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In October 2018 we bought an “air fryer”, really a small high pressure forced convection oven:
Image title: Digital air fryer 3          Dimensions:          3540 x 4990, 1699 kB
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It proved to be useful, though not for the purposes for which it was advertised, and when a second, bigger one came on the market in March 2019, we bought it too:

Based on the appearance, we call the first one the “coffee machine” and the second one the “hair dryer".

Currently (May 2019) I'm still gaining experience. It took me a while to note the consequences of the fact that “air fryers” use very little air, and it's recirculated: as a result, it can get very humid, and things like peanuts and ikan bilis don't get crunchy. After a few minutes cooling down after cooking they do, however, get better.

Things to avoid

Over the course of time, I've found some things that don't work well in an “air fryer”:

I've included the times for some of these below, but it's still not a recommendation.

Times and temperatures

Here are some times and temperatures that I'm working on:

Food       Temperature       Time       Comment       Link
Baked beans       230°       10 min       Add water at start       diary entry
“Bisque pots”       180°       12 min       15 min in oven       diary entry
Beef kebabs       230°       9 min       maybe not the way to go       diary entry
Bratwurst       210°       14 min             diary entry
Chicken cordon bleu       200°       15 min       Don't do it!       diary entry
Chicken filo       180°       20 min             diary entry
Chicken kebabs       230°       18 min             diary entry
Chicken Kyiv       180°       18 min             diary entry
Chicken tanduri       230°       5 min       experimental, first 10 minutes at 600 W in microwave oven       diary entry
Chicken wings, cooked       160°       12 min             diary entry
Courgettes       200°       4 min?             diary entry
Ćevapčići       210°       10 min             diary entry
Enchiladas       200°       8 min             diary entry
Fish (Tilapia)       200°       30 min       experimental, measure temperature       diary entry
Ikan bilis       200°       20 min       Add oil, still not useful       diary entry
Ikan bilis       160°       5 min       Reheating       diary entry
Kidneys, lamb kebabs       200°       15 min             diary entry
Lamb kebabs       230°       12 min       guessed; not the way to go?       diary entry
Papadam       170°       4 min       slow!       diary entry
Peanuts       180°       20 min             diary entry
Peanuts       160°       5 min       Reheating       diary entry
Pizzas (reheat)       230°       5 min             diary entry
Salmon       180°       8 min       small fryer       diary entry
Sardines       230°       8 min             diary entry
Schinkengriller sausages       200°       15 min             diary entry
Spring rolls       200°       8 min       size dependent       diary entry
Steak and kidney pie                   not recommended       diary entry
Turkey Kiev       180°       10 min       to be confirmed       diary entry
Vols-au-vent       160°       6 min       to be confirmed       diary entry

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