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October 1966
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Saturday, 1 October 1966 KCT.
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Up again before breakfast, for no reason in particular, apart from the fact that I do not like to miss breakfast. Possibly I ought to try and change over to the other side of the table - I do not like the idea of sitting 2nd in line.

After breakfast, no mail - but seeing as though Jenny is the only person who writes, and I have had a letter from her only yesterday, I could hardly expect anything.

Mike Phillips showing photos of Bev around as his girlfriend. The nerve that bloke has. I shall have to find a way to circumvent him. It should be quite easy to get a fall out of him.

After assembly did little for quite a while, floating around the school for most of the first period or two, and then quietened down and read “My Brother Jonathan”. Quite interesting.

After break, Snowden not having bothered to do anything in particular, decided that we could prepare a clathrate, Nickel ammonia cyanide/benzene, which required much cooling and plenty of freezing mixture (hoar frost forming on the outside of the beaker). Rather fun, except that we were messing around with NaCN.

After lunch (it was a long process), back again, and finally had something to show for it all - excellent. Then the other kids started throwing rubber bags around, and I retired to the prep room, and poked my head around the door from time to time, to see how King and Plum [?] were doing with themselves.

Eventually decided that I had better go down to the changing room, and change for pioneers, but just as I was turning up, they decided to knock off, and then down to the Science library again, and started writing a letter to Jenny - this is doubtless rather bad for me, but I had to write again - just the thought of Jenny is enough to establish contact with her through a letter.

Carried on then thus for a while, and then down, and paid a visit on the tuck shop, and there Mrs. Smith asked me to get her glasses from Clement Clarkes for her, and said there was 1/- in it for me. OK by me, just as I was going down there anyway.

Down, rather unfortunately, with yellow, and first to Smith's, and then to Goodmans, where Yel and I complained in turn.

To Clement Clarkes, where I had my glasses adjusted, and got Mrs. Smith's, and then down to the Camera Centre f/4.5 105 mm Tessar, for which I got him down to 25/-, Also got a silk ribbon for my typewriter. Bit of trouble respooling.

Sunday, 2 October 1966 KCT.
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Sunday - one of these fine Sundays, I shall doubtless manage to leave the darkroom along for a whole weekend without being forced to, but it won't be while i can fiddle the darkroom book, as now I can do easily.

After breakfast, did little of great interest apart from writing a lot more to Jenny - this promises to be one of the longest yet, if the amount I have so far written is any guide. Also got the dryer from the linen room, and they have done quite a good job reapriming [?] the thing. Got a Pentax - Leica adapter from Gleasy.

Chapel was as boring as ever, with a couple of noteworthy hymns to mess up, and I was only too glad to get out of it.

Then to the darkroom, and loaded a couple of films into tanks, and Allen did one of his at the same time. Dear old Paul - he sold me a fogged FP3, and most of it has had it. Did my bit with the aid of K₃Fe(CN)₆, but it was not very good. Wrote a bit about it to Jenny with a few barbed comments to be passed on to Paul.

Barri Evans has worked out a new way of living us all up - absolute farce.


After lunch, 4 people turned up to see how to develop prints - a very poor turnout considering what it was like in former times, when we had 15 - 20 people turning up and crowding out the darkroom.

Left that at 1330, and over to the study room where one of my proses was waiting, returned from Tyson, and so rewrote the thing in biro. Doubtless more illegible than the original. Then dumped it in his room, and went to work out where my pen was, and after spending half an hour looking for various suspects, found it in Allen's possession, and with joy up to the darkroom to make a few prints of the FP3 I developed this morning, but unfortunately the quality, etc, contrast was lousy, and in the end I decided to print it on some Agfa Brovira No. 6, which I cut up into ¼ plate, and the contrast was brought up to about normal, though a couple were still a little soft.

Then an old Pan F, which I printed on 2½ × 3½ WSG 2S, as I am running somewhat short on postcard.

After makan, finally finished off my letter to Jenny - one of the longs I have ever written: 5 pages close typed foolscap. Wow!

Monday, 3 October 1966 KCT.
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Slept in this morning - it is much easier to start the week off gradually, rather than to plunge right into it. It helps here that I do not have any periods on Mondays, and so sleeping in is quite easy.

Came down after breakfast, and Rick Brown gave me a couple of letters, one an appointment with the dentist, the other from Heather Stewart. There is something I dislike about her letter-writing.

Replied to her pretty quickly - says Ann sends her love. She is a bit of a tart - doubtless it means nothing.

After assembly, up to the science library, and sat around doing little for a while, until it occurred to me that I had some chemistry to do, and then got down to it, and rattled it off until break, when I got down to seeing what I had in my scob, and found a photo of Lesley taken a year before I met her (I think).

Finished off the chemistry after break, and then reading my photographic books.

After break, saw John Daw about the Aluredian, Snowden about the Good Companions, and then along for a flute lesson, but Mrs. Mills was not there, so went and washed my hair instead, after which down to the bank to deposit some money. I shall have to ask for a statement fairly soon. Down to Mrs. Chaffey's, and got there before King and Callow, rather to my surprise. She got us to go down town for her and get some fire bricks, and so Paul and I did that, while Christopher vacuumed the front room.

Back, after finally getting some suitable bricks at Hawkes, and shoved them into the grate, which they half filled by themselves, and then Mrs. Chaffey prepared tea. As I had predicted to Paul, Christopher had yet to finish vacuuming the floor, and so we busied ourselves inspecting leaks in the pergola, and Paul decided he could whip some putty, Chris decided that it was impossible to do much about it, as they had had a similar one in their house for years, and eventually had to have it redone with corrugated perspex.

Eventually finished tea, and washing up, and then down town for some shopping, and bought “The Photographer's Pocket Book” by Carlton Wallace, which looked quite worthwhile.

Then to the library, rejoined, and got some books out. I am thinking of making a film in the Christmas holidays, but a plot is only slowly germinating. Sat in the Sheldon room reading my books, missed music [piano lesson] with Gilly.

2nd prep Russian course - the new lang lab stuff is much better than the old A-V things.

Tuesday, 4 October 1966 KCT.
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Up for breakfast this morning - I do not like missing it too often, especially as I feel so hungry at such times.

After breakfast, finally tracked Brown down and got a couple of letters from him - one (a 6-pager!) from Jenny, and the other from Dad. The fates seem to be smiling on me today. Dad seemed quite happy with me - God knows why - and is sending me £3, and it looks as if I may, after all, get a car soon - about April 1967, when Dad comes over.

Proceeded after assembly to reply to Jenny's letter. In just about every letter I learn some new virtue about her, all of which is very heartening. Apparently she got the middle school needlework prize last year - good for her. She really seems to be one of the most important people there, and one gets a not-very-pleasant picture of her as a stern disciplinarian with no time to enjoy herself. Thank God I know it is not true!

Divvers was not much fun - Chaplain had to dash off in the middle to give Skiv extreme unction. I did not know the C of E still did that.

After that, finished my letter to Jenny, and did little after break. I have found a photo, almost definitely of Lesley, taken 12 months before I met her. Checking up on this.

After chemistry, (βγ - must do better) and lunch, up to the Science library to write Dad a letter, and, filling up a whole airletter form, did not do particularly badly, though not as well as I have to Jenny in the last 5 days.

After that, to the Common room, and there got hold of Allen's Ilford manual of photography, of which I do not think very much.

Then reading Punch, which this week contains a couple of rather amusing articles, including one on redundancy of airlines. What a horrible thought! Imagine the airways ending up like the railways!

Then looking for Allen about Weston Master V, and eventually found him, and then it, in Trouble Cookson's scob. I shall have to buy another SP, and sell the Edixa - or first see what Edixa bring out in the way of TTL cameras. If they bring out something like the Nikon F Photomic T, it might be very worthwhile indeed.

Double nothing in the evening, and read a bit of “My Brother Jonathan”, which is tending to drag, though I have come to the end of the first book.

Reading a bit of photography, and writing my diary later. More reading in prep. I have little else to do. Comments from Rick and Ron on exposure meters!

Wednesday, 5 October 1966 KCT.
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Up for breakfast today, and the mail came on time, but unfortunately none for me. It is hardly worth getting up for breakfast nowadays, the way nothing ever happens then. Still, one has to eat at some time or another, and break is rather late for breakfast.

Little to do after breakfast - one of these days I may patronise the Sheldon room more, but now that I have all my stuff in the science library, there is little point in it. It was different last term, when it was a choice between that and the common room - still, I must use it more often.

After assembly, tidying up my study place when in comes Tyson, suggests that I was doing photography, and drags me over to his lair, where he decides that I had better do only 1 period of Deutſch a week, and that I might, to compensate, read „Was Dir nicht angehört“ by Manfred Hausmann, which I procured, and rather to my pleasure, discovered to be very interesting. About a fellow exactly my age (18 last week) trying, for the first time in his life, to meet a bird - near Bremen. This is a story with which I can really associate myself. I actually found it difficult to put down.

Letter from Sandy Schädel in lunch, and she has taken my advice and tried another bloke, but Brian thew a spanner in the works by proposing to her.

Started writing to her after lunch, but after ¾ hour odd I got bored, and so left it, and was found by Mansell, who was not very happy with Ilford colourslide, and wanted an off-the-cuff explanation. Suggested he brought them in, but said that I did not like Colourslide, or any Ilford colour film much.

Then on with „Was dir nicht angehört“, and he is now trying to meet this tart in a dance hall, and is too shy to do anything about it. Why, one wonders, so such blokes never have any friends?

Gave that up after a while, when I was visited by the usual sources, and prepared for a trip into town, and managed to persuade Allen to take a library book back for me, and then got some money from the tuck shop - I must kerb such activities - and along down town, as John let me go without attending roll call.

To Grays, gave Whitmarsh 30/- to buy a KR,

This was Kodachrome, presumably a 36 exposure cassette. At my favourite comparison rates, this would compare to AUD 75, or about $2 per exposure. I had forgotten how expensive colour films were. Thank God for digital cameras!

and then to the Camera centre, where I bought the 105/4,5 Tessar for £1, and to Jeremy Huxtable's garage to try and rent a car, but no luck - would have to get it insured myself, and that would probably cost the earth.

In 2nd prep, house music practice, which was a bit of a farce. We are singing a thing called “Four strong winds”.

Thursday, 6 October 1966 KCT.
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Slept in again today - it would be quite worthwhile were it not for the fact that i get so hungry round about 0910 hrs with yet another hour before break.

Several letters for me today - from all corners of the earth. One from Sue Peters in Canada, another from Practical Photography, saying my subscription was up, and one from HQ&G supplies, as [sic] a cash purchase agreement. I think I shall dump it all, and get my 10/- back, and then get a ciné viewer. Who knows - I might find a still cheaper projector somewhere.

After assembly, reading the letter from Sue, which, I fear, said little, and then reading a bit of „Was dir nicht angehört“, which is becoming yet more interesting. It is a very good book, only, I fear, a little too short. Not so much a book as a short story unfortunately - I should very much like to read a book of normal length like that.

Music was pretty average, and a live (or radio, at any rate) broadcast of some harpsichord music. Quite nice.

After break, little.

After lunch, wind band practice, and that was fairly farcical. A selection from “Kismet”, which I do not like anyway, and in any case my reed was in lousy shape, so I gave it up as a bad job and did my best.

After wind band practice, having no intention to turn up for pioneers, proceeded to the common room, and compared the relative speeds of my two Tessars. Very difficult to effect any comparison, and they are roughly the same anyway. I should like to get the new one coated - there are dozens of ghosts in the lens at the moment. Perhaps Clement Clarke would be able to help?

Took a couple of shots with the mounted one, and the contrast looks quite good, though doubtless it could be improved.

Then to the Bursars office, and got hold of a couple of stencils for copying out the house music competition words, and copied the whole thing out far more quickly than I might have thought, and then along to the Bursars office, where I was allowed to do the thing myself. As I have said before, how I hate Gestetner machines. Unfortunately, the music was not cut deep enough, so I had another go, and over to the dormitory to do it, and ended up with a rather better skin, and put it on the machine, which was as dry as a bone. I have never seen one so dry. Eventually got it working, and ran off 50 copies of the thing. Came out very well, apart from one misprint.

Did little in prep, apart from some chemistry.

Friday, 7 October 1966 KCT.
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Managed, by some superhuman effort, to drag myself out of bed, and down to breakfast. Mail on time again, but again none for me. One of these days, by a double coincidence, I shall get a letter in breakfast when the mail is on time and I get up for breakfast.

After breakfast, did little. It has, since I have been here almost, a problem time.


I shall probably go to the Sheldon room at such times, and read my paper.

After assembly, in which Pen said how glad he was to be back from St. Audreys, and what a nice place it was, and how happy he was, and how happy he was that Lewis had got a choral scholarship to Jesus, etc, up to the science library, and on with „Was dir nicht angehört“, as I had little else to do. I shall have to reply to Sue sometime, but not yet - I have a letter to Sandy to finish yet.

After break, did little. Now that my chemistry is in, all I have to worry about is German, and as I did not have any book, read for awhile. Tidied up my study place, as Pad had complained about my photographic gear. I am not moving - this is far too convenient to let Pad throw a spanner in the works.

After lunch, wrote a letter to A.W.Young for Aston, who was completely incompetent, and by the time I got down there, he had gone. Had no time to look for him, as I had a dental appointment, and so along down town, and bumped into all sorts of people on the way down, and into Gray's, and there bought some lens cleaner, and then down to the camera centre about the Agiflex they had in, but it had already been sold.

To the dentists, and after waiting 10 minutes, in and had my teeth poked at, and was told that, as usual, there was nothing wrong with them, and out again. To Clement Clarkes, who told me that they could coat my Tessar for £2··10··0, on the bill puttable, and so I shall probably take it down on Monday and have it done. This should prove quite handy, and doubtless it is in need of being coated. Bought a camera magazine at Smiths, extolling the virtues of 2¼ square [6×6 cm], which was completely biased and irrelevant.

Then back to school, and had tea, to chemistry, and there it was decided that we ought to limit our attempts somewhat.

To the Bursar's office to help Paul run off a stencil for the Meynell house competition - nothing like helping our rivals, eh?

Pen called off the practice tonight - wasted too much time.

Saturday, 8 October 1966 KCT.
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Up again early, and again to little avail. I wish Jenny would occasionally write a little more often than does she at the moment. Admittedly, she must have very little time to herself - the working day must be very long for her - but surely she can write just once during the week, as well as over weekends. About now I am beginning to have my doubts about Jenny, just as I did about Lesley 6 months after I met her. Is the same sort of thing going to happen? I sincerely hope not. If only Jenny were as keen on me as I am on her, all would be well. Maybe she is - maybe it is just I who cannot see straight.

After assembly, had a German prose to do, which took me most of first period, and then down to give it to David, who decided I should tie my tie so that the Pelican would come out sideways on the knot, and accordingly did so. It does, admittedly, look hilarious.

This was the tie of the Sheldon Society, a white pelican (symbol of the school) on a burgundy background. Apart from the black tie of the juniors who had not yet attained “school privilege”, it was the only non-striped tie. I was one of the last to receive school privilege, and out of protest never wore the school tie; I was already eligible for the Sheldon tie.

Very few people noticed in break about my tie - only about 2 people noticed. I consider how much this has to do with how observant people are.

Double chemistry, trying to find a relationship between nitrous acid and potassium iodide, and came to the conclusion that not much of interest happened.

After lunch, tidied up the mess in the chemistry labs, and then, after a bit of messing round with Tessars in the chemistry labs - I am going to have to have that Tessar coated. Shall take it down to Clement Clarkes on Monday, and with any luck it will be ready within a week. Now all I need to do is find an 8" lens - or perhaps a 7" f/2,5 Aero-Ektar. That should be excellent for available light work.

Turned up for pioneers, mainly taking photos. Drax said he thought modern lenses had a very wide aperture - what about that f/0,85 Sonnar? It is rather sad that such lenses have got the reputation that they have - they have little to recommend them.

Interesting observation. I haven't been able to find any reference to such a lens. And nowadays f/0.85 is easier to find.

After that, up to the science library for a while. I reckon that it will not be very long before I will have to get some new bellows - probably without disposing of the old ones, which would come in handy with long lenses.

Down town before roll call, and then to Grays, where I had a look at some rather unsuitable bellows and exposure meters, and elsewhere also, but did little else apart from go to the Library and Smiths.

Police lecture on accident prevention in the evening. Not much cop.

Sunday, 9 October 1966 KCT.
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Another weekend devoted largely to the darkroom. I am getting through hundreds of sheets of paper lately - I shall have to kerb myself somewhat, unless I find some other source of revenue.

After breakfast, in the darkroom for a while relabelling some of the bottles, since the wetting agent bottle is not big enough. To the Sheldon room, which is quite uninhabited lately, and read a couple of magazines there, and then back in the Science library to write up my diary. I must get out of this habit into which I have lately fallen of leaving my diary until the day after before I write about it.

Chapel is becoming more excruciating than ever - I wish I could find a way to get out of it. Still, in only little over 2 months time I shall be out of this place well-nigh for good, and will never again have to sit through such a service.

After chapel, a few films to develop, and first of all a positively ancient one of Walkers, which unfortunately did not come out too well, doubtless owing to bad storage. Then a Pan F and IR, the latter of which was rather varied. I think I shall have to find a different developer to Promicrol in which to develop the stuff.

After lunch, back up there with intent to print the Pan F, but it was not yet dried, so into the Sheldon room and reading about vintage cars, and had a cup of coffee in the process. The old Alfa Romeos seem to have been very nice cars. I should not mind at all getting one - though doubtless I shall end up getting something much more quiet, I suppose. But I wonder how much a suitable car of that type could cost to run. Doubtless too much, in any case.

Then for the outside period, and down by the police sports ground, where we saw the remains of a Morris 8, which had a still functional gearbox.

Messing around further down by a drain/creek, and at several occasions felt tempted to shove Allen in, though managed to restrain myself.

Back to school, and rattled off some prints off the Pan F. I seem to be able to work up quite a speed without any noticable [sic] loss in quality.

Drying them through tea - drying is a problem, as it always takes so long after the things are finished.

After tea, Aston had the booking, so did little of much interest then - checked the Phot. Soc. membership, and discovered that all the people who had put their names on the list were, in fact, members (apart from „Martin Luther“).

Sheldon society meeting in the evening, and quite a lively discussion about some things. I shall have to bring up my own topic in the near future.

Monday, 10 October 1966 KCT.
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Slept in again today - this is fast becoming a way of life, and I am getting more than a little worried about this, although I suppose that I would get used to it all soon enough.

After breakfast, I went, as usual, up to the Science library for what time I had (about 5 minutes) to read a short 1-pager from Lesley.

After assembly, back up to write up my diary - it has been a long time since I have written it up in the evening, and I must try and get back into this habit. While I was at it, in came TDH and told me that I had a flute lesson in 3rd period, and would I be able to turn up? Naturally I was able, and off he went, after saying something about praise of David Wilde in the Times.

Finished my diary, and then did a bit of chemistry, and sat round feeling bored, and started a rather short letter to Lesley, and only wrote her a page because of my general feel of lethargy.

Then for a flute lesson, as boring and irritating as ever, and managed to get her to finish pretty soon after 1010 hrs.

After break, up into the science library again, with little to do. David Hargrave came up and had a look at some photos that I took of his watch.

Letter from Jenny in lunch, and comparatively long, though she says she has been having difficultly finding time to write - she certainly seems to have been flat out with her work. One wonders what it will be like in 18 months time. Started writing a reply to her in rest, and then along came Paul Callow, whom I got to bring me in a cup of coffee, and then off to see Mrs. Chaffey - King was going with somebody else. Mrs. Chaffey was pleased to see us, though obviously put out by King not being there. Still, she got us to plant some bulbs for her, and clean some windows, neither of which we did very well, though she was pleased with it, and said “how hard we had worked”, which rather amused me, since we had done almost nothing.

Then she gave us tea, in which I took a couple of photos of her and her budgie, which is now moulting.

Then down town to Clement Clarkes, and gave them my Tessar to be coated, and there is a good chance that it will be ready by Saturday. To Smiths to buy a Kama Sutra, and got a cheap one, with free Phaedrus/Plato.

Tried to get some Tabasco, and then in disgust back to the school, and started reading the Kama Sutra. This edition has several notes that mine at home does not have.

Music lesson, with Miss Gill, and she had a girl from Wienfield with her - Carol somebody - unfortunately not too much to look at, though her hair could make a change.

House music practice in 2nd prep - OK, but no more.

Tuesday, 11 October 1966 KCT.
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And slept in again this morning. At any rate, one consolation is that I am no longer getting so ravenous in the middle of 2nd period, and can vaguely put up with it all.

Over to the science library - no letters, though I should like one from Mum and/or Dad.

After assembly, study as ever, which I spent writing up my diary. Today, for some reason, I have been feeling in a very odd mood. I wish I could do something about it, but I am getting absolutely fed up with this place, and can hardly stand it any more.

Divvers was with the monk from wherever it is, who is down here for a few days, whom we riddled with questions about Christianity, which he handled very well.

Back up to the science library. The monotony of all this is killing me. More than ever, it seems like being in prison.

After break, did little until Chemistry in 5th period, another thing which is also getting me down. I shall have to get out of this place before I crack up.

After lunch, up to the science library, with quite a few people whom I had persuaded that I had been expelled - including Allen, who should immediately have been able to see through my excuse, but did not. In any case, I decided that now would be about as good a time as any to get rid of all the junk I had, and so gave away some of the stuff I had up there, and then down to the common room, and just about cleared out one of my scobs, and got moving on the second. Then went the bell for games, so I decided to stay in the common room until the end, but shortly out to go to Fort George, and coming out of there was accosted by Tyson, who wanted an electrical fitting from me, and so to the Woodwork shop to do something about it, and in 15-30 minutes had it finished, and then dumped it in the Mod. Lang. Lab for him, and back to the common room to look for a book, and shortly after found Ron and gave him the vast majority of my books and magazines on radio.

Then to tea, for the first time in a week or so, and stayed there for a good length of time. Then trying to sell some 20×24 to Allen, to little avail, and thus to the science library, where I stayed most of the evening, feeling more than usually frustrated, reading a book called “The Oscar”, about Hollywood, and the mess ups there. The whole thing is more than a little depressing. I must get out of this Western Ratrace while I still can.

After supper, did little, feeling tired out, and soon over to the dormitory, but ended up just as late to bed.

Wednesday, 12 October 1966 KCT.
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Slept in today yet again - this is obviously going to become a way of life. And what care I now, with nothing better to do in the morning? I might just as well catch up on my beauty sleep as crawl around in the common room, science library or sheldon room.

Up only just before assembly, along with the yellow, and consequently did not go in, but instead spent my time washing and getting properly dressed. No mail, apart from the Times.

After assembly, which lasted a long time, up to the study room with the Yel for a while, and then over to the Science library, where I found the A.P. with some news of the Photokina. Rollei have brought out their new S.L.R., which looks like being something really worth having. An excellent camera, whichever way you look at it, complete with 50mm bellows and 8° tilt.

Back over to tell Yel about it after Deutſsch, and spent much of the morning reading the Photokina reports. Nothing much seems to have come from Japan - what are Asahi doing? f/0,7 Planar out. That should be good.

After lunch, up to the Science library, and had another party, having first gone to the Common room to get an exeat - Pen is tightening up on them, damn it. While down there, also did a bit more scob tidying out. Not much left now. I wonder how much I will have in my trunk which is worth keeping.

In the Science library, wrote a letter to Mum and Dad saying how fed up I was here, and for God's sake let me out of it. That took me some time - now that I type most of my letters, I tend to write at much greater length, and besides, this place is killing me. I shall have to leave before I go crazy.

After that, round to look for Whitmarsh, to tell him that I wanted some money, but he said we were already in the red, so that he could not immediately pay me. I shall have to do something about that.

Then to tea again - doubtless I could do better with a little more food in the day.

After roll call, in which I stuck my head through the door, and out again, down to the Camera Centre, where they still have no C22 chemicals, and then got talking with Mr. Barrington about film in general, Infrared, HP4, etc in particular. That took me until 1615 hrs, and so up very quickly to the County Stores, bought some Tabasco, and then to find out about slide rules at Universal Arts, and got the Faber-Caſtell catalogue, and back to school, where I found Fairweather and loaded the HP4.

Did little in the evening - part song practice.

Thursday, 13 October 1966 KCT.
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I might as well resign my self to the fact that I will not get much breakfast in the next few weeks. I suppose the Yel has something, sleeping in in the mornings. It is better than getting up for school breakfast, anyway.

Managed to get into assembly, though Paul had little to say, after which trying to digest my phenomenal amount of mail. Letter from Mum, little of importance. letter from Clement Clarkes, saying that Zeiß would have to do my Tessar themselves. 10 pager from Paul [Hallett], enclosing a letter from Wallace Heatons, which got my blood up. Popular Photography, with more details of the Rolleiflex SL66, which looks like being one hell of a good camera.

Then over to Stoneleigh, and got the shock of my life in Yel's BJ: two new Pentaxes, a 120 model and “Metalica” [sic], both with electronic shutter, and bayonet mount! Started writing back to Paul to tell him about it - too excited to get very far.

This was the Metalica prototype shown at Photokina that year. It apparently looked like this, just about the same as the Spotmatic:

My description seems relatively accurate modulo the meaning of “electronic shutter”. Clearly it's not what we mean nowadays: the shutter speed was set by the exposure electronics.

After break, turned up for music, and the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2nd Brandenburg Concertos - excellent, but then some Bartok.

After lunch, should have turned up to wind band practice, but could not face it, and so gave it up as a bad job, and up to write a letter to Wallace Heatons, and wrote a pretty nasty thing which contradicted all but one of the points that they raised.

Then down to the common room, where I carried on reading “The Oscar”, which is not a particularly interesting book, bit in my condition anything is worth reading, and so I shall proceed to do. Apart from that, it is also very long, and so I will be occupied for quite some time by it.

Then up to the study room again, and decided that my letter to Wallace Heaton could easily be improved upon, and so up and did another one, which was even longer than the first. I should like to see what they have to say about this one.

Then over to Stoneleigh for a music lesson, and almost forgot my clarinet and music. I have had learning these instruments. I would rather just play them by myself.

Then on the bassoon, and a terrible noise made, as I heard it, but Mr. Fawcett was very impressed, and suggested that if I ever ran into a lot of money, I should buy myself a really good bassoon, to which he thought I could do justice.

Over to the Science library, and there spent most of my time doing my Chemistry prep, and that took a good bit of doing, as he had set us quite a bit.

Evenings are lately wasted.

Friday, 14 October 1966 KCT.
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The fact that I slept in today should be a forgone conclusion. With me it is - I now have got into the habit of buying a packet of biscuits to eat when I get up in the morning.

No mail for me - it irritates me the way the Yel gets so much. Still, I cannot complain, though I wish Jenny would write more often.

After assembly, up to the Science library, and started eating, and a bit of reading - it was yet to early to do anything requiring much mental exertion.

After a while, however, got round to writing up my diary - it is easier to write up in the daytime, when the Library is empty, and as I have so many study periods, it does little harm.

Then got hold of Paul Callow's chemistry practical book, and copied out last weeks experiment, and then back again, and was given a VP (Australia) to develop by Hunt. I wonder where he got it from. Also Paul got me to give him some paper.

After break, read on, and despite all good intents, did little work.

After lunch, it was required of all people taking part in the instrumental class of the House music competition to present themselves in room 26, and so along, and told TDH what we were doing, though Rick and Clough wanted to change the instrumentation, and then down to one of the outside music rooms, and there messed around with fagotts, and it looks as if Clough wants to learn to play the thing. One could, I suppose, encourage him.

Then back to room 26, and on with our practice, and, rather against my better judgement, played it on fiddle and flute, with continuo. TDH, who came along, liked it like that, rather to my displeasure. Watson [cello] is pretty hopeless, unfortunately.

Spent some time at that, and then back to the science library, and subsequently along to the tuck shop to stock up with food, back to the library, and then into tea, where I stayed for some time, with Allen trying to persuade me to develop an HP4 for him in the next two periods. Some hope he had.

After that, along to the Chemistry labs, and Snowden had not corrected my book, and the other two had not even handed theirs in, so little remained to be gone over, and spent the period discussing carbon-halogen bonds, without a great deal of success.

Then back to the study room. “The Oscar” is becoming interesting, and I might even finish it soon. Not quite as long as “The Fountainhead”, I feel.

House music practice - I wish people would sing!

Saturday, 15 October 1966 KCT.
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Weekends should, I feel, be thought of more as a single period of time than two seperate [sic] days, for that is definitely the way I think of them.

Staggered into assembly, and must have looked rather odd with my camera, payong [(Malaysian?) umbrella], and paper - definitely not like a schoolboy, anyway. But I hardly feel I can think of myself like that any more. Sometimes, increasingly more often lately, I feel like giving up the idea of a university education for a few years at least. The whole ratrace of this world gets me down.

Did little after assembly - wrote up my diary, and read “The Oscar”. Over after a while to get the Yel's BJ, but he had taken both that and my Pop. for next month with him to London. He had better bring them back.

Then making diazoamino benzene, and got quite a yield of that, but almost no p-aminoazobenzene, which I tried to make from it. I wonder why. It is all rather annoying.

After lunch, carried on with the farce, after which, in rather undecided weather, over to Stoneleigh to change for pioneers, and out, as it made up its mind and decided to rain. Drax was not particularly keen on going on, and before too long decided that it was doing no good to anybody or anything, and so we knocked off, while Drax told me about his underwater housing.

Then over to the science library, and after a while sat there for a while before it occurred to me to test my lens by the old time dishonoured method of photographing the ads in the Times, and took 3 shots before the film ran out of me [sic], and so shoved an Ilford Micro-neg in the thing, and ran off a lot of tests at various apertures, and then into the darkroom and had a go at developing the things, and thus missed tea, which worried me little.

Then finished the things, and the micro film came out a little dense.

Then decided that the thing to do would be to make a couple of 20×24's, and enlisted Bradman's help make the thing, and used a photoflood. Eventually got quite a good print running, and took it over to the dormitory to wash the thing, and bake [sic] to make another, and had trouble with illumination when my flood burnt out.

Photo soc. film in the evening, and quite good - called “A place to go”, which more than paid back for itself.

Jimmy created about the prints on the windows.

Sunday, 16 October 1966 KCT.
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One day drags on very much to the next, and at times I feel there is hardly any point in keeping a diary, so little of interest is there to record.

After getting up, over to the science library, and was implored to develop an HP4 for Allen, so accordingly into the darkroom and loaded the thing, while he did another. As it was going to be an FF/DD job, we decided that if we made it up with cold water and left it in over chapel, it ought just about to be alright.

This technique (Fast Film/Dilute Developer) seems to be all but forgotten. The only link I have found calls it DD/FF, but I've never heard it called that. Basically the film is developed for a long time in very dilute developer, which quickly becomes exhausted in the heavily exposed areas, while continuing to work in the less exposed areas. This enables forcing higher speeds without excessive contrast.

Accordingly poured in some Promicrol at 16°C at 0905 hrs, and down to chapel to watch the Bishop of Exeter do a mime with his hat, which he kept handing to Phil Partridge and getting back from him.

Eventually came out, up to the darkroom, and poured the grot out, and it all came out beautifully - excellent, I feel, for a mere guess at the development time.

Because of the method of development, the time is not overly critical.

Then in earnest, dished a VP, and did 3 more 135's in tanks, two of which, rather to my disappointment, had unfortunately not been exposed.

After that, down to lunch, and discovered that the film was to be at 1300 hrs instead of the more usual 1550, and so found Kerslake and got a chit to miss the film, and up to the darkroom, where I got down, too slowly for my liking, to printing the Pan F I developed yesterday.

Eventually, after about an hour at it, finished that - this paper is an odd size - and got down to trying a few extra-large blow ups of what the 50/1,4 S-Tak can offer for itself. While I was exposing there came Allen to make a nuisance of himself, and I got him to do some developing, and decided to get down to the shots I took about 6 months ago, of “Androcles and the Lion”, and they were pretty grotty, mainly since the film was somewhat fogged before I exposed it. Gave it up after 5 or 6, and decided I would get the go-ahead from Mrs. Pentney before I did any more.

After that, down to tea, and intended to come up after, but Dave Gilks caught me, and got me to come up to the Sheldon room and take some photos of him, and so I did, and a great many others besides, some of which will doubtless be hilarious.

Then back into the science library with little in particular to do, and hung about the science library for a while.

After makan, developed an IF for Sweet, and then into the Sheldon room for coffee.

Monday, 17 October 1966 KCT.
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Waking up on a Monday morning, having missed breakfast, would be bad enough without having to worry why I had not got a letter from Jenny.

Eventually summoned up enough courage to crawl out of bed, and even into assembly, where Pen made one of his feebler jokes about the APC tests today, and exhorted all to do their best.

After that, up to the study room to read “The Oscar”, and on considerably with the thing. It is quite a worrying book, though also a thoroughly excellent one. This took up a good deal of my time, although I did do a few other things. Tidied up my study place to quite some degree, and even got round to the business of sorting out some of the prints I made. I am gradually collecting hundreds of assorted black and white prints, and am not too sure what I will eventually do with them all.

After break, back up to the science library, and did very little then, and on with the book, though God knows I could equally well have done dozens of other things with the time. But who cares any more? Not I.

After that, to lunch, and then I was really hit by the fact that there was no letter from Jenny, and sat moping through the best part (still pretty awful) of lunch, which possibly, owing to my condition, did not taste even vaguely edible.

After lunch, up to the Science library, jumping all over the place looking for the film, and then writing off to M&H for 50 ft of 35 mm Pan F, and at the same time thinking about getting something for Paul.

Then to see Mrs. Chaffey, and her back was hurting her, and then chopped up some wood for her. Showed her the photos we took of her last week, and also took a few more, and then promised to bring her a slide show of Malaysia next week. I shall have edit a bit of my Ektachrome.

Down town, and bumped into Ben Weed, and spent 5 to 10 minutes talking with him before proceeding to Grays to buy a Photoflood 1½ (though I believe they are, in fact, called No. 3).

To Clement Clarkes, to talk about the Tessar, and it looks as if it will, after all, be possible to coat the thing. That helps.

Then back to the library, where I got “The Praktica book”, to Smiths, and then to the Post office to get some change so that I could ring up Jenny tonight.

Back to the school, and spent most of hobbies prep making some coffee in the darkroom.

Miss Gill was not at home when I called - back and did my chemistry prep.

Rang Jenny after Russian - spoke for 18 minutes. Sie liebt mich noch, and has written.

Tuesday, 18 October 1966 KCT.
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Oh, how much better an awakening did I have today, with a letter from Jenny! Does it not make all the difference to a day, to wake up to such an incentive? I lay in bed until after assembly, and read it twice before I got up. I am becoming more and more convinced that I am even more fond of Jenny than I was at the end of the Easter holidays, if such be possible. If only I could be with her more often - is not fate cruel?

Over to the school at about 0820, and started immediately on a letter to her. Should I let my emotions run away with me, as they do when I think of Jenny? - but then, what alternative is open to me? It is all so cruel!

To divvers 2nd period, and the chaplain began to tell us something about biblical history from a more orthodox point of view than would the bible give it.

Back to the study room, and on for a while with my letter, then reading “the Oscar”, and nearly forgot about break.

After lunch, finished “The Oscar”, and wrote a bit more to Jenny, and then to chemistry, which only Paul and I attended, as King was away.

After lunch, on with my letter to Jenny, despite much opposition: had to get some prints for Ma. Pen, and then Drax brought in the underwater housing for his camera, and left it with me to take some photos of it. Very well built indeed - it is a masterpiece of ingenuity.

Carried on with the letter for a while, and then came along Rick Brown and suggested that we did a practice for the House music competition, and so I, rather reluctantly, left my letter to Jenny, grabbed my flute, and off to room 27, where we went over the movements which we were likely to do.

Then back again, and I scribbled a bit more to Jenny, and then lost interest, and so downstairs, where the Head Porter saw me, told me I needed a haircut, and that Pen would be having a purge on same in the next few days, so I went down to the haircutting room, and had myself shorn, and then back to write a bit more to Jenny.

Down to tea, with the rather pleasant thought that I have no real work until this time on Friday, though I shall probably turn up to Deutsch on Thursday 2, and thus up to the Science library, where there were a lot of people waiting for double death with Pad.

Wrote further, and eventually finished off my 11-pager to Jenny, which I then proceeded to take down, along with a letter to Sandy, written 2 weeks ago, to the post box.

Back for prep, and nothing to do apart from write up my diary. Second prep became, needles [sic] to say, a drag.

Jimmy creating in the dormitory at 2100 hrs.

Wednesday, 19 October 1966 KCT.
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Up at the same time as ever this morning, despite rumours that people might be likely to descend on us and limit our freedom even more than usual.

Over to the science library, and there sat at a loose end for a good period of time. Having no periods in a day certainly is a bit of a drag, and it takes a bit of ingenuity to think of something to do, especially as the A.P. had (apparently) not yet arrived.

Worked out further the membership of the Phot. Soc, and down just before break to look for my Pentax guide (which I thought Allen had), and then gave Aston the list, and told him for God's sake to write up the minutes.

Then to break, after which back to the science library, and wrote up my diary - it is a bit difficult to do so any earlier in the morning since I am not then awake.

Down after that to the common room, and looking for Punch, which I have not yet read this week, and it was gone. Looking for it in Ingles' scob, and found a photo of Jenny. I wonder what he wants it for. It does not worry me too much if Bradman has one, since he could not really offer any opposition ... but Ingles lives on the Island.

After lunch, had intended to go up to the Sheldon room, but they were having a committee meeting, and so had to stay in the science library, and did little there for a while. Out again and down to the common room, and got Allen to give me a few of his hundreds of cassettes, and in return lent him my 135 [mm lens] for the afternoon. I must get myself a 200 if possible - preferably an Auto-Yashinon-R f/4. That should be a handy lens.

Then got down to taking some photos of Drax's underwater housing, and spent a good deal of time on it - these new 375 watt bulbs take a long time to cool down when switched off. I shall have to get a dimmer.

After that did little - read a bit, and thought of what I would go when I got down town. This week's AP has got a portraiture guide in it, which could well be of interest.

Then to tea - missing breakfast makes me feel the need faster - and up to the science library to get ready to go down town, and on the way met Paul, whom I got to change my library books for me. Down to the camera centre, and got my C-22 chemicals, but nothing else had come. Back to Grays, bought some Mn-alk batteries, and “The Pentax Way” by Keppler. Looks interesting.

Trying to load Pan F, but too windy - blinds went bolshy. Usual nothing in prep, but house music practice.

Thursday, 20 October 1966 KCT.
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Life drones [?] on as ever - letter from Mum this morning, very long, all about leaving early, and it looks as if I will not manage to leave for about a week or two after half term, and I am not complaining overly, anyway. I suppose I could stick the place that long.

After assembly, down to the science library, and on the way was told by Tyson not to bother to come to 2nd period German. I'm not complaining. Down, and attended to the usual, and had my breakfast of sorts, and then just reading. I am now seriously thinking of getting myself a 200 mm lens, and with any luck I might make it. Mum has been thinking of bringing me back for the Christmas holidays, though I do not think that much will come of that. Still, Bev is going, and she could always bring me a suitable one. Plenty of auto 200/3.5s seem to be floating about, and that looks the best.

To music after break, and listening to the 3rd Brandenburg concerto, and then some more of this Bartók rubbish. Why not No. 4?

After that, going over to the dormitory to type a letter to Mum, and was stopped by Mansell, who, however, just wanted to show me some slides.

Wind band after lunch, and it was suggested (by Clough) that, as Hazelhurſt was not here, I should play the concert flute, and leave solo to Pearce, and so I did, just for the fun of it. The trouble in playing such parts is in counting your 96 bars rest properly - a problem indeed. Playing about an equal length of "The Sailor's hornpipe” (vivacissimo), and by the end of it had my tongue tied in knots, which confused me somewhat. It has finally occurred to me that the flute is much easier to play than the clarinet. I might as well stay flute until I leave, or until Hazelhurſt comes back.

Then over to the study room, where I continued and finished my letter to Mum. I rather hope I will be out of here by about 5/X/1966 [sic], though this is rather hopeful, I feel.

After that, back over to the school again, and hung about in the study room until tea-time, where I set about refuelling myself in a very thorough manner.

Over for a fagott lesson, and decided to play some stuff which I had never tried before, and I quite liked both tunes, and might even do some practice on it.

Then back to the study room, and wrote up my diary, and then hung about until 1700 hrs, and then it struck me to clean my flute.

Early makan at 1730 hrs, and then over to change into my suit, after which off to a concert in aid of the Myra Hess trust. Phone call from Bev - she wants to come up on Saturday.

Friday, 21 October 1966 KCT. Images for 21 October 1966
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Much the same sort of thing happening as ever, though the prospect of Bev coming down tomorrow is likely to liven things up somewhat. I hope we can pull it off.

I am getting gradually more and more bored by the endless procession of study periods with little to do in them. It all becomes very monotonous indeed.

After a while setting down - I am getting a bit fed up with the deputy porter with his early morning cracks. Today he was talking about rejuvenating old men with monkey balls - not all that particularly interesting and very unlikely - did my diary.

After that, got round to doing my chemistry, though not the masses of German that Tyson wants in by tomorrow. Cross one's bridges when one comes to them.

After break, decided that a bit of music practice would not come amiss, and true enough, it did not, and quite enjoyed myself. Oh, to end this monotony!

After lunch, saw Jimmy about exeats to see Bev tomorrow - the bastard was more than a little dubious - and Clod saw me to tell me that they wanted some photos taken of some flower stand at Trinity Hospital, and when could I do them? Replied that there was no time like the present, and he rang them up, apparently to little avail, and then told me that I might as well go over there at about 1410 hrs, and so left it at that, and put some shoes on for them.

I normally wore sandals, utilizing a well-documented loophole in the school rules.

Then to house music practice , and Watson ruined the whole thing - I wish we had a better cellist, but there it is: we may have to dispose of him if he is not up to the mark. He could hardly play the grave, let alone the allegro.

Then over to Trinity Hospital, which is, in fact, an old folks home, and nobody knew anything about what was happening, and all they could do was show me what they wanted taken, and leave the rest to me.

Then back again to school, and had tea, after which to the period of the day, chemistry, in which we had a wonderful argument about the structure of N₂O, and ended up with a resonance between N≡N→O and N=N=O, which looks odd.

Nevertheless, that's exactly the structure shown on the Wikipedia page.

Paul had a wonderful one - . Some hope.

Then another study period - these will one of these days kill me, and finally came the bell to relieve us of it all. I am thinking seriously of getting a 200/3,5 Auto lens.

Rang up Bev in 2nd prep after doing a prose. She is game for the sleeping arrangements.

Saturday, 22 October 1966 KCT.
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Up for breakfast this morning, in order to be prepared for Bev coming today, and then spent most of the time doing nothing - it later occurred to me that I had gained nothing by so doing, but I suppose it is good for a bloke to get up for breakfast once in a while.

After assembly, up to the science library, and started another German prose, and then, after about half an hour of this rather difficult visitor, went down to the music rooms, and there played Vaughan Williams Suite de Ballet on the flute, and thus calmed myself down somewhat - I was all in a state of nerves about what was likely to happen today, and could not concentrate on anything.

After break, chemistry, and spent the whole time just setting up the apparatus, and then along to look for Bev in the front hall, but she was not there.

Along to fire practice, and Bev was not there after that. Rang up Mr. Andrew, but he knew nothing. Then in she came. Dumped her bag and coat on Aston's study place, and off to the Tudor for makan. Bev has put on a lot of weight.

I think this was the first time I had seen her since January.

After makan, down to the camera centre to get the projector, and then back to the school. After dumping the projector in the science library, downstairs, and there discovered that they had lost the developer and stop bath, and that the benzyl alcohol had leaked from the bottle. Will complain to Kodak. Left Bev upstairs, and then helped them for a while. Before too long, in came Mike Phillips and Paul Callow, and had a roaring conversation with Bev in the science library, while I loaded some Eastmancolor, and then we showed her round the school, including the dormitory.

After roll call, down in the pouring rain to La Ronde, where Mike Phillips was waiting for us. He shouted her coffee (and me, for that matter), and we stayed there talking for a while, and then the place closed down, so as we had nothing better to do, back to school, looking at a B&B place on the way. Then up to the Sheldon room, where we had some more coffee, and then I smuggled her into the science library, and kept her in prep, and sent her off for makan, and arranged to meet her at 1910, which I did, and after prep in the darkroom, we got her over to Stoneleigh, and all went well until 2030, when Slob came over, and stayed until 2130. Rossitter [sic] came in, but “did not see her” (his “""s).

50 years later, I'm still amazed that we pulled this off. While Mr. Edwards was sniffing around, we put her in the toilet with one of the boys. He sat on the toilet, she squatted on the seat, so that when Mr. Edwards looked under the door, all he could see were the boy's feet. He asked him to come out, but he said he had diarrhœa. Things could have gone seriously wrong. I clearly didn't care, but for the boy in the toilet it could have had serious repercussions.

Sunday, 23 October 1966 KCT.CorfeKCT.
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Managed to get Bev up and dressed during breakfast this morning and sent her out to find her own way to the front hall, where I had janjied to meet her after breakfast. She nearly went the wrong way, but I called to her and set her right.

Over then after breakfast, and took her up to the science library and gave her something to eat, and then sat we around talking for quite some time, and before we knew it, chapel crept up on me.

The janji [agreement] for that was that Bev would stay in the science library during chapel, and that I would meet her there after chapel.

All went accordingly, and chapel was even quite short for a change. After chapel, got her cloth for her, and then, before too long, arrived Mr. Callow in the old bus with a new engine, and off to Corfe, where they discussed the possibility of all the trees near the house being thinned out.

My reference to the engine was probably because it had been replaced after the old one had done only 60,000 miles (about 100,000 km). Mr. Callow thought that normal, and I thought that was a very short lifetime for an engine, even in those days.

After we got there, had coffee, and out for a walk to the top of the hill (was Mrs. Callow surprised to see how Bev had grown!), and then back again to the house for makan. I certainly admire the way Mr. Callow has redesigned the place - it is very well done indeed, and looks quite comfortable.

After a while trying out some of the Callows tea wine as apéritif, in came an excellent makan produced at the hands of Melinda Callow, and 'twas really first class. One can tell that Bob Callow is an architect - discussing the problems of the use of pit latrines at the table.

Then coffee, cigars, etc, and Paul offered me one of the things he had bought on the boat coming back in the summer holidays. Quite good, though a little tarry. Trying to take a few photos, though it was rather difficult, as the place was full of smoke. The Callows are apparently thinking of moving to Khartoum.

After that, parents and Nigel out to do the washing up, and just at the crucial moment when I wanted to take a photo of Bev and Paul, my flash gave out, which I thought most ignoble of it, and I had to waste a fair amount of film checking it. Nuisance.

Eventually off, and took Bev down to the station, and the times were different, and she missed her train, and had wait until 1745. The Callows took her home, but Paul and I back to school - I to develop CE,

Paul told me in chapel that Bev missed the 1755 [sic], and was due to catch the 1910, and I got him to ring her and tell her she had left her chemistry book behind.

It was gone after chapel, so perhaps Bev was too. Showed some film, and did little else.

Monday, 24 October 1966 KCT.
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Did not wake up until after assembly this morning, when the old girl who tidies up the dormitory came in and drew the curtains, and so I took the hint and got up.

Coming over, was waylaid by TDH, who decided that I could manage a flute lesson after lunch, despite my protests, and then proceeded to instruct me to get some bloke out of room 19. Got there, and discovered he was, in fact, in room 15, and over to get him, and then into the science library, unfortunately just in time to see the deputy porter coming in. I am getting a bit fed up with this fellow.

Wrote my diary up, and then considered that I had better do some work on my chemistry, and so down to it, and I discovered that it was pretty difficult, and only did a little. I really am getting lazy now, and seem to be able to manage with only a minimum of work, and spent a good deal of time just sitting reading. I really must do something a little more constructive some time.

Eventually arrived lunch time, though even this helped little to relieve the monotony. Thank God half-term is coming up soon. I do not know how I would last out otherwise.

After lunch, up in the science library, but soon had to go down to satisfy Mrs. Mills, and had a whole period doing next to nothing, and she has decided I shall play a Händel sonate in the Music festival. With any luck I shall not be here for the music festival, so that should be all right. Besides, 11 in F maj is rather overdone.

This is puzzling. Mrs. Mills was teaching me transverse flute, but the sonata is for recorder, for which she had little time.

After that, got hold of Paul Callow, and left fairly early for Mrs. Chaffey's, laden down with projectors and slide boxes, and arrived in the place, and dragged out a sheet and nailed up the thing onto a wall, and then proceeded to show a couple of hundred slides, which evoked little comment from Mrs. Chaffey, who doubtless was somewhat overwhelmed by the thought of such distant lands.

Then prepared tea for her - she could not, apparently, believe her eyes about Malaysia. We shall have to get some slides of Pauls next time. Apparently people are also very pleased about the photo I took of her two weeks ago.

Then down town with the projector, and gave the Pentax back to Mr. Barrington, and then to Grays, got a TXP for Paul, and the Teffar back from Clement Clarkes, which they have not been able to get coated.

Then back to school, and started writing a letter to Jenny, which took me some time, without finishing.

Wohltemperiertes Clavier, Prelude in C, which I can just about play. Урок 3 по-русский.

Tuesday, 25 October 1966 KCT.
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Thanks to Mike Jordan's efforts, up today at 0730, in order to go to breakfast (come to consider it, no earlier than usual, but that is not much consolation). Mail came on time, a partial consolation, but as I did not get any, it made little difference.

After breakfast, found myself at a loose end, no longer having the problem of getting up, nor even going down to the common room to see if there was any mail for me.

After assembly, up to the science library, and carried on with my marathon (as usual, in other words) letter to Jenny, and had got quite some way with it before the bell went.

To divvers, but the Chaplain had to go and see the Headmaster, and so gave us a study period - I back to Jenny, but after a while left it while I sought inspiration, and read some photographic literature. I am rather beginning to like 'The Asahi Pentax Way”, even though, being in its first edition, it has many misprints.

After break, had an argument with Snowden, who insists on defining an acid so that sodium hydroxide can be counted as one.

After lunch - thought I had a driving lesson, and so up to the science library rather than to house music practice, but before long came King and told me that I would have an individual lesson at 1530, and so I had little to do. Along to the common room, and there settled in Allen's study place (which is conveniently concealed) and carried on writing to Jenny, and then got fed up - why do I find it so difficult to write letters? I suppose it is because my heart is not in it - not that I do not care about Jenny, but rather that I miss her so much that I feel that writing will make little difference - especially as I shall see her on Friday anyway.

After that, looked at Allen's Pentax, and then along to the Front Hall for my driving lesson, and apparently Mrs. Lewis does not know what to do with me, especially as I already know how to double-declutch. Ended up taking me round some narrow windy road, and getting me to perform various unlikely manoeuvres there, including picking up her daughter, Belinda, who is hardly a world-shatterer, and commented about my barefoot driving, which apparently she has heard about.

In 6th period, Pad showed me a little circular from the International Committee for Photographic education, with a very good offer which he insists is a gimmick. Did not complain about my photographic equipment, which he must have seen - Good God, boy!

Wednesday, 26 October 1966 KCT.
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And another morning up on time, and down to the science library, after which I found Whitmarsh and persuaded him to surrender the A.P. for the morning, so that I could read the Photokina report.

This was very disappointing - they did not even mention the Pentax Metalica, and only mentioned the 220.

After assembly, did little for a while - I can never settle down at such early hours. Ron and Rick were up there as well, and they did not help much.

Then, eventually, to Deutſsch, and had both our proses back. Doubtless I shall not get round to doing much more on it before half term. Oh, just to see Jenny again!

After break, back up, but did little. I am very lazy lately, and will soon forget how to work.

Eventually made it until lunch time - lunch lately is becoming almost inedible, and few of us ate anything.

After lunch, as ever up to the science library, where people were floating around trying to borrow all sorts of photographic equipment. I am getting a bit fed up with all this.

Eventually ended up lending out a couple of telephoto lenses and a teleconverter, and mounted the 105 mm f/4,5 Tessar on my Edixa (with HP4 at 37° DIN), and into the Sheldon room for a cup of coffee, and then strolled round the school for a while taking a few shots of not-very-worthwhile subjects, and even spoke to Linda Marshall about photography - I did not know that she was a photographer, but still - we live and learn.

Then over to the changing rooms, where I had a shower, which lasted for a good half hour, and in which I discussed with Ingles the pros and cons of hitching.

Eventually out, bumped into Thelma, and took another photo of her - suddenly her smile does not look so hot after all. I can't see what people see in her. Give me Jenny any day.

Over to the science library, but not into tea - instead preparing the darkroom for use, and this took me a good period of time. Wednesday afternoons are not a very popular time for such activities.

After roll call, discovered I no longer had Hurst's negatives, and got him to bring them up, while I loaded a couple of films.

Printed all of his shots, and then some of Sharoukh Noorvash's, and made a fair amount of money out of it.

Developing films in 2nd prep - HP4 120 of Pauls was completely fogged. Doubtless Ilford will hear about it.

Thursday, 27 October 1966 Kings College, Taunton →
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† P.V. Harvey

Up yet again for breakfast. All this business about getting up for breakfast at any rate ensures that, by reading my “Times”, I keep up with what is going on in the world.

After breakfast, floated around, and over to the dormitory to get Jenny to do some ironing for me, and then to assembly, where we were diverted into Chapel, where Pen announced that Skiv died this morning - one gets used to the form of such announcement. Try as I might, I cannot feel sorry for him, or feel much at all, the way I did for Martin Peyton-Jones.

As house master, Peter Harvey had been responsible for my well-being. He didn't handle this responsibility well, and the unfounded accusations and punishments he dealt out were one of the reasons that I didn't want to stay in England any more: I blamed the entire society for his behaviour.

Martin Peyton-Jones was a school friend who got hit by a car during an outing the previous year, and who died some time later. We were all very upset by his death.

Nothing to do in the morning, and all was pretty wierd[sic]. In and played my flute, and then over to Stoneleigh to make my bed, after which back over to the school again and did as little as usual until break, when I decided to stuff myself full of pies.

After break, music, and at last the 4th Brandenburg concerto, in which TDH informed us that a Blockflute was rather like a present-day recorder. Interesting.

A “Blockflute” is a direct translation of the German Blockflöte, meaning recorder.

Got some photos of him, but I am not sure if he knew.

After lunch, wind band, and tackled him then - apparently he did not know that the Blockflute is identical to the recorder. Ah well. He will doubtless live and learn. Playing the sea songs again - I shall have to get hold of an operative piccolo. See what I have in the inside music room.

After that, to the inside music room for a house music practice, and carried on thus for the best part of an hour, if not over an hour, and ended up playing much more than usual.

Then over to Stoneleigh and had a shower, and back to the Science Library, where I got Sweet to bring me his (Rapid) camera, and had a look at this, and ascertained that it would take ordinary 35 mm reloads. OK.

Then music lesson, and after all the music of this afternoon, I just could not face it, and so stayed in the science library instead. I just cannot face work any more, which is a rather unhappy state of affairs. Eventually, when I had decided that the mess with the thing would be all over, left the science library for a few more study-period wanderings, and then back. On it dragged into prep, in which I had nothing to do, and in second prep, gave it up after a short drink of coffee, and over with all my stuff to the dormitory, and hung about over there until lights out, and noticed both Donald and Jimmy there. I wonder why.

Eventually out, just before 2300 hrs, and off on in the Yeovil direction after a pretty quick lift. Some Irish bloke, with views almost a reactionary as my own - I think my Irish ...

Friday, 28 October 1966 → Yeovil → Sherborne → Salisbury → Portsmouth → Ryde → Brading
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... blood must have considerable influence on me.

Dropped me at Yeovil at about 0015, and told me the direction to go. After walking about a mile, and waiting not too long, got a lift in a Mini-Cooper S, with a bloke just back from seeing his bird. I wonder just how much traffic women are responsible for.

This bloke did not take me too far - just to the other side of Sherborne - and so had to walk for a while. I reckon 10% of the night traffic will give lifts, as opposed to 1-2% in the day - it is just a matter of traffic density, and it took me 90 minutes and 5 miles to get a lift to Salisbury with 126000 eggs.

The other side I was more fortunate, and got a lift with a couple of tons of flour to Portsmout[sic] harbour station at 0500, and it did not open until 0530. Across on the 0640 boat, and staggered into the house at 0805, with only Mrs. Hallett about, and had some breakfast with all the family. If I had my own amphian[? maybe amphibian?] I would have been here far sooner. Jenny was not up to much in the morning. Took a couple of photos of her, and sat about talking, but before long came lunch, as Jenny had to be at her speech day in the afternoon.

Paul and I were, unfortunately, not invited, and so decided to stooge around town [Sandown] and first along to a junk shop, where I saw a most amazing looking plate camera (folding) with an f/6 Rapid Rectilinear or similar ¼ plate with no provision for slides for 10/-. I am thinking of buying it and recementing the [lens] elements, which need it.

Back to the house and went off to sleep - not surprisingly, under the circumstances. Paul woke me up by chucking cushions at me (this was in the lounge room) and so out to the office and rang up Daisy Daw, who told me that I had, in fact, been missed, and that Jimmy would doubtless have a word or two to say to me when I returned to the school. Oh well - what can he do to me? It is unlikely to be something as bad as loss of privelige[sic], and anything less is not likely to worry me much - although I wonder how hard a beating he could give.

Jenny back, and had had a photo taken. Good. I wanted one of her. She complained in the evening of being very tired, and I am a bit worried about the way she always is. Spent most of it watching TV, although she went off to sleep, and later to bed very early, and Paul and I were left to ourselves.

Saturday, 29 October 1966 Brading
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Woke up this morning just as Jenny came out, waved through the caravan window, and said that she was in a terrible hurry, and then off to catch a bus to Ryde, and so I went off back to sleep, since I had little else to do.

Woke up again at 0950hrs, and inside, and greeted Mrs Hallett “Good afternoon” as usual at such junctures, and in to discover that Paul was making some breakfast for both of us, and so put up with one of his omelettes, and then into the lounge room to discuss what to do at such times, and gave it up as a bad job after a while. In fact, I had plenty to do, but did not feel like doing it, and so we sat around in the lounge room and talked most of the morning. Paul wanted me to give him a driving lesson, but, not surprisingly, parents were not very happy about this, and we ended up walking down to the bottom of the lane to get the paper, and spent a good deal of time both ways talking photos, which could come out quite well. Am I not using a phenomenal amount of film?

Back up at the house, hung round further until dinner, and then in to eat before Jenny arrived back (in the middle of it all) to tell us that she had lost, and refused to say by how much.

After lunch, tried desperately to get Jenny alone, and she apparently tried equally desperately to avoid me - what is wrong with her lately? In any case, she decided that she had some needlework to do, and then manage to find other excuses which took up a good deal of time. Why can I not find a bird who feels the same way about me as do I about her? - though I suppose I am lucky to have somebody as wonderful as Jenny as a girlfriend.

Eventually teatime, and did little then - the usual tea, despite the fact that it was Mr. and Mrs. Hallett's wedding anniversary (28th) today - as well as Simon Atkinson's birthday. I always seem to arrive here at some anniversary or another. I wonder why.

After tea, in to watch TV. Jenny is not, I suppose, really so frigid after all. Sometimes I wonder what to think about her - sometimes, equally, I feel madly, passionately in love with her. I wish I could understand her - or for that matter, any woman. But now my doubts are definitely creeping in, and that is a sure sign of decay. Yet Jenny means so much to me - she will be my last contact with the life I leave behind when I go to Germany.

Watching TV in the evening, and sitting with Jenny, who no longer finds my arms very comfortable. Ah well. C'est la vie! Talking with Paul after Jennie (must call her that) went to bed.

Jennie's photo in the paper re - speech day.

Sunday, 30 October 1966 Brading
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Woke up at 0830 this morning, and thinking myself terribly late, in to apologise, but discovered that all were still in bed (well, Paul, Jennie and Ann) and so proceeded to get the former up, much against his will, and persuaded Ann to extract Jennie.

Eventually succeeded, and all down for breakfast, and again I got the feeling that she is trying to avoid me. Why? And if not, why do I get the feeling.

After breakfast, she decided to cut some patterns, and then Paul and I left her for a while to investigate a lorry full of cattle further down the road, and when we got back we had scarcely wiped our feet when we discovered Mrs. Hallett having an argument with a couple of Jehovah's witnesses, and so in to the argument and had one hell of a long argument with them, and they tried to persuade us that the end of things as we know it [sic] will come in 1975, the end of the last day of creation—the day of rest. Eventually I got them worried, and they left, leaving with me a couple of books to read, which look pretty averagely ropey.

After that, did little before lunch. Mrs. Hallett was delighted that for once they had offered to leave - first time that she had ever heard of such a case.

Lunch was truly complete with cider to mark the anniversary, obviously. After doing the washing up (I helped, for the first time this stay), people got fed up with watching TV, and decided to go on a drive/walk. I managed, somehow, to persuade Jennie to come for a walk, and once down the lane asked her what was wrong. I was right. But why has she hidden from me that she has been crazy about another bloke ever since (and before) she met me? And why is she crazy about this other bloke when she has never even met him, and has little likelihood of ever doing so?

For some obscure reason I tried to guess his name. There was this name floating around in my head that I could not recall ever hearing before, and I was convinced that it was his: Rupert Murdoch. It took me many years to find out who he really was.

It worries me to think of the psychological reasons for such thinking, let alone for the thought that the girl of my dreams loves another. This completely changes my future. I no longer want to go to Germany, and would much rather go to Australia, though doubtless Mum would never stand it. Rang her up [in Kuala Lumpur], but she was not in the best of moods, and I did not get round to telling her LBJ was in KL today, and apparently riots, and one bloke killed. Got it in, before the news, anyway. Jenny, despite her crush on this other bloke, showed a certain degree of affection - but I want a girl who would be keen on me as well. Oh, get me out of this part of the world!

In the evening, watching TV, and Jennie washing her hair and other such things. That blue blouse of hers is getting a little small for her - her figure has improved considerably since first I met her. Oh Jennie - can you never be mine?

Monday, 31 October 1966 Brading → Portsmouth → Cosham → Salisbury → Wylye → Horton → Kings College
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Up at about an average time this morning - 0730 hrs - and in to see what was going on. Paul was, of course, long since gone, and Jenny was either getting up, dressed, or washed, so I managed to get all my barang packed, and decided that I might as well leave by the 0900 (or whatever time round there that it is) train, and got all my barang with me to take into town when Jenny went to school.

When Jenny finally did appear, she was in one of her elusive moods. How sad for me (am I indeed not unfortunate?) that the only worthwhile bird I have ever met has the greatest fault of all: she does not care much for me.

Down to the station, and, as ever, the usual (rather monotonous) farewell (in the park) to the station, and got a ticket to Portsmouth, where I got a bus to Cosham, and started thumbing. Before too long got a lift with a rather amusing Irishman, from County Cork, and, like me, with a chip on his shoulder about the Poms. Took me to Salisbury, and there bought me a cup of coffee, and spoke further, also with a friend of his. Swore when he heard I had a driving license - said that he had a spare car to be taken from Portsmouth to Salisbury, and had he known earlier, he would have got me drive it up for him.

Then out of Salisbury - always difficult, and it took me about as long as last time before I got a lift to the Wylye turn-off, and walked the ½ mile odd into Wylye, where I got a lift from a stationary car into Horton, only 12 odd miles from Taunton. - not bad going. Then a lorry took me to within a mile or two, and before much longer, got a lift right to South Road with a woman and daughter, and into school a little before 1530 hrs, and changed into uniform, and then to the darkroom, and loaded the HP4 into the tank, shoved plenty of Promicrol in and went down town for some lunch at the Wimpy bar, and got hold of a “Minolta Mirror” while in that part of the world (the paper, not the component). Rather brassed[sp?].

Then to see how Mrs. Chaffey was getting on, quite OK as it was, and offered me some cooking sherry. After that back to school. Before long arrived Rick Johnson and Ron Forman, and showed them my photos of Jenny in the paper, and also some of the shots that I have taken - I had a hell of a lot of duds with flash - must do better with the sync. HP4 came out quite well, which pleased me.

Detention for leaving early. What a laugh!

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