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March 2000
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Monday, 6 March 2000 Echunga –> Sydney
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Working for Linuxcare started with a bang, not a whimper. I went to Sydney with Dan Shearer to meet most of the Australian team at the Linuxexpo. An interesting crowd, but it brought back to me that I still need to find my feet. It's interesting to see machines that seem to be running BSD, but with subtly different userland commands. I can see a big learning experience coming, though my focus will continue to be BSD.

Wednesday, 8 March 2000 Echunga
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Went into town and picked up the SPARCstation 5 that Wes Peters sent me. Didn't have to pay any duty. Got home and discovered it had a complete Solaris 2.7 (or is that 5.7? Or 7? I wish these people would get their numbering sorted out) system installed on it. And of course there was no way to find the root password, but I heard on a BSD IRC channel that I could frob the shadow password file with the system booted from a NetBSD CD-ROM. I tried that, and sure enough, I could access the Solaris partitions. Great stuff. After thinking about it, and noting that the disk was only 1 GB in size, I backed up the disk to tape and wiped it. Nice that the NetBSD boot image recognized the DDS-2 tape I plugged into the spare socket with no trouble.

Since I had done the initial work with NetBSD, I decided to install the OpenBSD 2.5 CD-ROM that I got at last year's USENIX in Monterey. The installation went smoothly enough, though the choice of packages is rather hard to understand: the choice is by package name, and I couldn't find a description anywhere. Still, I was able to install all the selections on the drive: it only made up 165 MB. Now to learn something about the differences between OpenBSD and FreeBSD. The first one was interesting: OpenBSD assigns PIDs at random, so attacks based on guessing the next PID don't work. It makes a ps output look funny, though.

Thursday, 9 March 2000 Echunga
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I suppose it's time to start getting down to work. The news of the day (maybe of the month) is the merger of BSDI and Walnut Creek CDROM.

Friday, 10 March 2000 Echunga
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What a day! One of those where I spend all my time rotating and get nothing done. I spent a lot of time talking about the BSDI takeover, and somehow I didn't get anything useful done. I need to work out what equipment I need, what work I need to do, and how to improve my network connectivity. A boring day, but it looks as if I'll be off to California next week, and that will be anything but boring.

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