Greg's diary
November 1982
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This page was written from memory 35 years later and updated even later. Some of the details are guesswork.

Saturday, 27 November 1982 Rosbach
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Spent the day moving Doris to her new flat in the Taunus, I think Kelkheim. We had hired a big VW van for the weekend, and Yvonne helped with the move, which required several trips.

Doris took quite a bit of stuff with her—after all, we were splitting 50-50—but what I recall is primarily technical stuff: the microwave oven, the TV, both the 35 mm Exaktar lens and the 28 mm lens that I bought in Milano. But she also took the lounge room suite and the bed.

After moving Doris out, we had to go into Frankfurt to pick up Yvonne's belongings and move them and her to Rosbach. By the time we got back and unloaded things, I was so exhausted that I was barely able to stand up.

Sunday, 28 November 1982 Rosbach → Frankfurt → Rosbach
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I can't recall whether we moved all of Yvonne's belongings on the previous day, or whether we picked up the rest today. At any rate we returned the van today. At the end of the weekend I had changed wives and was as exhausted as I can ever remember.

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