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Greg's diary
July 1982
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Before the normal entries started, I was in the process of gradually moving in to the house we had bought in Grüner Weg 2, Rosbach vor der Höhe. I had been doing a fair amount of completion work on the house, including tiling the lounge room, not helped by a leak that had sprung in the water supply to the house, meaning that we had to turn off the water to avoid flooding the cellar. My wife Doris, with whom I was becoming increasingly estranged, did nothing to help.

Friday, 23 July 1982 Frankfurt → Friedrichsfeld
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In the evening to Bad Homburg. to meet some girl whose name I have forgotten. We didn't hit it off that well, though that didn't occur to me until later. Then back home to Friedrichsfeld for the last time, mainly to pack up my computers. There had a phone call with another candidate, an Yvonne Ködderitzsch, who, despite the name, proves to be French. The photos didn't look too good, but she sounded very nice on the phone, so arranged to meet her on Sunday when I'm back in Ffm.

Sunday, 25 July 1982 Friedrichsfeld → Rosbach → Frankfurt
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Finally got my stuff packed, then back to Rosbach to unload the computers. I had meant to meet this Yvonne girl in mid-afternoon, but it was really hot, we didn't have any water, and I needed a shower. So: go to the Mauls for a shower and then on late to Yvonne, or arrange to have a shower at her place? Called her up, and she was agreeable, so off straight there, in the Kaulbachstraße in Sachsenhausen, had my shower, and then got to know her.

It turns out the photos she sent me (older one, looking good, and a newer one looking decidedly fatter with the comment “That's what I look like now”) were misleading: the new look was just the hair, and the fatness was the jumper she had on. Quite a nice girl, got divorced from some baron in Hautes-Pyrénées a while back. Off to a place she knew in Bornheim, run by a friend, and had dinner. Thoroughly pleasant afternoon and evening. Arranged to meet her tomorrow and go to the Taunus-Therme in Bad Homburg.

Monday, 26 July 1982 Frankfurt → Bad Homburg vor der Höhe → Frankfurt
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I had planned to meet another girl, Henny somebody today, but as planned yesterday, met Yvonne in Gonzenheim, the end of the S-Bahn line, and to the sauna in the Taunus-Therme. We only had towels with us, and at one point we went through a door, naked as the day we were born, and found ourselves on a platform overlooking the swimming pool. Amusing.

Tuesday, 27 July 1982 Frankfurt → Rosbach vor der Höhe
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Out to Rosbach this morning to meet the removal people moving all our stuff into the new house. I don't have much recollection of the day. My colleagues from Karstadt in Essen had come along to help install some of the furniture, notably the enormous bedroom wardrobe. Somehow I was exhausted. My sister Bev and her boyfriend Jerry had come too, and we spent much of the day trying to remove the grout on the freshly laid tiling in the lounge room with hydrochloric acid. Doris, who hadn't done any of the work, arrived later, looked at the result, and said „Beschissen verfugt!“ (terrible grouting). We haven't forgotten that one.

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