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I've been working on curry laksa for some time now, based on pre-packaged paste. I've tried two different kinds:

On 22 January 2017 I used “MARION'S KITCHEN” paste from ALDI, and on 16 February 2017 I tried Tean's Gourmet cooking paste. They turn out to be very similar.

In each case, the preparation came down to roughly the same thing. The packaging claims to be enough for four portions, but that's optimistic. Currently I'm working on it being enough for three portions. In addition, since I eat it alone, I have to spread it over several days. So I make it in two steps: first process the entire package up to a point where I can keep it in the fridge, and eat one portion. Then (maybe later) use another portion each time to complete the dish.

I've been tuning this dish since then, and I've added pok choi, at least for the time being. On 27 July 2017 I tried to make only two portions with half the amount of water, but it proved too much. Next time I'll aim for three portions with the following quantities:

Part 1


quantity       ingredient       step
210 g?       noodles       1
1 packet (200 g)       Laksa paste       2
      oil       2
150 g       coconut cream       3
200 g       fish, chicken, or both       3
80 g       pok choi       3
900 ml       water       3

The weight of noodles is (currently) a guess. I'm aiming for 3 lots of 180 g cooked noodles.

MARION'S KITCHEN supplies the coconut cream; for Tean's you need to supply it separately.


  1. Boil noodles and separate into three parts of about 180 g each.
  2. Fry paste for about a minute until it starts to smell good (“hingga naik baunya”).
  3. Cut meat, seafood and cabbage. Add coconut cream and water. Bring to a boil, add meat and seafood. Simmer until cooked.

Part 2

This is done directly before serving.

quantity       ingredient       step
180 g       cooked noodles       1
40 g       fried dofu (about one cube)       2
65 g       bean sprouts       2
600 g       mixture from part 1 (should be ⅓)       3
25 g       cooked prawns       4


  1. Put the noodles in a bowl. They may stick together, but that won't last long.
  2. Chop the dofu into slices. Put on top of the noodles with the prawns.
  3. Heat the laksa mixture and pour into the bowl.
  4. Put bean sprouts on top. Serve.
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