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This page was started on 21 April 2020, in what is hopefully the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. One day it will be a series of thoughts about what life will be like after the pandemic is over.

As I write this, much of the world is in a state of quarantine or curfew (“lockdown” or “social isolation”) to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. I'm one of the very few people affected who don't really see much difference: I've been living in “social isolation” since 2007 at the latest. For me, the biggest issues are that our cleaner can no longer come to clean the house, and that I really need a haircut. And even the haircut is my choice: it's allowed by the regulations, but that makes no sense to me.

For others, clearly, it's a very different matter. XXX

main issues: travel, proximity

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