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July 1995
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Written from memory in 2019. The dates aren't approximate: they're guesswork.

Saturday, 1 July 1995 Singapore
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Down to the station early this morning to pick up Dad, who had come down on the overnight train from Kota Bharu. He wasn't in the best of shape: he had forgotten his thyroid pills, and was a little dopy as a result.

First order of the day: find a shaver for him. Down to Sim Lim Square just as they were opening, and got a real bargain (good luck first customer of the day). Then, of course: find a place to have some Penang laksa, not the most common thing in Singapore. Asked the taxi driver, stressing Penang laksa, and he took us to Katong, where they served us... Singapore Laksa. Not surprising, I suppose, but still a bit disappointing.

Then back. Dad had lost his shaver. Back to Sim Lim Square, where the shopkeeper was more disappointed than we—possibly because of the bad omen. Sold him another one for even $1 cheaper, saying, possibly correctly, that that was his purchase price.

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