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This directory contains various papers that I have written in the course of time. Some are not very up to date; check the date at the top of each document. If you find that a specific paper is painfully out of date, please let me know and I may do something about it.

Most of these documents are in PDF format. You'll need acroread or xpdf to read them.

“Porting UNIX Software”

Well, it's not exactly a paper, it's a book, originally published by O'Reilly and Associates in 1995. In the meantime it's somewhat out of date, but with O'Reilly's blessing, I've released it under the Creative Commons license.

The FreeBSD SMPNg implementation

I was involved in the early stages of the kernel restructuring which became FreeBSD release 5. At that time I wrote a number of papers and did some presentations. They're still available, but be warned: they're out of date. They should be of historical interest only, but unfortunately there's little more up-to-date documentation. In any case, read the following documentation at your peril.

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