke to him about Zeniths..

Back to school, and present at the beginning of the film to admit photographic society members, and then decided that it was not worth watching, and so into tea, where I was waylaid by members of the art club who want photocopies [photographs] of their works of art, etc. Accordingly up there after tea and it was quite fun - the amount of multiple flash!

At the time, the term “photocopy” simply meant a photograph, as is confirmed by the OED. The first reference to the modern usage is attested in 1971.

Developed the film as well - all came out fine. To the wireless club after supper.

Monday, 25 October 1965 KCT
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Thank God, half-term is coming up soon. It simplifies problems considerably, and also gives me a chance to see Lesley again, which should considerably increase my quota of happiness.

After breakfast, tidied up in the darkroom, and then down again. I really must find something more absorbing to do before assembly.

Then mechanics, and Drax was talking about two springs. It all seems terribly complicated, and somewhat pointless, but I suppose there is something to it.

Then double chemistry, in which I grabbed a bit of time to revise my coördinate geometry, and then on with more stuff about the rates of reactions, etc, all of which appears to be terribly inaccurate, and thus rather inconclusive.

After break, double maths, and Jimmy said we could do a few problems, and promptly gave us 20. Whew!

Then coördinate geometry test, and considering the scanty revision, I did not do too badly.

After lunch, down to Mountlands, and rang up Mrs Baudouy about the half term weekend, and she did not like too much the idea of me hitchhiking, but let me in the end.

Said I could stay with Gui in London if I wanted to - would be useful. Then to see Sarge, and asked him if I might borrow a sleeping bag over half term. Referred me to Mansell, and after a bit of vaccilating, I went to see him. Laughed like a drain when I told him we were short of beds at home. Lent me one in the end - one less worry. It is quite a nice small thing, so I don't have to worry about taking tons of barang with me.

Then to the common room, carried on reading the Beach of Passionate Love for a while, and then to the wireless club, messed around for a while with the cathode follower phone O/P, and then decided it was a bad job, and put them on the O/P transformer.

Then to tea, after which back again to the wireless club, and on with various things, and tried to build a timing indicator in conjunction with the scope. Just as I had finished, in walked Pen, who looked a bit impressed.

Whitmarsh handed round some coffee later.

Tuesday, 26 October 1965 KCT
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King Alfred's Day

Mail is apparently back to normal - arrived before breakfast. I wonder what the cause was. I hope it doesn't happen again, anyway. Letter from Lesley, and she was rather pessimistic about the chances of our being allowed to meet, but nonetheless very optimistic about our actual chances of meeting. How can I say how glad I feel to have met a bird like her?

Also my boater from Mrs. Baudouy, which will come in handy, though I do not intend to take it with me for half term.

Service in honour of King Alfred after breakfast, which got us out of the first half of double physics - I wonder if it is a reflection on Pad that we no longer have single physics? Went over our physics prep, and now on with astromechanics [?], or some such subject. All to wait until after half-term.

Then chemistry, which we spent writing up our experiments. Not much fun.

Reading Pantai Chinta Berahi in double study, and then decided I had better write a letter to Lesley to see how things were going, and did so - even managed to finish it.

Got a stamp from Daw after lunch, and posted it, also wrote up my diary, and then turned up for pioneers with my camera. Got there early, and when Drax turned up, he said something about getting some ballast, or that we could not work because we had none, or some such thing. Knocked off at 1500 hrs, after deciding that it was not going to come.

Then to the wireless club, with intention of listening to the radio, but no such luck - was dragged by Proctor to detect the fault in his amplifier for him - what a rat's nest! Told him to draw a circuit diagram, and retired in peace.

To tea, and then back to the C.R. and down for double maths. Spent our time doing all these horrible problems which he had set us - got about half-way, and he wants us to finish them by the time we next meet. Phew!

In prep, finished mechanics and maths for science prep, as well as P.C.B.

Wednesday, 27 October 1965 KCT
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And another day closer to half-term. At breakfast today, had both PNW and AP to contend with - it does not look as if I am going to be able to read my paper much on Wednesdays at this rate. Why do they not publish PNW on some other day?

Spent after breakfast in the common room, as usual. What a waste of time. Then PE, after Pen had had a few words to say about half term and various vices which were not very popular with him. Spent P.E. doing some form of unarmed combat - it does not seem very useful.

Spent lecture considering various naval tactics of the ancients, and it all seemed terribly amusing, especially with Mansell's modern analogies. Then music - the Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei of the Bach. Stayed on to hear the end of it.

After break, maths, and we spent most of it finding points in Δ's [triangles?].

Chemistry, and Clod was away. Spent our time talking about photographic developing agents - I must brush up my organic chemistry.

Forgot about ATB [alto, tenor, bass voices] choir practice after lunch - all this excitement about going tomorrow, no doubt - and went up to the careers room to write up my diary.

Then down to the common room, but not for long, and then to the Wireless club, where found Windmill and Whitmarsh, the latter of whom seems to delight in giving me coffee. I don't mind.

Got some biscuits to eat with it, and got down to finding what was making the Y axis on my scope jump all over the place like the profile of the himalayas. Found a valve base (ECF80) rather precariously soldered onto the PC board, and that did the trick.

Then off again, and to the common room, and did little but mess around with my camera - am experimenting with shortening the strap.

After roll call, down town, why I do not know, but to the library, returned PCB, and had a look for “Which [sic] reports about cameras, but only found automatic camera reports.

To the Wireless club when I came back. Windmill has got his PCR 1 to work, for which I congratulate him.

Thursday, 28 October 1965 KCT → Shereborne → 7oaks → Maidstone → Ashford
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And so begins the first hitchhiking holiday of my life. Before breakfast (at 0655, but now we are back on GMT, it was earlier than last week), got everything packed together, and ready to go as soon as grace was said.

Off in the direction of East reach, and walked about 2 miles before I finally got onto the open road, and fairly quickly got a lift from a fellow going to Shereborne [sic]. This was not on the A303, but on the A30, which, according to the maps, is a still more important place and so, partially against Green's advice, and also because it was raining, went all the way. Traffic on the way out of town was lousy, and when I finally did get a lift, it was only for about a mile. Carried on again, and hit the Jackpot - the bloke was going all the way to 7oaks in Kent, and so accepted with joy, although it would mean I would bypass London, and thus not go to the bank of NSW.

After Guildford in Surrey, traffic got very heavy, and the area was also heavily built up, but we finally made it to 7oaks. Then got a petrol lorry to about 4 miles from Maidstone - very talkative bloke. Another lorry, which took me to 8 miles from Ashford, but I left my sleeping bag on his truck, and had to hitch another thing, and followed him nearly to Canterbury, but could not find him. Damn nuisance, and Mansell is going to be pleased. Got another lift back to the Ashford turn off by a very public school (“Do I recognized the tie? Oh, Kings Taunton” “No, actually I have a Leica - I don't like these Japanese Cameras”). Then another things from some builders, to a mile from Ashford, and so walked the rest of the way. After considerable searching, found East Hill, the Refuge, Nightingale House usw, and looked in vain for Lesley. Then to have some lunch, at about 1515 hrs (just after the banks had closed), and then to look round town. Before too long, hundreds of girls appeared, but not, however, Lesley. One of the schools here has the same colours as KCT. Thank God I did not wear my boater!

Looked round town a bit for somewhere to sleep, and had a look at the church, to photographers shops, wrote a card to Lesley, had a free chest X-ray, spoke to the director of music at the church usw. Not very eventful evening.

Friday, 29 October 1965 Ashford → Canterbury → Ashford
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Gawd! What a hell of a restless night. Apart from the fact that the temperature was about 5°, the station where I ended up is hardly the quietest place in the world. The whole place came rapidly to life at about 0530 hrs, as well, so I could not do much more sleeping. Spent ¾ hour reading my diary from the time that I met Lesley, and thinking about all the fun we had together.

Then to the church for 0700 hrs communion, primarily to keep warm, but as I was the only person in the congregation, things took on a somewhat different aspect.

I'm not Christian, but I had learnt both the Catholic and Anglican rituals. The priest asked me if I wanted to take communion, and I felt obliged, but responded in the Catholic way by sticking my tongue out rather than taking the host in my hands.

Then down to East Hill, and before long various Ashford School birds appeared, including Lesley, and started down the church for matins. I could not face going in again, so waited about outside until they were finished. Lesley said something about seeing me at 1330 hrs, and as it was not yet 0900, I decided I could go into Canterbury and look for my sleeping bag. This I did, and also had a look round Canterbury, which is a very nice little town (in fact, I suppose it is a city). Had breakfast, and wrote a letter to Dad.

Back again, and to the Library. Then into the park, where a couple of very attractive young birds came up and introduced themselves. Ashford seems to be crawling with good looking, eligible birds. Why not so Taunton? Then had lunch, and to wait about for Lesley, under the pretext of taking photos of that part of Ashford. She could not get out, unfortunately, and so again to the library, and read some books about parapsychology.. Not the most wonderful book I have read - it seems to be a relatively early attempt, and no doubt pelicans would have more up-to-date information on it.

Then to the park, went to sleep, woke up, and decided I had better buy some caffeine if I wanted to continue the day without going off to sleep. Cheapest stuff was Pro-+, but twice the price of the stuff that Green uses.

At 1620, to Geary's, where I was to meet Lesley upstairs, but in fact met her downstairs, and then proceeded up. She was buying a birthday card for Tony, and finally got round to asking me when my birthday was. As she (24/VIII/1965), so I asked her to guess, and it took her about as long (Ooh, you're 17 now, are you?).

Then decided it was not worth doing a repeat of last night, and besides, Lesley was worried about my welfare, and so decided to hitch to London, but no go, so back again and had a good time at the Duke of Marlborough in East hill (playing “on the street where you live” on the juke box. Very appropriate, nicht wahr?).

Saturday, 30 October 1965 Ashford
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Kicked off the station in the small hours, and asked to go down to the police station, whom they suggested might be able to help. They couldn't, but the bloke there lent me a rug, and to the park to sleep. Woke up to find it raining, changed places with the formula nx₁ + mx₂ / m+n going around in my mind - it was rather difficult to apply it to the rug.

A little later, to the station again, and the bloke there suggested I try the waiting room at the station, which I did - quite warm enough, and I slept until morning.

Then up, staggered to the public conveniences, and washed up, etc, and had a couple of caffeine to keep me going - I am really becoming too dependent on these drugs lately.

Hung around, doing little, until about 0945 hrs, wrote up my diary, etc, and then to Boots, where we had arranged to meet again, and she arrived about 10 minutes late. Not that once can do much in a shop - hardly even managed to talk.

Then invested 10d in half a loaf of bread, and to the park to devour it. God, this climate is cold.

Then had lunch, and to the proposed meeting place to wait for Lesley. This time (again 10 minutes late) she had 3 other people instead of one. Had to keep my distance until we got out of town, but then caught them up.

To my delight, discovered that we were going to split up after all, and Lesley took me to some place which she thought would be appropriate until the afternoon, but changed her mind just as I was getting around with the preliminaries, and took me to another place, which I must admit was rather better. There enjoyed ourselves as of old, although she said some rather disturbing things, which I interpret as playing hard-to-get. Anyway, I rather feel that she was a bit self-conscious, but in any case it was not badly so. I am sure she still loves me.

Then back again, and despite the fact that her friends were back with us, we carried on holding hands, and even put our arms round each other. Lent a couple of her friends (Rosemary and Sue [inevitable name?]) wore my scarf for me. [sic]

Did little in the evening - slept in the church most of the afternoon, and did not see Lesley again except for a very short period at 2015, when she lent me a very warm (or at any rate, heavy) rug. Bless her.

Sunday, 31 October 1965 Ashford → London
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Turfed out of the waiting room at the station shortly after midnight, and down to the bench by the church, where blanket and thoughts of Lesley kept me warm enough. How can words express what I feel about her? She is the most wonderful thing that has yet happened to me.

About 0430, a policeman came by, wanted to know what I was doing, and then proceeded to tell me all his woes. Why should a fellow with a first class honors [sic] in history at Oxford become a copper? Beyond me.

Up at about 0700 hrs, when the church sprang to life. Another policemen came, and showed me where to stay if I ever roughed it in Ashford again. Then discovered that the left luggage office was not open on Sundays, and had to carry my belongings about with me wherever I went.

Then to church, and sat next to Lesley, though with a division between us. What a lousy service - but being next to Lesley was enough for me. Then out, and the Vicar came and said goodbye to me, and wished me a safe journey back to Taunton.

Spent the morning over a couple of cups of coffee at the Ben². Had a fairly substantial lunch there, and then to wait for Lesley, and gave her back her rug (which had proved, in the daytime, a bit of an embarrassment). Then off to the park - the only place, apparently, where we were not likely to be seen by staff. 5 others with her this time. However, behind a convenient tree, and told her what I thought of her. She told me what she thought of me - that she liked me very much, but did not love me, nor did she want to, as it might lead to complications. I suppose that is fair enough - she admitted to never having been in love before. Got Sue to take some photos of us.

Then said our last sad good-bye, and (mainly for her friends benefit, I feel), kissed her goodbye in front of them. Left her at 1445 hrs. Straight out of Ashford, and the weather went to pot again. How does it always happen when I am hitching? Anyway, got as far as Farnham with a first quick lift,

I'm fairly sure that's what I wrote, but it can't be right. Farnham is nowhere near the route I took.

and then the 2nd (which again was very quick - people from British Guiana) took me as far as Victoria. 1½ hours from outskirts of Ashford to East end [sic] of London, and 2¾ from when I said goodbye to Lesley to when I arrived in Gui's flat. Gui was not there, and Raymond was still suffering the effects of last night. Had makan, and fairly quickly off to bed.

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