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July 1957
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Wednesday, 3 July 1957 London → Shannon → Gander → New York
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Up very early this morning and out to the Hounslow Heath airport, before the break of day. It seems that we flew all day, first to Shannon Airport in Ireland, then to Gander Airport in Canada, and finally on to Idlewild Airport in New York.

Thursday, 4 July 1957 New York
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We spent today in New York. I wanted to see the Empire State Building, the tallest building in the world. My father took my sister Bev and me up to the top, but my mother refused to come.

I had expected New York to be a big, bustling place, but it was very quiet, almost empty. It seems that we had chosen the one day in the year when it's like that.

Wednesday, 17 July 1957 Nandi → Sydney → Melbourne
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Today, as near as I can reconstruct, we flew in to Sydney from Nandi in Fiji, and then on to Melbourne and home again, having circumnavigated the world in a little over 3 years.

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