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April 1995
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Friday, 14 April 1995 Singapore → Kota Bharu
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Off in the evening to Kota Bharu to see my father. He didn't know I was in Singapore, so I decided to surprise him. Arrived at Pengkalan Chepa after dark, and with a taxi to Pantai Cinta Berahi via a way I had never seen before—probably it had been built since I was last there.

At the PCB Resort, asked where my father was. They wanted to go and call him, but I managed to persuade them not to. He was sitting in the middle of the main room, with his hat on the table and a beer next to it. So I went up to him and said “Hi. How do you get a beer round here?”. Quick as a flash, he called a waiter and ordered a beer.

Then he looked at me. “You look like my son. You really look like my son. In fact, you are my son!”.

Background: it seems that it was difficult to get beer at the PCB, due to the strict Islamic law. The hat was there to hide the beer if necessary. So it wasn't the first time that somebody had asked him that question. But the overall reaction was particularly amusing.

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