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May 1957
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This page was entered manually from memory, starting on 27 April 2017. I was aged 8 at the time. It's clearly inaccurate, and may change significantly. Items in italics, like this, were added during this time.

Wednesday, 1 May 1957 Inssbruck → Vaduz
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For some reason I have a firm recollection that this was the correct date, but looking at the itinerary suggests that it should have been up to two weeks later. Unfortunately my memories of this trip were not sufficient to fill out the time between the known dates 12 April 1957 and 4 July 1957.

Coming out of Innsbruck we were greatly amused by the names of some of the villages in the vicinity: Mutters and Natters.

We arrived in Vaduz in the evening. I have a recollection of us rolling in the grass and wildflowers on the side of an east-facing hill, but either it wasn't east-facing or it wasn't Liechtenstein, which is a west-facing country, here seen from across the Rhein in Switzerland:
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Friday, 17 May 1957 Luzern
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Today was the first day of the Rotary International Convention.

I had understood that my father was the only representative from Malaya, but it seems that there were 7.

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