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August 1992
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This page was written from memory, starting 24 years later

Saturday, 1 August 1992 Reston VA
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Out for a big feed with Chris Nielsen and the Tandem Reston people.

Sunday, 2 August 1992 Reston VA → Washington DC → Reston Images for 2 August 1992
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To a camera shop with Chris, where after some deliberation I bought a new Pentax Z1 with a 28/85mm f/3.5-f/4.7 zoom. Later into Washington DC to take a look around.

Monday, 3 August 1992 Reston → Harpers Ferry → Fredericksburg → Reston Images for 3 August 1992
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Off with Rose Dagostino today to visit the Virginia and West Virginia sights. First to Harpers Ferry, then on to Fredericksburg before returning to Reston, giving me a good chance to try out my new camera. Rose did all the driving, but I was surprisingly tired at the end.

Friday, 7 August 1992 San Jose CA → Colorado Springs
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Off today to Colorado Springs to spend the weekend with Rob Kolstad and Jeff Polk. I was still using up my air miles, so I flew first class, and I was outside the gate and sitting down by the time Rob arrived to pick me up, somewhat confused.

Saturday, 8 August 1992 Colorado Springs → Pikes Peak → Colorado Springs
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Rob has put on quite a programme for the weekend, and today we went up to Pikes Peak, the highest place I have eve been, 4,302 m above sea level. The air was electric.

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